Best Makeup Bags Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want a storage place for your makeup kit?

Do you want to protect your fragile powder kit from getting broken?

Are you worried about how to carry your whole makeup box everywhere?

If you answer to all the above question is yes, then you require a makeup bag. The makeup bags give you a storage place for your expensive makeup items and also prevent them from getting a break. With a large number of compartments, you can protect your face products from other products so that your bag is protected from any damage. Below is the list of 10 best makeup bags:

Update list of 10 Best Makeup Bags for 2020

Here is the updated list of latest and top rated cosmetics bags for 2020. By clicking these Amazon affiliate links you may check latest price, details review and customers feedback of these makeup bags:

  1. Relavel Travel Makeup Train Case Makeup Cosmetic Case 

  2. Miayon Countryside Flower Floral Pencil Pen Case Cosmetic Makeup Bag

  3. Hanging Travel Toiletry Bag Cosmetic Make up Organizer

  4. Loomiloo Adorable Roomy Waterproof Makeup Bags

  5. NiceEbag Leather Makeup Bag Travel Cosmetic Bag

  6. MONSTINA Travel Makeup Bag for Women

  7. MKPCW Portable Travel Makeup Cosmetic Bags Organizer

  8. Large Makeup Bag Zipper Pouch Travel Cosmetic Organizer

  9. Professional Cosmetic Case Makeup Brush Organizer

  10. Kootek 2-Layers Travel Makeup Bag, Portable Train Cosmetic Case Organizer

Things to consider before buying the best makeup bag in 2020

Fulfills your need:

Before buying the makeup bag, you must keep in mind the requirements you have as if you want it either for daily use or just for traveling. The bag you chose must be used as a multi-functional purpose to store your cosmetics safe from getting a break. Also, it must allow you to store your makeup in your bag in an organized manner. You must choose the bag which is small in size and it must have only one compartment if you are buying for your daily purpose. Meanwhile, for traveling, you must choose the bag which is large and has several compartments to store your entire kit and you would not worry about the lack of the brushes or color of the eye shadow of your choice or anything in the makeup kit. Look for the bag that allows you to carry everything with you without any hassle so that you are free from worry about the emergency needs. Also, look for the makeup bag which is durable and you can use it for a longer period and also make sure of the size as its performance is highly dependent on it. Finding your cosmetic items in your bags makes it an ideal choice for you, thus choose a bag that has large space so that you can put up your makeup without wasting any of your time.


You need to buy the makeup with the size that your routine prefers so that it would be comfortable for you and you can carry it with ease around anywhere. The size of your bag depends on the number of your item you want to carry with you either to your workplace or to an event for a light touch up. And if you are planning to go for an evening look from the daylight makeup then you would need the eye shadow, mascara, and even eyeliner and for that, you would need a large bag. Also if you are traveling on a long trip, then you have to carry the entire makeup kit so that nothing lefts for you in an emergency and for that, you need a bag which must be having several compartments. The number of compartments will allow your cosmetic items to be saved from getting broken and you can save your time without searching them for long as you can easily locate them, so this is why size matters. Choose a bag that has dividers so that you can keep your face products separated from your other makeup items. More the pockets or compartments you have in your makeup bag, the more easily it would be for you to find your items and do makeup without any hassle.


If you are looking for a makeup bag for the travel purpose, then you should look for the bag which is having the exterior in hard texture. With the hard exterior which is also known by the name train cases, it would become easy for you to carry your cosmetic products without getting them to break while your bag is shaking while you are traveling by car or plane. Furthermore, with the hard exterior, you get to increase the durability of your product and you can use them for a longer period. Choose your product wisely as it is all about the fragile makeup items that you love to apply on your face and all you want them to be protected. The train cases are usually recommended for professional makeup artists as they need to carry several items including face products, eye shadows and even brushes in plenty amount. Usually, the makeup bag which you are planning to buy for the daily purpose does not come with the durability feature and thus the bag with the soft side can also work for the daily use.


Ensure that you buy a makeup bag that has very good material and also the design so that it makes you look a fashionista at the same time. It is highly recommended that you go for a bag that is waterproof so that your bottles your container did not ruin your bag after getting leaked (if by chance). There are numbers of material available in the market at an affordable price which is waterproof such as nylon, vinyl, polyester. Consider the makeup bag with the waterproof fabric so that the bottles in your bag if got broken and leaked then it would not damage it. Moreover, you must keep in mind that design is also important with the storing of cosmetics as well; after all, you would be carrying it to your workplace or any function.

Easy to clean:

Before purchasing the makeup bag, you should check that it is easy for you to clean it by using the liner. If by any chance, your bag gets the stubborn stain of the powder, cream or nay liquid item, then it is quite impossible to get rid of them. So, it is better that your bag which has a liner so that you can clean it using the soap and water and wipes it off using a cloth. Usually, the vinyl lining is highly appreciated as it is very easy to clean.

FAQs on the best makeup bag in 2020

What is the makeup bag?

The makeup bag is simply a storing case that allows you to store your expensive cosmetic products in it. You can use either it for daily purposes or for traveling. It has several compartments to separate your heavy bottles or containers from the fragile powder cases or brushes. It allows you to keep all your makeup products in one place so that you did not have to worry about forgetting them if you are traveling or not finding them. They are easy to carry as they have a very user-friendly handle attached to them. With many pockets present in your bag, it becomes very easy for you to organize your things according to your wish and helps you to segregate your items. Your bag is like a package where you can find all your grooming stuff which are personal so that you do not have to use other people's item. The makeup bag is spacious and thus it allows you to fit all your stuff in it and you can carry it along with you anywhere and anytime.

How to clean your makeup bag?

After enjoying the benefits of your makeup bag, it is important to clean and maintain it as well. To clean your bag, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. First of all, start emptying your makeup bag and make the list of items that you may need in the future and it is low in number.
  2. Then wash your brushes, sponges, and other applicators that you use such as the spoon you use for applying the foundation. Because of using it many times, they carry germs with themselves so before putting them back into your clean makeup bag, it is important to wash them.
  3. Now using a soapy washcloth rub it on your makeup bag and rub the alcohol on the area which has a stain. Let the rubbing alcohol be dry then wipe it out with a simple cloth. If your makeup bag is made up cloth then you need to wash it in the washing machine. And use the hot water which will kill the bacteria inside it then dry it out in some shady area.
  4. Using a washcloth, wipe out all the cosmetic products that you used to keep inside your bag.
  5. After cleaning all the things, put back your makeup products, brushes, sponges into your makeup bag.

How to organize your makeup bag?

To organize your bag you must simply keep in your mind that it is your bag and you have to do it according to your need. First of all, remove all the makeup products that you have not used it for a long time and or they are damaged. This way, you will clean your makeup bag and will make some extra space inside. And you can store the replacing items of them. Then sort it according to the number of items you have. Suppose you have brushes in large numbers then you have to keep it in the big pocket. And if you have only one palette of face powder and eyeshadow then you can keep it in the same compartment. Also, you can group them according to your needs: daily use, occasional use or frequent use. So that you can put your daily use products in the pocket which is easily accessible to you such as side pocket and rest of the other inside of the bag. It is important to keep in mind that you do not carry all the makeup kit inside your makeup bag for daily use. You will not need each color in the eyeshadow. So scratch them in a small amount and store them into a piece of paper and pack it then store it in your bag. This will give you an extra space also when you need it in an urgent situation, you can make use of them easily. Also, search for the way that you can use your cosmetic items in multiple ways. Like the lipstick can also be used as the blusher on your face. Also, instead of packing all the bases such as concealer, foundation, primer, you can simply use the concealer for your daily purpose so that you would not look like a doll of heavy makeup at tour workplace.

What to put in your makeup bag?

You can put all the essential things that you require while doing your makeup so that your makeup session would not be interrupted. Lip gloss is a very important item that you need to store it in your makeup bag as it is the most basic requirement of a woman. Eyeliner is used to highlight your eyelid and is mostly required if you are using falsies. Also, mascara gives volume to your eyelashes and they usually come in a thin cylindrical bottle so it's easy to store saving your enough space. You must put the cotton, sponges, and washcloth also in your makeup bag as they are highly required during the makeup session. Types of pins and clips such as bobby pins or bun pins can also be added into your makeup bag as they are most needed in making a hairstyle according to the event you are attending. Moreover, body spray or perfume can also be stored in your bag.

What Items Should Have In Your Makeup Bag?

Video Transcript:

Hello guys, it’s Rosana, Welcome to my channel I am so excited today I’m hanging out with the two pups this is the new addition to the family she’s still a puppy blueberry muffin and a quick update for everyone asking the two dogs are getting along really really well they are playing together they’re cuddling every night I couldn’t be happier blueberry muffin loves cookie and cookie loves her oh I was a little worried about it but I shouldn’t have been cookies really friendly she loves all dogs she initiates play she’s like couldn’t chase me come chase me and I’m like what happened so that’s the puppy update oh sorry hair in my eyes so let’s get into this video for today’s video I got so many requests from you guys to do a what’s in my makeup bag video and to make more makeup and beauty routine videos in general and I am so excited because I have never done this this is the first time on my channel I’ve done a what’s in my makeup bag or anything related to beauty I’ve always loved makeup I wear it every time I’m making baking videos and I’ve heard with a professional makeup artist for years so I have really strong likes and dislikes my everyday makeup style I call it natural glam I like to use a lot of natural tones and colors but I still like a little glam I love the liner I love a big eyelash you know like a little bit of highlighter I love makeup in the last few years I have been playing with it more and more so let me know in the comments below if you would like to see a my makeup routine video because I would love to make one if you like these kind of videos give this video a thumbs up don’t forget to subscribe and ring the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video because not only am i doing baking videos but I’m trying new things I’m doing a whole bunch of stuff over here and my little dog family is growing and my real family is growing we got a lot going on and I want to keep you in the loop alright now let’s start this video cookie do you know what didn’t my makeup on so first things first let’s start with the bag I have two of them this was my first makeup bag as by Stephanie Johnson I got department store I think I was at Neiman Marcus and it was about $40 I’ve used it so much and I really really like it I like the shape of these makeup bags I’m a big fan of the trapezoid bag it’s where it’s bigger at the bottom wider at the bottom or narrow at the top I put my bigger items at the bottom and then like little brushes and light things appear at the top so I’ve been using this forever oh I stuff stuff in here in general I really like all of the little makeup and travel bags that this company makes but just recently my boyfriend surprised me with a fancy makeup bag this is my very first Louis Vuitton anything his bag is the palace Beauty case it comes in two colors you can either get it with a black liner or a red liner at first I was so scared to use it I was like it’s so nice I can’t get any makeup I can’t get it dirty at that mindset lasted about a week because you know I’m busy I’m traveling I got a go go go it’s also really easy to clean and it’s black inside so who cares I got one life to live and I love that it has a zipper and my last bag had a zipper as well all right let’s open it up see what’s inside my makeup bag the dogs are like is there any treats in there for me I just had the word please let me get it I was supposed to keep this organized but I really just threw it all in here first thing in my makeup bag is moisturizer this is my M release and I use this on my face and my neck and my hands every day I use it in the morning before I put on makeup and I use it at night after I take off makeup I would bathe in this mmm love okay next thing we got in here this is the foundation that I use for my everyday look and it’s currently on my face right now it’s makeup forever Ultra HD HD stands for high definition once a shade lighter one’s a shade darker for when I’m a little lighter or when I’m a little and sometimes I’m in-between so I mix them to get the perfect color the lighter color that I use is the why to 3/5 and the darker color that I use is the y3 15 every skin type is different but these work for me I’m someone who wears foundation for really long periods of time because I’m usually filming all day or I’m out all day going to meetings and meetings and meetings I’ve never had a breakout with these these really have reacted well with my skin for a long-term wear and I love them then we’ve got some concealers right on top I use two different kinds of concealer depending on the day this one’s a little darker this one’s a little lighter this is by the same brand makeup forever and it is number Y 31 and the second concealer is by Too Faced Born This Way multi-use sculpting concealer next in here I have two Beauty blenders that I keep in my makeup bag what is much dirtier than the other one growing up I used to use those really cheap and affordable triangle foamies and you know those were okay but I have since fallen in love with these and don’t they kind of look like pink teardrops like right here I look like that little emoji like they’re crying laughing face like oh it’s so funny these are also not a toy goodie okay next is setting spray this is a little travel sized one that I use when I’m on the go at home I have a bigger one but this one is the mac’s fix+ setting spray I also use an urban decay one that I really like but look at this it even has a little safety thing for when you’re traveling you just move it over and it’s ready to go like this right here’s a demo perfect nice fresh set for days well is that for a day today okay go over here this feels like a game like what’s in the bag I never know what I’m gonna get okay we’ve got primer this is my favorite primer I use it on my face every day for my everyday look it’s cela it’s one step and it just corrects all of the color I have really slight paper pigmentation I am Irish and Italian and I take after more of my Irish fair skinned genetics and I get red and I have light freckles so I really love this little corrector I put the primer on right before my foundation Oh next is the good stuff it is my favorite and my one and only powder that I use on my face this is the Laura Mercier translucent powder and this is what I bake my face with I could literally go on forever about this but it doesn’t dry out my skin it never leaves any lines it makes my skin look seamless like flawless this is magic in a bottle move the next thing in here I’m laughing because I’m embarrassed I should have bought another one of these before I made this video this is the Becca sunlit bronzer in color Capri coasts so talk about hitting pan we’ve gone past that we only have a sliver of makeup left so there it is everybody I definitely use this one all the time and I need to get a new one but I am that person who’s like oh it’s fine I’ll just keep using it until it’s all gone so the new blush I’m using is by Tarte it is a color blissful and it’s what I have on my cheeks right now I really like this blush because it’s long lasting it’s 12 hour blush it is the Amazonian clay blush and I love it it’s a really cute color Oh highlighter I love highlighter and I have highlighters and a bunch of different brands but my favorite might go to the one that I bring with me everyday and the one that I have on my face is by Oprah boo oh my gosh is so messy that’s okay we can be real here it gets everywhere and I love it I love these three colors we’ve got Rodeo Drive pillow talk and blissful I’m gonna do a swatch of these highlighters cuz they’re my favorite and they’re beautiful you guys I’m having the feels because this is my first swatch we did it oh my gosh look how pretty how shiny these are the lip products that I haven’t made makeup bag for my everyday look first oh some lip gloss I love it I have it on my lip right now now this color is mudslide which I use almost every day that I’m baking I really like this gloss it’s a plumping gloss and it’s kind of minty and it’s like super moisturizing and glossy and I love it so I have the buxom lip gloss and a few different colors I have mudslide and peach daiquiri I’m wearing peach daiquiri on my lips right now and sometimes I like to pair it with a lip liner sometimes I do sometimes I don’t but when I do I really like the NYX retractable lip liner this is in color nude and I love this for when I’m traveling and stuff it just so I don’t break off the end of it it’s so cute and it looks really good with the mudslide buxom color and what I want to do more of a matte lip color I do the Tarte lip paint color exposed last but not least what I want to wear and I’m feeling more of a lip balm I like to do the tinted lip balms this one is by sugar in the color coral and it’s even SBS 15c it’s really red but you just need a little bit a little bit goes a long way when you rub it into your lip it gets a lot lighter and it just gives your lips a little bit of color oh my gosh I almost forgot there’s one more lip product in here this is just a moisturizer it’s super bomb it’s Lana lips and it is amazing whenever I have just really dry lips right here I only have two brow products in my bag and anasazi eyebrow pencil and a brow gel by benefit I alternate between soft brown and medium brown and then for the benefit oh my gosh Amaya – Amaya 3 I literally have no idea but it’s what’s on my face right now a little put in mind dear benefit you’re freaking amazing I love I love let’s talk about I starting with mascara and liner I have two mascaras in my makeup bag one is my favorite one from the drugstore you can pick this up anywhere it’s by L’Oreal it’s the voluminous original and I get it in blackest black whew okay I have the regular one of this and the waterproof and then the other mascara I like to use is by Too Faced and the name I don’t want to get demonetised so the name of it is better than dot dot dot better than you guys choose googling cuz I don’t want to get demonetised for just trying to tell you what my favorite eyelash products are but the mascara it’s the brush it’s just so like big and messy and it just gets a lot of mascara on there it gives a lot of volume and I love it so these are my two favorite mascaras right now and for eyeliner what I use like on my eye right now and my eyeliner that you’ve seen a bunch of my videos is the Kat Von D tattoo liner it’s black and I really love it the pen is like this felt fine tip pen so those are my eyes last but not least at the bottom we have two palettes that are in here now I own many palettes the one that I used every color to pan was my friend Candy’s candy I love your palette and I used every color up and I can’t get any more so I would show it today but it’s empty so when I went to go replace it I bought a ton of different palettes but these are the ones that are in my makeup bag right now and the ones I most frequently use one is my Too Faced and it’s the chocolate bar how fitting for a foodie look at this it looks like a little chocolate bar and it smells like one too I love it because the makeup smells good they have a cute little mirror in there and I love all of their little colors excuse this it’s a little broken and that’s because I travel a lot I love this palette for my everyday look because a lot of the colors are very neutral it very much embodied natural glam to me I used the white chocolate on my eyelid to brighten and in the creases of my and then underneath my eyebrow to highlight I used the champagne truffle it’s so pretty I love this color the other colors that I was really drunk before a natural glam look was by Tarte this is the clay play volume 2 look at these beautiful natural colors inside I love this palette because there’s a lot of light pinks and also I love the Browns and the tans I wear this one on my eyelid last but not least we’ve got makeup removal wipes I use this one and the Neutrogena one but this is just the one that’s in my bag right now the brand is simple and I really like these because they’re for sensitive skin and they have the ability to remove waterproof mascara so these are one of my faves alright that does it for what’s in my makeup bag I hope you guys enjoyed the video let me know in the comment below if you would like to see any other makeup related videos on my channel because I would love to make them I had so much fun today also don’t forget to give this video a thumbs up click subscribe it’s free and ring the bell to receive notifications every time I post a new video I hope you guys liked it I had so much fun and if you would like to watch any other videos you can click up here or up here.

How To Organize Your Travel Makeup Bag?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone and welcome back to my channel I hope you doing well I hope you’re having a lovely day so I don’t know where this video is gonna go live I might be away so I’m going on a cruise from Saturday the 14th of July for 2 weeks and I’m so excited I’m going away with Bradley’s family and I literally like can’t defend myself I’m so excited anyway I thought all right I’ve never done like a troubles all about trouble series maybe that’s we’re going to call it so I kind of want to do like a pact with me show you guys what I packed my suitcase and and all of that kind of stuff but in today’s video I’m going to show you how I pack my makeup bag when I do travel and what makeup products I take and all of that kind of stuff so that is sort of the aim for today’s video I’m not gonna lie I’m not going to take credit the case that I got and I watched desi Perkins video and you haven’t seen it I think go and see it because I’m sure it’s better than this video but her video is amazing and she made me get this case but the bigger one it was out of stock so I have got the smaller one which is really sad in a way good because it makes me have like more space in my suitcase but I’ve enlisted after if you want to see what I do what makeup breaks I use where I put them and my brushes and relax on the staff then please keep watching so sorry about the makeup move around the edges and I’m gonna put this in here basically so this is the case that does your back Perkins has but she has a bigger version of it which I wish I got but they didn’t have in stock but anyway we’re gonna try and fit everything into this which is also good for maintaining space in your suitcase because you’re not gonna overfill things and it’s all compact in this and nothing great so the first as you can see in this compartment it has got a really really sturdy case this around it plastic is so hard and sturdy it’s so so hard to bend there’s also these compartments inside which do hope you have to still be tough that they do lift up so depending on what sort of products you have and you want them to be really really tight and impact like this if you’ve got like glutes or something you don’t want it to go anywhere that is really good for that you can just change it up so I’ve sort of done it to how I want my makeup to go this all section I might change running a bit but you can always change it so that’s the really really good thing in this compartment if you open it it’s hard to see and so this bit you’ve got literally just things for your brushes or lip liners I have so many brushes so I’m going to show you what I do with my brushes in another sort of compartment thing and then you put a zip here which opens which is also really really good for palates and things like that could also put pallets over the top of your makeup and then close it and then it zip it up also don’t mind my nails they’re not looking the best I’m gonna start off with like setting sprays and the biggest products here so I’ve got a couple of things that I like to use to sort of prep and prime my face with that the first thing is from Urban Decay this is the quick fix spray this literally smells of coconut and it’s really good for the primer basically but on holiday I love to use it because it’s so refreshing and it’s nice to keep in your beach bag so I’m gonna put this here it’s also really dirty but don’t mind that and I’ve done that all compact and tight and next spray an x-ray lab which is literally nearly run out and if you can see this is the iconic London prep set and glow spray this is in the shade below it’s unreal it’s literally ideal for when you go away you can spray it on your face your body to set your makeup and all of that kind of stuff so I’m gonna pop that one here the next setting spray I have is this one from Urban Decay I have got the mini version but it is perfect for traveling I need to have this one but I emptied this one into this because you can just screw on Liz I did lose the lid to this so I don’t really got the lid but I will and so what I’m gonna do is just pop this one here it works perfectly because it all fits nicely I’m now gonna move on it’s just subtle foundations and my face now I do change color when I go away so I do like to take some iconic London drops of me just to add in my foundation but I’ll go to that in a minute so the free foundations I am gonna bring what liquid would liquid liquid ones there we go ah complete you for these is maybelline fit me and this is the sleek back pre foundation and this is the NYX stay matte but not flat foundation so these are sort of my current favorites at the moment that all really really similar but they’re also pretty different in colors so I’m gonna pop those sort of compact ish in there but I’ll add things as well I mentioned in one of my videos about these bare mineral now whenever I go away these are unreal powders I really really recommend for your skin I’ll hardly use these a lot but I don’t know I’m gonna bring them just in case but these will literally change your life especially when you go away they’re so lightweight so beautiful and yeah I put two different kinds of these so I’ve got a medium beige and then also medium tan so I’m gonna pop these here yes the next thing I want to move on to is powders now the two I’ve been loving at the moment is from L’Oreal and this is the too much and then this is the benefit hello flawless I really really like these oh and I also like the rimless all right we’ll stay matte but as you can see I’ve mainly at the pan so I need to get a new one of these but I’ll pop this in here like just as I do it so I’m gonna move this here I’ll just leave this if now I can go there so I’m gonna pop all the powders in here and then I also like to take this which is the Chanel sort of tan this is amazing for when you go away it’s literally like face shot me shot Photoshop in a tub perfect so I’m gonna put this here as well so a bit big is bending but it’s alright we’ll work with there the next thing I’m gonna bring us some blushes this is the CRT one is so beautiful it looks like a flower stunning so I’m gonna pop that in here and then I’ve also got this one I can’t remember it’s from I got it from glossy box but I’m also gonna pop that one over the top and then it for highlighter this is sort of my all-time favorite this is the Anastasia I’m breezy and ready sort of highlighter so I’m gonna put that here at the moment I only have one concealer in my whole makeup which is this one it’s laurio to Matt so I’m also gonna put this here actually I might put on there okay that weighs better so concealer can go there then I’m also gonna take my favorite London iconic drops this is in the shade original and this is in the shade glow like I said I like to mix these ones because they’re dark art with my foundation if I do get more of a tan because it makes the foundation darker and more glowy for summer and it’s perfect you know you can even put them up like so I’ve just realised I found these foundation and it’s like all but it’s a dark one and I really want to use this well so I’m gonna try and figure out how to do this without my signature when it closed with them I think it will sort of pop those that hurt or so for brows i use the anastasia dipbrow in the shade Chuck Brown I’m just gonna put that here with the blushes because they’re sort of the same size right I’m gonna turn these aa round so you guys can see this section here if you’ll say open so in this section I’m gonna put the sort of the lipsticks that I want to use and the liners I want to use alright so I’ve got some ascaris eyeliners and lip liners and lipsticks and stuff in here I’m gonna put in here so what I’m going to do is put the liners in the first one I’m gonna face them up like this actually so I can see the color of it so the liners are all done there I’m then gonna move on just to fill these are leave the last one for soften liners and stuff so I’m gonna put as many it sticks I can face them upside down I always forget so you can just see the colors better then in the last one I’m gonna use I’m going to use I’m gonna put the L’Oreal and what’s it called liner in there as well as the brow gel there as well as the real London liquid line now and also this perversion mascara from Urban Decay where do we get one so now that it’s done it’s now time to fill under here with my palettes now I’m not gonna lie I’m gonna have to like limit down this is all that I’ve got and I need to limit down what I should really say so I’m gonna take the next contour kit it’s my absolute favorite and I can’t live without it so that is going in there for sure I’m also going to take the Naked 3 palette I feel like this is a really really good palette for like holidays and stuff so then they’re so not gonna close and then I’ve also got this big iconic London one but I’m gonna have to take it a line because it’s just too big and then I’m also gonna take these sort of chrome wine it from autozone and it’s got a lot of really really pretty shimmers in it like greens and stuff I don’t know if you can see it stunning like so pretty so I’m also gonna bring this one in here – and I also can’t forget this iconic London highlights pounder it’s my favorite I’m just going to put that on there I don’t know if it’ll fit in here look I’m not this money easy part yeah let’s just put you there and then I’m gonna try and close it oh my god guys we’re having a problem look it’s not closing they all have to say bye to the pallets and take them inside I did it oh my god it’s all compact in there it is a bit like probably here but I filled it to the max now because I got the smaller one of these I have had to take away my palette but I’ll just have to take these somewhere else or try and fit these in the brushes so now let’s move on to the brushes right so this is a case that I got from me bear I think it had like random eyelashes and stuff in so it has got some compartments here which is really really good and as you can see there’s like some brushes and stuff in there but I never used the kit so I’m sorry so I’m gonna put all my brushes inside here now I need to take this this is from iconic London it is there one from the news of range and it’s let the body glow glitter how insane is that so that needs to come in there now I’m gonna take some scissors these are really really good to take when you’re sort of cut in your lashes or you have any sort of problems like that going on so I’m gonna put those there make sure you’re just gonna pop all of my brushes I use I’m not gonna go through do what each of them are because we’ll be here for days honestly so I’m just gonna pop them in have a little fast mo action [Music] many so I’ve gotten here my tweezers and then I also have a razor this is just an eyebrow raised in case I have any excess hair around my face I have done a video on that these are like proper eyelash tweezers so they’re gonna go in there and then here we’ve got some I’m getting individual lashes done so these are perfect for that and then I don’t really like these for but I’m wringing them just in case you know you might need an extra some lip brushes so what I’m gonna do is pop some let some her be good I’m gonna put them in there for that and then I’m also gonna put this hair and then I’m also just gonna fill it up with the palette so I don’t really know how this is gonna go yeah that’s not gonna close now ruin it okay I wasn’t that close like that yeah I’ve got my brushes in here some palettes this one is quite a big palette it’s also got a really really good mirror which is really sturdy so I’m definitely definitely taking this away and yeah I love this palette so I’ll just have to take this separately so when you open it you’ve got everything all deaf yeah you Bash’s waiting for you roses hair clip everything then you can close this and you are literally good to go so I’ve got the majority of my makeup in here and then the brushes and stuff in here I can show you it guys again one more time so when you open it that is what the makeup looks like and then when you open this [Applause] this is what that is what the brushes that like so then you can just take them out and then you are literally good to go so everyone this is the end of the video I hope it’s been quite informal for you guys I hope so informal informative that’s the word this isn’t a formal video or an important informal video but I meant very informative you guys what am I saying and if you do get the case which is only 15 pounds it’s just so cheap and so good do let me know in the comments down below let me know how you get on with their I just think it’s such a good idea and thanks to Daddy I’ve literally got just the best makeup storage ever and I’m gonna wait till the bigger one is in stock so I’ll leave link in the description box down below to where I’ve got it from and or try list as many makeup products I use as well but it takes a long time and I’m just so busy around with filming and stuff I promise you from sure I try if not just look back the video I was going to show the products I use and you’ll be good to go so yeah so yeah thank you guys so so much for watching this video it means so much to me and happy traveling your makeup bag thing yeah have fun I’ll see you guys it makes me go.

Final Verdict:

Since the makeup bag allows you to protect your cosmetics items without getting them to break, it is highly recommended for storing your fragile and expensive makeup kit. With compartments, it becomes easy for you to store your cosmetics item.

Also, they also make you feel comfortable to carry them along with you anywhere, you can save your time and do your make up routine according to your wish. We highly hope that through this review you get the makeup bag that you were looking for yourself for so long and you can buy any of the bags listed above.

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