Top 10 Best Desk Fans Reviews for 2020

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Are you searching for a durable and affordable desk fan to cool the temperature in your home during the summer?

If the answer is yes, this review will help you make an informed choice.

With the huge cost of running an air-conditioning unit or a central cooling system, a desk fan becomes a better alternative. It is energy-saving and some of them can be powered with a rechargeable battery or through a USB.

Read on as we make a review of the best desk fans for your cooling comfort.

Quick Comparison on Top 10 Desk Fans for 2020

The table below is a glance at 10 best desk fans up for review.

Top 10 Best Desk Fans for 2020

1. Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Air Circulator Fan –(Best desk cooling fan)

small desk fanExperience the cooling effect of the HT-900 Air Circulator Fan and cool down the temperature in your home. It has a powerful air circulation that can be felt from a distance. It comes with three-speed settings for unparalleled cooling comfort. The 90-degree pilot head cools and warms your home in both the summer and winter seasons. The blades are designed to function quietly devoid of discomfort. This best desk cooling fan can be placed on a tabletop or mounted on a wall to save space.


  • Three-speed settings –With three-speed settings, you can enjoy comfort in three settings. The intensity levels can be controlled through the rotary switch
  • Energy-saving –The fan consumes far less energy when compared to the energy-hungry air-conditioning unit making the fan very energy-efficient
  • Reduction of energy cost – Give your air-conditioning unit a break and save some money. Using this cool breeze desk fan cuts your energy bills by half.
  • Powerful air circulation – Its aerodynamic turbo design delivers powerful air distribution all through the room for your utmost cooling comfort
  • Space-saving –This is the honeywell ht-900 turboforce air circulator fan battery powered helps you to save space since it can be hung on the wall in the absence of a table, desk or floor – space


  • Nice air circulation
  • Suited for all seasons
  • Made with quality material
  • Affordable and durable
  • Portable and compact


  • No timer and remote

2. Holmes Mini High-Velocity Personal Fan –(Best portable desk fan)

quiet desk fanDecide to live in great comfort with the Holmes High-Velocity Fan. It comes with a high-velocity motor to deliver unparalleled cooling. Its portable design makes it ideal for use anywhere you need refreshing air. This is a silent desk fan perfect for your tabletop or desktop. The fan is suited for your personal or home use. The adjustable-tilt head allows you to direct air in any direction where it is needed most. This best portable desk fan needs no assembly.


  • Strong motor – It comes with a high-velocity motor that delivers cool and comforting airflow
  • Portability – It is very compact and portable to use on a desktop, tabletop or the floor
  • Adjustable – The head can be tilted or adjusted in different directions to keep you comfortable
  • Sturdy construction – This cool desk fan is built strong and durable. It comes with a front and back metal grill for sturdiness and durability.
  • Wall mount – It can be mounted or hung on the wall to save space in the room. Turn it upside-down to use the stand to hang it on a wooden surface.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable design
  • Durable and space-saving
  • Multifunctional
  • Good airflow


  • It has just one-speed control
  • It is not USB.

3. Chillout 2-Speed Personal Fan GF 55 –(Best usb desk fan)

best desk fanGet refreshing airflow with the Chillout Personal Fan and be at ease. This fan is multifunctional making very suitable for your bedroom, office and anywhere you need a personal cool breeze. This USB desk fan is fantastic as a bedside fan. It comes in white and grey design to bring some style and soothing relief to your home. The airflow is decent even at Low setting. The white noise is just what you need for a sound sleep. It is space-saving due to its compactness and portability. This is a USB powered desk fan. The fan has to be plugged into an outlet. It draws a lot of energy when used with USB. It has a 2.5 amp fast-blow fuse in its plug to prevent fire hazards.


  • 2-speed – You can either choose Low or High to enjoy powerful airflow. You don’t feel much difference between the two speeds because the breeze is still good even at Low setting.
  • Portability – It is so portable that it can be carried along when traveling or used to cool your temperature when you lodge in a hotel
  • Space-saving – Its small size best table fans make it easy to use. It doesn’t take space at all. Just place it on a table or desk and feel comfortable with the cool air
  • Stylish – The white design brings the right amount of contemporary style to complement the décor in your home
  • Quiet operation – It makes minimal noise that doesn’t disturb your sleep


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Ease of use
  • Powerful breeze
  • Great design
  • Affordable and durable


  • It cannot be tilted

4. Lasko 4000 Air Stik Ultra-Slim Oscillating Fan –(Best oscillating desk fan)

usb desk fanThe Lasko 4000 ultra-slim oscillating fan provides comfort and style. This is the best bladeless desk fan. With 2-speed levels, you are sure of a refreshing cool breeze that makes you feel comfortable all the time. It is ultra-portable and compact. Its slender design brings style and elegance to your home and office. This is a great space-saving and sleek fan that fits easily into any small space. This best oscillating desk fan provides breezy air circulation that cools your temperature calm in no time. It works quietly making it ideal for office use. The blue LED-lit buttons make control super easy. It is ultra-lightweight. You have to hold it with one hand before you can use the control buttons so that it doesn’t fall.


  • LED-lit buttons – The blue LED-lit buttons make control pretty easy even at night.
  • 2-speed setting – It features two-speed levels of Low and High for a refreshing breeze and comfort
  • Space-saving – This slim desk fan is a great space-saver where space is an issue. This bladeless desk fan superb on a desk, table or floor.
  • Safe to use – The plug has a patented fuse as a form of safety measure making the fan very safe to use
  • Plug & use – Assembly is not required to use the fan. It comes fully assembled. Just plug it straight from the box to start enjoying cool airflow


  • Compact and ultra-portable
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Elegant and stylish design
  • Space-saving


  • No remote control

5. Comfort Zone Desk Fan –(Best small desk fan)

mini desk fanEnjoy smooth and powerful air movement with the Comfort Zone Fan. This is a small desk fan. It features a 2-speed setting for maximum airflow. The blades are made of break-resistant ABS plastics making them very tough and strong for unparalleled air circulation. The metal safety grills help to prevent injuries and damage to the fan. The built-in carrying handle allows for easy movement of the fan from one place to another. It has a stable base that guarantees stability when placed on a table, desk, floor or countertop. Its 6 feet power cord makes it convenient to use even if the power outlet is far from where you want to use the fan. The adjustable tilt head allows you to direct airflow to the exact place it is needed. This small plug in desk fan is a great fan to reduce the level of humidity in your home. It delivers quiet and reliable operation to make you feel at ease. The fan requires assembly.


  • Sturdy construction – This small powerful desk fan blades are made of durable ABS plastics with a poly-coated steel grill for sturdiness and long use
  • 2-speed setting – The customized speed settings allow you to enjoy maximum air movement. Even at a low setting, the breeze is still cool and comforting
  • Adjustment tilt – It can be tilted in any direction. Adjust the fan to where it suits you and feel comfortable in any position
  • Space-saving – This deskfan can be used anywhere. This makes it ideal for use in homes, offices and dorms. It will meet your air cooling needs on a table, desk, floor or countertop.
  • Quiet operation – This fan is super quiet and not noisy helping you relax or sleep without any noisy distractions


  • Easy to assemble
  • Portable and sturdy
  • Quality product
  • Powerful airflow
  • Safe and reliable performance


  • It doesn’t oscillate

6. Vornado Zippi Personal Desk Fan –(Best quiet desk fan)

dyson desk fanThe Zippi Personal Fan is a combination of innovation, style and comfort. This personal table fan has 2-speed settings for extra satisfaction and comfort. The three blades powerfully propel airflow to save you from warm and sunny days. The blades are extremely soft thereby reducing the risk of injuries to children. It is suitable for travelers because it can fold down for easy storage. This Zippi Fan is a quiet desk fan when it is on low speed. It is easy to clean. Just wipe it down. It can easily be adjusted in any direction because it can be tilted. Its base has five grommet rubbers for stability.


  • Safe to use – The soft clean blades move air fast and quietly and the blades are safe to touch even when in motion without being hurt. This makes it a suitable fan for kids
  • Multidirectional airflow – This quiet mini desk fan can be adjusted in different directions to keep you cool with its adjustable-tilt head
  • 2-speed setting – It has two airflow speeds of Low and High. No matter the speed setting, you will still get a soothing airflow to make you comfortable
  • Portable – These personal desk fans are very ultra-portable. It folds down for easy storage making it ideal for travels
  • Whisper-quiet – It doesn’t disturb your peace with noise. Whisper quiet desk fans are super quiet due to its soft cloth blades.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Cool and quick air movement
  • Safe to use
  • Ideal for traveling
  • Easy to clean


  • It makes rattling noise sometimes

7. Lasko 4006 Clip Stik Desk Fan –(Best Lasko desk fan)

kirby desk fanThe Lasko 4006 desk fan comes with 2-speed settings. It is suited for the office and cubicle. This fan is the right option where space is tight. With the clip, you can attach the fan to a surface. The clip is also removable so you can use the fan as a desk or table fan. This is a powerful desk fan, it operates quietly and powerful enough to cool your temperature all day long. The speed control is different from the oscillation meaning you can use this Lasko desk fan on low or high setting without oscillation. The power cord is 5 feet long able to reach your outlet in any room. It doesn’t use a battery and not rechargeable. It has to be plugged into an outlet. This is a versatile fan that can be used in the homes, offices and dorms.


  • Clipping fan – The clip on the fan helps you to clamp the fan to a surface if there no table or desk space. The clip is 2 ½ inches wide when it is open.
  • 2-speed setting – It has two-speed levels of 1 and 2. It does a good cooling job even if the setting is at 1.
  • Lightweight and portable – This tower fan is extremely lightweight and portable enough to be placed on any available space on the table or desk.
  • Easy to clean – You don’t have to worry about the dirty blades. This fan is easy to clean. There are no screws. Pop up the front piece using your finger and clean it with ease.
  • Oscillating fan – This Lasko tower fan oscillates to move air in the direction it is needed most


  • It is noisy on high setting

8. Genesis Convertible Table-Top Clip Fan –(Best mini desk fan)

vornado desk fanCooldown the temperature in your home or office with the Clip-On Table Fan. This is a mini desk fan. The fan comes with an innovative design that makes it very energy-efficient. It is easy to use in two ways. You can use it with the clip to clamp it onto a structure or use it as a table top fan with the base attached. It clips perfectly on any structure that is between 1.06 inches and 1.65 inches. The 2-speed setting provides efficient performance on both speed levels with great air movement. This mini office desk fan head is adjustable to move air to your desired position. The power plug has a built-in fuse for safety. The fan requires assembly.


  • Ease of use – It is super easy to use. Adjust the head to direct airflow to where it is needed most. Switch from using it as a tabletop fan to a clip-on fan and switch back with ease.
  • Sturdy construction –This office desk fan has a strong and sturdy clip to clamp the fan to a surface and keeps the fan firmly in place ensuring air movement is being directed to the right point.
  • 2-speed setting – Choose your preferred setting to enjoy cool and breezy airflow. It doesn’t matter if you choose low or high. What matters is that you would still be comfortable at any speed level.
  • Safe to use – The built-in fuse in the power plug is for the safety of the user. This is a safety measure to prevent an accident.
  • Long power cord –With an approximately 60 inches power cord, the fan can be plugged conveniently into the outlet


  • Versatile and compact
  • Easy to assemble
  • Ideal for small spaces
  • Lightweight and durable
  • It is adjustable


  • It doesn’t oscillate
  • It is unstable and vibrates when placed on a tabletop

9. Ozeri Brezza II Dual Oscillation Desk Fan –(The best office fan)

vintage desk fanEasily overcome the summer heat or refresh a stale room with the Brezza III desk fan. This is an oscillating desk fan with 4-speed settings. The 4-speed setting provides you with the coolest and widest air distribution. Its design is innovative with a 4-hour timer to turn off the fan automatically in case you sleep off. The dual oscillating motor delivers great airflow saving you the stress of always getting up to adjust the fan to change the air direction. The fan comes completely assembled with remote control. The wattage is 55 watts and produces powerful air movement at 1260 CFM. This is the best office fan for your comfort.


  • 4-speed settlings – The 4-speed feature provides you with maximum air movement and cooling. You can either choose a cool breeze, refreshing breeze, a more powerful airflow or the turbo mode for satisfactory cooling.
  • Easy controls – Choose to control this table fans with a remote or through the fan control to choose an oscillating position that suits you. Choose the dual oscillation which moves left/right and up/down or choose the horizontal oscillating which moves left/right
  • Stylish and space-saving – This small office fan looks very sophisticated, stylish and space-saving. Its styling design can complement any home décor which saves you the much-needed space
  • Ease of use – The fan is super easy to use since it comes fully assembled. Just plug it in straight from the box and start to enjoy ultra-powerful airflow
  • Non-oscillating feature – If you don’t want the fan to oscillate, you can do that with the press of a button by choosing the non-oscillating mode so you can get a well-concentrated air movement.


  • Powerful airflow and cooling
  • Stylish design
  • Portable and compact
  • 4-hour programmable timer
  • No assembly is required


  • The oscillating mode may stop functioning after sometime

10. Vornado 133 Compact Fan –(Best compact desk fan)

oscillating desk fanYou would love the compact design of the fan which makes it easy to store and transport. This Vornado desk fan is not just compact; it is also very functional too. With a 2-speed setting, you can feel comfortable with low or high setting air movement. The easy-to-remove grill makes cleaning of the blades very easy. The Vortex technology enhances the airflow in the room to keep the temperature down. Its air circulation is multidirectional. This best compact desk fan is well suited for homes, offices and dorms. This fan is a space-saver. Its small size takes just a little space on the table, desk or countertop. The deep-pitched blade provides personalized cooling comfort all day long during sunny and hot days. Its air movement goes beyond 15 feet to give you unparalleled comfort.


  • Versatility – This is a the best easy home desk fan. It’s can be used in the room, kitchen, balcony, and office. It allows you to keep the space while you feel comfortable with the airflow.
  • Comfortable – The personal fan makes you feel comfortable by moving air around you to give you a soothing relief when the room is warm or hot
  • 2-speed setting – The two-speed levels ensure that you get the maximum air movement to make you feel at ease. The cool control knob located at the back of the fan makes control super easy.
  • Compact and portable – Its compact size makes it ideal as a table, desk or countertop fan helping you to save space. Its portability makes it easy to store and transport with ease.
  • Removable grill – This Vornado 133 fan is easy and convenient to clean due to its removable grill.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Multidirectional airflow
  • Ease of use and cleaning
  • Versatile and durable
  • Saves space


  • No remote; no timer.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Desk Fans in 2020

You don’t have to wait till summer to get the best desk cooling fan.  There are times the weather is crazy hot. After being under the sun for a long time, you need to cool your temperature. An air-conditioning unit is not a realistic option because of its energy cost. The best alternative becomes a functional fan. This is why a box fan or desk fan is ideal. Buying one is easy but buying the right one is difficult. This buyer’s guide would help you to make a good choice. Here are what you have to look out for if you are looking for a good tabletop or desktop fans.

Size –

It makes sense to look for a fan that suits your space. This is why a tabletop fan is ideal. It saves space. Some of them can be hung or clipped to a surface. The best desktop fans can give you relief and comfort while taking out a very small space.

Blades –

A tabletop fan with blades is affordable and comfortable. The breeze is cool enough to stabilize your temperature. The problem is you don’t need such a fan if you kids around. Kids may insert their fingers into the fan when it is still running. A metal blade fans are not right for adults with long hair since the hair could mistakenly get entangled. So, the alternative is a fan without blades. A “bladeless” fan becomes more ideal and safe to use. “Bladeless” fans have a smooth surface that is easy to clean. A blade fan gathers a lot of dust when not used for a long time. It throws a lot of dust when you turn it on after a while. So, cleaning it can be a bit difficult. If you must best buy a desk fan, choose the one that is very easy to clean.

Stability –

It can be very upsetting to have a fan that is unsteady and rattles annoyingly. An uneven surface will usually make a fan noisy. Look for a fan that has a balanced base for stability. If possible, find a fan with suction caps or a fan with adhesive so that it can stand firmly. If you have an uneven surface, it makes sense to look for a mouse pad to put under the fan to help it stay in place. A pad would absorb the vibration and make the fan function quietly. If you find out your fan is unnecessarily making noise, check the blades or the motor. If the noise persists, return it to the manufacturer. Don’t ever disassemble a fan or its components. This may void the warranty.

Oscillating or tilt head fan –

This is another thing to look out for when buying a tabletop oscillating fan. An oscillating fan with tilt feature can move air in a multidirectional way. The air movement is spread across the room. A tilt-head fan can focus air circulation vertically and direct air movement easily.

Speed setting –

Tabletop fans like any other fan has different speed settings. There are 2, 3 or 4-speed desk fans. Some are labelled Low, Medium and High. The speed levels provide comfort at different levels. You can choose to have a breezy cool air or a more powerful blowing air. Some other fans use speed dial while others use digital controls. All these help to effectively manage the speed of the fan.

Timer and delay start –

If you want to save energy, it makes sense to look for a fan that has a timer or delay-start feature. If you go out to work as early as 7 AM, you can set the timer of the fan to automatically go off at 7 AM. Delay-start makes your fan to start working at a particular time. If you usually return from work at 8 PM, the turn itself on automatically once it reaches 8 PM. This is a very important feature you should look out for when buying an automatic laptop fan control. With this feature, you can have a schedule for your fan.

Remote –

A remote-controlled fan comes with a lot of conveniences. It eliminates the stress of always getting up to control the fan from the knob. It helps you to control the fan from a distance. A remote is very handy.

Appearance, style and finish –

This is the best cooling desk fan. Some fans are a statement of style. Aesthetics is one thing to look out for when buying a tabletop fan. A fan with a great appearance and finish can complement the décor in your home. Fans come in different colors. Look for a color that goes well with your décor. Let your fan be admired by families and friends even when it is not running.

FAQs on Best Desk Fans for 2020

<strong>How to clean a desk fan</strong>?

Cleaning your desk fan is something that has to be done regularly. It makes the fan to function better and last for a longer time. Below is a cleaning process for the proper cleaning of your desk fan.

  1. Unplug the fan and remove the grill - The very first thing is to unplug the fan. Turn it off from the wall circuit. The next thing is to remove the fan's grill. The grill is usually clipped. Try to unclip it. After removing the front grill, next is to remove the blade, then, the back grill.
  2. Start the cleaning - Make a mixture of warm water and dishwashing liquid mixed thoroughly. Dip a clean cloth into the solution and wipe the blades and grills. Use another cloth to dry the excess water. Don't clean the motor with a soaked cloth. Use a dry toothbrush to clean the motor.
  3. Let it dry - Allow the grills and blades to dry properly before assembling the fan.

How to make a USB desk fan?

Step 1

  • Tools needed
  • Pliers
  • USB cable
  • 9 volts meter
  • Wires
  • Switch
  • Wire hanger
  • Soldering iron
  • Tape

Step 2

Start by cutting off the USB cord. Strip the wires with pliers. Test the wires with a 9volt meter to be sure the wires are in good condition. Next is to test the USB cord plug. One end should be on the computer while you use a meter to test the other end. Attach the wires to the cord and tape it around.

Step 3

Connect the wire nut to the two red wires. Connect the switch by connecting to the two black wires to the two ends. Then, use a soldering iron to sold to the two ends in place. Use tape to attach around the fan.

Step 4

It is time to test the fan. Plug the USB cable to a USB outlet and press the switch to turn on the fan. If everything is right, the fan should blow well.

Step 5

Make the fan's stand using the hanger wire. The hanger wire should be 17.5 inches long bent into a rectangle shape. Cut off the bottom part using the pliers

Step 6

Attach the stand to start enjoying your fan.

How To Open A HoneyWell Fan To Clean?

Video Transcript:

What’s up guys, It’s Kalani ball free and today’s tutorial we’re gonna learn how to clean this fan the honey will honey well alright so I’m gonna teach you guys how to clean this fan I actually had a hard time because I didn’t know how to open it and I’ll turn it there was like a line right here and I was like trying to open I was pulling and pulling it but it didn’t work and it was actually dusty I already cleaned it it’s still a little dusty all you need is a screwdriver and the honey will fan and if you notice in the fact that uh there’s some screws over here I don’t know if you guys can see your screws so there’s a screw on each one there’s about one two three four five six or six it’s gonna take you a while but there’s six of them and all you have to do is unscrew them and then you you’ll be able to clean and yeah so let’s just on the start on screen with my own little twist okay so he’s gonna take a while though so just fast forward but it just takes so much time just to unscrew everything but yeah pretty good fan I don’t I I like guys here’s a daily so hot in Hawaii so dusty I don’t know why free to subscribe to my youtube channel I’m gonna make its total videos on just how much of anything use my bathroom as well coming up I learn up no little choice I think so my last video accommodate uh when I make people jelly sandwich now we want to do it cuz I was gonna the basketball and I’ll try to converge Okeechobee fun right I make sure guys don’t have this crews tell us up how you clean the Honeywell fan I there’s just screws behind it and just unscrew it and uh you’re able to clean it just don’t use a too much water or anything like that you don’t want to get it wet because you know you don’t want to get the engine wet and then they’ll just ruin it and don’t forget to save the screws did not lose the screws because are you be screwed and nobody likes to get screwed so yeah but yeah that’s how do you do the honey oil fan and you be able to clean it all you have to do it after that is just put it back together line up the screws put it back in and just screw it back in and all you need is just a screwdriver so that’s pretty much it ha dude clean the Honeywell fan so it’s not too difficult and yeah let me show you put my own little twist right now on how to do it with my basketball tricks well Hey BAM Oh Kabam that didn’t taste good guys all right guys that’s pretty much it I’m Kalani belfry and you guys make sure you guys subscribe to me like my subscribe to my youtube channel like this video comment down below what else you guys want to learn and I will and I’ll try to do it and you know what thank you guys for sticking around love you guys and shout out to the ball free team and let’s go these guys.

Final Verdict

You can never go wrong with a desk fan. A high powered desk fan is an affordable way to relieve yourself of high temperature and humidity in your home. You will need a fan that is packed with features. This is why we recommend the Ozeri Brezza II Dual Oscillation Desk Fan because of its four-speed settings. This is a fan that keeps you comfortable at any speed. It comes with a timer and oscillation feature. Another desk fan worth recommending is the Honeywell HT-900 Turbo Force Air Circulator Fan. This fan has three-speed settings. It pulls a lot of air to keep the temperature down. We must not forget the Comfort Zone Desk Fan. Though it features two speeds it is very functional.

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