Best Facial Steamers Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you want to get deep cleanliness on your face?

Do you want to save your time and money spent in the spa or salon?

Are you worried about not getting soft and smooth skin?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you need a facial steamer for yourself. The facial steamer will not only purify your skin from dirt and dust but also open your pores that are clogged and in the end, you get the soft and smooth skin and also clean skin. Following are the 10 best facial steamers that you can consider to buy:

Buying guide for the best facial steamers in 2021

Moisturises your face:

You must make sure that the facial steamer you are planning to buy must be moisturizing your skin well and keeping the dryness at bay. It must keep your skin hydrated for the whole day and must help your skin to stimulate the production of oil naturally due to the steam so that your face gets moisturized naturally and looks smooth. Your product must also include the built-in mirror so that it becomes easier for you to look at your face while it is been treated with steam. In addition to making you look beautiful, it must also be beautiful in looks.

Better appearance:

Your product must improve the appearance of your face and also restores the lost elasticity by increasing the circulation of blood in your body, especially to your skin. Along with the production of oil, the steams from your facial steamer must also stimulate the production of collagen as well as elastin. The proteins present under your skin will help you in maintaining the elasticity and further on makes your appearance better and such working of protein must be stimulated by the facial steamer you are planning to buy. Moreover, it must also help you in fighting against skin aging problems.

The capacity of water:

The amount of water that must be used for the facial treatment will decide how long the session will go. Make sure that the facial steamer you are going to buy must have a large capacity to store the water. The reason behind it is that more the water is store inside the steamer, more will be the time of your face spending in the steaming for about 20 minutes and more you will be able to enjoy the beauty session. With more water capacity, your product will not get stop in the middle of the session and it must be capable of holding water of about 200ml.

Control temperature:

Make sure that it must monitor the temperature and must obtain the desired temperature quickly. As fast as possible if the desired temperature is obtained, more of your time will be saved. Your facial steamer must not make you wait for a long time to release the steam instead it should start producing the steam as soon as it has been started and helps you in saving your precious time. Choose the steamer that will get heat up quickly and permitting you to face the steaming session immediately without any wait.


Ensure the durability of the facial steamer you are planning to buy and check if it allows you to use it for a longer period. Before buying, you must look into the features that you prefer or if it fulfills your requirements as a facial steamer is a big investment so you need to get the proper idea of how the appliance is operated. It is important to keep in mind that if you have rosacea, then you must prevent yourself from using the facial steamer as it may worsen the redness and van be proved aggressive to the sensitive skin.

Automatically shuts off:

Before placing an order, you must make sure that your facial steamer has the feature of getting shut off automatically to ensure safety. To keep yourself and your home safe, it must have the auto shut off button attached to it if in case you forgot to switch it off. Moreover, it must have a switch for turning the steamer on or off whenever required. It must also be proved as a good product for your health by unblocking your chest, nose, and throat. Your product must allow you to add some essential oil to keep your skin healthy.


The best part of the machine is defined as it works quietly and without causing any disturbance to others. Check of your facial steamer has the feature of non-disturbance and a silencer is attached to it to low down the noise of the machine. It must make you enjoy the facial treatment and allow you to feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It must not disturb other people and its voice must be seen in its working. It must allow spreading the peace around you and must be so quite so that you can listen to music while enjoying the steaming.


Your budget must allow you to afford the best facial steamer along with more and required features to make your work easier and look smooth. It must also include the humidifier so that your face will get the steam at the required temperature even if the temperature outside is not in favor. Your steamer must have a powerful machine so that the steam it will be spraying must cover your entire face and must run for a long time for about 20 minutes without any hurdle. Your product must be portable so that you can carry it from one place to there easily.


It must be easy for you to use the facial steamer. Furthermore, it must be designed ergonomically so that it is comfortable for you to handle it and without getting tired you can use it for a long time and also must be safe for you.

FAQs on the best facial steamers in 2021

What is a facial steamer?

The facial steamers are the machine or device that spray the steam on your face which is a traditional way that women follow to keep their skin clean and grow brighter. It is the most effective way of taking better care of your face. With the help of the steamer, the pores under your akin get unclog and it helps in stimulating the production of the oil on your face. With this, your face gets more moisturized and helps it to stay hydrated by keeping the skin problems such as blackheads, acne aside and making your skin look flawless and soft.

What are the types of the facial steamer?

There are three types of facial steamer namely personal steamer, professional steamer, and loans – ionic facial steamer. The personal steamer is very small in size and is designed in such a way that only one person can use it at a time. They are light in weight and can be carried from one place to another and are also durable. They can be easily be stored at home and are very cheap. The professional steamer is large and can hold enough amount of water that can be used for 20 minutes in the form of steam. Due to the diverse operation, they can be a little expensive and thus are used in big salons, hospitals and they are used on a large scale. The nano – ionic facial steamer is somewhat more advanced in technology as they produce different types of steams. It is made up of the ceramic heating element which helps the device to get heat up quickly and release the steam also. In comparison to other steamers, it can moisturize your skin much better and purifies your skin by deep cleaning and makes your face look fresh.

How safe is it to use the facial steamer?

Yes, the facial steamer is much safer than the bowl of hot water that you people generally use for facial steaming. Unlike the hot water bowl, this device is designed for your face and the machine is so powerful so that the steam is sprayed on your entire face and thus is highly safe to use. It makes you feel more comfortable and also includes the built-in mirror so that you can easily look at your face while steaming inside the steamer. It is designed in such a way that the manufacturers have already taken the precaution to ensure its safety.

How long should it be kept on your face?

You just got use your facial steamer for more than 20 minutes and if it gets automatically shut off within 20 minutes then it is a blessing in disguise for you. Although, the amount of time you spend under the steamer is dependent on the amount of water you have used for the steaming. Only 20 minutes is enough for the facial steaming as more than that can cause the reverse reaction and may make your skin dry instead of moisturizing and hydrating it. Also, you must make sure of the temperature being set or it may cause you to burn if faced constantly too high temperature.

How many times can you use your facial steamer?

Only one time in a week is enough for the facial steamer or the excess may cause dryness to your face or it may also break out your face instead of making it look smooth. You can think of it as a luxurious treatment, but you must not easily get trapped into such relaxation mode and wish to use it more. It can worsen the result if used more than instructed. If you have got the acne or blackhead problem, then you should use it two times a week but keep in mind that you do not use it more than that.

How does a facial steamer works?

To initiate the working of your facial steamer, you need to first fill the machine with enough amount of water for about 200ml and then only switch on the machine. Immediately, the water inside the machine will start boiling and will then convert into steam. On the mask, attached with your device you need to put your face upon it so that it can spray the steam on all parts of your face. For the better result, you can also apply your favorite face mask along with the facial steaming and it will enhance the result by lightening your skin tone.

How to use your facial steamer?

First of all, you need to deep clean your face to unclog the pores and you can also exfoliate your skin. Then you have to fill the water tank attached to your facial steamer and you can also add the essential oil if your product permits so. It is mandatory to follow the instructions well as mentioned in the user manual. Then spray the steam on your entire face and maintain a distance of about 8 inches from the steamer. You have to let the steam be sprayed on your face for about 20 minutes and not more than that and pat it dries with the ultimate soft towel. And you always need to empty the water tank and keep it dry after every session of facial steaming.

Why Facial Steam? 5 Benefits Of Facial Steaming:

Video Transcript:

Hey guys welcome back to my channel I kind of do that same noise like every time I welcome you guys it’s not my jingle do I have a did I just get a jingle in this book so today’s video is all about facial steaming it’s a two-part video this first part I’m going to be sharing with you the five benefits to facial steaming and then the second video I’m going to be doing an actual unboxing of amazon’s number one top pick for facial steamers and i’m going to be giving you guys life with one quick facial watch this video make sure you watch the next video and subscribe because i want to know that like ya’ll are watching these and i want to create the kind of videos that you want to see so let’s get started whoo disclaimer right here I am NOT a doctor I am NOT a physician I am NOT your mama consult all the people in your health circle before trying any of this read the instructions on anything you buy read the disclaimers and consult your physician okay now to get started the first benefit of facial steaming that I’ve found is deep cleaning of the pores so the type of Stephen comes out of a steamer in particular is warm air almost like a mist of sorts and what’s really good about that is it stimulates the skin and causes all of that bacteria to come to the surface all of that junk that as a sludge it’ll girl with that sludge all that stuff in your skin and in your pores it’s going to be pushed out it’s really good if you’re someone that has really deep blackheads or like I call them under the mountains I don’t know like the legit name is but it’s like when you just feel a bump and it’s big as hell and it’s like a pimple under the mountain so it’s like it doesn’t have a head yet but it’s like trying to do the most it’s like I know you have something special coming up so I’m just gonna go ahead and pop up okay so benefit number two so you have blood vessels in your face like you have everywhere else and as you work out and as you move or in this case as you steam it’s gonna cause that healthy blood circulation in your face so that’s what causes the glow that’s what causes you know those little rosy cheeks it’s going to cause that same effect on your face when you use a steamer they say that the key to a healthy complexion and to healthy skin is constant circulation and perspiration and so that’s what happens when you’re using a steamer okay so benefit number three it hydrates your skin so that steam that you’re getting from the facial steamer is going to hydrate your skin it’s a warm air again it’s a warm think of like humid air that’s exactly what it is it’s like a humidifier for your face and it’s gonna cause your skin to get hydrated hydrated skin is what’s gonna make you look younger longer it’s gonna make you have that elasticity in your face by hydrating your skin it’s going to make your skin more permeable remember in science in like ninth grade when you learn about a permeable membrane that’s what it’s doing to your face so the serums that you’re applying the moisturizers they’re going to be able to sink in and penetrate deeper which is really great you don’t need to use as much product because it’s gonna go a lot deeper onto your face that’s why a lot of people will use masks after they steam their face number four guys this is my favorite one hands down i smooth coulda bought the steamer just for this allergies so one of the greatest benefits of a facial steamer is it’s gonna help for your allergies so we have sinus patches containers whatever you want to call them again I’m not a doctor in various places I know that they’re here and that they’re here because that’s where my face always hurts and I have hardcore bully no respect on my name allergies out here in these Austin streets it’s been five years I recently tried the neti pot I take an allergy pill every day we bought this expensive air filters and only filters the air in one room how but the heat and the moisture from the steamer that’s just going directly in one area is going to melt your mucus and allow you to breathe a lot better and a lot easier so if you have allergy and you want a way to catch a glow as well as be able to breathe better I would definitely try facial steaming the fifth benefit of using a steamer on your face is going to be the relaxation aspect some of the facial steamers do allow you to add essential oils to the actual steamer I’m a big ambience person just the thought of knowing I can have humidifier or a steamer in my face with these essential oils is like everything it’s like a little spa in your house so definitely coming through with the relaxed vibes and that’s awesome a bonus tip or a bonus benefit depending on which facial steamer you buy is that some of the actually act a stand-alone humidifiers as well so you can put them in the corner of one of your rooms and it will spray the air up and you don’t have to just have your face in front of it it’ll actually humidify the room that’s amazing and if you get a steamer that has an extension for your scalp you can also steam your scalp I know friends that actually use a steamer for their hair after they do masks and special conditioning treatments to kind of open up their pores and check out all of the steamers do your research but the one that I’m about to do an unboxing up was the one that I felt was the best all around for what I needed so I hope you enjoy these benefits let’s move on to the next video and I will show you an unboxing of the steamer and how to use it you.

Why You Should Steam Your Face?

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone this is Maria from Vancouver Canada welcome for all the people that have been following me I’m so grateful for you being here to support me and listening to my tutorials for the people that do not know me well I’ve been in the industry for a long long time so I have a lot of things to share so if you enjoy this tutorial please subscribe be part of this this group and that you will be learning a lot one thing I want to mention is that stay until the end because I have something to share with you anyways I have six benefits why steamers are so good for you why steamer salsa it’s a good procedure for you to do weekly or monthly whatever you want to do so go and get yourself a cup of water or tea and coffee whatever you want to do pen and paper because I have lost to give you so you might ask me well Maria so how do i steam my face well you can just get yourself a big bowl of hot water and put a towel over your head I’m sure you’ve had that experience you know like we remember when you were sick that the mother used to put a Vicks pepper up in the water instead of putting Vicks don’t put anything maybe you want to put an essential oil eucalyptus if you want to have better breathing or any kind of an essential oil that you like and they’ll put it in the water big towel over your head and let the steam soften your pores so that’s one way of doing it number two you can go on Amazon and you can see these a little love this one here is called the Nano ionic steamer it is also a humidifier I like this one after them a little bit of research I really like this one here because it has about 30 minutes worth of steam and it’s about tough between 30 and 40 dollars Canadian so again you fill up there’s are like a little container in the back you put in water allow it for a thing about five four or five minutes to warm up and then this steam comes out so that’s something $40 38 to 40 dollars it’s not too bad if you want to get yourself a little bit that’s mainly for home use if you want to have something a little bit nicer this one here is again on Amazon and it’s about a about a hundred and eighty hundred ninety dollars approximately and you can lay down and in also if you are a new esthetician this is not too expensive oh and this one here also has ozone and I’m gonna talk about the benefit of ozone benefit and also pros and cons of ozone my machine here this is really a profession this one here was approximately about $400 but this is a real deal this is the real machine and again I’m gonna talk about it so so you don’t have to spend four or five hundred dollars for a machine like this or this one here which is our 119 Canadian you can might want to just go to Amazon and get yourself like a little doodle like this or just a bowl of hot water and so now let’s talk about the benefits so now that you know how to steam your face either with a simple bowl or a professional machine I’m gonna tell you six six benefits why and a lot more but six major benefits why steaming of the skin is a very very good and essential so number one deep cleansing of the pores because the steam is hot the skin starts to soften up there is vasodilation of your vessels blood the capillaries Buzzo dilation or dilation of the pores and the Ostia so guess what well once you are steaming for 5 to 10 minutes the pores are softened so if you have any impurities like Blackett it’s very easy to remove I totally advise that for you not to remove yourself to go to a to a professional esthetician however that is an option that you you can if you want to but also the skin is an organ of elimination and because there is this stimulation the skin will release a pseudo which is a sweat the skin since the skin is an organ of illumination a lot of toxins are eliminated so steam baths steam are it’s very very good for the skin number 2 so it’s really good ok so number 2 is is you stimulate the metabolism because you’re stimulating the blood the circulation the capillaries the lymph there’s going to be a stimulation of cells so cell division and not only that but because we are promoting this cell division in the germinativum layer okay and also down into dermis now the cells are going to divide multiply and then it’s going to exfoliate and it’s called desquamation so it peels off so so stimulation of the skin wow that is incredible and so not only are you are it’s good to squeeze the blackheads out it’s also really good to stimulate the and promote cell regeneration now one thing that I wanted to mention before that if your little machine so this simple one here this one here if your little machine or the oppressions for sure has ozone it also really good if you have acne because ozone is germicidal and the meaning of dermis um is that it kills all the little bacteria on the face that was number two number three it’s very good for your breathing so if you have any form of respiratory condition like asthma bronchitis if you have a flu colds sinuses pressure this really opens up so in your steamer or in your bowl you might want to put in eucalyptus or any form of essential oils that it could be for germicidal or even just simple soothing relaxation that will help you with opening up your your respiratory but channels now it also helps with headaches because if you’re a label to LDV alleviate alleviate your sinuses and drain all the mucus guess what it will also take away if you have any form of headaches so that is like a bonus when you are using so it helps you with breathing and all the different respiratory problems that is incredible so it releases the sinuses and the mucus and your science so that is really good number four it helps you with relaxation and soothing very soothing to your system into your soul guess why it’s because when this happens because of the heat it releases on hormone some people call the chemical but it’s a hormone called endorphin and that this chemical basically what it does it helps me to relax it reduces your your stress it relaxes your muscles so incredible so when your muscles are relaxed your mind and your soul you feel incredible guess what the best time to do this is when if you’re doing it at home before you go to bed so when you’re going into the routine about taking care of your skincare whatever that is the time after you clean your face that is the best time to do your steaming don’t want to do it every night maybe once a week that would be great what you think up to now so now last one nono number five I got two more number five is a promote nutrients absorption you say how can that be well if we go back we stimulate the blood circulation we stimulate the lymph we release all the toxins the pores are nice and softened nothing opens or closes guy you cannot open or close your pores you soften the pores there is stimulation of the blood circulation there’s desquamation there is a production and stimulation or of cellular regeneration and multiplication so now the skin is totally ready to absorb your products have good products okay don’t buy cheap products I always say it’s better to have a little bit of something very good than something cheap and Lots okay so try to get yourself a very good product and I’ve mentioned before and – activator and our f-number – activator product if you want to know more about it look down below and I will put a little link so if you can go and look at it a little bit more but try to find a good product that you can prevent your skin because now the skin is ready to absorb so the products become more effective the skin is ready everything is nice and stimulated your lymph system is ready so here we go incredible so the last one that I have it helps with hydration it is temporary but it does help with hydration we said that it softens the pores you can remove your blankets you can remove anything that is on your skin and the pores are nice and soft because of the of the steam moisture of course temporarily you will notice that a lot of your wrinkles are softened but that is temporary everything else is a little bit more long-term but the the hydration is a temporary how do you get your hydration I’ve told you this before and the other ones is actually the what you eat and how much water you drink and are you outside in the Sun to dehydrate your skin and but most of all is how much water you drink ok so I’m gonna talk a little bit more about this machine so hold on so I hope that you are enjoying this tutorial I give me thumbs up share share with others because all this information needs to be given to everybody everybody has the right to have beautiful soft natural skin so no it doesn’t matter what this is for you if it’s a year just a– somebody that wants to take care their own skin or if you are an aesthetician or one of my students you are very welcome to take this information so now i just turned on my my steamer the professional steamer so i really would like to take a little bit of time to explain this machine i’m not selling anything I’m just talking about a professional steamer when is the best time to insert into the facial so let’s get started so for my students when you come to see me for your practical residency that is the time that I will go a lot more in detail this is a very somewhat su summary of the things that you’re going to be learning but just for a very quick tutorial here when is the best time to insert this in the facial this is part of a deep cleanse so you’ll want to do your basic cleansing the way you learnt it from me your different types of scrubs peels now of course again you have to decide which type of scrub is it more in mechanical or a chemical and once that’s completed and you remove out your product and put a design crustacean solution lotion onto the skin either manually or mechanically so that is something that you already know this is the time now the skin is totally clean this is the time that you want to apply the steamer how long well it that will depend what type of skin she has if she has oily acne sensitive dry so those are all the different things that you will need to know because if somebody is sensitive there’s some pros and cons if somebody has acne it’s also certain things so those are something very very important it’s not just about applying a steamer you as an aesthetician you as a professional you know you need to know exactly what you’re doing after the steaming you will do your procedure proper procedure of acne removal impurities blackheads removal of a dead skin whatever you have to do from there you will go to the next step which is your nourishing of the skin of water-based products then oil based products all your electrotherapy that you are learning different kinds of machines because you’re learning about chemistry and physics and all duska okay and then the closure which is a mask and decrement someone so let’s look at this machine okay so now there is a little bit of steam I don’t know if you can see it here but there is there’s a steaming happening so there’s always two buttons one is for the steam and the other one is for the ozone and we will be learning more in detail when it’s good only steaming and when it’s good only the combination of ozone so you turn on the steamer you see the steam has to come out hopefully you can see it a lot of times you can put essential oils in here and once you see the steam that’s the time that you turn on the next button here now you really see it and that is the ozone and that the ozone is a germicidal and it has a little bit of a scent it’s a germicidal at the end it’s also a stimulating but it’s really very good for oily and acne skin once you finish the procedure 5 10 15 minutes depending on the skin type which you have learnt you turn off the ozone it can still see the steam leave the steam on a little bit longer and then gently you take off turn off the steam and that’s it you need to take care of the machine – and we will learn that when you come for your residency so this ladies is mainly to go a little bit of a review quick review so you can have a little bit of understanding of the steamer machines so I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial it was a little bit on the longer side but I needed to give you all the information possible so you have a good understanding so when you come and see me with your 3 days or 6 days a practical residency with me you will have a good understanding so you will be able just to take care and learn about this machine and decide hey yes I do want to have this machine in my repertoire the outline of this specific tutorial I can just message me and I’ll send it off to you so you’ll have all that information that’s for my students and also for people that stayed here until the end so good for you you stay here until the end so do message me Murray appeal on and or Instagram me and I will send you these six steps why steaming is good for yourself thank you so much for being here with me thumbs up share with people and I will talk with you soon.

Why you should STOP using Facial Steamers?

Video Transcript:

Shall we do the whole video on a diagonal let’s not and say we did happy Saturday real quick I want to shout out today sponsor green show later on I’m gonna whip up some lunch using one of their meal kits and take it over to my mom so we’re gonna enjoy that together but I’m have you guys on a legitimate tripod and Gomi how long have I been doing YouTube and I don’t know honestly I love doing just about every aspect of YouTube except camera and lighting setup if I could hire somebody just to do that for me I’m tempted the tripods they’re fickle and I never really know how to put them together and so that’s why you guys sometimes are like like an 80s a music video anyways but update I fired up my con air steamer that I got at Costco a few weeks ago this morning and I am loving it I mean I’m overzealous but I think it’s gonna work out well I steamed this little tank that I have it was really wrinkly it worked well but as I was steaming my tank it reminded me that you guys asked me a lot of questions about facial steaming should we get facial steamers what do I think about facial steamers is facial steaming good short answer no skip the facial steaming and I’ll get into why that is I have a video though all about saunas in skincare that kind of touches on this so you might want to check that out as well but yeah super popular the spacial steaming thing you can get it done and spas and whatnot con area as a matter of fact I think sells this whole getup it’s like a bowl that you can buy with steam that steamed your face and we’ve got of course a spin brush okay but yeah thank you steaming is really a horrible idea for a variety of reasons first of all the application of steam to warm steam to the face to the skin causes the dot the blood vessels in your skin to dilate and that leads to worsening redness if you have rosacea it’s a done deal you you know that will trigger a flare it’s probably the worst thing that you can do for your skin and a lot of people with rosacea think they have acne because rosacea can look a lot like acne but it’s not the same thing and so they may pursue this facial steaming in an effort to quote clear out their pores and they’re actually just worsening their skin disease because of that vasodilation but it causes problems for everyone and is a bad idea because not only does that cause the bays no dilation of the blood vessels that leads to redness that redness brings in inflammation that can trigger a variety of skin issues acne flares and then the act of steaming applying steam to the skin does to two things kind of in a bi-directional manner first of all it opens up the skin barrier there’s this idea that people have it’s wrong that it opens up your pores pores are not something that open and close and contract they’re not a muscle they’re pretty much fixed but steam can soften the stratum corneum and so they kind of what that does is it allows for increased penetration of things into your skin it doesn’t it doesn’t clean the skin at all it allows for more stuff to get into your skin not only does it do that but in kind of softening the barrier it allows for increased trans up a dermal water loss out of the skin so you’ve got more stuff coming in and you’ve got water leaving water leaving the skin equals dryness irritation inflammation crap on your skin coming in further further irritation inflammation and problems so yeah really not a good idea as a matter of fact if you are using any kind of topical medication facial steaming can and increase the penetration of that active ingredient and make it very irritating particularly treta known as a matter of fact it is strongly encouraged that if you are using topical threatenin or really any topical medication that you avoid saunas because they will increase the penetration of that active drug and can lead to more side effects and a lot more problems yeah there’s this idea that people have that sweating and detoxifies the poor and that’s absolutely incorrect because sweat and the pile of sebaceous unit have nothing to do with one another sweat is from what’s called an Akron gland we have eccrine glands on our palms and soles and throughout the body but we don’t have pile of sebaceous units on our palms and soles if we did we have hairy palms and not we know it’s not the case so eccrine sweat is produced in response to heat and that cools the body but it doesn’t do anything to your poor it doesn’t flush out your poor and it doesn’t do anything as far as sebum production sebum production comes from the sebaceous gland that’s associated with the pile of sebaceous unit and empties into that and then the contents come out and extrude onto the surface of the skin and the things that cause increased production of oil and sebum within the pore are hormones and if you have a lot of inflammation and irritation not to can count affect the rate of sebum production so if anything steaming your face could actually make oiliness worse secondary to increased irritation so it doesn’t help the poor at all and again your poor doesn’t open and close it’s not a it’s not associated with any muscle muscle what’s what actually is associated with a little muscle though is within the pore you have a little hair follicle that says as part of the pour it’s called the pile of sebaceous you know pilo is the hair part and there is a little muscle associated with the hair and that’s what contracts when you get cold and leads you it’s called the erector pili muscle that’s what leads to goosebumps as a way to keep heat into your body through through hairs and it’s probably a kind of a rudimentary mechanism that we acquired through the animal kingdom somehow but yeah that’s why you get goosebumps when you’re cold its contraction of the muscle but that has nothing to do with patience to me the other reason facial steaming is bad for your skin is it can cause a burn we’ve seen cases of this of people who do facial steaming at home and get really bad burns from it being too warm those little steam baths also can harbor bacteria even worse the spatial steaming along with aromatherapy or the use of essential oils aka fragrance because you’re increasing the penetration of those very irritating fragrance compounds into your skin horrible another bad thing about steaming your face is actually people don’t realize this but a component of the pathogenesis of melasma I said disease where you’ve got dark patches hyper pigmentation kind of with angular borders most often on the cheeks but really any anywhere on the face really hard and difficult to treat a component of that disease process is vasodilation similar to you in rosacea you have dilated blood vessels and actually heat is a common trigger or inciting factor in onset of or exacerbation of melasma and so that can come from if you cook a lot and you’re you know in a kitchen setting and you’re around a lot of steam from cooking you know an occupational exposure it can come from being under a hot lamp all the time and obviously it can come from facial steaming with the warm steam so definitely want to avoid that if you’re somebody with melasma it will not only cause vasodilation which is thought to potentially kick off the melasma but it also will drive more irritation into the skin and when that irritation you actually get up regulation of pigment production from the melanocytes you get increased melania site activity as a response to inflammation so that worsens hyperpigmentation outside of mullahs among other diseases of hyperpigmentation like post inflammatory hyperpigmentation which happens in a lot of people when their acne heals it heals with a dark mark not – can be worsened by by inflammation soon you got acne and you’re trying to steam the crap out of your face you’re driving inflammation in the skin it’s going to worsen the acne and it’s actually going to increase the chances that it heals with a dark mark not a good thing so yeah command facial steaming but I’m constantly recommending a cool mist humidifier for the bedroom a wonderful thing for the skin particularly in the winter time because it increases the ambient humidity in the room and that helps with skin hydration but that is one of the main I always recommend a cool mist humidifier over a warm mist humidifier because people might get too close to the warm mist and experience some of these issues related to heat and steam application of the skin so that’s one reason why I don’t recommend warm mist humidifier and another reason is that they’re more likely to harbor bacteria by viruses microbial contaminants that a cool mist humidifier but yeah humidity and moisture in the air is great but applying it directly to the skin and this kind of steam steaming away facial steaming okay I guess the one situation where a little facial steaming if you will is really helpful is for people man in particular in the beard area because as it’s softening that top layer of the skin it’s actually helping the beard hairs to not to be less likely to become in gret and correcting grain and grow it decreases the chances of ingrown hairs it gets you a smoother shave because you don’t have all that kind of dry skin they’ll build up getting in the way kind of softens things and makes for a better shave it does increase the chances though that you will develop some irritation after the shave and it does increase the penetration of anything that you put on your skin after you shave so if you use fragrance containing aftershaves you’re you’re increasing the risk that those fragrance ingredients wall will be deposited into your skin so ya don’t recommend the facial steamer but this is a win obviously don’t steam your clothes while you’re wearing them do so on a hanger but yeah I’m really loving this little costco window oh my paint is still alive fun back to Pat for what about three weeks now haven’t watered it once talked about a will to live the leaves aren’t even really browning like it sounds sadistic I promise I’m not trying to kill it I just know that they learned from you guys that they can be incredibly fickle and so since it’s been doing so well with no attention I don’t want to muddy the waters so I’m kind of I’m paying close attention to it alright really quickly my little outfit for the day I have this little white tank from fabletics that is so cool you guys it’s got these tiny little brown marks on it it’s as though coffee were spilled on it it’s amazing I’m joking I did spill coffee on this I’m just wearing my little pearl earrings here and this cute little necklace that a viewer actually sent me it’s a pretty little leaf with a little pearl I love it so yeah I’m wearing the tank and then these little green joggers also from fabletics and my Alex and Ani bracelets that I love so much and this is the pink the headband that I was wearing on Thursday that came in the 3-pack from Amazon seeing as I spilled coffee on this I’m gonna try and protect it from my cooking I’ll probably put on a little t-shirt on over it but yeah that’s what I’m wearing with green chef it’s really easy to eat while on discover new recipes every week that you’ll love to cook the recipes are really quick and easy with step by step instructions chef tips and photos to guide you along the way green chef is a USDA certified organic company that makes eating well easy and affordable their meal plans include paleo plant powered vegan and vegetarian keto balanced living and family green chef offers a diverse array of meal plans with plenty of options to choose from each week so you can actually enjoy sticking to your goals just like green chef do all the meal planning grocery shopping and most of the prep for you week after week oh the hedonism of kale it must be massaged oh so gently I’m really proud of myself I did not burn the walnuts when I was toasting them I have a bad habit of forgetting about toasted nuts and then they singe and they’re ruined very frustrating but I’ve really been happy with the quality of the green chef meals I love the little recipe cards I have taken to keeping them an old binder so I’m kind of building my own cookbook if you will to refer back to and recreate these recipes give it a shot you guys it’s really empowering to take control of your food prep and learn some new cooking techniques it’s a healthier and sustainably sourced alternative to going through the drive up check my description box you guys I have a link down there green chef us / dr. Dre 80 go to that link and enter the code dr. Dre 80 that will get you $80 off with green chef that’s $40 off your first box and then $20 off each of the next two hey my boy you’re pretty vocal this morning afternoon happy Saturday yeah the allergies are pretty bad huh oh yeah yeah just put on this little suit a robe thing for my from fabletics lunchtime I’m just having a bug lay does michael buble make ballplayers had just an urban legend yeah this came together really easily it’s got a vinaigrette on it massage and kale and it softens the kale I didn’t realize that that would yeah Apple butternut squash black lentils cranberry kale carrots it’s really good I’m gonna get some of these black lunch all day really yeah they’re really really good how does it taste – yep he’s doing his hip hypnosis does he see he tries to hypnotize you with those googly eyes Josie why I remember when kale they used to put it on the buffet as decoration at Shoney’s the Shoney’s is always decorating the gelatin no you massage it it starts to soften them hand hygiene a protip after you wash your hands rinse the soapy water off and while they’re still damp go ahead and put on fragrance free a fragrance free cream that will really help and cutting down on dry hands a lot of people have irritant hand dermatitis it’s actually triggered by hand washing because water on the skin is actually an irritant and a lot of times people use soaps that are too harsh and have added fragrance this is the 3-6-5 from Whole Foods my mom has here a fragrance free hands up and then I just put on this equation moisturizing cream I love this stuff but I think they this company is actually out of business you can still get this on Walmart calm I’ve reviewed it for you guys before but yeah that can really help with keeping your hands hydrated and withstanding all that hand-washing that goes on this time of year yeah it’s really handy like in your kitchen for example when you’re preparing food and you got to wash your hands and just put on the moisturizer you know when you’re done and that way it cuts down on irritation and went on if you wash dishes by hand though the prolonged exposure of the hands to water in the dishwashing water along with the detergent of the liquid detergent can really wreak havoc on your hands so make sure you wear a rubber gloves that will save your hands a lot as well but yeah I think I’m gonna settle down and read let me show you guys I finished Snow Flower and the Secret Fan really good just strongly recommend it but I’m reading another book that I got at the liberry I haven’t been the library in a while but I buzzed in there the other day and you know I intended to just get one book and I ended up getting two but one that I got I started and Robin joying is free food for millionaires about a hundo in just tell me spiky dog ball toy I’m about a hundo ni which means 100 pages in and I’m rather enjoying it so kind of below and if you guys have read that book what you’re for but don’t tell me the ending don’t win so yeah I think I’m gonna wrap up the vlog here though I hope you all enjoyed it click the link in the description box if you want to save 80 bucks off your green chef order thank you for sponsoring today’s video green chef if you like dead give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe I’ll talk to you guys tomorrow.

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To get smooth and deep cleanliness on their skin especially on their face is what every girl wants and that can be obtained after using the best facial steamer. Due to the pollution, your skin gets affected a lot and opens up the pores that clog the dirt and dust inside. Even washing your face using the soap wipes out the moisture from your face and leaving the dirt behind. We highly hope that this review guide might have enlightened you with the best facial steamer that you can consider to buy and other than know everything about it.

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