Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you want to let your device run when if there is a power cut?

Do you want a strong and long life battery power?

Do you want to get very less total harmonic distortion?

If you agree with the above question, then you must buy the best dual fuel inverter generator for your home or any building. This generator will help you enjoying your electronic devices even if there is a power cut. It also provides a very less amount of total harmonic distortion. Listed below are the 10 best dual fuel inverter generator that you can consider buying:

Comparison of 10 Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator in 2021

Buying Guide for the Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator in 2021

Advanced Technology:

If you are planning to buy a dual fuel inverter generator for your home, then the first thing to keep in mind is that it must be designed with advanced technology, especially the PowerRUSH Technology. This technology helps you in delivering its 50% which is half of its capacity so that you will be needed to make the least effort. Without emitting the noise, it gives its best performance and the strong inverter power makes it more strong in strength. Your product must generate the power of 3700 Rated Watts and 4500 Peak Watts. The efficiency of fuel must be very good for your product.

Quite an inverter power:

It is important to consider the feature of quite an inverter power when you buy a dual fuel inverter generator. You must make sure that the noise output must be so low as 52 dBA. The generator you buy must have 18 hours of the run time along with the Gas Tank with a capacity of 3.4 Gallon. It must also include the feature of turning on to the ‘Efficiency Mode’ to take advantage of the maximum efficiency of fuel. In terms of mechanism and capacity, your product must give you a compatible performance.

Two USB outlets:

You must make sure that your product at least has two USB outlets which make them give their better performance through double power by connecting two units. It must have a 4 stroke engine of 79.9 cc that produces the power of about 1600 rated watts and 2000 surge watts and the engine must be an OHV. It must be capable of performing in the construction sites, tailgates and its efficiency should not reduce even during the power outages. It must also include the prong receptacles of 120 volts and two-prong receptacles of 12 volt DC along with a USB port or 5 volts.


Before placing an order for the dual fuel inverter generator, you must check if it is portable or not. It must make it easier for you to carry it from one place to the other according to your preference. Moreover, it must be durable so that you can use it for a longer time without worrying about wear and tear. Choose a generator that is both durable and reliable in its performance. It is recommended to look for the product which has its parts designed with the cast iron so that it becomes sturdy.

Light in weight:

You must ensure that your generator is light in weight so that you can easily carry it if you travel a lot. Look for the product which has its weight between 50 to 70 pounds so that it is easily lifted and you can keep it in whatever place you prefer. You must choose wisely the tank with what kind of fuel according to your budget. The same goes for the propane and some for the natural gas and you can even opt for the battery-oriented generator which saves you from this kind of hassle. Choose the one which has the power of window air conditioner to be 1000 watts.


Your dual fuel inverter generator must be small in size so that it does not take a lot of storage space. Furthermore, it must allow you to get it fit in any corner of your house without worrying about the space. Also, look for the one which has its wheel with a height of about a 2-inch minimum and must also contain the feature of the full control panel. The operational volume of the generator must be around 72 dB only which is normal and is preferred by the Health department also. The run time it offers you must be 17 hours and that should be at a load of 25%.

Remote Start:

For your convenience look for the dual fuel inverter generator which has the feature of the remote start or the electric start. It must also have the system of backup – recoil start and you can start the engine using the only one-touch system. Your product must also include the VFT display so that you will continuously have an eye on volt, frequency, and also the lifetime hours. To uplift your convenience, your product must also include at least two grip handles of the foam. It must also have the function of automatic oil shutdown to save the wastage of fuel.

Telescopic Handle:

Furthermore, your product must also have a telescopic handle for smooth and fast movement. Your dual fuel inverter generator must also include the feature of a sensor that works when there is low oil and automatically shuts – off the device and thus it saves a lot of power and must consume less oil. It must have a frequency of 60 Hz and must also include the function of Ultra – quietness. For such sensitive electronics, it must offer you the powerful cleaning and must be convenient for you to use and must even include either the remote start or electric start.

Less than 3% THD:

Your product must contain the THD also known as Total Harmonic Distortion and it should be less than 3% of the total so that it gets perfectly balanced. Furthermore, it should also have a Key Mob along with this, it must have recoil and electric start and provides you with a run time of at least 17 hours. Make sure that it is safe to use and stands on the industrial norms. In case you are facing long blackouts, then the fuel gauge must have the ability to check on its own the amount of fuel left in the tank.

FAQs on the Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator for 2021

Can your dual fuel inverter generator be connected to your home?

No, you cannot connect the portable generator in your home, and people advise not to connect it directly to any electrical appliances in your home. The reason behind this is that it can cause electrocution which can cause damage to the electric devices that are connected with it and can also cause death to you and is therefore very risky work. To prevent any possible damage it is recommended to install the transfer switch in your product. Also, an experienced electrician is required to do such a task and you must not do it on your own getting an electric shock of high voltage.

Can you run your dual fuel inverter generator continuously for non-stop?

It all depends on the maintenance that you provide to your product to run it continuously for non-stop. While fuelling your product with gasoline, it is important to stop the generator at that time as the gasoline is very flammable and can cause fire and wait for a while to let it cool down. It will help you in taking care of a portable generator and also give attention to its maintenance. When your generator is under any load then you must not let it run out of fuel and keep the tank always full or else it may harm all the devices connected to it.

What happens if you overload your dual fuel inverter generator?

There are many generators available in the market that prevent themselves from their engine from the overloading by having proper use of the circuit breaker. If the engine is overloaded then the circuit breaker present and it will get a trip which will eventually stop the flow of power for protecting your generator and also the other devices connected to it. The circuit breakers require only 10 seconds to get cool down and then after that you can reset your machine by pressing the button of the breakers again.

Can you use your dual fuel inverter generator with an extension cord?

Yes, you can run your portable generator on the extension cord. Moreover, you must use the extension cord which is small as the long one will cause a drop in the voltage. For every 10 meters of the cord, there is a 2-3 drop of voltage and there is a 5 to 6 drop of voltage in the 20 meters of cord, and in case you are using a cord of 30 then there is a voltage drop of 8 to 10 volts. Therefore, the extension cord with long length is not recommended to use with your portable generator.

Is it good for your dual fuel inverter generator to refill the oil?

To extend the life of your portable generator, it is recommended not to refill the tank with oil. And in place of it, you must always change the whole amount of oil. The motive behind this is that the engine oil when exposed to the heat of the engine,  it gets ruin and is of no further use. Furthermore, if you use your engine without changing the oil then it will cause damage to the components and this damage is for a long time. It will affect not only the efficiency of its performance but also the life of your device.

What will happen if the amount of oil used in the dual fuel inverter generator is not adequate?

If you are using your portable generator with a not adequate amount of oil in it then it may increase the resistance of your engine. With the increase in resistance, the oil may get leak out and there may be an emission of the white smoke from the exhaust panel.  which may eventually make the efficiency of its performance decrease. When there is a low amount of oil in your product then there is a caution system that gets reactivates which warns you about the low oil. Moreover, the engine of your product stops and protects the motor from getting burnt.

Does your dual fuel inverter generator produce poisonous carbon monoxide?

Yes, your generator does produce the poisonous gas called carbon monoxide CO which has no taste no color, and even no smell so it is very hard to recognize it. To avoid this toxic gas, you must always use your generator from a place that is far away from any door, windows, or even ventilators.  For the safety of your product,  it is important to read the instruction very well before using your portable generator. You can also install the alarm of carbon monoxide. Which Mein save the life of people living near the generator and it may want them that the carbon monoxide has entered their house.

How long can you leave the gas in the tank of your dual fuel inverter generator?

Although, it is bad for your fuel generator to use the engine without changing the oil but still you can keep using the same oil for about 15 days and change it in place of refilling it. So, it is suggested not to keep using the same gasoline for a long time, and also it is flammable. For the people who are not using their portable generator for a long time, it is advised to them to read about the storage manual and cover the engine and motor and also drain out the fuel from the tank.


It is a wish of every person to do their work without any interruption, so their devices or whatever they are using should run continuously without a power cut. The dual fuel inverter generator helps you in getting a long life of the battery of your device. Such efficiency of performance can be obtained by less amount of total harmonic distortion. We extremely desired that this criticism might have assisted you in understanding every fact about your product that you must be aware of. It might also have helped you in getting the best dual fuel inverter generator for yourself.

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