Best Fitting Panties Buying Guide in 2020

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Have your old-fashioned panties worn out?

Do you want your figure to look more elegant with the vibrant colour of panties?

Or do you want amazing stylish panties while you are planning a romantic date with your partner?

If you are facing these problems, then you should think of purchasing fitting panties for yourself. Fitting panties are similar to the regular panties that you wear daily. But they are available in fashionable laces, vibrant colors and varied sizes. Fit panties are indeed a piece of cloth with elastic at its waistband. But it is quite essential for women. It further completes a woman’s lingerie set. But, when they found it to be quite uncomfortable while wearing, it could be the most irritating thing for them. After all, uncomfortable fitting panties can lead to varied skin problems and especially during the time of menstruation.

Well, if you are planning to buy the best fitting panties for yourself, some noticeable things should be known by the ladies around. These kinds of stuff would help them in getting the perfect fit for themselves, after which they won’t regret spending their money after it.

So, let us begin and head on towards the following post, which will help you in finding your desired fitting panty of all the years.

Buying Guide for Best Fitting Panties in 2020

As the days are spending, people are shifting the preference more towards online shopping and have left their shopping craze in the local market. After all, every person is highly engaged in their everyday life and doesn’t have a single hour to plan a visit to the market nearby. Further, the online markets are flourished with bundles of things, including necessities and desires. The same is the case with the fitting panties.

While surfing in the online platform, it is quite evident for you to come across different types of fitting panties that would not be available near you. Further, these panties are of good quality and have a low price as compared to the market prices. However, if you are thinking of getting it online or even offline, you must go through some essential things in the panties. Yes! Shopping a fitting panty is incomplete without a well-researched buying guide.

So, let’s consider a few crucial factors while spending money in the best fitting panties.

Know your right size

The primary thing to consider before the purchase of panties is to be aware of your perfect size. Buying the right size of the panty is very important; otherwise, it can be very uncomfortable. However, knowing the fitting size is also very tacky because every brand varies in their sizes. And on top of that, every foreign brand has diverse sizes according to their designs and fanciness. Thus, it is highly essential to know which size of the panty fits you the best and of what brand.

Usually, ladies don’t consider their sizes while purchasing panties. They typically buy the one which has an adorable look and might look fancy on them. However, later they have to face the consequences. If they get a size smaller than their exact fit, their private part may get exposed to allergies, irritation, and redness. On the other hand, with loose panties, they might face issues during the menstrual days. If they make use of the sanitary pads, it will become difficult to avoid stains on their dresses as the pad won’t adjust appropriately with the panty. Further, loose panties cause immense issues at night. If you are addicted to sleeping in panties, there are chances that it may slip from its position and go way down, making you uncomfortable while dreaming.

Purchase according to your requirement

Do you know ladies usually adjust with their old panties for a lifetime? They often go for new ones while going out in a beautiful dress or planning a romantic night with their partner. Thus, if you are getting one for yourself, you have to be pretty sure of the need you require it for. For example, if your old panties have been worn out and have no fitting panty for those painful days, it is advisable to go for dark and straightforward color panties. On the other hand, if you are going to wear a fitted dress, then you would go for thongs, which will let your butt appears in the perfect bulky shape. Hence, you have to be completely aware of the new panty’s requirement for yourself. After all, panties are available in lots of shapes and sizes. It will let you decide the desired one for you.

Choose the fabric which suits you the best

While you are around the market, you will usually come across cotton panties. But, when you are there at the mall for lingerie shopping, you can find panties of different fabrics. All these fabrics are skin-friendly; however, you have to be aware if you aren’t allergic to that stuff. So, let’s look ahead to the different materials found in fitting panties.

  • Lace

You might have seen actresses or models wearing fancy lingerie. Most of this lingerie is made up of the fabric – ‘lace.’ These kinds of underwear have a slim fit and are usually seamless and transparent. However, you cannot wear this panty in winter. Further, it is advisable to opt for the lace fabric from a known brand. Otherwise, this stuff can cause lots of irritation between your legs.

  • Cotton

It is one of the highly known lingerie fabrics which is preferred by women around. It is because cotton is a breathable fabric and can be used for daily purpose. It doesn’t cause any kind of allergy, and it is best if you want to wear it in summers as it can soak all the sweat generated at your private parts.

  • Silk

If you wish your everyday lingerie to be amazing and fanaticizing, you can go-ahead for the silk panties. These panties adjust with your body in a comforting way, and lets you enjoy that softness all around your lower area. Further, you will not feel the weight of silk panties while you are wearing them.

  • Satin

Satin is a luxurious cloth in terms of panties. It offers a smooth effect on the skin and won’t react with it. However, satin panties are quite costly due to its cloth’s luxurious features, so you cannot afford to wear it every day. However, you can go for this fabric while you are planning a party or date for yourself.

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FAQs on Best Fitting Panties in 2020

Can the panties be reused?

This is a very commonly asked question about panties. Yes, you can reuse the panties if you keep them clean and free from bacteria. If proper hygiene is maintained during washing and storing them, the panties can be reused daily, even if they were just your period saviors, but only till a specific period.

How are panties important from a hygienic point of view?

Wearing panties is very important if seen through hygienic purposes. We all secrete starch, sweat from our genitals. There is also seen as some white discharge coming out from your vagina. Imagine, if you are not wearing a panty, what will be the outcome of this? Of course, it will be dirtying your outer clothes, but apart from that, it will also make you uneasy to stand among your peers. You will feel sticky, smelly, and dirty all the time. In fact, what about the time when your monthly cycle starts? That time, you can mess up your entire day while you are at home or work.

Thus, maintaining the panties hygienic is quite crucial because seriously, you can smell even worse than a dustbin. So, go ahead and think about it if you weren’t practicing hygiene all these years.

How can I maintain the hygiene of my panties?

This question is a critical one as every lady must ensure the proper hygiene for their panties. But it is quite challenging to maintain it if you aren’t aware of its dos and don’ts.

Hence, let’s see the only dos which are mandatory for the fitting panties.

  • Try hand washing your panties and avoid machine wash.
  • Soak them in detergent water for a few minutes before washing.
  • If they are too much soiled, soak them in warm water.
  • Use mild detergent as it directly touches your privates. You can also use some liquid disinfectants like Dettol.
  • Rub gently and use a brush if required.
  • Wash and sun-dry it, as sun rays are a natural disinfectant.
  • Do not store panties with even a little bit of moisture, it can invite bacteria and insects with it.

How can fitting panties provide protection and support?

Panties provide us a lot of protection and support to the genital areas. But many ladies or girls may not be aware of this point. After all, some of them have a habit of spending their days without wearing briefs.

However, we all are aware of the sensitive skin of our private parts. Even a little harshness can cause redness and rashes all over and that too for months, which is highly infuriating. In fact, at times, our outer clothes may be of rough fabric, which can cause serious issues while you are without panties for a longer time. After all, imagine those fungal areas on your leg’s fingers. Oh, God! That’s so frustrating. So, imagine being exposed to the bacteria around your room and letting your intimate parts being visible to it.

How often do I have to switch to new panties?

The answer to this question is that you can averagely buy new panties after a year of use even if they appear to be in a condition to be used further. But if they are torn, the elastic is loose, or they smell bad, then you must switch to new ones immediately. Otherwise, your intimate hygiene can be at considerable risk.

How to Put On Panties the Right Way?

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How often do I change the panties in a day?

Well, the answer to this isn’t specific, as every lady has a different body. If the lower part of your body is quite sweaty and there is a regular vaginal discharge, you can change your panties more than once in a day. This will prevent the generation of harmful bacteria and that stinky smell, which would irritate you as well as your partner’s nose. Apart from it, if you don’t face such a situation, you can change your panties the very next day you go for a bath.

How to Fit – Shape Panties?

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Do fitting panties provide comfort?

Try to avoid wearing panty for a few hours and just see how uncomfortable you will feel. Panties indeed provide us comfort. You will contact awkward if you think moisture all-around your vagina. And it is a weird feeling when you can feel air passing around. I know that it sounds funny, but it is a fact, and it can be very uncomfortable. After all, being a lady, you might regularly face those period days. So, won’t you desire comfort to place your pad and save your favorite jeans or dress from getting stained? Your fitting panties can help the menstrual cup in being in its place and not allowing the spilling of blood.

Why is it important for girls to wear panties?

Just imagine wearing hot pants and boys looking at your lower part continuously. Won’t you feel awkward? After all, if you were wearing panties at that time, it could save your private part from being exposed. Well, this thing can happen even when you are wearing a skirt or dress. Your bottom may also get ripped suddenly, or you might get unexpected periods. What would you do at that time? It is indeed embarrassing to face this situation while boys or men are around. Thus, if you don’t wish yourself to appear vulgar in front of the unknown personalities, you must get yourself proper fitting panties and try wearing it regularly.


So, you might have come across the small buying guide, which would help you in shopping the best fitting panty in the future. The above-referred FAQs would help you in learning the various ways of maintaining hygiene in your new panties and let them work for years. Hence, we wish you good luck and hope that you have a wise choice next time.

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