Best Beyblade Launcher for Your Kids in 2023

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“3, 2, 1…. Let It Ripppp” if you remember hearing it or saying it as you launched your Beyblade, then chances are that your childhood was awesome. Beyblade was one of those animes which was able to break through the domination of Pokemon to create an entire dedicated fanbase for itself which still not only exists but thrives too.

But there are a lot of Beyblade launcher models available. The variety and style are just amazing. So how are you going to decide what to buy? To help you out here’s a list of the features which you should consider before buying a Beyblade launcher.

Shortlist of 10 Best Beyblade Launcher in 2023

Buying Guide for Best Beyblade Launcher in 2023

Beyblade Systems

Beyblade tops are constructed of 4 kinds of parts. This includes an attack ring, weight disk, blade base, and bit chip. Each of the parts acts and all of them are important, although certainly not equally. For example, the blade base is used for keeping the bey moving but the bit chip is used for just decoration. Yet without a bit of chip, the Beyblade will not look complete. Of course, these beyblade launcher parts have evolved as the years have gone on and now they come with additional features like magnets for attracting other tops and such.

So the launcher you will be using has to fit the Beyblade setup you have. Having a magnet means that your launcher obviously can’t be made of metal otherwise the bey won’t even drop down to the stadium. Also makes sure that the launcher fits perfectly on the Beyblade’s grooves or you will not be able to get a maximum spin. So, according to the setting of the Beyblade, the launcher has to be selected.


Many-a-times the number one problem faced by Beyblades is launching their Beyblades into the arena properly. Often they miss and the Beyblade falls outside the stadium. In such cases, the player loses points or in extreme battles, gets disqualified automatically from the game. This generally happens because there’s no control over the launch. If you want better control over your launch then use the Beyblade burst string launcher grip which gives you a good grip and comes with an ergonomic design. Apart from this having a launcher that has a good and ergonomic grip will let you execute several shots and tricks.

You can also accessorize the launcher by adding a long gripper where the launcher can fit. This Beyblade burst Takara Tomy launcher grip will ensure that you don’t have to hold the little square, rectangle, or any other shaped little launcher with two fingers only and then try to pull the ripcord or string. Just fit the launcher inside the gripper and then pull the cord or string when you are ready. This will give you a better balance and you will be able to see just where you are going to launch the Beyblade.

Ripcord or string launchers

Launchers are generally found in two types. One is the ripcord launcher and the other is the string launcher. Ripcord ones are used the most. These are operated by pulling a ripcord. String ones are operated by pulling on a pull string. These string launchers can generate better and higher spin cycles and that too at a higher force.

The kind of launcher you will use depends on the kind of Beyblade you are using. There are 4 kinds of Beyblades available- defense, balance, attack, and stamina type, and one more that name is gold beyblade launcher. What you will choose will depend on what you prefer to play with. But if you think that attack beys are superior to it all then your estimation will be wrong. Attack beys move all around the entire arena very violently. This means that they need to be of a strong build. But when it comes to defense beys, they don’t move all around and instead sit still lying in wait for the competitor to make the first move. On the other hand, stamina beys are made to outlast their competitors. So they can keep on spinning. Balance Beyblades are known to not being so easy to throw off. So if you have chosen a defense Beyblade then pairing it with a string launcher will make it stable. Also, if you pair stamina beys with string launchers then its spin rates will increase.


Launchers are generally made up of plastic. You might find a few metal ones after a lot of searching but it’s very limited and simply not worth the price tags. Also, Beyblade metal fusion launcher is heavier and difficult to get a good grip on. Pulling the ripcord will be difficult and take a lot out of you. On the other hand, plastic launchers are available everywhere and they do tend to be of a good quality especially if you splurge a little and get the costly ones. They are lightweight and it’s also easy to use the ripcord or string launcher with plastic.

Top 10 Best Beyblade Launcher Reviews for 2023

It’s never too late to choose the right Beyblade and battle it out with your friends in a stadium to see whose bey is better. But a bey is only as good as its launcher. Without a good launcher, your top won’t be able to reach its spinning potential.

1. BEYBLADE Burst Turbo Slingshock Precision Strike Launcher

Beyblade Burst LauncherRide the rails with Beyblade Burst Slingshock tech! The Precision Strike Launcher works with right or left-spin Beyblade Burst tops, including Slingshock tops. Slingshock tops feature converting Performance Tips designed to amp up the battle by riding the rail systems of a Slingshock Beystadium.

Slingshock rail systems hurtle tops around curves and redirect them toward epic burst moments. This Beyblade slingshock launcher is trigger-activated for a more precise launch.

For use with Beyblade Burst tops and Beystadium. Battle with Slingshock tops and a Slingshock Beystadium to aim and attack the Slingshock rail systems that send tops into the most intense head-to-head clashes yet! Target your launch over different parts of the Slingshock Beystadium to vary your battle strategy.

This slingshock beyblade launcher is compatible with right-spin and left-spin Beyblade burst tops, including slingshot and switchstrike tops.

This wind up launcher beyblade is trigger-activated for a more precise launch. Aim the launcher over the stadium, pull the trigger, and attack! Beyblade burst toy for kids ages 8 years old and up.

Scan code on the Beyblade burst precision Strike launcher to unleash it in the Beyblade burst app. Let this slingshock launcher beyblade rip!

Battle with slingshock tops and a slingshot BEYSTADIUM to unlock the rail-riding capabilities of slingshock Tech.

2. Beyblade Burst Supergrip Launcher Assortment

Beyblade String LauncherThe Beyblade Burst Supergrip Launcher is built for both left and right-handers. For use with Beyblade Burst tops and Beyblade Burst Beystadium, sold separately. Subject to availability. Players can connect a second original Beyblade Burst laun to the Supergrip Launcher for a double launch!

The Supergrip Launcher has a larger grip area and longer ripcord than this original Beyblade Burst launcher. More grip! More rip! Scan the code on the Supergrip Launcher to unlock a corresponding digital launcher in the Beyblade Burst app! Beyblade Burst tops bring wild fun to the Beyblade Burst Beystadium.

Your opponent’s top can “burst” into pieces, resulting in 2 points for the player left standing (Burst rates vary). The first player to 3 points wins! Energy Layers, Forge Discs, and Performance Tips are interchangeable with other Beyblade burst turbo launcher, for customization. Beyblade Burst tops come with a scan-able code, giving access to these tops in the Beyblade Burst app.

The app allows for play with combinations of Performance Tips, Energy Layers, and Forge Discs within stadium atmospheres. Play in the app with these beyblade burst string launcher. Scan the code on a Beyblade Burst top to unleash it in the Beyblade Burst app. Let it rip! For use with Beyblade Burst tops and Beyblade Burst Beystadium, sold separately. Subject to availability. Manufactured under license from TOMY company, LTD. Hasbro and all related terms are trademarks of Hasbro.

3. Takaratomy Beyblade B-123 Long Bey Launcher

Beyblade Burst String LauncherA set of new launcher + expansion parts of the main character Aiga. Power launcher grip, power trigger, powerful parts group, new long bay launcher, and extended tip that is a strengthened part of extended driver attached to Z Achilles, etc. are included.

The combination of the power grip and the trigger is that the thick grip is wider and it is kind to people with big hands, and this beyblade launcher grip with strong expandability is the core, so it is good to buy new expansion parts from here and beyblade newly from now on. Isn’t it a composition that is kind to Oita even if you’re starting? The long bay launcher is not as extreme as the string length of the speed launcher, so it’s easy to use.

This beyblade metal fusion launcher grip, which is the centerpiece part, has a sharp endurance axis where the tip of the extended driver jumps out by changing the tip of the extended driver, a defense axis like a slightly depressed change axis, an attacking axis like a thick hole flat and a zeta driver’s You can switch to three types. The Extended Plus driver with this extended tip is pretty good. The reason is that when sharp, the center of gravity is lower than that of a normal driver, and the tenacity is very good. It has the technical ability to be used properly during the battle, and it has a wide range of fighting, and it shows a small number of weak points of high performance. The only negative point is that the driver’s body is sold separately, but even if you subtract it, I think that the satisfaction that comes from the good performance will be superior.

A personal impression is that this beyblade string launcher with grip is a launcher that is much easier to handle than the L that is released at the same time. Extend is a fairly widespread driver, so if you have it, you want to be strong even if you do not have it, but if you are unsure about the body of the bay for the first time, I would recommend purchasing at the same time with Achilles. We now have. I also like Achilles.

If you have a Z Achilles, you will need this beyblade metal fight launcher grip because it pretty much upgrades the extended driver. And the grip with the launcher and power trigger is amazing. You will need this launcher set up. The grip is nice the launcher is smooth and the power trigger is a little squeaky but not bad and the driver upgrade is fantastic!

4. BeyLauncher Battling Top Launcher LR and Grip Tool

Beyblade Metal Fusion LauncherThis is an awesome launcher! It’s a lot bigger than most String launchers which is nice and in my opinion, it is just as good if not better than the Takara Tomy launcher that we paid triple the price for.

The handle of this Beyblade burst launcher grip and Top Launcher is great too. The only drawback is the string is slightly shorter than my Takara Tomy launcher.

At least this Beyblade burst launcher grip accessories a great product for the value 2 main issues I had was it was a bit tough to put together and the rip string handle is a bit small but overall a great Beyblade burst evolution grip launcher.

5. Takaratomy Takara Tomy B-108 Beyblade Burststring Beylauncher

Best Beyblade LauncherLet it Rip with Beyblade Burst, the third generation of the popular Beyblade franchise! Play against your friends or join the battle at the tournaments to test your skill. The starter set comes with one complete Beyblade and a grip launcher. Compatible with Beyblade Burst product only.

Not sure why the kid likes this beyblade rev up launcher so much but he does. I prefer the sword launcher. Nonetheless, this string launcher is an essential piece of any respectable Beyblade battler according to my kid and his coterie. I recommend buying the Gripper that goes with this beyblade rev up launcher amazon for increased safety and better launching capabilities.

Cool item for my son. He loves Beyblades and this item a lot. Before, he had to “reload the plastic pull cord every time” (tough life). Now he doesn’t have to because the beyblade rev up launcher toys r us is attached to the ripper and retracts itself! Great item for any Beyblade collection! And… the cat doesn’t attack him every time he pulls the cord out. (Some may know what I mean).

6. Takara Tomy Beyblade Burst B-45 Light Launcher

Beyblade Launcher GripBeyblade is a brand name for a line of spinning top toys originally developed and manufactured by Takara Tomy, first released in 2000. They include a launching device with a ripcord to help make the top climb to maximum speed. Players eject their tops into a plastic arena where they strike each other.

The last top left spinning is the victor. The main premise of this Beyblade shark launcher is customizable, with interchangeable parts. Both the toys and their name were inspired by “Beigoma”, a traditional spinning top. The introduction of this shark launcher beyblade burst corresponded with the broadcast of the Beyblade anime television series of the same name. In 2001, the series was licensed by Korean toy maker Sonokong.

In 2002, Hasbro began to sell Beyblade toys internationally (under license from, and produced by, Takara) along with a coordinated country-by-country release of localized versions of the TV series. In August 2008, Takara Tomy released Beyblade: Metal Fusion; the first incarnation of this shark launcher beyblade in three and a half years. The series was followed up in 2015 with Beyblade: Burst.

7. Takaratomy Beyblade B-124 Long Bey Launcher

Beyblade Burst Turbo LauncherThe Long Beylauncher L Set is a good set for what it’s worth. However, upon receiving it, I saw that the launcher itself was actually broken. Even though it was broken, it’s nothing that unscrewing it and fixing the gears inside couldn’t fix. The weight dampener, carabiner grip, and the Proof frame, on the other hand, were all great and came in great. Overall, great product, but this beyblade double launcher wasn’t exactly the best experience for me.

This beyblade burst double launcher Takara Tomy very good, they have delivered it well ahead of the estimated date. I have also bought the beyblade geist fafnir to complete the set. All original with origin from Japan. The Amazon service, excellent as always!

This beyblade metal fusion double launcher is the dream starter for me and it is from the very good brand Takara Tomy. Earned 5,000 times as much from me.

8. Takara Tomy B-93 Beyblade Burst Digital Sword Launcher

Beyblade Shark LauncherFirst off, this launcher is HUGE compared to other launchers. The grip really feels substantial when using it. There is also a small lcd reading after you launch that tells you how strong your launch is, nice but not necessary. This blue beyblade launcher will work for either right or left tops.

However, because of the design this beyblade string launcher blue makes some off center tops get stuck when launching, particularly mad miniboros. If i had to give final thoughts, if you need an overpowered left launcher this blue string launcher beyblade burst is the best we have at present. For right spin i think the regular sword launcher is sufficient.

Beys do not fall off and can this beyblade blue launcher grip can be used for left spin beys or right spin beys. Besides our red sword launcher this ripper is definitely a top notch toy for any serious Blader which my son definitely is. Spend more money on these blue beyblade burst launcher that I’ll ever admit!

9. Takaratomy Beyblade Burst B-94 Digital Sword Launcher

Gold Beyblade LauncherIt’s a must have for anyone that cant find a good solid launcher its great just make sure you get an authentic takara tomy model ( japanese or korean text are a good sign of authenticity ) as far as the general feel of it the launch its quite smooth the rip cord dosent get caught up or skip any gears and obviously its an LR launcher ( works with left and right rotating beyblades ) which is good because you probably wont need to ever get another launcher once you get this one. in short : This beyblade digital launcher strong and its universal.

100% authentic Takara Tomy Beyblade item from seller! Strongest launcher yet! Even stronger than this beyblade burst digital launcher that comes with the teal Xcalius X3. RPM digital meter is cool as well — sometimes you have to catch yourself in considering how hard your launch will be, because instead of ensuring a softer launch if you need this beyblade digital power launcher, you end up trying to beat your fastest spin instead hahaha… Well done Takara Tomy!

10. B-99 Tool Beylauncher L Clear White

Beyblade Rev Up LauncherSad to have received a call from my son, who is spending some time with family away from home, telling me the gift is Beyblade string launcher amazon I had sent him via amazon had broke on it’s second use. I will be returning this product asap.

This Beyblade launcher is self and awesome, what makes it not awesome is the yoyo type string it reminds me of the mechanism for a weed whip or lawn mower. How is a young kid going to be able to use this?

This white beyblade launcher didn’t even last half the day and the string got tangled inside…. we unscrewed the launcher but there was no fixing it. Waste of money.

8 Tips Every Beyblader SHOULD Know!

Video Transcript:

Yo what’s up guys I’m your with eight that’s right eight beyblade tips to every baby leaders should know so let’s get started with number 1 babli tip number 1.

Straining reports so for this big late if you will need a report a sink and a paper towel so let’s get started so as many of you be with know you guys all will have run into this problem of having non-straight reports the problem with not stay reports is that you can cause damage to the launcher and they cause a week Lux so the solution to this is you simply place the record in the sink make sure you have this thing close this thing right there or slightly closed and then you’re gonna want to have this place in water and as you can see is now kind of like soft in the plastic do you throw hot water it’s often so now at this time you turn the sink onto the cold water so make sure it’s pretty cold water then dip straight music while it’s in the cold water this will cause a little Kordell harden again and the record should be eaten straight.

Voila you have a straight record then after you have it’s harden it feel free to dry it off with a paper towel and yeah it should be ready and set for the baby launcher okay so here we are at baby hmm – and for this tip you will need a rubber performance tip / bottom and a paper towel okay so another common problem we’ve a balloon run into is the wing down rubber tips this tip will help preserve slush clean the rubber tips to make them less lower so let’s begin is a damp or wet paper towel this is probably the easiest tip to do it’s a pretty basic straightforward yeah I’m just gonna get this that damp make sure it’s snap I recommend getting it wet with cold water and yeah all you gonna need is the rubber tip.

And you’re gonna want to just twist it um you could also rub it but I recommend twisting it gets the dirt and stuff off and it should get all the dirt off this works for all rubber tips like I said before and let me just quickly do it to a couple other tips just show so as you can see D tips having cleaned off this tip is no longer that dirty and this technique or tip should help preserve your tips because it cleans the rubber and it softens the rubber and it preserves it more so makes it last longer so hopefully you guys enjoy this tip let’s get on to Babli tip number so for the speed of the tip you will need a Ripper launcher over quart silicone spray and a paper towel so let’s get started obviously you’re gonna need a paper towel I recommend placing it on where you’re gonna be using the.

Lubricant and then you’re gonna get your ripcord launchers I’m gonna get the lubricant make sure you shake it up a little bit you’re gonna get the real clincher and you’re just gonna spray it into the hole where the ripcord goes in as you can see there’s a lot of.

Lubricant all shiny glossy and stuff on the launcher itself.

I recommend cleaning it off with the paper towel and now that the lubricant is inside the launcher you’re gonna get your ripcord and you’re gonna move it in back and forth and yeah that’s pretty much it the lubricant lubricates the gears and it makes the gears move faster and it strengthens the power of the rip : big letip number for fixing loose tips for this tip you will need a big lead with a tip obviously and teflon tape let’s begin so a common problem us people that has run into are loose tips on beyblade so you’re gonna need teflon tape and what you’re gonna remove it from its container it’s not socks or anything and as you can see it’s like a rubbery some of the tape is just kind of like a rubbery strip material okay you’re gonna need purses.

I need to cut this to a strip and you’re gonna want to remove the tip off of the beyblade if you can get the strip you’re gonna wrap it around the track and as you can see it is all wrapped completely into teflon tape and after that you’re gonna place performance tip on there you’re gonna want to put it on it’s a little bit tough sometimes but is on and once you remove it to take off the tape and you should work see as you can see it does not move that much and it would tip number five customising launcher products for this tip you will need two launchers are multiple colored launchers make sure do the same direction and a screwdriver so as you can see here I have two Hasbro Rip Curl launchers they’re different colors and problem that US people run into sometimes is that our main monster the prongs wear out after have use and the solution to that is you don’t need to change your launchers of your sister prongs.

You can simply just switch the prongs out with another launcher that’s the same direction so for example I have this strip Kalan traitor it’s blue and this one’s like light orange sort of anyways I’m gonna be switching out the prongs you’re gonna need just a.

Screwdriver make sure it’s one of those cross head once I don’t know what they’re called.

So anything they’re just one of those cross head ones and you’re gonna just remove this off the screw off from the center okay and it should come off easily sternum and then just leave the insides in place so I have this prong out now let’s remove the prongs from here I’m definitely removing it with really strong force but if the suit of a car recommend using a different launcher just which supply and yeah you just simply screw them back on let’s screw this one back on for you that’s to show and there you have it you have a custom colored Walternate you use any other color up Cornell and it.

There you have it Babli tip number six removing rubber marks off of stadiums what you’ll need for this tip is a stadium and a tennis ball so this is one of the other more easier tips to do as you can see my bb10 has gathered a lot of these marks these are caused by beyblades with rubber tips and when they’re launched they cause these marks or when they move they leave these marks so I proceeded on like them and the solution to this problem is you simply get a regular old tennis ball just literally any tennis ball board and you just rub it on the stadium and yeah they just got cleared up by a simple tennis ball and that is step or tip number six on Babli tip number seven preserving / protecting stickers so for this tip you will need a base bolt or clear wheel with a sticker and clear nail polish that’s right clear nail polish yeah let’s begin so this is one of the more weird / more useful tips as you can see I have my surmount of face and sticker on it I’m gonna be using clear nail polish guys do not assume to have this slide around that I bought it I borrowed this from my mom so if you guys can’t get a hold of one I recommend I don’t know telling your mom or something to get one for you yeah I’m just kind of you use this you’re gonna get your face bolt you can eat your face ball and you just kind of apply a light coat onto the face bolt so light coats simply set it down let it dry okay so the eighth and final Babli tip out for you guys is beyblade training targets for this you will need a water bottle scissors and marbles marbles are optional by the way let’s get started okay so here I have a plastic water bottle as you can see it’s empty.

Yeah mixtures empty cut it to a certain height I recommend like only about a little bit below halfway.

Just set it on the stadium and let me just get a beyblade really quick sorry told me.

Samurai pegasus w 105 our score death and my launcher grip setup so I’m just gonna launch watch real quick and they just knocked out the target so this beyblade launcher target is where the marbles come into play so you can see you can put stuff in there and I recommend putting marbles you just grab move it quits I’m just gonna play some inside let’s launch some our paces and yeah it’s gonna hit the target this is for screen.

You wanna change your face you should have damaged your base whatsoever and yeah that’s pretty much it for all of the big tips.

Hopefully you guys found this helpful I really worked hard on these of course some of these were mine I simply just borrowed them from other people and just put them all into one video if you need any help or questions feel free to comment below i’ll reply as soon as possible.

And yeah for free to like comment subscribe and I am out oh and the Mazda stuff.

Fixing The Beyblade Burst String Launcher! Remove All Squeaky Sounds!

Video Transcript:

Hey guys 1 2 3 4 beyblade here and today I will be teaching you how to make your burst bey launcher not speaking so as you can see this launcher is quite squeaking so yeah for this tutorial you will need this type of screwdriver I don’t know what it’s called and a flathead screwdriver like so and you will need water and some sort of cloth to clean your launcher so basically you want to get these four screws out once you do that just make sure you lift up this part and there you have the inside you don’t want to touch any of this.

Because this is a fragile part and it could probably make your launcher a lot worse if you do touch it so just pop this part out this is the part that will be cleaning because this is the most important part of the launcher it’s what’s what retracts the string so yeah basically you want to open it up alright and the string should be in here then you just want to put your screwdriver on like that and just pop that out and here we have the coil frame you just want to put your flat-head screwdriver and like this and pop it off and here we have the coil the part that.

We’ll be cleaning this one doesn’t actually look too bad but we should still clean it so yeah basically you want to clean just these parts you don’t need to clean anything else as you can see there’s some black stuff on this and that’s what’s making it squeaky so yeah i’ll be going to the washroom and cleaning this off you obviously want to take out the coil but I won’t be doing that actually i’ll just yeah yeah that’s what happens don’t worry about it it’s very easily fixable just make sure nothing is tangled with each other just this oh yeah let’s go to the washroom with these parts the dirty parts and yeah we’ll clean them all right so I filled up the sink with water you’ll need a toothbrush as well I forgot to mention that.

So you just want to get your parts wash them off like so and yeah there’s some more black part i’ll show that off later yeah it’s a very nice cleaning job so yeah this these parts don’t really matter that much but I still want to clean them and then there’s a coil which is the most important part so basically I have like this type of little cloth thing it’s a wet cloth I don’t know well like Lysol whatever so you just want to grab your coil by this part and just do this just yeah just like that and then there’s this like little nasty black stuff that comes off which is actually what makes the coil squeaky so yeah cleaning that off will make it not squeaky and a lot more smooth so yeah so just repeat that a couple times yeah all this black stuff coming off.

All right I think that Wow that the someone is really dirty never had a dirty one like this bad so yeah but anyway that’s it and now you just want to like coil this up again to like a small little coil so you can fit this back into this piece that we’ll be doing that together so yeah and you obviously want to dry this coil up because it will get rusty so make sure you dry it very well I recommend using a towel or something so yeah alright so here we have the coil after I dried it.

So basically you just want to do this first and then you want to get into like this little circle and then you just want to coil it up like so this might take a while because the coil and Babli verse is really long for some reason I don’t know yep yes okay so you want to get in this relatively small circle and then you just want to put it in to here like so and make sure this part comes out so these little notches aligned with this nagy over there and then you just want to let it go so yeah just like so then you want to take this little piece and just and put it like so then you take this top part and just align it with these little notches right there just align those little holes with the nagas and should just pop on like very easily if I could just do it on camera there you go just like so very easy and then lastly you want to align this little notch over here with that little opening over there.

It basically makes the coil not go all the way into the frame there you have it just like that then you want to put on put in a string like so yep.

And then just put on the frame and then screw it back on make sure it’s very tight because for some reason when it’s loose it usually tends to skip and you don’t want that happening at all so yeah all right now you want to get the string through the launcher like so and lastly you want to make sure that it’s to the side because if it’s like this your string will rip very easily because there’s a lot of friction between the metal industry so if you put it to the side like so it kind of just goes through there’s no there’s like barely any friction so yeah that’s what you want and just to make sure you twist this to the right not to the left because if you twist to the left your de launcher is done for and you’d have to buy anyone so yeah you just have to be very careful which way you twist so ah oh my god okay you don’t want that to happen.

Ah okay the frame is falling apart yeah whatever this is the frame nothing really that special.

Guess it doesn’t matter how many times you twist it basically gives you the same results anyway army and there you have it it may snot seem smooth when you have it like this but when you put on a frame it should be a lot smoother than you started with Sam just put it on like so and then you want to obviously screw it everything in make sure it’s tight like i’ve said before that’s the skip if it’s not tight listen real hard to put in for something else oh you should be very careful in doing this because quite like she cut me out even notice it it’s a pretty sharp object so just be careful in doing this if you normally doing different many not following what I’m doing here because this can ruin your launcher potentially and yes this is unacceptable um so yeah and there you have it your launcher isn’t squeaky anymore sounds very nice and smooth i’ll play a the audio of when I first began and then after which sounds amazing so yeah this is a very useful tip it doesn’t really change the outcome of how powerful your launches it just makes it sound more like better you know so there isn’t really any benefits to doing this it’s just going to make your launcher not squeaky so yeah if you hate squeaky then you should probably do this but be very careful when you’re doing this you can cut yourself yeah I cut myself but I yeah I wiped it off so yeah thanks for watching hopefully this was a helpful tutorial make sure you share it if you know someone that’s having troubles with the launcher yeah it’s a very easy fix so hopefully you guys enjoyed and i’ll see you guys next time this launcher is quite squeaky after which sounds amazing.

FAQs on Best Beyblade Launcher in 2023

Does every launcher work with every Beyblade?

Generally, the answer to this is yes. For a Beyblade and launcher to work together their style line must be the same. This means that the grooves of the launcher must fit perfectly with the Beyblades. Most Beyblades are easily attachable to various launchers. But there are exceptions of course. Sometimes a particular manufacturer might design the Beyblade and launcher in such a way that other kinds of beys and launchers don't work with it. In such cases, you will either have to buy the various parts from that manufacturer only or simply ditch it and go for a more generalized line. Our advice is to go for a generalized but high-quality line as you will be able to match various kinds of launchers with different kinds of Beyblades. This will bring variety to your launches and give you more options when it comes to performing trick shots.

What are the types of Beyblades?

There are mainly 4 kinds of Beyblades you can select from. So let's know about them in greater detail:

  1. Attack Beyblade: This beyblade burst avatar attack battle set is also called a striker. An attack Beyblade comes with a flattened tip which ensures that it can better maintain proper contact with the arena. Due to this, it's quicker and offers much more mobility than other Beyblades. Due to its speed, this Beyblade attack can cause a bigger impact on the opponent's Beyblade when it comes in contact with it.
  2. Defense Beyblade: These defense type beyblades have a very heavy build and it's deliberately designed in this way so that if it connects with the bey of another opponent then the impact will be small.
  3. Stamina Beyblade: Stamina beys are known to last long in the arena. This is due to their thin tip which limits friction between your bey and the arena. Thus, the Beyblade keeps on rotating for a longer period especially in comparison to other kinds of beys.
  4. Balance Beyblade: These balance type beyblades are a combo of the above three types. When faced with an opponent, your combo will either emerge as the stronger of the two or weaker of the two.

How to begin a Beyblade game?

It's very simple to begin a Beyblade game. Just follow the below steps:

  • For one, know that matches should always be held inside a stadium. If you hold the match anywhere else like on the hard or tough ground then be prepared to get a broken or damaged Beyblade back.
  • Play a battle with a maximum of 4 players as any more will be a crowd and your Beyblade won't get the chance to perform adequately. Also, this kind of crowd makes it very difficult to keep track of the points.
  • Begin the game by positioning your launcher with the Beyblade attached over the stadium and then pull the ripcord or string to the well-known phase of '3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!' Launch your Beyblade carefully so that it falls inside the stadium.
  • Carry out all tricks to defeat your opponent. If your Beyblade touches the opponent's bey then he or she will lose one point. On the other hand, if you fail to launch your bey inside the stadium then your opponent will get a point. If the match is being played with penalty traps or pockets then you will get two points if the opponent's bey gets inside one of the pockets during the battle.
  • Know that if you touch the arena then your opponent will automatically be awarded 3 points. So keep your hands to yourself no matter how much you think that if the arena just tilts a little then you can win the game.
  • The battle ends when one of the Beyblades either gets knocked out of the arena or isn't spinning anymore.

How to take care of a launcher?

Repeatedly using a launcher can wear out the mechanism present inside it. But you will have to use the launcher a lot either to practice new skills or to play matches. But when you are not doing any of the above then try not to simply pull the ripcord or string of your launcher just for fun. Over time it will dull the gears inside the launcher.

If you are thinking of using water and such to clean the launcher then don't do it. You can clean the outer shell using a damp cloth and some cleaning component but don't dunk the whole launcher in water. This will either end up loosening the gears or tightening it too much which will later on make it difficult to use the launcher and fire up the Beyblade.

How to Mode Change for Beyblade Burst?

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s going on guys I’m here with another video this video will be about another mod for beyblade burst.

Specifically I will be finding a mode change for victory Valkyrie I’m doing this because god Valkyrie is getting released soon and rumor has it that it will have a gimmick so I figured it’d be nice to see how a mode change gimmick would work for a Valkyrie beyblade to do this on your need is a cosmic Pegasus because we won’t be using the drive for it.

So that’s all you need for this balance beyblade it’s the final drive it switches from a semi flat when it’s first launched and then it changes to a rubber tip so it’s a really neat gimmick and I think God Valkyrie should work the same way all right now I just need to take apart the beyblade you will not be using this driver by the way you could set that aside and all you need are these three parts as you can see these parts will not attach to each other but there is a way to make your work I will be using a mounting putty to attach the parts together and it’s actually really easy to do by the way I have to do is make sure you have enough on every part to make it stick together so i’ll be right back once I have finished all right I am back.

And as you can see I have the beyblade put together now and you can see that I have added putty to these ends where the disc usually locks in place so this putty is to simply hold the disk down in its normal position and if we look at the bottom the FG is now attached to the bottom and it’s very simple to attach all I had to do was add some putty into the disk so it will lock into place and it will not move whatsoever so it’s very secure.

And now let’s get to a test launch I’m back with my stadium and it’s going to show you guys real quick that it will attach to the launcher just fine so there’s no problem with that but anyway let’s get to the test Launch.

So it’s currently in its semi-flat mode and that was the mode change so not that big of a difference it actually doesn’t work that well but let’s see how it does in battle.

I am honestly really surprised as to how this monster no because they actually worked so that was really amazing and I think this mod is going to be a good example as to how God Valkyrie will perform in battle like always I want you guys to let me know what I should name this mod because it really is awesome that’s it for this beyblade mod video hopefully you guys enjoy it don’t forget to Like comment subscribe and till next time guys see ya.

How many launchers should you buy?

You can buy as many launchers as you like. But not everyone has that kind of money. So don’t just get one plastic launcher, get a couple more so that you can use them alternatively. This will make the launchers last long. If the launcher breaks down then you can repair it by using a fresh pair of gears and ripcord but it will certainly take time and effort. So it’s better to keep some spare launchers handy.

How to: fix your burst series string launcher?

Video Transcript:

That’s a cow – well my launcher has been having some trouble apparently I didn’t wind up the year after you post you so I’m going to show you how to fix that up it can’t even fix the fact that my phone has a slightly weird it stand built in chocolate like first cook put you launcher out of the grid what is it even doing the creek this is a burst grip it’s getting up now I just messed up my stand.

Yeah first thing you gotta want to do is sit.

You see those screws there’s four of them.

You’re gonna want to take those out before you can do any sort of.

Modification to your launcher after you take these four out which should take only a minute that I’m using.

I chose the I think the screwdriver show schedule it’s hard for me okay get the hang of it I’m going to pause the recording and i’ll come back to you land nap when I’m done with screws okay once you’re done this crease and also I did fix my thing I had two things ready to catch him but that’s getting off topic okay having school sorry about that.

Once you have two four screws now as you can see there’s there’s nothing in these holes so use carefully try to separate these two things for the launch or go saying on all three sides now be very careful okay that’s it.

This is one solid piece so you can’t take this point part anymore than it already is.

Now you’re going to have to be very careful with this you don’t mess up if you have a bit longer for some reason out of the whitetail your pro you have to try to make sure if this part is left alone you can see.

You won’t retract as much since it’s not fold up as much so let me go for a screwdriver or something to run it up with okay I found down something you should be able to fit in here and possibly you’re always posed to wounded up about six times or I think it was six it was seven oh I doubt it now you’re gonna want to probably keep it like this and now one good up is many times think it’s needed.

I recommend maybe six seven to eight so i’ll cut and tell you what it’s done okay once you find it up just set everything back into place yeah this looks pretty good now if you if you took this board off make sure put it back I heard it’s actually quite easy to mess up this part please keep that in mind I think it’s about it now you really don’t want to pull on the string or use the launch like this since it is not secured in place a hundred percent now once we wind it up around seven times so I will say it used to be six banana I think it should be seven yes let’s do lid back on now it’s pretty secure except for one little detail two screws and that pretty much cup of tea the entire process of flexing your string at bay launcher for Earth now the mechanism used to retract this string actually was just recycled from ffb or metal fight beyblade OLDA metal saga has many names I don’t know them all and planting of them all please leave a comment and like and subscribe if you liked the video i’ll probably be doing more like this and I also recorded um I also recorded a Bey battle marathon so I think it should be a body can you seeing this what this video is new then you should be saying it and at marathon.

Two little tips to maintain your Bey launcher well first and most obvious please Mel consulted is to not pull on the string too long if you pull too much of the string it is going to stop at one point since it’s not an unlimited string like you see in the anime it’s actually fairly short but not shorts like two gum the overlay on the mom is a pretty big look for my wrist all the way 12 oh it’s hard to get it right a good angle but that’s how long string is now that may seem long keep in mind it is limited very limitedly.

Second of all please do not try to modify it to make an MFP launcher I know you’re thinking oh I mentioned earlier it’s the same recycled system now it is the same recycled system and gear good please don’t try to go around take it apart and turn it into an MFP launcher that is not going to work out well third if you see a school is getting chronic damaged I don’t push them too hard leave it a bit more loose than you will usually just to make sure you can still like you can still take it off and like this one hard to take off yes please producing welcome.

I took it off already so yeah keep that in mind thanks for watching this may be yell a video a bit longer than usual but it’s filled with tons of useful information please like and subscribe if you like this video if you just liked the video why did you even click it in the first place open so thanks for watching.

Does a Beyblade stadium affect a launcher?

Know that Beyblade stadiums can be very diverse since many manufacturers are producing different kinds of stadiums. Each one will give you something which the other doesn’t. One will be more unique than the other. You can choose a stadium based on the stadium walls, arena shape, and such.

Generally, the arena shape is the major factor since the kind of shape you opt for will influence how your bey moves. For example, if you use an attack Beyblade on a square arena then the bey will bounce around very erratically in there. This will give you more of a chance to attack your opponent. So if you use the right launcher along with your attack Beyblade then your possibility of attacking will improve. As such beyblade burst string launcher do play a role in improving the performance of a Beyblade in the stadium. But it’s not always a sure factor that you will be able to count on. The impact of a launcher on a Beyblade stadium will depend on the kind of stadium as well as the kind of Beyblade being used. If it’s the wrong combination then it will do you more harm than good.

Final Verdict

Beyblade launchers come in many shapes and sizes. They are most prominently available in plastic but they are pretty long-lasting if you don’t use it unnecessarily. Launchers come in two types- ripcord and string, what you use depends totally on your preference although word on the street has always been that string launchers are better. But then again, maybe using a longer ripcord can solve that issue. Hopefully, this buying guide has armed you with knowledge of Beyblade launchers so that now you can Let It Ripppp!!

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