Best Roof Coatings Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you want to expand your roof without getting it cracked?

Do you want to coat your roof easily?

Do you want your roof to bear high temperature?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then you need a roof coating for your building. The roof coating helps your roof in getting expanded or contract according to temperature and prevents cracking also. It also helps you in coating the roof so that it becomes resistant to tear and also increases its tensile strength. Following are the 10 best roof coating that you can consider buying according to your budget:

Buying Guide for Best Roof Coating in 2021


The foremost thing that you must consider in a roof coating is elasticity. The coating of the roof must be elastic so that the roof can be expanded and contracted under the temperature without even cracking it. The elasticity must have a recovery point so that if the coating is being stretched it should not get thin and in the last end up a mess. It must fulfill your requirements with its best performance and must also provide you the continuous fluctuation in the structure of the roof. It must not be a challenge for you to coat the wall using the roof coating.

Tensile strength:

While placing an order for the roof coating make sure that it has good tensile strength. Although with time, the strength of the tensile changes and also when they get exposed to the water or air. With the tensile strength, the roof coating can hold together and it avoids breaking also. Make sure that it is durable so that you can use it for a longer period. Also, you must look that your roof coating can face extreme climatic conditions and can be more versatile.

The factor of Perm:

Before placing an order for the roof coating you must look for the perm factor. The perm factor is the resistance of the coating to moisture the vapor passing through the roof coating. It must provide you with a high standard of performance so that it can stand the heat, high humidity, and also hurricanes. Make sure that your product is tested in the lab before you buy it. Moreover, look for the product which has the feature of cooling effect so that it can protect from the heat, UV rays which can cause serious damage to your roof.

Moisture gained:

The moisture gain by weight is one of the important factors that you must consider before buying the roof coating. It is the measurement of the capability of the coating to absorb the water and protect the roof from the base. The moisture gain by weight repels the water away from the roof and also prevents aging. It helps in deteriorating your roof by moisturizing it from the base. Make sure that your product is water-based so that it becomes anti-corrosive and does not get rust on it and becomes more elastic.

Tear resistance:

You must make sure that your product is resistant to tear so that it can withstand the foot traffic from the roof movement or any other shifts faced by the environment. Furthermore, make sure that your product has a single component and is also made up of concrete so that it is tear-resistant and is strong enough to hold the weight. In case you have got the roofs made up of rubber then the coating of polyurethane is considered best as it does not require high pH rinses. You must look for the product which has its viscosity between 6000 to 8000 CPS along with a density of about 11.2.


You must choose the product which has the feature of peel adhesion so that it can withstand in any adverse condition. To protect your roof, your roof coating must stay firmly attached with the help of the function of peel adhesion. It must stay attached to the roof in whatever the weather condition is such as hurricanes. Look for the product which has the property of reducing internal heat so that it can protect your roof from thermal shock and sufficiently accommodate its structural movement.  Along with that, it must be cohesive and also curable.


The feature of reflectivity is one of the most important factors to be considered when buying the roof coating so that it keeps the building cool from the inside. It must also help you in reducing the needs of maintenance and also the damage caused by the UV rays and thermal shock. Your product must be capable of reflecting away the solar heat from the roof and also must allow all the components of the building to give their performance more efficiently. The function of reflectivity will reduce the chances of breaking the roof. Furthermore, it must be climatic stable, and also flammable.

Tensile strength when aged:

As your roof coating gets aged or when exposed to air or water then it rapidly gets deteriorates and it also weakens its tensile strength. Before placing an order for the roof coating you must ensure that you have been provided with the measurement of tensile strength so that you do not face much difference in the quality of coating after some time. The tensile strength of your product must be between 400 ASTM to 412 ASTM and also the permeability for about 3.5 ASTM. It must be easy for you to clean up your product only with water and must not have any flashpoints.


Choose the roof coating which is waterproof and also vapor tight and gastight. Along with that your product must be strong and should cause a barrier to the air so that it is non-corrosive. Even on the surfaces which are light wet, it must have a perfect adhesion. Your product must be environment friendly and must not contain any toxic substance such as VOC. For the more, it must be sustainable. And must be capable of resisting the high-temperature fluctuation between -40° C to +160° C.

FAQs on Best Roof Coating for 2021

What are the ways to maintain roof coating?

It is advised to inspect your coating twice a year and also when a major storm has occurred with strong wind, you must be ensured that your roof is also fine after the storm. It is equally important to maintain your roof as well as the coating and in case your roof has been damaged or leaked then it is important to apply to recoat on it after the repairing of the damage. Furthermore, you must make sure that the roofing substrate which is underlying your roof is secured. And you need to keep the point of the warranty period as well.

Can a rusted metal roof be coated?

Yes, it is highly possible to coat the metal which is rusted but it can only be done after the rust problem has been resolved. NK your room has got white rust on it which means zinc or aluminum then you can be coated using roof coating after cleaning it. And if your who has got red rust then it must first be treated with a primer that inhibits the corrosion and then rust can be removed, after that you can apply the coating as well. You must keep in mind that all the which any kind of rust must be treated and removed before coating.

Can you recoat your roof?

Yes, it is possible to do the recoating on your roof again in the future. As the coating of the roof gets faded by time, it is important to me to recoat your roof again. Although, most of the coatings available in the market are renewable and also sustainable still you need to recoat it to maintain it. When applying the repotting application on your roof, it is important to refer to the manufacturer for the instructions for such a task. The manufacturing of coating depending on your requirement and application provides you with different schemes of warranties.

How to prepare your roof for coating?

Before applying the coating on your roof, there are many factors that you must consider. Your roof must be clean and dry from the base before applying the roof coating on it. This main step of the whole procedure will define how the coating will appear after the roof has been dried. You must be careful enough not to damage the lap seams. When doing the pressure washing, you must make sure that the integrity of the base of the roof is not disturbed where mostly the adhered seems lies. Also, it is important to follow the instruction written and the manufacturing manual so that you are on the safe side of applying the roof coating in the right manner.

How to Install Elastomeric Roof Coating – Flat Roofs?

Video Transcript:

By the other loose pieces that are on the substrate where we can then we can power watch that after all the loose areas are.

Once you have all these areas where everything that’s left on the roof is stuck to the roof good you can go ahead and power wash and add the short plain soap to scrub all the residue off what’s the dirt and debris it’s been scraped then we’ll put power wash this area just to get all the light down.

So once all that on the loose debris and that and the dust is off of it we apply the sure clean soap do it so we can scrub all the oils and any of the chemicals out of the base and then we’ll just scrub it a little bit with one of the push brooms we’re just trying to get the oils and anything that will keep them at your from sticking off of there so just some like a light scrubbing in an area like this because there’s no grease from restaurant equipment or any industrial chemicals or grease or lubricant that’s there though.

This soap works really good and a little bit of it goes a long way once it scrubs and you can reach.

You have large areas I can

Pressure water that has three or four nozzles in it

Clean the surface a lot quicker generally an area like this and each foot

Sobbing six-foot on the area

With an 8 foot repair

Two men through about 30 minutes from start to finish

Car washes scrub it and then lay down the

Once the water has been the soaps been rinsed off of there if it’s a repair we’ve got to do right away if we don’t have a lot of time to wait because we’re not doing anything else except that repair we’ll use a sponge like a tile grouting sponge or a masonary sponge and we’ll just absorb all the standing water that’s on there rinse it out in the bucket and with direct sunlight like we have today this area will be dry enough to put the coating in the fabric on in about 10 minutes once the water has been absorbed.

Now that the the area has been cleaned and the sun shining on it so it’s it’s damp but it’s not wet we can go ahead and apply the coating.

So the idea behind this is to put the coating down and while the coating is still wet to roll the fabric into it embed it in there and then put a topcoat on the on the fabric so this will sandwich the fabric into the coating and here it to the roof and once it’s adhered to the roof and this is cured for two or three days in good weather it’s it’s like five times the strength of the full rating standard it’s very very tough to pull off it hears very well and can have multi layers put on it if need be for if there’s foot traffic or if there’s a lot of wear and tear on this this coat.

It’s cutting very durable and adheres better than almost anything you can get your hands on at any price.

So you see he’s put the coat the bass in now he’s rolling the fabric out this is a small area but this is the same thing you would do on a full roof and a crew that’s familiar with this coating that’s that’s used it a couple of times you can do anywhere between about 2,000 feet to 3,500 square feet of this a day doing this just like this depending on how much equipments on the roof and how many obstacles are in the way but it goes pretty quickly once you’re familiar with how to use it as you can see the coating is rolled in place.

You’re just forcing some of the coding through the fabric and then applying a top coat to it so we’ll end up doing overlapping.

Repair here with coating on the top of both pieces

So once

Once the fabric is embedded in that base coat he rolled the the fabric back up onto itself so he can doesn’t leave any holidays or voids you don’t want any bare spots in this and to make sure it’s fully adhered very similar to.

Coding a drywall joint even if you will the fabric is put in there basically for reinforcing so you don’t have any failures with the coding and as the roof continues to move every day it gets walked on and equipment vibration keeps it from tearing or having any substrate failures.

You can use basically any roller size with this we use anywhere from six inch we use six inch rollers to do some of the edges and the details we use nine inch rollers to do most everything else unless we’re on a really big wide open roof where we’ll use 18 inch rollers the nap of the roller only needs to be like 3/8 or our half-inch you don’t need a 1 inch nap roller to do this because you’re basically moving the coating around you’re not you’re not.

Particularly rolling it in you’re kind of forcing it through with the roller and we found that with real heavy nap rollers this coating is is so thick that it gets in the hair and then that the roller doesn’t want to roll anymore just kind of flat spots so we’ve had really good luck with the 3/8 and 1/2 inch rollers but once he gets this area top coated then we’ll do the area right adjacent to it to finish the fondant area.

So once the first width is put down and is top coated and you do your overlap like you do on on every other type of product so you you lap you want at least a two maybe a three inch laptop the fabric onto the on to the next part of the of the repair or the of the roof system.

So it’s the exact same procedure you get your base coat down making sure you don’t have any voids

So there’s your lap

Approximately three inches in this case the fabric gets rolled out to site before

So top coat it to embed the fabric below it the coating below it to the fabric into the coating above it once it’s penetrated through the fabric like this it basically makes it a.

A monolithic

You can see now he’s

He’s put the bottom coat on he’s overlap the fabric approximately 3 inches and he’s continuing to embed the fabric with coating so the coating that’s under it gets pushed through and the coating on top of it is adhered to the fabric so it’s basically penetrated all the way through the fabric which is what makes this such a durable system.

There’s no base coats or primers on 90% of the projects it’s just

It’s a single component product it makes it very simple you don’t have to worry about ratios being off or about how much primer you’re using or how much base coat it’s made this a very durable system that’s that sticks like no other as you get down to the end where you’re either going to cut the fabric to get you at the end of your repaired area or at the end of a run.

We basically use industrial scissors there are only a couple of bucks have stainless steel blades and it cuts easy that way or you can you can cut it with a utility knife fabrics easy to work with.

One of the issues we are having today as we do this as we video this repair is that it’s approximately 90 degrees outside so

Route temperatures about 140 and as we stage the material and try and shoot this video and set things up we’re having to wait and move things and it’s some of the coatings drying around the edge of the bucket so it’s tracking on to the repair which again it won’t hurt anything the object of this is to make sure you have plenty of coating under the fabric and that you have embedded the coating on the top of the fabric so there is no fabric showing through you don’t want any fabric showing when you get done if you if you get this coating on here like it’s supposed to be with no fabric showing we have repairs like this again that have had water on them from air conditioners or industrial applications where there’s water on them virtually all the time with no leaks he’s finishing the edge of the seams right now to make sure they’re all they’re all adhered and basically there’s your finished repair.

Will the coating prevent the leakage from the roof?

to prevent leakage, you must ensure that before coating the roof it is properly repaired and must be fully dry. There are pinholes leakage that is not visible to the naked eyes so the roof coating can prevent from happening. If your roof is leaking, you need to know which leakage is it and repair it according to it before applying coating on it. It is important to keep in mind that it is not the function of the coating to identify the leakage in your roof and also seal the leakage, you have to repair it.

Why NOT to apply Metal Roof Coatings?

Video Transcript:

All right I’m on a metal roof and coatings on a metal roof is it bad or is it good.

I’m gonna show you what I think and I’ve come across as many times now I’m gonna put a photo I pick you I’ll put a picture of this particular product was used on here is a stick or something is called a stick and here’s the picture for it but I want to show you what what’s the problem with acrylic coating so this is a croelick the coulee coating will not last and it will crack you can see the small spider cracks on there but here’s a big crack look yeah there’s a huge crack see how water got in there all right now let me show you the problem the problem escalate it’s not because of the small crack I’m gonna show you how the problem is glaze okay the water goes down here goes down here and look at this big bubble I’m gonna cut this open now look at this big bubble you see that.

Huge bubble and then it comes to the balls here or the nuts and look at the rust its rusting the metal away look at it you see the problem oh look at the water they huge problem when you have a coating on a roof like this huge problem let me show you yeah I have a some kind of a solution for you.

I’m going to show you first the problems let’s go around and I’m gonna show you a few more problems before I show you solution.

I’m going to show you the the problem with these Cody’s paint this on a surface is okay but not then it comes to this corner here see with the ribbies this corner is where the paint pulls away it shrinks and when it shrinks like this any little crack you see a little crack here alright so I’m gonna show you what happens the water gets into this crack alright and now this is all peel poop it pulls away from this corner look follow the path.

Follow the pass right down here and the water comes in here and fills up this whole bubble here see this bubble might just bubble.

See the water coming out there look see the water here’s the water coming up let me show you now that’s not good to have water sit like this on a roof when it sits like this it will rust your roof eventually your roof will rust watch this so the water the water was sitting in it hasn’t rained for a five days now and water is still in there see that is a big problem we see the rust.

You see how bad it is oh look at this it’s rusty look at it look at the rust this is just coming up this coating is not doing anything it’s actually making it worse look at the rust Ian all right it’s rusting this metal rusting it all away it is a absolutely disaster to have this type of coating on there what is this it’s look what this is look at this I think there’s water there want to see look at that this cut is open oh look how wet it is here yeah there goes the water okay this will rush this whole hole up away you can cut it open look at the water going.

Look there’s ice look at the ice okay it allows water to set around us look at the rust look at the rusty in water this is wet okay this is causing the problem it’s not helping at all it’s a huge problem look at Oh ice look at the ice you want to see ice oh you can have a let me put it in my I’m gonna have ice today okay at the seam and that’s causing water to go inside here between alleviate this water’s coming in the seams here.

Oh yeah many many lives okay that’s it it’s better than not to have this even look at the water yeah they remove it you see that it’s rough water and the water the bubble holds the water and it pushes the water into the seam here that’s the problem discover the problem and now they give you the medicine I need to try that sweet we know that the problem is it cracks water goes in and then it cannot escape so how do you fix this problem what you wanna do you want to remove all is acrylic coating wherever you can’t get the screen up easy to paint hard to remove.

All right here we go then I’m grinding off on a cleanness by grinding it I’m gonna give you two never never use this without glasses once Cyril why are there one time it came off and I didn’t have my glasses on and it poked me right here in a cheek very very important I’m giving you a tip so.

All right so my next step is I want to replace these with fan hit or planets I don’t like these all right so this cleaner.

All right so now I went to Lowe’s just to show you I went to Lowe’s I got these planets goes okay I hope I got the right but you okay have replacer hexagons fastness with a panhead that’s nice and tight you see that when you see the water coming out here look water coming on ha ha ha oh yay all right here we go put another one here just to get it tight right yeah I’m gonna put one in here so now I got this nice and tight what I do is I use a tip of poly shield I cut myself a fleece for there humming is fast.

Okay so I cut the fleece for there and I cut a fleece for over the screw holes there this is the best way to seal this now I gotta clean this out past all right.

Okay once I clean I put my I apply a coat of this and this is how you fix a leak on a metal roof now do I like coatings no I don’t I I really don’t think they work acrylic all silicon coatings on a metal roof I don’t think works I prove it to you.

I fix many of them I’ll show you how I fix this.

I add this turbo policy I don’t know if you can see it it’s a cold and the Sun is going down I got to do this fast to show you how this is done.

All right okay there you go.

I got my hay and then I put my fleece over this I musta spawned a.

I guess it’s wet

Okay huh Oh on a stick

Okay it’s because of wit

Put it right in there right in there look at that

And this is the way you repair leaks on a metal roof you replace the heads and then you with a pan it so it’s flat and then you put your poly seal over that and watch.

Very nice this will never leak again okay.

This product is not cheap okay but it sticks to metal not it’s not like a like a coating for roofing no it’s not it’s a flashing product okay and then I do this I put this to cover those holes with a little bit wider there just a little bit wider like there okay and that’s it.

Yes I don’t need that much okay look at that beautiful this will never leak again this.

I leaked

In this hole

This is how you fix Li do I like coatings on a roof and my answer is absolutely not yes fix the seams but do it with a turbo fire or a better product you can’t do it with acrylic acrylic is not it’s a paint paint cracks after the cracks water seeps in and it bubbles up and it keeps the water in it it’s a bad idea.

Coding is a bad idea turbo policy will do the fixing yeah but it’s a lot of work to clean up that’s what it looks like and I’m done okay I’m the flat roof doctor I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two blah blah blah a roof like this roof like this you’re gonna have a lot of repairs and good luck get yourself to poly seal and start repairing.


Can the roof coating stand under the pounding water?

The bearing of the coating in the pond in water depends on the coating itself. All the buildings must design or built there in such a way that they have positive drainage so that it does not allow the ponding of water. If you want your coating to stand against the ponding water you must buy such type of coating beforehand. Moreover, it is important to make sure that while applying the roof coating on your building there is no facing of rain within 24 hours so that it remains protected. If you are applying the coating in the cold month then the coating with solvent-borne is highly recommended.

How To Apply Silver Or Aluminum Asphalt Coatings On Rubber & Metal?

Video Transcript:

Another tip of the day this time I I get a lot of people clicking on my website about silver coating or aluminum asphalt coating first of all when I get a lot is that people use this silver coating for the wrong reason they think or whoever does it the people that applies it that sells it to the owner sells it as a sealant to seal a roof from leaks that is absolutely the wrong idea.

Solar coating or aluminum asphalt paint is not to seal a roof from any leaks if you have leaks you need to repair it first that is such a vital clue or vital tip for you if you’re gonna put silver coating this then it becomes very very hard to fix the leak it’s not gonna fix the leak by just painting so the first tip is don’t paint the roof with solar coating if you have a leak absolutely don’t because then it becomes hard to find a leak and then you have to take the silver coating off before you can fix the leak so this roof that I’m on has a silver coating spray on it they sprayed it very very very nice it looks so nice and clean but the seams where the two metal plates panels meet we’re leaking and they painted it with silver coating and we had to remove all of that that’s the first tip.

Another tip that goes along with it once you want to apply some encoding you really have to mix it or stir it very well let me show you why this is aluminum asphalt which is a type of tar or petroleum that’s what it looks like okay you see a little bit of aluminum at the top and they have aluminum dust whatever mixed into this stuff you can see it is black it’s black that’s that’s it but the aluminum real aluminum is at the very bottom at the very bottom of this so you really have to stir it so the best way is to take a screw before the cordless gun with a paint mixer and mix it look how thick it is every all the aluminum’s at the bottom you see all of that is very very thick at the bottom so number one.

Old aluminum mixed with the acetone and see how the color changes okay.

So a lighter color there you go you see that this takes about this takes about five minutes to disturbed if you’re gonna buy this so little we let’s call it so according to aluminum asshole I buy from a roofing supply place the best product on a market for this particular application is Carnac non vibrated long fiber aluminum ash self-experience away the color-changing that illuminate dries the aluminum who gets that SILVER code silver finished you stir it very well and then you stir it every few minutes while you working while you’re painting you cannot just leave it and think you’re gonna do the whole roof without stirring it again you have to stir it heavy so often to keep because the the aluminum is heavier than your asphalt so it will move to the bottom so you gotta keep on bringing it and stir it up so that way you’ll have a very good product when you coating please make sure the surface is properly prepared you cannot paint this stuff on dust and dirt and loose debris we took a grinder with a steel brush and grinded everything clean on an asphalt roof on it on a torch down roof whatever you want to paint maybe you need a power washer but the.

Preparation is more important than painting painting goes fast once you’ve done so really really make sure you got everything team so here’s what it looks like.

So what is the purpose of the aluminum silver coating it’s not to seal the roof from any leaks that’s what I said earlier but rather it’s to protect the membrane or the metal from rust and ultraviolet that’s what their solar coating is for it will protect your roof for a long long time now let me explain this is the polyurethane fleece that we painted it on this is not ultraviolet protected the reason why we painting the silver coating now is to protect this to protect us from ultraviolet from disintegrating and breaking up and getting hard.

Nice don’t put it don’t apply too thick this is nice if you like my tip the tip of the day please subscribe I will appreciate it very much it helps me a lot if you subscribe and a thumbs up and a review a friendly review and if you cannot use a friend do a friendly review make it give an educational review then if you know better than me.

Educational review will help a lot I want the viewers to to know more than what I do.

Anybody that has better information than I do please write it in the review and people will read it but please subscribe my name is Norris.

I’m the flat roof doctor I know a thing or two because I’ve seen a thing or two.

How long does it take for the roof coating to dry completely?

The drying or curing of the roof coating depends on many important factors including the environmental agent such as of air wind, the temperature of the surface of the roof, the relative humidity for the coating done by waterborne, the color of the coating as well as the type of right that you have applied on your roof. It is important to keep in mind that there are some coating available in the market that it needs to be cured with the moisture so that humidity plays its important part during the treatment. Also, make sure that the coating with waterborne has been provided with the ambient temperature of fair for about 50° Fahrenheit.

How To Prepare A Roof Before Coating It?

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m buck from surface Hill roofing here we are at Red Hill Elementary School in beautiful Honolulu Hawaii as you can see we’re on a roof here we’ve got the beautiful Pearl Harbor area in the background what a day to be on a roof anyhow we’ve got a Gaeko western roof going up.

Here we’re putting deco silicon has 20 but there’s a lot of preparation that went into this roof we have torn up the existing cap sheet this is a modified bitumen roofing with cap sheet we’ve replaced all the roofing in this area we did a moisture test this is what we do before we actually come in and put on the e53 22 part epoxy primer this primer we put it on sometimes twice depending on how much we need because it depends on how much the roof is soaking up the primer Frank here took this whole area up he replaced the roofing and all the moisture that was in here.

Before you reassemble the drain he took this drain pan up he sealed under it he sealed around it never coat a roof until it’s ready if you’ve got a leaky drain it’s going to leak no matter what another important point when you’re doing roofing and coating old roofs we replaced all this there was moisture in this roof and what you’re seeing here we installed a one-way breather vent the moisture comes out up and through the vent and out of the roof and and what it does is it lets moisture out but it doesn’t let any in so this is a one-way breather vent is another way to keep your roof healthy if you look over in this area.

These guys are applying seam seal to all the seams.

That’s the s2000 and all of these seams that you’re looking at here are going to be reinforced when they’re done with that then we start applying the silicone it is an easy process once you have the repairs done the big difference is that we moisture test all our roofs before we coat them there are folks out there that coat over.

Moisture they coat over areas they shouldn’t be coating because what happens is eventually the moisture comes up and you get bubbling before you get somebody to coat your roof make sure they get the moisture out of it first then you’ll have a roof that lasts a lifetime.

How long does the coating remain on the roof?

The maximum time that the roof coating can remain on the roof is a decade or more than that only if the roof coating is properly applied. The performance of the roof coating typically relies on the type of coating you have applied on your roof and also the condition whether the environmental or the property of the coating. The productivity of coating is directly proportional to the thickness of the coating and more the thickness will remain on your roof.


It is a wish of every builder to have a strong roof over his head for the whole year. We all want the roof of our house to not get cracked even if it is expanded or contracted due to the rise in temperature or any environmental cause. We hope that you might be able to buy the best roof coating as per your requirement and budget for your building with the help of this review. Furthermore, this review might also help you in considering every feature which is important before buying it so that you are ensured of its performance.

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