10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders for Backyard

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Are squirrels giving you a tough time?

Are they eating up food meant for backyard birds?

Do you want to stop squirrels from depleting food prepared for birds?

If yes, what you need is a squirrel-proof bird feeder.

Squirrels can sabotage your efforts to feed birds effectively. They are fast, acrobatic, and voracious eaters. Bird feeders help to stop squirrels from emptying bird seeds. With bird feeders, birds can feed to their satisfaction.

If you are looking for the best chipmunk-proof bird feeder, we are here to make your search super easy. Read on as we review the best feeders for squirrel-free bird feeding.

Quick Comparison on 10 Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2021

Take a good look at the table below. The comparison table will help you make a good choice.

Top 10 Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2021

1. Squirrel Buster Plus Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

squirrel proof bird feedersFeed birds to their heart desire with the Squirrel Buster Plus. With a feeding capacity of 5 pounds, birds can feed well without the worries of squirrels. It has 6 feeding ports.

It is also pole mountable making easy to be hung on the branch of a tree. The feeder’s closing mechanism is very sensitive to the weight of a squirrel. Birds will feed comfortably from the feeder but when a squirrel comes, the feeder shuts it out without hurting it.

It has an adjustment setting for the size of birds that you want to attract to the feeder. To reduce the setting, turn the setting anticlockwise and increase the setting by turning it clockwise. It can easily be dismantled by hand for ease of cleaning. It has a seed ventilation system to keep the seeds fresh always.


  • Seed ventilation system – The seed ventilation system makes seeds stay fresh due to vents that release hot air and return cool breeze into the feeder.
  • Chew-proof – The feeder is made of strong material making it difficult to squirrels to chew.
  • No tools needed – The feeder is easy to assemble and disassemble by hand thereby requiring no tools at all
  • Adjustable weight – Choose the weight of the birds that you want to feed by adjusting the setting. You can either adjust clockwise and anticlockwise
  • Completely squirrel-proof – The weight of an adult squirrel automatically closes the feeder denying the squirrel access to seeds.

Customers Feedback:

To date I have purchased 3 of these feeders. The first I bought for myself in 2012 and I can honestly say it is the first feeder in 30+ years that the squirrels absolutely cannot get into. I’ve had many really good laughs watching them try. The second one I bought and gave to my mother; she has several feeders that she calls bird feeders but really they are squirrel feeders. The birds were delighted with a feeder just for them and enjoyed it the entire summer. Unfortunately the squirrels were not delighted and finding there was no way to get at the seed proceeded to gnaw the hook out of a crossbeam and drop the feeder about 15 feet to the ground. We know it was squirrels because she brings all the feeders in at night so the raccoons can’t get at them. The next year when I visited I replaced the broken feeder and installed a very heavy duty hook with a gnaw guard; that was 4 years ago and the birds are still very delighted…squirrels not so much but they are resigned to the other feeders. So the bent feeder has been in my garage ever since, but I recently contacted Brome about purchasing the necessary parts to fix it as I am refilling my existing one about every 5-6 days (unusual for me for a feeder this sized) and have another hook I could use. Within 24 hours I received an answer to my email, the necessary parts are shipping the next day no charge and they included videos for installing parts. WOW!! Totally unexpected but kudos to a most excellent customer service. Brome absolutely stands behind their products and their products are the best! I’ve included a picture of the damaged feeder so you can see the parts necessary for it to be fully functional are extensive. I’ll add a picture when it’s fixed and hanging with my original feeder.

So when I first purchased the Brome feeder a couple of weeks ago, I posted the below comparison between this Brome feeder and the Yankee Droll feeder. I have to say that this is better than the Yankee droll feeder. The fact that I do not need to ever charge a battery is a huge plus. Also, because it is 100% squirrel proof (squirrels cannot get any seeds loose like with the Yankee) keeps the seeds in the feeder longer, and therefore I do not need to replenish as often as only the birds get them. My comparison below is still true, but I have to say I prefer this feeder hands down. I highly recommend it!
I have both bird feeders and I love them both. I’ve had the Yankees flipper for 6 years now, it is still working and I only had to change the battery once. About the same price as this Brome feeder. My husband and I wanted another squirrel proof bird feeder to hang on our oak tree. This is when I stumbled upon this bird feeder and due to all the great reviews I decided to give it a try. Both bird feeders work great, and these are the ONLY squirrel proof bird feeders on the market that actually do work, so here are the differences:
The Brome does not require a rechargeable battery, the Yankees does.
The Brome is not as entertaining to watch the squirrels as the squirrels cannot get to the holes where the seeds are. The Yankees allows the squirrel to get there just so it can flip them and throw them off the feeder, thus an entertainment to humans. I’m not mean to squirrels, I do feed them cracked corn, but it is funny to watch them spin a few times and get thrown from the bird feeder. They do manage to get seeds thrown on the ground due to the flip action, and some brave squirrels actually will flip several times just so they can get some seeds, but they do give up after a while.
The Brome has 6 holes, the Yankees has 4. The part I do not like about having 6 holes is that 2 are in the back where I can’t see the birds which represents 33% of the holes while the Yankees has 4 of which only 1 is in the back which represents 25% of the holes. So you get to see more of the bird with the Yankee. The Brome has a dome shape which protects the seeds from getting wet from the rain, the Yankee does not, but the seeds don’t get very wet.
Bigger birds such as pigeons got to eat sideways with the Brome as the dome is in their way. I like all birds so my setting is set to allow all size birds but not the weight of the squirrel. With the Yankee there is nothing to set, it will allow 1 pigeon, but 2 are too heavy. All in all, both these bird feeders are awesome, and worth the money. I only had the Brome for 2 days and the Yankee for 6 years and still going, so hopefully the Brome will last as long. It is well built so I expect it to. You won’t be sorry buying either one, just read the differences and decide which one is better for you.
Update – Aug 2019, plastic tube cracked, I contacted seller and within 2 days I received a new one. Totally free – no shipping charges or anything. Amazing company!!

I’ve had my Squirrel Buster Plus for about a month. It hangs just outside my office window, where I can watch the birds throughout the day. Because of the large size and weight, I had to upgrade from a suction cup hanger to a sturdy wall mounted model. With the old feeder, the squirrels found it big sport to tear it off the window and feast on the spoils scattered on the ground. They ruined 2 feeders and frankly, took a lot of the fun out the whole experience. Now I have my revenge. It’s hilarious to see the little buggers filled with frustration and give up. The first night, I even had a raccoon that gave it a try and failed.

I was worried, because some of the reviews indicated larger birds like Blue Jays, couldn’t land on the Cardinal ring, but that hasn’t been a problem with my feeder (see photo). It took them a few days to perfect their landing technique, but they now visit daily. I use a high quality mix, and find it lasts longer. I’ve had as many as 8 finches feasting at one time, as well as Cardinals, Rose Breasted Grosbeaks, Downy and Yellow Bellied Woodpeckers, Red Winged blackbirds, Brown Thrashers, Carolina Wrens and numerous others. I could dial it down to eliminate the larger birds, but I enjoy them just as much as the little ones. That said, I’ve noticed the Chickadees seem to be avoiding it.

Oh, so you don’t think I’m too much of a curmudgeon, I put a special feeder with black oil sunflower seeds in the tree for the squirrels. Now peace and harmony has been restored. Thank you Squirrel Buster Plus!

2. Squirrel Buster Standard Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

spinning squirrel proof bird feedersFeed birds without the headache of squirrels with the effective Squirrel Buster. The feeder prevents squirrels from exhausting the birds’ food.

It has a sensitive mechanism that shuts off the feeder based on the weight of the squirrels. Allow about 18 inches clearance before placing the bird feeder. The feeder is easy to clean and fill.

The weight can be adjusted to discourage bigger birds. It requires no tools to use. The feeder can contain 1.3 pounds of seeds.

It comes with a seed ventilation system to keep the seeds always fresh. It also protects the seeds against bad weather conditions.


  • Squirrel-proof – The bird feeder is squirrel-proof. The weight of an adult squirrel closes the feeder thereby denying the squirrel access to food.
  • Chew-proof – The squirrel cannot chew the feeder since it is made of metal material.
  • Proper ventilation system – The feeder is made to effectively let out heat and regulate humidity by letting in the fresh air. This helps the birds’ food to remain fresh.
  • UV resistant – It is ultraviolet-resistant thereby making the feeder to look new always
  • Waterproof and rustproof –It doesn’t get affected by the rain and doesn’t get rust making it a durable bird feeder.

Customers Feedback:

I have almost a dozen squirrels that used to regularly come and raid my bird feeder. I’ve seen eight in the yard at the same time. They’re even coming from across the street. It used to be there were just one or two and I didn’t mind providing bird seed for them, but with this many they monopolize the feeder and the birds don’t even get a chance. I tried various ways of coating the seed with capsaicin, which was said to deter the squirrels. It barely even slowed them down. I bought a slingshot and started shooting dried peas at them. I even hit them a few times. They’d just run to the back of the yard, out of range, as soon as I opened the door, but unless I wanted to chase them they’d just wait down there until I went back in the house and they’d be right back at the feeder.

A friend pointed me to the Brome Squirrel Buster Pro. It looked good but was quite a bit more than I wanted to spend on yet another “squirrel proof” feeder. The Squirrel Buster Standard seemed a good way to try out the basic design without spending a load of money.

The Squirrel Buster Standard appears well designed and constructed of high quality materials. The fit and finish are excellent. Taking it apart to fill it with seed is simple and so is reassembly. What’s not obvious in all the pictures is inherent to the design is a stiff metal hanger that’s almost as long as the body of the feeder. Be aware of this when planning on a good location for it.

So far, it’s working exactly as advertised. The feeder is hanging from a shepherd’s hook. I had to put the hook in the ground at an angle to keep the feeder far enough away from the shaft that the squirrels couldn’t reach over, but it seems sufficiently stable. The squirrels have tried attacking from below, from above, and from the side. They can’t reach it from the side and attacks from below or above shut the seed ports so they can’t get to the seed.

My only little quibble is that the feeder is quite small. I used a 12 oz. glass to fill it and was able to fit just two glasses of seed into it. That makes the capacity exactly as they say, 3/4 quart, or 24 fl. oz. The small size is a plus as far as the squirrels go since it gives them less to hang on to, but it is going to mean filling the feeder more often. I’m coming to this from a huge feeder. Even with a dozen squirrels feasting daily I still only had to fill it every other week. With a lot of bird activity I’m figuring I’ll have to fill this one every two or three days. Still, that’s a price I’m willing to pay if it keeps the tree rats from pilfering the seed.

I’ve attached a short video of squirrels trying to attack the Squirrel Buster Standard. Mostly it’s failed approaches but about halfway through one gets a good grasp and you can clearly see the ports close and his failure at gaining access to the seed.

UPDATE: I’ve had the feeder for about six weeks now. The squirrels have pretty much given up on attacking it. About once a week one will have a go at it, fail miserably, and then return to feeding from what has fallen to the ground. The lack of an easily-accessible squirrel smorgasbord has greatly reduced the number of squirrels frequenting my backyard.

The small size of the feeder has proved to be a bit of an issue. If I don’t top it off every day I run the risk of it being emptied on the second day. The weather has been quite mild so this hasn’t been a huge deal, but I might be thinking otherwise if there was a couple feet of snow on the ground. I’ve also had a problem with the rather small opening at the bottom of the tube through which the seed passes before getting to the feed tray. The seed mix I bought has some pieces of dried fruit in it and the fruit has gotten stuck in the opening and blocked the flow of seed. It’s really an issue of incompatibility of the seed I have with this feeder, not so much a problem with the feeder itself, but it’s something of which buyers should be aware. With seed mix like this the feeder may appear full from a distance but no seed is getting to where the birds can get at it.

All told I’m still very happy with this purchase. My only regret is that I didn’t find this feeder sooner.

FURTHER UPDATE: I was happy enough with this purchase that I decided to spring for the big brother, the Squirrel Buster Plus. That one is a lot larger, but also has smaller holes situated a little bit above the feeding tray. The birds have to poke their beaks in a ways to get at the seed and the smaller opening keeps inside the feeder most of the seed that would otherwise be scattered. This brings up a significant flaw with the Squirrel Buster Standard. The feeding ports are too big. The messy eaters scatter seed all over the place. I just put up the Standard next to the Plus that’s been hanging up for a couple weeks. In about six hours the birds completely emptied the Standard, most of the seed ending up on the ground. The squirrels don’t need to eat right from the feeder, they just sit underneath and graze on the spillage. I’m going to see what I can do about reducing the size of the openings but I’m not hopeful. This feeder does keep the squirrels out but the rate of spillage is such that it almost doesn’t matter. The feeder empties just as fast as if the squirrels could eat from it.

I just ordered my 2nd one of these because it’s fantastic! I have cardinals, nuthatches, and finches who regularly visit my feeder and the squirrel who used to eat all the food is no longer successful. It’s fun to watch the little bugger get frustrated and just drop off of the feeder – the birds actually wait just off to the side until the squirrel drops to the ground, then they come right back to continue eating. I have another feeder right next to this one, but the birds almost never use that one, which is why I’m getting a second one of these. Best feeder ever!

I’ve been feeding birds for more than 20 years. After moving back to the East coast 2 years ago, I found myself feeding hoards of birds on my deck from 7 different feeders-until the mourning doves took over. I changed feeders so the doves were left to forage for whatever fell and that seemed like an equitable solution for me and them and the regular visitors to the feeders. All was peaceful and pleasant until 4 squirrels started raiding the feeders, biting through the plastic to get at the seed and swinging from the feeders to knock them down or scatter seed to make it more accessible. Of course, this frightened the birds away so I left only the suet feeder and a cage sunflower seed feeder up. The squirrels were relentless in their pillaging and I looked into ordering a battery operated Rat Zapper to put an end to their unwelcome take over. I still might.

With the onset of very cold weather, it’s hard for the usual feeder visitors to find regular, daily food and I remembered that years ago, I had this type of pest defeating feeder so I ordered another. I’m happy to say that the birds are back and the squirrels cannot eat out of this at all. If you get a Brome feeder of this kind, be absolutely certain to place it somewhere that is not close to any “footholds” that the squirrels can use to thrust themselves onto it. The first day I had this up, the rotten s.o.b.s were using the suet feeder to hoist themselves into the seed tray. That lasted all of 15 minutes until I moved the suet. Now the fat monsters just sit and stare.

I was so happy to foil the filthy things and see the birds back that I ordered 2 more large Brome feeders, one with a cardinal perch. The birds give me so much enjoyment it’s worth the money to invest in squirrel busting feeders. These are all well made, no plastic for rodent teeth to gnaw through and very sturdily constructed. I’ll save money in the long run by not having any squirrel empty my feeders within an hour of hanging and filling. Hooray for Brome!

3. Squirrel Buster Classic Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

best squirrel proof bird feedersFeed birds with ease and keep squirrels at bay with the Squirrel Buster Classic. The Classic is made with an innovative technology that attracts birds to the feeder.

It attracts different birds such as hairy woodpeckers, cardinals, indigo buntings, purple finches, rose-breasted grosbeaks and white-breasted nuthatches.

It attracts both perching and clinging birds. Whether it is sunflower seeds or other types of seeds, the feeder can hold up to 2.4 pounds capacity of seeds.

Squirrels are very clever but the Classic is 100% effective at preventing them from finishing food made for your backyard birds. It has an indicator on the bottom of the feeder to prevent the overfilling of seeds.


  • Easy to fill and clean –The feeder is easy to fill and clean. It can be washed with detergent. Cleaning requires no tools.
  • Ventilation – The seed tube ventilation system releases hot and humid air through the waterproof vents at the top and cool air enters through the bottom of the bird feeder. The ventilation helps to prevent the seed from getting spoilt. It also prevents seed mold.
  • Easy perching and clinging –The bird feeder is made convenient for easy perching and clinging of birds. The wire shroud provides a proper surface for clinging. The seed ports have perches for the perching of birds. You can remove the perches to stop bigger birds from perching.
  • Ease of placement – There is no headache when it comes to where to place the bird feeder. It can be placed anywhere conveniently. It can be hung using a hook.
  • Durable –It is made with rust-resistant galvanized steel construction making it chew-proof and squirrel-proof.

Customers Feedback:

I just received my new Brome bird feeder last week and so far, it has been great! Several new birds have visited our yard since putting this new feeder up. With that said, a new breed of highly trained squirrels with night vision goggles and sophisticated tools have also appeared. Up until today, the squirrels have tried relentlessly to obtain seeds from my new feeder, but no luck. Well today, I went outside to find my feeder on the ground and the usual suspect gorging himself on the spilled seeds. My only thought is that he/she jumped so forcefully on the feeder that it swung right off the hook. I thought, well I’ll just hang it back up after refilling. Wrong! He/she had chewed in the internal component rendering it useless! Please see photos below. The feeder is terrific when hanging, but it is no longer squirrel proof once on the ground. I plan to replace with the same feeder, but will padlock the feeder to the metal hook so the squirrels can jump and swing to their hearts content and not be able to take the feeder to the ground. Enjoy!

Wow, this is the best built bird feeder I have ever seen. Very easy to put together and take apart. I almost can’t wait for the squirrels to destroy my other feeders so I will need to replace them. I currently have 8 bird feeders up, some are supposedly squirrel proof in trees, and others are on poles with squirrel guard rings. Squirrels are amazing on how much they can destroy to get to bird seed. I started off with what looked like good quality squirrel resistant feeders, but over the last 3 years, they have destroyed 5 feeders. The Brome feeders are really built and you can feel their weight even when they are empty. I have seen the squirrels jump over and try to chew on everything and my Brome 1015 Squirrel Buster Classic has resisted it all. My next feeder will be a Brome 1024 Squirrel Buster Plus with the pole mount kit. The great thing about the Brome is their warranty. Even if the squirrels do break it, a quick phone call to them is all it is supposed to take to get free parts; I hope that part is true, but they way it is built, I think it will take more than a squirrel to break it.

My wife has always been an avid bird watcher and there has almost always been a couple of bird feeders in the yard. Several years ago she bought a Squirrel Buster Plus and it has served well. This is the first time we have has a chance to use a Squirrel Buster Classic and it has proven to be an excellent feeder. Though we have only had it in the yard a couple of days it is already attracting a variety of birds to itself.

The idea behind this feeder is straightforward. The feeder has several feeding ports and is encased in a sliding cage that moves with gravity. So, when something heavy gets on the feeder, like a squirrel, the outer cage slides down and closes the feeding ports so there is no way to get the seed out. The cage is metal and is very resistant to gnawing and chewing so squirrels will have a difficult time damaging it. There are no batteries to replace and there is no harm that is done to the squirrel (other than frustrating it).

The mechanism is adjustable so that it can be made more or less sensitive as desired. If the larger birds like crows and grackles are monopolizing the feeder, make it more sensitive so that it responds to less weight. If it is too sensitive such that a small group of smaller birds triggers it to slide, make it less sensitive.

The perches at the feeding ports are removable, but to do so requires a screwdriver to gently bend the clamp side open. They will not come off by accident, but rather the ability to remove them requires deliberate effort. This allows for discouraging birds like house finches that sit and gorge all day. Without perches, you’ll see more birds that are able to cling to the cage versus birds that perch.

It is a little more complex to fill than most other feeders we have used but this does not mean it is difficult by any means. Be careful to keep track of the smaller parts so that when you reassemble it after filling you can actually put it back together properly.

We put this feeder in the yard, filled with black oil sunflower seed. Within 24 hours, we were getting chickadees, titmice, goldfinches and a downy woodpecker.

This is a fine feeder and it works very much as designed. It can be adjusted to keep out nuisance birds and it definitely keeps even determined squirrels from getting to the seed inside. It is well made and will last for years with proper care. If you like feeding the birds in the yard but do not enjoy feeding the squirrels so much, this feeder is very much worth a look.

4. Droll Yankees YF-M Flipper Squirrel-Proof Bird Feeder

squirrel proof bird feeders amazonThe Yankees Flipper is a motorized bird feeder that deters squirrels but allows birds to feed without hindrances. It has four feeding chambers that can be easily accessed through the perch ring.

The feeder is squirrel-proof. When a squirrel jumps on the perch ring, the ring spins the squirrel several times until it is thrown off.

The weight of the squirrel is what activates the motor that spins the squirrel. The tube cap is made of metal and the squirrels cannot open it to eat the seeds. It has a seed capacity of 5 pounds thereby reducing constant seed refilling.

Four seed ports enable multiple birds to feed at the same time. It comes with a stainless steel looped wire to hang the tube feeder. This helps to reduce the spilling of seeds. This is the best amongst the spinning squirrel proof bird feeders.


  • Squirrel-proof – The squirrel-proof design makes it difficult for squirrels to feed on the bird feeder. Small and larger birds can perch without problems but the moment a squirrel steps in, the weight of the squirrel triggers the motor, the feeder starts to spin the squirrel until it is thrown off balance.
  • Large seed capacity –The Flipper Bird Feeder has a seed capacity of 5 pounds allowing for a mixture of different seeds. The large capacity eliminates frequent refilling. Four ports are allowing for different kinds of birds to feed at the same time. The feeder is made with a clear tube for easy tracking of seed levels
  • Durable construction – The transparent seed tube is made of UV-stabilized polycarbonate material making it last for a long time without discoloration. The feeder itself is made of metal components to avoid fading over time
  • Attracts different birds – The Yankees Flipper is designed to attract a variety of birds such as woodpeckers, finches, grackles, nuthatches, sparrows, jays, juncos, kinglets, grosbeaks, starlings, titmice, redpolls, towhees, and wrens.
  • Works with mixed seeds – The feeder works well with mixed seeds such as peanut chunks, safflower seeds, sunflower kernels and cracked corns but it is more suited for sunflower seeds.

Customers Feedback:

Backhanded compliment: It works so well that you may not see squirrel spin off it. If you want to see squirrels flung out by centripetal force you need to watch to many you tube videos. The splt second it takes to fling off the squirrel punctuates hours of bird feeeding happily. If you hoped to be entertained by the schaedenfreude of flung squirrels, you may be disappointed because it is unlikely you will see them. Perhaps they learn and don’t return or perhaps the flinging is so quick I miss it. If you turn away for a moment, suddenly all you see is a swinging feeder and a bewildered squirrel on the ground. In addition to the spinning ring, the design (large diameter and long smooth sides) deters squirrel who can dangle by hind legs and feed form lesser feeders. Finally, it seems very solidly constructed and durable. As a lapsed catholic I feel slightly guilty for being so disappointed about the lack of visible suffering by the squirrels implicitly promised (but not guaranteed) by this feeder.

Before I purchased this bird feeder, I’d bought several “squirrel-proof” feeders that were exemplars of false advertising. The squirrels mastered them within minutes. I’d also resorted to a rather pricey air rifle. I was going through bird food like bread and milk. I’d not trusted the claims of “squirrel-proof” anymore, and this feeder was costly by my budget’s standards. Then a cousin told me he sat on his back deck drinking morning coffee and laughing at the occasional squirrels this feeder sent flying through the air. I spent the money. And yes, it works. And it’s a beautiful sight to see a squirrel new to the feeder (the old ones give up after 2 tries at the most) whirling around and then into the air. My first one lasted 3 years on the original battery charge. After the recharge, more than a year. Then a storm knocked a big limb onto it and it would not stay charged. So I think they have limited life, but it’s a long life, and if you enjoy feeding birds, you will save the money in seeds. It’s the only truly squirrel-proof feeder I’ve found. Highly recommend it.

I was hesitant to spend such a large amount on a bird feeder! I am so glad I did! This feeder is VERY large! But it’s actually part of the reason why it’s squirrel proof. This feeder is quite entertaining in two ways. Number 1: the squirrels try and try to get to the port holes by climbing on top of it and hanging downward by clenching the top with their back feet but their bodies are just not long enough to reach the food. Then they try to slide down the tube face first and they just hit the ground. I’ve yet to see the spinner in action unfortunately. ( wish I had a squirrel surveillance camera) And then there’s the next enjoyable reason why the feeder was a great investment : there are more bird varieties that come to feed on it. I use black sunflower seed in it. It holds about 5 pounds! The birds that have come here in Iowa as of the first week of April is redhead finches, as well as some other varieties, sparrows, cardinals, blue jay, chickadee, small woodpeckers, and some other small birds I’ve yet to identify. Point is that there has certainly been an increase in varieties of birds! I am a bird lover and it brings me such enjoyment to watch them and hear them sing! So it’s very worth the money for this feeder! No harm to squirrels either! I do like squirrels just don’t want to feed them my bird food! Plus they used to hog the old type feeders and deter the birds!

5. Woodlink Absolute II Squirrel Resistant Bird Feeder

squirrel proof bird feeders lowesAttract birds to your backyard and repel squirrels with the Absolute II Squirrel-Repellant Bird Feeder.

It is made with a green powder-coated steel body and a zinc-plated steel hanger for durability.

It has a two-sided feeder to attract different shades of birds to your backyard. There is a locking top with metal perches that is easily activated by the weight of a squirrel to keep squirrels away.

The feeder has three adjustment positions that can be adjusted to fit birds of different sizes. The three adjustment positions are Light, Medium, and Heavy Birds.

With a large seed capacity of 12 pounds, different seeds can be mixed conveniently and birds can feed with the utmost ease.


  • Durable steel construction – Squirrels can chew bird feeders made of plastic and wood. This is why the Absolute II is made of durable metal to make the feeder chew-proof.
  • Easy seed filling – The lid is easy to open to fill bird seeds and it holds 12 pounds of seed capacity.
  • Double feeders – The Absolute II has a double feeder for the easy feeding of birds. It prevents waste of seeds.
  • Weight adjustable perches – You can select the weight of the kind of birds you want to feed using the weight adjuster. The Weight Adjustment Perches only allows the weight of birds set on the weight adjustment setting
  • Big seed capacity – You can mix seeds with the 12 pounds seed capacity feeder. The big capacity reduces the frequency of seed refilling.

Customers Feedback:

In the past five years I have bought somewhere between 22 and 25 feeders. Most hit the garbage. If you like walking to the feeder often this is not the feeder for you. I Love that the feeder holds about three weeks work of food. There is hardly any waste with this feeder, that is a bonus as I used to spend about 150 a month on food. Now I am down to less that half that. The starlings don’t seem to perch on it or the blue jays.I hated watching the Jays knock food to the ground in search of their personal Favorite seed. I live on the edge of the woods and we have so many squirrels you can’t keep up, so far they have not been able to get at the feed. I wish I had bought these first as I tested so many feeders it makes my head spin.

We live in a partially wooded area with LOTS of squirrels. For our first birdhouse, I wanted something that those wily little jerks couldn’t invade. On Day 1 after install, I saw several perplexedly looking up the tall pole at the treasure. Later that day, I saw one trying to climb what I initially considered the “flimsy” pole. But that deceptive “flimsy” pole was too narrow for the squirrel to get good leverage and none of the various attemptees could get up the pole. On Day 2, I looked out my window to see a “lotto winner” of a squirrel atop the birdhouse. No idea how he got there, because there are no trees nearby that could be helpful. He was trying his darnedest to hang off the roof to get to the treasure, but ultimately could not reach from the roof overhang to the seed ledge. Score: Absolute II – 2, Squirrels – 0!!

In the meantime, we have been delighted to have some gorgeous visitors grace us with their fine feathered presence. We’ve had brilliant carnelian-colored cardinals, regal blue jays, eye-catching red bellied woodpeckers and assorted other winged beauties stop by. Since we’ve been stuck home, social distancing, this hit parade of new friends has been fascinating to behold. Even our blasé teens have been intrigued by the happenings at the birdhouse.

So far so good with the Absolute II. It’s kept the squirrels at bay so the birds could come play. Have not yet had to refill the house or clean it, but will report in later if that detracts from our 5-star rating. Highly recommend as an alternative to Netflix and Xbox!

When my previous squirrel-proof feeder gave up the ghost after years of losing the squirrel battle, I decided to stay with a design like it; the Woodlink Absolute II, which has two feeding stations instead of one, and is easier to fill than my original (make unknown).
I was impressed with the construction, but – like many others – was afraid the supplied pole mount would not be stable enough in my sandy soil. I planned to copy my previous mounting scheme of using a 4×4 post, but only for attaching the supplied pole sections to the 4×4 with conduit straps, letting the excess pole length stick above the top of the 4×4 by about 3 feet. I am 85 years old, and this would require digging a new hole, cutting off excess 4×4, etc. I just happened to have a heavy metal u-channel post used by the newspaper company to mount their newspaper box. I, much to my wife’s chagrin, saved it just-in-case-I-needed-it. It turned out to be perfect when driven into the ground (easy), and zip-tying the supplied pole sections into the u-shaped recess. Took about 15 minutes.
Filled it up with black sunflower seed, and went to the screened porch to see if the birds would come. Expected chickadees to be first, but after 10 or 15 minutes, a dove landed on the roof, flew to the perch (set to heavy) and fell off. Ten more minutes and he had mastered that by feeding parallel to the feeder. It was getting dark, but a cardinal came and ate, and squirrels came and looked, but were still leery of climbing the new pole. (They, of course, will conquer that fear quickly – like tomorrow. The previous feeder limited their feeding, and I expect no more than that from this one. They ARE going to get SOME feed from anything. Good squirrel-proof feeders LIMIT how much they get!
At day one, I am quite pleased with this feeder. It looks as if it will last longer than I will.

6. Squirrel Solution200 Squirrel-proof Bird Feeder

audubon squirrel proof bird feedersThe Solution 200 delivers squirrel-free feeding for backyard birds. It is heavy-duty yet very effective at keeping squirrels at bay. The design is very attractive. It has small perches which makes it ideal for smaller birds.

It is made to preserve seed no matter the weather condition. The ease of setup and cleaning is commendable. There are no tools needed for assembly and disassembly.

The seed capacity is 3.4 pounds and good for a mixture of many seeds. Setting up the feeder requires an 18-inch or 47 cm clearance on all sides. The trigger mechanism is active and it triggers the weight of a squirrel and ports are shut down to prevent squirrels from eating from the seeds.

The bird feeder comes with no hanging hardware. You may have to look for a tree branch to place it. The seed ventilation system lets out humidity and hot air allowing in a cool breeze. Occasionally, there are seed spillages from the holes and bottom of the feeder. This feeder is not adjustable.

  • Easy setup – Setting up the feeder is easy. It can be done with bare hands. No need for any form of tools.
  • Heavy-duty design – This is a durable feeder made from powder-coated steel and the inner tube is made from UV-treated plastic.
  • Chew-proof – The metal construction makes it hard for squirrels to destroy with their teeth. It is waterproof and rustproof
  • Free seed funnel – Filling seeds into the feeder is easy with the free seed funnel.
  • No tools needed – Dismantling the feeder is easy without the use of tools. Dismantling into different components can be done by hand.

Customers Feedback:

I’ve been fighting the battle of man vs. the squirrels with the bird feeders in my back yard for five years, and up until now, the squirrels have been winning every time. There hasn’t been a single gadget I’ve been unwilling to try, from trying to hang the feeders from an unreachable branch (no such thing), attaching spikes to the trees (which the squirrels skipped right over), cutting down branches (which did nothing but make the trees look ugly), habaneros soaked bird seed (the ad said the squirrels wouldn’t eat it, but routinely had an all you can eat buffet followed by a lengthy stay at the local bird bath where they drank themselves stupid). No matter what I tried, it didn’t work. It just didn’t. Unable to give up my battle against a bunch of ugly, mean-spirited rodents, I swallowed my pride and placed one last order on Amazon for the Squirrel Solutions Seed Saver 200 Wild Bird Feeder. As soon as it arrived I carefully hung it up in the tree with a whole lot of skepticism and not a lot of confidence. What happened next has been nothing short of miraculous. A few hours after hanging the feeder, here comes Mr. Squirrel, ready for his daily afternoon face feeding. I watched as he climbed down to the feeder upside down, only to have the ports shut right in his face. Not to be deterred, he crawled back up to the top (no success), then back to the bottom (no success), then in a 360 degree trip around the feeder, only to find that every food port was now closed to his greedy little face. He actually stopped cold on the feeder for about five minutes, as if he was pondering “What just happened?” Once he realized that the weight of his misdeeds was the very reason he could no longer eat, he got a crabby look on his face and disgustedly jumped off. I was so pleased with what happened I went back on to Amazon.com and purchased a second feeder. It has now been several weeks since my feeders were purchased, and the squirrels have never been back to even try to eat on the feeders. This was a battle I thought I could probably never win, and I have never been so glad to be wrong in my life. I would tell everyone I know on Amazon that if you’re plagued with squirrels on your bird feeder, this is the feeder you NEED to have. Now that the bird seed is actually feeding the BIRDS and not the rodents, I am going through at least 75% less seed than I ever did before. My only regret is the money I spent trying anything else, when the right feeder was all I ever really needed. I highly recommend it!

I’ve had this for a several months now and so far not one squirrel has figured out how to get the bird seed. So, it’s working! They kept trying daily for quite a while, but now I maybe see a squirrel come over once a week to look it for a few seconds but now I don’t see them even try to get to the food anymore!

I’ve needed to clean the feeder one time so far. It wasn’t quite as easy as I’d like, but is still acceptable for how well this feeder works. We had rain FOR DAYS one time this spring and the feed got wet enough that it caked up and stopped the seed flowing down. The only reason I complain is that it took a while even with a hose and long brush to clean out all of the caked-on seed. It would be nice if a long bristle brush was included with the feeder.

The only potential issue I’ve seen so far is when too many birds sit on the feeder at the same time so that their weight closes access to the food source. I’ve only seen this happen a couple times, and it only lasted seconds until some of the birds flew away, so it is not a problem. I taped closed 2 openings that aren’t visible from my window and took a couple twist ties to fold up the perches and haven’t seen this issue since (although I really closed those so I could see ALL of the birds feeding and NOT because of that potential excess bird weight issue!).

[Edit… It took a few visits, but the wrens found the holes/food.] And while it’s not a big problem, I’ve had a Carolina Wrens visit a couple times. I’ve seen them land on the wire cage (not the perches) and look at the seed but they’ve yet to figure out how to get to it. I’ve seen other birds do the same, but they always find the holes. I’m wondering if the holes were painted a different color, if this might help the wrens.

Great feeder! And, it definitely keeps out the local squirrels. I hung this on my front deck, about 8 feet from my front window. In the beginning I watched the squirrels hop up on it, one at a time, and try to chew through the wire cage, since their own weight was causing it to block the ports. After a persistent learning curve, they have decided it doesn’t help their teeth any! They still come around, but that’s more to scarf up any scraps that the birds toss on the ground.

As for the birds! I now have a growing family of Dark-eyed Juncos, Chestnut-backed Chickadees and House Finches that have taken over my front deck. And that’s in the NW USA winter months! I’m starting to think I may need a second feeder if this keeps up. 🙂

BTW, this feeder also keeps out the heavier birds like Blue Jays and Northern Flickers (which are a variety of woodpeckers). I have watched them hanging off the closed cage, looking at me, as if to say: “Why can’t I have any?” I certainly don’t have anything against feeding them as well, but that’s not what this feeder is intended for. And it works well!

I also bought and hung a Best Home Hummingbird Feeder (from Amazon) also 8 feet from my window, about 8 feet to the left of the SS200. Even in these winter months, I greet the day watching Rufous Hummers to the left, and the rest of the family to the right. Great retirement pastime!

UPDATE 12-17-19: I posted this a few days ago, and on the same day, a few hours later, I watched a Norther Flicker (good sized woodpecker) fly up and hang off the side of the cage. But he was smarter than I gave him credit for. Even though his weight pulled down the cage, he positioned himself so that he could poke his long beak down at an angle and get to the seeds in the port. Guess I’ll be buying seed more often than I anticipated!

7. NEWCREA Clear Window Bird Feeder

duncraft squirrel proof bird feedersWatch the beauty of nature from your window with the Window Bird Feeder. This is a different type of bird feeder compared to the others made of steel. It is made with sturdy 3mm acrylic.

This unique feeder is see-through making it interesting to watch birds feed on the feeder while relaxing from the comfort of your room. The adhesive sticker is weather-resistant.

It is durable and lightweight. Both the top and bottom of the feeder are waterproof thereby protecting the seeds from being spoilt by the rain. There are two extra suction cups with adhesive ensuring the feeder is well secured to the window even in tough weather conditions.

The feeder can contain between three to five birds comfortably. The modern acrylic window bird feeder is suited for different occasions such as sills, patios, apartments, kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms. This is a great gift for bird lovers but it is not squirrel-proof.


  • Unique design – The clear window bird feeder stands out from the traditional bird feeders. The acrylic feeder is lovely to watch when relaxed and sitting by the window side.
  • Extra suction cups – There are two extra suction cups for proper and easy feeding of birds.
  • Easy to clean – There is no difficulty in cleaning the feeder. Remove the seed tray, clean and return it.
  • Weatherproof – The sturdy construction prevents rain, snow, and wind.
  • Easy to fill – The feeder can be removed conveniently from the comfort of your room and be filled. There is no need to disassemble the feeder.

Customers Feedback:

This bird feeder is amazing! It comes without any instructions but it is self explanatory. About installation, I struggled initially because one of the suction cups did not work well but then I remember that one of the comments mentioned using olive oil so I did and it worked. Also as someone else pointed out, it took a while for the birds to find the feeder but once they did it has been crazy! I’m adding more seeds every day! My daughter loves to watch the birds come to our window. It make us feel like Disney princesses!!! Great product.

PS: their packaging is awful. The box is too tight and there is no padding. The first product I bought came broken and I had to return. Otherwise, it’s a good product.

Bought for the kids for Christmas and has been up for a week or so now with lots of birds visiting throughout the day. The only drawback inherent in this and that the birds see through to us on the other side of the window which often scares them away. But it’s worth it because we can actually see the birds up close. Something of note is that it’s kind of annoying that the blue company logo is imprinted on the feeder right where you look through and see the birds. A little acetone (finger nail polish remover) wiped it right off.

UPDATE: Was going to order a second one this year. However, the features of this feeder have changed substantially since I wrote this review. Seed tray now can’t be removed for cleaning. No center perch in tray. Small birds like that center perch. No perches, just acrylic edges. Two suction mounts instead of three. Not very bird friendly without perches. Not very owner friendly to clean. Current suction mounts have held for over a year. Would be concerned about less mounts and having to use special adhesive as they now sell it. Will continue to look for one like I bought. And Amazon should probably not link reviews for the model I and others purchased to this one, since it is very different.
This window feeder is very popular with our woodland birds. Good design and build quality. It was easy to put up. It’s easy to clean and refill the magnetically-secured seed tray. It took about 10 days for the birds to discover it. Blue Jays were the first to investigate (Tip: Jays love peanuts). Many little and mid-size birds soon followed (about 15 species so far). The birds are also happy with the open-ended design, which allows multiple species to feed from the tray at once with less stress (see picture). Window mount seems to be squirrel resistant. We have lots of squirrels in our neighborhood, but none have figured out a way to reach this second story location … yet. Love the close-up bird watching from the warmth of my house.

8. Myard MBF 75160-G Double-Sided Bird Feeder

how to squirrel proof bird feedersThe double-sided bird feeder is squirrel-proof and has a large seed capacity of 6 pounds.

Raccoons cannot be prevented with this feeder. It has extendable perches for the convenience of bigger perching birds. The metal construction makes it chew-proof against squirrels.

There is weight adjustment to accommodate bigger birds with four adjustment levels on each side of the feeder. This is one of the best squirrel proof bird feeders on poles.


  • Durable construction – The feeder is made of powder-coated steel body and acrylic construction making it durable and strong
  • Huge seed capacity – Feeding more birds is easy with a 6 pounds seed capacity. The large seed capacity reduces the frequency of seed filling
  • Double-sided – The double-sided feeder makes bird feeding super easy. It is easy to clean without the use of tools
  • Extendable perches –Each side of the perch has a spring. There are four spring setting on each side to increase the tension to allow for bigger birds.
  • Easy to fill – It is easy to fill and hang. It requires neither tools nor dismantling. Just lift the top and pour the seeds.

Customers Feedback:

We have squirrels. Man, do we have squirrels. Oak trees and squirrels and squirrels. And even the most guaranteed squirrel proof birdfeeders are half empty by the end of the first day. This bird feeder has had seed in it for a MONTH now. A MONTH!! The squirrels tried and tried and tried, and maybe here or there, they’d hang from a back foot from the lid of this feeder and eat a few mouthfuls of seed: I’m not going to begrudge a hardworking squirrel a fistful of seed. But eventually the squirrels just gave up: this feeder BROKE them. So now the fights in the yard are finches and twohees and cardinals all duking it out for the sweet birdseed action going on. And the hopper of this thing is huge so, like I said: a month of seed. It’s probably all stale, but what do birds care? They’re birds! Anyway. Stop buying crappy cheap bird feeders. Just shell out the money for this one. I was shocked at how effective it’s been. I’m replacing my other feeder with another one of these this winter.

UPDATE: July 2017: I now have 2 of these feeders and the squirrels don’t even try anymore, they sit on the ground beneath the feeder with the mourning doves eating fallen scraps. I am really impressed with how well these are holding up, how much seed they hold, and how much the birds love them. Also, every bird in the neighborhood knows our address now, and the hoppers now empty in a few days. Maybe that old seed WAS stale, who knows. Anyway, these are the best feeders I’ve ever had, and we’ve had over a dozen bird feeders over the years.

I had my old feeder for years but finally it rusted and before I got around to painting it the squirrels broke it. I was surprised, because when I first hung the feeder I had seen squirrels run up the redwood post and just drop down like they didn’t have enough momentum to get to the top — maybe because I had sealed the post and they couldn’t grip it well. Anyway, I was surprised one day to see a squirrel INSIDE the feeder and so was a 2nd squirrel who lifted the lid and then fled! I figure it was my fault for becoming less vigilant — I had hung the feeder so the lid could be opened from the post side, while I usually took care to see that the hinged top opened in the other direction. It was too late then. The squirrels had gotten in and kept trying until the springs fell off on one of the “squirrel proof” feeder trays. The feeder looked sad all rusted and broken. I looked at a lot of feeders that claimed to be squirrel-proof before I bought the Myard, and I considered what others had written about squirrels getting into it. You might think that because the handle goes through the top on each side it would have to be pulled up evenly to open it, but you’d be wrong. The top opens up enough for a squirrel to climb inside with just a nudge on one side. What I did was take a piece of clear plastic “hose” and slide a little piece (about 1/2″) over the handle on each side above the top so it takes a lot more effort to push the lid off. With the little plastic pieces on the handle I can easily open it by pulling straight up on the top with just a bit of force, but a squirrel can’t nudge it open on just one side anymore. To “lock” it after I fill it I have to wiggle those little pieces of hose back down, but it isn’t difficult. I don’t know how long that plastic will last in my hot dry climate before I have to replace it. In case you are wondering, I got the “hose” from an old automatic shower cleaner I happened to be taking out of service and it fit perfectly so I don’t know the size. I suppose the squirrels could gnaw at the plastic if it occurs to them to sit on top of the feeder, but so far so good. It took a couple of days for the birds to go to the new feeder, but it looks great! My old feeder did allow two birds at a time on each side and this one only accommodates one on each side — apparently they don’t like to be too close to one another while eating. They just wait in the bushes and chase another bird away when they get impatient. The big Western Scrub Jays try to use the feeder but they send it swinging when they land on it and promptly fly off. So far no squirrels. In retrospect I should have hung the feeder much farther from the post years ago, but now I really don’t want to replace the decorative hook unless I really need to. Next step will be a new coat of sealant on the post.

So far so good with this large capacity “squirrel resistant” feeder. It replaces a cylindrical feeder that was pretty decent, but apparently not as squirrel proof as I thought. This new feeder on the other hand seems to have stopped the squirrels cold! For the first week or so I would see them out there studying it carefully and making calculations with protractors and slide rules but I have yet to see a squirrel actually sitting on one of the two perches. I suspect that a few of them took a couple of high altitude drops to the ground and that taught them a lesson.

As far as the feeder itself goes, it’s high quality. It’s built pretty solidly with what appears to be strong metal. I don’t know if it could survive a crash to the pavement, but under normal use it looks like it’s going to be fine. I like the large capacity hopper because I have a lot of hungry birds around who can really rip through some food. I also like the two trays on either side. There’s plenty of room for all the hungry birds!

9. Wild Bill’s 8 Station Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

amazon squirrel proof bird feedersIf you have tried many of the bird feeders out there without luck, it is high time you tried the Will Bills bird feeder.

It comes with a light electric shock to deter squirrels from gaining entry into the feeder but no shocks to birds.

The shock doesn’t harm the squirrels. Shocks make it very squirrel-proof. Raccoons are also deterred. There are 8 stations for the easy feeding of wild birds.

The feeder can be hung or mounted but it comes with no mounting hardware. It has a 9-volt battery. Never allow the battery to die because that would give squirrels and raccoons access to the feeder through the lid.


  • Shock feature – The innovative non-lethal shock keep squirrels and raccoons away. They only make several attempts but give up in the end.
  • 8 feed stations – With 8 feeding stations, birds can eat to their satisfaction.
  • 9-volt battery – Powered by a 9-volt battery to keep sustained current that shocks squirrels and keep them away
  • Large feeding capacity – Fill up the feeder with enough bird seeds and watch birds feed with ease
  • Sturdy construction – The unit is sturdy with a metal tray. Its body is a combination of metal and plastic making it durable.

Customers Feedback:

My 5th feeder. I have been using them for years to eliminate squirrel/raccoon issues. The feeder has a capacitor in the base which is wired to deliver a non-lethal shock but sufficient to eliminate interest. The lower seed dish and the lower posts are metal. When critter touches both the circuit is closed and the zap delivered. Similarly, the hanging rod is metal and the cover plate on top metal as well. A rubber grommet separates them so any critter sliding down the rod will be zapped when touching the cover plate. It holds 25# of mixed seed. Will not harm birds. Even the dove/blue jays that perch on lower dish seem not to be effected by the metal posts. The 9v battery lasts about 4-5 months unless it is zapping often. There is an audible signal to let you know it is armed when you flip the on/off switch.
(Note: if you have a cat, it will soon learn to hide in wait for the slightly disoriented squirrels that are zapped. Nature at work)
These are not inexpensive but neither are the many feeders and pounds of wasted seed.

FINALLY…..squirrel relief! I have an upper deck where I hang my bird feeders and these squirrels have wrecked havoc. I have used cayenne, pets, positioning to where I thought they couldn’t get to but to no avail until now. This is one bird feeder they stay away from. My Arlo proves it! And as far as weather goes….it has poured down torrents of rain at least 5 or 6 times since I have had it and this bird feeder is still working like a charm. Now maybe for others when they checked, it may have had dampness near the electrical circuits and one just needs to leave it alone so it can dry out. Once mine is dry, about 24 or 36 hours after a rain, I turn it off and then back on. It would be great if we could to turn it off before it rains but our schedules make it impossible. STILL….it keeps on working. Maybe they have done upgrades with the latest models (in response to those commenters who have said there’s quit working after a rain) …not sure…all I know is mine keeps on working like a champ after a rainstorm. I have decided to get one or two more and find homes for my other feeders. It’s awesome to finally know that.MY PROBLEM IS FINALLY SOLVED after many years!

10. Perky-Pet 339Squirrel Be Gone II Bird Feeder

homemade squirrel proof bird feedersMake your yard a birds’ paradise with the house-like Perky-Pet 339. It has a mechanism that shuts out squirrels from eating the birds’ food.

The weight of the squirrel is what triggers the mechanism. Its feeding station is big enough for the feeding of different birds.

The attractive design can attract birds such as woodpeckers, kinglets, flickers, grackles, sparrows, wrens, jays, juncos, cardinals and finches.


  • Adjustment setting – There is an adjustable setting that can be calibrated to allow larger birds to perch.
  • Weights activated perch – The weight of the squirrel is activated when a squirrel perches blocking it from exhausting food prepared for birds
  • Easy to fill and use – With a removal roof peak, filling the feeder is super easy. It is capable of holding 8 pounds of different seeds such as sunflowers, black oil sunflowers, and safflower seeds. After filling it, hang it and watch nature at its best.
  • Strong construction – All metal construction makes it tough and durable.
  • Great design – The house-like design is a great attraction for birds. The roof can be removed at once for easy filling.

Customers Feedback:

So I ordered this item, and the first one I got was defective (the adjustable arm had cut into the side, and thus the perch bar would not sit even). I contacted Perky Pet, their customer service was super nice and got me out a new one. The new one was in perfect condition. First let me say I didn’t buy this feeder for it’s squirrel resistance. I live in South East Texas and have been feeding birds long enough to know that squirrels will figure out any feeder. The only thing I have ever found to keep squirrels away from my seed is a pole with a squirrel baffle, and make sure it is not near anything the squirrels can jump from (i.e. fences, trees, pots, etc.).
I bought this item because I thought it looked great, and I love the fact that the birds can only eat from one side of it. I have too many feeders where birds can eat all around it, and as a result you can get birds eating behind the feeder (and thus the feeder blocks your view of them). No such issues with this feeder, whatever bird is eating from it, I can see perfectly from my living room chair. This feeder is really well made and is beautiful in appearance. I prefer this version over the red one, but the red one looks very good as well. Because I have it on a pole with a squirrel baffle I can’t really speak to the squirrel be gone feature. I can say that it looks great, and the birds love it. I have yet to see any large birds try to eat from it. The biggest I have had is the Northern Mockingbird, and the smallest has been the Carolina Chickadee. This is the best looking feeder I have ever had and it is quickly be coming my birds favorite. I am feeding sunflower seeds mixed with C&S suet nuggets in it.
I attached a picture of the original one I received that was damaged (not the best picture), as well as a video from the new replacement I got which is permanently in my yard. If this review helped I would appreciate a thumbs up vote. Best of luck in your shopping and let me know if I can help in anyway.

We bought this to replace an alike feeder bought years ago. Many reviews noted that they felt this one is not as sturdy and well-made as the older ones. (The complaints may be because nothing (!) seems to be as well made as years past.) Our opinion is that this particular product is very well-made, pretty heavy duty and sturdy, and has gotten us through 2 full years in Maine so far. This is not to say that it will completely foil all squirrels…but on a one to 10 scale, it is an 8. Ours is hung from a tree branch well off the ground, away from any jumping opportunities, with a black cone shaped metal baffle (usually found on pole feeders to keep critters from climbing the pole) fitted snugly over the top. This does not keep all of them away, but only the few with degrees from Harvard have been able to foil the baffle. So if you live close to the campus in Cambridge, MA, this may not be the feeder for you.

This is a great feeder. It’s sturdy and appears very well made. There have also been a number of improvements to the design since they took the current listing photos. The roof now comes off all in one piece instead of having a smaller door within the roof. It gives it a much cleaner look and I suspect this fill also make it much more squirrel proof.

I mounted mine to an existing post I had from an old Perky Pet wooden feeder. I ended up just using some extra bolts nuts and washers and attached the red base that came with the feeder for pole mounting to the existing bracket I had. I like how the whole house slides off of the red mounted base to make it easier to fill and clean.

There is also an optional hanger for hang from a tree or shepherd’s hook, but I believe hanging it like that makes it easier for squirrels to get at it. So far I have had numerous birds and nary a squirrel has been seen even attempting to get at the seed. The perch has three different settings of tension to allow you to set it to be more sensitive. Also, the roof connects by using the weathervane to latch it closed. It’s a very nice design. I would be surprised to see a squirrel master this one (if its pole mounted at least)

It is a lovely red color (must nicer than the listing images). Although be warned it is like Cardinal camouflage. While I love the color, I imagine a standard green colored feeder or other more neutral color would help the birds stand out a bit more. I suppose it depends on which birds you are attempting to attract, of course.

Considerations for Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2021

Birders love squirrel-proof bird feeders. It is fun and exciting to feed birds but it can be challenging when squirrels and raccoons make it an awful experience. There are a few things to consider before buying a chipmunk-proof bird feeder if you want a hassle-free bird feeding. Below are the buying guides for bird feeders.

Ensure it is chew-proof –

Squirrels can do everything to have access to bird seeds. They can destroy the feeder in their desperation if the feeder is made of light plastics or woods. Having a chew-proof bird feeder means the construction must be metal. Metal construction is sturdier than that of plastic or wood.


Look for a feeder that can handle both small and large squirrels. Weight mechanism feeders can create loopholes for smaller squirrels to have access to seeds since the weight trigger is made possible by the weight of the bigger squirrels. If the weight mechanism system will prove ineffective in this case, it is better to go for electric shock bird feeders

Good ventilation system –

You cannot overlook ventilation when purchasing a feeder. The seed ventilation system helps to keep the seeds fresh for a longer time. It enables humidity and hot air to escape through the vents while restoring cool breeze into the feeder. So, it makes sense to look for a feeder with the right ventilation

Ease of cleaning –

A bird feeder should not be difficult to clean. Look for a feeder that is easy to clean by removing the tray.

Easy to fill –

Feeding your backyard birds should be stress-free. There are feeders with lids. Opening the lid makes it easy to fill the feeder.

Look at for feeding capacity –

There is no sense in filling the seeds now and then. A feeder with large capacity makes feeding very convenient. Go for feeders with at least a feeding capacity of 3 pounds.

Feeding ports –

Birds should feed conveniently if there is more than one port. A feeder of about 4 ports makes the feeding of birds of different sizes very easy.

Use a feeding station or pole –

Poles allow you to hang multiple feeders to attract wild birds. Look for long poles as much as 100 inches. Poles are easy to install requiring no form of tools at all. Poles eliminate the thought of clearance distance which is usually considered when placing a bird feeder.

Raccoon-free –

Don’t only look for a squirrel-proof feeder, also look for raccoon-free ones. Squirrels are the usual suspects but raccoons can also eat up bird food. When looking for a bird feeder, search for the ones that can keep both squirrels and raccoons at bay.

Feeding combinations –

There are different feeding combinations for birds. Sunflowers, safflowers, black oil sunflower seeds and peanuts are some of the blends. These seeds can be mixed up but the best seeds for birds are the sunflower. A lot of birds are attracted to sunflower and most feeders are made to work well with sunflowers.

FAQs on Best Squirrel Proof Bird Feeders in 2021

How do squirrel-proof bird feeders work?

Do squirrel feeders work? Yes, this is how it works. Bird feeders are made to work in different ways. Some are made to provide a shock to the squirrels while some others are made with a weight trigger mechanism. In all, the most important thing is to keep squirrels, raccoons, and rats away from the feeder.

How to keep blackbirds away from bird feeders?

Some birders hate the sight of blackbirds. When blackbirds are attracted to your feeder, they discourage the perching of other birds because blackbirds are known as bully birds. Here is a way out.

Smaller birds such as songbirds and chickadees love to eat sunflowers. Jays and cardinals don’t joke with sunflowers too. But blackbirds don’t like the taste of sunflower. This is one way to discourage blackbirds from perching in the first place.

  • Reduce the length of the perches – Making the length of the perches short helps to discourage blackbirds. They can’t stand on short perches. Use a knife or hacksaw to reduce its length.
  • Hang the feeder up-side-down – Hanging the feeder up-side-down helps to discourage the blackbirds. Birds such as woodpeckers and goldfinches can conveniently eat when the feeder is placed up-side-down but blackbirds cannot eat in such position
  • Buy a hopper feeder – Getting a hopper feeder reduces blackbirds’ attraction to the feeder. Smaller birds love hopper feeders. Some of the hopper feeders have perches that usually collapse. Collapsed perches make blackbirds look elsewhere for food because they are unable to stand on such perches.
  • Try new types of feeders – Cage-type feeders are perfect for small birds. The holes on the feeders only fit the beaks of these small birds thereby making it hard for blackbirds to feed on them.

How to attract birds to the feeder?

Attracting songbirds such as finches, sparrows, and bluebirds to your backyard can be difficult if you fail to provide their natural habitats. If you want to turn your backyard to the haven of birds, here is what you need to do:

  • Provide food – Having a bird feeder is the right way to attract different types of birds. Supply the feeder with bird seeds like sunflower and see colorful birds come to your backyard
  • Water – Apart from providing a feeder, providing adequate water is another major attraction for birds. Birds love to drink water no matter the species. It will be great if there is a lake or stream at your backyard
  • Avoid bad food – Some foods can poison birds since these foods hardly digest. Avoid foods such as bread, crackers and processed carbohydrates. These are bird toxins. Also, avoid millet and oat.
  • Clean the feeder – As you change their food frequently, you should also clean the feeder periodically. It should be cleaned at least every two weeks. Bird droppings, bacteria, and fungi can contaminate the bird food and kill them. During wet weather, food can develop mold. So, always ensure the feeder is thoroughly cleaned and sweep off food that drops to the ground.
  • Plant bird-friendly fruits – To make it more habitable for birds, it makes sense to plant trees, shrubs, and plants. All these help to attract more birds easily. Birds are attracted to berries and fruit.

How to hang a bird feeder?

Many bird feeders come with hanging ropes, integrated hooks or wire loops. Knowing how to hang a feeder will be to the advantage of the birds and the birders. It all depends on the design of the feeder and the location where it can be hung at the backyard. Some feeders need S-shaped hooks for proper hanging. Some other ones need a cord to do the right hanging. The S-shaped hooks are available online and can be ordered or purchased from hardware stores. They are available in different thicknesses and lengths. If you choose a hook with a strong curve ends, it will help to secure the feeder more appropriately. If you choose a cord, it could be a rope, chain or twain. The length will depend on how high you need to hang the feeder. A cord should be properly knotted many times to ensure it doesn’t fall off.

  • When hanging a feeder, choose the right location. Choose a location with less wind
  • Check how strong the hook or pole is. Test it to be sure it is very firm
  • Always hang a feeder in a shaded area to protect the seeds from excessive heat.


How To Set Up A Bird Feeder?

Video Transcript:

Did you know the type of birds you can attract to your yard depends a lot on which feeders you use and how you hang them there are also a few little tricks that help keep squirrels nuisance birds and insects out of your feeders whether you’re hanging one bird feeder or several different types these tips will help you out birds can be picky about where they eat if you want to see more birds it helps to put your feeders where birds will feel protected choose a spot that’s sheltered from the wind and rain you don’t want your seed getting wet hang the feeder about five feet off the ground and ten feet away from hiding spots a predator can pounce from to hang feeders at different levels you’ll find Shepherd’s hooks poles or hooks that make it handy to refill the feeder you can also attach a feeder to your window birds get a little extra protection from the elements and you get some color and cheer in your view use the right feeder for the food the perches and ports are designed to make it easier for birds to get food the way they like to eat it Finch feeders or mesh sleeves have tiny openings to help keep thistle and Niger seeds contained finches are acrobatic they can land on a swaying feeder where larger or Newson birds may have more trouble tube feeders look alike but there are slight differences that the birds will notice smaller or adjustable perches make it easy to attract dainty er birds while discouraging some larger birds a large area for perching attracts larger birds something to keep in mind if Birds like Jays or grackles are a nuisance be sure to keep the seed fresh in your tube old seed can collect in the bottom and get moldy choose a feeder that has drainage holes and keeps the seed even with the lowest feeding port to prevent this hoppers can dispense seed mixes that are full of large seed kernels and nuts and you can attach them to a pole or hang them from a tree the perch makes it easy for all kinds of birds to feed tray or platform feeders attract a huge variety of birds they’re easy to clean but the seed is exposed to rain and snow to prevent the seed from spoiling choose a bottom that drains easily and only fill it with enough seed to last a day or two suet feeders attract many desirable birds including woodpeckers nuthatches and starlings hang the feeder up or nail it to a tree trunk hummingbird and Oriole feeders are made to dispense liquid nectar and even jellies look for easy to clean features as you need to change the nectar regularly if it isn’t consumed an ant port on the top can prevent insects from taking over the feeder and be guards on the ports are designed to prevent bees from getting to the nectar it’s a real treat to see bluebirds so use a dish feeder to serve up their favorite mealworms you can also use these feeders to provide water clean your bird feeders regularly birds will take a pass on old seed and if it gets moldy it can even harm the birds scrub the inside of the ports rinse it out thoroughly and let it dry completely before adding fresh seed here are a few more helpful tips some feeders make things easier on you while you’re treating the birds a high-capacity feeder means fewer trips back and forth to refill it this is great during the cold winter season a feeder with separate compartments or adjustable ports lets you dispense a variety of seeds without having several feeders to keep grackles out of your feeders use a tube feeder surrounded by a cage small songbirds can fit through the cage but grackles and other large birds are too big to reach through if squirrels are a nuisance you can prevent them from reaching the feeder or getting to the seed by following these steps place your feeders ten feet from a launch point attach a domed baffle under or over a feeder it tilts as the squirrel lands on it causing it to slide off select a feeder with metal ports that shut when the squirrel lands on the feeder try it feeder enclosed by a cage small birds can get through but not the squirrels and try safflower seed in your feeders squirrels don’t like the bitter taste but if you can’t beat them try feeding them you can lure them away to their own feeder stocked with nuts and corn cobs for the tips advice and tools you need visit your neighborhood ace and find us online at Ace Hardware comm ace is the place with the helpful hardware folks.

Final Verdict

Birders love bird feeder because it is easy to set. Choosing the right feeder that suits your needs can be overwhelming sometimes. This recommendation will help you in no small ways to make a good pick. This is why we recommend the Myard MBF 75160-G Double-Sided Bird Feeder because it keeps both squirrels and raccoons in check. It also has a 6-pound feeding capacity or you choose the Will Bills 8 Station Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder for its shock-effect on squirrels and raccoons. If raccoons are not your problem, then, it is safe to recommend Squirrel Buster Classic or the Woodlink Absolute II Bird Feeder. These are some of the best squirrel-proof bird feeders Amazon can offer.

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