Best Hand Creams for Dry & Cracked Hands in 2023

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Do you want to restore your beauty?

Do you want a solution to dry skin?

Do you want to heal the cracks on your hands?

If the answer to the entire question is yes, then all you need is the best hand cream. The hand cream will help you in getting back the glow and makes you look young. It will help you heal the cracks if you have dry skin by keeping your skin hydrated for a long duration. Listed below is the list of 10 best hand cream that you can buy according to your wish and affordable price:

Comparison of 10 Best Hand Creams for 2023

Considerations for buying the best hand creams in 2023


If you are being for a hand cream for yourself then moisturizer is the foremost thing and it makes your hand’s protection even if you have washed your hair. If your skin is facing any symptoms then your hand cream must not only soothe your skin but also offers relief to your symptoms. You can also consult with the doctor who can suggest to you which cream is acceptable to your skin and you can use it as well to get yourself with soft and healthy skin. It must have a silky texture and a very calming fragrance which may give you the experience of so-called luxurious life providing you smooth and healthy skin after every use and it remains also for some hour.


You should buy a hand cream that not only gives you a soft and healthy skin but it must also nourish your nails as well. Your cream must have a very light texture and it must also hydrate your skin so that dryness is kept at bay. And if your skin type is dry skin then it is obvious that you will get cracks then you must go for a hand cream that will heal those cracks and gives you more softer skin and you do not even face any irritation. The hydration that it provides must last for longer hours and your hands must be protected also with the creamy texture. The best part of your hand cream that you are planning to buy is that it must absorb quickly on your skin. If you want some brightness or fairness on your face then this is worthy as it provides brighten your face to a little extent.

Restore your beauty:

It is a wish of every woman to get a beauty product that not only suits their skin but nourishes also so that they can restore their previous glow and increase their beautify. So, you must look for a hand cream that will help you in getting silly skin and gets hydrated and it remains also for a long duration. It is important to keep in mind that you should not select your product with beautiful packaging or sweet fragrance but you must go for the efficiency that it provides you in form of glycerine which is considered to be the best for people who have dry skin. The almond oil present in your product helps you to get the glow back and it may also remove some fine lines and your hands do not feel greasy as well along with the sweet smell.

Dermatologist tested:

You must not go for any random hand cream but with the one which is tested by a dermatologist. They must look for the ingredients suitable for which skin type and mark the cream according to this only. Suppose you are using a hand cream that has butter in it, then if it suits you you will get smooth and soft skin, and even on touching you can feel. So, you must go with the rating of the dermatologist given to the hand cream. And if you have very dry skin, then according to the dermatologist you must use the hand cream which has glycerine in it as it will help you in healing the cracks (just in case if it occurs).

Allergy-free fragrance:

If you found yourself to be allergic then you must look for a hand cream that has fragrance root as free from any allergic components. The hand cream that you may use must have a natural fragrance so that it does not hive you any reaction. Your hand cream must get absorb on your skin efficiently and quickly and only the trace of fragrance must be left on your skin. The hand cream with the almond cream will not only give you the smooth skin but also makes your skin healthy and protected.

Suitable for dry skin:

If your skin type is dry then it is obvious that during autumn or winter you will get cracks in your skin. So, you must look for the hand cream which has the feature of healing of your cracks and you will get smooth skin as well instantly after applying. It must hydrate your skin by keeping the dryness at bay and also nourishes your skin. The hydration must remain on your skin for a longer period so that you do not have to reapply it again and again in a single day. And if it happens so, then it is time to change the hand cream you are using and look for something that will suit you.

Nourishes hand:

Your hand cream must have a very light texture so that your skin gets the nourishment it requires without letting your hands-free greasy. It must have the capability of healing your cracks and hydrating your skin so that you get a moisturizer and leaving the dryness back. Your hand cream must help you in having a smooth, soft and also elastic skin all over your face.

Tips for dry hands from a dermatologist:

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel today I’m going to give you some dermatologist tips for getting a handle on chapped winter hands if you’re new to my channel welcome I’m going to encourage you to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe for more dating the life of a dermatologist vlogs and dermatologist tips for skin care and skin care ingredient favorites now winter is really hard on the hands a dry cracked fissured skin on the fingertips and palms can become a real problem the main culprit inadequate moisturization as winter approaches the humidity and our ambient air drops contributing to dry skin furthermore you may increase the frequency of hand-washing in a hearty effort to decrease your risk of colds and flus frequent hand-washing strips the natural moisturization factor from the surface of the skin and further contributes to dry crack for your skin on the hands how will your hands withstand winter has a lot to do with the integrity of your skin barrier and if your barrier is weak you’re more prone to symptoms of dryness itchiness and red flaky skin or hand eczema essential to treating your dry hands is replacing the moisture drinking more water won’t do this applying moisturizer is key is this helps to repair the barrier and seal water onto the top layer of the skin preventing it from evaporating into our environment apply moisturizer once a day is simply not enough guys remember put it on five to six times a day and put it on also after you wash your hands also don’t forget to apply moisturizer around the cuticles and nails as they too can become dry during the winter months now I have to admit it can become a little overwhelming when you head into the drugstore there’s so many choices what’s a good moisturizer remember two types of moisturizers that are key for dry skin on the hands emollient and humectants emollient act as lubricants and keep skin soft smooth and supple look for ingredients like mineral oil petrol autumn and dimethicone which are key ingredients in most of all yawns and humectant draws water in from the environment into the skin and increases the water content of our glycerine sorbitol and hyaluronic acid are common ingredients in humectants which you should look out for also key in choosing a moisturizer is to keep in mind that thicker is better a good standby is vaseline or aqua form see how thick that is that’s what you want that’s what’s gonna seal the moisture onto the surface of your skin not a watery lotion but a thick emollient for increased efficacy slow out of that bad boy on at night and put a cotton glove over it to increase penetration for just a few bucks you can pick up what a pair of these cotton gloves at your local drugstore how did I mentioned before frequent hand washing while good practice for decreasing your risk of colds and flus can further worsen the problem of dry skin on our hands make sure you choose a mild soap use warm not hot water and slather on your moisturizer immediately after washing the hands lastly consider a humidifier as I mentioned in the beginning during winter our ambient air humidity decreases having a humidifier can increase the water content in your hands furthermore not only will this help soothe dry cracked skin on the hands but it’ll also help hydration of the skin elsewhere on the body including dry cracked lips okay guys that’s gonna conclude today’s video on getting a handle on dry cracked skin on the hands I hope you guys enjoyed this video and found it helpful please give it a thumbs up and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe I’ll talk to you guys in my next video bye.

FAQs on the best hand cream in 2023

What is a hand cream?

The hand cream is a treatment of your better skin in the form of low viscosity liquid also known by the game lotions. It is important to keep in mind that the hand cream is for external use only and can be applied to other parts of your body but other than your face. The hand cream not only moisturizes, smooth or makes your skin soft but also protects and keeps your skin healthy as well. According to the dermatologist, the hand cream provides you with the treatment for skin infection. Using the cream is not recommended if your skin has a layer of very big hair such as on the scalp.

Why should you use the hand cream?

Nowadays, hand cream has become an indispensable part of the live odds of a woman. It must be always present in the tour bag so that you can reapply it whenever you require it. If you apply the hand cream on your skin regularly then it is guaranteed that you will get soft and smooth skin. If you have dry skin type then the hand cream is a blessing in disguise as the regular use will not only heal the cracks but also prevents them from coming. It is best for the people who have the habit of washing their hands constantly or if they work in an open grounded area as the air will sweep the natural moisturizer from your skin, then the hand cream will keep your skin hydrated for a longer period.

Can you apply the hand cream on your face also?

It is important to keep in mind that no matter what happens or how late you are you must not apply the hand cream on your face. The reason behind that is that the skin type on your face is different than other body parts especially the hands. The skin on your face is thinner and thus they are more delicate than the skin on your hands and therefore you face needs extra nourishment. If you have noticed that your hands rarely get affected by the harsh weather than your face as most commonly the pimples on your face rise. So, your hands have very rough skin and they need another type of skin treatment. The cream you are using on face and hands separately might be having the same ingredients but they are different in the composition.

How many times you should you use your hand cream?

It is recommended by the dermatologist that you must use your hand cream on your skin very often in a single day only. The reason behind that is that your skin will get used to in such an environment and it will not work efficiently in a rough environment. You must apply your hand cream just after you wash your hands so that the hydration remains for a longer time. You must also use your hand cream if you are going outside in an open field area especially if it is wintertime. Furthermore, you can apply it when you are going to bed as the hand cream works better when you are sleeping in the night time. During the night time, only the healing property works more efficiently and till the morning you get very soft and smooth skin in your face. Your skin gets the best nourishment during the night time and you can also wear gloves after applying the hand cream.

How does your hand cream works?

Occlusive and emollients, some groups of ingredients are present in the hand cream that plays a major role in all the feature that it provides to a woman. They will lock the moisture on your skin and will act as a physical hindrance between your skin and all the dust or pollution. In some fairness cream available in the market, this physical hindrance is resistant to water and even if you have washed your hands then also it will keep working in the same manner and you will be protected also. It is important to keep in mind thy every hand cream has the qualify for the treatment of your skin condition such as eczema. For this, you need to consult with the doctor and when your skin gets repaired then only you can apply your hand cream.

Can you use your hand cream during summertime?

To let the function of the hand cream to continue by providing you with the soft and smooth skin, then you can continue using the hand cream unless you feel greasy in it. If you keep your hands moisturized in the long run then you will get to nourish your skin and elastic skin as well. It helps you in removing the fine line or reducing their visibility will make your hands look younger on visibility and they can regain their glow as well. The hand cream also allows you to enjoy the benefits of the plumping effect. So even in summer, you can continue using the hand cream to keep a track of your skin treatment and you will enjoy the smooth and soft skin along with the protection and hydration. The regular use even during the summer will make your skin glow and shine as well.

Homemade Hand Cream Recipe for Winter

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Katie from heart’s content I’m Tom and today I’m going to show you how to make a really easy homemade a machine that uses just four ingredients and doesn’t mean any special so this hand cream is not going to be like a commercial hand cream that’s sort of like a sick body lotion it’s really like a true butter because basically what it is is oils that are whipped together to create it’s like really soft moisturising cream but it just melts into the skin it’s not like a commercial lotion if you want to make something like that you need to add water to your oils which means you need an emulsifier and a preservative and it’s a little bit more complicated so we’re not doing that today we’re just doing something really basic for oils and butters melted together and whipped up and the result is gonna be this match which is a half pint I mean it is a really thick cream that is really good for dry skin really good for winter and it also makes a really good gift so you are gonna need a scale for this recipe the ingredients were using today are coconut oil mango butter olive oil and beeswax these are a little bit flexible so you could do shea butter instead of mango butter you could do something like almond oil instead of olive oil but what you want to keep the same is the proportion of liquid oils to harder oils like the butter you don’t want to increase the amount of beeswax because that will make it too hard for you to whip and you don’t want to really increase the amount of olive oil because it may be too liquidy and not whip up properly some of these ingredients seem expensive but you’re just using a really tiny amount to get this hand cream which actually lasts a really really long time and three ounces of coconut oil 1.75 ounces of mango butter 1 ounce of olive oil and point to five ounces of these rocks you want to measure these using a digital scale they can just go right in any old Bowl and then we’re gonna heat them up um you can actually do this in the microwave if you’re using a microwave safe Bowl um but I find it easier to just do it on the stovetop over a double boiler because I don’t have to keep opening up the microwave stirring it and resetting the microwave so you’d get your bowl put a real small saucepan underneath with about an inch of water and start heating it up on the stove until everything is melted the beeswax does take a while these are it’s a really hard material and it has a really high melting point so it takes a while for it to melt just stay next to it you don’t ever want to leave oils and attend it on the stove it’s a really big fire hazard so stay right next to it keep stirring and just stay put now once all those are melted and combined you can remove it from the heat and at this point if you wanted to add a fragrance oil or an essential oil you can just make sure to keep in mind that this is something that’s gonna sit on your skin so it has to be a skin safe essential oil or skin safe fragrance oil and not all of them are just a couple drops are gonna be fine we’re not doing anything else to it so all the fragrance is going to come through at that point this needs to cool so that we can be good so you can either put it in the freezer for 30 minutes or in the fridge for about 4 hours or you can just leave it out on the counter overnight you want it you want it soft but still pop it once it’s reached that soft but solid consistency all you need to do is with it so I’m gonna go ahead and just do this right now with a hand mixer so that I can show you what it looks like as it whips but it is way easier if you have a stand mixer it goes a lot faster it’s gonna take about 10 minutes whipping it on high make sure if your machine starts to get hot you just turn it off and give it a break and it seems like it’s just not changing consistency it’s just seeing a liquid put the whole thing in the fridge or the freezer for just a few minutes longer and sometimes that makes all the difference and it will lift right up so once it’s whipped and it’s at a consistency that you like you are that just go ahead and put it in a jar you can either buy a special tin that they sell or I like to just use this shallow half-pint mucin jar I find that that works just right so this is a super easy gift a little bit of these oils go a long way and a little bit of this hand cream goes a long way so even though the ingredients may seem expensive in the long run they are really not so hard I hope you give it a try I hope you like it if you have any questions about the process or the ingredients please let me know and I will you thank you for watching fine.

Final Verdict:

It is a wish for every woman that they get flawless skin that is protected and healthy as well. The hand cream is the best option for you if you have dry skin as it moisturizes your skin by hydrating it and keeps the dryness at bay. Rich in various ingredients not only suits your skin but also brightens your skin type. The hand cream also contains the natural fragrance or the root is allergy-free components that are best for allergic people. We highly hope that this review will help you in getting the best hand cream.

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