Best Earbuds for Small Ears Buying Guide in 2023

Have your small ears been a disastrous problem every time?

Do you also feel irritated in re-setting your earbuds again and again while watching a video?

Are you looking for the best earbuds for small ears?

If so, you are in the right place.

It can be really frustrating to deal with bad fitting earbuds. This is a very commonly faced problem with people with small ears. You are enjoying your best tune, and it comes out. While having your earbuds keep coming out and you miss something important. Moreover, it will not leave an excellent impression of yours on the other person. But you don’t have to worry anymore. We have prepared something interesting for you. After all, customer satisfaction is our main aim.

Here, in this article, we are going to share a well-researched guide. This guide comprises of all the necessary things which should be considered while you are deciding the best earbuds for small ears. Further, we will share some crucial FAQs which might arise in your mind as a customer. So, it is necessary to clear every doubt.

So let’s move ahead to have a look at it.

Buying Guide for Best Earbuds for Small Ears in 2023

So here, we start with the buying guide. It has been researched duly and, when studied entirely, can help you in choosing the best stuff for yourself. It gives you a complete idea of what things you should look for. After all, you are not just a browser but a smart buyer. Thus, you must always consider a buying guide before your purchase. It indeed simplifies your work, saves your energy lost in researching, and helps you to invest your money smartly. Hence, go through the top ten considerations in the best earbuds for small ears.

Earbuds with appropriate penetration

The earbuds must be able to penetrate deep enough and fix themselves right so that they do not keep coming out again. They must have a firm grip in the ears. But at the same time, they must not be harsh for ears. Indeed, they should be comfortable enough so that you can wear them for a longer time. Also, earbuds with an extra ear tip would be a better option to go for. However, you should try avoiding silicon ear tip because it is quite uncomfortable. Also, it allows external noises to disturb you. Further, make sure that the ear tips are soft and even capable of sealing the ears so that they just do not keep jumping out while you are engaged in your activities.

The quality of the earbuds

This is obvious that if you invest your most precious resources – time, money, and your energy in selecting the best earbuds, you want them to last longer. Thus, the quality of your earplugs matters a lot. They should be firm and not too gentle to be broken with one pull. Their metal base and removable cables extend their life. Hence, try purchasing the one’s that have some warranty card with them.

Weight of the earbuds

Not many people consider this factor before purchasing earbuds, but the weight of the earbuds do matter. One surely might feel uncomfortable for bulky earbuds, especially when you have small ears, and too light ones would lead to a compromise with the quality. So buy the right weight earbuds for you but not too heavy ones. However, you must know that the ones which are made with plastic and silicon are of lightweight as compared to those made with a metallic base.

The sound quality of the earbuds

The performance and sound quality of the earbuds should be of top priority. So, before purchasing, the purchaser should check the frequency response of the earbuds. The frequency generally differs in brass music or classical music. Further, the sound sensitivity is measured in the sound pressure level (SPL). In fact, the audio range sensitivity should be of a medium range.

Water-resistant and sweat-resistant

If you use your earplugs while jogging or exercising, you are prone to release sweat. Thus, you are required to have sweatproof earbuds; otherwise, they will not last long. Similarly, you might wish your earbuds to fall from your ears or slip from your hand and get destroyed. Hence, this is the reason why earbuds should be water-resistant and sweat-resistant.

Noise cancellations and Isolation

Noise cancellation is an isolation feature in earbuds that does not allow any external noises to penetrate your ears. You can enjoy and focus on your music by canceling the outside sounds. This, in turn, will not hinder your enjoyment, and you can focus easily on your choice of music.

Impedance and drivers

Impedance is the measure of opposite current provided when the voltage is applied. To receive the best results of the sound quality, the impedance has to be matched up. The higher amount of impedance it will have, the lesser will be the flow of the current. If the impedance of the source is matched with the impedance of the cause, only then the impedance of the earbuds will be matched, resulting in better sound quality.

While the drivers convert the electrical signals received by the device to sound signals. They are the ones that produce sound within your device. They alter and enhance the boot bass, miles, and trebles for bringing you the best sound quality. The more prominent it will be the driver, the better it is going to be the sound quality provided by the earbuds.


Using Bluetooth technology, your device can be easily connected with your own earbuds. Thus, the Bluetooth technology is much more comfortable as you do not need to pick up your phones with hands or set them up again and again. This will be much beneficial when you are jogging or exercising. You can continue with your actions and simultaneously talk on the phone. It is stunning when your hands are free for some other work, and you can talk on the phone at the same time.

Price of earbuds

Everyone has a different range of budgets. Some can afford the expensive ones, but others cannot. If you buy an expensive one, of course, you will get more features and better quality. But it’s not that you will not get good earbuds at a lesser price. Some well-featured earbuds are available at a lower cost as well.

Purchase according to your requirement

When you are buying your earbuds, make sure that you buy them, keeping in mind for what purpose you want to use them. If you wish to use them while doing work out, you can go for the ones with Bluetooth or the sweatproof one. If you want to use it to watch videos, you may have some other requirements. This is why, while purchasing your earbuds, keep in mind your needs and your requirements. This will also help you in saving some bucks as you will not have to spend extra money on unnecessary accessories.

FAQs on Best Earbuds for Small Ears in 2023

How can I clean my earbuds?

If your earbuds are water-resistant, you can use the following methods to clean your earbuds –

  • Use water and typical dish cleaner soap and make a liquid solution out of it. Now dip a cloth in it and wipe out the dirt. Do not use too much of the solution on the earbuds and avoid spilling it inside. Do not use harsh cleaning agents or detergents on them.
  • Store it in protective and clean covers or cases.
  • Avoid keeping them on dirty surfaces when they are not being used.
  • You can also use the mobile liquid cleaners that are available in the market to clean the earbuds. These cleaners are generally available in a gel form. So, you just take a bit of the gel on a cleaning cloth and wipe your earbuds with it. Make sure that the fabric is not rough. Otherwise, it may leave scratches on your headphones. This method can also be used for non-waterproof ones.

How do I pair my earbuds with my smartphone device?

To connect your phone with the earbuds, you have to –

  • Turn on your Bluetooth on both – your smartphone as well as on your earbuds.
  • Click on the Bluetooth menu on your smartphone and then tap and select the name of the earbuds.
  • Press and hold it for a few seconds.
  • Then it will ask for your permission to connect your phone with the earbuds.

Once you allow your phone and your earbuds will be connected with one another via Bluetooth.

How can I protect my earbuds from breaking?

The earbuds can be protected by taking care of some basic things, such as keeping them safe in their case after being used. Another thing is carefully using the jack because it is a fragile thing that may break easily. Avoid pulling off the wire and keep them away from moisture. You can also use a shrink wrap for the cable to protect it.

Why do earbuds keep coming out in small ears time and again?

To answer this question, we would have to look back to a little Biology. So it is the auditory canal of the ear that is responsible as it is the channel from which the eardrum receives the sounds and then vibrates. The earplugs have to be placed in the ear canals so that their sound waves can easily travel to the eardrums and produce vibrations. So, the ear canal is approximately 0.3 inches in diameter and about an inch in length. But this is just an average size. And usually, earbuds are based on this standard size. But in reality, the size of everyone's ears and the ear canal differ. Therefore, this standard size does not fit everyone's ears so easily. So if your ear canal is too small, the earbud can't go deep enough and can fall out.

Some ears also produce too much ear wax. So this can also be a cause for unfitted earbuds. Also, the spacing your jawline can affect the size of your ear canals. These joints are just placed in front of your ears and allow you to chew, swallow, and talk. Even a little movement in them can affect the size of your ear canal to a great extent.

How To Fit Your Earbuds Perfectly?

Video Transcript:

Let’s find the right fit for your ears this is important for ensuring an accurate read of your heart rate a great bit will also hugely improve sound quality especially bass even if your ear bus already feel comfortable that doesn’t guarantee my sensors are properly positioned so let’s double check your V comes with three fin and v tip sizes remove the earbud shells by pulling off the tip then pulling and sliding off the fins like this now let’s try out a new size go in here at a time you’ll want to get the right fit in one ear before moving on to the next because you might discover that your left and right ears have different sizes if that’s the case don’t worry your normal we can still be friends ready to do this start with the largest size bin and gel and work your way down until you find the perfect size on the fin you’ll notice three notches these let you set the fin angle when you flip the fin into place pull the pin on to the air box then set the fin to the little notch first will fine-tune defend angle later when putting on a new tip it should click into place.

Don’t push beyond that point now let’s try your ear button remember the buttons on the neck band should be on your right hand side.

I hate to ruin the moment with your fins on backwards it needs to point forward like this now cut the tip of suspend under this inner lobe of your ear if the fin is too big to tuck in try a smaller size but not so small that the thin tip leaves the gap next try on various tip sizes to find the right one for you when you have the right tip size the earbud will fill out ambient sound in 30.

This type feel will give you sound full deep bass to clearly read your pulse I need you to position my biosensors snugly against your skin you might need to rotate the fin backward or forward one notch to set the correct sensor angle nope the green sensor light shouldn’t point down like this there you go.

Now this was great notice how the green light fits against a little knob of skin on your ear what doctors call the tragus if this part feels uncomfortable you might be wearing the wrong size hey you’ve got a pulse.

Your heartbeats coming through loud and clear you’re ready to get your blood pumping yeah then let’s go.

Which brand earbuds are the best?

A specific brand can only make the hardware and outward appearance of the earbuds look attractive. The inside software or the audio quality is liable to be the same. It is actually true that there is no specific leading brand. It is not factual and is a myth that only big brands can make better earbuds. Sometimes the cheaper brands can give an excellent quality of earbuds.

How to Clean Earbuds or In-Ear Headphones?

Video Transcript:

Oh of you Jen Sears have been harassing me to do a video on how to clean your earbuds so without further ado here’s how to clean your earbuds and I think you’ll be pleased with just how easy this one is I should mention a lot of the times you guys will ask about cleaning different types of electronics we actually have a series on that.

It covers phones and keyboards game controllers remote controls etc we shot it a few years back I don’t talk in the videos and kind of mute and I do a voiceover it was a concept that we were playing around with and some people think it’s pretty weird anyway the information is great so I’ll link them in the description box below for you to click or tap you check them out and you be the judge.

When these are in your ears heat is being generated from the earbuds and your ears which then makes them a magnet for earwax because the heat is melting your ear wax in your ear wax kind of resettle ‘z right onto the earbuds so even after a couple of uses you’ll start to notice some sort of waxy residue build-up not to mention any of those other Krusty’s you might find now it’s not dangerous but it can’t affect the sound quality of your earbuds.

Anyway let’s see how easy it is to clean these and just so you know I went to an Apple store and I got lectured by a genius on the proper way of cleaning your buds as they do in their very own facility so I got this straight from the Apple horse’s mouth you’ll need dish soap.

If your earbuds have silicone tips cotton swabs a cleaning toothbrush rubbing alcohol and alcohol wipes you don’t have those you can just use cotton pads dipped in a bit of rubbing alcohol start by gently dry brushing the wax out of the earbuds using a clean cleaning toothbrush hold them with the mesh facing down that way any debris will fall down as opposed to back into the earbud which we clearly don’t want don’t press too hard because you don’t want to push any of that gunk in further either.

Once that’s done if you still see a waxy buildup dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol tap it off to remove anything excess and then wipe the bud to remove any extra debris or dirt then you can take an alcohol wipe or cotton pad dipped in rubbing alcohol and wipe the earbuds.

This will mildly clean as well as disinfect rubbing alcohol also dries lightning-fast and won’t seep into the earbuds like soap or soapy water or cleaning products or perfume yes I’ve actually seen people use perfume to do this which are all not suitable cleaning agents for this job.

Because they will seep in and damage the innards of the earbud you can clean them with an alcohol wipe as often as you feel necessary and I would say giving them a clean like this about once a month would be a reasonable frequency get it frequency thanks folks you’re beautiful.

I’m here every Saturday so be sure to tip your waitress also ensure that your cleaning toothbrush is nylon bristle only anything else could break off and get cut and potentially ruin the earbuds Plus nylon is anti-static which means it won’t throw your earbuds during the cleaning process if you have silicone covers which I don’t pop them off and soak them in warm soapy water just a couple drops additionally what is all you’ll need then use a cotton swab to remove any debris or discoloration.

After they’ve had some time to soak rinse them well and leave them to dry overnight then you can put them back on after they are 100% dry ok so now when I showed you how easy it is I’ll wait here you go clean your earbuds and then come back and let me know just how it worked out for you in the comment box below.

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Pinterest other things I don’t know just use that handle and you’ll see where we are thanks so much for watching and we’ll see you next time.

Are earbuds unsafe for the ears?

It is indeed a common myth that earbuds are not safe for the ears. Of course, the excess of everything is terrible. Everything is okay till a specific limit. So, if you will keep them in your ears for a very long time, any device, not only earbuds but also headphones, might affect your ears. People think that it is closer to you’re the eardrum, and you fit it inside your ear canal; it will be harmful. But if you maintain the sensitivity range properly and keep the volume level not too high, it will be of no harm to you.

How To Clean Your Wireless Earbuds?

Video Transcript:

Okay, everything clear check looks like I’m all unfocused and everything so this is gonna be a companion video to the last video.

I made for these sorry I’ve got my dog here in the background this is gonna be a follow-up companion video for the video.

I did on these Zola Liberty earbuds these anchors all Liberty earbuds or anchor liberties although anchor Zola Liberty I’m not sure but they’re the same year buds you can check out one of my pet in my past video it’s last when.

I put out a few months ago I had a comment from a guy regarding these earbuds and it read something like this it was he says about two weeks after you have no quit charge and I promise you that or something like that and Here.

I am three months later still using the same earbuds I’ve had them for maybe it’s got to be close to a year now that I’ve had these and these things are still working just as good as the day.

I bought them and so I wanted to do a follow-up video cuts the chase here and show you guys how to clean these and how to take care of them so that they’ll last you for a long time to come so that’s what I’m gonna do today so stay tuned here okay folks so let me just tell you right now this is a high dollar budget production film coming to you live right here on YouTube.

Not really but things you’re gonna need you’re gonna need some isopropyl alcohol gonna need some q-tips make sure they’re 100% cotton you know I’m gonna tell you a little something here about q-tips real quick do you guys want to find the very best number one q-tips in the world that you’ve ever seen I’m telling you right now look no further than Target my wife got these at Target and when you’re.

I don’t want to get gross with human anatomy here or anything but I think we all know what most of us use q-tips for excuse me I’m one of my biggest pet peeves on a q-tip is the flex test when you’re bending these things the real low-budget ones are the plastic ones they always been and you can barely even get any force on them well I’m telling you right now with these I’m putting an enormous amount of force on this right now for a q-tip and it won’t Bend.

I mean they’re really a rigid q-tip and so anyway I just want to throw that out there these are Target brand my wife found them at Target fantastic q-tips so with all that being said back to the back to the task at hand here you need some kind of a little dish but your I’ll call in generally what I’ll do is and.

I like to use the 91% isopropyl alcohol when I’m cleaning electronics because it evaporates really fast and you don’t have to worry about sticking around and ruining your electronics you just need a few drops of it there you don’t want to soak your electronics with anything so the first thing I’ll do is just pop these out take everything apart I’m gonna clean the case and the connectors and everything on the earbuds themselves so I’ll just pull these apart.

I’ll pull the little silicone cover off there we’ll do one at a time here so I’ll start off with this one but what you want to do is just dip your q-tip real quick and the in the isopropyl alcohol and clean your case give your case a good cleaning you know get all the dust mites out of there in the pocket lint and whatever else you might have in there you want to get down inside there and really clean things out and just you want to work on this and get nice and clean now.

I won’t I won’t go into detail here but you just want to rub everything down and get all the grease and grime and anything else that’s gotten caught in there you want to clean those connectors off really good you have those little connectors there.

I don’t know if you can see those very well there you go and you want it you want to get your q-tip right on those and clean those off really good and clean the magnet off in the middle the holes of the earbuds in because those connectors right there are what charges your earbud so if they’re not making a good connection with the itty-bitty connector on the earbud then they’re not going to charge very well and you’re not going to get a long-lasting charge so you got to make sure those are clean so moving on to the earbud I’ll show you those little connectors.

I’m talking about you see those you can see right where the connectors and I’ll get a little better pointer here you can see these little tiny connectors right here right there and right there now a middle thing that’s just the magnet so you want to make sure those are clean you want to make sure that your soundhole is clean right here too because if your sound holes got a bunch of wax buildup and gunk in it.

Then the sound quality is gonna go down so these will make your batteries last this will make it sound good so you want to make sure they’re clean so I’m gonna take the same q-tip here just gonna dip it in and I’m gonna go over the earbud and I go over the whole thing because.

I have the rubber silicone underneath and it gets you to know let’s face it human beings are gross I mean we have we build up grease and wax and grime and all kinds of stuff so now I’m just gonna go over those connectors as best.

I can with a q-tip but I’ve got a trick I’m gonna show you and then you just want to go over your little soundhole.

I don’t know what the technical terms these are but you want to clean them you like everything nice and clean there’s a little groove right there you want to make sure all the grams out of that groove so you want to work on that for a while and make sure that you get that all cleaned and then for the silicone I’ve kind of got a funny little trick.

I use for that I set it on a side and I put the q-tip inside there and then on some kind of dry rigid surface.

I just roll it around like this and the silicone sticks to the dry rigid surface and the moistened q-tip without Hall on the inside moves around on the inside of that and cleans it all out so what you end up with is a nice clean inside surface for your silicone protector or whatever you want to call that thing.

I call it a silicone protector ear sticker whatever you want to call it but here’s my trick to the little connectors and I promise this video is gonna be brief and it is so you just take the tip of your knife sharp knife okay just take a nice sharp knife make sure it has a good tip on there and then you just take the tip of it you scrape those little connectors just around in small circles and break up all that gunk off there and.

I do this about once a month I’ll clean the connectors off once a week just like this but then you have nice shiny connectors and those are gonna make a nice conductive surface for the little spikes that are inside your case that charge the battery and I’ll clean the magnet off a little bit and each connector just like so and then I’ll take my moistened q-tip and.

I’ll just go over it let me put it on top of it spin it and I’m sure this doesn’t just go for you know these anchor Zolo liberties or liberties Olos or however you say it I’m sure that you know there are connectors for lots of different air buds out there Bluetooth wireless earbuds and you want to make sure those little connectors are nice and clean then that way you’ll have a nice full charge it won’t take long to charge it and you’ll be smooth sailing you’ll be riding the gravy train on biscuit wheels for your wireless earbuds you know of course I’ll put them all back together.

I don’t have to show you that on video but I guess there’s a little trick to these I fought with these silicone pieces getting them back over the earbuds for the longest time but if you just push them straight down on there you want to make sure that you want to make sure your silicones lined up so that those connectors are showing and these anchors they come with different silicone covers you can get the silica but you can use the silicone covers that have the little loop on top that hook in your earlobe.

I hate those things so I don’t use them I just like these thin ones because they kind of make them stick into my ear a little better and then the other thing you’re gonna have to do after you do all this just to make sure you get the best quality out of your Bluetooth wireless earbuds is you’re gonna have to clean.

Your ears folks so using these same q-tips you insert that into your ears and clean them every day and if you do that then you’ll get the best quality you can get out of your Bluetooth earbuds hope this helps somebody have a great day god bless.

Final Verdict

So, considering your problem and irritation, we have given you a complete guide which would surely help you in choosing the best earbuds for small ears.  Follow the buying guide of this article before purchasing the earbuds. Keep in mind all the points and also consider the frequently asked questions to clarify any doubts if you have.

So what are you waiting for?  After reading this article, you know what things you have to consider before your purchase. Just go to the nearby store to purchase them, or you can also buy them online from shopping websites such as Amazon, and many more, etc.

Hopefully, you must have found this article helpful. So, we wish you luck with your best purchase.

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