Best Gooseneck Hitch for Your Truck in 2021

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Our Top 3 Picks:-

Best Choice: CURT 16085 Spyder Gooseneck Adapter Hitch
“I just bought this spider to drop into my 5th wheel hitch rails. It fits perfectly. The ball on this spider is fixed and painted but appears well made. It isn’t very heavy.”

Editor’s Pick: B&W Companion 5th Wheel Hitch RVK3500
“This hitch is really quiet, incredibly easy to hook up to, and is, honestly, not that difficult to remove from the bed. It’s made incredibly well.”

Best Budget: CURT 61052 Black, Bed Folding Gooseneck Hitch
“This one fits almost exactly into the holes already in my bed rails. The handles to lift the ball and the drop-in-place hitch holders were a nice addition.”

Do you want to lift-up your horse trailer or travel trailer?

Do you want to provide a safety chain to your vehicle?

Are you worried about the use of the whole bed of your truck in a proper manner?

If your answer to all the above queries is yes, then all you need is the best Gooseneck Hitch. The gooseneck hitch is the important equipment used for towing the heavyweights with ease such as the horse trailer or the travel trailer.

Comparisons on 10 Best Gooseneck Hitch in 2021

Listed below are the 10 best gooseneck hitch that you can consider while placing an order for it:

Considerations for Buying the Best Gooseneck Hitch in 2021

The Gooseneck Hitch is the best equipment used for towing a horse trailer and is strong enough to also tow the travel trailer. Listed below are some of the important points you must keep in mind before placing an order for one:

Capacity for towing:

Making your truck versatile, your gooseneck adapter must be strong enough to pull both the horse trailer and travel trailer using a single truck only. It must give you access to quick removal of the product with the help of 4 pins and clips. This must be attached to your product so that you can use the whole bed of your truck for loading. They must be capable enough to mount on the rails from manufacturers. It must have the capacity of 6250lbs around the tongue are for the easy pull of the various trailers such as the chopper boxes, livestock trailer, horse trailer and wheel trailer. Also, for the high resistance to scratches, it must be coated with the black powder carbide. Also, with this truck gooseneck hitch, you can save your product from UV rays and rust. It is important to note that your product must be capable of mounting on the standard rails of industries 5th It must be durable and must weigh around 92.2 pounds and the capacity of the tongue must be 3.4 tonnes which allows it to handle the weight up to 13.6 tonnes. It must be light in weight in support of its durable nature. For safety chains, your product must have inbuilt attachment slots.

Easy installation:

Your gooseneck hitch must come with the 4 pins and clips so that it is easy for you to install them and gives you access to remove them quickly whenever you need to. It must allow you to use the whole bed of your product for the other loads to be hauled. To check if your gooseneck is durable and strong assembly, it must be heavy and it must include the plate assembly to fit on the rail system which may be about 28 inches long and 9 inches in width. Also, the hitch ball attached with your product must be made coated with the powder which makes it resistant to rust, scratch, and durable. Also, the gooseneck hitch installation is important to note that while you are installing the gooseneck, your truck must be lifted above the chassis to allow you to access its frame and the hitch ball easily gets slide into the position which makes it capable of handling the weight of up to 13.6 tonnes and easy to mount also. Your gooseneck hitch must be designed in such a way that it supports a secure attachment to the chassis of your truck.

Convenient to use:

You must make sure that your gooseneck is a sturdy product and is made up of superior quality so that it is light in weight. It must have the capacity to get connected to the existing fifth rails and to offset from the center of the plate making it compatible. To provide safety chains to your product, it must include the feature of inbuilt attachment slots and also supports the installation using the four pins and clips. The flat plate gooseneck hitch could be zinc plated and coated with black powder for better finishing which makes it durable and thus it increases its lifespan. Also, it must allow you to easily remove and install your gooseneck hitch in the shortest period. You must make sure that while placing the order for the gooseneck hitch, there must be a rail kit, or else you can buy it separately which helps you in handling the heavy trailer weight. Also, it must be made up of a material that is resistant to rust and does not get wear and tear easily. Moreover, it must include the process of simple removal making it more convenient to use. Make sure that your product comes with good packages as sometimes what it is from outside displays the function from inside making it compatible to use with different vehicles.

Compatible with rails:

Before purchasing the gooseneck, you must also consider if your product is compatible with rails or not. Also, with the pins and clips, it remains in its place so you must ensure that it is compatible with the installation.  It must include the offset balls so that it gives you access to move the trailer close or away from the To increase the durability of your product, it must have the round shack and sleeve around on the hitch ball which makes it for and helps in increasing the lifespan and you can use it for long period.

10 Best Gooseneck Hitch Reviews in 2021

1. CURT 16085 Spyder 5th Wheel to Gooseneck Adapter Hitch– (Best fifth wheel hitch to gooseneck adapter)

Curt Gooseneck HitchJust because you install 5th wheel brackets and rails in your truck bed does not mean your truck is limited to one type of towing. To give your truck the tools it needs to be the ultimate towing machine, CURT offers a gooseneck adapter for a 5th wheel setup. This fifth wheel hitch to gooseneck adapter is essentially a gooseneck hitch that mounts into a set of 5th wheel rails just like a 5th wheel trailer hitch.

This allows you to pull both 5th wheel trailers and gooseneck trailers with the same pickup truck. CURT 5th wheel gooseneck hitches feature four pin-and-clip attachment points for solid installation and quick removal when necessary, giving you full access and full use of your truck bed for hauling other loads. Best of all, our gooseneck to fifth wheel hitch adapter mounts onto all industry-standard rails.

This particular gooseneck plate, the Spyder gooseneck, features an impressive gross trailer weight capacity of 25,000 lbs., a tongue weight capacity of 6,250 lbs. and offers a 2 5/16″ trailer ball for pulling most types of gooseneck trailers, including livestock trailers, chopper boxes, gravity boxes, industrial equipment haulers, flatbeds and more.

CURT 5th wheel gooseneck plates and fifth 5th wheel hitch adapter to gooseneck trailer are the ultimate versatility tools in heavy-duty towing. We coat our 5th wheel gooseneck hitches in a black carbide powder coat to ensure that they are highly resistant to rust, scratching and UV damage.

Customers Feedback:

I would highly recommend this gooseneck to kingpin fifth wheel hitch adapter. I bought my truck with rails already installed in the bed. I bought this so I can pull my flatbed and stock trailer. It works great. It takes about 3 minutes to install. It is built well and paint looks good. Highly recommend.

Shipping was fast with prime. Very happy to see the four pins were in box. From reading other reviews I was worried a pin would be missing so I ordered a whole set just Incase but not needed. So I have a spare set of mounting pins when I need them. Love the fifth wheel to gooseneck trailer hitch adapter mounted up just right for my 2011 dodge 2500. The hitch is well built only 70 lbs so easy to move around if hitch is not in use.

Fast shipping. The hififth wheel to gooseneck trailer hitch adapter ch came UPS in 2 days and I used the free super saver shipping. This thing is heavy duty. My buddy has the plate hitch, which is weighted for 25,000lbs also… but this thing is twice as heavy and it has the spring loaded clips for your chain and hooks. Not sure if the rails were Curt or Reese. I think it would fit either after reading the other reviews.

2. Draw-Tite 9460-48 Hide-A-Goose Complete Kit for Ford– (Best hideaway gooseneck hitch)

B&W Gooseneck HitchDraw-Tite Hide-A-Goose Gooseneck Hitch System to meet your gooseneck towing needs. The secret of the system is in the rail kit.

This hideaway gooseneck hitch to fit your specific truck for a clean installation with only a 3-1/2″ diameter hole in truck bed required. Below bed rail kits are vehicle specific and rated to match manufacturer’s vehicle weight ratings.

Rated up to 30,000 pounds gross trailer weight and 7,500 pounds vertical load. Accommodates all standard vehicle suspensions with no alteration of OE exhaust systems.

This gooseneck hitch rail kit includes a 2-5/16″ high strength chrome plated ball and a magnetic cover for when the ball is in a stored position. This Atwood hideaway gooseneck hitch and locks the ball in place. Spring-loaded safety chain loops fit flush against the truck bed when not in use. Easy install, reliable service.

Customers Feedback:

Needed a hitch for my 2003 F250 but did not want to spend the $700.00 plus to have one installed. I was impressed at the quality of the components in the kit. The instructions were very easy to follow and complete. I installed in an afternoon easily with the exception of torqueing the hitch to the mounting brackets. Make sure you have a large enough torque wrench to achieve the 212 ftlb torque. Have towed my horse trailer several times and the hitch works great. Very clean looking install my freinds thought I had it installed. Very happy with the hideaway gooseneck trailer hitch and only $325 out of pocket including the hole saw.

I officially have not been using this Draw-Tite Hide-A-Goose yet so this review is based on quality, Amazon and installation. First let me say I have a B&W turnover ball in the past and had no issues with it on my 1996 F-350, but it does rust over time and powder coat is not that good. It has been over ten years since I installed the B&W so I can’t really do an apples to apples review of the two in quality but I did like the installation of the Draw-Tite to make it somewhat universal to many Fords. To clarify, the hide-a-goose gooseneck center plate is in a separate box from the installation kit.

First, let me say Amazon is a top notch company and I had the same issue with only getting one box and not the other. As I read the review for this hitch before ordering, I checked the shipping label and it only said there was one box shipped (I do have Amazon Prime and got upgraded two day shipping for free). As soon as I realized that I was a box short I called Amazon to see if they had sent another box separately. The agent told me that the computer only showed it as shipping in one package for the entire kit, I then explained to him the review stating confusion on getting two boxes a couple of days apart. He told he would send me an RMA to return the item I got and send me a full kit with one day shipping for free. This was on Friday and on Monday the rest of the first kit came in a UPS box because they manage to destroy the original box and re-boxed it (I did not check to make sure it was all there). Tuesday I got a complete kit with no damage and one day shipping from Fed-Ex and installed it the next day.

Second, watch the video on a competitor trailer hitch website before installing the gooseneck hitch rail kit and it will make it much easier to install it. It took me roughly four hours to put mine in and I did it by myself. A lift would make easier so you had more room. I did it from underneath my truck in the driveway. There were only two problems I encountered, there was to much paint on the threads at the end of the rails that you slide in over the frame and getting enough leverage to torque the bolts. They video says to run the nuts over threads before installation and you need to for this install or I used a wire wheel to clean the paint off and then screwed the nuts down to make sure they didn’t bind and give a false torque reading. The rails slide in easily and sit over the frame while you put the side brackets on. This all went easily and getting it loosely together was simple. I like not having to twist the rails and bolt from the side like the other turn-over balls. This is much easier because it is done vertically and uses carriage bolts that lock the bolts into place thus not requiring a wrench. After you snug the hide-a-goose itself to the rails you can slide the the whole assembly to line up with the 3.5″ hole in the bed if it is not perfect. The only part that is tricky now is getting the bolts torqued…..anywhere from 75 to 212 lbs. I had to use a cheater pipe on my 1/2″ torque to get enough leverage to torque all the bolts. Torquing the 4 carriage bolts on the hide-a-goose gooseneck plate itself was the hardest as there is a limited amount of room and I needed the cheater pipe for enough leverage to torque it to 212 ft./lbs. Once this is done I used a cordless drill to drill the four holes for the U-Bolts safety chain clamps. I had to work and drill around the rear axle and drill with a 1/2″ drill to get the holes through the bed. On a couple of the holes I made a 1/4″ start hole and drilled the rest from the top. All in all the kit is very easy to put in, and I was just offering advice to anyone who buys this installs it and hope this speeds up their process.

The quality of the hideaway gooseneck hitch is very good and very heavy built. It is nice that it could be strong and fairly simplistic to install. The rails are very thick and look like they can take quite a load. The hide-a-goose is easy to install and very substantial as well. The side rails and U-Clamps I was not crazy about, but they installed easily and all the reviews I read on this kit were good. The hardware is very good too. Anything that can take those torque figures and not snap is pretty good in my book. It also operates easily just pull the handle out and flip the ball and that is all there is to it. I do like the hard chrome on the ball better than the gold anodized B&W ball; chrome never has the rust problems that the gold anodizing does. Another thing I did like is the black powder coating on the kit better than the gray on the B&W. The black paint is much less noticeable than the gray on the B&W and it looks like better paint. The only thing I really thought is a waste of time is the magnet to cover up the gooseneck hole when not in use. It’s thin flimsy and will probable blow off the first time I get on the highway.

Overall, the couple of hiccups in shipping and installation do not detract from the kit in my opinion. I installed it by myself and saved over $350.00 in installation cost and local kit cost difference by using Amazon.

First of all you should do this with a buddy. It’s a lot easier. But over all single hand it was quite simple and does the job well. Better then being charge $700 I only paid $300. If your hesitating on buying let me tell you it’s not complicated. If you want to save money go those rout. Over all she perfect!

Installation: Draw-Tite 9460-48 Hide-A-Goose Complete Kit for Ford

Video Transcript:

The moment quality meets experience today we’re going to talk about the draw-tite hide-a-goose gooseneck hitch this hitch is designed to meet all of your gooseneck trailer needs one of the unique features of this gooseneck system is that it has vehicle-specific rail kids that work with both be above bed head styles and below pinhead styles one rail kit fits all three style heads today we will focus on the below bed head style and the features and benefits ok let’s review the features and the benefits of the under the bed gooseneck head by draw-tite the gooseneck hitch ball can be stored upside down in the hitch head when not in use and there’s also a magnetic cover that covers the hole to keep dirt out when the ball is in the storage position this allows for full use of the pickup bed area when all in cargo the under bed gooseneck only requires a small three and a half inch hole will be drilled into the trunk and the under bed system utilizes four high capacity 5/8 raid eight holes to attach the head to the rails the under bed head has been tested and rated to 30,000 pounds gross trailer weight and 7,500 pounds per the heavy-duty handle allows for a better grip the two and five-sixteenths chromed the gooseneck hitch ball features a round ball sleeve that is slotted for easy alignment and fits tightly to minimize rattling my toe all the under the bed rail mounting kids are no drill easy to install and engineer to meet and towed vehicle manufacturers and wait they use extra wide spring loaded safety chain losers make it easy for chain and imagery optional accessories such as the five inch offset ball high rise ball and three inch ball are also available well that just about wraps up our review of the features and benefits of the under the bed gooseneck hitch the moment quality meets experience today we’re going to be installing the draw-tite hide-a-goose underbed gooseneck hitch into a 2004 Dodge 2500 long bed pickup truck first we will lower the spare and also lower the exhaust to make it easier to install the gooseneck next we will place the crossmembers into position between the top of the frame and under the bed we’ll start with the rear crossmember first slide that into position and then pull it back to the rear bed support next we will load the front crossmember wearying taking it correctly sliding it in over the rail and pushing it forward to the front bed support now we will preload the four five eighths grade a carriage bolts that will be used to attach the under the bed gooseneck head next we will take the vehicle-specific frame brackets line them up to the threaded studs on the cross members and attach the 5/8 washer and lock washer and hex nut and loosely tighten them afterwards we’ll take the u-bolts to go around the frame and through the side bracket and attach those as well our no-drill rail kids for the gooseneck system are specifically designed to use u-bolts frame brackets existing holes on the frame to fasten the gooseneck head directly to the to a vehicle’s ring here we are fish wiring a bolt and reinforcement block through the frame that will come through the underside of the bracket on this installation simply pull the fish wire through which pulls the bolt through and then we’ll attach the conical washer along with their knot and just loosely for now and tighten the specification later next we will measure off for our three and a half inch hole from the back of the truck and center it in between the two wheel wells refer to your instructions for the appropriate measurement it’s 46 inches for this adventure will mark but with the center punch take a quarter inch drill bit drill a pilot hole and then we’ll take our three and a half inch hole saw and make our cut we’ve also put a couple layers of masking tape around the hole just to prevent scratchy from the whole spot next we’ll blow out the cuttings and there’s the three and a half inch hole that’s the smallest hole in the industry we’re under the bed gooseneck hitch next we’re going to install the under the bed peg we’re gonna raise it up to the four vertical 5/8 carriage bolts attach the fasteners tighten it down into place and then come back with the torque wrench and torque it to the final spot once the collar of the under bed hitch is aligned in the hole truck bed we’ll tighten the fasteners down the final towards math that’s 212 foot-pounds using the under bed head as a guide template driven safety chain loop holes shown here highlighted in yellow we will drill from the underneath for 9/16 holes to make way for the safety chambers after feeding the safety chain you bolts through the top of the bed of the truck through the under bed head you will attach the washer spring and lock nut and tighten it down you want about two to three threads showing the other side now we’ve installed the safety chain now we will pin the handle into the locking pin for the gooseneck ball now it’s time to dial in the torque specs and do final torque on all the side frame brackets and crossmembers 75 foot pounds for the half inch hardware and 150 pounds on the grade 5 next we will reattach the exhaust and raise the spare tire back in the place ok here’s the finished job oh it looks great we’re gonna release the handle so we can take the stored ball pull it out turn it to its upright position back into the sleeve lock the handle and we’re ready to tell the safety chain loops are wide and spring-loaded this allows for easy hooking of the safety chain nose well that’s all folks thanks for watching today this was a great install of the draw-tite hide-a-goose gooseneck hitch moment quality meets experience.

3. CURT 61052 Black, Bed Folding Gooseneck Hitch– (Best curt 61052 over bed folding ball gooseneck hitch)

Gooseneck Trailer HitchThe CURT folding ball gooseneck hitch is an innovation in gooseneck technology, offering a unique solution to the problem of a misplaced or stolen trailer ball. Rather than having a fixed trailer ball that obstructs your truck bed space or a removable ball that locks into place using a set of pins, a folding ball gooseneck hitch features a permanently attached ball that hinges down into a small compartment within the hitch.

When folded down, the gooseneck ball remains out of the way and allows you to make full use of your truck bed. When folded back up again, it provides a reliable towing connection for your gooseneck trailer. No matter which position the ball is in, it remains fixed to your pickup truck, deterring theft and preventing loss. This CURT over-bed curt 61052 over bed folding ball gooseneck hitch is just another example of CURT quality and ease of use.

This durable hitch has a gross trailer weight capacity up to 30,000 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity of 7,500 lbs. A 2 5/16″ trailer ball, 3/8″ thick top plate, six-hole mounting design and U-bolt safety chain hookups ensure that your trailer and payload stay securely attached.

The folding mechanism of the over-bed folding ball and gooseneck hitch features a stainless steel safety pin and pivot spring to prevent binding, and it comes with a T-handle to make the operation of the ball quick and easy. To top things off, we finish each over-bed curt folding ball gooseneck hitch in a durable carbide powder coat to resist rust and give it a limited lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Customers Feedback:

I received it out of the box and box was at the bottom of my drive way. I contacted the seller and they refunded me money as the product was damaged. They were awesome to talk to and deal with!! The hitch it’s self is GREAT! I pulled a big 9 horse, horse trailer with it (about 23k loaded) the hitch was awesome. Personally i like it a bit better then b&w. I don’t have to touch the grease on the ball to flip it over, it’s flat and can use my bed like I need to! Definitely worth the price and I absolutely recommend to anyone to curt folding ball gooseneck hitch installation! And customer service was wonderful to deal with no hassle and pretty quick to respond!!

quality product to replace the Atwood hitch the truck came with. I was worried about there being “play” in the hitch ball because it is a turnover but am very happy with the design. the ball locks in place nice and snug.

Best deal I could find online. Installed onto my 2003 Chevy 2500HD Long Box with Curt 61341 Install kit (Also ordered off of Amazon) for Chevys from 1999 to 2007. Comes with a cut out template that you will line up with the 6 pilot holes for the mounting bolts you drill from underneath through the 61341 install kit. Then, you simply drill 4 more holes in the cut out area, then cut out the area for the ball to fold down, I used a jig saw worked great. Then drill your 6, 21/32 holes for the 6 mounting bolts of the hitch. Also, before you put the hitch all together, leave the passenger side safety chain u bolt out. Then lay it into the hole and line it up. You will have to drill a separate hole for the far passenger side u bolt as the cut out does not encompass this one bolt hole. Really easy to install. It took me about 5 hours from start to finish, including unbolting the bed and jacking it up a couple inches and putting it all back together. Don’t forget to install a wiring harness into the bed as well, I installed Hopkins 41157, which can also be found on Amazon for less than anywhere else I could find. I also recommend painting the cut edges of the cut out hole to keep your box from rusting. Over all this curt folding ball gooseneck hitch is extremely heavy duty and well made (even though it’s made in China).

4. B&W Trailer Hitches 1313 Gooseneck Hitch (Best gooseneck trailer hitch)

5th Wheel Gooseneck HitchThis product was designed to fit vehicles in their original, “as manufactured” condition. Compatibility with vehicles having replacement parts or other modifications is not guaranteed. Inspect the vehicle for modifications before the installation of this gooseneck trailer hitch. Most trucks have fuel lines and/or brake lines and/or electrical wires located along the frame rails where b&w turnover ball hitches install.

Carefully examine the location of fuel lines, brake lines, and electrical wires before installation. Be certain you will not damage fuel lines, brake lines or electrical wires when positioning hitch components, drilling holes, tightening fasteners, and lifting and lowering the truck bed. The fuel tank vent, located on top of the gas tank, can be easily damaged during the installation of the hitch components.

Care must be taken when positioning the front crossmember and center section components. Pull the lever in the wheel well and your gooseneck ball is out of the way leaving your truck bed ready for other adventures. This gooseneck trailer hitch installation near me is stored in the receiver so it’s not knocking around in the backseat of your truck. With a host of options including a 5th wheel hitch. The b7w turnover gooseneck trailer hitch lock is built to tow anything your truck camper.

Customers Feedback:

Installed on a 2012 Ram 2500. This is an extremely well made product that was easy to install per the instructions. I installed this by myself in about 2 hours with simple hand tools in my driveway. Absolutely drop the spare tire, that is where I spent most of my time. Pulling the inner fenders wells out was a necessity to reach the areas for the side plates to mount. I was extremely impressed that all the hardware fit perfectly into existing holes and the instructions including directions to relocate existing electrical plugs. The only complaint I have and the 5th wheel hitch to gooseneck trailer is very minor, the threaded holes had some paint inside the threads which made it a little hard to get the forward bolts started. If I wasn’t working alone this would have been less of a nuisance. I was attempting to hold the center section in place while starting the bolts. Suspending the center section with a strap was extremely helpful. Overall, it was a very easy install with easy to follow, accurate instructions.

Arrived on time boxes a bit beat up but nothing missing. This is amazingly heavy duty and well made, nice to see American made products of this quality. Installed on 06 dodge 3500 dually 4×4 with 8ft bed. Installing from ground took awhile but considering doing this sitting under truck was as expected. Only issue is with aftermarket dually exhaust you’ll have to lower and put different hangers in place as mine rub after install. I’d buy this b&w companion slider gooseneck to 5th wheel trailer hitch adapter again in a heartbeat but judging by the quality I’ve gotten something built to last a lifetime. Had one issue called B and W and they sent what I needed (my fault) lost bolt in frame, they were pleasant and accommodating soon score 110% for customer service.

Purchased for 2012 Ram 3500 dually 4×4. Fit excellent. Very well made. Easy to install. I put mine in by myself. Looks great when finished. Used it with a Curt 5th wheel rail adapter no problem. Only complaint is that the standard size bolt heads seem to have crummy q.c. on the tolerances of the hex. I’ve rarely seen bolts where a quality wrench and/or socket will slip off the fastener because of loose tolerances. Couple of knuckle busters due to this gooseneck trailer hitch. Otherwise, great kit.

Unboxing & Installation: B&W Trailer Hitches Tow & Stow

Video Transcript:

Hello guys handy guy 2016 here ordered something that I’ve been wanting to order for a long time way overdue for ordering a decent hitch for my truck to pull my mowing trailers and my handyman trailer so I ordered this B&W tow & stow adjustable hitch and I’m gonna unbox it and look at it and then we’ll go put it on the truck ok so here’s one component of it a try max steel pin it’s a receiver lock so in it if I remember correctly you’re able to tighten it up and then lock it and that’s another thing that I wanted when I upgraded it a hitch is something that I can tighten up to take some of the slop out of the hitch I’m tired of the rattling and movement of my old hitch alright so there’s the beast I’ll tell you what let’s just go ahead take it out of the box Oh thing’s got some weight to it all right so here’s the book that comes with it just kind of flip through it real quick with you so talks about shank size proper drop and then here we get into the actual specs of the hitch and what it can do so of course you’ve got your try ball so you’ve got your three different ball sizes ancient seven eighths two inch and two and five sixteenths and then this walks you through how to how to set everything up so same way it’s a really nice really nice color well Illustrated instructions what is this multi-purpose white lithium grease so that’s for use on your pins so all right anyway there is a limited lifetime warranty on this and then this walks you through the warranty and it also tells you about the about the business the company that makes this so anyway hey guys this thing is a beast so I guess this is in stow mode right now so if you had this attached to your truck you know you actually be in the receiver right here and your ball would be facing backwards so that’s in the stow position and then of course you pull these two pins you flip it around and you’re in the in the use position so let’s take it out to the truck and I want to get this thing on check it out all right guys as you can see I have just the basic a two inch reese brand drop hitch that’s all I’m using I don’t have a locking pin or anything and one of the reasons that I’m wanting to upgrade my hitch is because I’m going from a 7 by 16 mowing trailer to an eight-and-a-half by 20 and I want to beef your hitch that I can trust and that has more adjustment to it so let’s pull that old hitch off and let’s put the BMW bond okay so the hitch lock is on and I was wrong about that it doesn’t it doesn’t screw on to tighten up okay so let me show you this side real quick so on this side you just have the head of the pins right and then on this side you have the ends that you pull out so that you can adjust each one of those so the way I had my hitch set up it’s just a two inch drop so basically the the ball top of the ball was about even with the top of the hitch so that’s basically how I’m gonna set this one up so just back in place and let’s pull that out okay so this pin is for the ball rotation and then these two pins so you’ve got pins that stay in here that keep it from just coming out so you can stow it so I’m running two and five-sixteenths on all my trailers so I’m gonna rotate this over to the two and five-sixteenth side and then want my ball about even with the top of the hitch so about right in here it’s gonna be where I need to set it up there we go it’s nice and solid so the reason that has two holes is because this hole works on the two and five-sixteenths and on the two-inch side and then the other hole works on the smaller size the inch and 7/8 all right so that’s it guys that’s setup for my use now when I get the new trailer it’ll be bigger heavier not sure about how the balance is going to be on it as far as weight so I’ll have the adjustment that I need to go I can go quite a ways up and I can go quite a ways down right now I’m set about in the middle on the on the adjustment so it gives me quite a bit of range this is a five inch drop so so that’s you can drop five inches basically they do make different sizes with more drop and you can also take this hitch and flip it over upside down and give yourself five inches of raised also so it’s it’s very versatile as far as you know how you can set it up for your needs so anyway that’s it guys got it out of the box we got it all set up and ready to work it’s locked on so nobody can take off with it and that’s it for now thanks for watching guys as always get out there and make some money and we’ll catch you on the next one.

5. CURT 60614 Original-Equipment-Style Black Gooseneck Hitch– (Best gooseneck hitch plate)

Gooseneck Ball HitchCURT OEM-style gooseneck hitches are built for specific pickup trucks to tackle big jobs. OEM-style hitches are unique because they do not require additional installation brackets. This gooseneck hitch plate bolts directly onto the vehicle’s frame and use pre-existing bolt holes to install in 45 minutes or less.

They also require no welding, bed flange trimming or bed removal. These particular 5th wheel rail plate for b&w gooseneck hitches are designed to fit specific years of the Ram 2500. Each OEM-style Ram hitch comes with a factory-style gooseneck ball and all the necessary hardware for a complete installation. This Ram OE gooseneck hitch offers a gross trailer weight capacity of 30, 000 lbs. and a vertical load limit of 7, 500 lbs.

This gooseneck hitch plate tractor supply is perfect for towing everything from farm animals in your livestock trailer to industrial materials on a flatbed (limited to lowest-rated towing component). It comes with a patented 2-5/16″ gooseneck trailer ball that can be installed and removed easily with a simple quarter-turn of the integrated lever.

To ensure that this Ram gooseneck hitch has what it takes to keep up with you and your truck, it also comes with an A-coat finish for excellent rust resistance. This gooseneck hitch ball plate has heavy-duty 5/8″ safety chain anchors for a reliable backup connection.

Customers Feedback:

Installed on 2017 Ram 2500. Not hard to do at all. One thing I would do different is when you drill the holes for the break away chain u bolts I would come from the bottom with the 11/16 bit first because it will help make sure you’re in the middle. Once you get it to leave a mark then go with the pilot bit (1/4 inch) all the way thru the bed. When you come from the top this will help make sure your 11/16 is right where it needs to be. Also, once you get the 3 1/4 hole drilled in the middle vacuum all the shavings up. Vacuum every hole as you go. Easy to install and I do not have a lift. Once the tire, heat shield and exhaust is out you have plenty of room to work. I can sit under there and I’m 6′ 2″ tall. The torque specs for the 4 large bolts is 210 ft lbs so make sure you have the proper torque wrench.

Installed this b on a 2016 Ram 2500. Took about 2hrs or so. Did this in my driveway and in the dark. Hardest part is getting the torque wrench in there to get things torqued down. Did not remove exhaust, but loosened it and rotated it to get clearances for tools. Have not used the hitch, but appears to be rugged and ready to work. I used a 2×4 cut to length in order to prop the hitch up in order to get the bolts started. Not gonna happen with only two hands, the hitch is heavy. Remove the spare tire and heat shield for installation.

Easy Install Like OEM, very strong steel. I recommend removing exhaust Pipe or you won’t be able to get to the bolts. The hardest was the rubber exhaust mount wow PITA. I recommend and this is my first install to buy the saw with it that way you don’t have to chase it down. I also recommend a short cut. Get the card board it came with and make a template outlining the top where the loop holes are to be,, two marks on the top where ball goes in mark your template line it up and drill your holes downward. That way you won’t have to try to get the middle of the hole and drill upwards. Just an idea to help make the gooseneck hitch plate smooth. It took me two hours but that was with two beer breaks.

6. Reese 58079″The Goose Gooseneck Hitch-25K– (Best reese gooseneck hitch)

Reese Gooseneck HitchThis Reese 58079 “The Goose” Gooseneck Hitch 25K offers easy installation and removal that allows for full access to the truck bed. It features a 2-5/16″ high strength zinc-plated ball, and an in-truck platform rating of 25,000 pounds GTW and 6,250 pounds vertical load.

This Reese gooseneck hitch kit includes attaching pins and clips to get you up and running quickly. When not in use, you can remove it. This above-bed system uses the same rails as Reese fifth wheel hitches. It can be installed on a rail or with quick install brackets.

The durable paint and the high strength ball are manufactured to withstand your active lifestyle. Whether you’re hitting the road with your camper, headed to the lake for a boating adventure or hauling heavy equipment for work, this Reese signature series gooseneck hitch offers high-powered performance.

Customers Feedback:

I already had a removable fifth wheel Reese hitch with rails in the bed of my truck to tow my RV. When I got a horse trailer using a gooseneck, I really didn’t want to install a second connection. This reese 58079 the goose gooseneck hitch 25k base and ball slides right into the rails already in my truck. The item came quickly and in perfect new condition, and is of high quality like my Reese fifth wheel. I’ve towed the horse trailer home with it and it worked fine. Easy to install and remove.

No issues whatsoever. Have recommended the reese above bed gooseneck trailer hitch to friends. It fit in my rails right away and I’ve pulled my 17,000 telehandler several times without any funny squeaks, cracks or issues of any kind.

Received in great shape and early. Only problem I had was the reese fifth wheel to gooseneck hitch adapter was missing a small amount of paint which I take as meaning this is actually a factory second. Since the hitch came from the factory this way and it clearly wasn’t scraped off. However it does not affect it in any way whatsoever and a simple bit of touch up paint can fix the problem.

7. CURT 60680 Double Lock EZr Gooseneck Hitch– (Best gooseneck hitch lock)

Gooseneck 5th Wheel HitchThey’ve made the truck said to turn the world under its tires and the trailer that moves mountains in a day. But what about the hitch powerful enough to connect the two? This gooseneck hitch lock boasts easier installation, easier operation and 30,000 lbs. of towing capacity to make towing that oversize gooseneck trailer looks easy.

To make things even easier, this gooseneck hitch kit includes both the under-bed gooseneck hitch and the vehicle-specific installation brackets. The combined kit makes it simple to get your truck ready for towing by eliminating the need to purchase two different parts.

Installation of this curt double lock gooseneck hitch requires only one person, using retainer clips to keep bolts secure and the center section fully supported while mounting it into place. It also uses our patented center locator to eliminate meticulous measuring and ensure error-free drilling. The EZr also uses carriage bolts whenever possible for one-wrench tightening. The operation of the Double Lock EZr is simple and safe. It uses two locking pins and a 3/8″ diameter handle to keep the gooseneck ball locked into the center section.

The ball features a flip-over design that allows you to store it inside the receiver hole when not in use, keeping your truck bed completely free of obstructions. With a fortified center section, this hitch offers a gross trailer weight capacity up to 30,000 lbs. and a vertical load limit of 7,500 lbs., giving you the power you need to get the job done right. This gooseneck trailer hitch lock features a durable carbide powder coat finish. For safe, reliable towing you can count on, it is tested to meet proposed SAE J2638 standards.

Customers Feedback:

This curt double lock ezr gooseneck hitch is the best thing I ever added to my truck, install went exactly like described in videos and it is solid. I have been towing my 16,000 lbs 5th wheel with it for a few months now and everything is solid. The only hiccup was it is so heavy the delivery person must have had a hard time lifting the box so it was torn open from where it looks like they drug it and some parts were missing. When ordering from Amazon CURT won’t replace missing parts but they will stand behind the warranty. Amazon can’t just send the missing parts so they sent me a whole new hitch, I took the parts I needed and sent back the rest. It was a bit of a pain but all returns were free to me so I didn’t mind.

Very nice design. Installed by myself in about 3.5 hours. If I would have found the proper tools prior to starting installation, the gooseneck trailer hitch locking device would have been a bit quicker. I have always bought the B&W turnover, and I must say that I like the design of these much better. The safety chain hooks are made very well and the overall design is nice.

Works great. I installed the curt double lock gooseneck hitch myself with no assistance, took me about 8 hours total (and yes, I have very good mechanical skills). The instructions take some time to figure out. I recommend reading through them a few times before you do the install but it is doable.

8. Andersen 3220-TBX Connection Aluminum Gooseneck– (Best gooseneck 5th wheel hitch)

Gooseneck Hitch InstallationAndersen Hitches is proud to offer the future of 5th wheel trailer hitches. The Ultimate 5th Wheel Connection is the lightest and most affordable way to connect your 5th wheel trailer to your tow vehicle. In fact, it is the best fifth wheel hitch on the market.

Does your tow vehicle require a rail mount instead or a traditional gooseneck? That’s no problem because this gooseneck 5th wheel hitch has fifth wheel hitches designed specifically to fit your particular needs.

Andersen Hitches knows that different tow vehicles require different fifth-wheel trailer hitches. The Ultimate 5th wheel hitch is available in a few different varieties to give you the perfect fit for your vehicle.

The Ultimate earned its name for being the ultimate in gooseneck to 5th wheel hitch adapter, and it is the best fifth wheel hitch for a reason. Andersen Rail Mount Trailer Hitch can be used with industry-standard rails. This Gooseneck Mount Trailer Hitch can be used with all gooseneck hitch balls.

Customers Feedback:

I haven’t actually towed 5th wheel hitch to gooseneck adapter yet but the install/removal is very slick compared to my previous heavy steel sliding hitch. The concept appears well thought out and is very lightweight.

Nothing to dislike about this gooseneck hitch for 5th wheel rails! I’m using it in my short bed truck and it pulls like a dream and it doesn’t bind up on the kingpin like traditional 5th wheel hitches when on a bit of side tilt.

Just received the 3220-TBX. Purchased through Amazon from Level and Hitches. The box was undamaged. I unpacked the assembly and removed the coupler and the ball. That’s when I found the the drilled ball pin holes in the Base was in bad condition. One side the drilled pin hole is good. The opposite side pin hole looks to have been drilled approximately 3/16″ oversized. To be fair, this issue arose about 45 minutes ago, 8:45pm. I have sent emails to Amazon, Level & Hiches, and to Anderson Ultimate Hitch company.

9. CURT 60710 Double Lock Gooseneck Hitch– (Best curt gooseneck hitch)

Bulldog Gooseneck HitchA gooseneck hitch is more than a necessary tool for towing; it is an integrated extension of your truck that allows you to turn your 4×4 into the workhorse it was designed to be. That is why CURT offers gooseneck hitch kits that include both the hitch and the installation brackets, making it simpler and easier to get your truck towing-ready.

This curt gooseneck hitch includes the CURT Double Lock gooseneck hitch and installation brackets to match. The under-bed Double Lock gooseneck hitch gets its name from the two locking pins that engage the trailer ball and hold it in place, giving you twice the security when towing especially heavy trailers.

The Double Lock mounts underneath your truck bed, using the included brackets and provides a removable 2 5/16″ gooseneck trailer ball with a gross trailer weight capacity up to 30,000 lbs. and a tongue weight capacity of 7,500 lbs. Using the heavy-duty operating handle, this curt gooseneck hitch installation can be unlocked and flipped over whenever necessary to allow full use of the truck bed. The Double Lock comes with solid safety chain hookups, an attractive chrome trim ring, a durable carbide powder coat finish and a limited lifetime warranty.

This particular Double Lock curt quick goose 2 gooseneck hitch is designed to be a custom fit for certain years of the Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD or 3500 or GMC Sierra 2500HD or 3500 (for a complete listing of vehicle and installation bracket compatibility, see the CURT application guide or visit

Customers Feedback:

Got this curt under bed gooseneck hitch on a Friday afternoon, had it installed in 3 1/2 hours. Next day went and picked up a 37 ft gooseneck bale wagon and drug it home 240 miles. Check bolts 50 miles in on the return trip due to rough highways, nothing loose. Used youtube vid for installation procedures, two very minor issues was the alignment template for the ball hole was warped so my ball hole was about 1/32 off and the kit was missing 1 lock washer which I had. This was way easier than the last one I installed 12 years ago.

I highly recommend having someone help you install this. I did by myself and found it difficult at best to lift the heavy center part up under the bed. Took me about three times as long than the you tube videos said it would. Performance wise it works great. When my fifth hitch comes out of the truck, the ball flips over and I have my truck bed flat again.

Just take your time,follow instructions and watch videos for a clean installation. It’s not a race to see how fast you can DIY, rather how best you can install. We use the curt double lock gooseneck hitch with ultimate gooseneck hitch to pull 5th wheel.

10. B and W GNRK1116 – Turnover Ball Gooseneck Hitch– (Best gooseneck ball hitch)

Hideaway Gooseneck HitchB&W Turnoverball Gooseneck Hitch GNRK1116 #1 selling gooseneck hitch in America. A hitch when you need it, a level bed when you don’t. It’s the hitch that started it all. WARNING: The tow vehicle’s towing capacities should under NO circumstances be exceeded. This gooseneck ball hitch was designed to fit vehicles in their original, “as manufactured” condition. Compatibility with vehicles having replacement parts or other modifications is not guaranteed. Inspect the vehicle for modifications before the installation of this product.

We recently learned that Ford implemented a running change in May to the inner frame brackets for 2019 Super Duty trucks. If you are installing a GNRK1117 on a 2019 Ford Super Duty and find that the truck doesn’t have inner frame brackets, we have a supplemental b&w turnover ball gooseneck hitch GNXA817 which will provide the two side plates necessary for install.

Moving forward we will recommend the GNRK1116 for all 2019 Ford Super Duty Trucks. This b&w gooseneck hitch ball will still fit the 2017-2018 Ford F-250 & F-350 4WD Trucks.

GNXA817 will be available through your distributor early next week, or through B&W now. This turnover ball gooseneck hitch will be sent out at no charge to dealers installing a GNRK1117 in a 2019 Ford Super Duty without inner frame brackets.

Customers Feedback:

Exactly what we needed. Easy to install, works as described. Very happy with this purchase

FAQs on the Best Gooseneck Hitch in 2021

What is the gooseneck hitch?

The gooseneck hitch is a typical horse trailer that is designed to pick up the heavy truck using the ball and coupler. It utilizes the ball by engaging the coupler on either horse trailer or the traverse trailer. They come in three types Under-Bed, Fold-Down or Above-Bed which allow you to remove the ball quickly when you are not using it. The hitch ball at one point is ready to tow the vehicle and in the next moment, it leaves bed making it free from any obstruction. Moreover, if your hitches are of two styles such as the fifth wheel and gooseneck then you can use the same set of rails making it easier for you to switch whenever you want using the above - bed gooseneck hitch.

How does your gooseneck hitch works?

It does not matter that you have either gigantic RV or herd of draft horse, you can do your job of towing the heavy load done properly. The hitch not only picks up the heavy truck or sturdy trailer but also the hardcore hitch. There are four classes of hitches in your gooseneck hitch namely class I, class II, class III and class IV hitch. The class I and class II hitches are used to tow the loads light in weight with the simple drawbar system. And with the class III and class IV are used to tow up to 10k weight and is suitable if you are lifting a camper or a boat. There is a class V hitch also which can lift the weight of the leads which is around 30k pounds which is about 13k kilograms. This hitch is anchored through the bed of the truck you pick up instead of getting extended from the back of the vehicle that you tow. Your gooseneck hitch uses the hitch ball to get locked into a place and accomplish a connection instead of using the wheel-shaped plate. The working of your product is purely dependent on its strength and types of trailer that it pulls.

How to clean your gooseneck hitch?

For cleaning of your gooseneck hitch, you must opt for the six inches of gooseneck trailer clearance. It is the minimum size needed to handle the conditions of the highway and the off - roads. To make the sides of the trailer longer at a distance from the truck, extend the size of the coupler. Since the trailer of the hitch will not be at a level so it is considered as a permanent solution. Weight cannot be distributed symmetrically, the extended coupler raises the front of the trailer higher than the back. The axle can bend down because of the extra weight being pushed on the rear axle. You should keep in mind that the new trucks are taller in size. Earlier, the size of the truck bed was used to 52 inches and now it is available in more than 60 inches. If you have a gooseneck hitch that does not get fit into your truck bed, then do no throw it; you can still make good use of it. You can weld the steel block with the frame and then axle with the steel block which gives you extra 3 inches for clearance which truly depends on the construction of the axle box. Or you can simply go for the aftermarket truck lowering kit which can make space for about 2 inches for the clearance.

How can you remove your gooseneck hitch?

There are three types of bed installation available in the market namely Above-Bed installation, Under-Bed installation and Fold Down. The Above-Bed installation in your gooseneck hitch can get easily removed or installed as it mounts on the rails. The Under-Bed installation is designed in such a way that it allows you to do the setting according to your vehicle. The hitch ball can be removed or can get lowered down when you are not using it. The Under-Bed installation does not require any drilling as it easily gets fit with each vehicle and it allows you to do the custom setting. It does not require drilling because it can go well with the 4th hole in the bed of your truck. The Fold Down installation uses the rail which you can find under the bed of your truck. Also, the hitch ball is mounted on the plate in the bed and for installation, it requires a much larger hole in the pickup bed.

How to choose the best hitch ball?

You must go for the hitch ball whose rating of its weight is greater than the gross trailer weight so that you can prevent the overloading on the towing equipment. You must keep in mind that each hitch ball has its capacity to bear the weight.

How to Install Curt Gooseneck Hitch?

Video Transcript:

Welcome to the installation video of the Curt double lock gooseneck hitch on the 2012 chevrolet silverado 1500 short bed we estimate this installation to take between two and a half to five hours depending on your level of expertise here are the tools that we use to complete the install if you’re attempting to do this install alone we suggest using an engine hoist chain Falls or come along to lift and hold the center section in place during the installation for this installation we use the Curt 606 o6 installation tool which is specifically designed for this purpose start by removing the spare tire and heat shield use the saw to remove a section of the heat shield that will be in front of the back crossmember remove the heat shield from the back of the crossmember located near the front of the wheel well next mark the location for the hole in the truck bed if your vehicle is a six and a half foot bed or shorter like we have here our measurement is 42 and 7/16 inches from the back of the box be sure that you are not measuring from the edge of the tailgate if you have an 8 foot model your measurement will be forty nine and a half inches find your center point by measuring the distance between the wheel wells this will give you the center point to drill the required four inch circle if your truck has a plastic bed liner you may drill through both however a bed liner may make it more difficult to get an accurate measurement take all measurements twice to ensure that the hole will be in the correct position use a punch to mark your center point and drill 1/8 inch starter hole this will reduce the chance of your hole saw wandering when cutting through the bed when cutting into the bed with the hole saw be sure to add a cutting grease or lubricant to prevent from damaging the blade once completed you will notice that the hole is four to six inches in front of the axle use a touch up paint to reduce the probability of rust remove all lines from the top of the frame rail on the driver’s side to keep from damaging them when inserting the cross arms lower the brake lines by in bolting the factory bracket and replace it with the Curt bracket using the supplied 8 millimeter bolts and nuts install the rear cross arm by sliding it between the frame and truck bed floor above the passenger side rear tire after spanning both frames rotate the cross arm vertically so that the four Center threaded holes are perpendicular to the ground shortbed models like this one the cross arms should be behind the bed rail support towards the rear of the truck again from the passenger side slide the front cross arm across the frame and rotate it vertically so that the holes are towards the ground next we will install the center section we are using the Curt 606 o6 installation tool to hold the center section in place install the center section by carefully raising it above the filled tank from beneath the truck use the Curt 606 o6 tool to hold the center section into position this could also be done using an engine hoist chain files or come along insert the four half inch hex bolts with washer and lock washer through each of the slots on the inside of the center section thread them finger tight into the front cross arm repeat this process on the opposing side a thread tap may be necessary to remove excess paint from the threads in the cross arms be sure that the hitch cylinder is in place protruding through the hole in the truck bed starting on the driver’s side install the side plate with the large hole towards the back of the truck aligning it with the existing slot in the frame attach the side plate by inserting the three-quarter inch bolt and washer insert the two SP 13 spacers between the frame and plate followed by securing the three quarter inch bolt with the SP 58 spacer and flange nut attach the flanges to the cross arms using the two half-inch hex bolts washers and lock washers repeat this process on the opposing side finish attaching the side plates using the provided u-bolts use the smaller u-bolts for shortbed applications make sure not to damage the vehicle’s wiring harness or brake lines secure the bolts with the 1/2 inch flange nuts finger-tight starting from front to rear on the center section torque the half-inch fasteners to 75 foot-pounds when torquing down the u-bolts alternate sides to ensure that each side is tighten equally to a maximum of 40 foot-pounds repeat this process on the opposing side then torque the half-inch fasteners on the side plate flanges front first followed by the rear 275 foot-pounds again repeat this process on the opposing side finally torque each three quarter inch bolt to 260 foot-pounds onto assembling the hitches components using the hitch of the template drill the four pilot holes in the truck bed with an eighth inch drill bit be sure that each hole is drilled into the lower rib section of the truck bed next use a 1/2 inch drill bit to drill the full-sized holes it’s a good idea to use touch-up paint as a rust preventative insert the u-bolt safety chain attachments from the inside of the truck bed then attach the springs and nylock nuts onto each leg of the u-bolts tighten each nut until flush with the bottom of the bolts while into the vehicle insert the locking pin into the ball cylinder with the handle rod hole located on top insert the handle rod from your choice of side typically the driver’s side is preferred some vehicles will need a notch cut out of this portion of the bed for the handle using the handle as a guide mark and cut the small section out of the bed so that the handle will be able to move freely once the notch is cut insert the handle rod from outside the vehicle through the hole in the 606 1 5 end plate and through the rod guide as shown slide the compression spring between two washers over the handle rod before inserting the rod into the locking pin now that it’s in place secure the rod with the Bolton nylock nut to ensure proper pull length of the locking pin you may need to use additional 3/8 washers install the protective u-shaped edging in chrome cylinder ring install the rubber handle grip by sliding it over the metal hand rod finally we will finish by adhering the product usage sticker inside the wheel well now that everything is installed let’s go over the operation of the curt double lock gooseneck hitch to remove the pin and reposition the ball pull the handle out as far as possible and rotate it clockwise until the locking pin is disengaged and locked out insert the ball into the cylinder by aligning the ball groove with the cylinder pin if the grooving pin are not aligned and simply rotate the ball until it drops in place rotate the handle counter clockwise until the locking pin snaps back into position before towing always double check to make sure that the pin passes completely through the ball and cylinder this completes the installation video of the Curt double lock gooseneck hitch on the 2012 chevrolet silverado 1500 short bed if you need a little more cab clearance check out the Curt 606 Oh to offset ball or quickly adapt your Curt double lock gooseneck to a fifth wheel by using the Curt 16 – 10 x 5 adapter plate you.

How Not To Install Your Gooseneck Hitch?

Video Transcript:

Moment of truth oh yeah every one of Chucky’s 2009 here with my buddy mechanic Steve and today we’re going to be installing this B&W; turnover gooseneck hitch thing into my eye just gonna sound of it I don’t actually remember if this thing’s a 2017 or an 18 ok well yeah I think it’s a 17 it doesn’t really matter I mean it’s the same truck and this is what we got I’ll put a link in the Amazon at description below if everybody’s in the market for one of these things friendly reminder it’s an affiliate link so if you guys do buy a hitch or anything else on there the channel makes the small Commission on that but whatever the case they’re really what is there to say let’s see how hard it is to put this thing under the truck that’s the actual nice yes yeah everything looks real nice it says made in USA the welds on this thing are really clean comes to place some nuts and bolts and it’s basically a jigsaw puzzle packing up its proximity $50,000 vehicle what could go wrong nothing I mean I’m we know it well they’re like if anything does go wrong golly man he’ll come out whelps alright so step one of this install is to remember that you need a four inch hole saw for this and then spend like 30 minutes driving the home depot and buying one and probably buying it for twice as much as I could have bought it on Amazon for when I ordered this and then you got to come home and stare at the bolts in the bed with mechanic Steve and try and discuss what they are even though it makes no difference whatsoever because the whole point of this is to not take the bed off the truck but still you want to know anyway this looks like it goes on here alright if we actually bothered to attempt reading the owners manual yet everything needs to make a pop-up book [Laughter] these instructions must be given to the end-user all right I’m not gonna read any of that I hope none of it’s too important okay let’s see determine cab clearance no remove spare tire no position the vehicle yeah it’s here prepare a lifting the Oviatt no the mark a 4-inch hole all right let’s start with that one where all that paint marker stuff is somebody like rode on something why am I even bothering to film this that’s fan mail call Thank You Chuck I’ll do it really like artsy fartsy zoom in right you’ve never seen this on the video on YouTube ever like the zoom in the camera around everywhere get motion sick one of the biggest complaints I get on my older videos yeah that’s just too bad I can’t watch it getting sick too much walking around alright dude so there’s a way you can figure out the exact center of the bed by using like a tape measure and stuff but I want to sugarcoat it that just seems like too much work and I’m really bad at math so we’re just gonna eyeball this but keep going wrong oh wait it’s got a good way this way I wonder if they want it like in the exact center yeah yeah give or take an inch all right that’s why we build them in yeah oh jeez I have a personal policy when I’m driving down the road of not following trailer is if they look remotely janky or basically anything made in six months older less well he’s probably fairly close to the center [Music] is made of aluminum and it’s like any modern ish automobile paper thing so I mean look this weighs nothing that’s why I didn’t bother with oil or anything I figured it wasn’t worth making a colossal mess of the deadlines and everything all right genuine souvenir right here Oh dudes it says right here it does require four inch hole saw so it wasn’t just my memory and it says eight foot bed something or other forty five and a half inches man if only I just read this I wouldn’t have had the eyeball it but you know sacrifices have to be made all right so you take a wheel off what you’re not building no I stopped all the gold I know I know is it a wheel we need it’s just a spare we could sell it thank you how much money if you could not have this finished not only do you save weight you get a little fuel mileage out of it but you can make a hundred dollars now I see I see no way this could ultimately backfire in the future I mean get your blade or something pay $50 a month for triple a got any criminal evidence in here thanks oh hey or is it 42 mine is it yeah for them oh yeah yeah no Chuck he’s still my crab man rule I you know I said to myself my life would be perfect if only I had one more glove that I have no mate for I’m actually saying all the stuff that goes through my I should say that would be a really stupid thing to do but it’s still gonna trigger idiots in the helmet all right I’m gonna hold the camera really high just like girls like to have I’ll make it look short you’re done now like you’re your girlfriend ever hands you to fall like take a picture of me no I call the six-foot surveil so you gotta hold on like this every girl I’ve ever known does the same thing to like when I take pictures and selfies whatever they hold on like that see baby you know the reading instructions I don’t read instruction my favorite thing to do is take the spare out but leave that thing down so when you drive it does this or put a cowbell on it dude see Steve and I were joking about selling the sphere for 100 bucks and just having triple-a Steve says he’s actually seen an article like it all is that a joke he’s making up he’s actually seeing an article that I’ll neurotically advises people to do that yeah it was the UH I know if you guys are familiar with the term here I heard micro miler there’s a like forum there’s a whole following of these guys that call micro milers today what they do is they take a vehicle they take all the stuff out of it and some of them go is extreme to do like the stage 3 weight reduction take all the other seats out of the vehicle make it as light as possible and you barely feathered the throttle of just as minimum amount as you possibly can and I’ve actually done this I’ve actually driven like that and my 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 went from averaging 14 miles to the gallon to about 24 did you really know that’s the highest I could get was about 24 and like I only did it once huh and you probably only once well just just changing my driving habits you know not like taking off so fast barely getting on and like on the highway not really drafting like that start drafting but getting behind 80 Miller’s makes a huge difference but these guys were like going full-on like ridiculous I mean they look the article literally said remove your spear tired get triple-a because Triple A is on like $12 a month or year or whatever and you can call them they’ll come out and tell your big about your house where your spirits I mean if you’re normally advised to be power over two or three years yeah yeah he’s pretty good at cleaning cameras like this man I gotta start like crossing stuff out as we read it then this doesn’t need to be like six pages long look like all this stuff here just get rid of it tools needed this is not necessary like obviously if we have to drill a hole we need a frickin drill I don’t know me it myself and owner’s manuals are not friends man this is this is literally mind-numbing the hitch kit for two wheel drive trucks includes blah um install side place locate so I don’t think you need the intersect plates I think we just need the outer supports that’s a deal yeah cuz it’s got like a set in there something why isn’t my camera all foggy I don’t know that I was trying to like wipe it off while I go in it got to make sure the exhaust is nice and hot when you do stuff like this for maximum safety oh it’s so cavernous whoa we put all the parts under the truck except for the ones we do not they come with the truck decisively yes okay so crossmember bracket rear crossmember bracket frights okay so this one goes in the rear that you want DS one goes on the front that looks heavy probably underneath them it hmm it did say it in instructions yes dude it’s mind-numbing it’s not just me this stuff actually doesn’t seem extremely heavy duty so this is the part where I put forget to put the clear lens back on the camera then like well with it spray hot metal all over it I’ve actually destroyed okay so see since we’re kind of making him do everything here shake it out easier to run the bull through with the threaded part sticking out this way towards your wheel you want me to pull the bolt out fencer and yeah so Steve’s gonna be under there with with a ramp and I’m gonna use my ebay Loctite here and a torque wrench to torque this down though whatever steve told me you set it to you know it’s going to be one of those days with even the friggin Loctite bottle doesn’t want to cooperate alright this is the secret to installing but this is what they should tell you in the manual just like have it dude under your truck the whole time who’s the only one who’s actually made an attempt to understand how the stupid thing goes on here are you getting here oh let’s both pull down together you ready yep alright minimal hello here we go Oh Oh what is mixed engines yeah but this people on youtube a whine about alright let’s just try it a couple more times couple more churches we did it alright one more just for good measure alright okay I don’t have you for a read like like massive whatever reports about like porky yeah what garlotte’s have used an extension or not it doesn’t change the amount of torque because you’re still exerting the same amount of pressure of a minute it does it the only time it changes is when you put the wrench adapter on yeah would you change the link of the torque wrench I figured we might as well put one point of intelligence in this video for those that don’t know who a metal one appears if you look at that bolt hole where the bolt runs through there if you look real close you can see it’s not actually hollow inside there’s a sleeve there’s a little lip down to where the sleeve is but you can see the wall two sleeve that’s not just dead space there’s even like some dirt in there you can see this is very important because if you take anything box like like a frame on this truck for instance oh you can see the box structure through there and you compress it it’s you like the bolts are gonna tighten down as this compresses but over time the materials gonna fatigue so it’s not pushing back out as much it’s just kind of weakens and goes like this and that’s when you’re both they’re no longer tight and also it’s not very sturdy in the first place so just on the odd chance anybody watching this video is trying to like just hack and beat one of these kits onto a truck or like assemble one with two parts they found in some scrap metal or something intelligence so here you can see Steve oh oh now this way yeah I’m gonna put Loctite on it first so evidently this bolt on this side has to go in with the head facing out I’m not in the mood for your stuff stupid bottle farmer who bought a pickup once he’s like man you know I need the front brakes didn’t work all that well when I bought it but you know I took I took it apart and sure enough there’s no friggin the the front brakes were completely disconnected because the the even cheaper old older farmer who had it before this guy did found out the new front brake shoes cost like I don’t know 70 bucks aside or something and refused to pay it yeah it was a late eighties Dodge Dakota hmm and there was no rear brakes at all you guys are gobbing after all the wheel cylinders well then in like three or four weeks go by everybody get my UTI school knew the guy he was several phases you know passed us like he had started one six months earlier yeah mister yeah he took the truck up here he took all the rear brakes off of it so he could sit there and hit the brake pedal and then floor it and do burnouts Wow in the truck mania bought his burnout truck yeah congratulations geez all right should I start turning this okay yeah well you know what it’s stories like that that make me feel better about well paying less money for a new vehicle that he used one so you got a sign that video I mean there comes a point when it’s better to spend 20 bucks on another wrench and to force that what else I mean if I was driving down the highway at 6 months in here babe it’s like how up there there on that ranch oh come on you could totally click there we go oh we’re there good hey that really wasn’t that bad yeah that’s over all right so everything’s going pretty well however one slight problem that we are having as it appears as though and this is pretty logical when you think about it and then a powder coat this thing after I can only do too many things at once here and appearance instead of a powder coat this after they tap these holes and the problem is that makes it really really tight when we’re trying to actually run bolts into therefore we figured instead of fighting with this constantly probably having it throw up our torque values we might as well just take a minute of three and run a tap through these so we are this is an ancient five eighths by eleven camp probably older than I am this is actually from lardons machine shop we kind of sold out last summer and retired ish look at that five eighths by eleven be jealous of my organizational system these are now these are a lot smaller yeah so we’re just gonna try to clean this up man I keep thinking these are pipe threads for some reason so I just kind of blindly turn and I’m waiting for the resistance to build community teeth roots work and it just never does [Music] [Music] yeah yes nice and just for the naysayers you want to show them out it goes in and storage yeah yeah I need some children keep pulling on this lever ready yeah oh yeah that’s cool yeah you got your hooks this Springs the hooks are in the lower son of a gun on the bed so they shouldn’t interfere with stuff being dragged across it that much I think it’s cool how they designed it like that I was wondering if it’d be like in the middle of a rib or on the side I’ll be extremely inconvenient but no we’re done aren’t we we’re doing gosh you have the spirits higher nine million other things then yep see you later all right so what do we think Steve I like it man I’ve always liked BMW products um what did I say earlier I forgot what the terminology I used we were talking about being debía stuff and like it’s it’s it’s just it’s good quality or the we’re talk about the brackets go underneath it yeah so it’s you had the piece that the most amazing thing about but I like about this kid I’ve seen this kid before if you actually take the time to bolt it in it’s a fantastic kit is everything fits in area you can slide it in without taking a freaking bed all like three months of existence in Texas rates starting up yeah BTW fun and awkwardly close here BMW I think did a great job on this kid I’m not affiliated with them like I said that my own approximately five hundred bucks on this but if you buy one of these kits or anything on Amazon through the link to channel there’s a small Commission that’s always appreciated but I’m not a feeling even though think they did an awesome job on this thing it’s nice talking to see if and Steve did the most to be installing this that works you know samosa mechanic stuff around here I do host a lot of these stuff for him and I was saying it is a freaking pain a like what eight nine pieces I’ll have to go there just right but the reality is this they’ve done the best that I think it’s humanly possible because you look under there this much space between the frame rail and the bed they make it so you don’t have to take you bet off he’s coming this way pieces come in that way everything goes together I just played a simple pretty horse it’s american-made it’s very high quality the welds on it are spotless I mean insanely insanely clean the ones eyes look now I think you’re gonna buy a robot but if it’s a person they’re an incredibly good welder and everything fits in there exactly how it’s supposed to it’s nicely powder-coated it’s not cheap paint that’s gonna fall off you know in our brutal North Texas winners and call 30 degrees degrees 48 and I’m really happy with it one thing I will say they tell you to get a four inch hole saw it’s good we did because if I got a smaller one it because of a hack it wouldn’t know lined up right but if we look it is a little cattywampus I think we could have gotten like a three and three yeah I would get a three and three-quarter inch hole saw because if you need like you know some non family friendly terms wider just take like a die grinder or file around once they don’t fit perfectly but at 3 and 3/4 inch hole saw properly positioned like measured the way they tell you to that I didn’t bother to read that would be the way to install fi this but man and then I think it’s legit like I said good position the hole a little bit better but overall that’s a lot of pieces the one in everything exact everything is clean what’s not to love I sold this is gonna be a really good kit and I think it is yeah anything dad nope thanks for watching don’t forget to rate comment and subscribe for also mechanic Steve’s channel link in the video description Cheers.

Final Verdict:

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