Best Spray Mops Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you have to perform every household chore, inclusive of that tiring floor cleansing?

Are you sick of the back pain caused by the cleaning floor using an old-fashioned mop?

Or, does your housekeeper complain daily about that unhygienic mop?

On the off chance that you are confronting such circumstances throughout your life, at that point you should get the best spray mop for yourself. A spray mop is like any standing mop that you may have utilized, yet have improved highlights in it. It will make your work simple and appreciating after which you don’t need to enlist a housekeeper. Even you or any family member can without much of a stretch use it and parade their honorable work.

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A Buying Guide for the Best Spray Mop in 2021

There are several spray mops that you may discover on the web or at any store close by. However, how to guarantee that the spray mop you are buying is the best? Recorded underneath is the couple of things which one considers before burning thousands on it.

The option of Floor Sanitization

While reviewing in the market, you may go over a few spray mops, each with an alternate component. Be that as it may, you must be very mindful while studying the highlights and locate the best one fulfilling your necessities. One such significant element is floor sanitization.

Each spray mop accessible in the market doesn’t convey this element. Many of them have an in-assembled innovation of floor disinfection which is eco and easy to understand simultaneously. It doesn’t utilize grating synthetic substances that respond with the skin and can prompt contaminations. Further, this astounding component assurance to destroy 99.99% germs or microorganisms from the floor of the whole house.

Applicable in any Kind of Floor

A few spray mops experience floor specialization. You must be careful with such mops. Spray Mop, for example, Grade Spray Mop can be utilized in any sort of floor, like, solid, stone, hardwood, marble, and so on.

These sorts of spray mops are designed in such a way that they require less time and exertion to complete the work. They are generally included in the rundown of expert spray mops.

Power Spin Pads

The profoundly venerated highlight in a spray mop, till now is Power Spin Pads. With the assistance of intensity turn cushions, it turns out to be simple for you to dispose of difficult stains, tenacity, or dryness. These pads are scrubby as they have a delicate touch to evacuate the gooey wreckage just as residue or hair without any problem. They require 0% exertion and keeps you from returning to your hands and knees.

They are Lightweight

A spray mop is accessible in each weight, either light or substantial. It relies on your decision, the sort of spray mop you are happy to buy. Yet, remember that on the off chance that you are pregnant or your youngster helps you in cleaning the floor, go for a lightweight spray mop. This diminishes the opportunity of any sort of injury. Be that as it may, you should guarantee the solidness of the item as well while buying the item.

Easy to Assemble

Assembling a spray mop is easy however one wrong action can let you pay in thousands. There are times when we buy it online for ourselves or need to bless it to somebody. At that point, it is difficult to call an educator who might show you a demo.

So, if you wind up in a similar circumstance, ‘easy to assemble’ feature is a necessary thing which you should consider.


By purchasing a spray mop performing only wet mopping, you might twofold your shopping expense. Every household at times requires wet mopping and sometimes dry mopping. So, it becomes necessary for you to purchase another with a dissimilar function. To dodge such an expense, the better option is to go after a versatile spray mop.

Spray Mops at Reasonable Prices

It is a better option to go after an inexpensive spray mop rather than those available at high prices with the same facilities. Even, the cleaning pads (inclusive of the additional ones) available with a spray mop can be used several times. Along with it, you can make the application of homemade cleaning solutions too at the time of need. Thus, it automatically reduces your future expense making a spray mop reasonable.

They are Durable

The durability of a spray mop is approximately 1 to 2 years. But, if you use them appropriately and take enough care of them, they can easily work up to 3 years. With such a durable spray mop, the most imperative thing that you require is a microfiber of decent quality. Together, a durable spray mop and good quality microfiber can help you in your household chores for a longer duration.

There are many more things that make a spray mop a helping hand in your household chores. The things to be considered are never-ending. But, with the above-listed things, you can get a brief picture of the type of spray mop that you must go for.

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FAQ’s about the Best Spray Mop for 2021

How to Use a Spray Mop?

You might have gone through various pictures of spray mops. Using it is quite simple. Let’s learn the easiest and exciting way of using it.

First of all, you have to fill the spray mop container either with water or house cleaning solution. Attach the container with the mop. Now, the spray mop is ready to be used. You can run the mop at any place you want in the entire house for dry mopping. If you wish to go for wet mopping, spray the solution in the desired places with the help of a trigger. The trigger is available in the mop handle, the area from where you hold it. If you want to see better results of spraying the solution, you can go for deliberate strokes.

However, you must be aware of the floor type before mopping it. Since these spray mops require water or cleaning liquid for mopping, only the floor surfaces which can take water can be cleaned with them. If you have laminate, tile, or vinyl floors, you can easily opt for this option. But, be careful on a hardwood floor. They have a special kind of spray mops available for them.

How Often Should the Floor be Mopped?

Mopping the floor daily is a better option rather than mopping it once or twice a week. But, if you are working and don’t get enough time to perform all the chores, you can mop the floor two or three times a week. However, mopping is highly dependent upon your house’s area. If your house’s rooms and big and gets accumulated with dirt easily, you must mop the floor almost daily.

In the case of the bathroom, toilet, or kitchen floor, they are more exposed to harmful germs and bacteria. That’s the reason that they require frequent moping to get rid of those harmful microorganisms.

What can be Used in a Spray Mop?

Spray mops are the most preferred mops if you are desiring a clean and germ-free floor. This is possible by using the cleaning solution storage container available with your mop. However, the types of cleaning solutions that you can use have no limits. Starting from water, you can make use of baking soda, oil, lavender, white vinegar, and many more as a solution. You can even make use of every solution at a single time. just add a small quantity of every solution in the container and shake it well before use. If you want your room to smell good after mopping, you can add some freshener in the container. To make the work simple, just mop the floor and leave it to dry up.

How Long Does the Microfiber Pad Last?

While purchasing a microfiber. It is advisable to go for the one with the best superiority. No matter it is posh, you can purchase it because it is durable enough to be used for months and at times years. All you need to do is to wash it daily after use to keep it fresh and revive back its absorbable feature.

How I Keep My Floors Clean With Kids & Pets?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I’m bringing you along as I deep clean my floors my hardwood floors in the kitchen and then my ceramic tiles in our bathrooms you see me mop all the time we have a dog we have a cat and we have a toddler which means our floors get really really dirty and I love a clean floor so I’m always mopping using my shark steam up which I love I love that however about once a month sometimes more sometimes less depending what’s going on how much time I have or how dirty I feel like the floors are getting I like to keep my floors a good deep clean so today I’m gonna be showing you how I actually do that I do use a regular mop for this deep clean just kind of just switch it up there’s no reason why I use this mop and not my steam up I just like to switch it up a little bit and it is a regular mop it’s old it’s an older mob it’s a Libman mop and I am in the market for a new one so if you have any good recommendations of like a type of mop like this let me know in the comments down below but this is good because I can wring it out because I don’t need water sitting on my floor that’s not good for them so I wring it out and I have a couple different cleansers that I use to deep clean my floor so that is what I’m going to show you today and yeah let’s get down and let’s deep clean our floors for my hardwood floors I use 1/2 of a teaspoon of dish soap 1/2 of a cup of white vinegar and 2 cups of water I got this recipe from the CLE myspace YouTube channel if you haven’t checked out that channel you definitely have to it’s an awesome cleaning resource but I use the soap because it gently lifts dirt but doesn’t leave a residue behind or at least I don’t notice the residue and the vinegar helps to cut grease and any residue that’s actually on your floors I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on using vinegar on hardwood but I checked with my hardwood floor manufacturer and was told it was okay to use it’s important to always check with the floor manufacturer because there’s different types of hardwood floors and make sure you aren’t using too much vinegar in this cleaning recipe that’s why I stick to 1/2 of a cup in my cleaner when I’m cleaning one set of flooring I like to go over periodically and run the mop head under some hot water just to kind of refresh it and give it a little bit of a clean again guys I really really love using my sharks team up but this regular ring mop just seems to clean a little differently and I like to switch it up from time to time just like I like to switch up a lot of my cleaners have you guys ever changed out your shampoo and notice your hair feeling different like softer and maybe a little bit just better in general I also like to switch up my cleaners because I feel like it kind of does the same thing I could totally be banking this up or it could all be in my head but I just like giving my floors a wide range of cleaners for an ultimate clean for my ceramic tiles I just used some hot water and an eighth of a teaspoon of Dawn dish soap or whatever dish soap that you want to use again for my ceramic tile cleaner I checked with my tile manufacturer and asked what they recommended and they said either use a cleaner that is specifically made for ceramic tile or you could just use a neutral cleaner and water dishwashing liquid is a neutral cleaner and it will help remove dirt very well on your floors without leaving a residue so I just chose to use the cleaner that I had on hand and that’s Dawn dish soap Dawn dish soap is a perfect cleaner because it’s mild and does an awesome awesome job of cleaning my floor at least that’s what I’ve noticed and you also want to make for sure you aren’t adding too much dish soap or you’ll have a soapy mess on your hands that’s it guys I hope you enjoyed this video and watching me deep clean my floors just a little tip make sure you are checking with your floor manufacturer know what – before you flooring you have and make for sure you’re allowed to use vinegar or dish soap or whatever cleanse are using you definitely want to check I have checked with all the manufacturers of our hardwood and ceramic tile and I am good to go with the vinegar and the dish soap so don’t forget to check that also I like you don’t you could use a mop and a bucket to clean your floors but it’s also important to make for sure that you’re not having too much water sit on your flooring and that’s why I like to use the spray bottle and then go over it with my mop so I don’t have water sitting on my hardwood or my towel because I don’t know if it will ruin it and I just think it’s better to not have so much water sitting on those floors so that’s it guys give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this type of video and I will see you guys next time bye.

Can Laundry Detergent be Used to Mop a Floor?

Laundry detergent is one such cleansing solution used to wash clothes and get rid of the bacteria. Laundry detergent is at times considered to be harsh on clothes. So, it is predictable that it will have an astonishing effect on the floor. Further, if you can prepare a home-made solution, then, why not use a laundry detergent? Save your money from purchasing expensive floor cleansing solutions and make one of your own.

Can a Dish Soap be Used to Mop a Floor?

Obviously, Yes! You can hit a try with a block of dish soap to mop the floor. But be careful with the type of water. Prefer to use hot or lukewarm water for better cleaning and use a small pad to avoid scratches on the floor towards the corners. Just by keeping these things in mind, you can easily get a clean floor.

We Used A Steam Mop on Hardwood Floors and THIS Happened

Video Transcript:

What’s up guys welcome back to Oak abode like a true newbie I recorded this entire video speaking to the camera and failed to record any audio so I’m gonna go ahead and just walk you through what happened when we used a steam mop on our hardwood floors everything I’m about to talk about is already spelled out in a blog post on our website so if you guys prefer to read rather than watch you can just click the link in the description that’ll take you right to our website where I write about everything that we noticed when we used a steam up on our hardwood floors so as always with regular mopping you do want to vacuum your floors thoroughly before you go ahead and use the steam up on your hardwood floors if you guys are already following us on Instagram you know we were pretty obsessed with our new steam mop you also know that we are pretty protective of our hardwood floors despite letting our dog scratch it up because they’re special we otherwise don’t want to use anything that would really outright damage them and I also can’t stand mopping so when we learned about the steam mop I was pretty anxious to give it a try I’d heard really good things from people who’d been using a steam mop on hardwood floors for years without any issues now I didn’t do a whole lot of research before I used the steam mop on hardwood floors and so we’ve been using the steam up for about four months and I was absolutely in love with it however what happened is when I wanted to write a blog post about how much we loved using a steam up on our hardwood floors I came across a lot of articles that said you are never supposed to do this basically the argument is because the mop uses steam instead of water that the steam tends to seep through the cracks in the hardwood floors more than regular water and that it can cause damage buckling and warping over time here is kind of an example of some of those cracks especially in hardwood floors that have been around for a hundred years they’re not going to be perfectly sealed so when I read this I kind of freaked out and I assumed that I basically ruined our hardwood floors pretty much assumed that we were gonna need new floors all around however as it turns out I haven’t seen any damage and when I did a bunch of research online I actually couldn’t find one single real-life example of someone who did experience buckling and warping from steam mop specifically to their hardwood floors there’s a lot more information about that on the blog in terms of proof and in terms of fake photos that were provided by websites that claim this would happen so if you’re interested you can kind of check that out as of right now we feel pretty safe saying that we are gonna keep using our steam up on our hardwood floors one thing I noticed on these websites that said you can’t use steam mops on your floors it actually also said you shouldn’t use any kind of water at all and that’s totally unrealistic for us we have dogs that track mud in and out all the time we are also still remodeling our house which means we get a lot of dust and debris on the floors and it’s more important to us that we keep it clean rather than grinding it into the floors it’s unrealistic and not cost-effective for us to be using Swiffer systems and the like before we were using water on our hardwood floors and I actually feel more comfortable now knowing that we’re using less water when we’re using the steam mop instead we are implementing some common-sense measures for example we don’t use the highest level of steam when we clean the hardwood floors and we also don’t let it hover over the hardwood floors too long in any one spot really just long enough to pick up the dirt and debris again if you’re familiar with our house you know that our hundred-year-old hardwood floors were inlaid by hand they go in all sorts of different directions ideally you do want to mop with the grain of the wood that’s not necessarily always what happens like right here I kind of just wanted to get this corner done with I wasn’t totally careful but as a general rule of thumb we tried them up with the grain of the wood so like I mentioned before one big thing we noticed when we used a steam up on our hardwood floors rather than hardwood floor cleaners like Bona is that I noticed the floors stay cleaner for longer and I think this is partly because the detergent residue left on the floors will attract dirt that’s how detergent works and by using steam instead I actually am able to walk around in bare feet and socks which I was never able to do before even with mopping the floor two to three times a week now I actually mop a lot less and it is a lot less strenuous when I do even though it’s not pictured in this video I do use this steam up on our laminate flooring if anything I am most concerned about using the steam up on laminate flooring rather than using the steam up on hardwood flooring because it’s not sealed quite as well and because laminate doesn’t take moisture as well as hardwood however even with the laminate flooring I haven’t seen any issues as of yet and I will be sure to update you guys if we do start to notice any sort of warping or buckling with the laminate flooring of course steam mops are best used on tile so we do use the steam up in our tile kitchen we foolishly put in light-colored tile and light-colored grout which we’re gonna replace pretty soon but the steam mop does a much better job keeping everything clean than the regular mop did that we were using this is where the dogs track in mud and they kind of slobber because this is where they eat their food as well so you can see that it picks it up pretty quickly and then you’re not necessarily tracking the same water all over the floor when this cloth gets too dirty all you have to do is switch out the cover and then you just wash them in the washing machine so we also love not using as many chemicals on our flooring this video is not sponsored in any way we just felt the need to tell our side of the story because we noticed a lot of old wives tales being circulated on the internet but we haven’t yet met anybody or found a single photo of somebody who did experience hardwood flooring damage because of a steam mop hopefully this is a bit helpful to you guys if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

Can a Spray Mop Smell Good?

If you feel that your spray mop is leaving a tint of bad smell while using water, then you don’t have to worry. In such a case, they are many tips to remove the bad smell. The most operative among them is to use a fragrant cleaning solution with water while mopping. This will make you feel fresh while sitting in a room that is recently mopped. All you need to do is add less quantity of water and more quantity of cleaning solution.

The most preferred fragrant solution is lavender.

Does the Spray Mop Come with a Solution?

No, you never get a cleaning solution with a spray mop. You can buy it separately with the spray mop. However, these solutions may get finished soon and might burden your budget. So, it is advisable to prepare the best solution at home using some homemade materials and a freshener.

What is the Length of the Spray Mop?

This is one of the most interesting questions about spray mops. Among all the mops, a spray mop is the highly preferred one as its length can be adjusted per your comfort zone. You can increase as well as decrease the length whenever you wish to.

Verdict on Best Spray Mop

When it comes to cleaning, every individual wishes to purchase the best household product for himself. He usually goes for that cleaning tool which is easy to use and offers a satisfying cleaning. The best option preferred is a spray mop. A spray mop is used to get yourself relaxed from a regular and tiring exercise of bending on knees. Using a spray mop is hassle-free and can be used by a child too. Just because of its commendable features, it has now become a necessity in various households of India. Even the housekeepers prefer using this spray mop to avoid any kind of back injury. Being a woman you can use it daily without disturbing your body position.

We hope that we might have enlightened you with adequate knowledge about spray mops. If you are willing to purchase the best spray mop, then you can choose the one with maximum features that suits your comfort zone and household requirements.

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