Best Garden Hose Splitter Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you want to water plants in your garden easily?

Do you want to beautify your garden?

Do you want to work efficiently on the spigots?

If your answer to the above inquiries is yes, then all you need is a garden hose splitter for your garden.

Shortlist of the Best Garden Hose Splitter in 2021

Take a look at the table below to get a glimpse of the product you need.

Not only does it help you in making your garden look beautiful but it can easily work with each spigot and can quickly water the field. It spread the water in all directions with the help of its neck. Following are the best 10 garden hose splitter that you can consider buying:

Buying Guide for the Best Garden Hose Splitter in 2021

Non- crackable:

Before placing an order for your water hoses for gardens you must make sure that it is uncrackable and must perform efficiently without any pressure for about 0.8 MPa or leakage. Moreover, it must have an adjustable control of flow and also must be non-corrosive.

So that you do not face any issue regarding rust even if your product has been exposed to air or water for a longer duration.

For the unrivaled performance, your product must allow you to convert one hose into two and must have two valves so that you can have two sources for the water which makes it easy for you to use your product.

Universal Hose Connector:

Your product must have a universal hose connector so that it can work with most of the spigots. Your product must be strong enough to not get clogged or even corrode easily.

For the secure connection, your garden hose conductor must have a wide neck grip and also must have a convenient two-way system so that you can have dual sources of water which makes your works get done faster.

The nozzle of your product must be so strong that when mishandled it must not get a break. Furthermore, it must have the feature of rotating through 360 degrees so that it can water in all directions.


Before placing an order for the garden hose connector you must ensure that it has the function of easy gripping with the help of the thermoplastic lever and it must make a hassle-free experience for you when you water your garden. To prevent leakage make sure that your product has installed the ball valves.

It must have a grip made of rubber so that it does not get rust on it. The standard size of your product must be 3/4 inches so that it can be easily used on the spigots. Your hose connector must also contain the O ring seals.


You must make sure that your product is allowed by your budget and must offer you most of the features at an affordable price. It must be light in weight so that you can carry it from one place to the other easily and also must be designed with a material that is eco-friendly.

Your outdoor faucet splitter must be easy for you to install without introducing any complications. It must not take much time of yours to set up. It must be easily installed by twisting on the parts and must not require any special skill or tools.

7 extra washer:

Your product must have at least 7 extra watches to avoid the leakage issue. Furthermore, it must be strong enough that if you drop it on a hard surface it should not get shattered. The handles of your product must be long and smooth so that it makes a comfortable experience for you while watering your garden.

Moreover, your product must have leakage-proof gaskets and connections as well to increase the efficiency of the use of water. The process of installation must be easy and the connectors must be made up of tin alloy so that it offers a smooth flow of water without any break.


Before placing an order for your product you must make sure that it is durable and you can use it for a longer duration. Without any need of swapping your product must have connectors of about 20 millimeters in diameter so that the sprinkler and hoses get a place in the right manner.

To prevent your product from getting frozen in the winter it must have the TPR rubber and along with that, it must withstand any weather condition with a comfortable grip. Your product must also be sturdy and should possess the coating of rubberized.

High quality:

It is important to consider that the material used in your garden hose splitter must be of high quality. You must look for a 3-way faucet splitter that is made up of brass or metal so that it is durable and does not get burst even though you are working under high pressure.

It must be strong enough so that if you drop it on the ground it does not get shatter. To increase the efficiency of water you must make sure that it is designed with a coating of rubber and also must have the switch knob for a comfortable grip.

Leakproof ball valve:

Look for the product which has a valve that is leakage-proof. It must not face any bursting issue even if it is working under high pressure for about 1 MPa. Your product must also include the feature of adjusting the pressure with the help of rubber levers that are easy to grip.

Your garden hose connector must not get clog or corrode even so that you can use it for a longer period. The extra washers included in your product prevent leakage and also offer you the smooth flow of water without any break.

Heavy duty:

Buy a product that is sturdy and can withstand heavy-duty. Make sure that your product is design with the premium quality of plastic and Zinc alloy. The internal part of your product must be free from dust and must consist of the zinc material along with the stainless steel so that the longevity of it increases and making it indestructible.

It must also include the long threaded neck made up of the rubber ring so that it prevents leakage. The plastic used in the hose splitter must be strong enough not to get broke when working under high pressure.

FAQs on the Best Garden Hose Splitter for 2021

What is a garden hose splitter?

A heavy duty hose splitter is a solution to the problem of not able to cover your whole garden with the hose. With the help of the splitter, the process can be connected by each other which makes it easier to beautify your garden by reaching out to every corner of your field. With much of the water pressure provided to it offers you reliability in its performance.

What is your garden hose splitter used for?

The garden hose splitter is generally used to water your garden through all the four directions. With the help of the garden y hose splitter, the water flows from to direction that is one from the main pipe and another one from the minor pipes and the water flows between these two pipes only.

It helps in enhancing the process of distribution of water in your field and it also increases the rate of irrigation so that your plant grows healthy and bears the sweet fruit or the productive material. With an adequate amount of water, the plant grows green and helps you in beautifying your field.

How does your garden hose splitter works?

Your garden hose splitter has two attachments; the first one is on one end of the main pipe and the other attachment is at the end of the minor pipe. This attachment helps your high flow garden hose splitter to channelize the better flow of water through the two directions of the main pipe as well as the minor pipe.

This helps in quickly watering your garden with an adequate amount of water and thus lower the burden on you. Also, these two attachments offer better health to the plants in your garden and help you in beautifying it as well.

How do you connect two garden hoses?

It is very easy to connect two hoses very easily and do not require any special training to do so. All you require is a female connector to connect two hoses. You only have to do is to connect the end of the female connectors which is large in diameter so that it easily gets fixed with the spigots lying in the outdoor.

There is a thread included at the end of the female connector. Then you have to screw the sprayer, sprinkler or if the nozzle is attached to it then screw it too with the end of the male connector and connect the hose with the second diameter too with it.

Are all the garden hose connectors the same?

No, not all the hose connectors need to be the same. They might differ in material, dimension. Different coupling or fittings might require by every hose connector to get connected with the garden hose t splitter.

They are also different in diameter as such some have 5/8-inch fittings which are an internal diameter and some of them are available with a thread pitch of 11.5 which is ¾ inches in diameter. They might be the same in the size but their diameter is different from others. Especially the internal dimensions make a huge difference among them.

How to Increase Water Flow in a Plastic Water Hose Splitter?

Video Transcript:

Alright guys today I have a problem I’m trying to run two sprinklers off of one hose I’m not getting really far distance from both sprinklers so what I decided to do was change this seven twentieth of an inch hole to a 3/8 of an inch hole basically what I’m gonna do is just drill it out we’re gonna see how that works now.

Let me explain something I’m gonna take this 3/8 drill and I’m basically going to run it straight to this hole now the best way to do this is to probably use a vise or bench vise to hold the splitter but I’m just gonna hold it in my hand and I’m gonna drill it out I’m gonna see what it looks like afterward.

All right before I drill this is what the hole looks like before I drill it um it has like a knob that stops water flow so basically I’m gonna be drilling through the splitter and that valve in the bag all right.

Let’s see what we can do all right as you can see I drilled straight through it see if I can get this to focus I drilled straight through if we look on the other side you can see that you’re actually going through and then we’re gonna drill through this opposite side also might give me a second.

Now as you see this hole is now a 3/8 hole now I’m gonna let you compare this hole to the other one that I have not drilled yet.

So you see it man you see this of them how small it is. All right let’s drill the other one all right guys I’m done.

See all my fright ones on the ground or whatever but I drilled out this 203 ace and I drilled out this two or three days before you drill make sure that you have this valve.

You know lined up with the hole so that you’re drilling straight through the splitter and the valve all right guys I’m gonna put this on the hose and we’re gonna see how it works I have a Google.

Can you connect two water hoses?

You can connect two hosen to get connected to fasten your work. Furthermore, it is easy to interconnect the hose without any hassle, and also it does not require any special training to do so.

It is important to keep in mind that you have a strict eye on the parts so that they get fit well and also do not clash with each other. For controlling the handle, you may require the plumber to help you with that. You can easily connect to hose splitter and it will help you in spreading water.

How to Replace a Garden Hose Splitter?

Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s going on it’s Wednesday and I just found out that China sucks that’s right.

I’m getting everything ready for the pool because we’re gonna be opening it on the weekend on Saturday and I got this fancy four-way Java over here when I turn the water on even though it’s just got full flow you can see that water is passing out and I ain’t pissing out from here now the housing is split somewhere and it’s leaking so that’s not good so I gotta take that off and find out what’s going on just move to the front to make it easier because I have the hose here ready and that but you can see that that would definitely be a made in China fail right there.

I have a new sprinkler now so yeah that’s kind of awesome case you wonder what it might look like if you had all four of them teaching that’s what it looks like but that’s not a problem because I have a replacement he here she is the first thing is I gotta take this thing off let’s see if I can just unscrew it by hand probably not I might just break it no something happens no we’re good I even got the tripod out for you see it’s not the washer that’s all good it was right here there’s like pinhole leaks and the thing but like I said I have a replacement here’s the replacement all 15 bucks worth of it god damn shame this old one has been in service for not even a whole season it’s ridiculous.

But you’ll notice even though they look the same.

Orbitz paid a little more to have their name stamped into it but hopefully, that will get past the people at the store where I bought it from and they might just take it back we’ll see maybe but anyway it’s got these cable ties on it over here and here I almost wonder if they use you know molded or cast rather these holes in there just for that I have to cut the cable tie look there we go.

Hopefully, these scissors will work that did and that works alright so I won’t need those anymore and now I have my replacement this also has this little tube ship fire over on it onto it you know.

And now we’re gonna put that on straight as I can.

Oh, see another trying to fail to look now how am I supposed to tighten this further ridiculous you know.

You’d think well now we got it on there it’s crooked.

Rather hand tightens it there that should be good now this will go back on the false rated so I can do that and we’ll go about replacing that I just got one hose hooked up but all of them are all the valves are turned off but if you notice thing is leaking this is like unreal.

Now I got a week here because you disturb it so now that’s got a leak and this as tight as I can make it just saying having it so I’m gonna take it off and wrench tighten everything and see if that’ll do it okay I’m a moron I just realized.

Something totally stupid There ain’t no washer in the.

Thing and I said did somebody really just take the washer I said no maybe it’s in little you know and here he is so we’re gonna steal that and hook it upright again I hate days like this where you do something totally stupid and don’t even realize it dammit but anyway she’s on we’re still leaking but it looks like it’s leaking from the valve no maybe I can’t tell. It’s very subtle. Hell, right well this can be.

Tightened I did flip the washer upside down and in the hopes that might do it but I’ll try tightening him pay the packing nut or whatever you call it in the valve itself was leaking I took the screw out here took that out we still got a leak but it’s hard to play with it right now.

I had to tighten this up and I had to tighten this up because it was pissing out right over here so that’s done it so kind of leaks a little bit but you know this is kind of outside and it’s the hose and that but it shouldn’t be leaking but it is I don’t know I mean I could replace this piece I can’t just put this right on there because the cable here is in the way but I’m gonna call that good enough for now just pop the handle back on and let’s see what happens all righty so that one’s all done.

Way too much for pain-in-the-ass than it was supposed to be but now I have these new black cable ties they’re not exactly the same but if they’re long enough maybe we can make it work.

I don’t think they’re gonna be they’ll examine and if it’s not I’m not that concerned we’ll just make believe I lost the packaging or something and I threw it out already because your know-how for the leak and you know it does yeah these aren’t gonna be long enough long as black ones I have I’m not gonna you know put two of them together and make one big one but I could bring this back and say hey look I’ve got my receipt but I threw the packaging out don’t work and whatever.

There’s no it says nothing about any kind of warranty anywhere on the package or even inside there’s no printing inside and I love on the back I know if you can see when where the camera is it says orbit irrigation products incorporated North Salt Lake Utah you know.

Copyright 2010 orbit and it’s all nice and then uh-oh.

Made in China ha but yeah it doesn’t say anything outdoor use cold water only don’t spray in your electrical connections they have a customer service number and a website and use an anchor and there’s a brace and all kinds of other great stuff to give you and it’s supposed to be a whole pain in the ass actually install it nice and whatever but anyway I’ll shoot this back and it’s out of it for what it’s worth kind of deal put that with that and that’s that for that stupid project.

What is a female hose connector?

The female hose connector is nothing but another connector that is threaded. Moreover, it acts as a subordinate of the main connector and gets attached strongly to the other connector very easily without making you much of the effort. It is sometimes also called FHT.

It is a jack that has a connector at the center attached with the hole and it usually accepts the male pen. There is also a term used in the garden hose connector as such the double female connector which generally connects two hoses very easily. They are also one of the reasons to make your splitter stronger in strength.

How to Install an Orbit 4 port garden hose splitter?

Video Transcript:

Okay guys so we are going to install this for brass I mean brass for the port manifold to this spout here and this is going to be a pretty easy process I’m just going to remove this water hose here and this is just a screw-on and I’m gonna demonstrate how this can allow for me to now use for hoses instead of just one okay first you want to make sure that the water supply is turned off so this is my water supply right here if I flip this vertically it will allow water flow from down there to up here and this water flows horizontally means it’s walking so this is currently in.

Opposition okay so this is off and I’m going to just hook this on so this is just a screw-on just to make sure that you’re lining up properly.

These are both brass and brass it’s uh it’s a very soft metal and because it’s very soft you have to make sure that you don’t over tighten I have a vise grip here with me but I’m going to not use it I’m just going to tighten it to fine hand first and if that doesn’t cause any leak that’s gonna be good enough I have overtightened brass many times before and actually break off the connectors and then causing a leak, okay so we have this hooked up with two hoses and they turn it on and off it’s very easy all you do it just on this side you turn it this way so that this is again is flowing and turn it this way to clean it off I’ll demonstrate here with this open.

If I open it you see that there’s water flowing and then turn it up just like that so I’m using only two out of four so this has been a pretty good project here a good product I think this one is about twelve dollars.

And there is no leak everything is good I really like it hopefully doesn’t break thank you.

How do you connect a washing machine to your garden hose?

Yes, it is highly possible to hook up your washing machine with your high flow garden hose splitter. In case your house does not have a washer splitter, you may require a washing machine.

You might be needed to hook up the washing machine with your host splitter as you do not have the washer splitter that performs properly. First of all, you need to wrap up the end of the male thread with the plumber tape and then insert it into the connector of cold water inlet in your washing machine.

Around the hose, you need to twist the popular connection in the clockwise direction until it gets tight. Then do the same with the hot water inlet connection.

To the hook of the washing machine, you need to tie the end of the female connector. In the end, you need to open the valve of both hot water and cold water.

Final Verdict

It is the desire of every gardener or every person who was to beautify his garden that it gets enough water for the healthy growth of the plants.

The garden hose splitter helps you in watering the garden through all the directions for its better growth. We highly hope that this review might have helped you in buying the best water hoses for gardens and beautify them later on.

With this review, you might be able to understand each and everything about your product and consider buying so that you could keep the environment green and clean.

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