Top 10 Best Portable Cassette Player & Recorder in 2021

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Are you looking for a mode to listen to your old cassettes again?

Do you miss listening to music without any ads or getting paid subscriptions?

Is your pile of early recordings waiting for you in your garage but don’t know when to take them out?

So, it’s time for you to make the best use of your old cassettes. After all, we will introduce you to a product which is a significant comeback in this era. Hence, we present you with the best portable cassette player in this century.

Shortlist of 10 Best Portable Cassette Player in 2021

During the 80s, cassette players have been a major hit among families. Any family who had their cassette player was considered crisp and rich in the neighborhood. At that time, the cassette player was not only used to listen to songs or podcasts but also mixed tapes.

Kids used to record their voices or songs as a sign of love and friendship. Well, such old-school habits never go out of fashion. Even in the 20s, when kids hear about the fun their parents and grandparents had, they wish to experience it with their cousins or friends.

So, seeing the demand for such a product even after hundreds of years, the manufacturers launched a wholly new and enhanced product, ‘Portable Cassette Player.’

So why not buy one for you and for your favorite person to tell them how much you appreciate their presence. But before heading to purchase, let’s have a look at this article. It will inform you about some of the important features of The amazon portable cassette player and a few FAQs which are frequently asked by customers worldwide.

Buying Guide for the Best Portable Cassette Player in 2021

With its launch, it seemed that this product can never go out of fashion. So, this time, the manufacturers introduced some new and elegant features to offer the best in the cassette players.

Hence, we have organized a buying guide which comprises of all the essential features in the best cassette player. So, don’t purchase your product without having a look at it.

Easy to carry

As the name speaks, this player is portable. With this facility, you can carry the player anywhere as its size is equal to a smartphone or tablet. They can be held into hands or kept in a pocket and used at the same time. It is as light in weight as your smartphone, some can be even lighter than that.

So, what you have to do is to go for a walk, listen to the tapes and enjoy the beauty of nature. You will never be tired even though you walk for 2 to 3 km. Well, it’s quite funny, but after the fact that you can take the portable cassette recorder player for a walk, people call it a ‘Walkman.’

Besides that, you can even be using it while cycling or skating to listen to your motivational playlist to keep going ahead. You just have to charge it, and then you won’t feel the need to use anything else.

Sound Recorder

One of the most exceptional features of this product is that it can even record your sound inside a cassette and make your memories permanent. The best portable cassette player comes with an in-built microphone and speaker that allows you to record your voice and make a tape of it.

That means that you can register your podcasts or your album to make it your companion that can be carried anywhere and even sold to other people. The tape recorder cassette player Well, for your kid’s or old age memories, you can keep these cassettes safe and then unbox the memories at some later stage of life.

Wireless Connectivity

Not everything we are talking about is vintage!

These Portable Cassette Players come with the wireless connectivity of Bluetooth. You can attach your headsets via Bluetooth and listen to your cassettes endlessly. This will be the situation only if you don’t have an aux or don’t want to use one.

Otherwise, you can still use your headphones or earphones by connecting them to the portal in the player and enjoy the endless songs. You can even combine your Cassette Player with a bluetooth cassette player and play your music loud with fantastic volume. That means you get a double benefit at the same price in a single product.

Retro music

The old times always included love, friendship, and wisdom. People expressed their emotions to each other by making mixed tapes according to their mood or the type of mutual feelings. But now that these playlists can be found nowhere else other than your cassettes.

If you are a retro fan or experience your parent’s old days, then the portable cassette player gives you the opportunity. As the cassettes play in it, it revives your old memories. You just have to put the tape inside the product and hit the play button. Then, your time travel begins!

This player works for both sides of the tape and can be played back again too.

Ad-free music or podcast

Do you feel annoyed when you are listening to your favorite playlist or a noteworthy podcast, but ads keep ruining your concentration? They genuinely are maddening! But this time it won’t happen on this cassette player. The turntable cassette cd player uses recorded cassettes that will give you ad-free entertainment with all the concentration and emotions you need.

There is no system of premium upgrades or subscriptions, so you can enjoy your uninterrupted music or podcast that you wish to listen to.

FM Radio

Well, you can’t just listen to recorded songs all the time. You might get bored with the repeated songs, so there is a cool feature to hit the FM radio in this portable cassette player. This product enables you to listen to FM radio and all the local channels that are in your town.

In your am fm cassette cd player, you have to press the button that reads ‘FM’ and open the Cassette player’s antenna. Then the time is yours! You can listen to unlimited songs, speeches, and live podcasts from reporting from the nearby Radio stations.


Portable Cassette Players can be charged and used again and again for many long years. Each type of product comes with a different kind of charging technique. Some players work on AA batteries, which can be inserted at the product’s back and can work for as long as the cells are alive.

After that, you put in new batteries, and your product will be new-fangled again. On the other way, the cassette tape player with USB port comes to charge the battery through a charger. It will be precisely like charging your smartphone. This means that you can recharge your Cassette player and use it for a long time.

Tape conversions

Well, why just keep the tapes when you can convert them into an MP3 player too! This product enables you to turn the components inside the tape into an MP3 file. You can then listen to this file on your PC or your phone, even without the player.

The Cassette player has the option to ‘record’ the material inside the cassette tape that is put inside the player. So, in case you want to store your old memories into something that you can listen to every day, then this product is your trustworthy friend.

Top Variants for the Best Cassette Player

It is better to purchase the cassette player only if you know the different features to be considered. However, confusion may still arise as there are hundreds of them available with the same features. So, which one to purchase?

This time, we have made it easy for you to choose the best cassette player as we now have personally found the top 10 variants. These variants are those belonging to the best brands and are even liked by numerous people worldwide.

1. Sony Stereo CD/Cassette Boombox Home Audio Radio

Best portable cassette player‘SONY’ is a renowned company when it comes to electronic products. It offers a wide range of products such as televisions, LED, phones, etc. The product shown is a cassette that has an attractive look and a durable quality.

This cd cassette player is portable so that one can carry it to the party place without much difficulty. The cassette is a full-function stereo sound and playback CDs, CD-R/RW, and MP3 cassettes with shuffle and program purposes. It has a built-in cassette tape deck with recording functions. One has to unplug this apparatus during a lightning thunderstorm or when no one uses it for a considerable period.

This sony cd cassette player also has an FM/AM tuner with digital tuning and 30 stations pre-set, AC, and the full power battery up to 19 hours of battery life. The product comes with an aux audio that helps one to connect the digital music players. It also has a mega bass that boosts the circuitry that enhances a low-frequency bass performance with a single touch and an AC power cord.


  • The cassette player comes with a power supply of 1*AC power cord (120 VAC, 60 Hz) or R14 size C dry batteries (9 VDC), requires 6 C batteries.
  • It works well with a polaroid battery.
  • This radio cassette cd player comes with an attractive design and unique color.
  • One should go through the product specification before playing the cassettes.

Customers Feedback:

I’m self-employed and not a big fan of TV. I listen to NPR during the day and podcasts or audiobooks at night. (I have a Kindle for off days. My work requires keeping my hands busy.) The local library system has plenty of choices, though many are on CD’s or even cassettes. Some books are on mini MP3 players. This simple cd and cassette player combo is just what I needed. I got an auxiliary cord and use the boom box’s input for the MP3 books. It will also be useful during summer storms and frequent power outages (I live in Florida). C batteries are easier to find than D when a major storm is coming!

Bought this for my 95 year old mom who needed a CD player that is easy to use. Well, this little Sony exceeded all expectations. It’s sturdy but small and lightweight enough that she can easily carry it from room to room. The CD player is very simple to use — she mastered it in minutes. Plus, she’s able to play tapes that she hasn’t heard in years for lack of a player, as well as listen to the radio. The speakers are plenty loud, and the sound quality is great. As an added bonus, i’ts good-looking — as you’d expect from Sony. Couldn’t be happier. AAA+++ all the way.

Yeah the in-out connections and the sound and =—= extras wow.. the radio cassette cd player is like day and night from the product I bought at half this price.. — that I had to return cause it didn’t work this works great love it this is a Sony .. this is what they do they make great things.. just do — the image is poor my phone needs it’t lens cleaned and stuff.. but yeah I have 500 audio tapes that I made of me making music on them.. I have no fear that this machine will be able to play that whole thing with out problems into my computer to be digitized .. It works yes.. it works-

2. Reshow Portable Cassette Player

Best portable cassette playerThe cassette player comes in black and grey in color. The tape recorder converts an old cassette to an MP3 player that is format via USB cable.

The main advantage is that this amazon cassette player is a lightweight product that makes it portable to carry anywhere easily. This feature makes the gadget better than just a tape recorder.

The portable cassette tape player is compact and works like an old-school vintage Walkman. It works perfectly with any standard 3.5mm AUX jack that means that one can use headphones, earbuds, or any audio port to your car speaker.

The cassette’s quality is so good that one can enjoy crystal exact sound features with the oldest bands.


  • The product comes in a unique, attractive design and has an appealing look.
  • Each cassette is accompanied by convertible software.
  • It has a guide and a 5V DC USB power cord to make the conversion process quick and easy.
  • This record player with cd and cassette comes with a laptop CD burner.

Customers Feedback:

I was skeptical when making this purchase, given that some of the reviews mention an audible background noise in the audio output. I do not claim to be an audiophile, but I did not experience this problem behavior. The audio that was output was as clear as could be expected from an audio cassette made on a cheap portable recorder around 40 years ago. For the Linux users that might be reading this, the record player with cd and cassette appears as a USB soundcard. Use Audacity to record, edit and export. All in all, a great little device.

Got this product in the mail today and almost immediately fired it up. Setup was a breeze; I didn’t have Audacity, so I used the installation disk included with the recorder. The only thing left to do was to hook the recorder to my computer, hit “Record” in Audacity and then play a tape. Boom! Worked like a charm. It truly couldn’t be easier. The short video that appears on the product page tells you everything you need to know. I would say the audio quality is about a 3.5 to 4 out of 5. I definitely like this product and highly recommend it.

I needed the best amazon cassette player so I could convert all of my concerts from high school and college onto my computer. I am a singer obviously, and it was so cool to be able to hear myself at the age of 13 singing my first big solo! I was able to share everyone else’s solos on Facebook and they were all thrilled for this throwback. It was easy to use, had to download Audacity to my laptop. The sound quality of my tapes was poor, but this technology did not make it worse. If I played with settings I probably could make it better, but I really don’t care about that. I would recommend this, great price, was delivered on time, easy to use.

3. Byron Statics Portable Cassette Players Recorder

Portable cassette tape playerByron is a company that offers a wide range of turntable players, cassette players, portable radios, and CD players. The company is famous for its portable cassette player over all of its products. The company offers a variety of colors and designs.

This usb cassette player main advantage is that it is compact and portable and easily portable to carry from one place to another. It has a belt chip rewind fast forward stop play and record button that are easy to see. The use of sound is crisp with no buzzing, or other noise buttons work as well. This portable cassette player recorder has a straightforward tape player and easy to use plug. The drive works with all kinds of tapes.

Enjoy the music conveniently anywhere via 3.5 mm jack earphones. The gadget brings out the soundtrack of past memories on your cherished cassettes had some old cassettes you wanted to listen to. The Walkman uses 2 AA batteries, a USB power supply(not included), or a USB power supply.


  • The radio operation inserts the plug of one’s earphones into the ear jack.
  • One can select the band selector to AM or FM to choose the desired band.
  • One can turn the tuning knob to select the desired radio station.
  • This cd cassette record player radio has an attractive and appealing look.

Customers Feedback:

 The sound quality won’t match what you’ll find today but remember this is the quality of the cassette tapes. I have been using the player to break out some old learn German tapes and it hasn’t let me down yet. I am quite pleased with the cassette player portable. You can either plug it in or put two AA batteries in it. You can choose to use headphones or not which is nice too. Soon with the help of Audacity I will convert these tapes to CD.

I have a boombox for both cassette tapes and CDs with a power cord but it only records internally. After trying out several cassette tape recorders that did not work I gave this inexpensive one a try and it works fine. At first, my recording skipped all over the place and I was very disappointed until I noticed the VAS switch was not completely in the OFF position. Once I fixed that the skipping problem went away. The only problem I had was the volume wheel is a little small and hard for me to adjust. Otherwise, I could not be happier. I use a regular set of headphones as I have always found earbuds hard to use and I use rechargeable AA batteries. If you could use a small-size cassette recorder, give this one a try. You might be as surprised as I was.

This was exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to play cassette tapes with read along books for my grandchild. Works perfectly and fun to bring these books and songs back to life. Great to take along in the stroller too. Works best and longer when using a micro cassette player USB cord. The speaker is of good quality that does not distort sound or words. Ear buds are fine for that personal listening. I plan on buying a 2nd one for other grandkids. Best deal out there for the price.

4. Jensen SCR-68C Stereo Cassette Player

Jensen portable cassette player recorderThe brand ‘Jensen’ provides a single and double din car stereo and car speakers. It is found that there are a wide range and durability in their products. Among the available, their cassette players work the best. It is available in black and grey, or blue color.

The car cassette player is so small that it can fit in one’s hand. It is easy to carry the device from one place to another. The song can be played, fast-forward, or stop with just a click of a button. The gadget comes with an auto-stop feature and stereo earbuds. The electronic device has a detachable belt clip.

This portable cassette player for car design is so appealing to one’s eyes and trendy that it is easy to distinguish the product offered by other companies. Besides, one can easily carry the product while one steps out of the house.


  • The Walkman has many features and easy to use with just a click of a button.
  • The power of the Walkman is 2*AA(UM3), not included, 120 V AC power adaptor.
  • The Walkman is too small that it can easily fit in one’s palm.
  • The quality of this small portable cassette player is durable.

Customers Feedback:

I purchased thestereo car cassette player with bluetooth to play some older tapes I am using in a study course. This fits the bill perfectly. The headphones that arrive with the the player are clear and comfortable. The cassette player quality is really good and the sound produced clear with no buzzing or other noise. I am really. really surprised how well this has performed so far. I looked at other players,vintage one new in packages and the prices are $20 and up. If looking for a more affordable option, this is the way to go. Note, just like the old time portable cassette players this does not have a rewind button, only fast forward.

Arrived quickly as promised. Works well, but I have cassettes from about 1985 and 90’s and both play way too fast. They sound like chipmonks. Not sure if cassette have different speeds but I’m not able to actually use this now. It does seem nice. I discovered an adjustment on the inside of the player that allows for an adjustment on the speed. I can now listen to my old cassettes. It works so well now.

This portable cassette player for car works well, actually better than expected. It reproduces the sound of the cassettes with clarity and volume using my headphones. After two weeks of daily use, I am satisfied with this product.
The seller sent the item in a well packaged carton. It arrived promptly as expected and in excellent condition. I am planning to order an additional cassette player as a reserve for future use. If you need a cassette player to bring out the soundtrack of past memories on your cherished cassettes, may I suggest this product.

5. Cassette Player-Cassette Tape to MP3 CD Converter

Bluetooth walkman cassette playerThe electronic product is a one cassette tape to the MP3 player converter. It has a USB cable so that one can convert old mix tapes and cassettes to MP3 to be played on iPod or MP3 player. The device uses audacity software to convert the cassette tape to digital MP3.

This portable cd cassette player also has an audio output that enables you to listen to your headphones or any other speaker system. It comes with a compact size, which makes it lightweight. The product comes with 3.5 mm jack earphones to not have to buy the product separately. It requires no installation or device.


  • The product comes with various compatibilities as it is compatible with Windows XP, Vista, mac older than version 10.5.
  • The pack includes 1*USB cassettes capture, 1*USB cable, 1*Software CD, 1*3.5mm jack earphones, 1*, User manual.
  • The device is so portable and trendy at the same time.
  • This cd cassette player combo is durable and of superior quality.

Customers Feedback:

The player works as advertised even though I originally thought it made the conversion in the unit and you could plug a USB memory stick into the unit and it would be finished. It requires you to use Audacity on a computer. I have a cassette player and tried to make the conversion using Audacity before buying this unit but was not successful. This player has precise instructions to follow on installing and setting up your computer to recognize it and set up Audacity so everything worked the first time. It was worth the price not to have to spend an hour being frustrated trying to do it myself following online helps. The case is pretty inexpensive looking but the unit is fully functional which is what you want. If you are still wondering if this is the right thing for you, take the plunge and give it a try. With Amazon you can return it if it does not fulfill its claims.

The cd cassette player combo is fantastic! It is so easy to use; I already had Audacity software on my computer and it works so easily. It may work with other software, and it comes with a disc to install software if you need it. But the ability to convert old tapes is such a gift. The ‘stop’ button sometimes gets stuck, but it’s very easy to unstick. I might buy another one of these as a back up because once I get done with my tapes, I am sure this machine will have gotten worn out!! I am just thrilled with this purchase!!!!!
OMG! This mini cd cassette player is awesome. My father made recordings of birthdays and Thanksgiving dinner in 1954 on wire recordings, then in the early 1970’s he transferred those recordings to cassette tape. Now I am able to transfer those tapes to CD with this device and give copies to the remaining relatives that were in these early recordings. My sister who was 4 at the time, is now 67, my mother and grandmother who have long since passed but whose voices I can recognize is actually a little eerie to hear these now. Still, I am glad I purchased this device instead of the component one I was considering that over a hundred dollars. Thanks!

6. GPX Portable Cassette Player

Gpx portable cassette playerThe company offers a dozen electronic products of which its cassette player rules the market. Firstly, the look of the gadget is so unique and trendy that it attracts one’s attention. The cd cassette player stereo system has an auto-stop at the tape end and also has a voice recording feature.

The Walkmanrequires a 2 AA battery and is so small that one can carry it to the gym, walk, or even one’s office. This portable radio cassette player has an FM/AM radio (direct tuning) and a built-in AM/FM antenna. The electronic device also has stereo headphones jack and an Analog volume control system.


  • It can be easily found in different colors and designs so that the customer has a wide variety of choices.
  • The device includes one set of stereo earbuds and also a detachable belt-clip.
  • The walkman cassette player is portable and lightweight.
  • It has a trendy and attractive look.

7. ION Cassette Player and Tape-to-Digital Converter

USB cassette playerThe company offers a cassette player that is so compact that it can fit in your pocket. The player is designed, keeping in view the needs and preferences of the consumers.

Therefore, the company has come up with an electronic gadget that suits consumer’s choices. It is quite simple that the consumer is the king of the market and the one who pleases him survives in the intense competition. This cassette tape player has a USB cassette that converts the music and recording into MP3.

It also has an audio output jack for headphones or speaker playback. The company is well known for the quality of its products and a wide range that gives the customers a variety in choice.


  • The device is powered by mini-USB or 2 AA batteries.
  • It has an E2 tape converter for transfer and dubbing to the computer.
  • The device is lightweight and has durable quality at the same time.
  • The cassette player with usb output has an appealing look.

Customers Feedback:

Tried the cheaper Dansrue cassette to MP3 player and had to return it since it failed to play for more than 10 minutes at a time before dropping off the USB signal. This unit works great. I use Audacity with my MacBook Air to record the audio from the cassette (speech only). The old tapes have various amounts of hum, so I use Noise Reduction Effect in Audacity to fix it. Had to install the Lame MP3 plugin for Audacity in order to save as MP3. No auto-reverse, but fine for me as the speech on these cassettes sometimes doesn’t start for a couple minutes and don’t need to record dead air.

This actually worked very well with my Linux set-up. I cannot give you audiophile level comments about the quality overall of cd and cassette tape player, but for my purpose of converting a really old cassette to digital files on my computer, this worked great. With Linux, use the `audacity` software suite, which is pretty close to plug-and-play if you already have your sound system working properly. It’s hard to beat the price if your main goal is to get the old tapes onto the new media devices.

My Dad loves to call into sports talk radio. He has taken the time to convert all of those calls onto cassette tapes by putting the radio in front of his boom box and recording on it. He handed me all of these tapes, each 90 minutes, about 40 total one day. I desperately needed a way to convert these to my computer and this worked great. The software that comes with it is very easy to use. It even attempts to split the tracks up on its own in the software. It works most of the time. Overall though this does a great job at converting old school audio tapes to an electronic format. A must have if you are looking to convert tapes before they go bad.

8. Coby Portable Compact Anti-Skip CD Player

Coby portable cassette playerHere comes the company, which is known to offer unique designs in its music players. In fact, when compared with other companies, their players always lies to be positively different. With their cassette players.

you can easily listen to CDs with this anti skip portable cd player. It is equipped with 60 seconds to skip free protection. The lightweight and portable unit continue to provide a quick recovery from both vertical and horizontal. The device comes with its own set of stereo earbuds that deliver a great quality sound as soon as one plug them in.

One can use a pair of headphones with a 3.5 MM jack. This mini cassette player operates on two AA batteries, and this device will only play the original and will not play CDR-R, CD-RW, or MP3 disc. The most convenient feature is that the device automatically shut down when the CD is done.


  • It is lightweight and portable.
  • You can easily skip, search, pause, and play while listening to your favourite track.
  • This anti skip cd player for car is easy to find buttons and has accessible buttons on the front.
  • The circular-shaped black colored electronic gadget grabs everyone’s attention.

Customers Feedback:

In deciding to purchase this portable cd player amazon I was somewhat leery due to some of the negative comments, but mine works great! It’s not a “walkman” per se, though it can be carried around the house and not skip. The CD does have to be pushed down and snapped into place and not just balanced on top (like I first tried to do lol) but I’m very impressed with the price! I feel like I paid around $100 for one of these back in the day , so a mere $20 is a total bargain and I’m happy to have access to my CDs! I have some workshops and lessons and such and am thrilled to still be able to listen to my purchased programs via this unit and in my car 🙂

The Coby portable cd player is very reasonably priced and performs just as well as the pricier Sony. On the other hand, I also have cassette books on tape. The Jaras JJ-2016 worked for approximately 3 months and then started slowing down until the words were intelligible. I was promised a replacement 10 months ago but they have conveniently forgotten about it. I will try a Coby and see if I get as good of the best mini cassette player as the cd player. Do not waste your money or your time on the Jaras. They look good but perform badly.

9. NAXA Electronics NPB-268 Portable CD/Cassette Boombox

Portable cd and cassette playerNAXA provides a wide range when it comes to electronic products. The company offers television, a Karaoke party system, boomboxes, and audio electronics, and headphones.

The company is well known for supplying better quality of products in the market for sale. This boombox cassette player is portable yet huge as compared to other Walkman but is durable at the same time. It plays CD and CD-R\RW discs. The device has both AM/FM radio with 40 stations pre-set memory. The device has durable quality and an appealing design that makes it look superior to other cassette players by other companies.

The radio cassette player is of premium quality that has a long life if kept properly. Besides, it is a portable device that can be carried from one place to the other. Therefore, you can take the cassette player to the part pot and listen to the music in crystal clear sound.


  • There comes a 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • It also 3.5 mm audio input for smartphones, iPods, and other devices.
  • The device is a lightweight and portable device.
  • The boombox with cassette and cd player is long-lasting when it comes to durability and quality.

Customers Feedback:

I spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the reviews of countless boomboxes. Many negative reviews. I was wary of newer products that tended to have fewer (of course) reviews, and that did tend to be more positive. Reluctantly bought the new model NAXA NPB-268 portable boombox cd player. Everything works per the product description. Sound is good; both music and voice. Great value for the price. HELLO AGAIN. It is now three years later, and I wish to write that I have had no problems with this product, even after daily CD and tape playing.

I bought the portable boombox with cassette player as a gift but when it came, I tried out all features–the Radio had good sound, the CD Player and Cassette worked and sounded great and I was able to listen to some old Billy Vaughn cassettes I hadn’t heard in years and it was wonderful….now I am planning to ask my children to give me this for Christmas! Nice looking and small enough to be used in many places. The nicest part was that it was made in the USA and had a full small book of instructions as to the operation of each item inside. Color of Black and Silver was vey attractive.

10. GPX BCA209B Portable CD and Cassette Player

Portable radio cassette playerThe company offers a stunning quality cassette player that is durable and attractive at the same time. It is a portable boombox that can be carried to anyone’s house or a party spot.

The product is loaded with many features, such as FM\AM radio CD and cassette player top load disc player. It has an auto-stop at tape end LCD with white blacklight record from radio and CDs. The device also has a rugged built-in stereo speakers metal speaker grill.

This battery operated cassette player also includes AC power cable DC battery power requires 6C batteries. Besides, the look of the cassette player is also unique and appealing. And the buttons are also visible and easy to start and stop the music.


  • The main benefit is that the electronic product is portable and is not that heavy.
  • The product comes with an owner’s manual so that the owner knows how to start the gadget.
  • The old portable cassette player is durable and long-lasting.

Customers Feedback:

I purchased this to play old CDs and tapes for my toddler from when I was a kid. The size is great for a kids room and is easy for transportation. It doesn’t feel like it’ll fall apart or break any time soon. It’s of decent quality, and I like the simplicity of all the buttons/functions. Very straight forward and my three-year-old can already work the stereo in less than a day. Good sound quality. Over all I feel that $40 is too much for such a simple player, but I understand that having a tape player makes it more rare and there’s less competition for such a product. The photo shows the size of the player in comparison with a regular CD case.

The battery operated cassette player is cheap but for the price it does what it needs to do. The instructions are not great but after studying them for a bit it all makes sense. Other have stated the radio station indicator as inadequate and it is but the frequency numbers on the little thumb wheel do line up with the center of the slot. Put a little dab of white out directly above a station with a known number and the rest of the few stations it picks up are pretty close. Using this primarily for CD’s and local stations in a tough work environment with flying metal, grinding, welding, very hot/very cold conditions where electronic entertainment can have a short life and this baby is the deal. Bought two of them for that reason.

FAQs on Best Portable Cassette Player in 2021

How to use a Portable Cassette Player?

A Portable Cassette Player is easy to use and carries its instructions booklet along with the cover. However, the basic knowledge of the product is a must.

To use this product, first, take it out of its packaging and insert batteries inside it at the back of the walkman cassette player. Then press the 'eject' button, which will open the device so you can add your tape. Then place the cassette in the right direction inside the player and close it by slightly pressing it inside. After that, you can hit the play button, and it will start playing your tape. You can even rewind and forward it in case you want to skip any part of the tape.

How to charge the Portable Cassette Player?

Portable Cassette Players use the AA batteries that are put inside them at the back. There are usually two of them requires in a single product. Once these batteries are dried out, you can set the new ones of the same type at the same place again.

However, some cassette players come with the USB charging method that cassette player with usb output can be used the same as you charge your phone or laptop. You can even purchase a power bank for your cassette player to charge it while working or even while playing it at the same time.

Why did Cassette Players go out of trend?

Cassette Players have had been a significant hit since the 80s. The pleasure to sit and work all by themselves with cassette players was the daily routine of the people at that time. But the introduction of iPods and other gadgets in the world degraded the use of cassette players after 2001. But, thoughtfully, no device could have matched the worthiness of this product.

Even in this decade, you get the joy to listen to your tapes and FM radio endlessly without any interruptions. Even more, you can also record your tapes to convert them into MP3s to store the material in a hard disk or pen drives. So, the best bluetooth cassette player can never go out of date and is making a comeback now!

How long do Portable Cassette players last?

Portable cassette players last for as long as the battery inside them lasts. Usually, the product uses 2 AA batteries or can even be charged by a charger in some cases. If this is the case, then your product will last for many years and will not stop working unless damaged. This damage may include the buttons getting loose, or the tape inserter getting stuck.

But these kinds of costs can be easily repaired at any of your local electronic shops. However, if the product is scratched due to falling from some height or getting broken by any means, it might get permanent damage and might stop working.

How to use a portable cassette player in 2021?

Video Transcript:

It’s easy to understand why you might be new to cassette Walkmans in the year 2019. You might have ordered one online out of curiosity but have no idea how to use it or maybe you found one at a long since out-of-service bus depot, along with a few tapes and you think you might know how to use it, but you just want to make sure you’re an expert right off the bat and once you get this all figured out you’ll be lightyears ahead of all the other people that are fiddling with their cell phones to listen to music streaming services on their slow internet connection that keeps cutting out.

So you got your Walkman, most the ones you find should have a few old skateboard stickers on it. As you can see a big feature on this one is it has an anti rolling mechanism. You might gasp your breath at first reading “anti rolling” thinking that it means this unit will only rock and not rock and roll but don’t worry the anti rolling mechanism helps prevent from having undesirable hiccups in the tapes playback speed that could be otherwise occurring when your Walkman is bouncing around while you’re waterskiing and listening to a book on tape.

You’ll notice this Walkman also has an am/fm radio the Walkman should already be switched to tape when not in use because that also means it’s turned off from radio playback. So let’s pop some new batteries in there get your headphones maybe you like little earbuds or you prefer some nice classic red headphones and of course get something to listen to any Bryan Adams tape will do, take out that tape open the Walkman some might have a button release or if it’s like this style.

It will have a nice comfortable tab where you can pull it open from figure out which side of the tape you want to listen to if all the tape is reeled to the left side that means that side is rewound and ready to go put it in with the side you want to hear facing up towards the inside of the lid slide it in just like this, let the tape meet the tape head, plug in those headphones where you see the little headphone symbol. Hit play and start listening… wanna go back? hit stop.

Then the rewind reverse button that’s the double arrow that goes the opposite direction is play and similar deal if you want to skip ahead hit stop then fast forward which is this one want to crank up the volume? just roll up to that volume dial this rising line indicates the rise in volume so roll that way if your Walkman is like mine and doesn’t have a belt clip that’s no problem it’ll fit in the back pocket of your jeans whether you do this step before or after putting on your pants is up to you.

Try listening to that radio now so stop your tape and hey if you want to make your Walkman lighter to carry you can take that portable cassette player with auto reverse out now to hit that switch from tape to radio, decide whether you want a AM or FM over here, then use this tuning dial and find your station watching the marker move along here.

Alright, that was the basics now a few advanced things and some tips and tricks your Walkman might have this switch here what on earth is DX norm local CRO Two Slash Metal?

Well, this has two functions when listening to the radio you’re switching between DX and local it changes the radio sensitivity DX picks up all the radio signals it can reach where local will just pick up the strong signals so maybe there’s a little radio station directly across the street from your house but you find some of those big city stations cut into your local frequencies. Hit this switch to local and you’ll hear the local guys better simple as that when you’re playing a tape this switch is more to do with sound equalizers to accommodate different types of tapes.

Most of my tapes are typed 2 which is the CRO 2 option but anyways there’s certainly a deep rabbit hole you can go down reading into that stuff all I know is that when I actually switch this to the left side here I really start to hear Brian Adams play his electric guitar in rich beautiful sound waves that soar triumphantly to my eardrums. We all know batteries can run out now say unless to heaven by Bryan Adams and my battery dies just as the guitar solo is wrapping up and I know there’s that one last soft rockin’ chorus to come.

Well sometimes you can get a little luck with this trick pop out the batteries flip them around and put them back in you might get that last little bit of juice out of them to get you through the last 30 seconds of the tune won’t always work but man it’s worth the effort when it does in that same situation you might have another option if your Walkman has an AC or DC adapter plug well you just hurry on home to your adapter plug into the wall outlet and keep Rocking and lastly.

If you think you are going to be putting your Walkman into a drawer never to be touched for another 10 years which I would assume is only because you’ve dedicated that Walkman to become your backup Walkman to a newly acquired primary walkman take the batteries out so they don’t corrode over time so there you go you’re all set if you’re interested in learning a way to get your tapes rewound without having to use any battery life I’ve got another video for you over here or down in the description.

What to do if the cassette is stuck inside the player?

Sometimes, your cassette can get stuck inside your player when its tape reels get loose and tangled. But you need not worry if this happens with you. You can quickly recover your tape as well as the cassette.

All you have to do is to open the cassette player to its maximum until it stops pushing backward. Do not try harder as it may break it. After that, find the window where the reel is usually coiled and have a look at the wheel, which has less of reel left in it. Then, take a pen or any other round object and insert it in the roll and gently rotate it. Slowly all the reel will be coiled on the helm again, and you shall have your player and tape safe and sound. In case you have a problem with any of the steps or fear to damage the player, you can take it to some reliable electronics shop.

How can I convert my cassettes into an MP3 file using a portable cassette player?

The best Portable Cassette Players come with the feature to record and save a tape’s audio into an MP3 file. For this, you would require a tape, a drive-in, which you will keep the converted file and your cassette player. To attach the drive with the portable cassette tape player, you will also need a USB cable. Once you have all the required things, then follow the steps.

  • Place the cassette tape inside the player and attach your headphones.
  • Then connect the USB wire with the player and attach your pen drive or any other type of disc with it.
  • After the setup has been done, play the tape by pressing the play button.
  • Turn the volume to the maximum to get the best output. Make sure you can hear it in your headphones loud and clear.
  • After this, hit the record button, and the audio will start recording in the drive.

Once your audio is complete, you can press the record button again, which will stop the recording and detach your drive.

Now play it on your PC and enjoy the tapes.


We hope that this article was beneficial for you to select the best Portable Cassette Player for you. The portable cassette recorder player is on its verge to make a comeback since people have started to realize that there has been no other device as great as this one. You can listen to numerous songs and podcasts. Even you can record your beautiful voice and then turn it into an MP3 file.

This allows you to listen to your audios not only on cassettes but on your smartphone as well. This product brings back the era of the 80s, where people need not have to text each other all day long to tell what’s in their minds.

So, you can just make a mixed tape for your person, and they will know what you feel. This has been the purest and sweetest form to express your friendship and love. And this feeling can never be backed down by any of the modern ways.

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