Best Makeup Bags Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want a storage place for your makeup kit?

Do you want to protect your fragile powder kit from getting broken?

Are you worried about how to carry your whole makeup box everywhere?

If you answer to all the above question is yes, then you require a makeup bag. The makeup bags give you a storage place for your expensive makeup items and also prevent them from getting a break. With a large number of compartments, you can protect your face products from other products so that your bag is protected from any damage. Below is the list of 10 best makeup bags:

Update list of 10 Best Makeup Bags for 2020

Here is the updated list of latest and top rated cosmetics bags for 2020. By clicking these Amazon affiliate links you may check latest price, details review and customers feedback of these makeup bags:

  1. Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case 

  2. Miayon Countryside Flower Floral Pencil Pen Case Cosmetic Makeup Bag

  3. Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag Cosmetic Make up Organizer

  4. Loomiloo Adorable Roomy Waterproof Makeup Bags

  5. NiceEbag Leather Makeup Bag Travel Cosmetic Bag

  6. MONSTINA Travel Makeup Bag for Women

  7. MKPCW Portable Travel Makeup Cosmetic Bags Organizer

  8. Large Makeup Bag Zipper Pouch Travel Cosmetic Organizer

  9. Professional Cosmetic Case Makeup Brush Organizer

  10. Kootek 2-Layers Travel Makeup Bag, Portable Train Cosmetic Case Organizer

Things to consider before buying the best makeup bag in 2020

Fulfills your need:

Before buying the makeup bag, you must keep in mind the requirements you have as if you want it either for daily use or just for traveling. The bag you chose must be used as a multi-functional purpose to store your cosmetics safe from getting a break. Also, it must allow you to store your makeup in your bag in an organized manner. You must choose the bag which is small in size and it must have only one compartment if you are buying for your daily purpose. Meanwhile, for traveling, you must choose the bag which is large and has several compartments to store your entire kit and you would not worry about the lack of the brushes or color of the eye shadow of your choice or anything in the makeup kit. Look for the bag that allows you to carry everything with you without any hassle so that you are free from worry about the emergency needs. Also, look for the makeup bag which is durable and you can use it for a longer period and also make sure of the size as its performance is highly dependent on it. Finding your cosmetic items in your bags makes it an ideal choice for you, thus choose a bag that has large space so that you can put up your makeup without wasting any of your time.


You need to buy the makeup with the size that your routine prefers so that it would be comfortable for you and you can carry it with ease around anywhere. The size of your bag depends on the number of your item you want to carry with you either to your workplace or to an event for a light touch up. And if you are planning to go for an evening look from the daylight makeup then you would need the eye shadow, mascara, and even eyeliner and for that, you would need a large bag. Also if you are traveling on a long trip, then you have to carry the entire makeup kit so that nothing lefts for you in an emergency and for that, you need a bag which must be having several compartments. The number of compartments will allow your cosmetic items to be saved from getting broken and you can save your time without searching them for long as you can easily locate them, so this is why size matters. Choose a bag that has dividers so that you can keep your face products separated from your other makeup items. More the pockets or compartments you have in your makeup bag, the more easily it would be for you to find your items and do makeup without any hassle.


If you are looking for a makeup bag for the travel purpose, then you should look for the bag which is having the exterior in hard texture. With the hard exterior which is also known by the name train cases, it would become easy for you to carry your cosmetic products without getting them to break while your bag is shaking while you are traveling by car or plane. Furthermore, with the hard exterior, you get to increase the durability of your product and you can use them for a longer period. Choose your product wisely as it is all about the fragile makeup items that you love to apply on your face and all you want them to be protected. The train cases are usually recommended for professional makeup artists as they need to carry several items including face products, eye shadows and even brushes in plenty amount. Usually, the makeup bag which you are planning to buy for the daily purpose does not come with the durability feature and thus the bag with the soft side can also work for the daily use.


Ensure that you buy a makeup bag that has very good material and also the design so that it makes you look a fashionista at the same time. It is highly recommended that you go for a bag that is waterproof so that your bottles your container did not ruin your bag after getting leaked (if by chance). There are numbers of material available in the market at an affordable price which is waterproof such as nylon, vinyl, polyester. Consider the makeup bag with the waterproof fabric so that the bottles in your bag if got broken and leaked then it would not damage it. Moreover, you must keep in mind that design is also important with the storing of cosmetics as well; after all, you would be carrying it to your workplace or any function.

Easy to clean:

Before purchasing the makeup bag, you should check that it is easy for you to clean it by using the liner. If by any chance, your bag gets the stubborn stain of the powder, cream or nay liquid item, then it is quite impossible to get rid of them. So, it is better that your bag which has a liner so that you can clean it using the soap and water and wipes it off using a cloth. Usually, the vinyl lining is highly appreciated as it is very easy to clean.

FAQs on the best makeup bag in 2020

What is the makeup bag?

The makeup bag is simply a storing case that allows you to store your expensive cosmetic products in it. You can use either it for daily purposes or for traveling. It has several compartments to separate your heavy bottles or containers from the fragile powder cases or brushes. It allows you to keep all your makeup products in one place so that you did not have to worry about forgetting them if you are traveling or not finding them. They are easy to carry as they have a very user-friendly handle attached to them. With many pockets present in your bag, it becomes very easy for you to organize your things according to your wish and helps you to segregate your items. Your bag is like a package where you can find all your grooming stuff which are personal so that you do not have to use other people's item. The makeup bag is spacious and thus it allows you to fit all your stuff in it and you can carry it along with you anywhere and anytime.

How to clean your makeup bag?

After enjoying the benefits of your makeup bag, it is important to clean and maintain it as well. To clean your bag, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, start emptying your makeup bag and make the list of items that you may need in the future and it is low in number.
  2. Then wash your brushes, sponges, and other applicators that you use such as the spoon you use for applying the foundation. Because of using it many times, they carry germs with themselves so before putting them back into your clean makeup bag, it is important to wash them.
  3. Now using a soapy washcloth rub it on your makeup bag and rub the alcohol on the area which has a stain. Let the rubbing alcohol be dry then wipe it out with a simple cloth. If your makeup bag is made up cloth then you need to wash it in the washing machine. And use the hot water which will kill the bacteria inside it then dry it out in some shady area.
  4. Using a washcloth, wipe out all the cosmetic products that you used to keep inside your bag.
  5. After cleaning all the things, put back your makeup products, brushes, sponges into your makeup bag.

How to organize your makeup bag?

To organize your bag you must simply keep in your mind that it is your bag and you have to do it according to your need. First of all, remove all the makeup products that you have not used it for a long time and or they are damaged. This way, you will clean your makeup bag and will make some extra space inside. And you can store the replacing items of them. Then sort it according to the number of items you have. Suppose you have brushes in large numbers then you have to keep it in the big pocket. And if you have only one palette of face powder and eyeshadow then you can keep it in the same compartment. Also, you can group them according to your needs: daily use, occasional use or frequent use. So that you can put your daily use products in the pocket which is easily accessible to you such as side pocket and rest of the other inside of the bag. It is important to keep in mind that you do not carry all the makeup kit inside your makeup bag for daily use. You will not need each color in the eyeshadow. So scratch them in a small amount and store them into a piece of paper and pack it then store it in your bag. This will give you an extra space also when you need it in an urgent situation, you can make use of them easily. Also, search for the way that you can use your cosmetic items in multiple ways. Like the lipstick can also be used as the blusher on your face. Also, instead of packing all the bases such as concealer, foundation, primer, you can simply use the concealer for your daily purpose so that you would not look like a doll of heavy makeup at tour workplace.

What to put in your makeup bag?

You can put all the essential things that you require while doing your makeup so that your makeup session would not be interrupted. Lip gloss is a very important item that you need to store it in your makeup bag as it is the most basic requirement of a woman. Eyeliner is used to highlight your eyelid and is mostly required if you are using falsies. Also, mascara gives volume to your eyelashes and they usually come in a thin cylindrical bottle so it's easy to store saving your enough space. You must put the cotton, sponges, and washcloth also in your makeup bag as they are highly required during the makeup session. Types of pins and clips such as bobby pins or bun pins can also be added into your makeup bag as they are most needed in making a hairstyle according to the event you are attending. Moreover, body spray or perfume can also be stored in your bag.

What Items Should Have In Your Makeup Bag?

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How To Organize Your Travel Makeup Bag?

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Final Verdict:

Since the makeup bag allows you to protect your cosmetics items without getting them to break, it is highly recommended for storing your fragile and expensive makeup kit. With compartments, it becomes easy for you to store your cosmetics item.

Also, they also make you feel comfortable to carry them along with you anywhere, you can save your time and do your make up routine according to your wish. We highly hope that through this review you get the makeup bag that you were looking for yourself for so long and you can buy any of the bags listed above.

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