Best Cr123A Battery Buying Guide for 2020

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Are you frustrated with the regular habit of your batteries to die soon? Don’t they last long? Isn’t their performance worth their cost?

Nowadays, many people are facing various issues while they purchase or have purchased the batteries. This is because of the incomplete knowledge about the batteries that they possess. This leads to a sense of frustration in their mind and a loss of their precious money.

So, if you find yourself in the same situation, you don’t have to worry. We have prepared a perfect guide for purchasing the best Cr123a battery for your expensive device. This guide will enrich your mind with the perfect amount of knowledge you need to possess so that no marketer one can ever fool you in the future. Following the guide, you will come across some FAQs concerning your doubts about the best Cr123a battery.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Read our post now to get the best experience concerning the available Cr123a batteries in the market.

Buying Guide for the Best Cr123a Battery in 2020

The guide will help you in purchasing the perfect product best suiting your needs or desires. Have a deep look at it!

Rechargeable or Non-Rechargeable Battery

While purchasing Cr123a batteries, you will come across its two types. They are:

  • Rechargeable
  • Non-Rechargeable

Deciding the best battery between rechargeable and non-rechargeable can be quite puzzling. However, if you have some knowledge about them you can choose the best one.

Generally, users go for non-rechargeable batteries as they have a long shelf life. They are quite easy to be carried at the time of traveling and as a backup option, you can easily rely on them. Moreover, they have a low discharge rate. This feature enables them to show them a long-lasting activity in the original devices they are made for.

On the other hand, rechargeable batteries are economical, but it usually depends upon the brand. If you are purchasing a branded rechargeable battery, you can use it 800 times with the help of the charging facility provided in it. However, if you are confused if the usage of 800 times is about 2 to 3 batteries or just a single battery, then let me clear your doubt. You can use a ‘single rechargeable battery’ for several times. But rechargeable batteries can be a huge mess for you. It requires continuous charging and loses its reliability over-usage.

So, before purchasing the battery, you must be sure about your device’s and your need.


Batteries are known to harm the environment with its radiation and its ability not to be disposed of easily. So, to protect the environment, try going for eco-friendly batteries. Eco-friendly batteries benefit the environment as well as you, more than you can think. Let’s see how –

  • You can find eco-friendly properties in rechargeable batteries of high quality as they have the capability of lasting longer than non-rechargeable models.
  • If you are purchasing non-rechargeable batteries, then you must only go for a recyclable model. This is because if their batteries get drained and you dump them in the ground, it is likely to release harmful chemicals in the earth.

So, before purchasing the right model, you must go through its recyclability or eco-friendliness.

Period of the Battery’s Longevity

The battery life is highly important for you to consider while purchasing a Cr123a battery. In this, there are a few points which you have to look through before making any decision. Let’s see those considerable things –

  • On the package of the battery, you might come across the printed words, ‘Best Before’. So, just like you purchase a newly manufactured eatable item for yourself, you are supposed to the same in this case. You must pay complete attention to ‘best before’ and go for the batteries which are recently manufactured. Apart from it, you must not consider purchasing batteries whose manufacturing date is going to exceed five years soon. You must remember that if the battery has spent more days on the shelf rather than being used, its battery is likely to lose its power when in use.
  • Secondly, there is a milliamp rating. The milliamp rating shows the capacity of the battery to hold the power. Always remember, ‘more power is the best’. If you can get yourself the battery ranging from 3000 to 3500mAh, then you must go for it. However, if you don’t get this range available in the desired battery, then not going for extremely low power.

Factory Sealed Packaging

Before purchasing the battery, one of the main things that you ignore is whether its package is factory sealed or not. If by chance you purchase a battery with a non-sealed package, then you have risked your money. A non-sealed package doesn’t guarantee whether the battery is new or used earlier. So, rather than letting your money go waste, see the factory-sealed packaging wisely.

Cost of the Battery

‘The more you pay, the better-quality product you are likely to get.’ While purchasing an enhanced quality Cr123a battery, if you are willing to go for good quality products, you have to pay more. Make sure you are aware of the various Cr123a battery brands which will let you purchase an original product. These brands tend to maintain better production standards with reliable battery production. Also, the prices of these brands are almost the same. So, if you come across any non-branded battery being sold at a lower price, be aware before purchasing it.


Many factors add unknowingly to the performance of the batteries. These factors are strength, temperature, the ‘best before’ date, and many more. However, the battery’s efficiency too usually matters and affects the overall performance. So, go through the available Cr123a batteries and choose the perfect one among them.


Quality is just a reflection of the battery’s cost. You are likely to get a bad or cheap quality battery at a quite low price, a good quality battery at an affordable price, and the best quality battery at a high price. So, it all depends upon you whether you want to purchase a cheap quality product or a good/best quality product.


No matter you are well-prepared before going somewhere, a chance may arise where you may have an urgent requirement of a battery. So, people are advised to purchase a good quality battery for their device so that they don’t stand helpless in such a situation. Such batteries are even easy to be found due to their wide availability. There are far places where people usually live in. So, to reduce their hindrance concerning batteries, the various brands producing it ensures their product’s availability to every corner of the world.

Kind of Device you are about to use this Battery in

There are various types of devices available in the market. Some are high energy devices while others are remote control. If you are using a high energy device, it will consume more battery than you might have expected. While a remote-control device will consume less battery. So, get yourself the battery which better suits your device’s compatibility zone.


Every battery has different performance capability and so provides different outcomes. Various factors affect its efficiency and its necessary for you to opt the battery with delivers maximum working potential and is cost-effective.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

Before purchasing the battery, you need to carefully go through its warranty. If you feel like returning the item in the given warranty period, you just need to have an original bill filled with the mandatory details. However, if you purchase one online, you may get extended protection too.

Purchase Using a Credit Card

Some batteries when purchased through credit cards can give you additional facilities. If you are paying through a credit card, you are likely to get an additional warranty feature. This feature will allow you to return any faulty item to the manufacturer. All you need to do is to your credit card company and let them have a complete explanation about the situation. Finally, the company will itself handle the manufacturer.

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FAQs about the Best Cr123a Battery for 2020

What do you mean by Cr123a Battery?

You might have heard people saying that they purchased a Cr123a battery and might have suggested the same. So, a Cr123a battery is a lithium battery known to provide a commendable experience to the user. These batteries have a quite low weight and are usually smaller in size. If you compare these batteries to AA batteries, then you must know that Cr123a batteries provide 3 to 5 times more power than AA batteries. This lets your device show higher and efficient performance than earlier.

For how long will my Cr123a Battery Last?

Well, two kinds of situations arise with this question. The situations are –

  • They are in storage
  • They are in use

If your Cr123a battery is in use, it is likely to get drained in a maximum of 6 years along with providing you the desired output. However, the battery’s life is also dependent upon the device they are being used in. But, if your battery is in storage, it is likely to work for approximately 10 years. The reason behind this fact is that the lithium-based batteries have a quite low capability of the self-discharged feature. Even if you store the battery for 10 years, it is likely to lose only 10% of its power.

Of how many Volts is a Cr123a Battery?

Since Cr123a batteries deliver more power than other batteries, they are known to have 3Volt capacity. This capacity is almost double the capacity of AA alkaline batteries. So, now you might have been aware of the reasons why Cr123a batteries are preferred over alkaline batteries for high-end devices.

Use the best Cr123a battery in flashlights, digital cameras, or remotes to get an amazing and long-lasting experience.

Is Cr123 and Cr123a Battery the same?

Yes, Cr123 and Cr123a batteries are eventually the same. You would be surprised to know that Cr123a battery is just an alternative name of Cr123 battery. So, when you demand a compact yet highly powerful battery for your device, then these batteries come in every individual’s mind. They are likely to survive temperature conditions and provide the best experience ever.

So, if the retailer offers you Cr123a or Cr123 or Sf123 batteries, then you need not worry. These batteries are the same, yet differ in names, availability, and prices. But the name Cr123a will always be at the top while purchasing the best batteries.

How are Rechargeable Batteries different from Non-Rechargeable Batteries?

Apart from the simple fact that rechargeable batteries can be used several times and non-rechargeable batteries only once, there is a deep theory related to it. In non-rechargeable batteries, the chemical reaction is unlikely to get reversed due to which it can be used only once. But, in rechargeable batteries, the chemical reaction is the opposite. The reaction is likely to get reversed due to which it can be used several times.

However, the non-rechargeable batteries are more preferred than rechargeable batteries due to their better-performing capacity.

What is the Weight of Cr123a Batteries?

You would be surprised to know that Cr123a batteries weigh approximately 17g. Since they have a low weight and their size is quite compact, it can be easily used in various gadgets like binoculars, digital cameras, remote controls, etc. Further, in the market, you are likely to get Cr123a batteries with a weight lower than 17g with the same features to handle extreme temperatures and many more.


If you are using high-end gadgets regularly, then Cr123a batteries will be the perfect option for you. These batteries are trending in the world as they are offering the best features in comparison to the price charged. After all, your expensive device desires a perfect battery to handle its performance without any hindrance. There is a bundle of brands that are selling these batteries. Since there is high competition, you are likely to get the battery from one brand at a price lower than its competitor.

So, what are you waiting for? Now, as you have gone through the entire post, you might have known that purchasing the perfect one isn’t rocket science. Even, no retailer or online seller is now likely to trap you to grab your money falsely. Hence, let your knowledge come into use and purchase the perfect battery for yourself.

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