10 Best Doormats for Your Tidy Home in 2021

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Are you searching for a new doormat to replace your old worn-out doormat?

Getting the right doormat is not as easy as picking up about any doormat. There are three things you should look out for when buying a doormat.

  1. A heavy-duty doormat that can trap dirt, moisture, and debris to keep your home clean always.
  2. The doormat should be able to withstand harsh weather.
  3. It should be pet-friendly and super easy to clean.

10 Best Door Mats Comparison for 2021

Making a choice is a lot easier with the comparison table below. Carefully check the table to compare and make an informed opinion about your ideal doormat.

This review is made to guide you to make a good choice.

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Door Mats in 2021

Door Mats, also known as floor mats, have become part of the interior in many homes. It is used both indoors and outdoors. Apart from homes, they have also become a prominent feature in cars, malls, banks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, eateries, and a host of other places. It is also used in the office.

Doors mats are used to trap dirt and water effectively especially where you have high foot traffic such as at restaurants, malls, and banks. Lots of floor mats are used outside. The best doormats for home are used for various purposes. They come in different designs and patterns. Some doormats are slip-resistant while others are not. If you are looking for the best floor mats, you are in the right place. Read on as we review the 10 best doormats in the market in 2019. These are different from the exercise mats.

Laying a good doormat is not just good at making a good impression on your visitors. It also helps to make your floor clean. These are what you should consider before purchasing a doormat.

Indoor or outdoor mat –

The very first thing to consider is where the mat would be placed. Do you want it indoors or outdoor? If you choose to use it outdoor, you must consider a weather-resistant mat. Water-resistant mats are made from woven seagrass, coconut fiber, or teak. Durable doormats are made from these materials and are capable of withstanding abuse where there is high indoor and outdoor traffic

Look at the surface of the doormat –

Always consider the surface of the doormat before purchasing one. Look out for a mat that has an abrasive surface. In the alternative, you check for the one with a scraper surface to easily scrape off particles such as dirt, debris, grass, mud, etc.

Completely avoid using an all-rubber doormat –

There is no doubt rubber mats are cheap, affordable, and durable but it best used indoor. Using them during winter makes them go bad easily. In the winter period, large rubber doormat get cracked easily and tear apart.

A good mat stays in place –

No matter the weather, a doormat should stay in place especially when the weather is muddy. It is irritating to have your mat move off your feet. The best way to solve this is to go for heavy-duty and non-slip mats with backings that assist in helping the mat to stay in place.

Size –

Doormats come in various sizes. Look for the exterior front door mats that suit your door. Consider the width of the door to know the right size. You don’t need a mat that is not too short. Consider the width of the mat alongside the height.

Clean the mat –

Periodic cleaning of the doormat is important. Clean mats are more effective at trapping dirt, mud, debris, and other particles. For some mats, it is just a matter of shaking the dirt off or use a vacuum while for others you have to wash off with a hose running water.

Top Variants for the Best DoorMats in 2021

The best doormats define your lifestyle, taste, and how you wish to keep yourself. So, according to your personality and attitude, you choose the right doormat for your house’s rooms.

Here, we have come up with the top doormats which would definitely suit your character. Hence, you must have a look at it.

1. Gorilla Grip Natural Rubber Door Mat

Best indoor outdoor door matsDon’t you want those recycled doormats? So, here we have got the best option for you.

Available in different colors, these Gorilla Grip doormats are made out of natural rubber, which gives the doormat a durable and robust quality and makes it versatile for other usages. You can easily use these personalized entry door mats for indoor and outdoor purposes, be it pool house, patio, garage, etc.

You don’t have to be quite concerned whether it will suit your abode’s color as it is stylish and available in various colors. But don’t go into this particular indoor outdoor doormats quality only.

These doormats come with thick rubber borders, which are adequate enough to capture the dirt and moisture from the footwear or foot as soon as someone steps on them. Further, it can absorb any spilled liquid on the floor within seconds, and these features make it the high-liked doormat.


  • Easy to Clean: These decorative rubber doormats can be cleaned with no burden through the vacuum cleaner or damp cloth with soap.
  • Usage: It is appropriate for indoor and outdoor purposes.
  • Colors: You can find it in a variety of colors.
  • Versatile: The durability and effectiveness make it to be a versatile product.
  • Manufacturing: This low-profile doormat is constructed with 100 percent natural rubber.

Customers Feedback:

We recently moved to WA state, and wanted these low profile water trap door mat to protect our front and back entrances. I like the pattern on the mats, and although have not had total winter yet, think they will work fine. They do have a rubber smell when first put down, but that goes away in a couple of days. You might also need to train them flat to the floor at first since they come rolled up, but this is not hard to do, and after a few days lay very well on their own.

Great rug if you have an old dog. My old senile dog pees by the door on occasion. I got this best rugs for dogs for the rubber backing. It grips to the wood floor perfect and a breeze to hose off with garden hose, scrub up with detergent and a plastic scrub brush and let dry in the sun. Cleaned up real well and didn’t fade or anything. I’m really pleased with this rug.

2. Sierra Concepts Coir Front Door Welcome Mat

Best coir doormat Here we come to the Sierra Concepts doormat, which is specially designed for outdoor purposes. However, you can make use of it indoors if it fits in respective to your needs.

This personalized doormat comes with a durable non-slip backing, prevents leakage of the absorbed moisture, and keeps the doormat in an intact position. This makes it durable to be used during the rainy and snowy season too. Further, the mats to be used outdoor comes with thick coir.

This welcome doormat makes it ideal for the dirt and debris to get brushed from the shoes while dragging the foot from it. If you are thinking about the difficulty of washing off the debris, let us tell you that you just need to shake the mat with force or use a broom to sweep off the waste.

Otherwise, you can wash this coir doormat with water and hygienic washing liquid to get rid of germs.


  • Combination Set: These best front door welcome mats come in a set of two mats. One is a welcome mat, and the other is a rug used for indoor purposes.
  • Low Maintenance: Both the mats can be used simultaneously or for multipurpose and are easy to clean along with trendy and attractive.
  • Multi-purpose: The rug is available as a mat on the door entry or in the kitchen, sofa, and other house areas after its attractive design and quality.
  • Away from Water: This welcome doormat is expected to be kept away from water exposure.

Customers Feedback:

It is very cute, very thick as described. Very durable. Would definitely recommend on a covered porch. I wouldn’t put in direct exposure to rain. Only downfall was it shedded a lot between shipping so when I opened it there was brown stuff all over the Buffalo plaid one from where there was a hole in the plastic. I vacuumed it and it was fine.

This is a great personalized doormat set, especially for the price! I love the layered look and that each rug can also be used by itself. The plaid rug can be washed, the other brushes off easily and has held it’s color well. I am very happy with this purchase. I did have a bit of an issue with a small tear in my rug when it arrived but I emailed customer service and they went above and beyond to make it right for me. They were so kind and helpful! Great product and even better customer service!

3. Refetone Indoor Doormat

Best indoor front door matAre you still looking for a doormat that can be placed right at the entrance from inside? If so, then we found this idyllic Refetone Door Mat for you.

This machine-washable doormat comes designed with polypropylene wool, which is of durable and rich quality. It can absorb water quickly and get dried at the same time. Hence, it makes it ideal to be used both inside and outside the house.

This indoor front door mat has a firm grip and does not slip from its place. Further, fiber lock technology is the best thing that can be seen. Even after a machine wash, your doormat will appear new as usual.


  • Easy to Clean: You can machine wash this dirt trapper mat or simply use a vacuum over it to get rid of dust, dirt, or mud.
  • Resistance: It offers resistance to mud and especially wet feet.
  • Non-Slippery: It comes with a non-slipping facility and maintains a firm grip on all kinds of floors.
  • Fiber Locking: The fiber-locking technology protects these washable front door mats from getting worn off.

Customers Feedback:

I like the non slip door mat, they’re great size and they absorb the dirt from people coming in the door very well. That being said, they’re not very high quality. The yarn or string that is wrapped around the create the edge of the carpet isn’t very strong. Before I even washed them the first time, the edges were already unraveling. I can tell they’re not going to last very long.

I thought I was replacing my front door mat that had a torn edge, but apparently I was just replacing my bath mat I was using as a kitchen under sink mat. It looks sooo good in front of the kitchen sink! It also feels great on bare feet and so easy to clean. I feel like in the kitchen, I will have to clean it more. For the front door, I would rather something that is just easy to vacuum. For the front door I got a different mat. The washable dirt trapper door mats one was too high of a pile, so the door caught on it when I tried to open it.

4. Levinis Buffalo Check Rug

Best modern doormatDo you know you can also use Levinis Door Mat, which can be an elegant way of welcoming your guests? Well yes! Many people are willing to get doormats. However, rugs can be a better option for you.

This modern doormat rug by Levinis Buffalo gives a casual elegance to the house. These come with a multipurpose facility using them as a bathroom rug, doormat, apartment rug, and sofa mat.

As these inside door mats, rugs are made with 100 percent cotton, they come with an easy-to-wash facility. You can either machine wash them or vacuum them twice or thrice a week.


  • Material: This black and white doormat is a 100 percent cotton rug.
  • Easy to Clean: You can machine wash or vacuum it when in need.
  • Multipurpose: It comes with a multipurpose facility to be used as a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen rug.
  • Eco-Friendly: This black and white doormat rug is environmentally protected.

Customers Feedback:

This rug is so cute! You an tell it is very well made by the strength of the fabric. You can just throw it in the washer whenever needed and it comes back out beautifully. This is perfect for my fall décor. I can’t wait to see what it looks like with all my different matts on top of it throughout the year. Shipping was super fast. I have no complaints and wish I had more front doors!

I am very happy with the quality of the inside door mats rugs. It fits perfectly between my planters that flank my front door. It completes my front porch. I can’t say how well it washes yet since I just got it, but we did have torrential rains two days ago that came in horizontally and soaked this rug, and it dried well and colors didn’t run. Love the classic pattern. Thinking of getting another different size for my kitchen. Very happy with my purchase and would recommend this rug!

5. Delxo 18″x30″ Magic Doormat

washable door mats This Delxo doormat by Delxo is just an ideal doormat for you all. It is available in beautiful shades and can absorb water to the maximum along with dirt. So, suppose you are coming from a muddy, grassy, or wet area. In that case, its fibers and water-absorbing capacity will benefit you a lot.

These washable door mats come with a rubber backing facility that makes them durable and non-slipping, protecting your kids from falling while running over the doormat. All the materials used to prepare it are eco-friendly, so whether you are walking barefoot over it would be safe for your skin.

But don’t worry! This doormat is not like the other doormats, which cause pain while walking barefoot. It is made up of cotton and microfibers, which gives it a soft surface and a flawless look. Even after machine-washing it, its softness will remain intact.


  • Machine Wash: Apart from the vacuum, you can machine wash it, which helps you get rid of germs.
  • Non-Slippery: It comes with non-slippery technology.
  • Water Absorbent: This indoor door mat washable and ideal enough to absorb water and dirt.
  • Quality: It is prepared out of rich quality materials, which makes it more durable.

Customers Feedback:

Make sure you read the directions to wash the rugs without detergent before you use them. They must be washed to be really absorbent. I have two of these front door mats amazon inside my sliding glass door in the kitchen, and two of them outside the door to my laundry room coming in from the garage. They are great and really cut down on the dirt that comes in, especially from muddy paws in my kitchen. I recommend these highly.

Over all great product. i might buy another one after testing this one out for long time. Was close to returning the product, but I bought another that is similar and I realized how good this product is. Some of the fibers might become loose which made me think the carpet is bad but it happened when I used the washable dirt trapper door mats first and now it is fine. I guess few loose fibers silks.

6. Dill Natural Rubber Outdoor Doormat

door mat for hardwood floorPrevent dirt and mud from dropping inside your home using the Heavy-Duty Outdoor rubber Doormat. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Use this Dill doormat in the garage, store, kitchen, bank, patio, and other places to reduce the stress of constant mopping and cleaning.

The wrought-iron design is nice and the construction is sturdy. This best doormat for sand can hold up even in snow. Just shake it off and drop it back. It doesn’t freeze to a wooden surface. Shoe heels may get caught up within the doormat spaces. This rubber doormat is an absolutely beautiful doormat.

Because it has no backing; the dirt, mud, moisture, snow, and grass all get trapped within the spaces meaning you would have to do a constant sweeping underneath it. These decorative rubber doormats have good styling and durability because of their heavy-duty rubber.


  • Durable material – This rubber front doormat is made of natural durable rubber material with an iron-wrought design to give it a classy look
  • Easy to clean – Traps dirt, mud, sand, debris, grass, moisture with ease. Just shake off the dirt and return the doormat in place
  • Perfect for homes – This black rubber doormat is a heavy-duty doormat and durable. It serves well in all weather. This is a nice doormat for the bedroom too.

Customers Feedback:

This decorative black rubber door mat is a beautiful faux wrought iron rubber door mat that is thick and well made, perfect for catching dirt and grime off the bottom of shoes as well as hanging on the wall to cover ugly louvered vent outlets. I’m giving 5 stars because it’s well made, it shipped very quickly and the best part of all: they sent me an EXTRA one free of charge! It made my day! Thank you!

I love this rubber door mat insert frame! We had to buy this for our front door because my front porch is only partially covered. Our door mats were getting wet when it rained and they never seemed to full drain the water from them. This mat has eliminated that issue and is also beautiful.

7. Cosyearn Large Door Mats

Best front door doormatFor those who are still searching for large-sized doormats, this Cosyearn doormat is for you all. This type of doormat is useful to capture the dirt more efficiently and avoid leakage from water absorption. However, These large front door mats are manufactured out of rich quality materials when it comes to their quality, making them durable enough to be used in severe weather conditions.

So, are you thinking about whether you can use it outdoors too? Well, yes! This front door doormat is ideal enough to be used indoors and outdoors. Well, not only in a house, but you can also use it in shops, offices, petrol stations and any other area that might feel the doormat’s need.

There are high chances of dirt accumulation in these areas, so cleaning the mat should be easy as a machine wash facility is not available everywhere. Hence, these washable indoor door mats uk can be cleaned either through a vacuum, shaking the excess litter, or washing in warm water with soap.


  • Waterproof: It is waterproof and ideal for absorbing water.
  • Durability: It is a highly durable waterproof doormat as it doesn’t get damaged even after machines wash.
  • Non-Slippery: The non-slippery technology creates a tight grip of the mat with the floor.
  • Large Size: The size of this doormat is large and which makes trash capturing easy.
  • Environment Friendly: This best machine washable doormat is free from BPA, which means that it is environment friendly.

Customers Feedback:

I was so happy with this that I bought two more! I live where the ground around my home is sandy and I’m forever sweeping, NOT anymore 🙂 These mats are fantastic for catching sand/grit and all you have to do is shake or hose them to clean them. Are they the most attractive mats no but what good is something that “looks great but doesn’t work”, these are very nice looking AND THEY WORK.!
This is just inside my front door protecting my hard wood floors from my chocolate lab (and everything she tracks in), my three kids (and everything they track in) and my husband(and everything he tracks in). The large indoor door mats is also upstairs in the hallway where one of the litter boxes is. Did you know you need a litter box per floor per cat. I only have one cat and two floors so two litter boxes. Cleans up super easy. Keeps the litter out of the carpet. No moisture from the water bowl gets through to the carpet. Great

8. J & M Home Fashions Doormat

door mat for stepsKeep your home clean and impress your visitors with the J & M Doormat. Its mats are made of coir fiber. The coir fiber material can’t withstand adverse conditions as it gradually fades over time.

Some of its needles start to remove. The fiber easily scrapes out mud, dirt, and debris. This natural coir doormat is very thick and durable. There is no doubt the mat is sturdy and cute.

These natural fiber doormats are useful in the garage, patio, kitchen, porch, stores, and bedroom. They come in different colors and styles. The mat does not slip due to its PVC backing.


  • Made of durable material – The dog-proof doormat is made of 100% coir fiber. It has a PVC edge that can withstand mold and mildew making it a durable mat
  • Easy removal of dirt – The mat removes dirt, mud, dust, and snow from the shoe with ease keeping your home clean always.
  • Ideal for homes – The mat is stylish and can complement your décor. Being heavy-duty and durable makes it the perfect match for your home.
  • Versatile – The mat can be used in different places. It can be used in the living room, bathroom, bedroom, and many other places in your home
  • Non-slip – This dog-proof doormat doesn’t slip or make your trip because the rubber border helps to stabilize it giving it a proper grip.

Customers Feedback:

We bought this custom size coir door mats for our new house and it has lasted a really long time. We had others similar to this before at our old house. The lettering and pictures disappeared quickly. So far this one has lasted a lot longer and the writing is still there!

First, this mat is really cute. Second, it was delivered flat as opposed to rolled up. There us no curling up when it’s delivered this way. Third, this natural coir door mat is very well-made and appears to be quite durable. Fourth, I’m happy that I purchased two of them because I really like them!

9. PLUS Haven Coco Coir Doormat

Best door matsThe doorway can only get better with the MPLUS Doormat. It is made of coconut fiber. It can repel bugs keeping your home bug-free. It can withstand bacteria and fungi. It is also water-resistant that’s why we can say that these is the best doormats for winter.

The doormat can serve both indoor and outdoor use. It is a bit difficult to clean due to its coconut fiber material but good at scraping dirt off your shoes. They are winter doormats which makes them difficult to slip away.

There are no mildew or mold messes. All in all, this is a mat worth trying. It can experience light shedding over time.


  • Indoor / Outdoor – The door is suited perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use. This makes it fit your doorway.
  • Built strong – It is built strong with a coconut shell for durability. This makes it tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance – This best front doormat for winter is easy to maintain incurring minimal maintenance cost. Just dust it off or use a vacuum and it is ready for another. It can withstand abuse from animals and children.
  • Nice design – No doubt the mat has an attractive design that can make a lasting impression on your visitors. It is eco-friendly and heavy-duty.
  • Coconut coir material – This doormat winter is made of coconut fiber. The doormat material does a good job trapping dirt, mud, sand, debris, and grass amongst other particles.

Customers Feedback:

I’m actually very happy with both of these cute commercial door mats!! I got the Halloween one and the fall leaves one! They are perfect to go with all of my Halloween/fall/Thanksgiving decor on my front porch/door area! It’s actually a pretty good quality and it’s pretty sturdy. Obviously when I opened the packages, it sheds just a little but you just shake it off outside and they seem pretty durable because the Halloween one withstood rain & snow, and the fall leaves one I set out in early November and it’s now December 20 and I just switched it for my Christmas mat.

I needed a plain carpet to use some oil-based paint and paint on a custom stenciled design, and this did the trick wonderfully. Very durable and thick, and if you’re looking to paint it or something like I did, it’ll retain that paint very well. The indoor winter door mats been sitting outside all summer and it hasn’t faded or washed off.

10. BEAU JARDIN Indoor Doormat

Best hello doormatDo you want your doormat to look simple yet elegant at the same time? Well, we have got you covered. We have come up with one such soothing doormat which highlights your nature in its vibrant colors.

This BEAU JARDIN doormat is one of its kind of a personalized doormat. This indoor doormat comes with a non-slippery functionality, which prevents unwanted falls of the coming guests even on dry wood, tile floors, and other floor types. However, what is essential to look at it is its water-absorbing capability.

Well, this hello doormat is useful enough to absorb water from the shoes and wet feet. So, be it your baby or your dog, they won’t be able to ruin the floor with their dirty legs. Once the doormat is filled with lots of debris, you can machine wash it.

Don’t worry! This won’t affect its capabilities at all. So, be it a rainy day or a snowy day, you can make use of these indoor non-slip doormats without even a second thought.


  • Dirt Trapper Technology: These dirt trapper mats for dogs come with a dirt trapper technology that soaks the left-over water, captures mud and any other dusty debris from the footwear.
  • Non-Slippery: It is sufficient enough from protecting you from falling while entering the house.
  • Soft: This soft doormat is so smooth that even your dog can easily relax on it.
  • Indoor Usage: It is specially designed for internal house usage such as bedroom, living room, bathroom, etc.

Types of the Best Door Mats in 2021

It is important to note that all doormats are not the same. You have got to make the right impression with the right type of doormat. So, before you purchase a mat, you need to know the different types of doormats that are available. Below are the three types of doormats with their cons and pros.

1. Coir doormats –

The coir doormats are made of coconut fiber. Some are PVC-backed while others are not. The unbacked ones easily channel out water. They are available in different styles and patterns. They are heavy-duty and thick. These custom-size coir doormats are of different quality. Look for the one with high quality since cheap ones can get spoilt easily.


  • The mat can effectively scrape off dirt, mud, grass. Debris, etc


  • Sheds off with time

2. Rubber doormats –

Rubber is the best doormat material around the world. The rubber front doormat is the most used doormat. It is mostly used in commercial places. They are also used at home especially in garages.


  • The rubber doormats are effective at trapping dirt, debris, grass, mud and other types of particles from the shoes. The doormat has holes to easily drain water.


  • It usually comes in black. It is not tough enough to withstand adverse weather conditions

3. Synthetic pile doormats –

This type of mat has a pile and is made from Polypropylene. Moisture is absorbed by the pile. It has a barrier to trap dirt. It can absorb water from wet shoes very well.


  • Good at removing dirt from the shoes and absorbing water.


  • It can get flatten over time due to its Polypropylene. It is not as durable as the coir or synthetic pile doormats.

Important FAQs about Best Door Mats in 2021

What are doormats made of?

A lot of people are inquisitive asking what doormats are made of. We will trash that in this article. Some doormats are made of Olefin. Olefin is a synthetic material used in the production of doormats and door rugs. It is very resistant to mildew and mold. It is very ideal inside door mats rugs.

Doormats made from Olefin synthetic material are usually bound with stitches all-round the edges of the mat. It is very easy to clean. Scrub or use a running water hose to clean it. It dries easily too. Coir is another material used in making doormats. This is not common. Coir is a fiber that is gotten from coconut husk. It is then used to produce quality mats. It involves a lot of processes from sucking the husk to drying it. It is then dyed, painted, cut, and shaped to different designs.

This material is environmentally friendly because the material is biodegradable. Another material that doormat amazon is made from is polyester. Polyester could be vinyl or rubber. Polyesters are from naturally occurring chemicals. They are biodegradable too. They can also be synthetic. They are blended with fabric to produce nice doormats. These three materials are the major materials that doormats are made of.

How to clean a doormat?

For the doormat to continue to perform well it has to be constantly cleaned. Three things that you need for the thorough cleaning of a doormat are a vacuum cleaner, a water hose and mild dish soap. You can also use baking powder and a scrub brush.

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before you use any other thing other than a vacuum cleaner. It makes sense to shake off the dirt from the doormat every week. You can smack the mat on the wall severally to remove deep-rooted dirt. Do a vacuum cleaning every month. Vacuum cleaning helps it to remove dirt that could not be removed by shaking off or smacking the mat. Seasonally, do a water hose washing along with soapy water. Doing this will make the mat be in top shape.

How to wash doormats?

It is not all doormats that you can wash using the machine. This is why you must read the manufacturer’s instructions. You can do a machine wash if your mat is made of synthetic material. Wash one mat at a time. Do not overload the machine because the machine may become unbalance since doormats are heavy-duty. Once the machine washable indoor door mat has a tag that reads “machine washable”, it means it can be washed with a machine. Deep the mat into the machine, add enough detergent, then, rinse.

How To Clean A Door Mat?

Video Transcript:

How to clean a doormat the right way? Hello and welcome to VideoJug, a doormats purpose is to collect dirt from your shoes as you enter a room, therefore, it can get exceptionally sullied if not cleaned regularly the dirt builds up making an unsightly mess which in turn gets trampled through your house Jacqueline Hanson our expert from ami cleaners is not impressed.

She’s going to show us how to clean a doormat the right way step 1 you will need gloves a bucket detergent a cloth a stiff brush and a newspaper step to prepare to fill a bucket with hot water and add a little detergent take the bucket to the doormat step 3 clean the floor carefully roll the matter keeping all the loose dirt on the inside where to household cloth in the bucket of warm soapy water using the damp cloth to collect up all the filth under the mat this can get very dirty take your time to make it as clean as possible.

Step 4 beat it with it still wrapped uptake the mat outside shake it open and beat it with a brush or against a wall you’ll be able to see the dirt and dust billowing out brush the mat vigorously with the stiff brush this will loosen any stubborn particles keep going until no more dust falls away top tip when replacing the mat put a couple of sheets of newspaper underneath it this will collect much of the dirt making it far easier to clean the next time, do you.

How to paint a doormat?

There are different types of doormats. There are a coir mat, synthetic mat and commercial grade doormats. You cannot paint these three types of doormats in the same way. In this guide, we shall be discussing how to paint a coir mat. A coir mat is made of coconut fiber.

  1. Items needed to paint a coir mat
  2. Latex paint
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Masking tape
  5. Newspaper to protect the floor from being messed up.

Then just go through these process below to paint a doormat perfectly:

  • -Lay on the floor or table. Just any flat surface.
  • -Using the masking tape, make a diagonal line across the custom commercial doormats. Ensure that the tape is straight and pinned properly at each end.
  • -Dip the paintbrush into the paint and brush one part of the doormat. You have to soak that one side well. Coir mats absorb paint very well. It takes up to 10 minutes for the paint to sink in
  • -Remove the masking tape
  • -Dry the mat for one or two days before use.


You can never go wrong with floor mats. They help to keep your home clean. Also using outdoor floor mats will keep the outside clean as a result. You cannot do without it if you want to make your home conducive for living. so let’s buy the best doormats for home. Cleanliness is next to godliness.

Cleanliness is what a floor mat helps you to achieve. To ensure all-around cleanliness, you must ensure that you go for rugged mats that can withstand heavy pressure and stay in place. This is why we recommend MPLUS Coco Coir Doormat. Made of coconut fiber, this is a durable floor mat. Though it may shed over time it must have delivered high performance before shedding.

Also, take note of the J & M Home Fashions Doormat. It is made of coir material and durable too. It is high time you made the effort to make your home clean free of dirt, debris, mud, sand, moisture, and grass that easily find their way into your home. Get a doormat and reduce the frequency of cleaning your home.

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