Best Squirrel Repellents for Your Yard Safety in 2021

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Do you have a hobby of gardening?

Then, what stops you from doing it?

Do you fear that naughty squirrel that continuously visits your yard?

Or, they have a sweet little home in your garden?

So, if these things are stopping you from pursuing your hobby, you might be willing to kill the squirrels. But, is it of any use? NO! Killing an animal just to get rid of it is one of the worst things you can ever do. Thus, you must look for the best squirrel repellent for your place. A squirrel repellent is one of the best solutions to get free from squirrels or any other rodent without harming them. There are numerous types of squirrel repellents available, but you must go for the best among them. If you want to purchase the best squirrel repellent, then check our post now!

Shortlist of 10 Best Squirrel Repellent for 2021

A Buying Guide For the Best Squirrel Repellent for 2021

Every squirrel repellent might appear best to you, but each one of them lacks one of the main things that you mainly require. Listed below are some of the main things you must consider before purchasing the best squirrel repellent.

While Looking For a Squirrel Repellent, You Need To Be Sure That the Repellent You Are Purchasing Is Of Indoor Or Outdoor Use.

Squirrel repellents can be used for different purposes. If you are willing to purchase a squirrel repellent, you must be sure whether you have to purchase it for indoor or outdoor use. This is because some repellents have a chemically strong and pungent smell. These types of chemical repellents are not recommended to be used indoors. Let’s see what kind of repellents must be used for indoor and outdoor purposes.

  • If you want to buy a squirrel repellent for indoor purposes, then ultrasonic repellent is the best option for you. The ultrasonic repellents work only on electricity. You need to plug the repellent into the socket and make a hassle-free use of it. Apart from being hassle-free, these repellents are quite safe and don’t cause much irritation as compared to other squirrel repellents.
  • If you are looking for a squirrel repellent for outdoor purposes, the best-recommended option is a chemical or natural repellent. A chemical and natural repellent is quite easy to use. However, you must be aware of the fact that a natural repellent is made from plant matter and chemical repellent is made from animal matter. But they work in the same way and are equally effective. They usually have a strong odor or taste to get rid of the squirrels. All you have to do is to spray the repellent in the areas affected by squirrels.

However, if you don’t wish to opt for the option of natural, ultrasonic or chemical repellents, you can also go for granules. These granules are another kind of squirrel repellent that can be used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. Whether indoor or outdoor, you simply have to sprinkle these granules in the areas that are quite affected and wait for the magic to happen. These granules are much more effective and eco-friendlier to be used.

Take Safety Precautions While Using It

No matter a squirrel is a naughty animal, it is cute and pleasing too. Thus, you would never want to hurt it, but getting purge of it is vital. So, in such a situation, you must go for the best squirrel repellent that is safe to use. Before purchasing, you must ensure that the repellent is safe for plants, your body, or your pet’s body. You must also make sure that you are not allergic to any of its ingredients and it must be free from harmful chemicals.

If you are using a chemical repellent, then avoid using it indoors as it has a pungent smell. Its pungent smell may irritate or might be allergic to your body. So, unless you are sure about its safety profile, avoid circumstances that might prove bad for you.

If you have a pet at your home, then place the repellent in some safe place so that your pet doesn’t digest it. Even though they are not harmful to the pet’s body, you must take proper care of it.

Always Choose the Repellents That Last Long And Are Weatherproof

Mostly people demand squirrel repellents for outdoor purposes. So, you must ensure that the repellent you are purchasing has a long-lasting effect and is weatherproof. A weatherproof repellent can withstand any weather condition in the best way.

Let’s see what kind of a long-lasting effect you must go for:

  • If you are purchasing a chemical repellent, you must go for the one which can last from up to 4 weeks (1 month). Purchasing such a product, will not let you spray the repellent every day and protect your plants from chemicals. This even proves the product to be highly cost-effective.
  • If you are going for an ultrasonic repellent for outdoor purposes, then buy the durable one. With a durable product, you can use it whenever you want. But you must ensure that its protective range is maximum enough to cover the entire garden.

It Must Work Instantly

Squirrels can cause instant damages. Thus, while purchasing the repellent product, you must ensure that it gives instant results. It must be effective enough to stop the damages instantly. The repellent is likely to reduce the damages only if it comprises of highly powerful ingredients. The powerful ingredients prevent the squirrels from biting or chewing things.

It Must Have Natural Ingredients

Some of the squirrel repellents use chemical ingredients. Thus, you must always go for the repellent which uses natural ingredients. The natural ingredients prevent the body from getting affected and are safe for the pets as well as kids too.

Always Check the Type Of Squirrel Repellent You Are Purchasing

There are different types of squirrel repellents available in the market. All of them work in the same manner and have approximately equal effectiveness. Still, some of them are more effective and reliable. In such a situation, you must choose the best one fitting in your budget as well as needs.

Let’s have a look at the types of squirrel repellents available in the market.

  • Homemade Repellents
  • Chemical Repellents
  • Natural Repellents
  • Ultrasonic Repellents
  • Fear Inducement Repellents

Recipe for Red Pepper Spray Squirrel Repellent

Video Transcript:

I’m Louise Hodges with green bug all-natural dot-com today we’re going to talk about making a red pepper spray squirrel repellent the ingredients I have today I’m starting with some red cayenne pepper but I’m also going to include some chili powder as well as some black pepper because what we’re trying to do is repeal squirrels and anything that’s spicy they’re not going to like so you can kind of raid your herb cabinet and come up with a lot of different concoctions to get rid of squirrels then I’ve got a mortar and pestle which I’ll grind these I’m going to then put them into a tea pot got boiling water here to actually make a tea and once it steeps I will be pouring it into a plastic spray bottle okay now what I’m going to do is just take some of these spices and put it into my mortar and pestle cut the cayenne pepper and I’m going to use chili powder oh if you’ve got any kind of strong spices anything that a squirrel’s not going to like and just some regular black pepper and then I’m going to grind them together with the mortar and pestle you want to make them as fine as possible and the reason being is you can’t just put these directly into a spray bottle or else they’ll clog up the nozzle so what I’m going to do now that I’ve got these in my tea pot I’m going to pour the boiling water in and actually create a tea the boiling water helps extract the essential oils which was spicy and as you can see it immediately starts to color the water I’m going to let this steep for about five minutes to overnight them you can let it steep as long as you want and then transfer it into my plastic bottle now that my tea is steeped what I’m going to do is pour it through a tea strainer to capture as many of the particles as I possibly can which is actually very easy and you can see now I have this dark liquid that doesn’t have fexif the peppers in it and I’m going to pour it into any plastic container and once I have this this is a perfectly safe organic repellent of using the red pepper for squirrels that you can spray on plants that you can spray at the base of your bird feeders and it’ll keep the squirrels away because as soon as they taste that those spices they will not come near it so there you have it a red pepper spray squirrel repellent that you can make yourself I’m Louise Hodges with green bug all natural calm thank you for watching you.

FAQs on Best Squirrel Repellent for 2021

Squirrel Deterrents, What Really Works?

Video Transcript:

Hi, I’m Tony an animal trackers cloud life today I want to check out some products and say they can stop squirrels from attacking whatever it is you put them on a reason being is we’re getting some squirrels that are coming up with carbs and chewing the wiring systems when they do that you’re looking at probably $1,500 in damage and they may go and break down the line to your neighbors and your neighbors it’s probably just one squirrel one female that’s getting ready to have babies as she’s looking for that extra protein kick these wires are so critter Ritter this is a granule powder shaken around essentially it’s got capsaicin and some other junk in there we’ve got Liquid Fence that sounds like it should work and this has corn mint oil cinnamon oil castor oil things that nature good old mothballs gonna do ammonia so drags cayenne pepper and lastly coyote urine general camp sitting out here but we’ll go get that and I’m gonna take these peanuts gonna put them in piles out in the yard where we have lots of squirrels I’m gonna run a ring of each product around there put 20 peanuts in a pile we’ll see what happens all right I got all the peanuts laid out we’ve got 20 in each pile and I’ve got seven piles so we’ve got six product and one control with nothing on it they’re marked here and there hula-hooping circles are all the same distance apart pretty much somewhere closer to a tree than others but I do see the squirrel zipping across this yard every which way so I’m not that concerned this isn’t that scientific of a project it’s just kind of let’s see what happens okay first up cayenne pepper run it all the way around next up we have mothballs sure make genuine moths they smell just like like your grandma’s house all right next up we have the oddly named Liquid Fence but it’s actually a powder says it gets rid of squirrels and everything else or at least repels them smells disgusting alright for this one we have a critter Raider I have a heart you always see their traps at the Home Depot and this one was about 10 bucks I think ok this guy gets a coyote urine you know or any other kind of urine you can come across lastly tell you something out here is burning my eyes that’s before I put the ammonia out so one of those gross products over there ammonia-soaked rags right how many times have you heard this just stick ammonia-soaked rags under the stoop in there skunks will be gone I beg to differ okay I got everything set up now I just need to invite my buddies the squirrels get their butts down here and see which one is the best at deterring furry friends see it a bit all right this squirrel is going for the ring that does not have anything on it he likes that oh there’s another one yep it’s right behind the tree all right into the critter Ritter critter Ritter is doing nothing to stop him no problem it is he’s laughing at the critter Ritter voiding the ammonia-soaked rags all right you’re gonna be 48 as well no all right we’re about three hours in to experiment let’s have a look and see if we can get an early gauge and what’s working and what’s not working okay this is the one that has nothing every one of them is gone all 20 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 9 11 gone war left this was Liquid Fence took quite a bit left in the liquid a critter Ritter I would say maybe one surprisingly the urine most of them are still in the urine ring and the ammonia-soaked rags so the two that I didn’t think would work so far being the most effective using urine and ammonia-soaked rags but the days not over so we’ll check back the cayenne pepper no problem all right well after six hours come and have a look at everything the urine still has a bond she looks like sixteen we got every single peanut is still in the ammonia so Bragg Circle this one here with the liquid liquid fence it’s got about nine in there mothballs have they’ve have nine also we’ve got nothing in the cayenne pepper nothing in the critter Ritter so at least in the short term the ammonia-soaked rags somehow stop them maybe they didn’t want to jump over the rag and the in the urine also sort of worked but I’ll bet you by tomorrow morning it’ll all be gone if it’s not by these animals it’ll be something else so I still think the only real way to get rid of them is to trap them and that’s something that a professional can do and that’s something we can do here at animal trackers wildlife so that’s it don’t forget to hit like share subscribe and all that good stuff appreciate it thanks.

How To Use a Squirrel Repellent?

In the market, there is an availability of many types of squirrel repellents. But, mostly two of them are highly preferred. They are:

  • Natural Squirrel Repellents
  • Ultrasonic Squirrel Repellents

To get rid of squirrels, you can make use of both the squirrel repellents. Natural Squirrel Repellent, as well as Ultrasonic Squirrel Repellent, are considered to be the best but in their ways. Let’s see how-

  • A Natural Squirrel Repellent irritates the nasal passage of the squirrels from the strong odor that it contains. The squirrels cannot stand this smell and drive themselves away from it.
  • In the case of an Ultrasonic Squirrel Repellent, they emit ultrasounds that are noises (generally high pitched). The noises are only audible to the squirrels or rodents. It irritated their ears and body and forces them to leave the place.

Do the Repellents Kill the Squirrels?

No, the repellents are not meant to kill the squirrels. They only let you get rid of them. Whether you are using a natural, chemical, or ultrasonic repellent, it doesn’t contain any harmful ingredient liable to affect their body harshly. So, it is safe to use.

Can I Use Vinegar Instead Of Squirrel Repellent?

Obviously Yes! If you don’t have any natural squirrel repellent available at your place, you can make use of the home ingredients. Cider Vinegar is one of them. A Cider Vinegar contains a strong scent of cider, which is highly disliked by the squirrels.

So, all you have to do is to just dip a tidy cloth into a strong solution of cider vinegar. Then place the cloth at any corner of your home from where the squirrels enter your house. This will let you get rid of them in a short time. But you need to repeat this procedure for some time, otherwise, you will again face the same issues.

Do I Have To Use the Repellent Weekly Or Monthly?

If you are thinking of using a squirrel repellent, then don’t use it daily or weekly. In most frequent or emergency conditions, these repellents are used once every two weeks. Otherwise, they can be used once a month. It must be understood that if you use them quite frequently, they are likely to affect the health of squirrels. But, during the conditions, you can use them frequently, i.e., twice a month.

What Kind Of Scent In the Squirrel Repellent Will Help In Repelling Squirrels?

Squirrels are known to have an odd attitude towards the strong scent smells. Thee strong smell irritates their body and forces them to leave the place. Thus, in a garden or any place, squirrels are not found around live peppermint plants. This is because of its strong scent.

Now, you might know that the repellent containing the scent of peppermint oil is considered to be quite effective.

However, if you do not will to use a repellent, you can place some cotton balls dipped in peppermint oils in your garden. This method is so amazing that you will find a squirrel free garden for some time.

Which Is the Best And Effective Way To Repel Squirrels From the Garden?

If you want to repel squirrels without causing them any harm, the best option for you to use is a Natural Squirrel Repellent. Under natural squirrel repellent, you can either opt for the option of spray formulation or liquid formulation.

If you do not wish to purchase a squirrel repellent, you can make use of garlic pepper, pepper flakes, or cayenne pepper. Squirrels avoid eating or chewing the food that contains cayenne. Thus, you can sprinkle them all over your garden and make it rodent-free.

How to get rid of Squirrels in your Attic?

Video Transcript:

Okay guys so if you’re looking at this video you have trouble with squirrels I personally have just waged a war against the squirrels in the crawlspace of my house I can’t say an addict because it’s not an attic it’s just a little bitty crawlspace about six inches tall with no outside access that I was aware of okay so it’s been an ordeal if you have squirrels in your attic there are several different things you can do to get rid of them I’m gonna go through a list of different things that you can do to just go ahead and knock them out the very first thing that I like to do and this works for the short term not necessarily for the long term is I’ll get something like this this is called repels all there’s other stuff called like critter reader and and basically all this really is is granules and they also come in spray and it has predatory animal urine mixed into it so basically the pee of animals that you want to scare away – well the pee of the animals that eat the animals you’re trying to scare away so something that would normally hunt a squirrel or rat or whatever you know that you’re in sin here I’ll link in the description to all the different things in this video just so you have a direct link if you need to all right so the very first thing you do if you can get into your attic is you go up there you sprinkle this stuff around and that should run out whatever is inside your attic and you keep them from coming back for a little while squirrels specifically are very active during the daytime so in the mornings they will leave your attic and they go out for the day they come back at night – supposedly sleep except for with me they’re always making noise here all running around all in my attic I’m sayin attic that’s a crawlspace we’re just gonna knock that down right now we’re gonna call it the Attic even though it’s not alright for those of you that watch me remodel my house you know that I did this recently and I had a squirrel that moved in right after the remodel there’s no way for me to get to it so option one first thing you do since things that smell now not just this stuff that you can buy this predatory urn but anything that’s going to jack up their sinuses so cayenne pepper mix it in with some type of oil or something so that it doesn’t just blow away and dry out it works really good anything that’s super stinky to their feet they can’t stand it glue traps glue traps er they’re not going to work really great for squirrels they make some bigger ones to do but little ones for mice will just really annoying them piss them off it is it a wonderful thing to hear them up there freaking the hell out moving on okay so option a smells stuff is gonna run them off by the sins now once you get them out of your house you need to find out where they’re coming in to your house so we’re gonna walk around and look for small little holes or chewed wood throughout your house on the outside fascia okay that’s what we’re gonna do next alright guys so the first thing you’re gonna do is you’re gonna walk around your house and you’re just gonna watch and look for chewed up areas now I have already circled my house and haven’t found a single spot where they can get in from the fascia for supper this time they had gotten in before and when we over here I’ll show you exactly where if you look up here in this corner that was originally a hole where the squirrels like to come in and I just covered it up with some laminate flooring about five years ago honestly it’s been a good minute now I’m gonna redo my entire house the outside at some point so I’m not even gonna bother cleaning that up for now but that is not where my current problem lies and go up here to follow this around you can see up here where there’s no gas for a squirrel to get in anywhere else in my house from the outside now since I know they’re not coming in from up there they have to be coming in come down from up under the house now this isn’t an easy way to get in but occasionally there are runs underneath the house that actually open up and for you know plumbing or electric you can come off that time there can be plumbing or electric is and you know they just have to have a place to run so that gives them access to the walls which gives them access to your rafters can get them into your attic and now you’re stuck so for my house I found the spot where they were getting in it was actually underneath the bathtub the hole cut for the drain should have been this big it was that big and because there was a little bit larger gap scroll could come right up beside the drainpipe and had full access full run of my entire house if grants straight up into a fir down which ran straight up into the rafters which gave him all the room and stuff they needed but there’s no place for me to access it I can’t get to it so the fourth template back what an actual live capture traffic alright guys so the next option is going to be to use an actual live capture trap and that’s what this is it’s a gravity-fed trap that I bought off of Amazon I will link directly to this particular trap in the description of the video below and right now we’re going to go ahead and show you how to set it so if you have access to your attic putting it inside the attic would be ideal but if you don’t have access to your attic like I don’t I only have a little bit six inches of space and no access to a foot so every I have to set my trap outside so to set the trap what you’re going to do is you’re going to lift this here door and then over here this is going to catch you see there’s this piece right here the door just slides in like so and it is a gravity-fed tool so we’re gonna it like so and then lock it over here just like so now once it’s locked this pressure plate get down there where they can see the pressure plate will unlock it extremely easy all you have to do punch it boom done and if you look over here you’ll see that it it automatically just shut so the theory is and the way it works is the squirrel will just back up so the way it works is the squirrel will actually come in from the back here and once it just steps on the plate here before it even gets to the debate inside the back falls down and boom it locks itself with this lock right here so I can’t talk the self back over that window once it’s in there it does not come I like catch myself we’ll go ahead and let the bacon peanuts are really great peanut butter is even better so I’m gonna take the peanut butter just like so should it pass the plate not on it that’s the plate not on it so I’m gonna go ahead and put it where it’s gonna go that gives them the strength in back to me okay guys once your trap is set you’re gonna probably need to leave it for a few days so that the squirrels in the area can actually acclimate to it it has to get that scent human off of it just check it once a day in the afternoon and normally what I do when I come home from work I go ahead and check okay so let’s break it down now we have several different ways that we can get rid of our squirrels in our attic the first obviously is going to be your since your granules your liquids your peppers your help even essential oils if they’re strong enough peppermint oil for whatever reason likes to run off spiders just random facts okay so you’ve got sense that we’ll run them out once they’re out you surround your house you find out where they’re getting in and during the daytime when the squirrels are actually out being active you close the holes if you close the holes they can’t get back in your problem is solved okay if for whatever reason you trapped them inside then you’re gonna have to use the live traps that I showed you just a minute ago they work out really good I’ll show you actually call the little rascal that was in my attic thank goodness it was driving me insane but now I have regained my sanity and I just want to help you guys out so what do we have we have really rough smells that’ll do it you close up all the portals from outside that’ll keep them from coming back and if neither of those work you have your live traps you’re gonna set those out let it sit for a few days – I climb eight and then check it every evening and as soon as you get it in there you can either a kill the damn thing which I was going to I was really really going to I was at war with this damn squirrel but it had a cute face so I drove it 15 minutes away dumped it off at a park with lots of squirrel ass and just let it go now it can be breeding it’s a little happy ass out in the trees like it’s supposed to be I have to say I do not have any issue with squirrels that stay the hell out of house I have a tremendous issue with those terrible little monsters that do get into my headache and make all the noise that freaks me out okay so outside squirrels hey there cute lovely look at them that’s it you just grow from spongebob I don’t care inside my house it’s the devil kill it so guys thanks for watching if you haven’t already please click the subscribe right down there.

Can a Squirrel Repellent Be Used Only In Gardens?

No, you can use a squirrel repellent at all the necessary places which can be affected by squirrels. These places can be a garden, furniture, wire, or any other place you think might become an eating-point for the squirrels.

Are Squirrels Habitual To the Smell Of Mint?

Mint is known to have a quite strong scent. Thus, they don’t like the smell. You can use mint as the best and cost-effective squirrel repellent at your home. Whether a squirrel is in your garden or building, it will help you in getting free of them.

If I Purchase an Ultrasonic Pest Repellent, For How Long Will It Last?

If you purchase an ultrasonic pest repellent, then be relaxed. This repellent will not leave your side for the next 3 to 5 years.

How to keep squirrels out of your garden?

Video Transcript:

You know what isn’t fun when you’ve got pests in your garden and you just don’t know how to get rid of them so you’ve done all this work and you planted all these gorgeous flowers yeah and you know the little squirrels come around and they eat it all or dig it all out yes the squirrels garden centers employ them we send them out to eat all your plants so that we actually buy a lot more bulbs right it’s working so but ask let’s look how cute a squirrel is let’s take a picture you know look at this picture you know it’s adorable that isn’t telling yes until it starts to eat things and then it starts to eat things you’re like oh my goodness so first off they love tulips tulips – squirrels like a Hershey’s kiss they’re gonna love it many bulbs that are out there they actually don’t like them whatsoever so first thing you want to do is if you have problems with squirrels don’t plant tulips you know you’re better off to plant daffodils narcissus I they are indeed the reason why squirrels don’t enjoy any of these wonderful different colors of blooming daffodils that are out there is that they are poisonous to squirrels oh they are it’s not just that they’re sort of oniony no that’s that’s you know that’s the Allium so that’s a good point so you look at alliums over here – and aliens are related to the onion family and aliens as well – deer squirrels rabbits those as well will be ones that are a little bit more proof in terms of they don’t like the flavor so these guys here they don’t like it because they’re toxic they’re gonna die those guys over there just don’t taste so good okay next thing that you have to do is whenever it comes to anything you got to say what doesn’t like to see what it doesn’t like to smell taste touch here you’ll hear right one thing it may not want to see of course is an owl right these are scary right because they eat squirrels so squirrel walks out our chipmunk walks out they’re like new I’m not gonna do that also they look scary they do look at that head come on they’re big eyes I’ll be like gosh I’m terrified yeah look at it and they’re kind of they’re kind of cheesy too right like instead of hanging up this one here is a movable head so that’s like a more bullshit that’s even scarier yes we leave one of these in your garden do you think it kind of works it can help it can help uh you know it’s something I don’t like to smell is sometimes you can top dress this is that you have two different options with top dressing after you plant any news out there a blood meal and this one here is a pelletized chicken or for some reason poo yeah they say but no honestly I’ve tested I always joke with this but I’ve tested this on country squirrels yeah it’s worked and on City squirrels it works cuz I think they’re both different you know the city squirrels have more attitude the country school a little more scary yeah true but it truthfully is uh-uh and you know sometimes if with squirrels if you can’t beat them yeah you feed them oh you join them right shake em feeder and then they’ll stay away from your lovely plan this is the most innovative feeder I’ve ever found okay let’s do you want to see the most innovative fear yeah right there okay oh he has a seat on there just hang a nice recliner chill it a little yeah I’m on that but really with the squirrels if you keep them occupied they’re gonna stay away they’re all you know squirrels are like men yeah we think with their stomachs so anywhere where there’s food we’re going to go right and then hopefully they’ll just want to stay there because the squirrels in our yard they actually ruin the the bird feeders because they get into the bird feeders and they eat the bird food and it’s light because it’s for a bird so they get in there and they break them right and then you know but some squirrels will dig right through and eat through even squirrel-proof birdfeeder z’ i’ve seen that as well unbelievable Ebola exactly yeah this is another thing that you can do is this is just chicken wire than the chicken wire what you would do is just lay this down over your garden yeah and this the bulbs will grow up through it no make it a little bit difficult for the squirrels but just like you know this is actually the wrong mesh size so a squirrel can fit through that mess size quite easy it’s got to be time you have a great story about squirrels oh my gosh well they terrorized actually it’s squirrels not so much the squirrels girls I find in the city are actually really bold it’s interesting that you said that about attitude because there are a few parks you’ll go to in our neighborhood and the squirrels sit there and they look for strollers and when they find a stroller they go in there and they take the baby snacks so they take like you know that she’s the little fishy crackers yeah they call they pull the ziplock bag with the fishy crackers they run up into the tree and they’re like this what are you gonna do about it yeah exactly and the babies like this but my mother’s like did that just happen but you know what’s so good about that do you know what’s great about done what it’s not going to eat my bulbs eliza feeding your progress so there is a doctor you know those crackers they’re poll they’re super bold and it’s all about food sources yeah so there is no food source around they’re gonna go and try to find anything for food so are there be a ball or be at stroller or many different things are out there so really the key is is to make sure that you’re planting things that they don’t like making a little bit difficult for them and giving them some different distractions are there and at the end if you can’t beat them feed them and yes squirrels by the way in toronto there right now buying the iPhone 6 there they’re telling me that it’s quite good they are yeah they are they’re they distract I don’t know what will yeah so we’re actually going to talk about not just the squirrels we’re going to talk about raccoons we’re going to talk about chipmunks you’re going to give us some tips that we’re gonna put on city line CA but we also have some horror stories okay so we’re going to talk to all of our panel today about issues we’ve had I’ve had raccoon issues we had a raccoon condo beside us for quite some time it was not a fun thing so we’ll talk about that online city line CA for those stories.

Can I Use the Repellent After Heavy Rain?

After a heavy rain, you are recommended to reapply the natural repellent. No matter the product’s manufacturer claims not to reapply it again, but you must use it. It is because heavy rain is capable of removing the effect of repellent.

If Any Fruit Or Vegetable Is Treated With This Spray, Can I Still Eat It?

There might be fruits or vegetables in your garden treated by this spray. But, if you are willing to eat any of them, you should drop the idea. The repellent contains different types of ingredients that your body might be allergic too. Further, it contains some harmful chemicals too which might affect your body.

To Avoid the Fruits or Vegetables From Getting Affected, How Should I Use the Repellent?

If you don’t want your fruits or vegetables to get affected with the repellent, place the repellent underneath the plant. Other than this, you can mount a barrier on all the sides of the plant and use the repellent there. Both of the ideas are quite effective and will not restrict your wish or eating fresh fruits or vegetables.


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