10 Best Door Mats Reviews for 2020

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Are you searching for a new doormat to replace your old worn-out door mat?

Getting the right doormat is not as easy as picking up about any doormat. There are three things you should look out for when buying a doormat.

  1. A heavy-duty doormat that can trap dirt, moisture and debris to keep your home clean always.
  2. The doormat should be able to withstand harsh weather.
  3. It should be pet-friendly and super easy to clean.

This review is made to guide you to make a good choice.

10 Best Door Mats Comparison for 2020

Making a choice is a lot easier with the comparison table below. Carefully check the table to compare and make an informed opinion about your ideal doormat.

Reviews of 10 Best Door Mats in 2020

1. Waterhog Fashion Commercial-Grade Entrance Mat – Best Door Mat for Water

door mat for dogsThis Waterhog Mat is a perfect doormat for inside and outside purpose. It can be laid on a tile and wooden floor without any issue. It is made exclusively from 100% polypropylene fiber just as the surface of the mat guaranteeing its durability.

The inside door mats are made sturdy to adequately take care of dirt and moisture under the shoes and feet. Its exclusive rubber reinforced face nubs help to prevent dirt from sticking on the surface of the mat. When the mat is wet, the rubber-reinforced surface makes the water to drop into the bottom of the mat.

This commercial door mats is slip-free making it very safe to use. It hardly moves from the spot where it is placed due to its strong rubber material. Washing the rug must be with non-bleachable detergent and using hose water.

This is the best door mat for water that can effectively withstand abuse. It is a doormat for dogs. It is also a doormat for cats too. The best part of it is that it is easy to use and it dries pretty fast when washed. This is one of the best front door mat that doesn’t hold water.


  • Slip-resistant – You do not trip when you step on the mat because it is slip-resistant. This means no injuries as a result of using the mat. This makes it very safe to use.
  • Fade & stain-resistant – The mat comes with a solution-dyed PET fabric making it resistant to stain and fade.
  • Durable – The reinforced rubber nubs help to make it durable by extending its life. It is also capable of withstanding different types of abuse by both animals and humans
  • Water dam border – It comes with a water dam border that helps to hold up to 1.5 gallons of water per square yard thereby keeping the floor always neat and dry.
  • Easy to use – This mat is easy to use. It easily removes dirt and moisture from the shoes and washing it is easy too.
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2. GrassWorx Clean Machine Omega Door Mat – Best Door Mat for Dirt

door mat for catsKeep your homes clean with the GrassWorx Door Mat. The mat is made with high-quality AstroTurf scraper blades. It can easily absorb dirt, sand, grass, mud, water and snow.

This is a big relief for many homeowners. You don’t have to clean your home every time due to the mess created by visitors or animals.  This anti mud mat is made with durable polyethylene material.

This best indoor doormat has small plastic blades that take a lot of dirt off the shoes. This helps to keep so much dirt off the home. It is a stylish doormat that adds décor to your home and it is one of the best mat for front door.

These doormats are specifically made for outside; not inside because of its heavy rubber and plastic. The mat is sturdy but not enough to have a wheelchair roll over it. It is capable of withstanding any weather making it long-lasting.

The Omega floor mat will help to protect your indoor floor especially if it is made of tiles. This indoor doormat is an effective home cleaning solution for every homeowner to keep their homes always clean. This is a perfect doormat for carpet.


  • Durable – The mat is durable and able to withstand tough weather because it is made of polyethylene
  • Safe to use – the bristles on the mat is stiff and does not hurt when it is stepped on making it safe to use. It is a good floor mat for dogs.
  • Slip-resistant – This mat is slip-resistant preventing you from slipping or tripping when you step on it. It can be slippery when ice is involved.
  • Easy to clean – The mat can be cleaned with ease and dries fast. This anti mud mat reviews help you to choose the right one.
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3. 2-Pack Indoor & Outdoor Floor Mat – Low Profile Doormat

door mat for officeKeep your floor always clean and safe from dirt and moisture with the 2-Pack Floor Mat. The mat is made of durable rubber material for your maximum protection.

This is a versatile floor mat that can protect both the floor and carpet. The mat is made sturdy to withstand high traffic. Made with industrial-grade polyester, the fabric is well made to serve as a shoe dirt scraper. It can absorb moisture and mud too.

The anti-slip heavy-duty rubber ensures that moisture does not drop on the floor. This best outdoor doormat has no petroleum smell like other mats. It smells nice. Simply wash it with a wheel brush, soapy water and dry vacuum. Washer machine wash is not advisable.

These indoor door mats are safe for dogs as it can be dropped in front of the kennel. These best welcome mats are very sturdy that it stays in place without moving an inch when stepped on. It does not disturb the door. The floor mat is very low profile door mat making it easy to swing your door over the mat without a hitch. The rug feels good when barefooted.


  • Protects the floor – No matter where you choose to use the mat, it will help to protect your floor against dirt, moisture and debris
  • Easy to wash – Shake off the dirt or use a running water hose to wash off the dirt on the mat and it dries super fast.
  • Slip-resistant – You don’t get tripped when you step your feet on the mat because it is anti-slip making it very safe to use
  • Versatile – This is a floor mat suitable for different purposes. It can be used as a best welcome mat, snow mat, garage mat, bathroom entry mat, patio, etc.
  • All-weather – The rug is capable of withstanding different types of weather conditions making weather-resistant.
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4. Apache Mills Masterpiece Aberdeen Door Mat – Best Doormat for Trapping Dirt

doormat for snowThis is a beautifully designed floor mat with nice texture. It is completely an outdoor floor mat; not made for indoor use. It is made of recycled used tires. This makes it sturdy and rugged too.

This doormat can fade off easily if placed in the sun. Ensure there is a door roof to create some shade and protect it from rain. Aside from that, this is a durable mat.

The mat is heavy duty door mat and dirt gets stuck on it easily but looks pretty nice if it can be kept clean all the time. The mat does not move even with very high traffic. It does not stop the door from opening and closing.

When it comes to holding dirt, debris and moisture, the mat does it well. This is the best doormat for snow. It can easily be cleaned with a vacuum. Wash with a water hose, soapy solution and simply air dry. Do not machine wash or dry.


  • All-weather – The mat can withstand snow and ice but not the sun. Having a door roof to create some shade would take care of the scorching sun from hitting it and saving it from fading
  • Sturdy – The mat is made from recycled tyres making it heavy-duty and very sturdy
  • Deep channel construction – It has a deep channel construction that easily helps to trap dirt, grass, sand, moisture, etc
  • Stain-resistant – Stains do not stick on the mat making it stain-resistant and easy to wash.
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5. Casa Pura Entrance Mat – Best Door Mats for Mud

door mat for insideResist dirt, mud and moisture from entering your home with the Casa Pura Door Mat. This is an all-purpose entrance mat. It can be used as a doormat for steps. It is suited for commercial use too.

It is a low profile door mat that does not affect the opening and closing of the door. These large door mats are easy to wash with a hose and soapy water. It dries within a twinkle of an eye.

The rubber can disintegrate when washing the mat. It is not advised to use the extra large front door mats indoor except you have an entrance door that is well covered with a roof to prevent it from the sun and rain.

When it is exposed to rain, it can absorb so much water that it takes time to dry up. This commercial door mats is completely non-slip meaning it is safe to use without having anyone trip over. It tracks dirt so well.


  • Versatile – The doormat can serve both indoor and outdoor use. It can be used for homes, garages, hallways, kitchens, computer rooms, at banks, etc. This is also a floor mat for cars
  • Easy to maintain – The mat is machine washable at 40 degrees centigrade or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes its maintenance easy and cost-effective. There is no need to do a spin circle when washing with a machine
  • Safe to use – The floor mat is safe to use since it has an anti-slip feature. It has an anti-skid rubber that prevents tripping
  • Water and dirt absorbent – The large door mats is effective at trapping dirt, mud, grass, moisture and absorbs water with ease.
  • Low profile – This is an ultra thin door mat that does not hinder the opening and closing of the door because of its low profile nature.
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6. Elogio Indoor & Outdoor Door Mat – Best Outdoor Doormats

door mat for carpetGet your floor mess-free with the Eligio Door Mat. It helps in no small ways to trap dirt, moisture, debris, mud and dust. It saves you from frequently cleaning and mopping the floor. It is slip-free and durable.

This outdoor doormat stays in place and very sturdy too. It can hold a lot of water. This is a doormat for the hardwood floor. Cleaning is no headache. This best outdoor doormat cleans up so easily. The doormat is thin and doesn’t disturb the opening and closing of the door.


  • Slim & safe design – The doormat is low profile door mat and doesn’t hamper the opening and closing of the door. It is also safe to use since it is non-slip. There are no chances of getting tripped with the non-slip feature
  • Easy cleaning – Cleaning the mat is super easy. A doormat makes cleaning of the home a lot easier. This is the purpose the doormat serves well. No matter the level of dirt, mud and moisture called by kids, animals and humans, the mat will perform. It can be cleaned with ease and maintained without a sweat. Cleaning can be done with a vacuum cleaner
  • Durable – It is made with a durable material making it difficult to easily wear and tear no matter the intensity of use
  • Functional doormat – The doormat is functional both indoor and outdoor. It is rugged and weather-resistant. It traps dirt, mud, moisture, snow and moisture with ease thereby reducing the rate of cleaning the home.
  • Stays in position – The mat is heavy-duty making it easy to stay in position no matter the level of traffic witnessed.
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7. Heavy-Duty Natural Rubber Outdoor Doormat – Best Rubber Door Mat

door mat for hardwood floorPrevent dirt and mud from dropping inside your home using the Heavy-Duty Outdoor Doormat. It is perfect for indoor and outdoor use. Use it in the garage, store, kitchen, bank, patio and other places to reduce the stress of constant mopping and cleaning.

The wrought-iron design is nice and the construction is sturdy. This best doormat for sand can hold up even in snow. Just shake it off and drop it back. It doesn’t freeze to a wooden surface. Shoe heels may get caught up within the doormat spaces.

Because it has no backing; the dirt, mud, moisture, snow and grass all get trapped within the spaces meaning you would have to do a constant sweeping underneath it. The grass door mat has good styling and durability because of its heavy-duty rubber.


  • Durable material – The mat is made of natural durable rubber material with iron-wrought design to give it a classy look
  • Easy to clean – Traps dirt, mud, sand, debris, grass, moisture with ease. Just shake off the dirt and return the doormat in place
  • Perfect for homes – This mat is heavy duty door mat and durable. It serves well in all weather. This is a nice doormat for the bedroom too.
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8. GrassWorx Clean Machine Patio Stripe Doormat – Best Double Door Mat

door mat for bedroomThis doormat is suited for you if you have a double door. The AstroTurf large door mat can hold and hide a pound of dirt without being noticed by your visitors.

The large front door mats are made from AstroTurf scraper blades. This is a sturdy plastic mat that is easy on you when you step on it. The mat can also be used indoor and it does a good job trapping dirt and debris. It can withstand snow and salt.

This best doormat for cleaning shoes has drain holes but comes with fabric to ease out water to the bottom of the mat. The heavy duty door mat always stays in place no matter the traffic. This grass door mat has a low profile which makes it not to obstruct the opening and closing of the door.


  • Durable – The mat is made of durable materials. It can resist mold and mildew.
  • Double door mat – If you have been looking for a double door outdoor mat, this is your best bet.
  • Easy to clean – The mat is easy to clean and dries fast. Simply shake off the dirt and wash with a hose water
  • Suits all-weather – It is effective in all weather conditions holding off sand, debris, moisture, grass, etc.
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9. J & M Home Fashions Doormat – Dog Proof Door Mat

door mat for stepsKeep your home clean and impress your visitors with the J & M Doormat. This mat is made of coir fiber. The coir fiber material can’t withstand adverse conditions as it gradually fades over time.

Some of its needles start to remove. The fiber easily scrapes out mud, dirt and debris. This mat is very thick and durable. There is no doubt the mat is sturdy and cute.

This indoor doormat is useful in the garage, patio, kitchen, porch, stores and bedroom. They come in different colours and styles. The mat does not slip due to its PVC backing.


  • Made of durable material – The mat is made of 100% coir fiber. It has a PVC edge that can withstand mold and mildew making it a durable mat
  • Easy removal of dirt – The mat removes dirt, mud, dust, and snow from the shoe with ease keeping your home clean always.
  • Ideal for homes – The mat is stylish and can complement your décor. Being heavy-duty and durable makes it the perfect match for your home.
  • Versatile – The mat can be used in different places. It can be used in the living room, bathroom, bedroom and many other places in your home
  • Non-slip – The mat doesn’t slip or make you trip because the rubber border helps to stabilize it giving it a proper grip.
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10. MPLUS Coco Coir Doormat – (Best Doormats for Winter)

Best door matsThe doorway can only get better with the MPLUS Doormat. It is made of coconut fibre. It can repel bugs keeping your home bug-free. It can withstand bacteria and fungi. It is also water-resistant.

The doormat can serve both indoor and outdoor use. It is a bit difficult to clean due to its coconut fibre material but good at scraping dirt off your shoes. The is a heavy duty door mat which makes it difficult to slip away.

There are no mildew or mold messes. All in all, this is a mat worth trying. It can experience light shedding over time.


  • Indoor / Outdoor – The door is suited perfectly for both indoor and outdoor use. This makes it fit your doorway.
  • Built strong – It is built strong with coconut shell for durability. This makes it tough enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.
  • Low maintenance – The mat is easy to maintain incurring minimal maintenance cost. Just dust it off or use a vacuum and it is ready for another. It can withstand abuse from animals and children.
  • Nice design – No doubt the mat has an attractive design that can make a lasting impression on your visitors. It is eco-friendly and heavy-duty.
  • Coconut coir material – The mat is made of coconut fiber. The door mat material does a good job trapping dirt, mud, sand, debris, and grass amongst other particles.
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Types of doormats

It is important to note that all doormats are not the same. You have got to make the right impression with the right type of doormat. So, before you purchase a mat, you need to know the different types of door mats that are available. Below are the three types of doormats with their cons and pros.

1. Coir doormats –

The coir doormats are made of coconut fibre. Some are PVC backed while others are not. The unbacked ones easily channel out water. They are available in different styles and patterns. They are heavy-duty and thick. They are of different quality. Look for the one with high quality since cheap ones can get spoilt easily.


  • The mat can effectively scrape off dirt, mud, grass. Debris, etc


  • Sheds off with time

2. Rubber doormats –

Rubber is the best doormat material around the world. Rubber doormats are the most used doormats. It is mostly used in commercial places. They are also used at home especially in garages.


  • The rubber doormats are effective at trapping dirt, debris, grass, mud and other types of particles from the shoes. The doormat has holes to easily drain water.


  • It usually comes in black. It is not tough enough to withstand adverse weather conditions

3. Synthetic pile doormats –

This type of mat have a pile and made from Polypropylene. Moisture is absorbed by the pile. It has a barrier to trap dirt. It can absorb water from a wet shoe very well.


  • Good at removing dirt from the shoes and absorbing water.


  • It can get flatten over time due to its Polypropylene. It is not as durable as the coir or synthetic pile doormats.

Buying Guide for Choosing the Best Door Mats in 2020

Door Mats, also known as floor mats, have become part of the interior in many homes. It is used both indoors and outdoors. Apart from homes, they have also become a prominent feature in cars, malls, banks, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, eateries and a host of other places. It is also used in the office. Doors mats are used to trap dirt and water effectively especially where you have high foot traffic such as at the restaurants, malls and banks. They come in different designs and patterns. Some doormats are slip-resistant while others are not. If you are looking for the best floor mats, you are in the right place. Read on as we review the 10 best doormats in the market in 2019. These are different from the exercise mats.

Laying a good doormat is not just good at making a good impression on your visitors. It also helps to make your floor clean. These are what you should consider before purchasing a doormat.

Indoor or outdoor mat –

The very first thing to consider is where the mat would be placed. Do you want it indoor or outdoor? If you choose to use it outdoor, you must consider a weather-resistant mat. Water-resistant mats are made from woven seagrass, coconut fiber or teak. Durable doormats are made from these materials and are capable of withstanding abuse where there is high indoor and outdoor traffic

Look at the surface of the doormat –

Always consider the surface of the doormat before purchasing one. Look out for a mat that has an abrasive surface. In the alternative, you check for the one with scraper surface to easily scrape off particles such as dirt, debris, grass, mud, etc.

Completely avoid using an all-rubber doormat –

There is no doubt rubber mats are cheap, affordable and durable but it best used indoor. Using them during winter makes them go bad easily. In the winter period, rubber doormats get cracked easily and tear apart.

A good mat stays in place –

No matter the weather, a doormat should stay in place especially when the weather is muddy. It is irritating to have your mat move off your feet. The best way to solve this is to go for heavy-duty and non-slip mats with backings that assist in helping the mat to stay in place.

Size –

Doormats come in various sizes. Look for the size that suits your door. Consider the width of the door to know the right size. You don’t need a mat that is not too short. Consider the width of the mat alongside the height.

Clean the mat –

Periodic cleaning of the doormat is important. Clean mats are more effective at trapping dirt, mud, debris and other particles. For some mats, it is just a matter of shaking the dirt off or use a vacuum while for others you have to wash off with a hose running water.

Important FAQs about Best Door Mats in 2020

What are doormats made of?

A lot of people are inquisitive asking what doormats are made of. We will trash that in this article. Some doormats are made of Olefin. Olefin is a synthetic material used in the production of doormats and rugs. It is very resistant to mildew and mold. It is very ideal for indoor use. Doormats made from Olefin synthetic material is usually bound with stitches all-round the edges of the mat. It is very easy to clean. Scrub or use a running water hose to clean it. It dries easily too. Coir is another material used in making doormats. This is not common. Coir is a fiber that is gotten from coconut husk. It is then used to produce quality mats. It involves a lot of processes from sucking the husk to drying it. It is then dyed, painted, cut and shaped to different designs. This material is environmentally-friendly because the material is biodegradable. Another material that doormats are made from is polyester. Polyester could be vinyl or rubber. Polyesters are from naturally-occurring chemicals. They are biodegradable too. They can also be synthetic. They are blended with fabric to produce nice doormats. These three materials are the major materials that doormats are made of.

How to clean a doormat?

For the doormat to continue to perform well it has to be constantly cleaned. Three things that you need for the thorough cleaning of a doormat are vacuum cleaner, a water hose and mild dish soap. You can also use baking powder and a scrub brush. Always check the manufacturer’s instructions before you use any other thing other than a vacuum cleaner. It makes sense to shake off the dirt from the doormat every week. You can smack the mat on the wall severally to remove deep-rooted dirt. Do a vacuum cleaning every month. Vacuum cleaning helps it to remove dirt that could not be removed by shaking off or smacking the mat. Seasonally, do a water hose washing along with soapy water. Doing this will make the mat be in top shape.

How to wash doormats?

It is not all doormats that you can wash using the machine. This is why you must read the manufacturer’s instructions. You can do a machine wash if your mat is made of synthetic material. Wash one mat at a time. Do not overload the machine because the machine may become unbalance since doormats are heavy-duty. Once the mat has a tag that reads “machine washable”, it means it can be washed with a machine. Deep the mat into the machine, add enough detergent, then, rinse.

Here’s a nice video on How To Clean A Door Mat:

Video Transcript:

How to paint a doormat?

There are different types of doormats. There is a coir mat, synthetic mat and rubber mat. You cannot paint these three types of doormats the same way. In this guide, we shall be discussing how to paint a coir mat. A coir mat is made of coconut fiber.

  1. Items needed to paint a coir mat
  2. Latex paint
  3. Paintbrush
  4. Masking tape
  5. Newspaper to protect the floor from being messed up.

Then just go through these process below to paint a doormat perfectly:

  • -Lay on the floor or table. Just any flat surface.
  • -Using the masking tape, make a diagonal line across the doormat. Ensure that the tape is straight and pinned properly at each ends.
  • -Dip the paintbrush into the paint and brush one part of the doormat. You have to soak that one side well. Coir mats absorb paint very well. It takes up to 10 minutes for the paint to sink in
  • -Remove the masking tape
  • -Dry the mat for one or two day before use.

A first hand video tutorial on How To Paint A Door Mat:

Video Transcript:


You can never go wrong with floor mats. They help to keep your home clean. You cannot do without it if you want to make your home conducive for living. Cleanliness is next to godliness. Cleanliness is what a floor mat helps you to achieve. To ensure all-round cleanliness, you must ensure that you go for rugged mats that can withstand heavy pressure and stay in place. This is why we recommend MPLUS Coco Coir Doormat. Made of coconut fiber, this is a durable floor mat. Though it may shed over time it must have delivered high performance before shedding. Also, take note of the J & M Home Fashions Doormat. It is made of coir material and durable too. It is high time you made the effort to make your home clean free of dirt, debris, mud, sand, moisture and grass that easily find their way into your home. Get a doormat and reduce the frequency of cleaning your home.

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