15 Best Extendable Dining Table for 2020

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Extendable dining tables are great for large families. It can be pulled out to accommodate more people. They are very stylish and modern. They come in different sizes and shapes. Read on as we make a review of the 15 best extendable dining tables.

We have spent more than 72 hours researching the best extendable dining table. We have found out the right extendable dining tables well suited for your compact and narrow spaces. We do not doubt that this article will help you to make an informed that will be memorable.

Take a look at the table below to see the products that are up for review.

15 Best Extendable Dining Table in 2020

1. East West Furniture DLT-WHI-TP Dublin Table

Best Extendable Dining TableThe compact Dublin round table is built with fantastic linen white that is capable of blending perfectly with most decors.

The admirable white color reflects light to liven up your dining space. It has two 9-inch leaves that can be extended to make your dining space suitable for a great party or personal occasion.

With a single bevel edge and a well-rounded finish, this dining table will fit elegantly into small kitchen space and a compact dining room. The table measures width 42; height 29.5; length 42.


  • Solid construction – Made with Asian solid wood, this dining table is built to last for a long time. No softwood; no MDF. It is sturdy, durable and stable.
  • Assembly required – Assembly is required to put the dining table together. Assembly is easy and straightforward. It comes with hardware for a quick setup. The leg needs to be well bolted to avoid wobbling.
  • Perfect for small spaces – Small dining space is no longer an issue. The dining table compact size makes it suitable for small spaces
  • Fine finish – With an appealing white finish, the dining table is bound to glamour into your dining room. The dinette table will complement most dining themes.
  • Easy to clean – The table has a smooth surface that makes it very easy to clean. Use a dry cloth to clean it.

2. International Concepts Small Drop-Leaf Table –

Extendable Dining Table SetGive a complimentary look to any decor with the Small Drop-Leaf Table by International Concepts.

It is lightweight and portable. Its small size makes it the right dining table for small spaces. With the open leaves, the table can seat two people comfortably.

The leaves open and close smoothly. The unfinished table can be finished to your taste. You can sand the top and finish the rest of the body to make it appealing. It is easy to finish.

The table goes well with modern and mid-century style. This is a durable and stable dining table for unparalleled comfort. The assembly of the table is a breeze.


  • Ease of assembly – The assembling of the dining table is super easy. You need to screw the legs in place with washers. Hardware for easy setup has been included.
  • Sturdy construction – Made from solid parawood, the small drop-leaf table is made to stand the test of time. It is sturdy and durable for long-lasting use.
  • Nice for small spaces – The compact and small size of the dining table makes it fitting for small dining spaces. It is perfect as a small table for a laptop and can be used as a kitchen dinette.
  • Space-saving – The leaves can be folded down to save space and can be extended to accommodate two people as needed.
  • Unfinished – The table is unfinished. It can be stained and painted to look appealing to complement the décor theme of your dining room.

3. Target Marketing Systems 40-Inch Round Drop Leaf Table –

Round Extendable Dining TableThis is a round extendable dining table well made for small dining spaces. The table has four turned legs for great stability.

It comes in white and natural colors to suit most decors. The finish is the right one to bring glamour into your home.

Its extendable leaves great more space to comfortably accommodate people with enough legroom. It can be used as a breakfast nook in the kitchen.

Made from rubberwood, the sturdiness and durability of the dining table are not in doubt. The appealing finish is what you look to bring a touch of royalty into your dining space. It is extremely easy to use.


  • Fine finish – The beautifully-turned white finished legs with a natural tabletop makes the drop-leaf table look classic and appealing. It is the type of finish that superbly blends well with most dining decors
  • Great for small spaces – Small spaces won’t stop your style. The table is good for small and compact sizes like a breakfast nook
  • Top-quality – The small extendable dining table is made solid and durable with high-quality rubberwood for strength and stability.
  • Assembly – Minimal assembly is required. Assembly is quick and simple. All hardware for easy setup has been provided. It can be assembled by just one person.
  • Comfortable – Four people can seat comfortably and with plenty of leg rooms for convenience when the leaves are extended.

4. Norfolk Rectangular Table –

Extendable Glass Dining TableThe rectangular dining table comes with 12-inch leaf for the extra extension.

With the mahogany finish, this table is bound to bring some attraction to your dining space.

Its rectangular design makes it perfect for narrow spaces. The kitchen nook dining table is made from solid Asian wood for durability and sturdiness.

The appealing mahogany finish goes well with different décors to make your dining space look elegant and chic.


  • Oak finish – With a beautiful oak finish, this extendable dining table will bring glamour into your dining space. The finish is compatible with most dining décors
  • Perfect for small spaces – The table is fitting for small dining areas so you and your family can dine in comfort.
  • Strong construction – The table is constructed with durability and sturdiness in mind. It is made from Asian hardwood.  No MDF; no softwood veneer.
  • Quick assembly – The assembly is quick and easy. The easy-to-follow assembly instruction will easy to comprehend.  Setup kits have been provided for a stress-free setup
  • Simple cleaning – Use a damp cloth to clean the surface with ease.

5. Stakmore Traditional Expanding Dining Table –

Ikea Extendable Dining TableIf you have a large family, this table is ideal for your home. This is a transformational dining table.

The table can be used as a console and then converted to a game table. The two leaves when extended transform the table into a dining table.

With a fruitwood finish, the table can complement different dining décors. There are four legs for stability. Use the hidden fifth leg for extra support.

The table will perfectly fit into narrow spaces. It is easy to clean due to its smooth surface. For easy storage, the table comes with drawers.


  • Comfortable – When leaves are expanded, the wide surface of the table makes it comfortable to seat around for a large family of eight.
  • Legroom –There is enough space underneath the table for people to spread their legs and feel relaxed.
  • Storage space – The drawers allow you to keep things handy. Tablecloths and napkins can be kept inside the drawers for easy reach.
  • Beautiful finish –The lovely fruitwood finish brings an elegant look into your dining space. The finish can go well with any type of décor themes.
  • Durable construction – The rectangular square is constructed with durability and sturdiness in mind. It is made from solid wood with veneer top surfaces.

6. Homy Casa Extendable Rectangular Dining Table –

Modern Extendable Dining TableIf you are looking for a dining table to bring class into your dining space, this is the best bet for you.

The simple design of white and beige finish makes it a lovely table to complement any type of décor.

This table is the ideal one for narrow spaces. It is solidly constructed with wood, metals and MDF for durability and sturdiness.

This is a multipurpose table. It can be used as a game table, center table, dining table and breakfast table.

The top of the table is smooth, made of melamine, for ease of cleaning with a damp cloth.

Its top can be extended in places such as restaurants, hospitals, home kitchen, home dining room and restaurant kitchen.


  • Storage – The table has ample space for storage. Items such as tablecloths and napkins can be kept handy for quick reach.
  • Comfortable – Depending on the type of chairs, six to ten people can sit comfortably around this table making it ideal for a large family.
  • Easy assembly – It is quick and easy to assembly. The assembly instructions and the tools needed have been provided for a smooth setup.
  • Multi-usage – The table can be used for other purposes aside from being used as a dining table. It can be used as a kitchen table.
  • Appealing – Its appealing look will wow any visitors. It is the right dining table to make a good statement of style.

7. Driness Drop-Leaf Console Dining Table –

Oval Extendable Dining TableThis is a stylish table to bring elegance to the dining space. The dining table can be converted to a console by lowering the leaves.

It is a multi-functional table that is made perfect for small spaces. The metal base provides great stability and the weathered gray finish will liven up the mood in the dining room. It seats 4 to 6 people comfortably.

The modern and minimalist style makes the right dining table to fit any dining décors. With a smooth surface, the table is easy to clean. Just use a damp cloth to wipe.


  • Sturdy construction – The table is sturdily made with MDF, melamine and metal tube materials. It is constructed to last for many years of enjoyment.
  • Quick assembly – Assembling this table is a breeze. Assembly instruction is pretty straightforward.
  • Perfect for small spaces – This is a space-saving dining table. Its rectangular design makes it great for narrow spaces.
  • Heavy-duty – This table is extremely heavy. It has to be carried by two persons. It can support a weight of more than 80 pounds.
  • Beautiful finish – The weathered gray finish with the white metal base brings style into your dining space. It goes well with different dining décors.

8. NOFK5-OAK-C 5 Piece Dinette –

Extendable Dining Room TableEnjoy a touch of luxury with an extendable dining set of 5 chairs and 1 table. The dinette is stylish with unparalleled elegance.

This set of furniture is beautifully crafted to appeal to your guests and visitors. The 5 piece dinette is made from the best Asian real wood.

The hardwood is a guarantee of longevity and class. Dinette brings a lot of attraction to your dining space.

The 12-inch extension leaf creates extra space to accommodate more people. Fold-down the leaves to save a lot of space. The four matching chairs are solidly made for comfort and relaxation.

With a natural finish, this set of furniture will be right for any dining room décor. Cleaning is super easy with an extremely smooth surface.

  • Elegantly-built – The set of dining furniture is elegantly-built to give your dining room that royal feel that you have always wanted. The oak finish looks brilliant and welcoming
  • Built to last – Constructed with Asian wood, the dinette set is made sturdy and durable. This is a set that will be enjoyed for many years.
  • Beautiful finish – The oak finish is great for different decors making it perfect to complement most decors
  • Easy to clean – The smooth surface of the table makes it perfectly easy and quick to clean. A damp cloth is required for cleaning
  • Assembly – Assembling the set is hassle-free. Follow the instructions for a quick and easy setup.

9. NOFK5-MAH-C 5 PC Kitchen Nook Dining Set –

Extendable Dining Table Seats 12The 12-inch leaf table with four chairs is the complete set that your dining space requires to bring your family together during special meals.

This set of dining furniture brings class and comfort to your home. The elegant design is attractive and looking for guests and visitors.

Made from Asian solid wood, the table and chairs are durable and sturdy to last for a long time.


  • Solid construction – The stable and chairs are stable and strong to serve you for many years of enjoyment. It is 100% made from Asian solid wood. No MDF, veneer or laminate
  • Ease of assembly – Assemble is easy and simple to setup. The assembly instruction is straightforward and easy to follow.
  • Natural finish – The natural finish brings a cool feel into your dining room. The finish perfectly matches your dining décor.
  • Comfortable – The table can accommodate six people comfortably with enough legroom to feel relaxed.
  • Easy to clean – The smooth surface of the table makes for easy cleaning. Cleaning it requires using a damp cloth

10. KET-WHI-TP Pedestal Oval Dining Table –

Square Extendable Dining TableThe extendable pedestal dining table. The 18-inches butterfly leaf creates extra room to accommodate more visitors.

With a finish in buttermilk and cherry color, the oval table brings a touch of elegance and simplicity into your dining area.

The finish can blend well into different dining décors to give your dining room a tasteful finish.


  • Strong and durable – Constructed from solid wood, the table is made to stand the test of time. No MDF; no particle board; no veneer.
  • Attractive finish – The buttermilk and cherry finish brings attraction to your dining room. It goes well with most décor finish.
  • Simple assembly required – This table is easy and simple to put together. Assembly is quite straightforward. Hardware and tools for setup have been included.
  • Easy cleaning – Cleaning the table is a breeze. Just use a damp cloth to wipe down.
  • Comfortable – The table can comfortably seat four people without the leaf. Six people can be seated when the leaf is extended.

11. WINSOME Lynden Dining, Antique Walnut –

White Extendable Dining TableThe Lynden solid wood extendable dining table is functional and space-saving. It is the right dining piece for the kitchen or game room.

The table is highly recommended for small spaces. It comes with pull-out legs to support the large table leaf to accommodate more people.

The antique walnut finish makes it the perfect dining table to suit different décors. Made from solid wood to guarantee durability, sturdiness and stability.

When extended, the table can seat six people comfortably with ample leg rooms. The table is easy to assemble and does not wobble after assemble.


  • Nice for small areas – This is the right dining table for you if you have a small apartment. It helps you to save space where space is an issue
  • Beautiful finish – With an alluring antique walnut finish, this small room table will bring elegance into your dining space. It can complement any kind of décors perfectly
  • Quick assembly – Assembling the table is a breeze. The assembly instruction is very easy to follow. Screws for setup have been provided
  • Strong table – The table is heavily-built for durability and sturdiness. It is made from hardwood and contains no particleboard
  • Comfortable – This is a table for six. When extended, six people will be accommodated conveniently with enough leg room

12. Winsome Taylor Dining Table –

Extendable Outdoor Dining TableThe Taylor dining table defines elegance and versatility. It can be used as a console in the dining space or as an eat-in kitchen table when the drop-leaf is dropped.

Lifting the drop leaf helps to double up the size of the table to accommodate extra visitors.

It comes with a table-wide drawer that is perfect for the storage of electronic devices, games, placemats and other personal effects. The drawer is finished in a brushed nickel handle.

The table is rich in walnut finish. Each of the legs has a built-in floor protector to prevent floor scratching. For long-lasting use and durability, the table is made from solid wood.


  • Storage – The easy glide drawer makes the table good for storage. It is easy to open with the nickel brush handle
  • Solid construction – Built from hardwood, the table is solidly-made to last for a long time. It is durable, strong and stable
  • Easy to assemble – Assembling the table is pretty straightforward. Just follow the instructions for a quick and simple setup.
  • Comfortable seating – When the leaf is opened, the table can contain four people. When it is dropped, it takes two persons
  • Easy cleaning – The smooth surface of the table makes it superb for cleaning. Use a damp cloth for easy cleaning.

13. Crosley Furniture Shelby Extendable Dining Table –

Wooden Extendable Dining TableDinner in royalty with the Shelby Dining Table. The black extendable dining table is designed with tradition.

It is well crafted with solid hardwood and wood veneers for durability and sturdiness. This is the right table for a family of six.

It gives you a luxury of plenty of space that is enough for everyone. If you are hosting a small party, you can easily remove the middle leaf to have more intimacy.

The turned legs look charming and the nicely rubbed antique tabletop makes the table an elegant piece befitting of small dining areas. The design makes it well suited for narrow spaces.


  • Appealing finish – The white and black finish makes the dining extremely appealing. The finish makes it welcoming. Perfect for different décors
  • Sturdily-built – Made from hardwood and wood veneers, the table is built to last for many years of enjoyment. It is stable, strong and durable
  • Easy assemble – Assembling the table is simple and easy. Materials needed for assembly have been provided for stress-free assembly
  • Comfortable seating – The 18-inch leaf can be expanded to seat six people
  • Easy to clean – Clean the table with ease. It has a smooth surface for simple and easy cleaning. Just wipe it.

14. Ashley TamagoTamigo Dining Room Table –

Extendable Farmhouse Dining TablePamper your dining space with the Tamigobench-like dining room table. It is the ideal dining table for a large family. It is well suited for narrow spaces.

The thick tabletop with solid legs provides unparalleled stability. Its beautiful brown/tan finish makes it a darling for any dining décor.

The cool contrast of the finish brings elegance into your dining space. The table can be used outside as far as it is under a patio or where it is protected from the rain.

With a seating option of six, people can seat around the table comfortably. This piece of furniture is made from reclaimed wood, wood and engineered wood for durability and sturdiness.


  • Ease of cleaning – Cleaning the table is super easy. Use a damp cloth to clean it. The material of the tabletop can hide fingerprints.
  • Easy and quick assembly –Assembly is very simple and easy. The easy-to-follow instruction makes setup a breeze. Tool and hardware have been included for hassle-free assembly
  • Comfortable seating – Measuring 42-inch wide, 90-inch depth and 30-inch height, there is enough surface to comfortably seat for six people.
  • Strong build –The dining room table is solidly built for many years of enjoyment. It is constructed from wood, reclaimed wood and engineered wood for long-lasting use.
  • Elegant finish – The brown/tan finish is appealing to the eye giving your dining room a chic look that also blends well with different dining décors.

15. Inspirer Studio ILIS Extending Dining Table –

Small Extendable Dining TableThe ILIS extendable pedestal dining table is in a class of its own. Its high gloss finish makes it an attractive dining room table.

It looks very inviting and it is designed to fit into any interior. The small size of the table makes it perfect for narrow and small spaces.

It can extend to 160 CM to accommodate up to 6-8 people comfortably. The table is extremely sturdy and durable to last for many years.


  • Elegant design – This table will make a resounding statement in any dining space. The glossy white finish will perfectly match any dining décor.
  • Sturdy construction – The table is crafted from high-quality MDF board to guarantee durability and sturdiness. The high gloss white finish makes it ideal for a contemporary setting
  • Seating capacity –The pedestal dining table can accommodate a maximum of 8 people comfortably. The extension helps you to accommodate the bigger gathering
  • Easy assembly – Assembling the table is super easy. It is quick and simple.  It can be set up by one person.
  • Simple to clean – The smooth and glossy surface makes the table comfortable to clean. Use a dry cloth to wipe down with ease

Buyer’s Guide for Best Extendable Dining Table in 2020

If you are still confused about choosing the right extendable dining table, this buyer’s guide is what you need to read to make an informed choice. Below are what you need to consider before picking up an extendable dining table.

Size –

Extendable dining room tables don’t come in different sizes. You have to look at the available space before knowing for sure the size that suits your dining space. Some of the tables contract in consoles that measure about 18.5 inches while extending by up to  140 to 150 inches. Some models just extend 50 inches. The numerous sizes make it easy to choose the right extendable dining room table that comes through for your dining space.

Construction materials –

Extendable dining room tables are made from different materials. Some are made of wood while others are made of tempered glass. Each of the materials has its advantages. Wood designs look very charming and can complement any décor. Tempered glass designs look more modern and trendy. They have versatile features than wood models.

Style and shape –

Extending dining tables come in different styles. They come in round and rectangular designs. Apart from the shapes, there are different styles in terms of their finish. While it is the construction material that determines the finish, it is important to choose a table that blends perfectly with your dining décor.

Ease of assembly –

A table that is difficult to assemble is a nightmare. You don’t have to pay anyone money to assemble your dining room table. It should be pretty straightforward.  Any table for that matter should be easy to assemble and disassemble. Usually, many extendable dining tables are very to set up because they come with assemble instructions or practical online guides. The easy-to-follow is a nice guide to help you get your table up and running

Storage –

Storage isStorageis one important feature to look out for when looking for an extending dining table. There are many extendable dining tables with enough storage room. The storage space helps you to keep your things handy. With storage space, you can keep items such as napkins and tablecloths within reach.

Seating arrangements –

There are different seating options when it comes to the extendable dining table. The seating arrangement will largely depend on your family size. It makes sense to look for an extension dining room table that can seat between 8-10 people comfortably in case you have guests and visitors in the feature. It all depends on the surface area of the table. Make sure the surface area is wide enough to accommodate more people as a form of contingency. Look for one that is more than 40 inches wide.

Legroom –

A table with enough space underneath it will create some room for people’s legs. A dining room table without adequate legroom will become a big discomfort for people who are seated around it. This more important for tall people who have long legs.

Ease of cleaning –

A dining table requires constant cleaning no matter the material. To ensure easy cleaning, the table must have a smooth surface if the material is made of wood. Avoid textured surfaces. If it is made of glass, it becomes a breeze to clean.

Height –

It is great to recover the space after seating around a table. Look for a table that is high so that after seating, you can easily push the chairs under the table to free up some space.

Versatility –

Round dining room tables come with a lot of versatility. Choose one that can suit different purposes. Apart from being used as a dining room table, it can also be used as a bar table, tea table, coffee table, breakfast nook table, kitchen table, etc.

Butterfly Leaf Dining Table 9 – Designing and Installing the Butterfly Leaf

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How to Make an Extendable Dining Table with Solid Maple?

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An extendable dining table is a must-have for family bonding. A meal is well enjoyed when it is served on a comfortable dining table.  This is why an extendable dining table is appropriate.  Choosing a durable and sturdy table can be very complicated.  Our 72 hours of research will help you to make a long-lasting choice. We recommend the Stakmore Traditional Expanding Dining Table for an elegantly furnished dining room or use the Homy Casa Extendable Rectangular Dining Table if you want something stylish and captivating.

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