Best Cr123A Battery Buying Guide for 2020

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Are you frustrated with the regular habit of your batteries to die soon? Don’t they last long? Isn’t their performance worth their cost?

Nowadays, many people are facing various issues while they purchase or have purchased the batteries. This is because of the incomplete knowledge about the batteries that they possess. This leads to a sense of frustration in their mind and a loss of their precious money.

So, if you find yourself in the same situation, you don’t have to worry. We have prepared a perfect guide for purchasing the best Cr123a battery for your expensive device. This guide will enrich your mind with the perfect amount of knowledge you need to possess so that no marketer one can ever fool you in the future. Following the guide, you will come across some FAQs concerning your doubts about the best Cr123a battery.

Hence, what are you waiting for? Read our post now to get the best experience concerning the available Cr123a batteries in the market.

Buying Guide for the Best Cr123a Battery in 2020

The guide will help you in purchasing the perfect product best suiting your needs or desires. Have a deep look at it!

Rechargeable or Non-Rechargeable Battery

While purchasing Cr123a batteries, you will come across its two types. They are:

  • Rechargeable
  • Non-Rechargeable

Deciding the best battery between rechargeable and non-rechargeable can be quite puzzling. However, if you have some knowledge about them you can choose the best one.

Generally, users go for non-rechargeable batteries as they have a long shelf life. They are quite easy to be carried at the time of traveling and as a backup option, you can easily rely on them. Moreover, they have a low discharge rate. This feature enables them to show them a long-lasting activity in the original devices they are made for.

On the other hand, rechargeable batteries are economical, but it usually depends upon the brand. If you are purchasing a branded rechargeable battery, you can use it 800 times with the help of the charging facility provided in it. However, if you are confused if the usage of 800 times is about 2 to 3 batteries or just a single battery, then let me clear your doubt. You can use a ‘single rechargeable battery’ for several times. But rechargeable batteries can be a huge mess for you. It requires continuous charging and loses its reliability over-usage.

So, before purchasing the battery, you must be sure about your device’s and your need.


Batteries are known to harm the environment with its radiation and its ability not to be disposed of easily. So, to protect the environment, try going for eco-friendly batteries. Eco-friendly batteries benefit the environment as well as you, more than you can think. Let’s see how –

  • You can find eco-friendly properties in rechargeable batteries of high quality as they have the capability of lasting longer than non-rechargeable models.
  • If you are purchasing non-rechargeable batteries, then you must only go for a recyclable model. This is because if their batteries get drained and you dump them in the ground, it is likely to release harmful chemicals in the earth.

So, before purchasing the right model, you must go through its recyclability or eco-friendliness.

Period of the Battery’s Longevity

The battery life is highly important for you to consider while purchasing a Cr123a battery. In this, there are a few points which you have to look through before making any decision. Let’s see those considerable things –

  • On the package of the battery, you might come across the printed words, ‘Best Before’. So, just like you purchase a newly manufactured eatable item for yourself, you are supposed to the same in this case. You must pay complete attention to ‘best before’ and go for the batteries which are recently manufactured. Apart from it, you must not consider purchasing batteries whose manufacturing date is going to exceed five years soon. You must remember that if the battery has spent more days on the shelf rather than being used, its battery is likely to lose its power when in use.
  • Secondly, there is a milliamp rating. The milliamp rating shows the capacity of the battery to hold the power. Always remember, ‘more power is the best’. If you can get yourself the battery ranging from 3000 to 3500mAh, then you must go for it. However, if you don’t get this range available in the desired battery, then not going for extremely low power.

Factory Sealed Packaging

Before purchasing the battery, one of the main things that you ignore is whether its package is factory sealed or not. If by chance you purchase a battery with a non-sealed package, then you have risked your money. A non-sealed package doesn’t guarantee whether the battery is new or used earlier. So, rather than letting your money go waste, see the factory-sealed packaging wisely.

Cost of the Battery

‘The more you pay, the better-quality product you are likely to get.’ While purchasing an enhanced quality Cr123a battery, if you are willing to go for good quality products, you have to pay more. Make sure you are aware of the various Cr123a battery brands which will let you purchase an original product. These brands tend to maintain better production standards with reliable battery production. Also, the prices of these brands are almost the same. So, if you come across any non-branded battery being sold at a lower price, be aware before purchasing it.


Many factors add unknowingly to the performance of the batteries. These factors are strength, temperature, the ‘best before’ date, and many more. However, the battery’s efficiency too usually matters and affects the overall performance. So, go through the available Cr123a batteries and choose the perfect one among them.


Quality is just a reflection of the battery’s cost. You are likely to get a bad or cheap quality battery at a quite low price, a good quality battery at an affordable price, and the best quality battery at a high price. So, it all depends upon you whether you want to purchase a cheap quality product or a good/best quality product.


No matter you are well-prepared before going somewhere, a chance may arise where you may have an urgent requirement of a battery. So, people are advised to purchase a good quality battery for their device so that they don’t stand helpless in such a situation. Such batteries are even easy to be found due to their wide availability. There are far places where people usually live in. So, to reduce their hindrance concerning batteries, the various brands producing it ensures their product’s availability to every corner of the world.

Kind of Device you are about to use this Battery in

There are various types of devices available in the market. Some are high energy devices while others are remote control. If you are using a high energy device, it will consume more battery than you might have expected. While a remote-control device will consume less battery. So, get yourself the battery which better suits your device’s compatibility zone.


Every battery has different performance capability and so provides different outcomes. Various factors affect its efficiency and its necessary for you to opt the battery with delivers maximum working potential and is cost-effective.

Manufacturer’s Warranties

Before purchasing the battery, you need to carefully go through its warranty. If you feel like returning the item in the given warranty period, you just need to have an original bill filled with the mandatory details. However, if you purchase one online, you may get extended protection too.

Purchase Using a Credit Card

Some batteries when purchased through credit cards can give you additional facilities. If you are paying through a credit card, you are likely to get an additional warranty feature. This feature will allow you to return any faulty item to the manufacturer. All you need to do is to your credit card company and let them have a complete explanation about the situation. Finally, the company will itself handle the manufacturer.

CR123 Lithium Battery Information:

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s up guys I want to make a video talking a little bit about cr123 batteries I want to give you some examples of pros and cons and I want to tell you my experience with them in past videos dealing with flashlights i’ve always mentioned I try to stay clear of them and there’s a reason why I had an incident with one before and it was of my own mistake but it kind of turned me off to them entirely but uh this is my kind of second chance with them there’s so many great flashlights on the market and a lot of the really high-end flashlights and some of the nicest flashlights out there not all but a great deal of them use these cr123 batteries the reason why is because you’re so packed with power in such a small package on the left here we have a surefire cr123 battery next we have a triple-a battery then we have a double-a battery then we have three flashlights and the flashlights correspond with the batteries the first one here is a four sevens cork mini and the next one here is the Ameritech triple-a and copper the last one is the mara tech double-a in brushed stainless and these are the batteries that these different.

Flashlights take and they all have their advantages and their disadvantages the biggest advantage with the cr123 is like I said are there’s so much energy in such a small package and they’re just great lights on the market to use them I don’t really want to limit myself anymore I still prefer to be honest I still prefer double-a lights for an EDC light however looking more into weapons lights and some some lights for say my BOB bag or for storage for emergency I am leaning more towards cr123 s now let me talk a little bit about pros and cons and well you know what let me first tell you my experience with them I was turned off by them a couple years ago I got a surefire 6p and I loved it and it took cr123 s and then I also got a Pelican light I don’t remember exactly what what model it was but any of these cr123 lights to take moe.

Will sells you know to three or more batteries in one flashlight there are some things that you have to be very aware of number one is that you can’t mix a brand-new battery with a used battery what happens is you take two batteries let’s say this one’s been used in in one of these lights and it’s kind of half filled or it’s almost empty if I take this almost empty battery or use battery and I mix it with a brand new battery when I put these in the.

Flashlights it creates my circuit what happens is the energy transfers from the the full battery full battery to the empty battery and it’s such a rapid transfer that it overheats or has a possibility of overheating a lot of times it will actually vent with flame meaning that it’ll overheat so much that it actually uses out it will pop explode you can have fire it’s a fire hazard obviously more importantly it’s a chemical hazard because the gas that it emits is extremely toxic so Friday why am I thinking wow I’m not going to use those those are dangerous well you know it’s all about proper handling and in my case what I did was I had two different brands now I use two brand new batteries but you do not want to mix brands because some brands might have more juice in it than others and I had a cheap knockoff Internet.

I got like you know fifty of them for for thirty-five dollars at the time and they’re much cheaper and I’m assuming that like regular cheap or alkaline batteries they’re just less juice in it so what happened was the same deal I put two in the actually my Pelican light took three of them took three put all three in there and it started.

Transferring the energy when I turned it on.

Very soon after I was using it I heard a pop noise the the lens actually cracked and there was smoke it looked like a puff of smoke went out the front lens and followed by a big flame and I immediately dropped my my flashlight on the ground I’m like holy crap what just happened and then in picking it up and looking at it and cleaning it there was an extremely foul smell later I checked out cpf which is candle power forms which is if you’re into flashlights and you don’t know what that is you really need to go over there candle power forms calm they’re just flashlight gurus everything flashlights.

Everything you can imagine is over there those guys just deal with flashlights but anyway I went over there start reading some threads on it and some information and I heard about these other people who had the same experience and it just completely turned me off to the idea that my flashlight could explode if I don’t use it properly and more more importantly than the fire like I said was the the gas that it emits but you know it turned me off to the the whole cr123 thing for a long time and the second real downside with them is that they’re expensive if you buy them online you can get them as cheap as about a dollar piece but good luck trying to get them locally.

I mean walmart sells them they sell them in the photograph area you know the photography section with the cameras and all that kind of stuff and they’re like $15 for packet too so if you’re gonna be buying these your best bet really is to buy online and buy in bulk so they’re expensive and they’re possibly dangerous but you know the more I think about it I thought about it for last year or so as well is that you know the military and most law enforcement use these batteries exclusively so there’s thousands of people using them every day as long as you handle which is pretty much like anything in life if you mishandle something there’s always a possibility for danger so although there are expensive and they are a possibility of being a hazard I still want to get back into kind of using them because I’m like I said I’m really limiting myself with just going with double-a or triple-a flashlights now these two bear attack lights have been awesome for me for EDC and I will continue to use them but I just want to give you some examples there I mean this one like it says the quark mini from 4-7 s this takes one cr123 battery see how small it is now even though it’s fatter then say the double-a merits AK light here it is shorter and smaller and this has a maximum output of 210 lumens alright it’s extremely extremely bright and it’s a smaller package than even these merit AK lights so I mean like I said with these alkaline even even if I use rechargeables in these lights there it maximizes the performance but it just can’t reach that level of performance here’s the mare attack on high still pretty darn bright let’s put that down for a second I’ll leave my hand.

Here compare these directly what I’m going through all the different modes hold on one two three right here’s high so first on my hand here Ameritech you can see what it’s doing with my hand when it’s on the table.

This is just a rough estimate to give you I mean obviously it’s brighter in person is on camera but just look at my hand and about how much light you’re getting all right let’s swap these there’s really there’s no comparison it’s definitely more light than the Ameritech and of course the Triple A is just a little bit less as well but um you know it just it opens up more possibilities for different flashlights you know I love surefire lights I always have the they’re very expensive for what you get but you know what you’re getting quality it’s a proven brand like I said pretty much all the military uses surefire lights maybe not the entire military but I would definitely say the majority as well as law enforcement they’re proven and you know there’s only one flashlight that takes double ace and by the way I do own that flashlight now and I am going to be showing you that a review in the future which I am very excited about because I still love the idea of using double ace but there’s only one model currently that uses double ace pretty much every single model if it’s not rechargeable it uses the cr123 s so I don’t want to live myself there’s there’s just there’s hundreds of flashlights out there that use this specific cell and i’m.

Interested in a lot of them so I’m going to give this another go I want to make this video to inform you guys if you have not already known this a couple know knows if you’re using the cr123 s first off do not mix brands okay stick with one brand you can use a bunch of different brands but if you have multiple cells in one flashlight only use one brand number to only use filled cells okay do not mix a brand new battery with a user battery it’s a definite no-no and number three if you drop these or damaged them in.

‘We throw them out because now there are liability all right if you if you drop it on the ground or something and it gets a little bit of a dent in or something you don’t want to mess with it it’s garbage okay so let’s just stick with those three rules you should be fine and it’s very rare that did that situation I had would happen again now that I know the information that I need to know all right guys just to add to that I want to read sure fires.

Disclaimer card here that comes with surefire lights this is an e1 be backup awesome awesome.

Flashlight very compact uses a single cr123 battery and with this flashlight came this card and again this is just a surefire.

Official statement on batteries the first part here in the front is just some safety stuff as far as the.

Flashlights itself is concerned if you’re interested in that pause the video and read it this is what I want to talk about the inside where it talks about batteries now the right side here is basically saying that you have to use reputable batteries if you use cheap batteries some they’re more known to to short-circuit and have issues and cause fires and other kind of stuff but the left side here is just basically the gist of the whole message which I want to read to you now it says lithium batteries can explode catch fire and or cause burns if disassembled punctured cut crushed short-circuited incinerated recharged or exposed to water fire or high temperatures do not place loose batteries in a pocket purse or other receptacle containing metal objects mix with used or battery or other battery types or store with hazardous or combustible materials if batteries catch fire do not attempt to put the fire out with water use a class-d fire.

Extinguisher or other smothering agent keep batteries away from children do not use rechargeable batteries in your illumination tool do not put in.

Backwards Fairly failure to follow these directions could result in damage to your illumination tool that may not be covered by shirt fires warranty store lithium batteries in a cool dry.

Ventilated area follow applicable laws and regulations for transport shipping and disposal for more details on recycling lithium batteries please contact a government recycling agency your waste disposal service to reach other where the batteries were purchased or visit reputable online recycling sources now does read this part to all you lazy people who don’t want to read yourself there have been many reported incidents of counterfeit and or inferior quality lithium batteries developing internal sorts that have led to fire and/or explosion this has resulted in damage to the illumination tool and in some cases property damage or personal injury customers are specifically cautioned against purchasing batteries from online auction websites as these are known sources of counterfeit or inferior quality batteries surefire performance claims are based on the use of surefire 123 a lithium batteries.

Only surefire 123 a lithium batteries are manufactured to strict quality standards specifically for use in high performance high drain devices and contain built-in fault and heat protection for added safety the use of counterfeit or inferior quality batteries could greatly reduce one-time and output performance damage or surefire illumination tool constitute a safety hazard and may void your warranty review complete surefire battery information at WWF are calm / batteries so what does this mean for the people who can’t pay attention and listen interpret for themselves it’s just basically say I mean this is specific to surefire lights but the the information wanted to get to you guys out of this is that even surefire is publicly saying that yeah if first off if you use cheap batteries you always have a chance of having a fire or hurting yourself or damaging something and number two they just reiterated what I said earlier.

Such as not mixing different brands of batteries as well as disposing them properly and so forth but I just want to read this to you again this is from surefire paperwork that comes with it I don’t want this video to be something that scares people away from it because I was well you know when I first learned about him after use and after I had my own little incident I just I wouldn’t say I was scared of them but I thought you know what’s with the hassle why bother.

Well I have to worry if you know about my flashlight catching fire or exploding but it’s not really like that like I mentioned before there’s literally thousands and thousands of military personnel.

Using these flashlights as well as citizens every single day they never have a problem follow the very simple rules on using these types of batteries and you’re going to be fine.

We have lifting batteries and it’s everywhere most of your cell phones I mean well I guess all cellphones they all have a very small high power high energy lithium battery same with our laptops I personally have a desktop computer but mostly out there have laptops same deal occasionally a laptop explodes or catches fire because of misuse just be careful you know it’s really the the point in this video is I wanted to get the information out there so as I do these reviews if some of you people who aren’t already familiar with flashlights or flashlights information and maybe you’re new to this specific type of battery or battery cell I want to inform you so that you can you can be more safe handling them and using them don’t be afraid of them if like I said if you’re safe with them nothing’s ever going to happen it’s extremely extremely rare to have an issue if you are handling them properly but that’s it just again just wanted to inform for anyone who’s not already informed about this kind of stuff if you’re getting into flashlights the first time you definitely have to check out wwk indle power forms calm it is deleting the biggest the most known flashlights form in the world everyone goes there who is into flashlights if you have any kind of questions on anything anything at all flashlights related someone there can help you in great detail I promise you that so i’ll put a link in the.

Description box as well great crowd over there very nice guys always willing to to let in some information and help people out so anyway that’s it.

That concludes my battery video like I said i’ll have some some cool flashlight reviews including of course the e1 be back up from surefire as well as the the other light that I showed you earlier in the video actually did this in two parts so it is the four sevens quark mini it’s just I couldn’t think of off the top of my head but anyway that’s it guys hope you enjoyed this video and anyone who’s into flashlights can look forward to more videos in the near future thanks for watching hope you enjoy the rest of your day take care.

Rechargeable Batteries The Dirty Little Secret:

Video Transcript:

So welcome back friends to another exciting video on the homestead so as you guys know I our families made Mayday has made a decision to radically.

Simplify our life cut down all of the fat cut off kind of all of the excess all of the things that have become overclocked overcomplicated in life and where I started was in my closet I started with my clothing and it’s really encouraging to hear that there’s so many of you guys that are doing the same thing I went through and I got serious about it and I got rid of probably 70% of all the clothing that I owned and I paired it down to the stuff that I wanted I gave it away gave it to friends gave it to the church gave it to whoever needed it I didn’t care and that has made a tremendous a tremendous impact on my life yes my shops are disorganized my tools are disorganized my vehicles are disorganized you know so many things going on.

Couple that with all the unfinished projects it’s hard to be it’s hard to get a piece and relax around the home and I know a lot of you guys can relate so I started in the bedroom and the thing that’s really nice is that when I go in there in the evening at least there’s one aspect of my life that is completely squared away I know that everything is folded and put away you guys have seen all the video so I’m extending that and beings now or now that I’m recovering from my foot injury and I have you know I can’t do all the things I want to do is kind of forced me to look inward and I’m going system by system and get anything sorted out so today we’re going to talk about.

Batteries and this is going to be a continuing series of videos we’re gonna we’re gonna chunk off little things in our life that are chaotic and and out of control and we don’t really have a handle on them and bringing us confusion and and we’re gonna find a way to eliminate that one of the guys in the comments said that that it you got to be careful that you can become a slave to your home and i’ve thought about that a lot this week they had a lot of impact on me that all of these projects and all of this stuff you end up spending your whole weekends instead of going and doing things with your family and going and doing things fun and canoeing and fishing and hunting all these projects and it just it wears you down wears you down so we’re all about simplifying before we get started here my granddad was really good at this he lived through the depression they were Okies if you’ve read the Steinbeck book The Grapes of Wrath they experienced that it had a profound impact on that generation and it definitely had a profound impact on him.

So far as he didn’t waste anything and he wasn’t he wasn’t really and he didn’t go into excessive things he had a pair of gloves he knew where they were they were good quality he took care of them he put them in their place it was simple for him he was never frustrated running around looking for his gloves.

He had one baseball cap that was hanging on the hook he had routines he had he had procedures and he had peace in his house you know and I always thought he was a little overly simple and like you know I always thought you know more should be better all that but now I started to see you know what he did I think that was by design I think he wanted to have be free from the.

Attachments and the confusion and the chaos that so many of us have in our lives and I’m going back to that so today we’re gonna talk about batteries a little bit I’m going to show you expose a very dirty little secret that I think many of you may not know about batteries rechargeable batteries as well as the very best storage system so today this project is we are organizing and paring down and getting squared away our batteries on batteries all right.

Batteries the the prepared band needs to have if you need to have your batteries in order you need to have batteries there’s so many things that run on them from our flashlights to radios to on and on and on and for me my battery.

Situation was always a bit chaotic there were some in the freezer there were some in the junk drawer there were some in my truck there were some in an emergency kit somewhere but I never really knew what I were at what I had what I find what I’d find is my wife would say hey do you have a double-a or do you have this sometimes I didn’t have it I hadn’t reordered them because I didn’t know where I was at so what’s gonna be changing and it’s not only the batteries is that we’re gonna go system by system we’re gonna get we’re gonna get away that we can inventory stuff that we can take a quick look at it and be done and not worry about it anymore and know when we need to read.

Reorder in addition to that it’s going to be a economical safe way to store the stuff where you’re not going to worry about lead and acid leaking out and i’ll show you some tricks are going to save you a ton of money so when i’ve looked at my batteries I got all my batteries together and all my devices and I made some hard decisions like if I had any freak weird stuff that took weird batteries it’s out of here I’m pairing it down to a very select type of battery primary the number one the bread and butter is going to be the rechargeable double A’s yeah I know they’re not the most efficient but they’re ubiquitous they are readily available and I just like them all my EDC flashlights and all those things i’ve got I’m getting rid of a lot of that stuff whoops that’s the problem this oleh it’s always on in my pocket and going to the double-a.

Batteries so we’ve got double a’s also i’m not going to give up on the on the big one zip 18 650s because they’re just so good for some of the larger weapons lights and the really really bright flashlights we have a we live on a big piece of property and we’ll hear the dogs will start barking and we have something far away far away this isn’t going to get it done we need to have a serious light and serious lights running out to 2650 so i am gonna keep these in my system because they are really good I’m also gonna be keeping in my system that the this year one two threes and the only reason that I’m keeping those is because of surefire I like surefire lights and that’s the only one that I depend on for a bedside gun all riiiii know there’s a lot of arguments people say well these are good and those are good it has not been my experience i’ve tried the cheaper lesser lights and they always just they just don’t work when you need them it’s OCR one two threes are going to be in the system for that I’m not going to use them for EDC lights I’m not going to use them for shop lights it’s just for those dedicated lights i’ll change them out annually and so we’re gonna keep those now these are the old-school here you know the DS and the C cells most well I don’t I can’t speak for you but for me I don’t hardly have any.

That runs off of these anymore and so I’m not going to keep them and that’s what’s so cool about these eneloop these deals here these are just little.

Receptacles what you do of course you’ve all seen these right if you drop it they receive a double a well of course you know they’re not as powerful as a dedicated D battery but they get you by in a pinch because it seems to me that I only need one in a pinch you know someone has a toy or maybe we have a strange clock thing that takes these things there’s some old-fashioned stuff it’s good enough for me I just rarely ever cross come across them and the same thing with the C batteries.

I think the C battery is the only thing that we have that runs off of those are maybe a clock or two I slipped a.

Rechargeable and a loop a double-a in there and I’m good so that that way with these simple inserts we can rule out we don’t have to stock and carry those old-fashioned batteries okay.

So storage storage i’ve come up to a two ways i’ve tried lots of different things and I you’re gonna love these have you seen these things what this is is that this is an animal case made for the size that you want is the 500 Smith & Wesson I believe it I will put these battery cases in my Amazon store at wrangler mark calm it’ll be linked down below where you can get them and they’re cheap there you can get them on Amazon you can get them at Midway you can get them at Brownells they’re like four or five dollars they’re made in USA and they are just awesome awesome quality if you like a lot of those battery holders and storage deals you get sometimes you get free ones with batteries they have a they don’t have a proper hinge on there and when you open and close them a few times the hinge breaks off and they’re terrible these hold 50 and you can even get these to hold a hundred batteries and they hold them securely another thing I really like is that they’re isolated so they’ve got we’ve got little dividers in there these non-rechargeable just your regular alkaline batteries you’ll always get one that wants to bleed or to bleed out acid and if the batteries are all touching it jumps from battery to battery the battery and you take batteries out of storage you know ten years they’re saying you should be able to.

For these and half of them we’re all corroded this way if you do get one that’s starting to corrode it’s going to be isolated again its own little.

Container right there and you’re not going to spoil the whole lot so you can give these in different sizes so that the perfect one is the double-a for the 500 Smith & Wesson and they’re stackable they mention that so they’ve got little cleats on the bottom so you can have them there you can stack them and just you just wait I have a storage deal coming it’s not here yet that we’re gonna put all of our our stuff like this type of thing where we can open the gate it’s gonna be secured look inside get a minimal mental inventory have everything in one place so we can just get things get a handle on things so there’s just too much junk in our life so the.

Stackable aspect is nice this one here is what I’m going to keep the triple Eight’s in these are triple a alkaline as well and this is I believe the 223 case of her ammunition right there and I mean if I’m upside down they come out of there their moorings there again just like the big one there isolated in different colors also also you don’t don’t buy these things in the same colors get different colors because I color code all my batteries so at a glance I know what they are the blue boxes are going to be double-a the translucent you know brown gray color is going to be triple-a my other way that I store batteries are these these aviation deals these were developed for for pilots to carry batteries on a plane securely in a way that they wouldn’t bounce around and make contact and cause trouble these are awesome too I really really like these and I use these for my rechargeables because I use rechargeable batteries a lot because of camera work I use it on camera gear I use the.

Rechargeables on audio equipment I am constantly dealing with batteries and rechargeable batteries and so this is this is the way that I carry them double a’s are orange 9 volts i don’t use them too much anymore the old microphones took 9 volts but I will keep that you know maybe 3 of these 9 volts for smoke detectors and things are gonna be yellow cr123 ‘s are going to be red and so on so forth so whatever batteries you need when you buy if you buy these things just make sure you get us get it.

Standardized so that when you can look at them you know whenever I see this in a pack or in my camera bag I know that’s a double a right there.

Okay now recharge mold versus alkaline it’s the same with these these are going to be these are we don’t going to cover that you’ll know this all right let’s get to the dirty little secret the very dirty little secret is this I have been doing photography for a long time videography for a long time and I have learned a thing or two about.

Rechargeable batteries and what I have found is that the best ones without a doubt the best ones I don’t care what anyone says i’ve tried them all are the eneloop the black pros problem with these things is that they are expensive very expensive you can see that I mean it’s a it’s an investment to buy a set of pros like this I justify buying the pros for me because it’s it’s it’s a tools of my trade audio equipments got to work and if I’m down a long ways away from the shop I have got to have.

Batteries that can last long enough and not I’m not going to lose audio I can shoot all data if I don’t have audio everything is lost the whole day’s loss so I have chosen to go with the pros the next step down is the whites and they’re significantly less money these are both in a loop the pros are black they have a little bit higher storage and then these little guys here the main ones are the white ones these are very good too just not quite the capacity but that brings us to the secret the secret is and I don’t I can’t verify this 100% but I am I believe this with all my heart and soul that eneloop is making the.

Amazonbasics batteries and branding them under Amazon because what I have been using them and they are identical in every way I believe.

Seems to me and it could be wrong but I do believe that this battery the eneloop and the Amazon are exactly the same thing and these are a fraction of the price let’s break down some what the difference is in as far as the value in the cost of these let’s break it down what’s the value which which one do you want to get and why okay so.

We’re gonna talk about double AC I did the math for you so you don’t have to do it okay.

I don’t have a double-a eneloop but we’re gonna pretend that that’s when we’re at Amazon right there I’m gonna pretend that is there this is our price point right here.

A pro a double-a pro and this was at as of an hour ago on Amazon this battery cost four dollars yeah that’s a lot of money for a battery four dollars when you see one two three four five six there’s 12 batteries 12 times four dollars yeah that’s a lot of money that’s a big chunk of money right there you might have to work all day to pay for that is that what you need is that what the common guy needs no I would say no the difference between this one the pro and the standard in price four dollars two dollars and seventy five cents so it’s pretty significant what’s the performance difference well.

According to the manufacturer these are 25 2500 milliamp hours for the pro and the standard white ones the antelopes are 2,000 so it’s not insignificant but is it important is it important enough to justify that huge price difference I say no unless you’re a professional unless you’re professional and you really need to get the most out of batteries then yes maybe but for the common guy no I would say we roll these out four dollars a piece those are expensive 275 and it’s still kind of expensive isn’t it but it gets better okay so then let’s take a look at the Amazon basics now we’re gonna pretend this is a double-a or stick with me when we I have been testing these together I don’t have don’t have one right here it didn’t grab the case and I cannot tell any difference can I tell the difference between these two yep I get a little bit longer time maybe an extra hour of my microphone hour and a half and that to me makes it worth it but if it weren’t for that I wouldn’t look at them they’re too expensive so both of these the specs are two thousand milliamp hours what’s the price difference two dollars and seventy five cents each how about for the Amazon basics a dollar 56 I believe it’s the exact same battery and when you get into the triple a’s with these these are just under right at a dollar apiece in the end loops for the trip lengths are two dollars and seventy five.

Since so you can essentially have of almost three to one of these which I believe in my opinion are the same battery so which one do you want to get where you want to get the Amazon basics all right there’s one caveat though and I don’t this isn’t scientific but I do have this gut feeling they come in two colors there’s a black one and a white one the price is the difference if you go on and you look at the look at them there’s black or white does it you know they turn it off the white ones seem to last longer I don’t know I don’t know why but get the white ones because I the black ones don’t seem to last as long it’s just been my experience and I use a ton a ton of these so once you get your batteries now you’re set you’ve got your triple-a and your double-a rechargeables and you can run pretty much anything you want to want to do you can run your Big D’s you can run your C’s and and and you’re good and you want and you want to charger – so don’t don’t waste money on those fancy chargers I bought those all of those chargers i’ve got it like I think i’ve got eight of these things and the sweet thing about it these are the Panasonic and so sanyo originally owned in a loop I believe or designed it and the Panasonic bought it so it’s kind of the same company these are the best charters and the cool thing about it is they have specials on all the time where you can buy the pack of battery and for just a couple dollars more they throw in the charger and what’s cool about these chargers that they do both and they charge individually some batteries sometimes those Chargers will charge like two at a time.

These have each have their own LED light and if you just want to charge one at a time you can do that the cool part is you can also charge the the triple A’s in them they’d go in there like that so you can charge and if you charge them at the same time so you can mix and match and these are great charges they’ve got the football pug plug they’re easy to travel with no cords no nonsense i’ve used them for years and years and years and i’ve never ever had one go bad they’re just wonderful little Chargers so if that is the system that’s the setup right there yeah alright let’s wrap it up so one final thought and a question that might come up so Wyatt why the alkaline and the rechargeable well life happens and sometimes you don’t you forget to charge stuff it’s just been my experience it doesn’t have very often i’m.

I have a good system but sometimes i’ll forget and I’m in an emergency and you need batteries and you need them now or someone comes and you need to to loan someone some but they need them for something you don’t want to send people with your your good rechargeable.

Batteries it’s just it’s not good sense so I keep the alkaline so well as well the best deal I found on them Amazon is really good or Costco we buy batteries at Costco as well so I do like to have those on hand now these little shelf cases they come with the stickers for bullet and caliber and all that use these and write the date and you can write the date on there when the.

Batteries were purchased and you can kind of cycle those and use them you keep track of it so I I’m not gonna let the cat out of the bag but I’m I’m very excited about this and it’s really been changing my life for the better and minimizing minimizing minimizing Jezza misses tubby misses Deb um and and I have been doing this together and we’re just getting getting rid of stuff and we’re gonna pair things down and I’m gonna know where things are at I’m not gonna have the frustration when I’m doing a project.

Good grief where’s this or do I have screws right do I have these nails it may take a year it may take five years but I’m gonna make sure it’s gonna happen I’m gonna pair it down so I can go to one place and I can look and I can see yep either I have these or I don’t I literally when I start a house project or a project like building a deck or or putting the siding on the other day was probably half of my time spent looking for stuff and frustration you know frustration with your family and and blaming your you know did your kids move something or did your wife move.

Something and and you know and you as you know you did you move is the reason why you can’t find it because you didn’t put it away you didn’t have a place for it to go was the main thing and you just throw junk around so we’re gonna change all that so start with your clothing start with your master bedroom and and get a victory there it’s like okay get everything sorted and go through your stuff and if you haven’t worn something in a year get rid of it give it to someone that can use it and just pare it down by quality instead of quantity go through your bit ball caps you know you got fifty ball caps and fourteen pair of gloves you know all that stuff just complicates you like get rid of the stuff give it to someone who needs it and pare it down to one that you like and have a place for it and when you’re done with it it gets put away it’s I think it’s something I think it’s important I think that life is so complicated now and there’s so many things going on with work and and everything that goes on and family and all of that when our surroundings are complicating things and our surroundings are unsettled and there’s no peace there it just it makes life miserable so let’s get these little victories you can follow along do your clothing get your batteries in order I got a really good one for ammunition my ammunition is all over the place I never really know what I wanted we’re going to talk about that how much should a guy have what should a guy have how to store it a lot to come so let me know how you’re doing with this if you’re following along and also if there’s some category of our life that you’d like to see we move on to next you know I can put that ahead of time so let me know in the comments but a lot of fun stuff coming up as I’m convalescing with my foot we’re gonna focus on this organization and I’m excited I got a lot of stuff I’m excited to share with you guys so thanks for watching and we’ll see you on the next video.

FAQs about the Best Cr123a Battery for 2020

What do you mean by Cr123a Battery?

You might have heard people saying that they purchased a Cr123a battery and might have suggested the same. So, a Cr123a battery is a lithium battery known to provide a commendable experience to the user. These batteries have a quite low weight and are usually smaller in size. If you compare these batteries to AA batteries, then you must know that Cr123a batteries provide 3 to 5 times more power than AA batteries. This lets your device show higher and efficient performance than earlier.

For how long will my Cr123a Battery Last?

Well, two kinds of situations arise with this question. The situations are –

  • They are in storage
  • They are in use

If your Cr123a battery is in use, it is likely to get drained in a maximum of 6 years along with providing you the desired output. However, the battery’s life is also dependent upon the device they are being used in. But, if your battery is in storage, it is likely to work for approximately 10 years. The reason behind this fact is that the lithium-based batteries have a quite low capability of the self-discharged feature. Even if you store the battery for 10 years, it is likely to lose only 10% of its power.

Of how many Volts is a Cr123a Battery?

Since Cr123a batteries deliver more power than other batteries, they are known to have 3Volt capacity. This capacity is almost double the capacity of AA alkaline batteries. So, now you might have been aware of the reasons why Cr123a batteries are preferred over alkaline batteries for high-end devices.

Use the best Cr123a battery in flashlights, digital cameras, or remotes to get an amazing and long-lasting experience.

Is Cr123 and Cr123a Battery the same?

Yes, Cr123 and Cr123a batteries are eventually the same. You would be surprised to know that Cr123a battery is just an alternative name of Cr123 battery. So, when you demand a compact yet highly powerful battery for your device, then these batteries come in every individual’s mind. They are likely to survive temperature conditions and provide the best experience ever.

So, if the retailer offers you Cr123a or Cr123 or Sf123 batteries, then you need not worry. These batteries are the same, yet differ in names, availability, and prices. But the name Cr123a will always be at the top while purchasing the best batteries.

How are Rechargeable Batteries different from Non-Rechargeable Batteries?

Apart from the simple fact that rechargeable batteries can be used several times and non-rechargeable batteries only once, there is a deep theory related to it. In non-rechargeable batteries, the chemical reaction is unlikely to get reversed due to which it can be used only once. But, in rechargeable batteries, the chemical reaction is the opposite. The reaction is likely to get reversed due to which it can be used several times.

However, the non-rechargeable batteries are more preferred than rechargeable batteries due to their better-performing capacity.

What is the Weight of Cr123a Batteries?

You would be surprised to know that Cr123a batteries weigh approximately 17g. Since they have a low weight and their size is quite compact, it can be easily used in various gadgets like binoculars, digital cameras, remote controls, etc. Further, in the market, you are likely to get Cr123a batteries with a weight lower than 17g with the same features to handle extreme temperatures and many more.


If you are using high-end gadgets regularly, then Cr123a batteries will be the perfect option for you. These batteries are trending in the world as they are offering the best features in comparison to the price charged. After all, your expensive device desires a perfect battery to handle its performance without any hindrance. There is a bundle of brands that are selling these batteries. Since there is high competition, you are likely to get the battery from one brand at a price lower than its competitor.

So, what are you waiting for? Now, as you have gone through the entire post, you might have known that purchasing the perfect one isn’t rocket science. Even, no retailer or online seller is now likely to trap you to grab your money falsely. Hence, let your knowledge come into use and purchase the perfect battery for yourself.

Edmond Clark is a 34-year-old Blogger from California, USA. He is a Certified Market Research Professional (MRP) & a full-time blogger. His aim is to help the consumer to choose the best product from the market. Contact him for any of your queries.

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