Best Wooden Spoons Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want to quit using plastic and switch to environmental-friendly cutlery?

Is metal cutlery being too harsh on your non-stick pans?

Well, what are you worrying about when you have a hero with no cape, and that is a wooden spoon! These are one of the best saviors of the planet as they do not promote waste and last for a very long time. So, there is nothing to wait for when you have the option to buy wooden spoons for your kitchen. But, before choosing one, you should be aware of the things which are to be considered before accepting it. Hence, the following article comprises of some of the considerable top elements in the wooden spoon for healthy cooking. So, have an in-depth look at this post.

Buying Guide for the Best Wooden Spoons in 2020

Buying a wooden spoon without a perfect buying guide is more like wasting money on useless things. The buying guide usually guides the individual while purchasing the ideal product as per the requirements. It allows her to pick the best one among the top desired lists. Hence, we have searched some of the essential features of wooden spoons that every lady should consider for her kitchenette.

Let’s have a look at them –

Doesn’t get heated up easily

Many people switch to using a wooden spoon because of its property that it does not conduct heat. Other spoons such as metal or steel are good conductors of heat, and this is not the kind of an aspect that you’ll be looking for a spoon. After all, you would never wish to hurt your fingers by holding a hot spoon in your hand while eating or cooking. This is why wooden spoons are a lifesaver because they do not conduct any heat, which will keep your hands and fingers safe. After all, wooden spoons are the best for cooking as any kind of temperature, whether hot or cold, it will not be directed up above the utensil.

Always opt the environmental-friendly utensil

When it comes to saving the environment from plastic pollution, wooden utensils are your best friends. Plastic pollution that ends up in our oceans includes plastic spoons and forks in the majority. Well, here come the wooden spoons to save the day. Wooden spoons are naturally biodegradable, so indeed, they can be easily disposed of if you shred it down and use it in your compost box. So once your spoon is ultimately off use, you can put it in your recycling bin. It is also re-usable, so you can use it for many years, unlike plastic spoons that can only be used once. This is why wooden spoons are the best to use as it serves to the environment lifelong.

Doesn’t undergo any kind of chemical reaction

One of the best features of wooden spoons is that they do not react with the food items or in the utensil in which the food is being made up. Commonly, it is believed that metal spoons like Aluminium react with the heat and starts making food toxic after some time. Plastic spoons, if used in cooking, emit poisonous gases that are harmful to us directly and to the environment indirectly.  Wooden spoons, on the other hand, are the most natural product that you can get. Wood does not react with any temperature or metal, and it keeps the food healthy and non-toxic. This is why wooden spoons should be preferably used while cooking.

Keeps cooking utensils safe

Wooden spoons are made up of pure wood and have no other material like Aluminium or plastic. Wood is a soft substance, and yet it is very tough. This nature of wood is the reason why it is advantageous in cooking. When using a spoon while cooking in a pan or other utensil, it is often seen that most spoons scrape off the top coating of the tackles. This is very dangerous since a bare implement without any surface coating is like a guest room for bacteria. This bacterium is very difficult to clean up, and it can end up in our food. This is why it is recommended to use a wooden spoon as it does not scrape off any coatings on the utensil. No matter how hard you rub it against the metal, it will not cause any kind of damage to it.

Absorbs strong odors

Wooden spoons are known to absorb strong smells and odors. It becomes challenging while cooking food with strong odors. But wood being porous absorbs all kinds of strong odors and makes cooking an enjoyment rather than just a job that needs to be done. The best wooden spoons will give you an odor-free food without affecting the nutritional balance of the food that is being prepared.


A wooden spoon is as resistant to water as a metal spoon. Though wood is porous, it does not get destroyed because of water or any other liquid. So, you can cook any liquid recipe with this spoon. You can use them while stirring, pouring, and even eating, depending upon the size of the wooden spoon. They come in all shapes and sizes that match your need and purpose of use. So, wooden spoons can be used while cooking recipes that use water or oil, and it will not damage the product.


Let’s break the myth right here: Wooden spoons are not expensive!

On average, wooden spoons cost even less than a dollar! So, you can buy all types of wooden spoons at a very reasonable price that will embrace your kitchen as well as your wallet. They can be purchased in bulk for all the purposes that you want to use. For the most exceptional quality, it will cost you up to $7. But the best wooden spoons will cost you not more than $6. Moreover, this product lasts for an extended period, which is what makes them more feasible.

FAQs on Best Wooden Spoons in 2020

How to wash Wooden Spoons?

Wooden spoons are easily washed and do not require a lot of time or effort. After cooking your meal, just clean the surface of the wooden spoon with a piece of cloth to remove any unit of food. Then, place the wooden spoon in a pan and pour some boiling water on it. Let it sit for about 10-15 minutes. But remember not to soak it for any longer, since it might damage the wood. After that, take the wooden spoon out of the water and clean its surface and keep it in the cabinet where it can dry off. This procedure not only cleans your wooden spoons but also sanitizes them from germs and bacteria.

Remember NOT to put your product inside the dishwasher as it may damage it.

How to Make a Wooden Spoon?

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How can we proof wooden spoons to be a better option than plastic spoons?

Plastic spoons are often used in places like restaurants where the customer eats and throws away the plate, spoon, and forks, which eases the work of not cleaning the utensils later. But such spoon or plates were used a long time back. Now, using plastic has become an underlying problem for the environment. All the collected trash is thrown in the seas or oceans, which adversely affects our surroundings. This is why wooden spoons should always be used since wooden spoons can easily break down in the soil, which makes it biodegradable. Moreover, they can also be used for a long time, which means that they do not follow the concept of “single-use” but promote re-use.

How to Carve a Wooden Spoon // Woodworking?

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Will the wooden spoon be damaged if it’s put into water?

Wooden spoons are not damaged when they are used for cooking in water. They are adapted to be in contact with the water from the time when it was just a plant. Does a plant get damaged when we water it? No, it doesn’t. That’s why wooden spoons also don’t get stained when they come in contact with water or any other liquid. However, soaking these wooden spoons in water for too long might damage its sturdiness. That’s why it is advised to keep it in a dry place once is work is complete where it’s water can dry up, and it serves you clean and fresh for your next meal.

What is the life span of a Wooden Spoon?

The best wooden spoons last about 5-6 years. Still, it can vary depending on the various conditions in which it works. For example, if its purpose is mainly as a serving spoon, then it can last even more than that. It also depends on the temperature in which it is being kept. Wooden spoons last longer in warmer temperatures since the heat is suitable for wooden material as it dries it off entirely and sanitizes it from growing bacteria, naturally. So, to make them last even longer, you can keep them in a clean and dry place.

Are the wooden spoons antibacterial?

Bacteria are those microorganisms that can grow even at the tip of a hair. So, it can grow up on wooden spoons too. But if they are sanitized the right way, it will not only remove all types of bacteria but also deep clean your product. For that, you need to make a mixture of boiling water and a few drops of dish soap and keep the spoon inside it for a few minutes and then pour some water from above. This will make your product germ free and pleasant to use again.

At what places can the wooden spoon be used?

Wooden spoon serves many purposes, which depends upon the size of the spoon being put into use. Its use starts even before the actual cooking. Wooden spoons are used to mix ingredients. It is preferred as it does not react with food items that may degrade its nutritional value. It is then used in cooking as they don't cause any damage to the utensils in which the food is prepared. It is also used in stirring food and beverages irrespective of the temperature of the cuisine. But that is not all! Once the wooden spoon expires, you can shred it and put it into your compost box as it is nature friendly and biodegradable. Therefore, wooden spoons serve the environment all their life.

Can the wooden spoons break easily?

Wooden spoons cannot be broken down unless an external force is put for the same purpose. They are made up of a very thick layer of wood, and it is not breakable. But it can be broken down if you desire to like for using it in composting or decorating your garden with it. So wooden spoons are thick enough to survive cooking and eating without breaking up. But even if you try to break it, make sure that your use proper safety kit as breaking a wooden spoon leads to the spread of little splinters. You would want to make sure that you're not hurt while following this process. If you try to put too heavy objects or maybe try to use the product as a lever, then there is a possibility that it can break.

What other ingredient is mixed with a Wooden spoon to shape it?

Wooden spoons are carved out of pure wood of trees of maple, olive, or trees of fruits. They are engraved right from a log of wood and made into the shape desired without mixing anything. However, using a freshly carved wooden spoon may turn out to be dangerous since its surface would not be smooth, and it may welcome splinters into your hands. This is why it is covered with a thin layer of oil so that it smoothens the outer layer of the product and avoids breakage. Except for these two ingredients, a wooden spoon needs nothing else to be brought into use.


To sum up, wooden spoons are one of the best products that you’ll bring to your kitchen as they are safe to use and have no side effects. They don’t take much cleaning as long as they are stored in a dry place, and they can be used in multiple things. They come in all sizes and shapes according to the need of consumers, and their price is pretty reasonable. Many people carry wooden cutlery even outside daily so that they can quit using plastic ones as they deteriorate nature. The best wooden spoons for you will serve you all their lives and become one of the most efficient products that you’ll come across.

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