Best Facial Steamers Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want to get deep cleanliness on your face?

Do you want to save your time and money spent in the spa or salon?

Are you worried about not getting soft and smooth skin?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you need a facial steamer for yourself. The facial steamer will not only purify your skin from dirt and dust but also open your pores that are clogged and in the end, you get the soft and smooth skin and also clean skin. Following are the 10 best facial steamers that you can consider to buy:

Buying guide for the best facial steamers in 2020

Moisturises your face:

You must make sure that the facial steamer you are planning to buy must be moisturizing your skin well and keeping the dryness at bay. It must keep your skin hydrated for the whole day and must help your skin to stimulate the production of oil naturally due to the steam so that your face gets moisturized naturally and looks smooth. Your product must also include the built-in mirror so that it becomes easier for you to look at your face while it is been treated with steam. In addition to making you look beautiful, it must also be beautiful in looks.

Better appearance:

Your product must improve the appearance of your face and also restores the lost elasticity by increasing the circulation of blood in your body, especially to your skin. Along with the production of oil, the steams from your facial steamer must also stimulate the production of collagen as well as elastin. The proteins present under your skin will help you in maintaining the elasticity and further on makes your appearance better and such working of protein must be stimulated by the facial steamer you are planning to buy. Moreover, it must also help you in fighting against skin aging problems.

The capacity of water:

The amount of water that must be used for the facial treatment will decide how long the session will go. Make sure that the facial steamer you are going to buy must have a large capacity to store the water. The reason behind it is that more the water is store inside the steamer, more will be the time of your face spending in the steaming for about 20 minutes and more you will be able to enjoy the beauty session. With more water capacity, your product will not get stop in the middle of the session and it must be capable of holding water of about 200ml.

Control temperature:

Make sure that it must monitor the temperature and must obtain the desired temperature quickly. As fast as possible if the desired temperature is obtained, more of your time will be saved. Your facial steamer must not make you wait for a long time to release the steam instead it should start producing the steam as soon as it has been started and helps you in saving your precious time. Choose the steamer that will get heat up quickly and permitting you to face the steaming session immediately without any wait.


Ensure the durability of the facial steamer you are planning to buy and check if it allows you to use it for a longer period. Before buying, you must look into the features that you prefer or if it fulfills your requirements as a facial steamer is a big investment so you need to get the proper idea of how the appliance is operated. It is important to keep in mind that if you have rosacea, then you must prevent yourself from using the facial steamer as it may worsen the redness and van be proved aggressive to the sensitive skin.

Automatically shuts off:

Before placing an order, you must make sure that your facial steamer has the feature of getting shut off automatically to ensure safety. To keep yourself and your home safe, it must have the auto shut off button attached to it if in case you forgot to switch it off. Moreover, it must have a switch for turning the steamer on or off whenever required. It must also be proved as a good product for your health by unblocking your chest, nose, and throat. Your product must allow you to add some essential oil to keep your skin healthy.


The best part of the machine is defined as it works quietly and without causing any disturbance to others. Check of your facial steamer has the feature of non-disturbance and a silencer is attached to it to low down the noise of the machine. It must make you enjoy the facial treatment and allow you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It must not disturb other people and its voice must be seen in its working. It must allow spreading the peace around you and must be so quite so that you can listen to music while enjoying the steaming.


Your budget must allow you to afford the best facial steamer along with more and required features to make your work easier and look smooth. It must also include the humidifier so that your face will get the steam at the required temperature even if the temperature outside is not in favor. Your steamer must have a powerful machine so that the steam it will be spraying must cover your entire face and must run for a long time for about 20 minutes without any hurdle. Your product must be portable so that you can carry it from one place to there easily.


It must be easy for you to use the facial steamer. Furthermore, it must be designed ergonomically so that it is comfortable for you to handle it and without getting tired you can use it for a long time and also must be safe for you.

FAQs on the best facial steamers in 2020

What is a facial steamer?

The facial steamers are the machine or device that spray the steam on your face which is a traditional way that women follow to keep their skin clean and grow brighter. It is the most effective way of taking better care of your face. With the help of the steamer, the pores under your akin get unclog and it helps in stimulating the production of the oil on your face. With this, your face gets more moisturized and helps it to stay hydrated by keeping the skin problems such as blackheads, acne aside and making your skin look flawless and soft.

What are the types of the facial steamer?

There are three types of facial steamer namely personal steamer, professional steamer, and loans – ionic facial steamer. The personal steamer is very small in size and is designed in such a way that only one person can use it at a time. They are light in weight and can be carried from one place to another and are also durable. They can be easily be stored at home and are very cheap. The professional steamer is large and can hold enough amount of water that can be used for 20 minutes in the form of steam. Due to the diverse operation, they can be a little expensive and thus are used in big salons, hospitals and they are used on a large scale. The nano – ionic facial steamer is somewhat more advanced in technology as they produce different types of steams. It is made up of the ceramic heating element which helps the device to get heat up quickly and release the steam also. In comparison to other steamers, it can moisturize your skin much better and purifies your skin by deep cleaning and makes your face look fresh.

How safe is it to use the facial steamer?

Yes, the facial steamer is much safer than the bowl of hot water that you people generally use for facial steaming. Unlike the hot water bowl, this device is designed for your face and the machine is so powerful so that the steam is sprayed on your entire face and thus is highly safe to use. It makes you feel more comfortable and also includes the built-in mirror so that you can easily look at your face while steaming inside the steamer. It is designed in such a way that the manufacturers have already taken the precaution to ensure its safety.

How long should it be kept on your face?

You just got use your facial steamer for more than 20 minutes and if it gets automatically shut off within 20 minutes then it is a blessing in disguise for you. Although, the amount of time you spend under the steamer is dependent on the amount of water you have used for the steaming. Only 20 minutes is enough for the facial steaming as more than that can cause the reverse reaction and may make your skin dry instead of moisturizing and hydrating it. Also, you must make sure of the temperature being set or it may cause you to burn if faced constantly too high temperature.

How many times can you use your facial steamer?

Only one time in a week is enough for the facial steamer or the excess may cause dryness to your face or it may also break out your face instead of making it look smooth. You can think of it as a luxurious treatment, but you must not easily get trapped into such relaxation mode and wish to use it more. It can worsen the result if used more than instructed. If you have got the acne or blackhead problem, then you should use it two times a week but keep in mind that you do not use it more than that.

How does a facial steamer works?

To initiate the working of your facial steamer, you need to first fill the machine with enough amount of water for about 200ml and then only switch on the machine. Immediately, the water inside the machine will start boiling and will then convert into steam. On the mask, attached with your device you need to put your face upon it so that it can spray the steam on all parts of your face. For the better result, you can also apply your favorite face mask along with the facial steaming and it will enhance the result by lightening your skin tone.

How to use your facial steamer?

First of all, you need to deep clean your face to unclog the pores and you can also exfoliate your skin. Then you have to fill the water tank attached to your facial steamer and you can also add the essential oil if your product permits so. It is mandatory to follow the instructions well as mentioned in the user manual. Then spray the steam on your entire face and maintain a distance of about 8 inches from the steamer. You have to let the steam be sprayed on your face for about 20 minutes and not more than that and pat it dries with the ultimate soft towel. And you always need to empty the water tank and keep it dry after every session of facial steaming.

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Final Verdict

To get smooth and deep cleanliness on their skin especially on their face is what every girl wants and that can be obtained after using the best facial steamer. Due to the pollution, your skin gets affected a lot and opens up the pores that clog the dirt and dust inside. Even washing your face using the soap wipes out the moisture from your face and leaving the dirt behind. We highly hope that this review guide might have enlightened you with the best facial steamer that you can consider to buy and other than know everything about it.

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