Best Fitting Panties Buying Guide in 2021

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Have your old-fashioned panties worn out?

Do you want your figure to look more elegant with the vibrant colour of panties?

Or do you want amazing stylish panties while you are planning a romantic date with your partner?

If you are facing these problems, then you should think of purchasing fitting panties for yourself. Fitting panties are similar to the regular panties that you wear daily. But they are available in fashionable laces, vibrant colors and varied sizes. Fit panties are indeed a piece of cloth with elastic at its waistband. But it is quite essential for women. It further completes a woman’s lingerie set. But, when they found it to be quite uncomfortable while wearing, it could be the most irritating thing for them. After all, uncomfortable fitting panties can lead to varied skin problems and especially during the time of menstruation.

Well, if you are planning to buy the best fitting panties for yourself, some noticeable things should be known by the ladies around. These kinds of stuff would help them in getting the perfect fit for themselves, after which they won’t regret spending their money after it.

So, let us begin and head on towards the following post, which will help you in finding your desired fitting panty of all the years.

Buying Guide for Best Fitting Panties in 2021

As the days are spending, people are shifting the preference more towards online shopping and have left their shopping craze in the local market. After all, every person is highly engaged in their everyday life and doesn’t have a single hour to plan a visit to the market nearby. Further, the online markets are flourished with bundles of things, including necessities and desires. The same is the case with the fitting panties.

While surfing in the online platform, it is quite evident for you to come across different types of fitting panties that would not be available near you. Further, these panties are of good quality and have a low price as compared to the market prices. However, if you are thinking of getting it online or even offline, you must go through some essential things in the panties. Yes! Shopping a fitting panty is incomplete without a well-researched buying guide.

So, let’s consider a few crucial factors while spending money in the best fitting panties.

Know your right size

The primary thing to consider before the purchase of panties is to be aware of your perfect size. Buying the right size of the panty is very important; otherwise, it can be very uncomfortable. However, knowing the fitting size is also very tacky because every brand varies in their sizes. And on top of that, every foreign brand has diverse sizes according to their designs and fanciness. Thus, it is highly essential to know which size of the panty fits you the best and of what brand.

Usually, ladies don’t consider their sizes while purchasing panties. They typically buy the one which has an adorable look and might look fancy on them. However, later they have to face the consequences. If they get a size smaller than their exact fit, their private part may get exposed to allergies, irritation, and redness. On the other hand, with loose panties, they might face issues during the menstrual days. If they make use of the sanitary pads, it will become difficult to avoid stains on their dresses as the pad won’t adjust appropriately with the panty. Further, loose panties cause immense issues at night. If you are addicted to sleeping in panties, there are chances that it may slip from its position and go way down, making you uncomfortable while dreaming.

Purchase according to your requirement

Do you know ladies usually adjust with their old panties for a lifetime? They often go for new ones while going out in a beautiful dress or planning a romantic night with their partner. Thus, if you are getting one for yourself, you have to be pretty sure of the need you require it for. For example, if your old panties have been worn out and have no fitting panty for those painful days, it is advisable to go for dark and straightforward color panties. On the other hand, if you are going to wear a fitted dress, then you would go for thongs, which will let your butt appears in the perfect bulky shape. Hence, you have to be completely aware of the new panty’s requirement for yourself. After all, panties are available in lots of shapes and sizes. It will let you decide the desired one for you.

Choose the fabric which suits you the best

While you are around the market, you will usually come across cotton panties. But, when you are there at the mall for lingerie shopping, you can find panties of different fabrics. All these fabrics are skin-friendly; however, you have to be aware if you aren’t allergic to that stuff. So, let’s look ahead to the different materials found in fitting panties.

  • Lace

You might have seen actresses or models wearing fancy lingerie. Most of this lingerie is made up of the fabric – ‘lace.’ These kinds of underwear have a slim fit and are usually seamless and transparent. However, you cannot wear this panty in winter. Further, it is advisable to opt for the lace fabric from a known brand. Otherwise, this stuff can cause lots of irritation between your legs.

  • Cotton

It is one of the highly known lingerie fabrics which is preferred by women around. It is because cotton is a breathable fabric and can be used for daily purpose. It doesn’t cause any kind of allergy, and it is best if you want to wear it in summers as it can soak all the sweat generated at your private parts.

  • Silk

If you wish your everyday lingerie to be amazing and fanaticizing, you can go-ahead for the silk panties. These panties adjust with your body in a comforting way, and lets you enjoy that softness all around your lower area. Further, you will not feel the weight of silk panties while you are wearing them.

  • Satin

Satin is a luxurious cloth in terms of panties. It offers a smooth effect on the skin and won’t react with it. However, satin panties are quite costly due to its cloth’s luxurious features, so you cannot afford to wear it every day. However, you can go for this fabric while you are planning a party or date for yourself.

Victoria’s Secret panty haul on Amazon

Video Transcript:

Spending money hello everyone welcome back to my shady channel where you favorite whore me talks about pantyhose and random shit and we all have a good ass time as a lot of you probably noticed already my backdrop has changed quite a bit.

And that is because I had a manic episode and I added some more implants anyway I’m just gonna get right into this video then uh obviously this means that I went to victoria secret again and I bought way too many panties because they had a sale and I was like that means that I could justify buying a bunch of them right right apparently that was not as dramatic as I wanted it to be whatever this means to me right right yes absolutely so I just wanted to make a video trying all of these on because I didn’t actually try any of them on when I was at victoria’s secret cuz I was too anxious and yeah that happens to me sometimes when I’m manic I just get way too anxious and I’m like no can’t do anything have to go home right now so all of these are mediums I usually fit mediums into victoria’s secret so I’m not concerned I’m not fitting this is going to be a little bit of a chitchat and update video for those of you who are curious about what’s been going on with me and why I’ve been so sporadically uploading the past couple months I apologize for that I’m so sorry I’ve just had a lot going on outside of my modelling so how are you.

I honestly don’t remember what half of these are like I might just start at the top and go because I don’t know okay so this is obviously a pair of pretty pink or peach huh chi-chI’s and it has a cute bow on this side okay I’m gonna go try them on obviously I’m gonna keep my bra on but as is tradition for me in my victoria secret panty haul videos I’m not gonna be wearing a shirt I’m just gonna wear this bra so.

Okay that’s my underwear all right here we have pair one I think they’re so fucking cute I love this color I love this pretty peachy orange color oh yeah in case any of you were not aware I did go and get a new tattoo so for those who were curious to see what that was this is my new piece so that is one of the things that I’ve been doing one of the reasons why I haven’t been posting it because the tattoo has been healing and I’ve just not I don’t want to put on pantyhose I don’t want to try and like record things when I have a tattoo that’s peeling and healing all over the place so I’ve just not been recording but I have also had a lot of other personal going on so this is a pair of oh shit these look high-waisted oh no these look weird.

Oh these might fit funny high like cheeky okay.

These might be weird but we’ll we’ll see maybe I’ll like them oh god.

Okay yeah I do I really like these um that’s surprising I you don’t usually like this like brazilian type cut where it comes up this high but this really shows up my tattoos and I kind of dig it so yeah these are kind of like a spandexy material and I really really like them they’re very comfortable to wear and honestly they sit up above where my problem area is so that’s kind of nice now I’m gonna lie oh yes so I got this bright red thong because I realized that I don’t have just a clean bright red thumb so I bought one because everybody needs one I think.

I have a million black ones but I don’t have a pretty bright red one oh yeah this is hot oh boy this is cute.

Damn so I like this a lot this is obviously very similar to a lot of other victoria’s secret panties that I’ve tried on before so it’s not like this is revolutionary and shocking but I just I really like I’d rather like this color on me usually bright red is not my thing I prefer to go for darker reds like maroon and burgundy are usually my go-to colors as we can clearly see but I do really like this bright red I think it’s very cute it’s very flirty which is my like go-to for songs so um the next pair that I have is this like weird dual material type it’s really spandexy in the front and just like she lace in the back so I’m hoping it’s cute but who knows this is definitely peculiar like it fits kind of weirdly but I kind of like it I kind of like having a mildly see-through portion in the back although I don’t like how this is totally opaque I don’t know it reminds me of another pair of panties that I literally just barely sold like damn it why did I buy another fuck okay so and yet for anybody if you are interested in purchasing a pair of these as a war on item feel free to send me an email because I do sell my mourn items I’ve had a lot of people who really like my panties so do with that information what you will I have another pair that looks very similar to the pair that I’m currently wearing but it is kind of like a shimmering kind of grayish lab.

Under color with shear in the back we’ll see oh okay so this is a very different cut than I usually wear it is very low sitting on my hips compared to what I usually prefer so it’s kind of nice but at the same time it’s kind of it feels kind of weird it feels like it’s gonna slip off my ass you know it’s just not super comfortable they feel a little tight right in this area right around my hips so yeah I like this pair but definitely by far not my favorite of this haul ooh and then I have this other like red and like light pink song I’m very excited for this one I love these colors so oh yeah I like this I like these two together actually like this is a set fucking cute and I love how it’s like anyway and because I realized that I haven’t really been chit-chatting at all or updating this video I mean I’ve been chit-chatting but not about the things I intended to chitchat about anyway as many of you know I’ve been spending a lot of time in therapy I haven’t had the energy to want to do anything other than like just keep myself in a space where I’m mentally stable if that makes sense this time of year really really fucks me up and I have been getting back into dating a little bit so I’ve kind of I’ve been very frustrated with that because a lot of the people my age are not they’re not emotionally available and my problem is that I don’t want to go for people that are way older than I am because I don’t like the generational difference that you get but I’m also having issues with the people that I am closer an age range to not like relating to me or my lifestyle so I’m kind of in a weird position where I’m trying to date but I can’t really relate to a lot of the people that I’m trying to date and a lot of them just are not in a position to want anything romantic so I’m kind of at a bit of a loss and I’m kind of.

Frustrated not gonna lie I basically I’ve just had a lot going on and I haven’t really had the energy to record mainly because I’ve been in this weird like transitionary period with my mental health and with my like emotional well-being later this month I’m going to be going in to get tested for a.

Potential learning disorder so that should be fun.

I’m not excited for it it’s going to be very expensive I’m just gonna get on with the next pair because I don’t really know what I’m talking about anymore so yeah the next pair is very similar to that silverish lavender pair with the material and like how the front cut is but this one is they thought so okay this bears cute I feel like it probably is supposed to sit like the last pair dead lower on my hips I have a tendency to want to pull them up higher just because it shows off my tattoo is better but um this one I’m pretty sure is supposed to sit down here so I’m just gonna put them on there because that’s how they’re supposed to be worn I don’t really like the pairs that sit right here on your hips though I prefer pairs that come up a little higher right here so this pair I don’t know I’ll have to see if it feels differently after I’ve washed it a couple look I’ll have to see if it fits differently after I’ve washed it a couple of times because this material is kind of rough it’s kind of abrasive so it might it might be more comfortable once I wash it and once it’s stretched out a little

But but I stuff right now I’m not sure how I feel about this so we’re doing another pink pair this one is a sheer pink sum so this one is like a silky like satin type material it’s very comfortable and it’s very pretty pink oh sorry.

What tags but I really like this this is very comfortable I should have bought more pairs of this because these oh my god I could just lounge in these all day they’re so comfy these are so comfy I i should have bought more of these damn I don’t know why I did it the next pair we have a sheer lavender bikini I believe it has polka dots in the front and like a mix of what’s that called a mix of polka dot and cross hatch on the back yeah well we’ll see how this looks oh damn damn these are fucking cute what the hell I really really like this pair I think they’re very pretty and if you guys can see it does have the like polka dot and cross hatch on the back so I don’t know if you guys can see that very well but I like this pair that are in color I think this is a thong I don’t remember I think this goes in the yes so I think it’s a floral thong.

I’m usually I’m usually a fan of strappies but we’ll have to see with this pair because it’s god I feel like this could be so cute but these little strappies in front are not there they’re not as taut as they should be so it’s not super flattering because they keep like poking up and they’re just really loose I don’t know so this one is a definite I’m not sure.

But it’s cute.

Like the back is cute aesthetically it looks great but up close it’s okay oh damn it there’s another what the hell I bought so many okay well here’s another this looks like a slightly darker version of the gray and lavender pair that I tried on earlier that had shimmery in the front and like julie’s in the back so another similar pair anyway it’s another one of these that kind of sits lower on my hips so I’m not again I’m really not a huge fan of this type of panty just because I don’t feel like it’s very flattering on my.

Particular body specifically my body type and my my ink so this pair far from my favorite but I think like if this area is covered up and it’s just showing this bottom half I think it looks fine but I don’t I don’t really like how this looks past at this point so I don’t know I don’t know maybe I’m just maybe I’m just too picky maybe my mom is right we have another pair of sheer purple panties this is the last pair it is a lavender sheer film and there we have it I really like this pair I think they’re very cute very flirty they’re.

Comfortable which is the plus now I have new panties that are fun and exciting and I’ll be posting pictures in them to my only fans probably I might also include some videos in these on my many of its if you guys would be interested so if you would like videos in these on my mana vids feel free to let me know in the comments again if you’re interested in purchasing any of these panties as worn items or any of the panties that I’ve tried on in previous videos that I still have check out the link at the bottom of the description.

I will have a place where I’ve listed all of my worn items where they can be browsed so that you can pick out which pair you’d like to purchase if you are interested in doing so I think that’s gonna be about it for this video thank you all so much for watching thank you for your patience with me with uploading so irregularly I’m just I’ve had a lot going on and I understand it can get very frustrating as a viewer to not know what’s going on so if you would like to be more updated with things about me in my life go follow me on instagram because I update they’re the most out of everywhere so if you’re ever confused about where I am check instagram because that’s usually the best place to reach me at the best place to find information on me and what the fuck is going on in my life because it is chaos gonna be it thank you so much for watching the video feel free to check out the links at the bottom of the description if you’d like to support me into my channel and get access to exclusive content of mine of me like in these panties and other lingerie items that I’ve tried on in the past so yeah I need some fucking water my throat feels disgusting.

I’ll see you guys in the next video.

FAQs on Best Fitting Panties in 2021

Can the panties be reused?

This is a very commonly asked question about panties. Yes, you can reuse the panties if you keep them clean and free from bacteria. If proper hygiene is maintained during washing and storing them, the panties can be reused daily, even if they were just your period saviors, but only till a specific period.

How are panties important from a hygienic point of view?

Wearing panties is very important if seen through hygienic purposes. We all secrete starch, sweat from our genitals. There is also seen as some white discharge coming out from your vagina. Imagine, if you are not wearing a panty, what will be the outcome of this? Of course, it will be dirtying your outer clothes, but apart from that, it will also make you uneasy to stand among your peers. You will feel sticky, smelly, and dirty all the time. In fact, what about the time when your monthly cycle starts? That time, you can mess up your entire day while you are at home or work.

Thus, maintaining the panties hygienic is quite crucial because seriously, you can smell even worse than a dustbin. So, go ahead and think about it if you weren’t practicing hygiene all these years.

How can I maintain the hygiene of my panties?

This question is a critical one as every lady must ensure the proper hygiene for their panties. But it is quite challenging to maintain it if you aren’t aware of its dos and don’ts.

Hence, let’s see the only dos which are mandatory for the fitting panties.

  • Try hand washing your panties and avoid machine wash.
  • Soak them in detergent water for a few minutes before washing.
  • If they are too much soiled, soak them in warm water.
  • Use mild detergent as it directly touches your privates. You can also use some liquid disinfectants like Dettol.
  • Rub gently and use a brush if required.
  • Wash and sun-dry it, as sun rays are a natural disinfectant.
  • Do not store panties with even a little bit of moisture, it can invite bacteria and insects with it.

How can fitting panties provide protection and support?

Panties provide us a lot of protection and support to the genital areas. But many ladies or girls may not be aware of this point. After all, some of them have a habit of spending their days without wearing briefs.

However, we all are aware of the sensitive skin of our private parts. Even a little harshness can cause redness and rashes all over and that too for months, which is highly infuriating. In fact, at times, our outer clothes may be of rough fabric, which can cause serious issues while you are without panties for a longer time. After all, imagine those fungal areas on your leg’s fingers. Oh, God! That’s so frustrating. So, imagine being exposed to the bacteria around your room and letting your intimate parts being visible to it.

How often do I have to switch to new panties?

The answer to this question is that you can averagely buy new panties after a year of use even if they appear to be in a condition to be used further. But if they are torn, the elastic is loose, or they smell bad, then you must switch to new ones immediately. Otherwise, your intimate hygiene can be at considerable risk.

How to Put On Panties the Right Way?

Video Transcript:

You may be asking “Why do I need to watch a video on how to put on panties?”

Well, I think you’ll be surprised at what you’re about to learn.

Women generally put their panties and thongs on like pants, which results in pulling them

up too high.

Instead, a panty should be placed on your body.

The waistband should be put in the proper location, and the back of the leg opening

should be checked to make sure it is tucked under your cheeks – forgetting this step

is the #1 cause for visible panty lines showing through your clothing.

» Women similarly pull their thongs up too high.

Most thongs are designed with a waistband that sits lower than the waist.

Once in the correct lower position, the dreaded floss feeling goes away and your thong will

actually feel comfortable.

» With your panties positioned properly, you now need to take some care when pulling

up your pants or leggings, because the back of your panties can be dragged out of place

or alignment

So, once your outerwear is pulled up, reach in and make sure the back of your panty is

still tucked under your cheeks.

Then continue to close up your pants.

Throughout the day, we take our panties and thongs up and down for bathroom breaks.

So, afterwards, take a second to check and adjust the back of your panty again.

It quickly becomes a habit after doing it a few times.

After sitting for a long time, it’s likely that the back of your panty may need a quick

downward adjustment.

So, do what I do, immediately upon standing, my hand goes in for a subtle check.

If the movement has occurred and people are around, I turn my back away and quickly make a panty

adjustment through my clothing, or go someplace private and make a quick realignment.

Finally, If you find your panties always coming out of place, this is a sure sign the elastic

is shot or your panty size is too large.

Either way, you need a new pair.

How often do I change the panties in a day?

Well, the answer to this isn’t specific, as every lady has a different body. If the lower part of your body is quite sweaty and there is a regular vaginal discharge, you can change your panties more than once in a day. This will prevent the generation of harmful bacteria and that stinky smell, which would irritate you as well as your partner’s nose. Apart from it, if you don’t face such a situation, you can change your panties the very next day you go for a bath.

How to Fit – Shape Panties?

Video Transcript:

Welcome you’re about to learn how to find the shape peonies that are the right size for you to do so you’ll be using your waist and hip measurements if you’re ready let’s begin this.

Presentation will only last a few minutes.

There are a few reasons why a shape panty can be an excellent alternative to a day wear panty in any woman’s wardrobe first like a day wear panty it’s extremely comfortable it can be worn all day every day without becoming a distraction.

Second it slight degree of control helps smooth bumps and bulges and creates a more polished overall ensemble this is particularly beneficial when.

Tight-fitting clothes are worn third a shape peony can be made with or without a double front panel though still only delivering a small amount of control a style that includes the extra tummy panel provides some additional targeted smoothing to help address tummy pooch and finally a shape panty is relatively inexpensive often retailing at a price similar to that of a day wear panty rather than to that of a traditional waistline shapewear a brief.

Before we talk about sizing here’s a really helpful tip though functioning more like shapewear briefs by providing a light degree of control that helps smooth problem areas shape panties actually fit like day wear panties they generally have a rise that’s shorter than the rise of typical waistline shapers now it’s time to figure out which shape and size is right for you to do this you’ll need to measure the links around your waist and hips you’ll need a flexible tape measure and a mirror you may also find is helpful to have a buddy assist you now we’re ready to get down to business.

It’s best to take off your pants when measuring as the fabric gets in the way of accuracy place the tape measure around the smallest part of your waist following your body’s natural.

Indentation if you’re not sure where your smallest part is located then to the side to find it make sure that the tape lies flatly and parallel to the ground all the way around your body pull it snugly to get an accurate measurement ground the result up or down to the nearest whole inch for example if your measurement is 29 and 3/8 inches round down to 29 inches or if your measurement is 29 and a half inches round up to 30 inches next we’ll measure your hips stand with your legs together and place the tape measure around the fullest part of your hips this should be.

Approximately seven inches below your waist make sure that it lies flatly and parallel to the ground all the way around your body again round the result up or down to the nearest whole inch for example if your measurement is thirty nine and three eighths inches round down to thirty nine inches or if your measurement is thirty nine and a half inches round up to 40 inches we’re almost done.

The two measurements taken together determine the size of the garment find your waist and hip measurements on the chart and you’ll discover the.

Corresponding shape and size that’s right for you for example if your waist measures 33 inches and your hip measures 42 inches an average-sized extra-large shape panty.

Will fit you well.

If your waist and hip measurements don’t correspond to one garment size match only your hip measurement to the corresponding garment size the fabric and shape panties is very accommodating that’s it now you’ll feel confident when looking for the shape panties that are right for you for more information about how to fit shape panties or any other intimate silhouette visit us at cupid intimates comm slash how to fit or subscribe to our youtube channel at slash cupid intimates thanks for watching.

Do fitting panties provide comfort?

Try to avoid wearing panty for a few hours and just see how uncomfortable you will feel. Panties indeed provide us comfort. You will contact awkward if you think moisture all-around your vagina. And it is a weird feeling when you can feel air passing around. I know that it sounds funny, but it is a fact, and it can be very uncomfortable. After all, being a lady, you might regularly face those period days. So, won’t you desire comfort to place your pad and save your favorite jeans or dress from getting stained? Your fitting panties can help the menstrual cup in being in its place and not allowing the spilling of blood.

Why is it important for girls to wear panties?

Just imagine wearing hot pants and boys looking at your lower part continuously. Won’t you feel awkward? After all, if you were wearing panties at that time, it could save your private part from being exposed. Well, this thing can happen even when you are wearing a skirt or dress. Your bottom may also get ripped suddenly, or you might get unexpected periods. What would you do at that time? It is indeed embarrassing to face this situation while boys or men are around. Thus, if you don’t wish yourself to appear vulgar in front of the unknown personalities, you must get yourself proper fitting panties and try wearing it regularly.


So, you might have come across the small buying guide, which would help you in shopping the best fitting panty in the future. The above-referred FAQs would help you in learning the various ways of maintaining hygiene in your new panties and let them work for years. Hence, we wish you good luck and hope that you have a wise choice next time.

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