Best Portable Cassette Player Buying Guide for 2020

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Are you looking for a mode to listen to your old cassettes again?

Do you miss listening to music without any ads or getting paid subscriptions?

Is your pile of early recordings waiting for you in your garage but don’t know when to take them out?

So, it’s time for you to make the best use of your old cassettes. After all, we will introduce you to a product which is a significant comeback in this era. Hence, we present you with the best portable cassette player in this century.

During the 80s, the cassette players have been a major hit among the families. Any family who had their cassette player was considered crisp and rich in the neighborhood. That time, the cassette player was not only used to listen to songs or podcasts but also mixed tapes. Kids used to record their voices or songs as a sign of love and friendship. Well, such old school habits never go out of fashion. Even in the 20s, when kids hear about the fun their parents and grandparents had, they wish to experience it with their cousins or friends. So, seeing the demand for such a product even after hundreds of years, the manufacturers launched a wholly new and enhanced product, ‘Portable Cassette Player.’

So why not buy one for you and for your favorite person to tell them how much you appreciate their presence. But before heading to purchase, let’s have a look at this article. It will inform you about some of the important features in a player and a few FAQs which are frequently asked by customers worldwide.

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Cassette Player in 2020

With its launch, it seemed that this product can never go out of fashion. So, this time, the manufacturers introduced some new and elegant features to offer the best in the cassette players.

Hence, we have organized a buying guide which comprises of all the essential features in the best cassette player. So, don’t purchase your product without having a look at it.

Easy to carry

As the name speaks, this player is portable. With this facility, you can carry the player anywhere as its size is equal to a smartphone or tablet. They can be held into hands or kept in the pocket and used at the same time. It is as light in weight as your smartphone, some can be even lighter than that.

So, what you have to do is to go for a walk, listen to the tapes and enjoy the beauty of nature. You will never be tired even though you walk for 2 to 3 km. Well, it’s quite funny, but after the fact that you can take the player for a walk, people call it a ‘Walkman.’

Besides that, you can even be using it while cycling or skating to listen to your motivational playlist to keep going ahead. You just have to charge it, and then you won’t feel the need to use anything else.

Sound Recorder

One of the most exceptional features of this product is that it can even record your sound inside a cassette and make your memories permanent. The best portable cassette player comes with an in-built microphone and speaker that allows you to record your voice and make a tape of it. That means that you can register your podcasts or your album to make it your companion that can be carried anywhere and even sold to other people. Well, for your kid’s or old age memories, you can keep these cassettes safe and then unbox the memories at some later stage of life.

Wireless Connectivity

Not everything we are talking about is vintage!

These Portable Cassette Players come with the wireless connectivity of Bluetooth. You can attach your headsets via Bluetooth and listen to your cassettes endlessly. This will be the situation only if you don’t have an aux or don’t want to use one. Otherwise, you can still use your headphones or earphones by connecting them to the portal in the player and enjoy the endless songs. You can even combine your Cassette Player to a Bluetooth speaker and play your music loud with fantastic volume. That means you get a double benefit at the same price in a single product.

Retro music

The old times always included love, friendship, and wisdom. People expressed their emotions to each other by making mixed tapes according to their mood or the type of mutual feelings. But now that these playlists can be found nowhere else other than your cassettes. If you are a retro fan or experience your parent’s old days, then the portable cassette player gives you the opportunity. As the cassettes play in it, it revives your old memories. You just have to put the tape inside the product and hit the play button. Then, your time travel begins!

This player works for both sides of the tape and can be played back again too.

Ad-free music or podcast

Do you feel annoyed when you are listening to your favorite playlist or a noteworthy podcast, but ads keep ruining your concentration? They genuinely are maddening! But this time it won’t happen in this cassette player. This player uses recorded cassettes that will give you ad-free entertainment with all the concentration and emotions you need.

There is no system of premium upgrades or subscriptions, so you can enjoy your uninterrupted music or podcast that you wish to listen to.

FM Radio

Well, you can’t just listen to recorded songs all the time. You might get bored with the repeated songs, so there is a cool feature to hit the FM radio in this portable cassette player. This product enables you to listen to FM radio and all the local channels that are in your town.

In your product, you have to press the button that reads ‘FM’ and open the Cassette player’s antenna. Then the time is yours! You can listen to unlimited songs, speeches, and live podcasts from reporting from the nearby Radio stations.


Portable Cassette Players can be charged and used again and again for many long years. Each type of product comes with a different kind of charging technique. Some players work on AA batteries, which can be inserted at the product’s back and can work for as long as the cells are alive. After that, you put new batteries, and your product will be new-fangled again. Other cassette players come with a USB port to charge the battery through a charger. It will be precisely like charging your smartphone. This means that you can recharge your Cassette player and use it for a long time.

Tape conversions

Well, why just keep the tapes when you can convert them into an MP3 player too! This product enables you to turn the components inside the tape into an MP3 file. You can then listen to this file on your PC or your phone, even without the player.

The Cassette player has the option to ‘record’ the material inside the cassette tape that is put inside the player. So, in case you want to store your old memories into something that you can listen to every day, then this product is your trustworthy friend.

FAQs on Best Portable Cassette Player in 2020

How to use a Portable Cassette Player?

A Portable Cassette Player is easy to use and carries its instructions booklet along with the cover. However, the basic knowledge of the product is a must.

To use this product, first, take it out of its packaging and insert batteries inside it at the back of the product. Then press the 'eject' button, which will open the device so you can add your tape. Then place the cassette in the right direction inside the player and close it by slightly pressing it inside. After that, you can hit the play button, and it will start playing your tape. You can even rewind and forward it in case you want to skip any part of the tape.

How to charge the Portable Cassette Player?

Portable Cassette Players use the AA batteries that are put inside them at the back. There are usually two of them requires in a single product. Once these batteries are dried out, you can set the new ones of the same type at the same place again.

However, some cassette players come with the USB charging method that can be used the same as you charge your phone or laptop. You can even purchase a power bank for your cassette player to charge it while working or even while playing it at the same time.

Why did Cassette Players go out of trend?

Cassette Players have had been a significant hit since the 80s. The pleasure to sit and work all by themselves with cassette players was the daily routine of the people at that time. But the introduction of iPods and other gadgets in the world degraded the use of cassette players after 2001. But, thoughtfully, no device could have matched the worthiness of this product.

Even in this decade, you get the joy to listen to your tapes and FM radio endlessly without any interruptions. Even more, you can also record your tapes to convert them into MP3s to store the material in a hard disk or pen drives. So, this player can never go out of date and is making a comeback now!

How long do Portable Cassette players last?

Portable cassette players last for as long as the battery inside them lasts. Usually, the product uses 2 AA batteries or can even be charged by a charger in some cases. If this is the case, then your product will last for many years and will not stop working unless damaged. This damage may include the buttons getting loose, or the tape inserter getting stuck.

But these kinds of costs can be easily repaired at any of your local electronic shops. However, if the product is scratched due to falling from some height or getting broken by any means, it might get permanent damage and might stop working.

How to use a portable cassette player in 2020?

Video Transcript:

It’s easy to understand why you might be new to cassette Walkmans in the year 2019. You might have ordered one online out of curiosity but have no idea how to use it or maybe you found one at a long since out-of-service bus depot, along with a few tapes and you think you might know how to use it, but you just want to make sure you’re an expert right off the bat and once you get this all figured out you’ll be lightyears ahead of all the other people that are fiddling with their cell phones to listen to music streaming services on their slow internet connection that keeps cutting out.

So you got your Walkman, most the ones you find should have a few old skateboard stickers on it. As you can see a big feature on this one is it has an anti rolling mechanism. You might gasp your breath at first reading “anti rolling” thinking that it means this unit will only rock and not rock and roll but don’t worry the anti rolling mechanism helps prevent from having undesirable hiccups in the tapes playback speed that could be otherwise occurring when your Walkman is bouncing around while you’re waterskiing and listening to a book on tape.

You’ll notice this Walkman also has an am/fm radio the Walkman should already be switched to tape when not in use because that also means it’s turned off from radio playback. So let’s pop some new batteries in there get your headphones maybe you like little earbuds or you prefer some nice classic red headphones and of course get something to listen to any Bryan Adams tape will do, take out that tape open the Walkman some might have a button release or if it’s like this style.

It will have a nice comfortable tab where you can pull it open from figure out which side of the tape you want to listen to if all the tape is reeled to the left side that means that side is rewound and ready to go put it in with the side you want to hear facing up towards the inside of the lid slide it in just like this, let the tape meet the tape head, plug in those headphones where you see the little headphone symbol. Hit play and start listening… wanna go back? hit stop.

Then the rewind reverse button that’s the double arrow that goes the opposite direction is play and similar deal if you want to skip ahead hit stop then fast forward which is this one want to crank up the volume? just roll up to that volume dial this rising line indicates the rise in volume so roll that way if your Walkman is like mine and doesn’t have a belt clip that’s no problem it’ll fit in the back pocket of your jeans whether you do this step before or after putting on your pants is up to you.

Try listening to that radio now so stop your tape and hey if you want to make your Walkman lighter to carry you can take that tape out now to hit that switch from tape to radio, decide whether you want a AM or FM over here, then use this tuning dial and find your station watching the marker move along here.

Alright, that was the basics now a few advanced things and some tips and tricks your Walkman might have this switch here what on earth is DX norm local CRO Two Slash Metal?

Well, this has two functions when listening to the radio you’re switching between DX and local it changes the radio sensitivity DX picks up all the radio signals it can reach where local will just pick up the strong signals so maybe there’s a little radio station directly across the street from your house but you find some of those big city stations cut into your local frequencies. Hit this switch to local and you’ll hear the local guys better simple as that when you’re playing a tape this switch is more to do with sound equalizers to accommodate different types of tapes.

Most of my tapes are typed 2 which is the CRO 2 option but anyways there’s certainly a deep rabbit hole you can go down reading into that stuff all I know is that when I actually switch this to the left side here I really start to hear Brian Adams play his electric guitar in rich beautiful sound waves that soar triumphantly to my eardrums. We all know batteries can run out now say unless to heaven by Bryan Adams and my battery dies just as the guitar solo is wrapping up and I know there’s that one last soft rockin’ chorus to come.

Well sometimes you can get a little luck with this trick pop out the batteries flip them around and put them back in you might get that last little bit of juice out of them to get you through the last 30 seconds of the tune won’t always work but man it’s worth the effort when it does in that same situation you might have another option if your Walkman has an AC or DC adapter plug well you just hurry on home to your adapter plug into the wall outlet and keep Rocking and lastly.

If you think you are going to be putting your Walkman into a drawer never to be touched for another 10 years which I would assume is only because you’ve dedicated that Walkman to become your backup Walkman to a newly acquired primary walkman take the batteries out so they don’t corrode over time so there you go you’re all set if you’re interested in learning a way to get your tapes rewound without having to use any battery life I’ve got another video for you over here or down in the description.

What to do if the cassette is stuck inside the player?

Sometimes, your cassette can get stuck inside your player when its tape reels get loose and tangled. But you need not worry if this happens with you. You can quickly recover your tape as well as the cassette.

All you have to do is to open the cassette player to its maximum until it stops pushing backward. Do not try harder as it may break it. After that, find the window where the reel is usually coiled and have a look at the wheel, which has less of reel left in it. Then, take a pen or any other round object and insert it in the roll and gently rotate it. Slowly all the reel will be coiled on the helm again, and you shall have your player and tape safe and sound. In case you have a problem with any of the steps or fear to damage the player, you can take it to some reliable electronics shop.

How can I convert my cassettes into an MP3 file using a portable cassette player?

The best Portable Cassette Players come with the feature to record and save a tape’s audio into an MP3 file. For this, you would require a tape, a drive-in, which you will keep the converted file and your cassette player. To attach the drive with the player, you will also need a USB cable. Once you have all the required things, then follow the steps.

  • Place the cassette tape inside the player and attach your headphones.
  • Then connect the USB wire with the player and attach your pen drive or any other type of disc with it.
  • After the setup has been done, play the tape by pressing the play button.
  • Turn the volume to the maximum to get the best output. Make sure you can hear it in your headphones loud and clear.
  • After this, hit the record button, and the audio will start recording in the drive.

Once your audio is complete, you can press the record button again, which will stop the recording and detach your drive.

Now play it on your PC and enjoy the tapes.


We hope that this article was beneficial for you to select the best Portable Cassette Player for you. Cassette Players are on its verge to make a comeback since people have started to realize that there has been no other device as great as this one. You can listen to numerous songs and podcasts. Even you can record your beautiful voice and then turn it into an MP3 file.

This allows you to listen to your audios not only on cassettes but on your smartphone as well. This product brings back the era of the 80s, where people need not have to text each other all day long to tell what’s in their minds.

So, you can just make a mixed tape for your person, and they will know what you feel. This has been the purest and sweetest form to express your friendship and love. And this feeling can never be backed down by any of the modern ways.

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