Best Beyblade Launcher Buying Guide for 2020

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“3, 2, 1…. Let It Ripppp” if you remember hearing it or saying it as you launched your Beyblade, then chances are that your childhood was awesome. Beyblade was one of those animes which was able to break through the domination of Pokemon to create an entire dedicated fanbase for itself which still not only exists but thrives too.

It’s never too late to choose the right Beyblade and battle it out with your friends in a stadium to see whose bey is better. But a bey is only as good as its launcher. Without a good launcher, your top won’t be able to reach its spinning potential.

Shortlist of 10 Best Beyblade Launcher in 2020

But there are a lot of Beyblade launcher models available. The variety and style are just amazing. So how are you going to decide what to buy? To help you out here’s a list of the features which you should consider before buying a Beyblade launcher.

Buying Guide for Best Beyblade Launcher in 2020

Beyblade Systems

Beyblade tops are constructed of 4 kinds of parts. This includes an attack ring, weight disk, blade base, and the bit chip. Each of the parts acts and all of them are important, although certainly not equally. For example, the blade base is used for keeping the bey moving but the bit chip is used for just decoration. Yet without a bit chip, the Beyblade will not look complete. Of course, these parts have evolved as the years have gone on and now they come with additional features like magnets for attracting other tops and such.

So the launcher you will be using has to fit the Beyblade set up you have. Having a magnet means that your launcher obviously can’t be made of metal otherwise the bey won’t even drop down to the stadium. Also makes sure that the launcher fits perfectly on the Beyblade’s grooves or you will not be able to get a maximum spin. So, according to the setting of the Beyblade, the launcher has to be selected.


Many-a-times the number one problem faced by Beyblades is launching their Beyblades into the arena properly. Often they miss and the Beyblade falls outside the stadium. In such cases, the player loses points or in extreme battles, gets disqualified automatically from the game. This generally happens because there’s no control over the launch. If you want better control over your launch then use launchers which give you a good grip and come with an ergonomic design. Apart from this having a launcher that has a good and ergonomic grip will let you execute several shots and tricks.

You can also accessorize the launcher by adding a long gripper where the launcher can fit. This will ensure that you don’t have to hold the little square, rectangle, or any other shaped little launcher with two fingers only and then try to pull the ripcord or string. Just fit the launcher inside the gripper and then pull the cord or string when you are ready. This will give you a better balance and you will be able to see just where you are going to launch the Beyblade.

Ripcord or string launchers

Launchers are generally found in two types. One is the ripcord launcher and the other is the string launcher. Ripcord ones are used the most. These are operated by pulling a ripcord. String ones are operated by pulling on a pull string. These string launchers can generate better and higher spin cycles and that too at a higher force.

The kind of launcher you will use depends on the kind of Beyblade you are using. There are 4 kinds of Beyblades available- defense, balance, attack, and stamina type. What you will choose will depend on what you prefer to play with. But if you think that attack beys are superior to it all then your estimation will be wrong. Attack beys move all around the entire arena very violently. This means that they need to be of a strong build. But when it comes to defense beys, they don’t move all around and instead sit still lying in wait for the competitor to make the first move. On the other hand, stamina beys are made to outlast their competitors. So they can keep on spinning. Balance Beyblades are known to not being so easy to throw off. So if you have chosen a defense Beyblade then pairing it with a string launcher will make it stable. Also, if you pair stamina beys with string launchers then its spin rates will increase.


Launchers are generally made up of plastic. You might find a few metal ones after a lot of searching but it’s very limited and simply not worth the price tags. Also, metal launchers are heavier and difficult to get a good grip on. Pulling the ripcord will be difficult and take a lot out of you. On the other hand, plastic launchers are available everywhere and they do tend to be of a good quality especially if you splurge a little and get the costly ones. They are lightweight and it’s also easy to use the ripcord or string launcher with plastic.

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FAQs on Best Beyblade Launcher in 2020

Does every launcher work with every Beyblade?

Generally, the answer to this is yes. For a Beyblade and launcher to work together their style line must be the same. This means that the grooves of the launcher must fit perfectly with the Beyblades. Most Beyblades are easily attachable to various launchers. But there are exceptions of course. Sometimes a particular manufacturer might design the Beyblade and launcher in such a way that other kinds of beys and launchers don't work with it. In such cases, you will either have to buy the various parts from that manufacturer only or simply ditch it and go for a more generalized line. Our advice is to go for a generalized but high-quality line as you will be able to match various kinds of launchers with different kinds of Beyblades. This will bring variety to your launches and give you more options when it comes to performing trick shots.

What are the types of Beyblades?

There are mainly 4 kinds of Beyblades you can select from. So let's know about them in greater detail:

  1. Attack Beyblade: This is also called a striker. An attack Beyblade comes with a flattened tip which ensures that it can better maintain proper contact with the arena. Due to this, it's quicker and offers much more mobility than other Beyblades. Due to its speed, this Beyblade can cause a bigger impact on the opponent's Beyblade when it comes in contact with it.
  2. Defense Beyblade: These kinds of Beyblades have a very heavy build and it's deliberately designed in this way so that if it connects with the bey of another opponent then the impact will be small.
  3. Stamina Beyblade: Stamina beys are known to last long in the arena. This is due to their thin tip which limits friction between your bey and the arena. Thus, the Beyblade keeps on rotating for a longer period especially in comparison to other kinds of beys.
  4. Balance Beyblade: These kinds of Beyblades are a combo of the above three types. When faced with an opponent, your combo will either emerge as the stronger of the two or weaker of the two.

How to begin a Beyblade game?

It's very simple to begin a Beyblade game. Just follow the below steps:

  • For one, know that matches should always be held inside a stadium. If you hold the match anywhere else like on the hard or tough ground then be prepared to get a broken or damaged Beyblade back.
  • Play a battle with a maximum of 4 players as any more will be a crowd and your Beyblade won't get the chance to perform adequately. Also, this kind of crowd makes it very difficult to keep track of the points.
  • Begin the game by positioning your launcher with the Beyblade attached over the stadium and then pull the ripcord or string to the well-known phase of '3, 2, 1, LET IT RIP!' Launch your Beyblade carefully so that it falls inside the stadium.
  • Carry out all tricks to defeat your opponent. If your Beyblade touches the opponent's bey then he or she will lose one point. On the other hand, if you fail to launch your bey inside the stadium then your opponent will get a point. If the match is being played with penalty traps or pockets then you will get two points if the opponent's bey gets inside one of the pockets during the battle.
  • Know that if you touch the arena then your opponent will automatically be awarded 3 points. So keep your hands to yourself no matter how much you think that if the arena just tilts a little then you can win the game.
  • The battle ends when one of the Beyblades either gets knocked out of the arena or isn't spinning anymore.

How to take care of a launcher?

Repeatedly using a launcher can wear out the mechanism present inside it. But you will have to use the launcher a lot either to practice new skills or to play matches. But when you are not doing any of the above then try not to simply pull the ripcord or string of your launcher just for fun. Over time it will dull the gears inside the launcher.

If you are thinking of using water and such to clean the launcher then don't do it. You can clean the outer shell using a damp cloth and some cleaning component but don't dunk the whole launcher in water. This will either end up loosening the gears or tightening it too much which will later on make it difficult to use the launcher and fire up the Beyblade.

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How many launchers should you buy?

You can buy as many launchers as you like. But not everyone has that kind of money. So don’t just get one plastic launcher, get a couple more so that you can use them alternatively. This will make the launchers last long. If the launcher breaks down then you can repair it by using a fresh pair of gears and ripcord but it will certainly take time and effort. So it’s better to keep some spare launchers handy.

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Does a Beyblade stadium affect a launcher?

Know that Beyblade stadiums can be very diverse since many manufacturers are producing different kinds of stadiums. Each one will give you something which the other doesn’t. One will be more unique than the other. You can choose a stadium based on the stadium walls, arena shape, and such.

Generally, the arena shape is the major factor since the kind of shape you opt for will influence how your bey moves. For example, if you use an attack Beyblade on a square arena then the bey will bounce around very erratically in there. This will give you more of a chance to attack your opponent. So if you use the right launcher along with your attack Beyblade then your possibility of attacking will improve. As such launchers do play a role in improving the performance of a Beyblade in the stadium. But it’s not always a sure factor that you will be able to count on. The impact of a launcher on a Beyblade stadium will depend on the kind of stadium as well as the kind of Beyblade being used. If it’s the wrong combination then it will do you more harm than good.

Final Verdict

Beyblade launchers come in many shapes and sizes. They are most prominently available in plastic but they are pretty long-lasting if you don’t use it unnecessarily. Launchers come in two types- ripcord and string, what you use depends totally on your preference although word on the street has always been that string launchers are better. But then again, maybe using a longer ripcord can solve that issue. Hopefully, this buying guide has armed you with knowledge of Beyblade launchers so that now you can Let It Ripppp!!

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