Best Jojoba Oils for Your Face, Hair, Skin & Nails in 2023

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“Made with extracts of jojoba oil…” You must have heard an advertisement for some kind of beauty product include this statement. You might have thought that this is the name of some exotic fruit or nut but that’s not true. Jojoba may sound like something alien but it is native to Southwest US.

It also grows in areas like New Mexico, Arizona as well as California. Jojoba oil is made from the liquid extracted from the jojoba tree’s nut. It often seems like an a-one-cure-for-all product. While that’s not true but it does come with many benefits. As such, when something good comes along then a lot of fakes sprout up to capitalize on the demand as well. After all, oil looks the same to many.

Comparison of 10 Best Jojoba Oils for 2023

The scent might be a distinguishing factor but even that can be artificially added in. So when you are going to buy jojoba oil for body benefits then how will you even know which company is giving you the real deal and which one is pulling wool over your eyes? Let’s see what you need to consider before your paying up for jojoba oil.

Considerations Before Buying Best Jojoba Oils in 2023


We don’t always consume organic foods and while that is harmful in the long run but it still isn’t as harmful as rubbing something inorganic on your skin. Your skin is porous and it will fully absorb whatever you lathe on it. So it’s your responsibility to use plant-based substances.

Of course, you might be allergic to some plant-based ingredients so it’s better that you test the jojoba oil for skin lightening on a patch of skin before proceeding to rub it all over. But generally do keep in mind that artificial products contain a variety of nasty preservatives and additives that can damage your skin even more.

It’s advisable that instead of going for those products which tout that they are alternatives to jojoba oil, splurge some money and get the real and natural deal. Spending a little more on getting a high-quality, genuine, and organic product will give you beautiful skin.


Cold-pressed is also known as unrefined jojoba oil. Unrefined jojoba oil is the purest possible extract of the nut you can buy. The oil which is obtained from the first press is called unrefined or cold-pressed jojoba oil. This oil is of the highest quality available.

Refined jojoba oil is extracted from the leftover parts of the nuts and it is of lesser quality. So it needs to be injected with chemicals, additives, and such to make it smell good. You should get the best jojoba oil brand if possible since it is the most beneficial for your skin.


There are many cosmetics and beauty products that only have an extract of jojoba oil for beauty skin. To compensate other chemicals are heaped into it. But you will get the best results if you buy the one that is 100% pure, cold-pressed, and organic. So when buying the product make sure that you read the ingredients list carefully and if you have any questions make sure to ask the company to produce it.


Even if you have taken all the precautions, checked the ingredients list, and such, you still might get duped by a fake or unrefined jojoba oil product. In such a case you will be able to see the results only after using it sometimes. If your skin is sensitive to chemicals and other additives in products then you will be able to see the adverse effects on your skin fast. Ideally, jojoba oil is supposed to give you these benefits:

  • Moisturize:

Jojoba oil will nourish and moisturize your flaky skin. If you have chapped lips then it will heal them. Jojoba oil tends to mimic the jojoba oil for beauty skin or sebum which is produced from the skin pores. So when you put on artificial jojoba oil then you will be able to feel the heaviness or fakeness of it. If not then after some time you will see your lips turning darker or feel other side effects of using impure products.

  • Skin issues:

Genuine jojoba oil can treat skin diseases like eczema and psoriasis. Apart from this, it can help with sunburns. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can help people who suffer from chronic skin issues too. So many helpful properties will be difficult for a fake jojoba oil product to mimic perfectly without causing some kind of side effects.

  • Helps with acne:

Genuine jojoba oil helps in reducing blemishes and blackheads. It also helps in controlling oily skin. The oil contains iodine in it which helps in killing pimple-producing bacteria.

Hair control:

If you thought the skin was the only area that jojoba oil for body benefits could be used on then you are wrong. You can use this oil to nourish your natural hair and control dandruff. The fat present in the jojoba oil will make your hair stronger.

Before applying jojoba oil to hair, you will be using drugstore shampoo to get fresh hair and hair dryer to get better output.

If you find that the jojoba oil product you are using isn’t giving you all these positive effects then it’s time to reconsider. Look to the internet to get recommendations for genuine jojoba oil and check customer reviews carefully. Most products nowadays, no matter what it is, are rated within 5 stars. Don’t buy anything below a 4-star rating.


Packaging is a very important factor to consider. Jojoba oil is available in glass bottles and plastic ones. But it maintains its durability and quality better in glass ones. Plastic bottles have their advantages because they are easier to carry and you don’t have to worry about accidentally breaking them. But the best one is violet glass bottles or containers since they protect the oil from possible luminescence and thus prevents oxidation.


Of course, the price for organic and unrefined jojoba oil for face acne will be high. But it shouldn’t be so high that you feel like you are paying a sum that is more fit for a large bottle and getting only a small bottle in return. There are many brands available so select the one which you feel will suit your budget and needs better.

BEAUTY MUST-HAVE | The Wonders of Jojoba Oil

Video Transcript:

Hi there Sofia here today I’m going to be sharing one of my absolute beauty must haves and it’s something that I discovered about a year ago and I just wish I had known about this many years ago but it’s never too late to learn about a new beauty secret it is a hundred percent natural and anytime I find a beauty product that has very few chemicals and has his plant derived and is mostly all-natural I go for it I get very excited about it because I know that it’s gonna be something that my skin is going to tolerate well since I tend to have sensitive skin now I’m talking about jojoba oil and the way I discovered this was about a year ago I was watching youtube videos on makeup tips and one of them caught my eye was talking about how to avoid that creepy creepy look that we get as we get older where the under eye concealer kind of settles into the fine lines under the eyes and her tip was to take a scant amount of jojoba oil rub it onto your ring finger and then just tap it right under your eyes over the under eye concealer that’s it and you know what it really works well when I saw her do that on the video I ran to buy this I went to Trader Joe’s which is where I get a lot of money spa treasures and I noticed they had one it is a hundred percent pure jojoba oil I use this for so many things first of all is absolutely fantastic as a makeup remover I do a two step process when I take my makeup off at night because I want my pores to be as clean as possible so that when I put my serum on and my night cream that it’ll just sink right in and it’ll go it won’t have a layer of makeup or anything that’s impeding the progress and so I take this I take a small amount of squirt it into the palm of my hand rub it and then start rubbing it into my skin I’m I let I Pat it over my eyes I take all over my eye everything and then just kind of gently rub it.

And let it do its work I wait a few seconds when I feel it starting to melt then I know I’ve got to go in that with a washcloth and a gentle cleanser I’ve been using Aaron’s gentle foaming cleanser but any gentle cleanser will do just take a little bit and put it on your face take a warm washcloth and go over your face thoroughly that includes your eyes you can clean your eyes with the gentle cleanser as well.

Once everything is off splash and splash get all of that residual makeup off and then what I always do is I always follow up with witch hazel that’s in another video but with that I know everything is clean so that’s my step my two-step process for cleaning and using jojoba oil then the other thing I use it for is as a moisturizer I love it.

It is the consistency of it it’s actually not really oil it is really a liquefied wax but it has an oil-like consistency it comes from the seed of the jojoba bush which is found in the southwestern US and also in northern Mexico this has been around for a long time wonderful for young skin as well skin that produces too much oil because it mimics the sebum that the skin naturally produces and if you have clogged pores and you started treatment with this and gently massaged any areas whether it’s your chin your nose your forehead I tend to get them around my t-zone it really works to dissolve and unclog those cores.

Refining the pores and you end up with a much brighter complexion the other thing I use it for is body moisturizing when you step out of the shower gently pat your skin dry it’s already moistened and softer from a nice warm shower so rub in the Cahawba.

The oil even when my skin is dry let’s say I’m wearing a sleeveless top and I love my skin could use a little bit of moisturizing I take look just a tiny amount I only put a few drops in and just go over my arms it’s not greasy at all.

Looks beautiful honors.

The other thing I’ve used it for is cuticle oil at night I’ll take a tiny bit and just massage it into my cuticles just takes just a second to do it and it does such a nice job to soften them especially if you’re like me I tend to have dry cuticles so I’m always trying to soften those up the other thing that it’s fantastic for is your scalp now when I do my color if I do my roots many times my scalp feels a little bit itchy and dry so I will take some ho-ho oil if I know I’m going to wash my hair at the following morning I’ll take some hobo oil and massage it into the roots of my scalp all over sometimes I’ll run it through the ends and just put my hair up in a scrunchie.

And sleep that way and then the next morning I give it a good shampoo and conditioning and it’s just incredible how it hydrates other times if I’ve styled my hair and the end start you know they’re looking just kind of a little dry especially if I’ve had it recently highlighted I’ll take some ho-ho oil and just kind of rub it up and then I just scrunch it into my hair just like that it really doesn’t make your hair oily it’s only the ends and it gives just a little bit of shine I’ve heard people with curly hair it works very nice on their curls.

As well so those are my tips jojoba oil is a total must-have the only thing about this container is be careful you have to make sure this flip-top is sealed well because sometimes if it isn’t it can leak I bought this at Trader Joe’s that Amazon carries it if you don’t have a trader job near you or any other organic jojoba oil will do just make sure it says a hundred percent pure jojoba oil that’s it for today I hope you enjoyed this video and that you too will find the wonders of jojoba oil how I have if you liked it give it a thumbs up to don’t forget to subscribe hope you have a great day and thank you for watching bye now.

Top Variants for the Best Jojoba Oils

Do you want jojoba oil for beard, hair, nails, or face? Whatever might be your reason for purchasing the jojoba oil, be considerate before buying it. We mean that you should precisely check the product before purchasing because many fake brands add a considerable amount of castor oil to increase the oil volume. This deviates from the purpose of both of them, resulting in side effects.

Hence, to get you the best jojoba oil, we have listed the right ones from renowned brands. They come in a pure form and have been highly praised by the customers for the wondrous work they have performed.

1. Cliganic USDA Organic Jojoba Oil

Best hexane free jojoba oilDo you want to get all the benefits in one jojoba oil, like a multipurpose one? So, searching for the same, we have got the best product for you!

This hexane-free jojoba oil comes with ultimate jojoba oil, which is highly appropriate to be applied to the skin. It moisturizes the skin deeply, and since it is an organic component, it is safe to use. It even removes blackheads and gives a smooth effect when used on facial skin.

Well, other than being used as a face moisturizer, you can easily apply jojoba oil on hair too. This natural jojoba oil comes with organic extracts, which strengthen your hair from its core. So, whether you are suffering from hair fall or have less hair growth, you have stumbled upon its solution!

But wait! Don’t consider this jojoba oil for blackheads only for ladies around as it is equally beneficial for men too, to be used on face and hair. Further, as it improves hair growth, you can use it on your beard also.


  • Skin Type: You can use this oil on oily, dry, combination, regular, or sensitive skin.
  • Multipurpose: It can be used on the face, hair, or even beard.
  • Pure: It is cold-pressed organic jojoba oil for face, so it is 100% organic and not diluted with any other oil.
  • Size Availability: There are various bottle sizes available – 4ounce, 16 ounces, and 128-ounce.

Customers Feedback:

This oil has worked really good in my hair and won’t leave my scalp oily. I put it on b4 I wash my hair, not every time but once a week. As far as hair growth , I haven’t seen results yet, but it leaves my hair really soft. I massage my scalp with my head tilted down for about 5 minutes and then apply some on the ends, then put a plastic shower cap so it stays warm. I see best results in softness and shine the longer I leave it on. It doesn’t have much of a scent. I give it 5 stars bc it works for me.

Best oil for nails and dry skin! I used to pick at the skin around my fingers to the point of bleeding on a regular basis. The jojoba oil for blackheads was so nasty, but i combined this oil 60%with vitamin e oil and a few drops of lavender and lemon essential oil to create my own nail oil and the results are fantastic! Also I have acne, but I can use this oil on my face without breaking out. Best oil!

2. Leven Rose’s Cold Pressed Jojoba Oil

jojoba oil for bodyAre you tired of using all the skincare products but still in a dilemma as your skin has shown no improvement? Then we have come up with natural oil to get the best facial skin. It is Leven Rose Jojoba Oil.

Leven Rose’s jojoba oil is one of the most beneficial jojoba oils for dry skin. It comes with 100% organic ingredients that do not add any other layer to your skin than required. With its healing qualities, this oil can be used directly on the face to cure dryness.

Well, this jojoba oil for the body is not just the dry face that needs care and moisture. Even your dry hair needs rejuvenation from dry ends or split ends. Massaging this oil eradicates dry scalp problems and circulates the blood in your scalp, making your hair grow at a faster rate. Lastly, it can act as the best jojoba oil for lips or as cuticle oil for nails.

However, there is one precaution we expect you to take with Leven jojoba oil. It is to store it in a cool place. Apart from it, it’s all perfect!


  • Skin Type: This organic jojoba oil for the face affects best on dry skin.
  • Natural Scents: There is no addition of scents in it.
  • Cold Pressed Oil: This oil is 100% organic and natural.
  • Multipurpose: It can be used on dry skin, dry hair, chapped lips, nail cuticles, and even massage oil.

Customers Feedback:

Love love love this oil. I first bought it to use as a skin cleanser/moisturizer and it worked beautifully with my skin. I then decided to put it on the ends of my hair. I have very curly hair and my ends always get dried out. I put my hair in a braid and applied it just to the ends and then combed it through with a fine tooth comb and left it in over night. When I woke up in the morning my ends were soft and healthy looking again. Their Rose oil is also super great on my skin!

I purchased this oil as a facial and hair moisturizer. When I read that it was supposed to aid in hair growth, I decided to test it out on my lashes. Here are my results…Thicker, fuller, silkier lashes in 2 weeks! I applied 1x/day. I dabbed the side of the dropper (so I wouldn’t end up with oil in my eyes) along my lash line then gently rubbed it in along the lash line and on my lashes. I did the same on the bottom. You’re welcome 🙂

3. NOW Solutions Jojoba Oil

Best moisturizer jojoba oilIf you need some healing after using many harsh creams or shampoos, then you need to look at this oil. NOW Solutions’ Jojoba Oil is well known for its rejuvenation feature. It gently converts your complex skin cells to a better position. This makes the skin soft and supple.

This moisturizer jojoba oil is carefully extracted from the seeds of the jojoba shrub. There is no sign of impurity measured in this jojoba oil with a direct extraction from the source. By this, we mean this oil is free of petrochemicals, parabens, phthalates, or microbial pathogens. It is also a vegan multi-purpose oil since it is not tested on animals before using it.

It is essential for use not only to the face and hair but also to the skin. A little moisture works wonders when you start taking care of your body. Just a few drops of this oil on your damp skin and hair, and that is it. You get a refreshed and soft skin and hair using just an oil.


  • Quantity: It comes in bottles of 1 ounce, 4-ounce, 16-ounce, and 32-ounce.
  • Skin Type: It can be used for people with any skin type.
  • Unisex: It is unisex after its universal qualities.
  • Vegan Oil: This multi-purpose oil is plant-based and also does not test on animals.
  • Multipurpose: It can be used to soften hair and skin since it is a multipurpose oil.

Customers Feedback:

Jojoba oil is my favorite carrier oil since it’s nice and light and doesn’t leave me feeling super greasy. I like to make a muscle rub oil for when I’m feeling achey and stiff and this is what I use with arnica oil and essential oils. I can put the muscle rub oil on and after a few minutes it’s nice and absorbed and I don’t feel super greasy. I also like the price point on the NOW brand, although I’m sure an argument could be made for the higher priced carrier oils, this one works just fine for me.

Ive never used this type of oil before but it does have a slick oil consistency which i needed for stretching my earlobes to gauge my ears. Very moisturizing i started rubbing on my hands because it absorbed very quickly compared to other oils i used in the past. I havent noticed any scent at all. So that is nice too. I would definitely buy again. A little goes a long way ive had it a month and just now got past the lid.

4. Kate Blanc Cosmetic’s Jojoba Oil

Best jojoba oil for skin lighteningDo you want a jojoba oil that works on your skin, hair, and nails simultaneously?

How about getting Kate Blanc Cosmetics’ 100% Organic Jojoba Oil? Kate Blanc’s jojoba oil is a multipurpose oil that will add to your essentials list. It acts as a moisturizer on the face by hydrating it, softening its texture. This jojoba oil for skin lightening also has the benefits of fighting hair fall problems and thus promoting hair growth. Alongside, it is the ideal jojoba oil for nails as it moisturizes them and your cuticles.

With all the benefits, you can trust this brand blindly, for it is USDA certified. Not only does it say that it is beneficial, but now This skin treatment oil has been proven. And with a lightweight and non-greasy form, you can use it, and it will not feel a gram to you!


  • Skin Type: You can use it on all types of skin.
  • Moisturizer to Skin: It hydrates skin and fights wrinkles, stretch marks, and makeup.
  • Hair Repair: This skin treatment oil repairs hair and eradicates damaged hair by nourishing them abundantly.
  • USDA Certified: There is official certification from USDA regarding its purity and safety in use.

Customers Feedback:

I’m experiencing very dry skin on my arms this summer and oils seem to be the best hydrating solution. Jojoba oil is good and healing for your skin, so I tried this brand. I was enticed by the dropper as I thought the nurture skin treatment oil would be easier to use and less messy than a spray or bottle. It is. The dropper is great and so is the oil. It has already helped heal and hydrate my skin. I’m very happy with it and will be ordering more. It’s also a very nice bottle. I also like that the oil is organic.

I am very excited to have begun on this path of healing and I have only had this product for a few days and am already experiencing some of the benefits of this oil. I started using it at night with my night time moisturiser and I feel my skin responding and looking softer. I also started using it on dry spots on my skin that occur in the cold season and feeling relief there too. I look forward to using it as a carrier oil for essential oil blends.

5. Viva Natural’s Jojoba Oil

Best jojoba oil for body massageAre you ready to hype up your DIY skincare routine? We do not mean to buy expensive creams and lotions, but how about something natural and organic oil?

You saw it right! Viva Natural’s certified organic jojoba oil can be your ideal product for your skincare routine.

With USDA and QAI certification, this pure jojoba oil for the face comes in its most pristine state with no additives. They care about not compromising with the quality so much that they do not even add any oil fragrances. It is also hexane-free and cruelty-free.

However, when it comes to its bottle, it has a pump shape. This pure jojoba oil for the face makes the usage pretty easy and ensures no spills. With the best material in safe packing, you can use most of this oil to soften your skin and strengthen the skin cells.


  • Skin Type: This is the best jojoba oil for dry skin.
  • Pure and Natural: It is hexane-free, fragrance-free, and does not include any additives or preservatives.
  • Base Oil: This jojoba oil for body massage can be used as a base for skin and hair masks or other skincare routines.
  • Safe Packing: The pump bottle keeps the oil protected from spilling.

Customers Feedback:

I was using proactive religiously twice a day for YEARS and suddenly I was getting horrible cystic acne on my chin almost weekly. One wouldn’t even die down and I would get another on top of it. I did some research and realized I was stripping my skin too much. I order this jojoba oil and an organic cold-pressed aloe vera, would add one to two drops of jojoba oil to some aloe vera in my hand and rub it on my dry parts of my face I have not had cystic acne since and it’s been around 6 months. My skin is suddenly glowing. A little goes a loong way.

Packaged arrived well packed and no issues. I’ve ordered 2 bottles of this organic jojoba oil so far and lasts me about 5 months. Comes in a dark amber glass with a pump as well as a dropper. I love the pump and it has worked well in both orders. I use it daily for a facial moisturizer(and the hubby too) and also to remove my makeup. Sometimes as a body oil or for my cuticles. Highly recommend. No rancid smells. I’m a fan… I have it as a subscription now.

6. Healing Solution’s Jojoba Oil

Best jojoba oil for hairWith a USDA Certification of its organic and pure state, Healing Solution’s Jojoba Oil is a must in your skincare bag. Its all-natural ingredients keep it chemical-free and undiluted from any unwanted elements.

If you are sick of scratching your scalp until this starts bleeding, then let us stop you right there. Instead of making your skin worse, try using Healing Solution’s jojoba oil for hair on the scalp instead. Don’t worry about the hair type you have. It is the perfect jojoba oil for curly hair too.

This jojoba oil for acne organic ingredients moisturizes the dry skin, then be it on the scalp, face, or rest of the body.


  • Skin Type: It is best suited for acne-prone skin.
  • Moisturizing Benefits: It can be used daily as a moisturizer on skin and hair.
  • Sustainable Packaging: This nurture skin treatment oil is stored in a glass bottle and comes with a free dropper.
  • Daily Care Oil: It can be used to fight dandruff, itchy scalp, or promote nail growth.

Customers Feedback:

I received the product within two days of purchase. Despite the bottle only holding 4 ounces, it is very large and goes a long way. It comes with a regular twist cap and a dropper twist cap, which is my personal preference. Unscented, very high quality for the price. Will be purchasing whenever this bottle is empty, which may be years away!

I’m using this product to oil cleanse as well as moisturize. I’ve only used it about three times but no negative reactions so far. I have oily, acne prone skin so I’m pleased that there’s been no breakouts since using the product. I saw a bad review about the smell and another reported a burning sensation but this bottle of oil is very mildly scented, as jojoba should be, in fact i can hardly smell anything and I’ve had no burning sensation upon application. I’m pleased with my purchase

7. ArtNaturals Organic Jojoba Oil

Best jojoba oil for sensitive skinDo you wish to keep your skin moisturized without any oily effect? If that is what you are searching for, then search no more! ArtNaturals’ organic Jojoba Oil presents its excellent moisturizing results for hair and skin.

Just a few drops of this oil can work wonders on your skin. All you have to do is take 2-3 drops and apply them directly to your damp skin. This way, this jojoba oil for sensitive skin locks the moisture and leaves no traces of oil behind.

This jojoba oil for nails is well known for its external use on skin and hair. It is an anti-aging moisturizer that takes care of skin health. It also promotes hair growth and maintains the hair color (if you have any).

So, what do you think? What would be better than a natural way to care for your body?


  • Skin Type: This jojoba oil for acne results best on oily, combination, regular, or dry skin.
  • Ingredients: This is an organic jojoba oil comprising antioxidants, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E.
  • Multipurpose Oil: It helps in fighting dryness and locks moisture in skin and hair.

Customers Feedback:

I have adult acne and this stuff has been helping to control it. I saw the most immediate effects right away and after about a month have had a breakout again. I do think it soothes my face at night and I appreciate you can use it on your lips. I don’t use it on my hair bc it can appear a bit oily. I think it’s best used in moderation in the morning too as to not appear too oily. Overall I love it.

8. Artizen Jojoba Oil

Best chemical free jojoba oilWhat an oil will it be if it could do more than its capacity! Wait, can an oil even do so?

We are serious! Yes, oil has such properties. That oil is not the regular one. It is Artizen’s Pure Jojoba Oil, which you might have seen being used at aromatherapy. This chemical-free jojoba oil is available in 7 different fragrances that soothe you from your long day.

With no additives and adulteration, this jojoba oil is entirely safe to use directly on the skin. Its pure form relieves you from any side effects and gives the best output at a reasonable price. Its one-third part consists of natural oil while the remaining two-third comprises carrier oil.

In fact, the bottle of this artizen jojoba oil contains a dropper at the top of the cap. It makes the usage of the oil mess-free and results in the complete utilization of the oil. The best part is it can be used by anyone. With benefits to people of any gender, it gives its best to every skin type.


  • Unisex: It can be used by both males and females.
  • Skin Type: It is well suited to any skin type.
  • Natural Oil: It does not contain any preservatives or additives.
  • Good Packing: This jojoba oil bottle comes in a high-quality glass with a dropper on the top of the cap.
  • Aromatherapy Oil: It is a fantastic component for aromatherapy.

Customers Feedback:

The product has helped their hair look moist and vibrant. You can tell the difference from the first day until now. I am glad I purchased and I will continue using on their hair as well as mine and my husband. It is a wonderful product and I will recommend it to everyone I know. I will be purchasing this bottle from now on. Thank you for a great product. MB, Dayton, OH.

The bottle was awesome, I’ve bought many and several don’t have a dropped they come with a pump but when making at home beauty products you need the ability to measure proper this item gives you that! Although the cap could be a little more durable it’s still great for use in all ways. The product itself works amazing a couple drops in bath water helps refresh your skin and hair. Great blender oil for body rubs and amazing to refresh and soak in hair

9. Desert Essence Jojoba Oil

Best jojoba oil makeup removerHere we come to organic jojoba oil, which is your only desire to fight your skin and hair’s dryness. This all-in-one oil is known for its damage repair and smoothening effects.

This jojoba oil makeup remover can also be used as a natural makeup remover instead of going for any harsh cleansers. You can use it as an after-shave for your body or face because of its soothing nature.

Using too much of this jojoba oil for massage therapy is not necessarily required since its tiny amount can work wonders. Only a few drops are sufficient for experiencing its benefits, and consistently using it will give you better results. Well, this way you can save your money too!


  • Quantity: This oil is available in a 4-ounce bottle(s).
  • Skin Type: It can be used on any skin type and works best on oily skin.
  • Non-Sticky Remains: This Best oil for makeup remover does not leave any oily residue when applied at the correct quantity.
  • Versatile: It can be used on the face, body, and hair.

Customers Feedback:

I shave my head every other day. I have dry skin. I buy this product primarily to use on my head.I have been buying it for many years.. this and the organic version. It is good for skin care in general though. Sometimes I put some unrefined shea butter in my hand, mix it with a few drops of this oil, and spread this mixture on my body (except for my face). Good for dry skin on the rest of my body.

This is the only product I put on my face and has been my routine for at least a decade: rinse with water, exfoliate gently with a towel, apply a couple drops of jojoba after rubbing between the hands to emulsify. Keeps my skin moisturized without causing breakouts on my sensitive skin. I do have to use more in winter, and re-apply more often, especially as I’m getting older (late 40s). Also I’ve tried other brands and this is my favorite. I’ve only ever once had jojoba go bad, and I think that’s because a bottle got some moisture in it. This is the stuff!

10. Teak Natural’s Jojoba Oil

Best cold pressed jojoba oilLast but not least is Teak Naturals Jojoba Oil. It is used to get good skin and hair and comes in a 100 percent pure form. Its cold-pressed and unrefined state makes it safe to use on skin and hair. This cold-pressed jojoba oil does not even take long to absorb into your skin, so do not mistake it for a long process.

You ladies can also use it as a makeup remover to keep the skin away from harmful chemicals that are harsh on the facial skin. It comes chemical and paraben-free, making it safe to be applied regularly on the skin and hair. Since amazon jojoba oil is nothing to worry about, people with any skin type can use it without any doubt.


  • Skin Type: You can use it on any skin type.
  • Organic: It is 100% pure and organic.
  • Quality Packing: This amazon jojoba oil comes in a glass bottle with a dropper attached to the cap of it.
  • Quick Absorption: It absorbs shortly in the skin and leaves no oily residue behind.
  • A Moisturizer to Skin and Hair: It repairs the complex cells and cures damage to the body and hair.

Customers Feedback:

I absolutely love this oil and this company!! I’m on my third reoccurring order of jojoba oil and about to try out a couple other oils as well. The oil itself is high quality for very affordable price! Local stores charge twice as much around here. Also I reached out to the company because I had misplaced a coupon they had sent me. They respond right away and were happy to replace it! Super friendly and you can tell they truly appreciate their customers. AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! You rock Teak Naturals! Great product, great service,, keep being awesome Teak!! 🙂

Jojoba Oil | Skin & Hair Benefits

Video Transcript:

Hey guys so today I’m going to be talking all about jojoba oil I have been so obsessed with using jojoba oil lately so I really wanted to make a video kind of talking about the benefits of using this oil for your hair and your skin I’m currently using the desert essence organic jojoba oil the USDA Organic one they do have one that is not USDA Organic and I have been so obsessed with using this oil this is what it looks like actually, jojoba oil is a liquid wax a well-known fact about jojoba oil is that it is very similar to our sebum that our skin naturally produces has it the same chemical structure so it’s an amazing oil to use on your skin.

I actually have purchased this I forgot when it’s been as a couple of years ago and I’d really really oily skin with really bad acne and I heard that jojoba oil is amazing to use for acne and I have to say it seriously really helped my skin issues way back then because this is so close to our sebum you can actually kind of trick your skin into not producing so much oil I would use this at night time for kind of good nighttime moisturizer and I would put this on my acne spots for like a spot treatment and it really did help kind of control my acne a little bit and it also helped me produce less oil so if you are super oily this is a great oil for you to try.

I know that if your oily the last thing you want to do is put oil on your face but trust me this is an amazing oil to put on your face this is also great for acne because it has an anti-inflammatory property to it so it’s really great for kind of help soothe your acne spots and jojoba oil is also antimicrobial so again it’s great for acne now as you guys know I do have dry skin I know I’ve been talking about the benefits of using jojoba oil for oily skin but as you guys know if you watched my previous videos I have super dry skin it is so annoying so I still love using this because it’s really really soothing on my skin pahoehoe oil is packed with vitamin E and antioxidants and it’s just really great for anti-aging.

So that’s why I love using this but also I can tell a difference when I use this at night times I do use it as mine.

Nighttime moisturizer because when I wake up the next morning my skin just feels so plump and it just looks very youthful and glowy and I love it because jojoba kind of mimics our natural sebum I feel like my skin almost absorbs this a lot better and just kind of reacts to this oil a lot better compared to other oils another great thing about it is that it’s also um helps promote collagen so again it’s great for.

Anti-aging and I just feel like my skin just feels so nourished the next day after I wake up after using this as my nighttime moisturizer so I really do enjoy using it on my skin but also home oil can be really great for your hair now I brought on blogs but a lot of people will use jojoba oil for like an oil kind of leave-in treatment I really find that it really weighs my hair down and my hair just doesn’t absorb it very well but what I really like to do is if I know I’m going to shower in a couple of hours.

I will just pour this right into my hands and I will coat my hair with it you guys have noticed I did go and get my hair kind of ombre so my ends are kind of dry right now because obviously if they put bleach on my ends so I have really been enjoying using this as kind of like a leave-in oil treatment or a pre-shampoo treatment phone but oil is great for replenishing the moisture in your hair and it also helps improve the texture of your hair what’s really great about using jojoba-ho oil is that it actually penetrates your hair follicle and it helps strengthen your hair from the inside out.

So I have really weak damaged hair I have a ton of breakage so I really do find that this kind of just helps keep my hair stronger and healthier so like I said this is just an amazing oil and it’s very versatile I think I paid about ten bucks for this and what’s great about jojoba oil is that it has a really long shelf life so you can make this baby last for quite a while um my favorite way to use it is definitely as a nighttime moisturizer I mean.

Under my eyes I just on my skin I’ve also read that this can really help with scarring now if you guys have not watched lis getting my previous skincare videos I have very very bad scarring on my face from acne I used to have acne really really bad all throughout middle school and most of the high school so I have a ton of scarring honestly I don’t believe that this oil is going to completely repair my skin or anything but like I said I do feel like it kind of just plumps and Sue’s my skin and just the next morning my skin just looks a lot better it looks nicer um my scarring does look a little bit less noticeable to me but again like.

it’s not like a dramatic result I just feel like my skin looks smoother and healthier another way a lot of people use jojoba oil is as a makeup remover and it is pretty effective at removing your makeup I especially like using it once I’ve like cleanse my face and I might have a little bit mascara or eyeliner I like using a little bit of that and just removing it because it is very gentle and like I said it’s a very soothing oil and it can be used for so many different things I know some people will use.

This is like a body moisturizer that’s a great way to do it I don’t do it I prefer to use grapeseed oil but this I mean I would definitely try it out if I wanted to and again this does help with scars and I think it helps with stretch marks as well so this is just a really really great oil and I just feel like it’s a very nourishing soothing oil like I said I’ve been using that oil for quite a while now I’ve been so obsessed with it I really do enjoy the benefits I get from it and like I said it’s very versatile I can use it for a lot of different things I purchased this whole oil at Vitacost.

And I do have a $10 coupon down below if you guys would like to do that as well and I think this was about ten dollars did you make one that is not USDA Organic and I think that was just a little bit cheaper but I just try to always get the USDA organic one I hope you guys are having a great day if you have any other questions for me death and let me know and I will see you guys later.

Jojoba oil for skin and hair| Dr. Dray

Video Transcript:

Well hey, guys I hope your week is going well so I wanted to film another video talking about another type of oil because you guys really seem to enjoy these videos and different oils and every time I do an oil video I had questions about other oils so today I’m going to talk all about jojoba oil because this is one that is popular in a lot of products and skincare and it makes questions about jojoba oil is a clear golden liquid that is extracted from the seeds of the hope plant which goes by the name.

Simone Xia Qin Yun sis ever see that on ingredient labels no you’re dealing with jojoba oil this is a plant that grows in the desert of the south throughout the Southwest United States as well as Mexico it’s a very hearty plant and the oil extracted from the seeds is.

Wonderful to consider as an oil to consider in skincare because it is very Hardy and resistant to oxidative degradation it’s very stable using oils in your skin hair oils and skin care products and putting oils on the skin is nice and that oils are emollients they help soften the skin and part kind of a suppleness to the skin and bug oils namely plant oils some of the limitation and that they degrade they are dim they then go oxidative damage and in doing so can become highly irritating and caused problems so for example a lot of people who with acne prone skin may be fearful of a lot of plant oils and the reason is that when these ingredients in the plant oils start to degrade can be irritating and that irritation can trigger an acne flare jojoba oil is pretty stable unlike many other plant oils and less likely to do that a side note about using oils in skin care though and I always encourage you guys rather than doing just the plain oils on your skin although that is super popular to select products that are formulated with the oils because the products contain antioxidants Preservatives they.

That will protect the oil from that degradation while you also get the benefits of the oil so that is always you know my recommendation is choose a moisturizer that has the oils in it along with the preservatives to keep them safe but jojoba oil on its own it is superior to you many other plant oils and then it is pretty pretty Hardy and pretty resistant to that oxidative damage so stability is less of an issue and therefore it’s an attractive ingredient in products and you will see it used it’s been used traditionally as well as commonly in current everyday practice as a skin lubricant and as a hair conditioner and one things that you will commonly see advertised is that jojoba oil is similar to sebum I think that alarms a lot of people with acne because they know that their disease part of what causes their disease is excessive sebum production so why would they want to go putting an oil on their skin that is like sebum here’s the deal with that what i’ll explain to you sebum the oil that our skin makes its plays a key role in the health of our skin even though it contributes to acne it makes their compounds in sebum that coat the surface of the skin and are necessary and essential for the.

The integrity of your skin barrier and one such ingredient is something called wax esters they really help you know to come out of the surface of the skin and kind of make a nice coating on the skin and really just help with the skin barrier integrity that is a key point of having skin is to serve as a barrier it’s one of the key functions of our skin is to serve as a barrier and those oils that are.

Deposited on the surface of the skin can help in ensuring the integrity of the skin barrier and a key aspect of everyday skin physiology now acne as a disease is a process in which excessive sebum production other compounds in the sebum are broken down by the bacteria within the oil gland and those other compounds are inflammatory and that is part of what contributes your acne it’s not the wax esters and it’s not the actual you know the function of sebum coming out on the surface of the skin and doing the skin barrier.

Preparing thing that is problematic in acting so don’t be alarmed by jojoba oil in the claim that it is similar to sebum don’t be alarmed without may make it problematic for acne it’s that it has a high composition of something called wax esters so it’s really a good repair option for any skin disorder where there is an inherent skin barrier defect skin disorders like that that have an inherent skin barrier defect include things like acne are not only a problem of excessive oil production and plugging up at the pore but there’s also an impaired skin barrier that can lead to dryness irritation leads to.

Inflammation which further drives the acne so jojoba well does wax esters they help in restoring the skin barrier so it’s a good choice in that situation also rosacea show there is a skin barrier defect that leads to flares of rosacea dryness dull skin etc and eczema by a definition is a disease of it is impaired skin bearer in which you will have dryness and irritation so these are considerations behind the use of jojoba oil in skincare products also seborrhoeic dermatitis you know.

Seborrhoeic dermatitis there’s a skin barrier defect there and jojoba oil has actually been you know he’s actually an interest in seborrheic dermatitis for helping in terms of some the dry kind of flaky patches and as an ingredient, it’s also appealing to consumers seeking a more natural approach so it’s wonderful not only in skincare products because in the wax ester components that can be helpful for the skin barrier but it’s also nice in hair care products shampoos conditioners straighteners relaxers because it helps you coat the hair shaft and it helps to cut down on hair breakage dryness brittleness and in kind of coating the air shaft it also can be reduced to a certain extent.

Something called high growth fatigue would you all have heard me mention in other videos before which is basically kind of the influx and efflux of water into the cuticle of the hair that leads leaves the hair ruffled and damaged and the hair cuticle ruffled and damaged and susceptible to breakage so cutting the hair with oils prior to you already getting hair wet can really cut down on can cut down on some of that damage so useful in that sense and you’ll find it you know in a lot of things because it is stable it’s appealing to manufacture so they’ll put it in only shampoos conditioners face washes and.

Moisturizers skincare products body care products lotions you’ll also see it in a lot of fragrances and perfumes is kind of carrier oil to the fragrance oils to the essential oils so you’ll see it in that manner you know a lot of perfumes might have a hobo oil in it and you will also see it in nail care products I mean everything it’s it’s pretty commonly used some of the science behind the use of jojoba oil and skincare products comes from looking at animal models specifically mouse models have demonstrated that jojoba oil actually has antioxidant properties.

That imparts a benefit to the skin a limitation in the animal models however is that animals namely mice their skin is much thinner than human skin so whether or not those antioxidants get into our skin and function well it’s hard to say for sure but we do have that data we also have some data in lab models of skin cell the human skin cells kind of in a dish showing that jojoba oil it’s promising for accelerating wound healing so it seems like maybe in oil that would be nice.

Applied to a wound although we don’t have data to support that fully that is where it’s of interest in can wound closure and healing and skin Regeneration. However jojoba oil you know it’s natural but all that is natural is not.

Necessarily safe there are reports of irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis to jojoba oil not super common but does occur so I’m going to tell you guys that there are reports of irritation in that scalp to jojoba oil now there are reports of allergic contact dermatitis.

To Hoebel and conditioners as well as body moisturizers meaning when people use a hobo oil they’ve become sensitized to it so when they use products that have a home oil in it they will develop a rash as a result of that sensitivity but it’s not a super common I don’t there are a ton of reports but they do exist so be aware of you know any ingredient can cause irritation tag dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis nothing is foolproof.

But however, oil does seem to be pretty safe because it is such a stable well it is less likely to degrade and its aggregation of oils that really makes them a loose cannon for developing irritation and allergy and sensitivity so that makes our will possibly a little safer but it’s not foolproof so yeah you know personally I’ve tried to hope oil on my hair here and there just to see like what the hype is about I also try to hope of oil as an oil cleanser I like to use in a well oiled on my face to break up.

Water-resistant sunscreen mascara dirt pollutants etc from throughout the day and then I wash it off with a gentle cleanser afterward I don’t leave oils sitting on my skin at all and I’ve tried it with a hobo oil and it does work pretty well I think I talked about that in my video reviewing oil cleansers I think I’ve talked about that maybe it was argan oil I use but I’ve also used jojoba and it works well too and you’ll see it in a lot of oil cleansers sold commercially a lot of commercial oil cleansers will have a hobo oil in them so it works well the main difference between just using plain olive oil and using those oil cleansers is that the oil cleansers the oil the dedicated oil cleansers that you buy commercially often have a little bit of a.

An emulsifying agent such that when you put a little water on the skin it’ll form a lather so that’s kind of the main difference between the two but you know they honestly work really well.

And dissolving the dirt and stuff either they dedicate a while or the or the commercial cleansing oil so that’s why I can tell you about the hobo oil I hope it answers all of your questions I need some very good oil but not without risk so if you liked this video give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe I’ll talk to you guys.

FAQs on Best Jojoba Oils in 2023

Can jojoba oil help with makeup?

Definitely and that's why it so widely used in cosmetic products. With this, you will be able to get rid of eye makeup and reduce wrinkles and fine lines. The bonus is that you will get these results without having to put any chemical-laden creams and such.

Why is jojoba oil so good for your skin?

This is because the components of this jojoba oil for oily skin are very similar to the oil which is produced by our skin, which is called Sebum. So when you apply the oil to your skin then your body fails to notice the difference.

This makes it easier for your pores to clear up since there's less chance of a blockage. As a result, there's less chance of acne and breakouts. You should also know that this is the only plant that produces this oil that is so close in structure to the natural sebum produced by our bodies.

Can you apply jojoba oil on wounds or cuts?

It's always advisable that you opt for proper medical care and don't apply this oil directly to any kind of open wound. But research has shown that this oil indeed does encourage scratches or cuts to heal. This is because the best jojoba oil for face has vitamin E in it. Apart from this, jojoba oil has antioxidants that help collagen production in your body. This is a protein that helps keep your joints and skin in good condition.

Are there any side effects of using jojoba oil?

This will depend from one person to the other. Some people might very well have allergic reactions to this oil which can result in soreness or redness. To prevent such a severe condition you should carry out a small test on a patch of skin to check how it is reacting to the oil.

If you find that it irritates your skin or causes adverse reactions then please stop using it. However, there is no need to panic unnecessarily as compared to other essential oils, allergies or allergic reactions are very rare for jojoba oil for oily skin. This is especially true if you buy from a trusted brand and get the 100% organic and unrefined product.

How tall is the jojoba tree?

Most people tend to imagine a short plant but this tree can grow up to 20 feet tall and it can live for a hundred years. Its fruit, the nut from where the jojoba oil is extracted can be up to four cm long.

Can jojoba oil kill all bacteria and fungus?

Jojoba oil does contain antifungal and antimicrobial properties that have a lot of benefits for us. But it can’t kill all fungal or bacterial species.

How much jojoba oil should be used?

You should consult a professional so that he or she recommends a more personalized dosage. But generally, this is the chart you should be used for different purposes:

  • If you want to apply this oil on scars then use just two drops on the affected area. Use it two times a day. You can use even more if needed.
  • If you are using jojoba oil for beauty treatments then use two or three drops on wet skin. You should use it once during the morning and once during the night.
  • If you are using jojoba oil for a hot oil treatment on your baby then use just one or two drops, two times a day. You should use it on just your baby’s bottom. Jojoba oil is very beneficial but it is better to wait for your baby to grow up and then use it on other body parts. This way you will be able to figure out if your child’s skin is reacting adversely to the oil or not.

What does jojoba oil consist of?

  • It consists of vitamins D, A, and E. These are important for maintaining healthy and vibrant skin as well as for regenerating skin cells
  • It has antioxidants in it which boost your body’s metabolism and fills gaps between your skin cells. It also prevents your skin from accelerated aging.
  • Jojoba oil has Omega 9 and 6 as well as fatty acids. These help in repairing and regenerating damaged skin cells.
  • It contains docosanol which is a fatty acid (saturated). This is used for treating cold sores and is antiviral.

Jojoba oil is available in what form in the markets?

  • Cream:

A jojoba oil cream will be easy to apply to your face. Also if you want to carry out skin rejuvenation massages then this cream will make it easy to do so. The cream formula has been made to ensure that your skin absorbs the natural jojoba oil properties better.

  • Sprays:

Sprays are the most sold format when it comes to jojoba oil. With a spray, you will be able to easily cover large areas of the body and it will be easy to apply on your hair as well. But sprays are not feasible for your facial area.

  • Drops:

Drops are also very popular since it lets people measure precisely the amount needed for use. Also, you will be able to use it on just a small patch if needed. For example, you can put the drops on a small part of your face where there’s an accumulation of acne.

  • Serum:

This is generally used by men since serums are easy to apply on their hair. Serums have jojoba oil for hot oil treatment in their composition and they can be used for maintaining beards and facilitating the growth of mustaches.

Final Verdict

Jojoba oil is one of those products which provides a lot of benefits. It can be used to treat acne, blemishes, and sunburns. Apart from this jojoba oil also helps in healing scratches and cuts. Its properties help in rejuvenating hair and moisturizing skin. Overall, it’s a beauty blogger’s dream product.

If used carefully then it will nourish your skin and hair unlike anything else. Hopefully, this buying guide has enlightened you about amazon jojoba oil and its many uses.

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