Best Bath Towel Buying Guide for 2021

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Are you not able to choose the right bath towel for yourself?

Is your bathroom incomplete with the matching bath towel in the vanity?

Are you getting confused about which color and brand you must choose in your bath towel?

Currently, your mind might be facing bundles of questions to find a specific reason why you want a bath towel for yourself. Don’t worry! The list of questions will go on till the time you buy the satisfactory bath towel which satisfies your comfort zone. However, buying the best bath towel isn’t an easy task.

While exploring the market, you might come across hundreds of towels with new features, colors, or brands, and that too in different budgets. This usually puts the person in the state of catch-22. Imagining your condition while looking for the best bath towel, we have brought you the best buying guide. The guide will lessen your stress and research for buying the perfect product matching your want and budget.

A Perfect Guide to Purchase the Best Bath Towel in 2021

There are various instances when a person may get baffled while purchasing the best bath towel for himself. Even the store person on an online marketer tries to sell their old and useless towels by brainwashing his customer’s mind. So, before the seller tricks your mind, we must recommend you to go through the buying guide listed below. Let’s grab a look at it.

The Fabric of Bath Towel

Before purchasing the best bath towel for yourself, you must be aware of the fabric which you like to have in these towels. In a towel, you might get different fabrics such as cotton, microfiber, and many more. But looking after healthy skin, most people usually go for cotton fabric. But, before purchasing a cotton towel, you must be aware of the fact that every cotton towel isn’t entirely made of cotton fabric. They comprise different fabrics which are generally used to provide softness to the towel. Thus, there are chances that the towels may differ in terms of quality. At such an instance, you must be able to make a difference between the local quality towels and towels of imported quality.

Rather than going for the local quality towels, people must try purchasing towels of superior quality (a mark of imported towels). These superior quality towels are made of Turkish Cotton, Egyptian Cotton, and Pima Cotton which provides extra-long fibers. They are highly durable, absorbent, and strong but demands extra care to be used for years.

Hence, go for the towels which describe the quality in percentages like, ‘100% Turkish Cotton, etc.

Care of the Bath Towel

Purchasing a bath towel may be quite easy for you but maintaining that towel in the right shape is quite strenuous. If you want your towel to look best after months, then you have to take good care of it. There are various ways of how you can manage to maintain your towel in a good position. But most importantly, you must first ensure washing your towel with warm water rather than hot boiling water or cold water. Along with it, you should make use of mild liquid detergents that have friendly nature towards the kind of fabric you are using. Following these two simple steps will prevent your towel from losing its color and affecting the fiber.

Well, on the contrary, if you are wondering to use fabric softener, we would never recommend the same. It is so because the fabric softener when used leaves a waxy coating on the towels. This coating affects the water-absorbing capacity of the towel. However, if you are highly tempted to use a fabric softener, then you can go for the distilled white vinegar in its place.

Decorative (Embroidered or Trim) Bath Towel

There are plenty of decorative towels which are available in every store. They are beautifully decorated with some embroidery or are trimmed. But these towels have a low GSM (Grams per Square Meter) and are used for display or light purposes. This is because these decorative towels require special care and treatment. Usually, in case of better treatment, there is a manufacturer’s label through which you can determine its laundry instructions.

The density of the Bath Towel

While shopping the sheets, do you look for the thread counts? Yes? Then why not for the bath towels? While purchasing the bath towels, you must go through its GSM from which you can have a clear idea about its density. Towels with a high GSM are known to be of superior quality and vice versa. The superior quality bath towels generally have their GSM starting from 500 and extend to 600. Whereas, the inferior quality bath towels have the GSM range starting from 300 to 400. The quality of the GSM range 300-400 is so poor that people prefer using them for kitchen or gym use.

Easily be carried while Travelling

Generally, most of the high-quality bath towels are heavy and take time to dry up. So, if you are willing to carry them for a trip or while traveling, it will never be a good idea. The bath towel which will perfectly match your situation is with a microfiber (man-made fiber). The bath towels made with man-made fiber are lightweight and quickly dries up, thus fitting easily in your traveling bag.

It Should be Eco-Friendly

There is no meaning in purchasing the best bath towel which isn’t eco-friendly. So, the best environment-friendly bath towel which you can purchase is an organic cotton towel. The cotton used in making these towels is free from every kind of harsh chemical such as herbicides, fertilizers, and pesticides.

The Right Color and Style

Buying the towel with the perfect blend of warmth and color can complete your bathroom’s look. You even have an option to get yourself a complete stock of amazing towel colors following the seasons. For the spring or summer season, you can go for bright peachy colors whereas for winters you can get yourself cool colors. However, ‘white’ will always be the best classic choice in towels to date as it works with every style.

Always Go Through the Production Highlights

To reduce any kind of stress while purchasing a perfect bath towel for yourself, you must go through some keywords. The keywords refer to the production highlights of the towel. Let’s have a look at them

The twist determines how much the towel is likely to be twisted. A high twist results in more durability of the towel but a low twist makes the towel adsorbent and plusher.

Combed Cotton is to removes any kind of short fibers to make it durable and softer.

Hydrocotton, Aerocotton, and Microcotton are the names of the manufacturing process brands.

3 Simple Ways to Fold a Bath Towel

Video Transcript:

Hello, I’m Judy the organizer and creator at rescue myspace welcome back to my channel, and if you are new welcome to my channel.

So in today’s video, I’m gonna show you three simple ways to fold a towel so without further ado let’s get right into the video um before we continue make sure you like this video, and if you haven’t already make sure you subscribe alright let’s get right into the video option 1 the rewind step 1 spread your bath towel on a flat surface step 2 fold alongside the towel up and half step 3 take the left side of the folded towel and fold it towards the middle and do the same with the right side step four position the tone in front of you and fold it over once with the edge of the towel on top exposing the tile design the design at the towel will be on top if you’d like a more clean look you can tuck in the part that’s hanging over then you’re done option two the Rubin step 1.

Spread your towel on a flat surface step 2 fold the long side of the towel in half just like the rewind step 3.

Take the left side of the folded towel and fold it towards the middle and do the same with the right side step 4 position the towel in front of you and take the edge of the towel and fold it over to the other side twice creating a tightly folded towel.

All done.

Option three the roll-up step one spread your bath towel on a flat surface step twofold the long side of the towel up in half do you guys see the similarities step three grab one of the corners and bring it across creating a triangle until it is parallel to the far edge step 4.

Flip the towel over and then fold the corners in thirds step 5.

Flip the towel over again making sure most of the corners are facing down except the top towel corner.

Step six tightly roll your towel up and tuck the Xposed towel corner inside the towel like so and that’s it so what did you think I hope this video showed you some new techniques on how to fold a towel and I also hope it inspires you to maybe have some fun while you’re doing the laundry so let me ask you a question which of the three options do you use in your home let me know in the comment section below oh you already know what time it is.

If you like this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe and thank you so very much for watching this video and as always I’ll see you soon bye.

FAQs while Purchasing the Best Bath Towel in 2021

How can I dry My Bath Towel in a Fast Way?

If your towel is extremely wet and wants to dry it fast then you must hang them on the bars. In the bars, the towel is hung loosely and there is no chance that it can meet its ends which allows the evaporation of the water more easily. But, if you hang them on hooks, then it may take more time than usual to dry up. This is because the towel’s ends are quite close to each other which doesn’t let the water evaporate easily. Indeed, if the towel is wet for a long time, there are high chances for the bacteria to accumulate itself.

Should I wash the bath towel using only water?

If you wish to clean the bath towel then you can do it easily with simple water. However, you must go for lukewarm water rather than hot boiling water or cold water. Lukewarm water washes the towel easily and lets it retain its properties like earlier.

Apart from water, you can even make use of vinegar to wash your towel. Just put a cup full of vinegar with the towel in the machine and watch your towel getting clean and converting it into its original shape.

The vinegar helps in removing the body oils from the towel and the soap residue which reduces the towel’s absorbing capacity. But, if you go after the option of vinegar, then make sure you don’t use it frequently. You can use vinegar once a month to wash your towels.

Is Ironing the Bath Towel beneficial?

If you are planning to iron your towel, then don’t! You might have seen your relatives or friends ironing the towel but this will harm your towel. Due to extensive heat from the iron, the loops of the fabric get crushed and the towel loses its capability to absorb water.

So, if you want your towel to last long and stay in a good condition then you have to get rid of this dangerous thought.

Which Material in the Towel is Highly Absorbent?

A towel has many fabrics. Out of those fabrics, cotton is the only fabric that has a high absorbing capacity. So, if you wish to purchase a highly water absorbent towel then the cotton towel is the best. Avoid going for bamboo or microfiber towels.

How to Make Towels Soft and Fluffy Again?

Video Transcript:

It’s Denise and today we are in the laundry lab and I’m going to show you how to get that stink out of your towels and keep them soft and fluffy keep watching.

Welcome to this and that with denise jordan i teach women to make wise home health and beauty decisions so if you want to learn more about running a household subscribe or if you want to see reviews about products that can benefit you in your home subscribe because i do videos about those topics all the time so hit that subscribe button and double tap that little bell icon so you don’t miss any upcoming videos but definitely check out the show notes in the description box below because that’s where i’ll make my favorite housekeeping and gardening solutions okay let’s jump into it one of the problems that you can get over time with your towels is that after a while they just don’t seem to be as absorbent sometimes they feel stiff and Scratchy and it has a lot to do with how you’re laundering them it could be that you are using a liquid fabric softener which over time that liquid fabric softener kind of coats the fibers on the towel and it’s just not as absorbent and so it just doesn’t do like you wanted to do another problem that my viewers often encounter is stinky towels and maybe they’ve got children or partners who are throwing damp towels in the hamper and for one reason or another they’re not getting out in time and those damp towels mildew they get a little bit of sour smelling and then when you watch them you can’t quite get that smell all the way out or you think it sounded and then when you use the towels again the smell comes back well there is a way to handle that well there’s two things you’ll want to do first off you want to put some vinegar and it’s just plain old vinegar this bottle just happens to say cleaning vinegar but any white distilled vinegar will work what you wanna do is pour about 1/2 a cup vinegar and then you’ll run the watch with just a vinegar and no detergent and then once that cycles through you’ll wash it again adding your detergent only this next time you’ll add the vinegar in your rinse cycle a half a cup but it rinses out beautifully there’s no odor no smell and the tiles come out fresh smelling and then you can put them in the dryer so let’s get that started and i’ve got a a fairly good-sized load of towels you don’t want to overfill your washer because you want to make sure there’s plenty of water that can get around the towels and you don’t want to use too much detergent because again that can coat the towels but you want to have just enough and with these new wash washers they sense how much water is needed but what I learned with towels is that I want to run the washer on the bulky bedding cycle so i’ve got it set for bulky bedding and I’m going to put it on I’m gonna watch it on cool water normal cycle and let it cycle through once and then the next time I wash it again but this time i’ll add my.

Detergent so how can you increase the longevity of your towel.

Keep them nice and soft and fresh smelling reduce the amount of detergent that you use in them the more detergent you use and catch into coconut fibers and makes them less absorbent so that’s number one the second thing you want to consider doing’s not using fabric softener in your towels again that’s just another product that can coat the fibers of the towels and it reduces their absorbency what you might want to consider doing is replacing fabric softener with vinegar you can put a half a cup of vinegar and the fabric softener dispenser and use that and cows will come out fresh smelly and dr. If you absolutely must use fabric softener the Turkish towel company recommends using fabric softener in every other globe but don’t use liquid fabric softener you might consider going with the tennis ball or.

A rider ball and I just picked up these wool dryer balls I have not used them yet but we’ll see how all that works and I’ll come back to you with a review and another thing that you really want to think about is don’t over-dry the clothes you want to make sure that they get completely dry but you don’t want them overdrive because again that just kind of wears and tears on the fibers as well so you do want to get them dry but you don’t want to get them over dry all right so now let’s review what are three ways that you can increase the longevity of your towns get this stink out but also make them feel a little bit softer one much smaller loads that way you can have plenty of water surrounding the town.

And they can get a good clean and also watch them in more to cool water to use less detergent again that’s fewer chemicals that are going to be coding your child fibers making them less absorbent and then three don’t use fabric softener replace your fabric softener with vinegar 1/2 a cup of vinegar in the fabric softener cycle or use fabric softener in every other low and consider using some dryer balls so what’s your secret to some fresh-smelling towels tell me in the comment section below and just so you know I’ve raised three children I managed to home for more than 45 years and I’m a nurse by profession so if you want to learn more about running a household cooking cleaning laundry and health and beauty subscribe I would love to have you as a member of the TMT in the meantime is Jesus Jordan saying goodbye I’ll see you in the next video.

How Frequently Should I Buy Bath Towels for Myself?

The towel is one of the most essential stuff in the household. Thus, it should be purchased as soon as you feel your old towel is out of date. However, a good quality towel can last up to 2 years. This is because the towel loses its absorbent capacity as it is used several times over the body. So, it is advisable that every one and a half or two years you must get yourself a towel.

Do Bath Towels come in Sets?

Yes, bath towels may come in sets in exclusive colors and designs. But you don’t need to purchase them in sets. You can buy them separately according to your needs.

How to Fold Bath Towels Like a Hotel?

Video Transcript:

Hello, welcome to HP’s house I’m Angie B and Dana’s laundry day.

So I’m now running over towels and it reminded me of the day that I helped set up a hotel before opening and one of the tasks we had to do was setting up the rooms and the bathroom of course that also means folding towels and I was very interested to find out that a lot of the people I was working with had never folded the towels and didn’t really know how so I thought I’d just take a few minutes today and if you need to show how several different ways that you can pull the towel so that you can ready I will go ahead and get started.

And I have said what if a towel and I do sell them all the same way and first I’ll show you how I do it for my own personal use my preferred way because then what it’s best on the shelves that I have available and it’s very simple of what I do is I just think the towel folded pants you like that make sure that although the ends are lined up a great ducking and then it will adapt again.

And I’ll smooth it out just like I do with my sheep I love this movie so much beautiful and then I just hold this first.

That’s all – towel yeah.

I also have a different white towel so helpful we’ll see a few and also a high-status.

One reason that I like holding a towel displays because if I’m in a hurry I can just kind of holder just doing me here then it’s not quite so neat but it does the job and if I don’t like it it’s like seeing my wife on the third eye just for you.

Hold here another one in two levels inside will this smaller house again I’ll just give us a quick way biggest time.

You can hear you hear album Andrew Hamilton the background very mobile kitty okay well now I should say three different size towels and what I’ll do up with the larger one on top and then I will sort them by size and then I’ll stack them smallest or largest to smallest with a small towel over on top and that helps them stay in a straight pile they don’t fall over okay so I use the smaller told us to show you couple different ways about folding the towel okay the next way and I was taught how to hotel is fully cured and this requirement Vlad is moving will insert again and then you just fold it in half money up.

And a half again.

And it’s pretty rectangular and this works well if you have a deep shelf my shelves are a little shallow.

That’s why I pull them Louise maybe it’s a little bit deeper shelf this works very well if some of the towels end up getting a little bulky on the end because of the cording in the band you can do like I do with the sheet and stop bring it all the way together and that we will have all the full penis right here okay the third way I’m going to show you how I would talk to do it in the hotel it starts the same in that you pulled the power into the circuit I have a but then what you do is you take any folders about 3/4 of the way and then you fold in half this part over here start over here people visit ants and then you hold it under like that it makes a nice thick fold paper towel and it what’s really really nice sitting on the shelf in a hotel room bathroom well that’s my three ways of folding a towel I hope that you find it very useful and I hope try them all and find which method works best for you and if you liked the video please give me a thumbs up and don’t forget to subscribe I will have videos coming up with fairly regularly I’m hoping to do two or three a week and I hope to see Union suit thank you so much for watching have a wonderful day.

How can I Find which Towel is Heavier than the Other?

Just by holding two towels, you cannot determine the difference between them. The weight of both the towel might appear the same to you. But here is a secret thing which you must consider if you want to find which is heavier between them. The thing is GSM (Gram per Square Meter). That towel is considered to be thicker which has a high GSM, i.e., the towel is heavier, and similarly, the lighter towel has low GSM.

How to Fold Bath, Hand & Face Towels?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone so in this video I’m gonna show you how to fold a bath towel a hand towel and a face towel so right here I have two nice stacks like Tamiya they look like they’re perfectly folded they look like their department store ready or I just got them from the store and I came back and they’re still folded like they originally were I’m gonna show you that it’s not that hard to create the same fold inside of your linen closet with all your Linens.

So let’s start with the bath towel okay the bath towel.

I love folding towels I feel like they’re so easy to do it’s like instant satisfaction like every time I fold laundry I look forward to folding towels because they’re so easy and it’s just like a rectangle and you’re folding it and it just comes out perfect every time alright so the first thing you want to do when you have a bath towel is fold it in half so fold it this way just like that and then take it flip it forward and fold it in thirds so one two just like that and then you want to flip it down so just flip it like in half just like that then you’re left with the pretty fold in the very front of the towel now if I stacked this on top of another two folded towels you would see it’s uniform the stack looks like it’s all like perfectly folded and stuff and it really didn’t take that much time or effort so a lot of people when they’re folding towels they like to just like fold them in half fold and a half again and then fold them in half again like keep folding them but then you don’t get that pretty fold in the very front of the towel so if you do that you can get that pretty look alright.

So twofold a hand towel it’s very similar it’s not exactly the same but it’s kind of similar what we’re gonna do here is to take your hand towel just like this and fold it into thirds just like this.

And then what you can do now it depends on how wide your shelves are inside your linen closet or wherever you’re storing your towels you can either fold it in half just like that now my linen closet has 12-inch shelves so it’s very shallow so this is too long so what I do is I fold it into thirds so take this I fold it down once and then I take this and I fold it again so basically I’m folding the towel into thirds and then into thirds again just like that and you get that pretty fold in the very front of the towel so then I come to stack this you can see that it’s all uniform it looks neat and it looks organized all right now when you’re folding your face cloth you’re basically going to do something very similar.

You have your towel and you are going to fold it into thirds one two just like that and then fold it into half just like that I think it that pretty fold in the very front then you can either stick it on top of your hand towels or stuck it in its own stack depending upon how many you have and depending upon the space in your linen closet all right now if you were hanging these same towels on your own like the rod above the toilet or next to the sink or behind of doors and think what I do is I always keep this thing fold I just cut the towel in the middle so i’ll pick it up and i’ll just put it under the rod just like that and then have it hang so if my if my arm was the rod they would just hang just like that and now with the tag I always just tuck them in you can always just cut them off I was just tuck them in and hide them so that’s what the bath towel and then pretty much do the same thing for the hand towel usually for the hand towel I just instead of folding in the in the last third I did i’ll just fold it in half and then hang it on the rock just like that let’s just I guess that’s kind of like a personal preference okay so that’s how I fold all of my towels in the linen closet I hope this video was helpful if you want more organizing videos and more tips you can visit my website at alejandro TV i’ll see you soon bye.

Can I Wash Bath Towels with other Clothes?

Yes, you can wash bath towels with other clothes. However, if you want your bath towels to be in better condition then you must wash only towels together at a time.

Does the Best Bath Towel easily fit in My Budget?

No matter what kind of towel you are willing to purchase, they will easily fit in your budget that too in the best way. In fact, in the same budget, you can get yourself your favorite color and size in the bath towel. If your vanity is feeling lonely, you can get a set of bath towels in the budget you might have decided.

Final Verdict

The bath towel is one of the main necessities products you just need right after a shower. Without an amazing and relaxing bath towel you might feel incomplete after an amazing shower and so will your bathroom. So, when you take such immense care of yourself by managing your branded clothes, sandals, how can you forget the best bath towel to make your skin feel happy?

To find the perfect bath towel that matches your wish, you might have gone through the above buying guide and frequently asked questions. They might have enriched your mind with the stuff you weren’t aware of. Now you have a complete guide with yourself which will help you in getting the type of bath towel you have always desired. After all, when we get our desired thing, it makes us and our living happy and excited.

So, what are you waiting for? Make the best use of the knowledge you have grabbed to get yourself the best bath towel.

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