Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want to let your device run when if there is a power cut?

Do you want a strong and long life battery power?

Do you want to get very less total harmonic distortion?

If you agree with the above question, then you must buy the best dual fuel inverter generator for your home or any building. This generator will help you enjoying your electronic devices even if there is a power cut. It also provides a very less amount of the total harmonic distortion. Listed below are the 10 best dual fuel inverter generator that you can consider buying:

Comparison of 10 Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator in 2020

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Buying Guide for the Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator in 2020

Advanced Technology:

If you are planning to buy a dual fuel inverter generator for your home, then the first thing to keep in mind is that it must be designed with advanced technology, especially the PowerRUSH Technology. This technology helps you in delivering its 50% which is half of its capacity so that you will be needed to make the least effort. Without emitting the noise, it gives its best performance and the strong inverter power makes it more strong in strength. Your product must generate the power of 3700 Rated Watts and 4500 Peak Watts. The efficiency of fuel must be very good for your product.

Quite an inverter power:

It is important to consider the feature of quite an inverter power when you buy a dual fuel inverter generator. You must make sure that the noise output must be so low as such 52 dBA. The generator you buy must have the 18 hours of the run time along with the Gas Tank with the capacity of 3.4 Gallon. It must also include the feature of turning on to the ‘Efficiency Mode’ to take advantage of the maximum efficiency of fuel. In terms of mechanism and capacity, your product must give you a compatible performance.

Two USB outlets:

You must make sure that your product at least has two USB outlets which make them give their better performance through double power by connecting two units. It must have a 4 stroke engine of 79.9 cc that produces the power of about 1600 rated watts and 2000 surge watts and the engine must be an OHV. It must be capable of performing in the construction sites, tailgates and its efficiency should not reduce even during the power outages. It must also include the prong receptacles of 120 volts and two-prong receptacles of 12 volt DC along with a USB port or 5 volts.


Before placing an order for the dual fuel inverter generator, you must check if it is portable or not. It must make it easier for you to carry it from one place to the other according to your preference. Moreover, it must be durable so that you can use it for a longer time without worrying about wear and tear. Choose a generator that is both durable and reliable in its performance. It is recommended to look for the product which has its parts designed with the cast iron so that it becomes sturdy.

Light in weight:

You must ensure that your generator is light in weight so that you can easily carry it if you travel a lot. Look for the product which has its weight between 50 to 70 pounds so that it is easily lifted and you can keep it on whatever place you prefer. You must choose wisely the tank with what kind of fuel according to your budgets. The same goes for the propane and some for the natural gas and you can even opt for the battery oriented generator which saves you from this kind of hassle. Choose the one which has the power of window air conditioner to be 1000 watts.


Your dual fuel inverter generator must be small in size so that it does not take a lot of storage space. Furthermore, it must allow you to get it fit in any corner of your house without worrying about the space. Also, look for the one which has its wheel with a height of about a 2-inch minimum and must also contain the feature of the full control panel. The operational volume of the generator must be around 72 dB only which is normal and is preferred by the Health department also. The run time it offers you must be 17 hours and that should be at a load of 25%.

Remote Start:

For your convenient look for the dual fuel inverter generator which has a feature of the remote start or the electric start. It must also have the system of backup – recoil start and you can start the engine using the only one-touch system. Your product must also include the VFT display so that you will continuously have an eye on volt, frequency, and also the lifetime hours. To uplift your convenience, your product must also include at least two grip handles of the foam. It must also have the function of automatic oil shutdown to save the wastage of fuel.

Telescopic Handle:

Furthermore, your product must also have the telescopic handle for the smooth and fast movement. Your dual fuel inverter generator must also include the feature of sensor which works when there is low oil and automatically shut – off the device and thus it saves a lot of power and must consume less oil. It must have a frequency of 60 Hz and must also include the function of Ultra – quietness. For such sensitive electronics, it must offer you with the powerful cleaning and must be convenient for you to use and must even include either the remote start or electric start.

Less than 3% THD:

Your product must contain the THD also known as Total Harmonic Distortion and it should be less than 3% of the total so that it gets perfectly balanced. Furthermore, it should also have a Key Mob along with this, it must have recoil and electric start and provides you with a run time of at least 17 hours. Make sure that it is safe to use and stands on the industrial norms. In case you are facing the long blackouts, then the fuel gauge must have the ability to check on its own the amount of fuel left in the tank.

Top-Rated Dual Fuel Inverter Generator Reviews for 2020

1. DuroMax XP4850EH 4850 watt Dual Fuel Hybrid generator

Video Transcript:

If you could free yourself from camping in campgrounds that only have hookups would you do it in today’s video I’m going to be covering the Duramax XP 48 50 VH generator it’s this generator that allows me to camp wherever my heart desires.

Stay tuned hi I’m John Luke let’s go now adventures and our channels all about things camping whether you’re camping in a tent or an RV our goal is to help you get out and camp more often we offer tips tricks and things to help you get started or make your experience that much better and in today’s video I’m gonna be talking about the Duramax XP 48 50 eh generator it’s the device that I use to help me be able to camp wherever my heart desires and so here we go you may be wondering why would I watch this video well you might be interested in this video if you’re thinking about purchasing a generator I’d like to be able to show you what the benefits of the Duramax generators are or you’re considering other methods of giving yourself power or maybe you’re just thinking about how do I get power if I’m not camping with hookups well let’s explore those the generators the foundation of this system in that no matter what I’ve always got the.

Generator I can fall back on on good days will use our solar panel to charge the battery and the beauty of the solar panel is its quiet and silent it works all day long without effort from me if you’d like I’ve included the link where you can check out the one we use it’s a Renault G solar panel the link it will be right up here then after that we use two 100 amp hour batteries on our trailer these batteries really do provide the energy and it’s most of the time it’s the batteries we run our devices off the third is we use an inverter onboard our trailer and what that inverter does is it converts that 12-volt power that’s in our batteries into 120 volt AC power you know the kind you have hummed right out of your plugs so we can run things like DVD players and a TV.

If So let’s talk about some of those benefits the XP 4850 eh one of the big reasons I chose it and and this is just a mean thing I like to be able to when I use a large make a large purchase I like to be able to use it for multiple things I can use this in an emergency at my home I can also use it to run my power tools and I can use it for camping to have multiple purposes.

That’s always a plus for me let’s go ahead and talk about some of the other reasons that I chose this generator it can run on propane which is cleaner burning and gasoline it won’t clog your carburetor and it has a long shelf life and it’s a fuel I have around a lot when I’m camping this generator has an electronic start so that it’s real easy to start in cold weather it’s reliable and it starts easy it has plenty of power so that it can run my trailer’s air conditioner on a hot summer day it’s built tough so I chose the Duramax 4850 hybrid because it’s affordable and the last reason was is this generator has incredible reviews it’s got like a 98 or something approval rating from people who have purchased it this generator has a loudness rating of 69 decibels that’s kind of loud but that’s only when you’re standing right next to it it also weighs 127 pounds but what Duramax has done is they’ve provided these two handles too and a real kit that help you get this thing where you need it to be let’s explore those benefits a little bit so one of the great features about this generator is it can run on gasoline which is you put the gasoline right in here the other is you can hook it up I mean this extension hose you can hook it to a propane tank it can run on both fuels just as easily it does provide a little bit more power when it runs on gasoline than it does on propane but the advantage for propane is I have propane around all the time but propane burdens cleaner.

I’m the tank of gasoline it’ll run for about eight hours on about a 20 pound bottle of propane it’ll run for about 12 this generator has an electric starting system I love this system because I can start this and it starts every single I don’t have to do a lot of pulling and a lot of work to get it started which comes in really handy I’ve had to start this generator in the rain and the cold before and it’s just really nice to be able to come out and push this button this generator starting system is powered by a seven amp hour battery you can also start this generator the traditional way.

So this generator gives you three options for power.

You’ve got your 12 volt power coming right off of here this section right here is for your 120 to 40 30 to 2 power your RV the other option it gives you is two 120 volt outlets that you can these are standard outlets that are going to give you up to 20 amps this generator has main breaker an AC breaker and a ground connection all for safety it has a low oil shutoff if you’re running low on oil it will shut it off but a couple things it does also and a good a couple of good practices is there’s a low oil indicator light right here right below the starter button the other thing is before you start your generator each time you probably want to check the oil it only takes about 10 seconds to check the oil but it’s a it’s a worthwhile thing to do to protect your own.

Investment so I’ve included a link in the description below about this generator so if you’d like to find out more information that what I’ve given you please click on that link and check out all the details and features and benefits of the Duramax XP 4850 eh generator 2 accessories that I highly recommend if you’re going to be using a generator would be a hundred and twenty volt it has this connection the four prong connection on one side and then your 30 amp connection on the other side you know the kind that used with your RV the other is a cord like this one which has this four prong generator on one side so you can tap into the 30 amp outlet of the generator on the other side it has four standard plugs this is great around the job.

Site because you can use all your power tools and you can tap into the 30 amps that’s available one thing to be aware of when you’re using any cord with the generator is you really got to be careful of the gauge and the length of the extension cord that you’re using I would recommend at least going with the 10 gauge or thicker wire so anything like a 12 gauge or a 14 gauge which is actually thinner wire is going to be stealing your power so what do you say we fire this baby up so here we go I’m going to be using a propane for this so you I’ve got the propane connected here now what we’ll do is we’ll just connect the propane tank so we’ll just come down here connect it on.

Nice and snug but hand tight that’s as tight as we want it then we’ll open up the flow of propane then right down in here is the choke switch it’s just right over here right above the where the handle it where you pull start it would be so I’m going to come over here and I’m going to hit the starter motor and let’s give it a go.

I’m talking to you.

So I’m now at 25 feet and it’s now down to 62 decibels.

So we’re at 56 decibels at 50 feet so this Duramax 4850 this is the one I selected and if you remember I told you that I one of the things I do when I make a large purchase is I’d like to have it be available for several different reasons and I mentioned in an emergency and on one end in camping on the other end well do max does make two other generators that I’d like to tell you about so depending on your reasons for buying a generator there are two other Duramax products that I’d.

Recommend the first is the Duramax XP 2200 eh 2200 watt dual fuel digital inverter hybrid portable generator say that fast twice this is the generator I would have purchased had I only needed a generator for camping it’s much lighter it’s much quieter and it’s much more portable boy in fact it’s half as loud I’ve included the link to this generator in the description below you go down there and check out all the other details about the XP 2200 the other the big brother of this generator is the Duramax XP 12000 eh it has 12,000 watts of power this one now it weighs 260 pounds it’s not as portable as the others so thank you so much for watching this video today I know that I love this generator it’s been great for me it’s my backup it’s my it’s my one that I I can always go to no matter if it’s cloudy or cold I can always count on the Duramax generator to give me the power that I need to charge my batteries to keep me warm at night keep the food safe in the refrigerator and keep Holly happy so thank you for watching the video today we’ll see you on the next adventure.

2. Champion 3400-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Inverter Generator

Video Transcript:

This video is brought to you by RV genset calm hey guys today we’re doing a generator review not just any generator the champion dual fuel inverter generator also known as model one zero zero two six three very catchy name champion marketing guys this is probably the most popular generator in our online amazon store and by the way this generator was not sent to us by champion we purchased this generator on amazon so thanks to all of you for shopping through our amazon store because it helps finance our show and do these reviews.

What makes this generator special is right here dual fuel you can run this generator either using lpg which is liquefied petroleum gas or good old-fashioned gasoline.

First up the unboxing and setup procedure because it has a built in electric start there is a battery that must be attached so you need to pop open the battery cover attach the battery terminals and then add motor oil like most champion generators this unit ships without any oil do not attempt to start your generator without adding oil first.

You really ideally should put the generator through a little break-in period the break-in period lasts five hours during that time they want you to be running Dino oil or old-fashioned non synthetic motor oil after the five-hour break-in period you can switch over to synthetic oil if you prefer and by the way I always put our Chow fiction modifier in my engines on the left side is where you will find the battery access panel and also the air intake the top of the units or two nice grab handles I really like the design of these champion inverter units it’s just a very logical layout to me on top you’ll find where you add gasoline sadly there is no fuel gauge you’re kind of left guessing when it comes to how much is in the tank inside there is a little filter to help filter out really large impurities in your fuel this unit holds about 1.6 gallons of gasoline ID sticker this unit after unboxing it and removed all the various California of warning stickers on there notice you folks in California should not inhale the exhaust or drink the motor oil either one could be hazardous to your health.

Now let’s taken up close look at the face of the unit in the main control panel on the upper left you’ll see what all the excitement is about this is a fuel selector switch and when it is in the three o’clock position shall we say it’s set to gasoline so now the generator will run off gasoline but we rotate it to the 12 o’clock position we’re set to run off pro-bono LPG liquefied petroleum gas right next to the fuel selector switch is your choke next to the choke is an economy mode switch you need to have this off when you first start the unit.

When this is switched on the engine will throttle down you’ll get a lower noise output during times of lower electricity demand above the economy switch is the on/off switch this unit does have a built-in electric start which is very nice.

To the left you will find the recoil start so in the case of a dead battery for example you can start the unit the old-fashioned lawnmower technique next to those switches you’ll find some warning lights the top is a low oil warning light the unit has a low oil indicator and it will shut off the engine if the engine level gets too low beneath that there’s an overload warning light if you place too much of an electrical demand on the unit then this will illuminate and unit will stop outputting electricity through the outlet so you’ll need to shut everything down and reboot to get electricity out of your generator beneath the overload light is just green output light when everything is running as it should this will light up green next to these warning lights and indicator lights is the RV ready 30 amp outlets and you guys know I love this feature many generators even those that include some form of 30 amp power do not include an RV ready outlet and a lot of generators you have to use an adaptor here.

It’s a usability issue that adaptor is one more element of complexity that can wiggle loose and just cause you some problems with a generator so I really love that champion includes an RV ready outlet to the upper right is a battery on/off switch this will illuminate when it’s turned on and your battery lasts for a couple of days I think without even running the generator anytime the generator is running you are recharging your battery beneath that light you’ll find a couple of circuit breakers 30 amp and 20 amp here we have a couple of 20 amp plugs and to the left.

You’ve got your DC circuit breaker and a 12 volts DC outlets the lower left there is a spot for a grounding wire I’ve never seen anybody actually ground these things.

The feel that I’m sure the best practice is to do so and the lower-right you will find the parallel operation outlets with a set of parallel cables which are not included you can actually run two of these units in parallel to get even more power output how much power are we talking about we look at this generator well it depends on which fuel you’re running when running off gasoline you can expect 30 100 running watts of power that’s consistent power output from this generator but if running off propane that number drops to 2792 running watts tell me roughly 10 percent less if you’re running off of propane the unit is intended to be run off of standard 20-pound and 30 pound propane tanks and of course champion includes the little hose and adapter that you’ll need to attach a propane tank to your generator again we rotate the fuel selector switch to the 12 o’clock position and that reveals the hose quick-connect where we can push in the outer sleeve of the hose and push in the Quick Connect.

Attachments pull it out you can see that the Quick Connect snapped out and now we have a secure attachment to our hose and then we can just easily screw in the other side of the hose to our propane tank now we’re cooking with gas either propane or gasoline we can choose from startup procedure is basically the same whether you’re starting off gas and propane but what when you shut.

Everything down you definitely want to close off the propane at the source and then let fuel starvation shut down the generator.

To the rights of the unit you’ll see the exhaust port and frankly I wouldn’t have any kind of fuel downwind from this generator exhaust because it’s going to kick out a lot of heat when the generator is working and there is a folding handle and that you can use with the wheel kit to move the generator around on the left of the unit are the never flat wheels which guess what should never go flat so it’s a pretty nice little wheel kit and you never have to worry about inflating these wheels also in the Box I’m going to point out the champion includes funnel a little USB adapter that you can plug into 12-volt to recharge your portable electronic devices this propane hose with a regulator and you can attach this little cover your regulator and it helps you with storage because you can just clamp it to one of the handles of your generator if you want so that’s pretty nice little feature and on the back of the generator is where you will find the access panel to add oil to the unit to do an oil change all right so since propanol is what this unit is really all about why don’t we start the generator using propane first of all we’re going to open up the valve on top of our fuel tank.

So now propane is flowing through the regulator down to our unit and I just want to quickly point out you should never ever start a generator indoors because carbon monoxide will kill you in minutes I’m a trained professional do not try this at home kids with that said we’re going to pull out the choke and attempt starting the unit with the electric start.

Engage the economy mode.

Rattle down right now the generators running.

But when you engage the economy mode it gets a good bit quieter.

In order to properly stop this unit what champion really wants you to do is use fuel starvation so you close off the fuel at the source.

It pretty quickly died once it lost the fuel coming from the source all right guys so you can see that our champion dual fuel sits quite nicely beneath our tonneau cover and now it’s time for the weightlifting portion of the competition champion says that this weighs 95 pounds are you ready ready drumroll please I probably wouldn’t want to lift one much heavier but it’s doable this is not meant to roll on gravel.

Might want to hit the gym before buying one of these actually what we’ve done here is orient the exhaust pointed towards the woods because I think in the real world isn’t that what you would do now if you’re in a campsite you’re just gonna orient the exhaust in the best possible manner directly toward those neighbors you don’t like next we’re going to place our digital sound meter 25 feet from the generator which for some reason is the industry standard for these things.

She’s only 14 25 feet from the generator to try to minimize any kind of sound bouncing off our truck we’re gonna clear it out of the area just a bit for a pristine laboratory environment generators running outside right now on gasoline I’m turning on the AC set to Arctic 50 degrees I want this thing to be a meat locker and fan is on low so there comes our cool air now let’s check the noise so we’re currently running our air conditioner on low fan and I’m gonna get quiet and we’re gonna see what the digital sound level meter reads so actually it’s clocking in a little bit quieter than maybe I expected champion claims a noise output level of 59 decibels I do have it in economy mode right now and just running the air conditioner on low fan and it was about what fifty seven and a half to fifty eight decibels again that is with the exhaust pointed away from us next I’m gonna rotate the exhaust to the side and just see what kind of difference that makes.

So now we’ve rotated the exhaust to the side I’m gonna get really quiet hopefully the cicadas will get quiet I’ll see what kind of noise out but we have.

With the exhaust pointed aside noise was kind of going back and forth between 59 and 60 decibels depending properly on these cicadas we’re in the South right now.

These insects get pretty noisy late in the day in this particular time of day so we’re kind of at the mercy of our environment here

All right so not too bad and again that was on gasoline gasoline will output a little bit more power than propane but now we’re gonna have some fun and we’re going to put the duel fuel to the test this is a pretty much garden-variety tank of propane that you can pick up at any big box home store.

Rotate your selector to put a final so we’ll just push this back slide it in one end of our hose and make sure it’s securely fastened and you can see everything set to propane I’m gonna open up the fuel ideally you should probably double check everything for leaks and ideally yes you want to start your generator without having your RV plugged into it and with economy mode turned off then pull out the choke.

It’s a lot quieter.

Plug in our camper.

On there they see.

Now we’re running the generator completely off propane we’re gonna turn on the air conditioner and see what kind of noise output there is AC is on come on.

There goes.

I can confirm we have cool air coming out of our air conditioner vents much needed tonight that you haven’t noticed I’m soaking wet over here the things I do for you.

Know that we have the exhaust pointing sideways I’m gonna go check the digital sound meter.

Right at 59 that’s where the pointed decide I’m gonna rotate the exhausts to back neck.


So yeah pointing the exhaust back towards the woods it’s getting about 58 decibels of noise output running the air conditioner on the low fan right now I’ll just say it’s matching champions claims which is not been the case with every generator with test.

Really have an issue with our.

Environment here the cicadas are pretty loud so we’re gonna turn off the generator and see what our face noise floor is.

Wow yeah so we’re surrounded by cicadas here in the low-low hon a tional forest and just with no generator running at all at times they can produce 59 decibels of noise so that says something about these guys and that’s why I’m not a NASA scientist running a research lab here I would say to my ears the unit sounds like I expected basically it has met champions claims for noise output so if 59 decibels works for you that’s what you’re gonna get.

Champion has done a great job I think imbalancing build quality and costs I find that these cases although they are plastic they’re a pretty durable hardy plastic we’ve had our other champion for two years now and have had really no issues whatsoever.

With regard to its performance it started every time we wanted to start it’s powered everything we’ve needed it to power I would say the only question in my mind concerns the noise output these champion units are a little noisier than Honda in Yamaha and atima so you have to decide whether the noise output works for you that would be my only reservation the unit has a three year limited warranty and championed by the way has an excellent reputation for customer service if you do have any kind of problem with your generator I’m pretty confident that champion will do what’s necessary to make you the customer satisfied so that’s it guys a look at the champion dual fuel inverter generator a great little generator that produces electricity that’s safe for portable electronic devices do you have one of these units if you do please chime in the comments let us know how it’s working out for you if you’re in the market for one of these units we invite you to do your shopping through our store and Amazon and slash shops last long long honeymoon or through RV genset calm until next time I’m Shawn this is long on honeymoon where we say lo lo ho this video is brought to you by RV genset calm.

3. Westinghouse iGen4500DF Dual Fuel Portable Inverter Generator

Video Transcript:

In today’s video we’re gonna be looking at a pretty amazing generator and I say that because this thing is loaded with features now of course you could run on gasoline but this thing even runs on propane it uses the same tanks that you use for your gas grill but the features don’t stop there because you’ve even got remote start best part is it’s actually affordable so let’s take a look at this generator and what it can do and put it through all the tests I’ve reviewed a lot of generators but I’ve never seen one that has the features of this or the same ease of use and that’s what makes this so different this is the.

Westinghouse iGen 4500 DF generator now the DF means dual fuels so that means gasoline or propane and as we unbox this thing let’s take a look at what you get inside of course you’re gonna get basics like things like a book but what I love that they include is all the propane components you need you get the.

Regulator right there along with a connection hose now there’s been.

Generators available for years that ran on propane but you had to kind of put them together yourself or modify them this thing comes from the factory ready to go with everything you need you see that you also get the oil a funnel even some trees to get started now this is very different especially in this price category now this thing weighs a little bit but they’ve done something really clever here it’s got this pullout trolley handle lets you balance the machine you can easily transport it around then a great job with this control panel as you can see there’s a ton of stuff in a small space I love that they put these rubber protective covers on there to keep the outlets from getting rain or dirt in there and you’ve got a question RV outlet along with the standard household plugs but you’ve got a slew of other stuff including this magic switch which is how you switch between gasoline or propane they’ve really made it that easy and in addition of course you’ve got parallel operation outlets which just means that you can connect two of these together if you want and they’ve even included things like this USB plug so you can power things like your phone or a computer and this last digital data center they call it is really just a control panel that’s going to tell you what’s going on but they also even give you a digital gas gauge which is very unusual and just like a fancy car you’ve even got.

Push-button start which is pretty cool and you do have a pull start cord as well if you need it for our first test we’re going to use just regular gasoline to run the generator now a couple of important things that make.

Is different is there’s no choke on this generator and all that means is that once you’ve put your fuel in and you pull start it there’s nothing else to worry about where most generators have a manual choke so as you can see this thing just runs and you don’t have to touch it again and this has a three point four gallon gas tank and that will allow you to run up to about eighteen hours depending on your load but now things are gonna get very different for this generator because we want to run it on propane so we’re gonna take a regular type of propane tank that you use safe for your gas grill now they include this thing right in the box and this is your propane regulator and this is bigger than the one you’re gonna have in your grill but it functions exactly the same and that large piece right there is going to connect to the tank with that small blue connector and it’s really easy to do but I recommend starting first by switching the unit to the propane position and then when we undo this little plug you’re gonna see that brass fitting there and this is where you’re gonna connect the small end of that hose that they include in the Box you’ll start by hand threading the connection and you do this because you don’t want to damage the threads but what’s great is they even include this small wrench.

That’s perfectly sized for that nut so that you can snug it up and make sure that it’s gas tight now we’re gonna grab the other end of the hose and that’s where your regulator is now this is exactly the same type of setup you’ll have for your gas grill and you’re gonna thread this on to your tank now no tools are required here you don’t want to use an a you’re just gonna Snug it up as tight as you can by hand and make sure that you’ve got the regulator pointing down just like I’ve shown there with the black hose pointing to the ground now we just turn the valve in the propane tank to the open position in less than one minute we went from gasoline to propane mode so it’s pretty amazing now all we’ve got to do is fire it up we’ll turn this switch to the run position you’ll make sure that that efficiency mode switches in the off position and finally just push the push button to start it up and this thing fires right up it’s run smoothly and there’s no choke involved so you just sit back and now the.

Generators running being able to run on propane and gasoline makes this thing a lot more versatile now you should note that when you’re running on propane you’re only gonna get about 3,300 Watts because propane is always gonna put out a little bit less power and that cool digital gas gauge unfortunately doesn’t work when you’re using propane because it can’t tell how much is in the tank here we’re gonna connect a load to the generator now that’s only a small heater but it does use 1500 watts and running this heater was perfect on this.

Generator didn’t cause any issues and it ran smoothly they should be aware that that digital gauge in the front will give you things like load runtime operating hours which is pretty amazing for a generator the cost under $1500 now this generator is very quiet in fact right here it’s about 25 feet away and it’s running at its maximum speed this is as loud as it’ll get and it’s only about 58 to 59 decibels and it was very very quiet for our necks aound test we’re going to put that efficiency mode on and that just means that the.

Generator is going to run to whatever the load is so in this case 56 decibels is about the quietest this generator will be and that still is very very quiet now many of us have remote.

Starters in our cars and trucks and you know how handy they can be but you might be surprised that you can actually find one of these on a generator and this I jen 4500 DF also includes a remote starter and this can be very handy especially if you’re in a campsite or you want to just be able to remotely control it and it is so simple to use you just push the button to either on or off and the machine will completely fire up and this is one having no choke is really.

Because if you had a manual choke a remote starter could never work properly but in this case it’s simple to use and you have complete control over the machine.

Overall this generator is absolutely awesome because they packed it full of features made the price affordable and you get the dual fuel operation.

I’ve never reviewed a propane generator in the past because they were usually garbage you had to either hack up your own generator or they were like a homebrew solution this is a factory built model that everything gets.

Included in a box and you’re ready to use it no matter what kind of fuel you want to use so I hope that you enjoyed this video got you to see something you may not have even known existed and if you did please give me a thumbs up subscribe to my channel for more videos coming up.

4. Champion 3500-Watt Dual Fuel RV Ready Portable Generator

Video Transcript:

Hello boys and girls today for your consumption we have a brand new champion generator this is I believe the 1 0-0 307 it is a dual fuel generator it runs both on gas and propane and it’s a 3500 running watt generator we’re going to unbox it and give it its first run ok so first of all the generator comes pretty well packaged I mean it’s got this big styrofoam piece on top there’s hunka hunka cardboard and the generator itself is encased in foam this was delivered I bought it from Home Depot and had it shipped to my house so let us dig into it I will extract it from its box and we’ll see how she goes oh my god children is that not the prettiest thing you’ve ever seen whoa alright so it comes with it comes with the propane adapter so you can hook it up to a propane tank it comes of course with the manual and a quickstart guide so I guess you can start quick so I’m gonna hunt around here see if they give us any oil with this if not I’m gonna have to get some standby all right guys they I checked through the manual and such and this does not ship with any oil included with it of course it is dry of oil right now but you have to provide oil it doesn’t come in the box so they.

Recommend a 10w30 automotive type oil and they do give you this very pretty little oil funnel oil funnel.

Alright guys so I got some Earl so let’s do this ok so I know why they give you this pretty little funnel because to get the oil in this machine the fill plug is way underneath here and believe me there is not much clearance from here to the ground so it’d be somewhat challenging but we’ll get her done alright so this calls for point 6 litres of oil and I just happen to have my handy dandy measuring cup so in we go.

Point 6 alright guys they said to put in up to point 6 liters of oil which I did I put in point 6 liters and it turned out to be just a little too much I had a little bit did overflow but no harm done so let’s move on alright guys so for our first run we’re gonna run it on propane so let’s hook up the included propane adapter.

We’ll get this on there goes on nice and easy.

No big deal I’m going to give it a little bit of snug just a little not much alrighty let’s hook up our propane done alright guys here’s a neat feature of this generator it has two I guess fuel directors you have a fuel cutoff switch for gasoline and you also have on this side a fuel cutoff switch for propane so we’re gonna turn the propane on which means we just put it with the inflow will make our propane live already so we should have flow o righty so it says to put the choke on 75% for LP and.

Percent for gas so we are going to try with propane so we’ll put the choke to 75% and here we go.

First pull in real-time champion dual fuel Jetta wait a minute there is an on/off switch here you have to turn the switch on I almost forgot.

Alright here we go again it first real-time the owner 100% choke 75% choke is it being a little cranky.

Well cutting off the LP gas shuts it down right away which is cool I like that and just because of what happened there I’m gonna try and restart it right now and see if she just kicks right up put her on see what happens.

All right well it does work so I already have a generator why did I buy this one all right guys the first reason and I know it sounds cliche but two is one and one is none if for some reason I’m in a pinch or I’m in a bind and I have to pull out the old Chinese generator and for some reason that doesn’t fire up I have an issue I do run my equipment at least once a month just to make sure they run but hey you never know.

The second reason I bought this is the fact that it’s dual fuel alright I like this option because you know sometimes you can get caught short on gas you might only have five or six gallons laying around the house and seeing as I run a barbecue I have a small travel trailer and I keep some backups I generally have about four full tanks on site at all times.

Four tanks of propane that is 20 pound tanks so that’s a great option if I need it and I can run for you know a little bit more time than having to worry about go out and get gas or whatever the third reason is I do on a small travel trailer and this comes equipped with a 30 amp RV plug which is really convenient because I could plug my travel trailer into this and I could run everything on my travel trailer off of this generator with no problem whatsoever okay so all in all it’s a very nice generator I do not know if the starting issue was something I did maybe you guys could comment it did ask for 75% choke.

But then again today it is about it’s probably around 77 degrees right now so it is warm maybe the propane had to get through the carburetor what have you I don’t know.

But to tell you the truth I have no doubt that this thing will start when I needed to start and it looks like a pretty good unit so if I get enough runtime on it I’ll do an update.

Some point but if you have any questions let me know until then get outdoors enjoy your friends enjoy your family make some memories Happy Trails out.

5. Pulsar G12KBN Heavy Duty Portable Dual Fuel Generator

Video Transcript:

All right today we’re going to do a little unboxing video I got this actually a little while ago.

It’s the Pulsar it’s a twelve thousand watt generator dual fuel I got this on a pretty good deal from ebay came on a pallet no problems can’t came pretty quick well we’re just going to open it up to see what’s inside the box so let’s go ahead don’t mind we’ll mess in here this is all my Christmas stuff it’s usually put away but the wife has it everywhere in my shop.

This thing is really heavy like really heavy.

That’s my son so quickly learn see looks like there’s some paperwork right there pretty quick I will make another one I have my electrical I’ll figure it out yeah looks like you have your gas line or propane because it does gas and propane it comes with its own regulator comes with some wheels like a hard plastic some other accessories looks like okay these are the stands for the front owner’s manual but then this is a pulsar as you can see right here twelve thousand watt generator dual fuel so I got this basically back up my home or in case I need it for a welder or many other things but it’s going to pause the video right okay so thick cardboard I just went ahead and cut all the sides gallon regular gas tank takes on Linda spirit horse looks pretty nice there’s no damage to the box at all coming from the carrier so that’s always a good thing.

But this pause video I’m going to turn this thing around alright so here’s the front of it this thing is super heavy but uh as you can see it comes with its own battery here’s the fuel for the propane you just take a quick look it’s got the 50 amp 30 amp so the different plugs got to regular 20 amp they all have circuit breakers looks like and how a reader will get into this a little bit more it’s gonna today I’m gonna get the wheels on and all that stuff we’ll see how difficult that is and then I’ll live a little bit alright so we got the wheels on super easy.

The handles super easy literally a bolt that goes through with a nut and then here there’s a pin that goes through and has a cotter pin on the other side I mean took like five minutes honestly and this thing is heavy.

It’s like 240 pounds on my back but you can see like moving around piece of cake so we got that done I did realize I believe the ad said it was like comes with everything but I just realized it doesn’t come with any oil comes with the funnel a little funnel and it comes with with this to measure I don’t know I’m not sure so I’m gonna have to pause the video and then oh one thing we do need to do still is connect the cable the battery cable but Dylan if you can zoom in right here and get a little better better shot one thing I didn’t notice too when I was before I was purchasing this thing um I had some people that complained about this being here and in the way of the wheel so when you plug it in usually they have like that 90 so right here it’s over here now so when you plug it in it’s not gonna interfere with the wheel so I did notice that which that’s pretty cool.

So let me probably go get some oil well connect the battery and connect some propane to it we’ll fire it up so we’ll be back in a minute.

Yeah all right well when I got some oil matter of fact let me don’t worry about it.

I just went and picked up some 10w30 oil I got three quarts it actually took a little bit more than one quart so I don’t know I just got the cheaper stuff they have of like this is further I don’t have to break in and all that stuff so I got the cheapest stuff ahead anyways so we got the handles on we got the wheels on we connected the battery and I want to connect the hose I hope I have enough propane tank.

I’m just gonna use an adjustable crescent wrench just go back to the to the oil real quick here is the where you check the oil this is actually the drain plug basically you’re gonna fill the oil until it hits the edge of the cap right here and screw it but this way you check it it just you drain it till it hits the edge right there basically I’m not sure if you saw that but it is at the edge and I want to get well all the places on so we got this is connect this to the that’s just hand tight and then let’s open it up and then since this is the first cart we’re probably gonna have to let me locate the choke chokes over here on the side I’ll get another picture of that here in a second.

Let’s choke it all the way and let’s see what happens.

Disconnected it says normally I would shut it down here um and then let it drain out but it’s probably not really a big deal but that’s really it for shouldn’t I mean the thing ran perfectly startup perfect I don’t really I mean what else can you expect from this thing um we plugged it in anyways to go back I don’t know if you can look down here Nathan.

Or if you guys can see but I was talking about this before but this uh they fixed the issue with the plug which is pretty nice.

Of course you got the two well actually four plugs here the 1430 here so right here is the you have an hour meter it tells you your frequency and your voltage and it was like at 61 uh for the frequency so like 61 Hertz and then it was of course it says zero hours and then it was pumping out 239 volts is what it was saying so I’m sure there’s a little bit of a break-in period but overall I mean I actually got this on a deal I paid 650 bucks for it.

So I just kept waiting and waiting waiting and looking my transaction with the ebay seller I’ll put the link in the description but it was perfect like I said this just to back up my my home I live in a California where they’re always turning off the electricity and stuff so I’m gonna have electrician come in I will do another video on that how I’m gonna set that up probably gonna back to you to put my shop I’m not really exactly sure but for the meantime if they cut my power off I can always just plug into here I got to have a pretty stout cable.

I have one right here so this is a th I may even get a six but we’ll see anyways this is a kind of like just an unboxing a for start-up of this pulsar I didn’t really see too much on the 12,000 watt on youtube so it’s just quick video and hopefully help you guys out but.

Completely satisfied with my purchase from the beginning once I get everything else installed we’ll do another video and we’ll see see how things are going in anyways peace.

6. DuroMax XP2000EH Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Video Transcript:

Like today I’m going to be doing an unboxing and review of the Duramax XP mm eh this is the newer 2000 watt inverter generator that has the dual fuel capability and I got a random 15% off ebay coupon when you bought it in app so I paid just a hair over three hundred dollars including free shipping so like three hundred six dollars with Free Shipping for this unit right here so the primary use that I’m gonna be using it for is to power my lance truck camper RV when I’m in scenarios where we don’t have any kind of shore power and I do plan on using this for the air.

Conditioning as well since I have a smaller 9,000 BTU roof-mounted air so I’m going to put it through the paces see if how well it works and like I said the main reason I want this one is because it’s a dual fuel capable generator and it can run on propane which is important that way I don’t have to carry gasoline with me with the camper and the top we’ve got our whole setup for the propane your regulator and your hoses oil fill funnel which is nice alright here’s the unit itself if it looks kind of familiar to you it’s because it’s based off of a pulsar generator it’s actually made by pulsar as well you know it’s a better price it is essentially the same unit as the Pulsar dual fuel 2200 watt generator on the front here you’ve got your switch for your LP or gasoline and the gas actually gets plugged in right here your LP connection you’ve got to basically 15 watt power outlets you can connect the generator with the parallel kit just like you can even buy one of the cheap Harbor Freight parallel kits and will work with this your engine switched your choke I just got a few simple low oil light overloaded and an output light so quick start check oil engine ship without oil so we’re going to put oil in it.

Check gas add as needed etc etc other side is your propane quickstart guide so i’ll probably go ahead and run gas in at first get it through the brake head period alright so now i’ve got our generator unboxed I’m gonna go ahead and put the oil in to do that you have to take out the two screws on the side here I just comes off as you can see here’s our oil fill and we’ll take 0.35 litres or eleven point eight ounces of ten to a thirty I like I said we’re going to fill it with regular non synthetic oil and you feel it basically until it’s about to spill out of the hole it’s an easiest way to figure it out now we’re gonna run it for five hours.

And then after you’ve run it for five hours I’m gonna break in we will go ahead and I put a little load on it after it started we’ll go ahead and change the oil and it’ll be ready to go alright so filled this old water bottle with approximately eleven point eight ounces pour it in here just for good measure we’ll screw the dipstick in and pull it out and check the oil level on the dipstick and it’s full ready to go put a little bit of gas in five hours there’s a fuel switch on the cap it’s already in the on position make sure we’re switched over to gas pull the choke engine in the run position the carburetor fill up for a second first start fired right up on the first try it’s pretty president.

An echo mode right now which means it’s gonna run at a lower rpm.

So I’m going to switch it off the echo mode so it runs full rpm like I said we’re gonna let it run for about five hours break-in.

Like a lipoma

It is very quiet while running

The fans almost

All right so it’s been five hours now we’ll change the oil and we’re gonna go ahead and hook it up to the RV and see if we can get it to work so i’ve got it connected for powerline an RV here right now when you’re using a smaller generator like this in your RV it’s a good idea to shut down your power converter if you can when you’re trying to turn on the AC because that can put it over the edge so in my case I have a solar system on the roof which I can use to keep the batteries charged I don’t need the converter necessarily going all the time but I’m gonna try it with both on just to see if I can handle it and we’ll go from there.

And so start I just turn it on low fan no problem generator didn’t even make a noise.


My four

No problems with the AC try the microwave

You can hit a generator runaway up but it’s able to do it

Electric water heater

No problem so remember all of these different things you’ll have to have them only go in one at a time you can’t run your microwave and especially your electric hot water heater any two of these things together would stop your generator but so far I’m impressed it runs the air conditioner fine.

Alright so in my case again this is a truck camper with only a 9,000 BTU air conditioner if you have a 13,000 or 11,000 BTU air conditioner you may need a soft start kit installed on the AC for this generator to be able to run it so just keep that in mind most our views would require a 3,000 watt generator or above to power the AC without some kind of soft start kit but I can confirm that the Duramax XP mm eh does work well the next thing to do will be to try it on propane that’ll be it for a different video.

Alright the video was helpful give it a like please subscribe and we’ll see you next time.

7. Pulsar 5,250W Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Video Transcript:

Happy Friday everyone it’s a little warmer today thankfully I’m not in my full coal gear today is a bit of a different video I’m gonna do an unboxing video of the generator my brother Sammy y bought one never done one before – why not the model PG 5 – 5 0 be fixed by Pulsar it is a dual fuel generator which means that uses two fuels instead of like one normally gas or diesel this also uses propane super excited about that got a trench dug for a huge propane tank so this thing is a incredible and really couldn’t have come at a perfect time more perfect time alright.

Hey look at that I got a free piece of project board out of it.

Awesome instructions

Do not return this product the store pretty sure every single item has that hey Aria come here come here.

Oh yeah come here when you see your dog just run in a straight line with their fur up you know something’s going on hello neighbours goatherd Aria leave them be come here now where was I okay no flat wheels solid that’s gonna be awesome.

Oh wow look at these we have to go see dogs or just grazing

Sorry I’m watching this interaction between the goatherd the two Guardian dogs for the go herd and my single dog good girl oh yeah come I know.

Hey leave it be alright so thank you that’s an unboxing on farm setting for ya hopefully all the necessary hardware is to install anything and everything I see what actually came with a wrench this is a spark plug wrench and it came with two split wrenches a 10 13 and a 10-8 ones gold one silver.

That’s got to be almost three times my other generator look at that a funnel with a hose on it sorry I love.

Accessories I think it’s great

They have some blocks I don’t know if it’s blocking see it a block of wood strapped here the big zips I don’t know what for but oh yeah good dog man I swear if I look away for a second with a goat here nearby she’ll be up in the hill mile away.

Wow four gallon fuel tank laughs all right so I’m just checking out the cards here it’s like a converting card so this can convert from gas to propane mid running apparently so when you convert from gas to propane you start the engine make sure it’s running on I guess gas unplug your load move the fuel selector to liquid propane and then when the engines stable reconnected I assume there’s some rough transition that’s pretty incredible it says if the ambient temperature is below zero start the engine with gas first and then convert to liquid proper I hope I don’t have to experience that okay so let’s hope this will click the propane regulator yep that saves me 30 bucks so this goes to the propane tank or whatever and this threads right into the generator somewheres.

Okay Wow

So you know I totally forgot that my son has like at a minute timer so I will he did this huge like who knows how long rambling on to myself without a recording so whoops I went over the operating instructions went over all the cool accessories that came with it and just a gauge panel so this is rated for when using gasoline 50 to 50 Pequots that’s the spike forty to fifty rated watts meaning it can run that all the time on profanes raise a little lower at forty seven hundred fifty Pequots and rated to run all the time at thirty eight fifty so there’s a whole bunch of warning labels everywhere.

Make sure to add in two note of the crank case we got a warning label right here to not pull this until you add oil I checked the dipstick and there actually is oil but just on the tip of it so it’s probably just a coating inside let’s see here so now I just want to go over the switch panel here real quick so we have this is the lever it looks like to switch from propane to gas and this right here kills the circuit this is an hour meter which is built in which is incredible I noticed that the very very last second counts up the hours as you run the unit tells you exactly when you need to change your oil if you pay attention to that thing me I do I haven’t bought one for another generator that ended up losing but these are really really nice right here’s a circuit breaker kill for this this is a ground port looks like we have AC 120 up here 80 240 down here and this is like for welders and stuff so this is also the liquid propane.

Hook up and now what I’m gonna do is go ahead and get some oil I’m going to add it to this thing so we can get it started and see how its house so just stare at this beautiful generator for a minute well I get the loan okay so it’s a really far walk as I’m sure you noticed.

So it says 10:30 I need to use Oh 20 because of the temperatures out here with the other generator you know I I could try using just the standard weight like I have been but my gut instinct is that I’m gonna run the exact same issue just because I’m looking here to see if this was like packed with insulation or anything and you know it’s not our ya get over here alright awesome I was about to buy one of these the other thing I couldn’t bring myself to spend the two bucks on it so 600 liters two of these full will fill this tank okay I could install the wheels and stuff first I guess maybe I’ll do that real quick I’m just going to reference it to make sure I like I believe that those pins without a thread are for the wheels all right cool I’m just checking the oil chart here to see what we can use and Oh twenty eight listed but guess what full synthetic 5w30 is so and they have some notes below 40 degrees the use of si 30 will result in a difficult start above 80 the use of 10 30 may cause increased oil consumption check level more free-flying.

Well explain some stuff another generator how to gap the plug how to clean the air filter that’s pretty cool oh look at this a wattage guide hairdryer 1250 zero surge Watts meaning it takes a lot more first before it consumes 1250 circular saw 2300 surge Watts 1400 consumption.

This explains why my other generator when I tried to run a power tool just died alright well you know boring stuff here but I’m just kind of checking out reference information and trying to find the wheel diagram honestly.

Okay so the four bolts that are provided are for the handle and then you up here it is okay so wheel giant pin washer and a cotter pin or hair hair clip pin or whatever you want to call it great alright now to the adding oil stuff I should probably restart this video to Fred time again okay.

Remove the dipstick and put it in a safe location which I always fail to do so for a safe location for me is right here there’s a couple little pieces of black stuff here immediately introduced into the unit I’m going to put this in their little crankcase start measuring the fluid here and it stuff flows like holes water down syrup I don’t know if you ever made your own syrup with maple lean and brown sugar and water but okay so two of these equal to the crank aids volume according to the instructions I’m just going to fill it up with exactly what it says and not worry about checking the level.

If your crankcase is supposed to hold a certain amount and you put that amount in and the overflows a whole bunch and got tons left over you didn’t let it drain long enough.

Other 300

I just know it’s gonna overflow up is that little coating of oil on the crankcase all right there we go 600 milliliters oil minus the stuff on the container sidewall luckily I parked on the semi level land the oils right at the top of the threads where it should be okay.

All right there we go

Oil check now I can pull on this thing and it won’t do too much damage that’s honestly why they probably code it from the factory you know there’s gonna be like there’s some idiot that’s gonna ignore this giant tag here that says don’t pull me clean add oil we might as well add a little bit so it doesn’t sit there like scraping metal against metal okay I kind of want to put.

I guess I’m just going to install them sorry that’s just turned from an unboxing you’re along for the ride can I just exit the video Wow damn moves there’s some fat washers look at that now these are getting installed like this smooth side out this little hub side in towards the generator one of these slides through we’ve got a washer that goes over and then a hairpin that goes into walk it from exiting I almost want to get this put on the ground these wheels but.

Containers out of my way and honestly it doesn’t feel like 80 pounds

Maybe that’s what four extra gallons of gas in it but it’s pretty heavy though I know that much I just know all right one wheel installed now the question is make it easier or more difficult.

Forgot for a second

All right great now the vibratory feet anti vibe each scene I have one extraordinarily I got a look at this hardware listing and to see what’s was I have two fat ones four small ones luckily the nuts match up that’s how many big ones I got how many small ones here’s a big hole it probably ain’t the best way I know that’s why explosion diagram is a parts list exists but it still works out process of elimination early in the morning I still got energy or had so things seemed easier to move sometimes than they are okay anyways now I got these this is really easy I just lift this up slide these through do I mention that I’m so excited they provided a wish.

I can’t help but like stare at the internal workings of this and like notice how different is compared to mine my other one I know this is mine now too but.

All the propane stuff is very different alright so I got one little foot on now I’m coming over here to this other foot on anti vibe but I go shoot I mean maybe since I’m not gonna be moving it I should leave all this stuff it’s nice alright so I trained at a time I’m a video again but luckily this time it was like 10 seconds so I’m just saying it’s nice to have these they’re quick and you do your move in case I don’t like them for whatever reason I can’t foresee that happening but just in case this should be easy to take off so this is an you know use wrenches.

I’ll let you know secret I hate looking in wrenches I think that’s why sockets mine than it is because someone like me was like you know what this is a joke and got so annoyed all the show-offs that can sit there and use an open end wrench like a ratchet head he just went in the vendor the ratchet so I like to think anyway I’m sure that’s not okay well I’m gonna have to tighten this up a little more later now let’s install this thing here looks like probably goes here opposite side of the wheels usually it’s necessarily supposed to fold over the top or whatever cuz I could flip it in it could be on the bottom like this and then I lift it up to here you know that seems like it might actually make more sense because then this stop would stop and I would then lift the generator up and then when it’s done it would sit straight down that makes more sense to me it’s how I design it let’s hope it doesn’t mean it’s the other way around you get scratched on the nose Aria doesn’t like you.

I don’t know why you

I’m guessing I need a 1013

I do like that man that’s incredible I you know I would recommend a generator just off the fact that yeah guess what they include all the tools you need to install the damn thing you don’t have to go buy crap for it you just get it and how it works both of those champion generators I gotta had to go get something honey whatever it was it wasn’t a spark plug or anything ridiculous like that oh just like huh that’s weird all right so that’s installed enough this is the sad part you’re gonna gotta crush this tube a little all right.

I’m guessing this nut goes here well that’s another proof I guess that I have that this is on the right track I even did look at the dang instructions a minute ago but you know what already lost the Miami picture.

This is kind of a funny little useless touch this plastic bracket but it’s awesome

Someone’s here I gotta put on aria Hey my pain is here all right so I got the generator off the tailgate the propane guy showed up so I had to move the vehicle and then rolled over here guess what those giant wheels they actually work in this fluffy sand believe it or not it’s great so now I’m out here gonna add fuel see if it starts well I put on that gas edemen register on get out of here Justin moma the gas barely can register on that thing.

Ready all right so that’s what happened oh ho don’t affect much all right so all right for working awesome bro thank you so much would you match the president the good news.

8. Sportsman GEN2200DFI 2200 Watt Dual Fuel Inverter Generator

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody this is Franco and I just picked up one of these sportsman duel fuel inverter generators so this is the 2200 surge wah 1800 running watt model.

It’s very similar to generators that you would buy from Harbor Freight or maybe Northern Tool except this is a dual fuel model so it can run on gasoline or propane the model number is gen2 to 0-0 dfi.

So I purchased this because a I wanted a smaller quieter generator B I wanted something that would produce a nice clean pure sine-wave type of power that would be safe for sensitive electronics.

But I really wanted this dual fuel setup because where I live here in Florida when we have hurricanes one of the first things that happened is the gas stations run out of gasoline.

So if you’re able to grab the propane tank off of your grill you have an alternate source of fuel that you know may get you through the the weather event or whatever it is that you’re running into.

So that was the big sell for me specs you can see them here right on the front of the box if you want you can pause the video and look at this and there’s also some more information on the other side of the box which I will try to hold for you here for a second.

There is an interesting note it says surge Watts running watts may be reduced by 10% when using propane fuel versus using gasoline.

So yeah, when you’re using propane you’re not going to get as much power out of the generator which I guess makes sense.

Okay so let’s fire this thing up well actually let me give you the walk around the generator here quick before we fire it up so that’s what the front panel looks like pretty typical stuff.

Very similar to most any other generator like this that you’ve seen it is parallel capable so you can tie two of these sportsman generators together.

If you purchase their optional parallel kit I think it’s around fifty dollars this generator has an economy mode which basically what it does is the motor.

The engine idles at a lower rpm it saves fuel when it needs power it idles up you know it’s pulls up but yeah they recommend that you leave the economy mode on unless you are you know you have a lot of appliances hooked up to the generator.

If you’re doing you know heavy usage they they recommend you turn the economy mode off that way the the generator is not idling and then throttling up then I’d lean back throttling up right it just runs at the higher rpm smooth things out a bit.

This is what the left side of it looks like that’s the I guess the fuel petcock or whatever the fuel shutoff valve which I actually have turned off right now.

So I’m assuming that when you’re running propane that you you want to leave this turned off this is the pull starter the side of the generator.

Pretty simple stuff has the access panel for the oil fill port back of the generator which you can’t really see because it’s dark but there’s a little spark arrestor muffler thing poking out the back nothing else you really need to know back there what else do we want to talk about before we turn this thing on it comes with not a whole lot of stuff that gives you a tool for changing the spark plug to give you this little cable that plugs into the 12-volt receptacle.

I suppose that’s for charging a battery give you some instructions which are very they’re pretty thin.

I won’t lie very basic they really don’t tell you too much and I looked at it really quickly I didn’t really see anything in there that talks about like a procedure for switching over from gasoline to light propane gas or whatever.

But we’re gonna figure it out and a little warranty card I’d also give you a funnel which I I already threw up on my rack.

But I’ll show it to you give you this little funnel makes it easier to put oil into the generator and also for filling gasoline believe this generator can hold 1 gallon of gasoline and what do they say.

If you’re at 50 percent load you’re going to run for seven hours on that one gallon of gasoline when you’re running off the propane.

Oh well yeah runs 18 hours at 50 percent load on a 20 pound LPG tank so that’s pretty cool all right so let’s fire this thing up.

I’m going to try to start this one hand it I am NOT going to choke it because I’ve already had this generator running here so it should be warmed up.

So let me see if I can get this thing to start there we go to start to that let’s check this link sceptic use my disclaimer.

This is not safe don’t do this electrician a angle grinder which this thing’s going to pull like it’s running watts well I’m not actually sure what its surge watts are but it’s probably around an 800 watt tool six and a half inch at 780 or be able to box or whatever.

So let’s see what it does nice the waveform really to the same shape good that’s let’s try something a little bit more aggressive so what we’re gonna do is I’m going to use my rigid heavy-duty rigid circular saw this is a 15 amp fifteen amps aw.

Listen if my calculations are right this I think this this saw is like 1800 watts so this is going to definitely tax the generators let’s see what this does you can see that generators time your covers pretty quickly.

But it definitely it definitely affects the week but you know what that saw is really that’s pushing this generator to the max that is a relatively big circular saw taking this generator right to its limit so and we are running on proteins do a little bit better.

So why don’t I pause the video for a minute I’ll switch over the gasoline right okay get the LPG it’s disconnected switch it over see how hard it is to to get this thing to start and gas so I’m turning the fuel on and power is on.

Let’s see what this does okay well it wasn’t too hard to start they have started lighting yeah that’s the same test with this big circular saw is kind of like the maximum album investment suited us well I’m gonna tell you in my opinion I don’t see a whole lot the difference greater right to it I’m guessing that song it’s probably probably not we get a lot of comments sooner for the sake of science right for the sake of science.

All right well I think we’ve it is hot too terribly loud it is not pick it up off the venture I think this thing is definitely other all right thanks for watching video was helpful great day.

9. WEN DF1100 11,000-Watt 120V/240V Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Video Transcript:

Hey y’all how you doing today just wanted to do a quick not so much a review as an overview maybe of the generator I just picked up when I was in Arizona I’ve solved a lot of things to come back cross country light and my generator was one of them so I did some research and this particular model had a lot of good reviews and I thought it was a reasonably priced for what it is this is the one the model is DF 1100 which I’m gonna guess stands for dual fuel 11,000 watt so this is propane or gasoline and I picked it up on Home Depot.

Online they sent me a coupon for 10% off any purchase and 0% financing for I think it was over $299 for 12 months so that this was shipped to my door with the coupon.

It was 734 dollars I believe and it’s like I said got the dual fuel gas and propane it’s electric start or a pulse start the engine is 457 CC I didn’t convert that the horsepower however but I’m gonna guess it’s somewhere between nine and fourteen horse just off the top of my head assembly is really easy you have to put on the wheels which are pinned on so you don’t have to get in there with a wrench and try and tighten down a nut or a bolt and you put on these handles these are ten millimeter on this side and the nuts on the other side are 13 millimeter.

You have to take off these shipping brackets there upfront on the bottom and they keep things from bouncing around and they are ten millimeter nuts and bolts that hold those on it comes with the battery it comes with the propane hose and regulator the propane hose connects down here and the fitting on the regulator hose is a 19 millimeter so unfortunately I don’t have any propane left in my tank to try this so I had to put the gallon of gas in it and that’s that’s how I got it started for the first time the battery was fully charged and it comes with a quart of oil also and it takes the entire dipstick and the fill and that’s the roof of my building down there blowing off of the wings up here.

So again this this is 11,000 watt and it actually seems like a pretty decent generator the carburetor has a drain on it so if you’re not it has four outlets 120 volt GFCI the breakers are right here so if you trip one you easy to reset you have the 30 amp 120 outlet here the same thing the breakers right there and then you’ve got the 120 240 35 amp outlet here and the breakers are here for that as well it also has a 12 volt charging outlet with a breaker so it’s pretty well protected machine and obviously you can plug in adapters for your cell phone or your laptop or whatever you want it’s got a meter here it shows the output voltage the time in use and things like that so it’s a multimeter as it says you have a switch here gasoline or propane it’s easy to switch between the two and the electric start and I’ll fire it up real quick okay this is the owners manual operators manual assembly manual and it’s actually not bad.

I mean as we can all guess this unit was made in China but the verbage is actually pretty decent as far as the translation goes so I don’t have any complaints about that a lot of warnings importance and things like that

Telogen recommended oils for.

Temperatures how to get it ready if you’re gonna store it a breakdown of the parts you have to assemble which are basically these feet the wheels and the handles and then like I said you take off those two little shipping brackets keeps it from getting bounced around the shipping I think it took a B once I found my karein chiz probably 10 minutes to put it all together oh you have to connect the batteries well they have the negative K I’m sorry the positive cable disconnected so here’s a closer view of the front panel.

The propane connection here of course take off the plastic cover and then just connect obviously this end 19 millimeter snug that up hook it to your propane bottle flip your switch to propane and off you go interestingly enough they recommend putting the choke on when you’re starting it with propane and or fuel.

I’m sorry indoor gasoline then the choke is up here right there it’s off right now.

To the left is on but it tells you that I’m a little label sorry my fingers going the fuel is a fuel valve here to turn the fuel flow off and on.

The filter is right here it’s real easy to get to and there is of course a pull start should you have a dead battery but once you get it started the generator will recharge your battery the engine stamping on this side have quite a large exhaust and that’s probably why it’s so quiet the muffler the carburetor the fuel drain storage you have an idle adjustment up here and a breather recovery canister they do talk about emissions in the owners manual so I guess they’re trying to comply with everywhere it does have a note on there for California as well the spark plug of course is right here another item that’s real easy to get to and the air filter box is here so replacing the fuel filter the air filter the spark plug piece of cake draining the fuel for the winter whenever you’re not using it for extended periods of time piece of cake oil filth and oil level piece of cake and right here is the drain plug so you can change the oil and that’s awesome piece of cake that’s the starter up here I’ll keep my cool looking flopping around.

So for the price and for the output I don’t think it’s a bad deal at all so I just wanted to go over in case you know somebody or was thinking about getting a generator I was curious about this one because I do see it listed everywhere for sale and I’ve tried it on a radial arm saw and that’s the only thing I’ve had plugged into it so far and of course it worked flawlessly so I have a DC arc welder that I’m going to use with this and a couple other things but again I just wanted to go over this and do a quick video in case anybody was looking to get a generator of this type I don’t think you’ll be disappointed all right you guys have a great Sunday talk to you soon.

10. Firman 3300/3000w Recoil Start Dual Fuel Portable Generator

Video Transcript:

What’s going on guys so we are back out here at the fifth wheel and we’re gonna test a new product one that I think you’re gonna like so hang tight I’ll be right back.

Alright guys so a really cool product that I’m gonna do a test on is this Firman WH 3300 ie generator this is a dual fuel generator from Firman it has 3300 starting watts and 3000 running Watts.

On unleaded fuel and it has 3000 starting watson 2700 running Watts on propane what’s really nice about this type of generator is you can fill your fuel tank with unleaded fuel and when you run out of unleaded fuel you can have a nice canister of propane next to you so essentially you have the ability to deplete one and use the other and I would always start with depleting your unleaded fuel so you don’t have that nasty fuel inside of your generator when it doesn’t need to be there so basically kill all that fuel move to your propane first of all I’ve already opened up my propane valve I have it plugged into the quick release with a little electric regulator right here and it is switched to LP currently I’m simply going to hit this little battery button right here go ahead and turn it on you can hear the regulator kicking on start it up starts up very quickly it’s going to be a little bit quiet when it starts up after about 5 or 10 seconds it will kick into full ready mode to basically give you the ability to plug in whatever you want at that point.

It’ll pull up your little display right here so you can see what your current voltage is you can see it’s 12 point 5 volts so I’m gonna walk backwards away from it so you can kind of get an idea of how quiet it gets as you walk away right now I’m probably eight feet away maybe ten feet away now now I’m probably 20 feet away from it and as you can tell it’s a very quiet generator definitely on par with most of your quietest inverter generators now while I have that running I’m gonna go ahead and unplug my fifth wheel from its power source here the AC is currently running so you’ve probably heard the AC shut off okay so I had to reposition the truck so the coronoid reach I’m gonna go ahead and plug it in I turn the AC off so I’m gonna plug it in run to the AC turn it back on and then you’ll see how this thing works ticking these.

The fans kicking on and then the compressor should kick on in a second and you’ll see the Oriole here the generator kind of changed tone for a second while the compressor kicks off give it a second the compressor should kick in any second.

There you go compressor kicked in here part of my air regulator of their rattling against the.

Right right,

Aside from that no problems at all now I’m gonna go ahead and turn on at the microwave and see what happens.

So yeah I’m pretty impressed with this generator now if you’re going to use unleaded fuel you’re gonna have 3300 starting watts and 3000 running Watts if you’re running off a propane it’s gonna have 3000 starting Wattson 2700 running watts which is more than enough to power both the air conditioner the larger air conditioner I was running the 15,000 BTU unit and the microwave simultaneously now if I tried to kick in my 13 and a half unit it would easily overpower the unit and shut the generator down and put it into an overload or an overload protect mode so I didn’t have to do that because I knew it would already do that I’m gonna go ahead and crank it back up starts up very quickly it’s a very quiet generator now I’m gonna walk backwards from different distances to let you know approximately how loud it is so from here I’m about 8 feet away currently right here about 20 feet away now I’m about 30 feet away so this would be about 3 RV slots away from where you would be parked or set up if you were parked next to other people in an RV park as you move around you’ll see how it gets even quieter let me walk back towards it.

Come around to the back.

If you’re looking straight at the back exhaust right now I’m about five feet away it’s pretty loud but that’s typical with almost any generator if you’re gonna be right behind it but the minute you’re outside of that direct fire of the exhaust it drops in volume.

Significantly it’s very cool generator I love the fact that it’s dual fuel and what dual fuel really means and where the benefit of that is is the fact that if you run out of one fuel you have another so some people only see maybe a propane power generator as a cleaner easier to travel with forms of power generation but to me what I like about it is you can use the fuel on board until it runs out and then connect it to a propane tank so you can essentially carry two forms of fuel for a single generator and how that’s gonna help you is you’re gonna run roughly about four hours or five hours at half a load on the tank that’s onboard and then you’re gonna get another three to four hours out of that propane tank so you’re gonna have between eight to nine hours worth of power generation and a half load with the fuel you can carry with you without having to carry around a fuel tank with unleaded fuel in it that smells nasty sloshes around and is it quite as safe so something else that’s really nice about Fermin generators is that they carry a ton of accessories for their generators they have this really cool kind of short 30 amp to 125 volt connection here which lets you plug into the 30 amp connection as well as give you 320 volt output they have a nice cover if you want to cover it while it’s in the back of your vehicle or while it’s in storage they have this really cool 10 gauge 30 amp to 125 volt extension cord this is a much longer version and this one’s 25 feet long they carry these really cool straps as well they give you the ability to strap your cord to different things whether it’s the handle whether it’s a hook whether it’s something inside of a cargo trailer whatnot a lot of really cool accessories and this is the inverter parallel kit so this allows you to connect two.

Generators together to provide 50 amps worth of current to your RV so you can power to AC units this is really cool it gives you a 30 and a 50 amp connection here it’s plus it gives you two breakers up top this is just a really cool set up if you need to run to ace.

Units this is what you’re gonna need you can plug this into two of those propane generators and you’d be able to power pretty much everything in your RV without any problem at all.

Anyways guys all this stuff is available on their website I’ll put a link to the inverter generator that is dual fuel you can look at all their other products there as well they carry all these accessories it’s just a really good company they make a solid product and more than anything they make a product at an affordable price that’s huge you know it’s great to look at some of these generators that are two three four thousand dollars and wish you could have one the nice thing about Firman and the etrailer version are that they’re very affordable and if you want to get into a good quality high power inverter generator you have several different options from both etrailer and Firman anyways guys if you haven’t had a chance please take a moment subscribe to my channel give me a thumbs up we’ll talk to you again very soon.

FAQs on the Best Dual Fuel Inverter Generator for 2020

Can your dual fuel inverter generator be connected to your home?

No, you cannot connect the portable generator in your home, and people advice not to connect it directly to any electrical appliances in your home. The reason behind this is that it can cause the electrocution which can cause damage to the electric devices that are connected with it and can also cause death to you and is therefore very risky work. To prevent any possible damage it is recommended to install the transfer switch in your product. Also, an experienced electrician is required to do such a task and you must not do it on your own getting an electric shock of high voltage.

Can you run your dual fuel inverter generator continuously for non-stop?

It all depends on the maintenance that you provide to your product to run it continuously for non-stop. While fuelling your product with gasoline, it is important to stop the generator at that time as the gasoline is very flammable and can cause fire and wait for a while to let it cool down. It will help you in taking care of a portable generator and also give attention to its maintenance. When your generator is under any load then you must not let it run out of the fuel and keep the tank always full or else it may harm all the devices connected to it.

What happens if you overload your dual fuel inverter generator?

There are many generators available in the market that prevent themselves from their engine from the overloading by having proper use of the circuit breaker. If the engine is overloaded then the circuit breaker present and it will get a trip which will eventually stop the flow of power for protecting your generator and also the other devices connected to it. The circuit breakers require only 10 seconds to get cool down and then after that you can reset your machine by pressing the button of the breakers again.

Can you use your dual fuel inverter generator with an extension cord?

Yes, you can run your portable generator on the extension cord. Moreover, you must use the extension cord which is small as the long one will cause a drop in the voltage. For every 10 meters of the cord, there is a 2-3 drop of voltage and there is a 5 to 6 drop of voltage in the 20 meters of cord, and in case you are using a cord of 30 then there is a voltage drop of 8 to 10 volts. Therefore, the extension cord with long length is not recommended to use with your portable generator.

Is it good for your dual fuel inverter generator to refill the oil?

To extend the life of your portable generator, it is recommended not to refill the tank with the oil. And in place of it, you must always change the whole amount of oil. The motive behind is that the engine oil when exposed to the heat of the engine,  it gets ruin and is of no further use. Furthermore, if you use your engine without changing the oil then it will cause damage to the components and this damage is for a long time. It will affect not only the efficiency of its performance but also the life of your device.

What will happen if the amount of oil used in the dual fuel inverter generator is not adequate?

If you are using your portable generator with a not adequate amount of oil in it then it may increase the resistance of your engine. With the increase in resistance, the oil may get leak out and there may be an emission of the white smoke from the exhaust panel.  which may eventually make the efficiency of its performance to decrease. When there is a low amount of oil in your product then there is a caution system that gets reactivates which warn you about the low oil. Moreover, the engine of your product stops and protects the motor from getting burnt.

Does your dual fuel inverter generator produce poisonous carbon monoxide?

Yes, your generator does produce the poisonous gas called carbon monoxide CO which has no taste no color, and even no smell so it is very hard to recognize it. To avoid this toxic gas, you must always use your generator from a place that is far away from any door, windows, or even the ventilators.  For the safety of your product,  it is important to read the instruction very well before using your portable generator. You can also install the alarm of carbon monoxide. Which Mein save the life of people living near the generator and it may want them that the carbon monoxide has entered their house.

How long can you leave the gas in the tank of your dual fuel inverter generator?

Although, it is bad for your fuel generator to use the engine without changing the oil but still you can keep using the same oil for about 15 days and change it in place of refilling it. So, it is suggested not to keep using the same gasoline for a long time, and also it is flammable. For the people who are not using their portable generator for a long time, it is advised to them to read about the storage manual and cover the engine and motor and also drain out the fuel from the tank.


It is a wish of every person to do their work without any interruption, so their devices or whatever they are using should run continuously without a power cut. The dual fuel inverter generator helps you in getting a long life of the battery of your device. Such efficiency of performance can be obtained by less amount of total harmonic distortion. We extremely desired that this criticism might have assisted you in understanding every fact about your product that you must be aware of. It might also have helped you in getting the best dual fuel inverter generator for yourself.

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