Best Outdoor Shower Buying Guide for 2023

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Do you want to enjoy your shower outdoor in your backyard?

Do you want to prevent yourself from not using much of the water?

Are you worried about not getting a shower outdoors in the rain?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you require the best outdoor shower for yourself. With the outdoor shower, you can easily enjoy your bath outside in your backyard and can also connect it with the swimming pool to double your enjoyment. Following is the list of 10 best outdoor showers that you can consider buying according to your preference:

Buying Guide for the Best Outdoor Shower in 2023

Runs on solar energy:

Your product must be design in such a way that it runs on solar energy and has solar heated capacity. The black color of your product specifies that it is designed with the solar heating feature and thus is mostly suggested to buy the outdoor shower with this design.

With the help of solar energy, the water in the shower gets warm and thus saves electricity and nature and thus it is eco-friendly.

Large water capacity:

With the large capacity of holding water, your outdoor pool shower must be a suitable option to add it to the swimming pool at your home. Your product must allow you to carry a good amount of water conveniently for about 9.5 gallons of water.

The size of your product should not be less than 30 inches wide and must search for the color which will suit your backyard or any part of the home you are planning to install. It must also have a handy valve which would help you in easy opening and closing of the shower.

Freestanding design:

Before placing an order you must make sure that it has the feature of standing design without any support so that it can also help you in adding beauty to your garden. The outdoor Freestanding Outdoor Shower which is made up of wood especially the Eucalyptus wood is highly recommended as it brings out the cool air inside and makes you feel refresh all the time while taking the shower.

Also, it must not take more than 20 minutes for you to set up perfectly and the base of the pipe of your product must not be more than 25 meters deep.

Easy to assemble:

It must be easy to install and assemble at any outdoor place you want but the backyard of your house is mostly recommended. Your product must look modern in appearance so that it attracts you to take bath outside in the backyard.

Also, your product must connect with the garden hose very quickly and easily and can be used to decorate your garden as well. It must be so easy to install so that you can use it during the vacation also while you are enjoying camping. It must also offer you adjusting the setting of level according to your requirement and set it to the height you prefer and are comfortable in.


Make sure that your outdoor shower is resistant to weather also so that it can stand against the rain, frost, and even sunlight. The outdoor shower made up of wood is highly recommended as it brings more cool air inside and makes you feel fresher.

Your product must be design in such a way that the materials used in it for making make it weather resistant. Your product must be light in weight and portable in nature so that you can carry it comfortably from one place to another without any hassle whenever you are planning to do camping. Also, the weight of it should not be more than 30 lbs.

Rotatable shower nozzle:

It must also provide you with a nozzle that rotates for 360° so that you can enjoy your bathing session and feel more relaxing. Your product must have reliability as a feature and must have an outdoor shower kit attached to it that contains all the required tools in it.

If you are buying the one which is made of Eucalyptus wood then it can be easy for you to install at the campsite also. You can use your product just after coming out of the swimming pool to feel more soothing and relaxing.

Adjustable water pressure:

The outdoor shower that you are planning to buy must allow you to adjust the pressure of water according to your preference. The setting of yo1ur product must be handy and does not require you to be skillful or have any prior knowledge of adjusting the water pressure.

The water capacity of your product must be so good that it offers you at least 13 gallons of warm water to mix it with the water which has normal temperature so that you can easily take control over the water you must be using for the shower.

Convenient to use:

No extra plumbing should be required by your product and must be style with a sleek design and must be convenient for you to use. If you are too much concerned with nature’s problem turn you can buy the one which is made up of bamboo. With the outdoor bamboo shower, you will get a height of about 7 feet so you can easily enjoy it.


It is important to keep in mind that you buy the outdoor shower which is resistant to rust and is made up of non-corrosive brass and also PVC construction is used so that it becomes more strong and sturdy. Make sure that your product is durable in a property so that you can use it for a long period.

Your product must be so strong that it allows you to install or mount it easily on the surface which is wooden and must also permit you to emboss it in cement which is a stronger surface than the woods.

FAQs on the Best Outdoor Shower for 2023

What is the equipment included in your outdoor shower kit?

The kit odds your outdoor shower is a complete set of all the significant tools required to install your outdoor shower and you will not be needed to buy anything extra.

It includes the panels that are textured, the fixture of the outdoor shower kit made up of stainless steel which is used to mount to a panel on the wall, exterior wall panel mounts if you are switching to the free-standing shower, plumbing connectors, and even the hardware.

Also, if you are planning to have a unique installation of your shower, you might need some extra hardware. Along with that, you will require some tools to assemble it as such a drill, screwdriver, tape measure, razor knife, an adjustable wrench, and a level for the mounted wall.

How to Build an Outdoor Shower at Backyard?

Video Transcript:

– Check this out, we’re just at the side of our house, looks like a bomb’s gone off. The rest of the yard, that’s all been done, and it’s all looking pretty good. We just need to wait for some of those plants to grow. But, the sideway, definitely needs some work.

Now the first job I want to have a crack at is to build an outdoor shower because let’s face it, what beach house doesn’t have one? I already have the hot and cold water installed and there’s a tap down there to wash your feet.

So all I need to do is to build a timber screen to attach our tapware to, install some plumbing to handle all that water waste, then lay a concrete slab to give us something to stand on.

And my objective is to do this as cheaply as I possibly can by using recycled materials, apart from the concrete slab.

And with a bit of luck, I should be able to scrounge most of that material up from around the house.

Anyway, good day, folks, my name’s Uncle Knackers, and you are watching DIY for Knuckleheads. Let’s do it.

Alright, all I’ve done here, is I’ve marked out where the concrete slab’s going to go, and now all we have to do is just dig this out, just scrape the top off it, get a nice firm surface. Now that’s a good, solid surface for us to be working off, and the next job we need to do

is to form up for our little slab. And for the boxing, all I’m using is these old recycled floorboards

that I had to lie around the house.

It is a bit of a shame, though, because I had a really nice project lined up for these little babies, and oh well, the sacrifices I make. They might be able to be washed down, we’ll wait and see. Anyway, form up for the slab, install the plumbing, and then we’re good to go to lay the slab. Too easy.

It’s just started to drizzle outside so I had to abandon that slab, and I thought it might be a great idea to come inside, make myself a cup of tea.

Ah, it does not get much better than that. That’s a good cuppa. Come inside and have a look at the last of my stash. See what I have to build that timbered screen.

I’ve got here some 70 x 35, or 3 x 1 1/2, top hardwood, and I think I’ll use this to go around the outside of the timber screen. For the framework behind the timber screen, I’ve got a couple of sticks here of treated pine, that should work well, And for the face of the timber screen, I’m just going to use these old hardwood fence pilings.

Which, once sanded, should come up an absolute treat.

Alright, I’m going to finish this beautiful cup of tea, get the saw set up, and then bang this frame together.

Let’s do it. I’ll tell you what, I have to give credit where credit is due. I’ve had my old DeWalt saw here for around ten years, and in that time, all it’s done is chop up knarly old wood, and it’s still going like an absolute champion. Love it.

And guess who forgot to de-nail the timber, and ripped up the pad on his brand new sander? That’s good, the frame’s now been cut to size, sanded, and now it’s time to glue, nail, and screw it together.

Beautiful. Whenever you drill a hole, and you want to get a nice finish, it’s always good to countersink it. And I’m using this countersinking tool here. It’s a fantastic bit of kit, just watch what it does.

The yellow part spins, and when it stops, we’ve reached the right depth. Then all you need to do is to grab your screw.

There you go, and you finish up with the head of the screw just beneath the surface, just how you want it.

Beautiful. Excellent. Now before we start putting on those slats for the screen, we want to get this framework nice and square. So, get the frame, turn it upside down, so the back is facing up.

Take out the tape measure, and so a diagonal measurement from corner to corner. This reads 2165 mm, which’s from the outside edge to the outside edge. Do the other side. And the measurement is 2165 mm.

Both measurements are exactly the same. That’s perfectly square, now all you need to do, is to attach a brace on either end. That’s spot on. Now, these braces, or blocks, will stay in place until all the slats are on, then I’ll take those off, and we’re good to go. Too easy. With the frame now squared up and secure with those braces, it’s time to start attaching those slats. But the slats need to be attached to something, which is where this treated pine comes in. Now let’s simply nail this to the inside edge of the frame.

And I’ve cut this bit of treated pine 5mm shorter on either end.

That way water won’t suck up through that end grain. And rot the timber out.

And before I attach this, I want to give it a couple of good coats with these exterior grade paint. And its colour is black, because I have gaps between my slats,

and I wouldn’t mind seeing some blackness between those gaps if you know what I mean. Alrighty, I’ve got my paintbrush.

Let’s start painting.

And like all good paint jobs, make sure you apply at least two coats, paying particular attention to the end grain.

You don’t want any water getting soaked up into the timber.

And then just attach that frame to the exterior frame, first of all, with my nail gun, and then finished off by driving in a few screws.

Perfect. Now that’s great, the frame’s done, and now it’s time to start installing the slats.

And for the record, that “drizzle” we just had, turned out to be 250mm or 10 inches worth of rain.

It’s a bit wet outside. Now before you start nailing your boards down in any which way you like, it’s a great idea to map the whole thing out first.

The reason being, that you want the breech, which has the taps and the shower hose in a position where it’s in the middle of a board, not on a join, like that, just looks a bit weird.

And not on a small board, like that, where drilling a hole will actually cut that board virtually in half.

So you want it in the middle of aboard.

That way it looks good and the cover place also looks nice and symmetrical. A bit of planning goes a long way.

So what do you reckon? I think it’s time to stop mucking around, cut these to size, and nail them on.

Let’s go. Okay, these two slats appear to be in the right spot. And what we need to do is fill in the rest of the screen.

Beautiful. And as per usual I’m using my trusty old nail gun to nail down those slats.

But if you don’t have a nail gun, no dramas.

Just pull out the trusty old hammer and nails, and you’re good to go. And remember when you’re doing an outside project, make sure you’re using galvanized and stainless steel fixings. And what I’m up to here is that I’m putting in some extra framing to help stiffen up those slats.

And just remember when putting in the framing, not to get it in the way of where the is going to go.

And then just finish off by nailing those slats into the edge of the frame. With the screen now finished, it’s time to position our taps and shower rows.

Mark that on the screen, then grab out a drill, and drill out the holes. Mmm, I think it’s time to take a quick break because I need to eat a big old piece of humble pie.

I made a bit of a blue. This is what I did.

I also had a tap to go on. I totally forgot all about it. And unfortunately, the tap doesn’t finish up in the center of that board. It finishes up about an inch away from the top. Disappointing, I thought I was being such a legend.

And, by the way, the humble pie

could do with a dollop of ice cream. It was a bit tart. To attach the screen to the house, I need to screw through 16 mm of fiberboard and into the stud behind. Now, these boards are secret nailed, so I can’t locate any nails on the surface to find out where the studs are.

So luckily, on hand, I have my trusty old magnetic stud finders. Now very quickly, just before I show you how these things work, these are the two types that I have. This first one here is called a stud pop and it’s commercially available. This thingamajiggy here is a homemade job that I made out of a rare earth magnet, a washer, and a length of the string.

The stud pop, S-T-U-D-P-O-P, is a very easy tool to use.

All it is is a loose red section there, and a magnet underneath.

And all you need to do is to drag the stud pop and notice that’s loose, along with the board until bang, the red part straightens, you’ve found the nail, therefore, you’ve found the stud. Take it off that nail, the red part becomes loose.

Back on the nail, straightens out again. And that’s where that stud is. Very simple, but also very effective. And my homemade model works on the same principle. Drag the magnet along the wall until bang, there you go, it’s found the nail.

Therefore, it’s found the stud.

This magnet is a lot stronger than the stud pop, but they both work very, very well.

Love it. Okay, let’s stop mucking around and get this slab set up. First of all, we’ll get it nice and level, square it up off the house, just like that.

Level it up, nail it, peg it, do some more leveling, do some more nailing, bit more pegging, and you’re done. That wasn’t that hard, was it? Too easy. I got my mate, Kurt, from Sawtelle Plumbing to give me a hand to connect the outdoor shower up to the sewer system. Kurt’s good on a shovel, too. I’m absolutely useless.

Connect the pipes, attach the gully trap, backfill the hole, and we’re good to go. Magic. Oh yeah, and by the way, if you’ve got a spurt, call Kurt. Good one, mate.

I hope that bridge is straight.

Good stuff.

Looking good, Kurty boy, looking good. Alright, let’s give these taps a whirl.

We have water, well done Kurt. – No worries, mate. – Good boy, mate. Ah yes. – Centre of the drain, look at that. – Magic. Beautiful. Okay, let’s find a wall stud to screw our frame too. Watch the red bit, bang, there it is, found a stud. Spot on. We can now screw the frame to the wall to make it nice and secure,

and once that’s done, we can move the support that was holding it up.

Now that’s fantastic, the frame’s up, it looks great, the taps are on, and the plumbing’s installed.

Now, all we need to do is to lay that slab. Ah, happy days. If you ever find yourself in a situation down the track where you’re butting two slabs up against one another, it’s always a good idea to place some expanding foam between the two, to cater for any movement down the track.

And all I’m doing here is putting down some crusher dust, about 30mm worth, which will give a nice, firm surface to lay our slab on.

And check out my whacker packer. What a beauty. Now that’s great, the crusher dust is down, it’s packed, and now it’s time to lay some plastic over the top of our crusher dust.

And what the plastic does, is that it prevents the moisture from coming up through your slab, which is really important inside your house because you have things like shower floor boards, etc., and you don’t want moisture getting into them.

But outside, with an outdoor shower, or a pathway, it’s neither here nor there.

But, I have some, so I may as well use it.

Lay the plastic, start pouring the slab, drop in your mesh, and then finish the slab off, and you’re done. Too easy.

Okay, let’s lay that plastic. First of all, cut it in and around the drain, and into the shape of the shower base.

Then make sure you tape up any tears in the plastic, to prevent any moisture coming out through it.

Then, remove the grate, and cover the hole up with some timber, to prevent any concrete going into that hole, clogging up the gully trap.

And then it’s on to making the concrete mix, for the shower base.

And seriously, it’s just like, I don’t know, making a cake, just not as tasty.

And for this job, I’ve used a total of ten bags of premixed concrete mix.

Look at that, beautiful, what a brew.

Not too wet, and not too dry.

Just perfect for putting in your steel mesh, which I found underneath the house.

Which was handy.

Just tap that down with your foot or shovel, and away we go.

The next thing you want to do is get your hammer and tap the boxing.

What that does is that it vibrates the side of the box, and just ensures that the side of the slab is going to be nice and smooth.

And then grab your level, doesn’t matter what it is, level or stick, anything straight, and then we’ll start leveling out that slab.

And because we have a drain in the middle, it’s actually 20mm lower than your outside edges of the slab, which enables drainage to occur.

Now just grab your edging tool,

and run it around the edge of the slab, and that gives a nice rounded finish.

And then we’ll just finish it off with a nice, light broom finish.

Run our edger around the side one more time, and we’re done.

Okay, it’s just over 24 hours down the track.

The slab’s gone off, and it looks absolutely fantastic.

I am wrapped, especially for somebody who doesn’t do any concreting.

Say, anybody can do this stuff,

and the last thing we need to do to finish the whole job off is just to remove that boxing.

And hopefully once that comes off, we’ll finish up with a nice, smooth edge.

Fingers crossed.

Okay, let’s cut those nails, pull out the pegs, and remove that board.

Alright, a moment of truth. Just gently tap it off. And there you have it. That looks beautiful.

Love it. Mission accomplished. So that’s it folks, the outdoor shower is done. Complete with screen, tapware,

a concrete slab that includes drainage. I also put down some paving, so your feet don’t get dirty after having a shower. And I also added an old recycled wooden ladder to hang your towel off. Great tip, knackers. So that’s it, folks.

I hope you enjoyed and found useful my how-to build an outdoor shower video. And, as per usual, a big thumb’s up is always greatly appreciated.

And if this is your first time on my channel, please hit that subscribe button for more handy tips. And if you’d like to see more detailed photos of the finished product and the build process, head on over to my Facebook page, which I’ll have the link to in the description box, down below.

So make sure you check that one out. Alrighty, well I think I need a cup of tea.

And maybe even a shower. So until next time, I’m out of here Cheers.

How to install your outdoor shower?

In case, if your plumbing outdoor shower includes the back panel then you have to remove it first. Then you have to choose the wall where you want it to install and then quickly fix the wall mounting brackets that came with your product.

You need to make note of the space so that the crossbar can also be fixed at the rear. Then with the existing pipeline of hot and cold water, you need to connect the water hose to the shower accordingly so that there would be no confusion and you could enjoy your shower with whatever temperature of water you want. After that you have installed the wall mounting, you have to seal the sides of the shower.

What is your outdoor shower made up of?

Mostly, the outdoor shower is brushed with the stainless steel of various types as such the Top Quality 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel and also the 304 Industrial Strength Stainless Steel.

This helps your shower in becoming strong strength-wise and it will also increase the durability feature so that you can enjoy the benefits for a longer period.

Moreover, anything extra is also not required when installing your shower and you can easily assemble it in whatever ways you required as such either wall mounting or a freestanding outdoor shower. The fixture is made up of stainless steel so that it can easily endure the weather and is best in this when compared to other materials.

How to clean your outdoor shower?

To clean your outdoor shower, all you have to do is scrub the dirt using the brush or the scrubber which is dipped in the laundry detergent and water and it is also important to keep in mind that you will be required an ample amount of water as such for about 1 gallon so you need to keep in mind about the environment as well.

In case, if the wood if your outdoor poolside shower has got mold in it, then you can simply use the mixture of white vinegar and water and this will become the anti-mildew spray then, in the end, spray it on the affected area and it will bring back the lost shine of the woods and will also remove the mold.

How to connect the portable water with the garden hose?

Yes, it is highly possible to connect the portable water especially the water heater with your garden hose. It is however considered as the best way for the supply of water as it offers enough amount of it without wasting any drop.

The fixture of your outdoor poolside shower that is made up of 304 stainless steel is made up of the half-inch of the MPT. The kits with the hot water panel have the connection with easy plumbing and also the plumbing kit of hot water with the portable thankless and the garden hose adapter is used while connecting it with the garden hose.

How to build a cheap outdoor shower from water tank?

Video Transcript:

Hey everybody and welcome to my new shop I just moved shops again and the first thing I need to do in this new shop is build a shower because I don’t have one and there will be visitors coming over in a couple weeks so since all my tools are still in Cologne I have limited tools to work with and I also only have one day to finish this and that’s why I brought my friend Christian with me he’s going to help me build the shower and also film the process this is the centerpiece of my outdoor shower I bought it for 30 euros I want to try and keep this project as cheap as possible and my rough idea is to cut it somewhere here and then use the bottom pod as the top end and the upper pod as the roof and the rest I will figure out I think okay so this is the rough placement the sewer for greywater is very conveniently under this platform so the water can just drain out of the top and it will run right into the grey sewer system which is great that is a huge huge help now the next step is to cut the top this will be the entry so maybe I don’t know I don’t know but this is too high and this is too dangerous so I need to cut the plastic cut the metal but keep these intact so I can try to connect them to the beams.

Sometimes everything goes right this project was just a perfect experience I had the idea to build a very cheap outside shower then I stumbled upon these plastic bins that I could buy for 30 euros then my neighbor gave me a bunch of pellet wood for free I actually need a little bit more for this side but so far this is great then my other neighbor gave me this sheet of plastic which is perfect for roof and we all got it done in 8 hours I couldn’t be more happy with this project if you like cold showers this would be a function of shower just with a garden hose coming straight out of the roof I don’t like cold showers though so I have a plan to build a stove that is going to heat up the water before it comes into the shower but that is going to be the next project as I said I am super happy with this I especially like how the sunlight comes through the roof it doesn’t really make you feel like you’re in a small shower it’s actually more like a vacation shower or something all right thank you guys for watching and I hope I see you next week with a new video bye.

Is there any difference between the naked version or the complete version?

It is highly recommended to buy the outdoor poolside shower with the complete version as it has all the required features of fully dressed in the posts caps and even the flooring.

This saves your effort and time in selecting the flooring as well which will suit your shower and ultimately saves you money as well as if you will buy the caps separately then it will cost you more than buying the complete set. The naked version is the one in which there is an absence of such post caps and even the flooring.

How to mount the kit of your outdoor shower on the ground?

Most of the kits of the outdoor shower are screwed on the back of your home as such your backyard which is an open area. With the help of 2-3 screws, you can easily use the angle brackets which have extra posts against the house.

They are enough heavy as you assemble it in one place then it would not fall and will stand there strongly and does not move from that fixed place unless you replace its position. The angle bracket can be used to secure the posts whenever the wind blows strongly.

Furthermore, you can also make use of the concrete to dug up your shower into the ground and ensure its safety. When mounting to a post, it somehow gives flexibility to the placement of your product.


The outdoor shower allows you to enjoy your summer vacation at home if you are not able to go out somewhere. It can easily assemble in your backyard and came also connect to the swimming pool and prevents you from wasting much water.

You can bathe in the rain with fresh water as it stands again the rain and also offers you water of your desired temperature. This write-up might have helped you to know about the outdoor pool shower and how to use it and also what main features you must consider before actually buying it.

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