Best Transformers Toys Buying Guide for 2023

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Are you a Transformers fan?

Does your kid want to be as amazing as the Transformers?

Is your child fond of ‘Bumblebee’ or ‘Megatron’ and want to see them?

Do you wish to make one of the best transformers toy collection ever in your family?

Transformers are ruling the world ever since they have made their best efforts in saving the planet. This has attracted the hearts of many people towards them. Most of the people are their huge fans inclusive of small kids as well as adults. Looking after the high fan following, the Transformers launched their toys so that their fans can enjoy playing with them. But, due to high competition, it is quite difficult to find the best Transformers toys. So, to reduce your research, we have listed below the following points you must consider before purchasing the best Transformer toys for yourself or your kids.

Let’s have a look at them.

Watch the latest video review: Studio Series Transformers

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s up my peoples and go hear the freakin geek himself and today we will be reviewing the transformer as a studio series Voyager Class Sentinel Prime so here we are.

There he is I’m first and foremost as always we’ll take a quick look at today so our frontier we have Sentinel Prime looking all Sentinel e and Bernie from Transformers a dark oh the moon is named Sedna Prime transform are the Box we have sent to nail prime on the other side of the box we have a nice close-up of Sentinel Prime is hey boys your classic I said you’re late.

Voyager hey Plus have your head on a glass say hey Jack Oh Transformers Dark of the Moon on the bottom words things of barcodes on the back of the box you have your oblique Ettore products on you have a very brief buyer if you want to read it that’s basically it for that’s like a drink then moving right along here we have Sentinel Prime as he appeared in Transformers Dark of the Moon and before anybody starts typing yes i’ve seen the DNA kits for him and bumblebee and blackout yes I have it on pre-order so yes.

We will take a look at it whenever it comes out don’t worry about that but let’s take a look at Sentinel Prime him so fine here he is and his fire truck mode and the one thing that I don’t like about this figure my biggest criticism of this figure is just the coloration this needed some more color just really needed some more color the only real paint on it is some red some life a little bit of silver and a little bit of black other than that it’s all just this dark brown color and it’s just it’s not working for me not really working for me definitely needed some better coloration but oh well it is what it is and if you’re a customizer you could probably hook this thing up and make it look amazing but as is and not crazy about the coloration on this finger but moving it alone let’s get in closer so we can take a look.

That’s all the details you see you have some nice titted transparent plastic there for the windshield and the windows here on the side you get some things and stuff some stuff and things get low side view mirrors here.

And black see there’s some nice molded detail just not pick down with paint unfortunately beside some red going down the side but a white 316 yes I know 316 wheels there you got some ladders and whatnot up top you have some more accoutrement going on again oh this wonderful detail going on here and again I never just picked out in pain.


But there is the top there is the bottom he does roll eyes rolling things should write for rolling person here he is with studio series crime here he is with Meg’s I don’t have the original Voyager Sentinel but I do have the the old leader class version here so you can see how that works out and you see the coloration on the leader class version see I just like this one so much better I mean accurate or not it just looks better to me it does you know actual black you know there’s some things picked out you got the greys going on see this looks a lot better to me again just my personal opinion but.

Now as far as articulation goes this suction here is on a hinge you can raise that up.

Do what you want there doesn’t rotate it just moves up and down if you want to or if you just wanted to sit flush you see this bowl toasting-fork there you just push that down no just sit flat against the roof of the truck there but uh yeah that is pretty much it’s for the vehicle mode so let’s get down to transformation shall we let us begin so first thing that you want to do is you want to take this section here and just fold it up on this tab in right there take your side view mirrors and just push those down like so and now we can split the back which will help you get all of this undone see one think it’s a little simpler here it’s gonna grab hold kind of start wiggling things around and undo all that’s that’s slide down then come here and undo the side let’s have that bring all that down and the other thing we want to do before we do anything else is take these sections here pop those off pop those off put those off to the side and now his crotch suction is tabbed up in here she just wants to kind of pull that out and just bring that down and now we will work on his legs so what you want to do here is you want to grab hold those foot and pull this whole section up like that this will rotate around and then you can just bring up his toes bring this down that will tab in right there like so and then we come to the back this panel here will just tap into the back of his leg this section will come up and this section will rotate forward and this will tab in right here into the side of his leg like so then we have a leg all done second boss just like the first so just on dab that bring it up rotates toesies set that back in have that panel in bring that up bring this over tap it in and there you have his legs all done so at this point now you want to grab hold of his hands.

They’re pegged in here’s just unpack them and just untap them from each other like so and then you just want to kind of tuck them down to untap them and bring them out to the side just pull it down bring it out to the side then you can bring this section down which will allow you to get this panel on tab because otherwise it is not easy to get that on tab it’s going to there untap all of this once you do that you want to rotate this whole assembly 180 like so so once we’ve it done that’s we can take the whole crux your region here and just bring that back and up all right so we can take this section here its panel bring it up and this will tab in right up in here so just tab that in and we’ll leave that there for now and we will continue to work on the Z up I wouldi so you want to take his head and bring it up and this whole assembly here is kind of on a rocker so you just want to just rock that downward like so and that will enable these sections here to tab in like that and then we take these sections here tab right there.

Let’s bring that forward tab it in just piece tab that in and we can bring his arm down on peg is a shoulder pad here and bring that up now you have a site all done second glass is just like the first bring that tab down up now we have his arms all done and then we come back here and we just split this down the middle like so and this section here you can see a little tab well i’ve been right there to secure all of that’s in place make sure everything is a nice the squozen and there we go there we have Sentinel Prime in his robot oh oh and one more little thing one more little thing you have to do is these little uh these little bits right here when it sips you come out now.

Unfortunately on mine for some reason like his waste just doesn’t want to stay put like it just wants to he has a problematic crotch and I can never get it to stay in I don’t know if I’m just doing something wrong I maybe wouldn’t be the first time won’t be the last I don’t know but it’s crotchless want to stay in place too well but and that’s he still looks pretty dang good in his robot mode still not a fan of the dark brown but you know what he looks a lot better in robot mode than he does in his vehicle mode and I will give him that I think he looks quite quite good so let’s get in closer so we can take a look now at his stomach but that’s that’s no game bears it see really nicely done face sculpt there nice and accurate to the movie nice bright blue there for the eyes get some silver there on the face and that red also so very nicely done head sculpt just you can see you down that red to get a little bit of silver going on in there oh that’s a nice detail yeah it’ll be nice if it was you know picked out and some other colors other than just dark brown but ya know it is what it is Oh although you do get some pretty nice details going on and those are pretty good there’s big Oh feets no one’s backing and saying it low so no like wings or cape or whatever that’s supposed to be going on there a little bit of a backpack but not too bad now articulation wise yet is on a ball-joint I believe yet a little bit but not too much mystery shape of his head you can look up a little bit can’t really look down and it can rotate it’s only but so much before is all the old chin whiskers gotta get in the way you can’t get his head turned a little bit arms into a full 360 they can move in and out.

Yeah rotation right about the elbow yeah a bit over 90 degrees of bends at the elbow you do have wrist rotation you don’t have anything at the waist um if you untie all of this then you can get to land all there more waist movement but not too much they get they’re going on like four words you can do the big boots back only that far before the butt flaps get in the way outward he can do the full splits you got a rotation right above the knee 90 degrees of bend out to the knee and the feets um they can’t really move up they can move down to the transformation and that that is.

Basically it now as far as weaponry goes we have these two panels here and what you do is you flip out these little sections here you connect them together and there you have as big old double bladed sword here which again nice detail but uh you know again just under that dark brown which just looks good but hey the DNA kits is gonna give us a new sword as well as a shield and his uh his rust gun.

So hey DNA’s got us covered but you just split it in half and just feed one half into his head it’s quite snug together like so areas with his double bladed sword of a murder justice tree tourism so there you have that.

Now come by Russ what here he is with studio series Optimus Prime there he is with duck of the moon Meigs.

And here he is with the original leader class well he can tell you who he is yeah you are and of course the last thing to talk about is the including the base of display of wishes in the box now you open it up and there you have the streets of Chicago torn asunder and we had the Transformers dr. Loe goes through a series of 61 is all that good stuff.

I think so no I just pop them down right there as always it’s a nice display option if you want to take advantage of it so there you go so there you have Sentinel Prime and molding wise this figure looks fantastic just so screen accurate looks really good my biggest complaint about the figure though is all the dark brown plastic it does not do him any favors whatsoever so that’s my biggest gripe with this figure is just the coloration you know that’s where I feel this is the one aspect of the figure that I feel needed the most improvement but although it is a solid figure you know like the crotch section on mine doesn’t like to stay in – well I don’t know if I’m just doing something wrong or it’s just my copy I’m not sure about that but that it’s a really well-done figure in my opinion all things aside so there you go now if you would like this or any other studio series toys you can always check out big bad boy for availability there’ll be a link in the description down below so you can check that out you can also check out my studio serious playlist for any reviews you may have missed also linked in the description down below so you can check that out as well and I think that’s it so don’t forget to check out any muck out love peace per normal follow me on Twitter all that good stuff down in the.

Description below and I think that’s pretty much all there is to say so there is the Transformers a studio series Voyager Class a Sentinel Prime and this is him go saying remember you don’t stop playing because you grow old you grow old me cuz you stop playing hey geek be proud I can’t believe i’ve been gone for so long and I can’t believe you.

Single-handedly stopped the war Ross yes I did there all by myself just just me with no one’s help that’s amazing you’re a truly a great leader yes yes I am he is so lying to you hey don’t make me bury an axe in your face i’ll do it he’s a liar he’s a Decepticon he lies you know that’s what they do they lie but not us no Autobots don’t lie I mean you you would never lied to media when you Sutton all right I mean right.

The Buying Guide of Best Transformers Toys for 2023


Transformer toys are way far better than just playing. They are likely to be converted from robots to an amazing vehicle within minutes. Although this might appear easy at times it is difficult to use. Especially for the small kids, using a Transformers Toy can be one of the difficult tasks.

If you are planning to purchase or gift a Transformers toy to your kids, then first you must consider their age. Children of small age group can find it difficult to transform a Transformers toy into a vehicle. The kid is likely to hurt himself or swallow its parts. But, if your child is young or a teen, then this toy will be one of the perfect things he can have in life.

Highly Entertaining

Will you like to play with the toys that don’t provide you any fun? No! So, you must go for the toys which are truly fun to play with. The same is the case with small kids. For them, Transformers toys are a source of enjoyment no matter they are its fan or have recently started growing interest in it.

So, bring them one of the highly entertaining Transformers toys and let them show the best of their creativity and make their own transformer stories with fun.


Before going for a Transformers toy, the main thing that you must consider first is its ‘Quality’. If you are willing to purchase low-quality toys, then you are just wasting your money. If you are heartily interested to purchase a Transformers toy and want to make it your kid’s lifelong partner, then undoubtedly you must head towards a good quality Transformers toy.


Are you likely to purchase a Transformers toy without knowing what the purchasers think about it? If no, then reviews are one of the best places where you can know what exactly the purchasers felt while using it. You must go through bunches of reviews before making a final decision to purchase the toy which your kid likes. This will enrich your mind with the best Transformers toys available in the market and the ones which are highly liked by the users.

Child Preferences

If you are willingly purchasing the Transformers toy for your kid, then you must be aware of his preference in it. Many parents go for the toys according to their liking without thinking about their child. However, there are no chances that the child will not like it, but if you purchase the one which matches their liking will surely be loved by them.


Wow! I purchased one of the best Transformers toys with additional features.

Does the above sentence look exciting to you? You will be delighted to know that there are some Transformers toys which come with additional features. These additional features can be new features within the toy or with the toy. Sometimes, with the toy, you can get additional accessories which makes them look more fascinating than the others. But, before purchasing the toy, you must ensure the product’s compatibility with your toy and whether the price that is being charged is worth it or not.


You must consider the materials used before purchasing the Transformer toys. Nowadays, these toys are generally made from good quality material which ensures that they are unbreakable even after many years of their usage. They are even unlikely to be damaged even though you practice your favorite avenger’s movie scenes at your home or garden.

A Bit of education

Transformer toys are not just for playing but can teach your kids some beneficial things. Every transformer toy requires a bit of knowledge to move it or convert it into a perfect vehicle. This enriches the mind of the kids and lets them tune their motor skills too. Thus, it is true that a bit of education is mandatory to use the Transformers toys.


There are many situations where you can end up getting fake toys. These fake toys aren’t durable enough, are of the worst quality, and sheer wastage of your precious money.

Now, you might think that you can find out the difference between real and fake toy. However, finding the difference is not as easy as it looks. Before purchasing the product, you must do complete research about the product, its brand, and its artwork. This will help you in avoiding any kind of duplicity while purchasing the toy.

Type of Purpose – Collectible or Just a Toy

There can be several reasons for you to purchase a Transformers toy. It can be for your purposes or your kid.

Many people purchase the product on the bases of maintaining a good collection of it. Such people usually keep their boxes unopened. So, you can think about purchasing an expensive one. But, if you are purchasing it as a toy for your kid, then it is likely that your kid might want to get bored of it in some time. Thus, before investing your money in purchasing a Transformers toy, you must be aware of the reason you are purchasing it for.

Consider Recently Launched Product

Rather than going for an old Transformers toy, you must consider purchasing the toy which has been recently launched. Old products lack features and don’t look much fascinating.

On the other hand, if you purchase a recently launched product it is considered to be more effective than those older products. The newly launched products have updated designs and features, are more attractive, and easily fits in your budget.

Want – Easy to Use or Complex to Use

Due to a lack of knowledge, transformer toys result to be difficult to use. Some toys require 2 to 3 steps to convert themselves into a different figure, while some require approximately 14 or above steps to convert themselves. Thus, be considerate about your potential before purchasing this highly definite toy.

Video Review: Transformers Toys Studio Series 46

Video Transcript:

Dropkick Sydney here the freakin beak himself and today we will be reviewing the transformer is a studio series deluxe class dropkick so here we are and there he is and first and foremost as always we’ll take a quick look to the packaging it’s right up front here we have drop take a look an old drop deke from the bumblebee movie his name is dropkick transformers on this side of the box we have the box we have the drop kick again is it deluxe classic let’s do this a classic blue heart class a bumblebee on the bottom words things that barcodes on the back of the box you have your oblique Ettore product shots and you have your one sentence bio if you want to read it in multiple

Languages hooray for languages and that’s basically it for the packaging then moving right along here we have dropkick in his car form as we saw it in the bumblebee movie and here is the vehicle mode and dropkick here is a 1974 AMC Javelin and the only reason I know that is because they put it on the box otherwise I would have known and I don’t care anyway I’m sure the car guys in the comment section are still gonna debate over what kind of make it model this is because it happens every time I’m not a car guy I don’t care either way

Hey close we can take a look at the details you can see out front we have some nice silver trim sums over there for the headlights and the silver engine block right there number thirteen transparence windshields and windows got the skull and crossbones there on the side

Another nice blue and black paint scheme and the back you know the taillights picked out in silver and Rud and there’s a top there is a mother it does roll as always thank you a for rolling actually rolled quite sneaky too so there you have lots and for comparison here he is with Studio Series bumblebee

Movie bumblebee with bumblebee movie Optimus Prime with dropkicks helicopter self they have both of his modes and with his partner-in-crime

Shutter and they look pretty good together so there you go now as far as accessories go

He only includes one you just get his weapon right here it is cast in black plastic what those have some pretty nice detail molded in looks quite cool yeah there’s bottom it does store on the vehicle mode you have a little notch right here which just plugs over the spoiler like so and there is your storage now I know somebody’s gonna ask because yes it does look like it it does look like this should fit right in here in this opening but no no it’s it’s too big for that and i’ve tried every way there is to try it just doesn’t it doesn’t fit it looks like it should the toy looks like that’s the perfect spot for it but you know if you do it just kind of pushes everything apart and doesn’t know it doesn’t work maybe there is some way to store it up in here or something I don’t know could be one of those hidden features that everybody knows about but me because that always seems to be the case of what as far as anything i’ve tried it doesn’t fit under there that I know of anyway so that is it for the vehicle mode so let’s get down to transformation shall we so first thing we will do is we will just open up the doors like so once we do that we on tab these side sections pretty much will come on down on their own and just kind of raises up and goes up get those out of the way you want to come back here and just splits these side sections here and the legs the thigh is the back of the thighs tab in up in here so he was kind of pull that down and that will help just get everything undone here and down down and just bring that down like so then you just push on these sections right here that undoes all that’s urns we can extend all this here on multiple changes and it’s we can get going so we’re gonna do the legs first so just take this section here let out rotate it and push it back in when i swell wrap around tap in back there bring them down the foots now you have a leg all done second bus just like the first pull that out rotate push it back in bring that back tap in right back there hold down the foots and there you have the legs all done so now we move on to the upper body here you take these sections here with his arms and these will just rotate up like so these fenders will just flip back and you want to bring this section down and this will clip in right up in here so he just get everything situated push it down and that will clip in just like that and you bring that up that will tab in there like so and keep all that nice and secure so you just bring his arms down for now so now we just take this whole roof assembly here just angle that back so

Take the central portion here of the hood and just flipped that around to reveal the head oh then all this will just drop it down and you just push it back onto tabs there on the chest which I think I got believe so okay so we got that and as far as all this goes you just flip the section in let this suction in and then this just collapse down onto his back think of those door wings have you once take this panel here and you just bring it up on this double hinge tab in right there flip out the hand

There you go suck of us just like the fast you guy and bring this around will usually bring out the hand with it that’s it in get the handouts and do at the door wings and I think we’re done are we done yes we’re done we’re done and there you go there you have dropped dick in his robot mode and I definitely like this version better than the helicopter version I really have a major problem with the helicopter drop thing but this one definitely looks a lot more like what we saw in the movies I do like it a bit more itself so we go take a look – just that is no gain this thing pretty nicely done face sculpt there you get some beauty little red eyes going on what a pretty good looking I had to sculpt you got some old detail there on the chest

You’re good some detail a little bit of gunmetal gray in there lots of detail there in the abdomen we got some gunmetal gray and silver and red there tail lights you can get some gunmetal gray up in here and the feet as well back

Yeah pretty clean you know it’s a typical you know roof of the car ends up on his back transformation but not too bad I even get some mould of detail here on the insides of the doors which looks pretty cool so yeah now articulation wise the earth is on a ball-joint I believe yeah little bit a little bit a wiggly waggle you can look up very very slightly you look down very slightly good good rotate can do a full 360 arms can do a full 360 the shoulders on mine are really snug like really snug I think that the shatter they were like make the shoulders as stiff as possible make sure they won’t fall off and add these definitely are falling off these are like a little too snug but shoulders can do a full 360 they can move in and out you get your rotation right at the elbow itself ninety degrees of bend at the elbow as far as wrist movement you just get that inward movement due to

Transformation nothing at the waist legs come over forward that far you can do the big boots back that far outward that far it’s a bit of a thigh rotation 90 degrees of a bend there out to the knee and the feets can move all the way up if you need them to there’s a hinge there and a hinge here as well so you have your up and downward movement there as well as upward movement there if you need it and that is it there’s no tilt adjust your upward and downward

Movements and of course we can give him his weapon and you can plug this onto either hand how this works is you just flip his hand in and there is a tag right there and again you can do this on either side the tabs there and there’s just a little notch right in there and you just take it and just flip it on like so there you go that looks pretty cool a cap you bang your pew bang bang and splatter some humans it’s like a div in the movie so there you have that’s under now for young bear a son here he is with bumblebee

Here he is with prime here he is with helicopter dropkick you can see how that works out again this one is definitely my favorite of the two and here he is with shudder there you go

And of course like with every other studio series figure your new daddy included my drop which is the box and you open it up and you have the gas station there that shattering dropkick crash-land into in the movie studio series 46 transformers bumblebee movie logo and we can take dropkick and just plop them down right there as always it’s a nice little display option if you want to take advantage of it so there you have a dropkick and like I said earlier definitely like this version better than the helicopter version because it’s just more indicative of what we saw in the movie itself and I’m assuming since we have both versions of dropkick now eventually we’re gonna get shatters Arial old form also but as far as drop peak goes yeah very nicely done very nice solid figure in my opinion so there you go now I picked this up from Hasbro pulse you can also get studio serious stories from big mad Toy Story dot-com up a link to their site in the description down below so you can check that out

You can also check out my studio series playlist for any reviews you may have missed also linked in the description down below so you can check that out as well and I think that’s it so don’t forget to check out mm check out Laurie plan follow me on Twitter all that good stuff down in the description below and I think that’s pretty much all there is to say so there is the Transformers a studio series deluxe class drop pick and this is em go saying remember you don’t stop playing because you grow old you grow old because you stop playing me geek be proud

Yes ah we finally found you and now now I’m gonna have to kill you

We don’t worry i’ll make it quick yeah I know it’s your movie

I’m the Prime

FAQs about the Best Transformers Toys for 2023

What Exactly is a Transformers Toy?

Transformers toys are one of the craziest toys in the world for the kids. They are Transformers Franchise’s action toys. These toys are highly liked by people of every age and have made the childhood amazing of many generations from the past 30 years. Starting from Optimum Prime to Starscream, every hero and villain can be seen in the form of a toy.

What Kind of Skills can Children Adapt to this Game?

With the fact that your kids love these robots and are aware of their names, there are varied skills which they are likely to learn from these toys. If your kid is small, with regular practice he will learn the ways he can use the features of the toy to achieve the desired results. Even, their brain will get sharper in understanding the ways their robot can be converted into a vehicle.

On the other hand, teenagers or elder children are likely to create their personal imaginative stories while playing them. They gain knowledge about their different creativities and build them in a specified structure which will create amazing directors of Transformers in the future.

Are the Transformer toys the Best?

Transformers will always be superheroes in front of your kids whether they win or lose in the movies. This excites the minds of kids to be like one of them and get a chance to play with them. Playing with them always leaves a deep but good impact on the minds of kids and makes Transformers to be one of the best robotic toys ever.

Can the Transformers Toy be Violent for Your Kid?

Yes, at times these toys can be violent for your kid. In such a situation, it is advisable to purchase the toy which suits the best to your kid’s age. This will prevent any kind of mishappening with your kid even when you are not around.

Video Tutorial on LEGO Transformers Optimus Transformers Bumblebee

Video Transcript:

Hi guys this is our of less than ye and here is Optimus Prime from Transformers bumblebee or the bun will be movie and yeah it’s been a while but here is my finale for all that bumblebee movie builds I have planned to do.

I’m really happy how he turned out and I definitely saved the best for last and I plan to do something an overview video showing off all my b-movie builds all at once I have made the five main characters and two extra bonuses and I think I’m very happy how this lineup turned out yeah once again I’m glad to save the best for last he’s easily my favorite of all the bumblebee movie builds i’ve made and also my favorite transformer made this year well so far even though he’s not my newest.

Transformer that I do have five other bills to show off since I’m kind of falling behind because I I made these prototypes over the summer and I decided to put link them all at once and so this month we’ll have a lot of content which is a good thing but I’m why he’s my favorite transformer made this year he’s not he’s not enough to beat my number one favorite which is still my movie up in his prime my new version and it’s been fun making him their lot piers of slow and fast building cuz they got like stuck pretty frequently but it was much faster than Blitzwing the build process his engineering is a combo like evasion mode Prime in my recent blitz wing builds and just like with blitz wing you’ve relied a lot on a3 a model figure um because I really want to nail those details in a robot mode and make them as accurate as possible and yeah in the description I do have this diet that IO file.

Oh yeah the start his truck mode he is a 1985 freight liner cab over and this is pretty much the closest you can get to a g1 Prime for me considering I stick to movie designs and this is his earth mode and I seen at the end of the movie I didn’t I don’t want to bother with a Cybertronian mode is that it doesn’t show up in a movie and it’s pretty much his earth mode with the different wheels and smokestacks.
For raw food truck motors actually the weaker the two modes I really like it it definitely has more more recent style wear which might turn people off or there’s a lot hinges and reverse studs and stuff but as long as it keeps the shape of the vehicle and there’s no random color sticking out it worked for me especially the back here.

The front is easily the best part it’s really clean the front windshield I kind of stole this off my evasion mode prime design and the geometry worked perfectly and the front grille bumper as you can see it kept the gray stripe running through it is broken up a bit here because of like all these uh hinges and stuff but it’s fine and coming into the back all this is a nice long bed it’s like that in an actual truck little red sticking out and you have you actually actually did fit in the taillights here and the trailer hitch this will be important later on and yeah just a nice solid truck mode delayed the one my least favorite parts design wise is the gas tanks I tried to replicate the gas tanks like the curved shape but this actually plays an important role in for what mode that’s why it looks kind of ugly other than that I got that.

Backboard this is also important in the robot mode that’s how it’s a bit messy but it’s still a single color and yeah how much special the only downside for this truck mode like physically is that this part will droop down but as long as the trucks on the ground that won’t happen because I’m say that ball joint here isn’t tapped into anything the bottom is actually that you can’t really tell much robot stuff going on here and as always you can roll around which is nice and giving a 360 in my turntable I should probably get something I like thing on the bottom but I think it’s fine you see is a nice truck ran out for a size comparison via ravage you got a may fear this is se a purist version of Charlie I’m not very happy with the hair at the moment is a tiny turbo changers toy man over here we have the studio series Voyager which is not completely accurate to the truck that was in the movie I do highly recommend this figure um even though it does kind of stand out in my collection since I don’t have any other.

We’ll be movie studio serious figures next we have my B movie bumblebee even though these two weren’t seen in the these forms together and here is crime with blood swing a bus wing is like massive and jet moving red to my other bills and their vehicle modes especially all the cars and trucks when here’s is my first trilogy movie prime um I didn’t transform my last night prime I think it’s still storage but yeah the scale here is an accurate um b-movie private truck mode should be a lot smaller compared to the Peterbilt they’re about the same height and this prime is a little bit longer.

Other than that they look you can see the clear differences I do still prefer this this design of primer.

She’s probably why he’s still my favorite transformer and one final feature uh ever since I started building I really wanted this to be possible but here we have primes Charlie from dark in the moon this is the one of it last year that turns into the armory if we didn’t if you didn’t know it is actually compatible with this prime so um you take this little pin here and just goes right into the hitch like on my movie prime and then just get it in there and it looks perfect.

Oh yeah the perfect homage to g1 and his uh his how he was the end of the movie and everything is still role um yeah I love I love this compatibility and I don’t usually choose my future.

Transformers in my current videos well I did back then a little bit but here’s my next build i’ll be showing off and here is bumblebee from the first Transformers movie as the old Camaro and this could also work as the Camaro from a bumblebee even though the raw mode is different and yeah you just put it here and you can have the final scene of the movie I just need to make a giant Lego bridge but they look great this will this guy will be my next video I think i’ll be with a perfect transition from the knight birth and back into the bay verse from me yeah now into the transformation and I didn’t I didn’t really base mine off this TV series toy because that one was kind of hard to copy so it is my own transformation pretty much but this is a smoothest out of all my phone will be move.

Transformers i’ve made in terms of transformation I want to be fun and minimized stud friction that you’ll see there a minim there aren’t too many steps that require you to rotate tiny bits and instead this guy mostly relies on folding and shifting hinges and ball joints and whatever and let’s start so first of all coming into the back of course this part will flop down and I’m going to start with the legs first actually coming up to here just film fold the trailer hitch one of the legs is gonna have a trailer hitch on it so just separate like that and now you can pull the legs apart like this bring up this section this will become this whole hip skirt area and like that and I come over to here rotate these sections around and shift them in fold it up to reveal the vents I wanted to hide them in truck mode I think that works and like this fold it down and then fold these sections up a little bit and fold out the kneepads.

It’s a little bit too and for coming down to hear the actual feet are hiding like like inside here and full of this outwards and coming into the back you want to fold this section up this section will fold upwards to fold like that and same for this side since there’s a hitch here it’s not gonna fold in as much as the other side like that and I coming over to here split these this section here will rotate up fold this down shift it.

And you just after you shift this up a little bit you want to fold this panel back on to the back here and then same for this side you want to shift it upwards a little bit because when you shift it down

I wanna this thing is like flush to this section to avoid the wheels I’m scraping on this part on the ground so you just um fold this around fold this and this filled out the back nicely and those are the legs and next we got to do is fold these little panels outwards you want to rotate this 180 I guess is a very truck mode here rotate these sections around like that you’re revealing the lights and these long side skirts and then coming over to here this front bumper section you can fold it up and grab it and shift it out this will give you the clearance actually first you got to do is on this hard fold down and inside here you got it on tab this from the bottom of the arms here like that and in case you want to know for when you actually do build him this stud actually tabs into these two these two studs happen to here under the arms here I chose I really helpful and you want to shift these uh wheels as far back as possible and now this section can hold it up it’s gonna pass through the bumpers here just like this.

And like this and then setting him onto the ground lower position you want to come up to these panels fold them up and pulling this section out over a real a stripe here I like how that covers that and rotate this forward and fold this up as tight as possible like that and coming in down here fold this down grab the side section just like the g1 typical transformation.

You’re gonna wiggle all this out that’s really cool.

My god I have to work and we’re going to deal with the arms and rotate this out here and like this fold this forward take this panel here rotate this up and rotate it like that onto the top of the shoulder and fold this down I’m gonna rotate the arms to this side coming into the back this part is really cool with this panel it rotates around like this and in this section we’ll wrap on to the back like that.

That’s one arm which is really easy and now for the other arm same thing rotate this upwards rotate this to the top of the shoulder fold this out through this forward shift this down and I rotate this around like that and then I fold this on to the back coming back here you see the head over here in order to free up the head.

You’re gonna have to open up the chest you see that black bit here that’s when the chest closes it locks that into place so you just got to open this and open that and you want to take this whole section and fold it upwards just as far up as it can go on this um hinge inside here and then bring all this up as you can see it pulled the whole head section upwards – and you want to be really careful of this has a chest as open as possible yeah this is a much looser connection the typical bull joint sockets like these and then you just grab this and you just want to rotate this 180 fold the head up for clearance just like that and then once it is set onto the ground.

The studs here and the studs here well this the studs here will sit below and just flat area and fold it like that it kind of locks in it’s interesting and then now we want to have fold these sections upwards and rotate to the front here first thing I do is just rotate the head around an angle it up and close the chest here not all the way down but enough to create that gap like in the model and then coming into the back here you’ll see these little tabs.

They’ll just fold in they keep a chest angle in place and move the arms as far out as possible and this is the.

Interesting part you’re probably wondering where all this grille part goes but it actually unfolds inwards like this the whole the whole section here accordions actually you want to free these sections up first.

Rotate these fold them up I’m gonna rotate these fold them up he’s looking really chubby right now like a chunga’s Prime or something shift this inwards shove this in words and then coming into the back here you want to shut these out and ship this out fold it up pull this up this section is gonna fold down like this on the ball joint that’s just top section here.

And then the chest will actually sink into here and this section here would rotate upwards so as you can see it kind of folds into onto itself the whole front of the truck is like hidden inside and this part kind of comes back around which is nice.

And the further that it’s when I sit right there it doesn’t tab and then bringing up the waist area I’m just gonna pull this down in like that and I fold the skirts down like this.

Make sure everything’s straightened up that now coming into the back you want to fold this inwards shift this inward pull this out and then same for this side to fold it up just want the wheels to pass through like that and these are gonna sit right into here the geometry is perfect for the bumper to actually fold up into here gonna wiggle them a little bit because the nubs cause some clearance issues like that and then you want to fold this down and fold this section down put this back here and then this is this little thing hanging out here we’re going to deal with this right now

Coming into the little area fold it shift these sections out this is a backboard and truck mood this is going to rotate 180 once again I use the same connection of the clips so it’s not as stiff and coming over to here this is gonna climb all the way up here and where the head is these two sections are just going to slot a filling in this whole area just like that like that sitting there and then the head is gonna just rock forward a bit like that and now you can take these sections fold it in and the final bed this is my least favorite part because it’s not as smooth as other sections you want to deal with these uh front wheels first guide do is rotate them 180 it’s a bit stiff because it relies on friction this is doesn’t want a few sections that actually realize on friction for the.

Transformation and then rotate this just 180.

These have to be stiff in order to keep in order for them to be upright and truck mode for the front wheels and now they’re rotated 180 you want to fold these sections in like this and they’re gonna sit forever between the strut that holds this whole back section like that and like this yep and there you go that’s the whole back and then coming into the front make sure everything’s all positioned set that down.

And here’s Optimus finally in his robot mode this is easily my favorite of the two modes he looks very g1 esque and I tried really hard to get him as close to the 3a model as possible just like with blitz wing and I’m spinning him around you see all the details there’s no random thing sticking out I think I managed to keep him really clean in this mode and I started with details first of all its head it’s uh it’s based off my Starscream’s head from the bumblebee movie my previous one I based it off of that this is like the core of it it’s pretty interesting.

It wants him to have a pretty big head came braid to my movie prime because that one had to be small to fit in vehicle mode force a chest I love the shaping cuz I’m I base it off my invasion with prime got a lot of great here just this is not supposed to be a fake grill it’s gel see a little detail because I had to make the colors work in both modes and you got two little pouches whatever patches of red here is a waste I’m glad I got the little um center section next Li this is actually the kind of the correct angle and next I have the lights here tomaso g1 toy those are the reason why the gas tanks didn’t look good.

Vehicle mode because I want them to be the skirts here yeah and you can see the smoke sex here in their correct position you got a little the thing here like pseudo series Tori he does have the stripe running through I’m glad I did the shaping worked here because this was actually the fender in raw mode and the whole chunk of the truck actually goes into the shoulders like a wraps to the back and of course um his hands similar designed to my movie prime hands and they got that little dis thing it’s pretty iconic for its design and coming into the back this is my least fair part I really don’t like the wheel sticking out here because they’re not as accurate there those will be hit it in a way i’ve tried to squeeze them into here but the fenders here fit perfectly so these just kind of sit out here I guess it’s not too bad they don’t protrude as much and they it kind of reminds me it was designed for Prime and fall of Cybertron and our ID 15 and his upgraded form and Transformers Prime because they all have these wheels sticking out the back I’m glad I got the cylinder thing in I’d use the new half child to give that.

Impression and this I love how the panel’s fill in here and I even got the two circle things whatever those are and this isn’t not intentional I did get his butt plates in you can see they form an important tabbing part for a truck mode but they still I still look pretty accurate and it finds for the legs I’m glad I got the wheels here a little grill here a knee pad this little variety and offices detail.

I’m really happy how I got the actual circle disc here if forms his whole like panel that wraps around and the bottom was foot I got this little like a like a soul like a shoe or something and now for the pose ability he is very posable to the point where it just feels like an action figure he really messed around with him and get some nice poses and the heads on this t joint okay rotate forward and that it’s like that.

Shoulders are really good your rotate a full 360 on this ball joint you could even wrote a pretty far back cuz um there’s how the bumper sits creates a little indent that.

Like narrower than the shoulders so you can fold pretty far back with that you fold up but you can’t fold all the way out that speaker where this joint comes in so you can kind of do a tea pose or something and um besides that you can rotate here and you can rotate a more than that 45 degrees which is cool the hand he moved like that it’s mainly to position it correctly for vehicle mode and for the legs has a little side panels get in the way but they can easily be moved like this and you can fold this one out and you see these actual hips are there so you can do the splits actually I like that and you can move forward and the combination of both then oh another minor gripe I have with raw mode this part can actually flop back a bit it’s not locked into place but due to gravity it sits right there but if you want to like hang you upside down or do something dumb like it will not stay in place and then continue our articulation knee it’s a almost 90 degrees pretty close I think that’s good enough and coming into the toes I’m do the transformation need is a really good ankle tilt you can move back and forward ends I mean even some toe articulation they’re just not really intended just man I forgot do the transformation he actually does have an ab crunch which is kind of interesting you could bend over all the way this is it’s really it’s very rare my transformers have one it’s not intended and you could also rotate the waist because that’s the rotate for transformation but in order to do that you have to move as a butt plates hud the way you actually have the shift am in words to provide clearance and then you gotta just you can rotate them like that just nice it’s not perfectly like parallel to the rest of his body but it works.

There’s only accessory as it says ion blaster pretty iconic space off his g1 gun I had a lot of fun making this game is shaping right especially the stock and like a little scope over here in this little detail.

It works just open up his fist here the handle kind just clips into is a thumb over here a little strange but it works like that then you just take two fingers get this one around and the little clip here supposed to be like the trigger can’t hold it in like that and girls with no problem.

Here’s another pose I have a bunch of these on my Instagram I’m not going to worry about going through all of these kind of a rollout size compare since we get ravaged she got it not charlie and here is with be 127 be is a little too short converted optimist in the final end credits scene when they’re in like the forest becomes a little higher than primes waste but I think it’s fine I’m ready prime is too big yeah so here’s Primus Starscream Prime’s obviously taller.

I didn’t bother want the chair.

Transformed Blitzwing for now but he has the same height of Starscream here’s with the studio series and tiny turbo changers toys years with Megatron from Revenge of the Fallen and here are my three movie Prime’s together from different movies and yeah they look good together I think in universe some bumblebee move plants don’t see much shorter but I think I think I did the best I could with the height because I want to make him scale out really to the chest because that’s what I started with when he made him and yeah it’s just that sevens still my favorite design but I still like this too was a nice hybrid between movie and a g1 primes and yeah just for fun.

He could still wield first trilogy Prime’s Energon bleeds and yeah I kind of like this look though I would imagine he would have an axe closer to g1 yeah so that’s it for this video I really hope you enjoyed Optimus here I’m more than pleased how he turned out and yeah I think I really nailed like the combo of this prime designs going forward with like the boxy g1 ish panels and all those a bay former mechanical details here and yeah he’s very smooth and clean in both modes and most importantly he has a fun transformation which about being honest and that my other b-movie change.

Pomerance haven’t really had that that’s the optimist here as a very fitting conclusion and easily my favorite transformer made this year so far I do have a lot more videos to show off more transformers I actually have I’m really behind in terms of videos so they might come out all at once so yeah I do have the studio file it’s in the description I might make some kind of like reverse registration guide or something because this guy is pretty easy to get back in a truck mode and yeah for my next video we’re gonna now we’re done with the night verse well for now and we’re going back to the bay verse with old Camaro be and i’ll catch you guys then.

You 127 I’m trying to sneak around but I’m dummy thick and the clap of my rear shock absorbers keeps alerting shockwave and the seekers.

Are the Transformer Toys Good for Your Kids to Play with?

Transformer movies have always been one of the best movies to date. They have fascinated the mind of kids, teenagers as well as adults especially towards the Transformers robots. This led to an increase in the demand for the Transformers robots. But are these Transformers toys or robots good for your child?

Transformer toys are known to enhance the child’s social skills and let them build a precious bonding with their siblings. Playing with the transformers with siblings and friends let them build a strong bond of togetherness with each other. This makes them feel more like a superhero in these games just like they wished to be while reading a comic book or cartoon.

Further, these toys impart entertainment and educational value to the students as they require knowledge to be used. Thus, purchasing one of the best Transformers toys for your kid will be a good option for you.

To Convert a Transformers Toy into a Vehicle, How Many Steps are Generally Required?

The steps required generally differ from one model to another. Some models require a minimum of 1 step while a complicated transformer model may take approximately 30 steps to convert itself into a vehicle.

Can Your Kid Play with Transformers Toys with his Friends and Siblings?

Playing with transformer toys that too with siblings or friends is one of the most enjoyable things. This lets the kids develop a special bond with their brothers and sisters and make them feel satisfied like one of the transformer superheroes.

Can Playing with the Transformers Develop Leadership Qualities in You?

As the technologies are advancing, the kids are adapting themselves more wisely to the technological environment. They are quite aware of the usage of the Transformers toys more than their parents. Playing with these toys have proved to develop their mind in a quite faster way. These kids start developing leadership qualities when they act in the same way just like in the movies. After all, they have to save their planet which is possible with the help of a great leader.

Which Transformers Toy Should I Buy for My Kid?

If you are willing to buy a transformer for your kid, then you have to be quite aware of your kid’s likings. For example, if your kid is the transformer’s action lover, then you must go for a modern figure of the transformer toy rather than the retro Transformer.

Can My 2 Years old Child Play with the Transformers Toy?

Yes, if your child is only 2 years old, he can play with the Transformers toy. There is no age limit in playing with these toys. However, if your child is this small, ensure purchasing the one which is compatible with his age so that he doesn’t swallow it or harm himself with it.

Children with the age of 6 years or old can become capable enough to make a collection of the best Transformers Toys for themselves.

Final Verdict

Transformers Toys are one of the best things which kids can ever have. Having one toy allows him to flaunt in front of his friends and become everyone’s favorite. If you are willing to buy a Transformers toy or gift one of them to your child, then you must go through the above-referred buying guide. This will help you in purchasing the best toy which will be highly adored by your child. And if you are a Transformers lover, the things to consider will help you in making one of the best collections to date.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your collection reach its peak and your child adore his favorite action hero in front of him.

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