10 Best Backpack Sprayer for 2019 – Powerful & Easy To Use


Are you searching for the best backpack sprayer to help you get rid of wicked pests and overgrown weeds?

If that is the case, then, we are here to help you find a lasting solution to a pest-free environment. Pest and weeds on your garden would be a thing of the past if you follow this thoroughly researched review to the end. Read on as we do an in-depth review of the 10 best backpack sprayer.

As a garden or farm owner, you know pests and weeds are the enemies of crops. You don’t want your plants to die due to overgrown weeds and pests that cause plants to have stunted growth. Aside from that, the garden is usually a relaxation point for many garden owners during the hot seasons; you won’t want weeds to make your garden uncomfortable for you. You won’t want poisonous pests to cause you harm. This is why you need a backpack sprayer to clear your garden or farm from weeds and pests. This review is timely made for you if you are confused about the type of backpack sprayer to buy. Seat back and relax, check out the 10 best backpack sprayers for a weed and pest-free environment.

Reviews of 10 Best Backpack Sprayer

1. Field King Professional 190328 (Best Backpack Sprayer Lawnsite)

best diaphragm backpack sprayerThis is a popular and versatile backpack sprayer. Its affordability makes it the darling of many lawn and garden owners. If you are contemplating purchasing backpack sprayer to tackle weed encroachment and pest disturbance, the Field King Professional 190328 is your best bet. This backpack sprayer is 2-in-1. It works as a piston and also as a diaphragm backpack sprayer. Its no-leak design leaves your back dry and without chemical stains. It has got an internal paddle that mixes solutions properly before spraying. The pump has Viton seals which can be changed with ease without using any form of tools at all. This is a backpack sprayer with agitator. It has a comfortable grip and locking triggers that help to reduce hand fatigue. The padded straps are made to give you the utmost comfort. What more can one say? This is a fantastic backpack sprayer to deliver your job spectacularly. This is the backpack sprayer for weed killer.


  • Repair in less time – The pump design makes it super easy to repair without tools in a matter of minutes. This means less downtime.
  • Internal paddles – The internal paddles come with a built-in agitator that is capable of handling powders, liquids and other water-soluble solutions. The internal paddle is activated by pump actions keeping the solutions well mixed and ready to be sprayed.
  • Internal pressure chamber – The internal pressure chamber makes pressure to reach up to 150 PSI. The high pressure gives you the opportunity to spray hard-to-reach areas of your lawn or garden
  • 4 nozzle system – There are 4 nozzle system in order to deliver the job perfectly. This is to ensure that difficult areas are well reached with ease
  • Filtration basket – Large debris is kept at bay with the filtration basket.
  • One-way valve – The one-way valve works perfectly to prevent any spillage.
  • Pump handle – The pump handle is made with convenience in mind. It can be reversed right or left to give you comfort
  • Wand storage – It incorporates an easy carry handle with wand storage.
  • Well threaded bolt – This effectively secures the handle attachment without any slack

2. Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Tree and Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer

best commercial backpack sprayerThe CHAPIN 4-Gallon sprayer is superb for all spraying purposes. This hand backpack pump sprayer is designed to provide years of dependable use for different projects. This sprayer is well suited to meet the needs of the garden, home, lawn and professional pest control. This sprayer has a 4-inch mouth opening for filling and cleaning with ease. With the 4-gallon capacity tank and hands-free operation, you are equipped to accomplish even the biggest spraying jobs efficiently. Clogging is well prevented with its 3-stage filtration system. The poly tank is transparent so as to see the level of the fluid. The other features include cushion grip shut-off, stainless steel extension wand, well-padded shoulder straps and 3-piece nozzle pack for high performance. Made from high-density polyethylene, the CHAPIN 61900 is made to deliver continuous optimal performance for years to come. With adjustable ergonomically-shaped chest, lumbar and shoulder straps, carrying it on your back comes with a lot of ease and comfort. It has a powder-coated metal frame for durability. This is a complete solution for pest and weed control.

You may also consider this version: Chapin International 61800 4Gal Backpack Sprayer.


  • Shut-off with gauge – The pressure gauge makes it easy for you to check the pressure of the sprayer. The pressure gauge provides maximum efficiency
  • CF valve – This feature enables continuous flow from the sprayer without any interruptions
  • Well padded shoulder straps – The shoulder straps are made with comfort in mind. It also has lumbar support in order to reduce fatigue
  • Adjustable nozzle – Adjustable nozzle means less headache. This means you are able to reach difficult areas without much stress

3. Chapin International 61500 Backpack Sprayer for Fertilizer

best backpack sprayer for roundupThis CHAPIN 61500 features a beautiful European design with comfortable padded shoulder straps. The design is unique. Most backpack sprayers are either round or tall and rectangular in shape. But this sprayer looks almost like a perfect square. It comes with a 4-gallon tank enough for you to accomplish your spraying tasks at once. It is lighter and smaller in size while just weighing 10 pounds. There is no doubt the design and weight really stand out. It has an adjustable spray tip so that you can do a thorough spraying job. There is no need to carry 4 different nozzles. It comes integrated with different sizes of nozzles. The spraying can go as far as 23 feet in a horizontal direction and 25 feet vertically. It has a piston pump to ensure everywhere is evenly sprayed. This is a commercial backpack sprayer.


  • Easy to adjust poly spray nozzle – You can adjust the spray nozzle by just twisting the nozzle. This helps you to choose a pattern that suits you for easy spraying
  • Wide mouth opening – The filter comes with a wide mouth opening that is below 4 inches wide making it super easy to spray any areas. It also blocks dirt and debris from coming into the tank.
  • Padded straps – The backpack sprayer has solid and well-padded shoulder straps for great comfort
  • Versatile – This hand pump sprayer is highly versatile since it cannot only be used for weed and pest control only. It can also be used for fertilizers and insecticides.
  • 2-stage filtration system – The sprayer has a 2-stage filtration system. There is one filter at the top while the other filter is at shut-off.

4. My 4 Sons 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

best battery powered backpack sprayerThis is the best battery powered backpack sprayer. There is a battery life indicator to let you know when the battery needs to be charged. This is a backpack sprayer with a rechargeable battery. It has a 4-gallon tank that is transparent enough to see the level of liquid available in the tank. This sprayer requires no pumping thereby saving you energy in the long run. It comes with a lot of power to easily complete any spraying project. It has a pressure level of 60 PSI which makes spraying distant areas less tasking. 60 PSI is enough to cover more than 20 feet vertically. The 4-gallon tank is right for you to complete any spraying project. The tank is wide enough to aid easy filling. This is a backpack sprayer that delivers maximum efficiency at all times. The autonomous mode feature enables you to use the sprayer for up to 8 hours straight. The battery terminals are well soldered. The interesting part of it all is that this sprayer has a voltage output meter. This is the backpack sprayer for weeds


  • Battery powered – The sprayer is battery-powered therefore not requiring pumping
  • 8 hours lead-acid battery – This sprayer battery can last up to 8 hours. This is excellent battery life. This is three times long-lasting power when compared with other sprayers.
  • Battery indicator – What is the use of a battery without an indicator. This sprayer has a battery life indicator to notify of the battery level in order to get it charged when it is low.
  • Strong shoulder straps – The heavy-duty shoulder straps are well connected in order to prevent dropping.
  • Heavy duty Viton hose – If you are tired of cheap PVS hoses, the heavy duty Viton hose comes solid with no disappointments.
  • Offers great power, reliability and control – It has an adjustable stainless steel wand and plastic wand to offer superior power, reliability and control.
  • Ergonomic design – The sprayer is ergonomically-designed for efficiency and great performance

5. CHAPIN 61575 Backpack Sprayer (Best 4 gallon backpack sprayer)

best 4 gallon backpack sprayerThis is a powerful and comfortable backpack sprayer that is purposely made for the spraying of chemicals such as bleach solutions and fungicides. It is not all backpack sprayers that can handle these chemicals. This makes CHAPIN the perfect sprayer for cleaning and disinfecting tasks. With the standard 4 gallon tank, you can get the job done in less time. As usual, the tank is transparent. This helps you see clearly what the problem is if the tank is clogged. Making fixing the issue a lot easier. It comes with the normal 4-inch mouth opening for easy filling of the tank. It has a powerful spray with a pressure level of 100 PSI enough to reach a distance of 26 feet.


  • Reinforced hose – The sprayer comes with a reinforced hose that translates to 100 PSI of pressure.
  • 4-inch wide mouth opening – For easy filling and cleaning, the sprayer has a wide mouth opening that makes the job of spraying a lot easier.
  • Two nozzles – There is the advantage of two nozzles. The adjustable poly cone is well suited for mists and straight streams while the poly fan is suited for broader application pattern
  • Padded shoulder straps – Fatigue is reduced with padded shoulder straps to avoid the dropping of the sprayer
  • Long distance reach – The sprayer can reach 25-foot maximum horizontally and 23-foot maximum vertically

6. Smith Performance Sprayer R200

best rated backpack sprayerThis is a professional grade sprayer for applying weed killers, insecticides and fertilizers. It is made of durable materials making it chemical resistant. This is a 2-gallon sprayer. It is recommended for landscapers, lawn care business owners and for golf course maintenance. It comes with a lockable shut-off in order to reduce hand fatigue. What’s more? The Viton seals effectively do the job of resisting chemicals. There are multiple nozzles to increase versatility and productivity. The adjustable brass nozzle helps you to do stream and cone patterns with ease. Over compression is adequately prevented with the pressure release valve. This sprayer is made to build pressure pretty quickly in order to accomplish any spraying tasks on time. It requires no tools for maintenance.


  • 4 nozzles – There are 4 nozzles to make your job very easy. There is the adjustable brass, narrow flat fan, wide flat fan and the foaming nozzle
  • Pressure release valve – Pressure is safely released from the tank to prevent accidental chemical discharge
  • Faster and easier to repair – The pump seals can be changed without wasting time thereby reducing downtime
  • Stainless steel wand – The 21 inches stainless steel wand with poly lining works perfectly for chemical resistance
  • Viton seals and gaskets – It comes with high-quality Viton seals and gaskets for effective chemical resistance.

7. CLICIC Stainless Steel Sprayer Professional with Backpack

best backpack sprayer for the moneyThis is a professional sprayer with a backpack. Many backpack sprayers are usually made with plastic but this sprayer is unique in the sense that it is made from stainless steel all-round making it much more durable than plastic sprayers. It is well braided with a chemical resistant hose with Viton seals and gaskets to reduce accidental spraying. It is easy to operate since pressure can be easily built through hand pump and spraying can be done using the wand. This is a multi-functional sprayer. It can be used for chemicals, herbicides, pesticides and fertilizers. The curved nozzle is air-tight, leak-proof and also non-corrosive. There is no doubt this is a durable backpack sprayer made for efficient use. This is a 6 litres sprayer suitable for both home and garden use.


  • All-round steel construction – The tank, cover, pump, wand, pump handle and the wand handle are all made from corrosive-resistant stainless steel
  • Powerful pressure gauge – The built-in pressure gauge accurately pumps to give you the perfect pressure gauge
  • Ideal nozzle design – The nozzle design is leak-proof and non-corrosive making it super efficient for different spraying jobs
  • All-purpose sprayer – The sprayer can serve different purposes. It can be used for fertilizer, chemicals, herbicides and pesticides spraying jobs

8. Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer

best backpack sprayer lawnsiteThe Solo 425 is a professional backpack sprayer for the easy application of fertilizer, herbicides, pesticides, disinfectants and other liquid solutions. This is a 4-gallon tank sprayer made from high-quality polyethylene with ultraviolet inhibitors in order to enhance durability and UV protection. It comes with chemical resistant Vitol seals that deliver error-free spraying. The padded straps reduce fatigue by giving you comfort always. The 4 feet hose makes it easy to reach difficult areas making it very ideal for weeds. It has up to 90 PSI pressure range using rod active piston pump. With 4.25 inches mouth opening, it is easy to clean and fill the tank.


  • Viton collar power pump – This sprayer produces up to 90 PSI of pressure making it easy to perform difficult spraying jobs.
  • Wide mouth opening – With a 4. 25-inch wide opening, it becomes easy to fill and clean
  • Padded straps – Padded straps help to reduce fatigue because it is made from polyester material
  • 4-gallon tank – With 4 gallon UV resistant tank, you can effectively handle fertilizers, herbicides, disinfectants and other cleaning solutions

9. 3HP Backpack Fogger Blower Duster Leafblower 3-in-1 Sprayer

backpack sprayer for saleCardinal CMD65 is a powerful gas-powered sprayer. This is a 3HP sprayer with a lightweight engine. Its fuel efficiency is incredible. Not forgetting it is made with comfort in mind. When you are covering a large area such as a mechanized farm or golf course, you would need a sprayer that is far-reaching and gets the job done with minimal effort. This is the backpack sprayer for mosquitoes. This is where this sprayer stands out from the crowd. It has a 40 feet horizontal mist range to accomplish any spraying job in less time. This sprayer is also ideal for medium-sized properties. It is highly recommended for pest control companies, landscapers and homeowners. With a 3.5 gallon capacity, you can get the job done pretty fast. This sprayer is tough on mosquitoes and merciless on weeds. It is easy to assemble and easy to use. Use the Cardinal CMD65 for a pest-free backyard. This is the best backpack sprayer for bleach


  • Perfect for pest control – If you are dealing with too many pests, the CMD65 is the final answer. It works perfectly to kill mosquitoes, ticks, mites, flies, spiders and other dangerous biting pests
  • Multipurpose use – This is a sprayer that can be used for different purposes. It can be used as a blower, duster and leaf blower
  • 3.5-gallon tank – The large 3.5-gallon tank serves extended use by making you work longer by not constantly resorting to filling the tank frequently
  • Lightweight – The sprayer is really lightweight and well-balanced on the back. It has ergonomically-friendly backpack straps that are made for your utmost comfort.
  • Fuel efficiency – The sprayer is not a fuel sucker. It is fuel efficient helping you to save more.
  • Convenient to use – The sprayer is super convenient to use. It reduces fatigue, distributes weight equally and has lower engine vibration.

10. TABOR TOOLS Lawn and Garden Pump Pressure Sprayer. (N-50)

best backpack sprayerThe TABOR tool N-50 is a multi-functional sprayer ideal for commercial liquid fertilizer, pesticides, weed killers, fungicides and herbicides. This is a practical pump action sprayer for both indoor and outdoor use. It has a 50-inch long reinforced hose with adjustable nozzle alongside a 16.5-inch wand. You can easily shut-off flow comfortably using the handle with the shut-off valve. The transparent 1.3 gallons allow you to monitor the liquid level so as to know when to fill up the tank again. It prevents clogging perfectly with secured seals and the help of the O-rings alongside a sprayer filter. With a funnel top opening, it is easy to fill the tank. With comfortable backpack straps, you can go all the way with less discomfort. It comes with air-tight, rust resistant and leak-proof design making it very ergonomically-friendly. This is one of the best backpack garden sprayer for pest control


  • Adjustable nozzle – The spray nozzle is adjustable in order to have a better reach using the top of the sprayer wand.
  • Funnel top – The funnel top makes it easy to fill content leaving it with no mess. Just unscrew, fill up the tank and shut the lid with ease
  • Transparent bottle – The bottle is transparent enough to see the level of the liquid.

Buying guide – What to look out for when buying a backpack sprayer

Before you buy a backpack sprayer, it makes sense to look out for some important things such as tank capacity, maintenance, flexibility and body construction.

Tank capacity

It cannot be guaranteed that all tanks will be fatigue-free. So, the bigger the tank, the higher the chances of causing fatigue. It makes sense to look for a tank with less weight in order not to be fatigued. There is nothing wrong in filling the tank as many times as possible as than to have a big tank that will make you go down with chronic back pain due to fatigue. If you have backaches easily, then, a backpack sprayer is not meant for you. You may go for a wheeled sprayer.


Look for a sprayer that is easy to maintenance. Most sprayers require no tools to maintain making it the ideal backpack sprayer for you.


Flexibility is important when you want to buy a backpack sprayer. A sprayer of above 60 PSI is flexible enough to let you reach difficult and hard-to-reach areas. You may need a sprayer with multiple nozzles to achieve more flexibility

Body construction

The body construction of the backpack sprayer also matters. More 80% of the sprayers are made of plastic while the others are made of stainless steel. Plastic backpack sprayers are easy to clean and are made to last a long time. Stainless steel backpack is also great but is more expensive than the plastic sprayers.

FAQs on Best Backpack Sprayer

How to disassemble CHAPIN backpack sprayer?

Disassembling of CHAPIN backpack sprayer is easy if you can follow the steps accurately.

  • Firstly, check the underneath of the bottom valve to be sure it is clean and free from debris
  • If you found out the bottom valve is damaged or cracked, it is time to change it. If not, it will cause the liquid to flow into the pump assembly
  • Next is to pull the pump apart by just pushing the two locking tabs on both sides of the pump. Just pump in and up. It makes sense to push the tabs in and up using a screwdriver. Pull the pump rob assembly out once it is released
  • Check the plunger “O” ring by pulling it off and properly inspect it for cracks or split. If it is fine, all you need to do is to lubricate it with grease or Vaseline
  • Try to slide plunger back into the pump housing; line up the two side tabs and once they click that is a sign they are well secured
  • Then, inspect the pump seal that goes into the tank, if it is okay; just apply some grease or Vaseline around the seal. Make sure you realign the tabs with the collar slots and make it snap back into place

How to assemble a solo backpack sprayer?

-Unscrew the nozzle cap from the nozzle body. This is best accomplished while the retaining nut is fastened tightly to the elbow. Next, unscrew the retaining nut. Push the nozzle body out of the retaining nut. The filter with gasket will come out with the body. To reinstall the nozzle, reverse the above instructions.

Assembly Instructions for Wand

  1. Insert the wand into the shut-off valve as shown.
  2. Tighten the screw cap clockwise onto the shut-off valve.

Pump Lever Installation

All hardware necessary for pump lever installation is included with the sprayer. The pump lever should be installed as follows: place lever handle onto the shaft. Align bolt holes and install the two bolts and washers; then tighten. To install pump lever on the opposite side on a Diaphragm Pump sprayer, remove the stop plate and washer, install the pump lever as above. The stop plate should be mounted on the inner bolt hole with the closed end of the stop plate pointing downward on the opposite side of the pump shaft

FOLD-AWAY Pump Handle Installation (This is for SELECT models only)

  1. Remove bolt and nut from pump handle.
  2. Slide handle assembly over the pump rod and align the holes so that the rear (elbow) portion of the handle points up and slightly forward (approximately 45 degrees) and away from the Solo logo. Reinstall bolt and locknut. Pump handle can be installed on the opposite side of the sprayer for right-hand pumping. (For Diaphragm Pump Sprayer, stop plate will need to be relocated to the left side.)
  3. The handle can be rotated to either down (pumping) or up (storage) positions. Note: The handle swings away from the sprayer, then up or down as desired. The spray wand attaches to the clamps on the handle assembly for storage (does not apply to the brass or stainless steel wands).

Watch a complete video on Solo Diaphragm Pump Backpack Sprayer Model 475-101 Assembly:

Video transcript:

Under farmer Jay here from Dirt Farmer
jet comm today we’re going to do an
unboxing and quick assembly of a solo
backpack sprayer it’s their diaphragm
pump model this model is the 475 – 101
we’re going to look and see what comes
in the box the preassembled unit right
here as you can see it’s pretty much
assembled you can see it’s ready to
attach the actual wand onto the end
right there so there’s the trigger
assembly and all of that going around
the side of the unit you can see it
already has the straps attached as well
so all of that is there ready to go
now secondly what comes in is a bag that
has some other parts as you can see
right here here’s the plastic bag I just
sliced it open here you have the
strainer container that goes into the
top of the tank itself there is a set of
different tips and filters that come
down here and then there is the screw on
cap that goes on the top of the unit
itself let’s not forget a great
instruction manual it doesn’t take very
long to go through it and it’s a very
complete including some to see right
there some different sequencing of parts
which are all included to build
different patterns that you want for
your spray a couple more things one is
the handle that will end up going
attached the side that you operate while
you’re carrying this on your back and
then also we have the actual wand itself
here that attaches very quickly it comes
preassembled with a strainer and the
brass adjustable nozzle that just allows
you to do general-purpose spraying it is
one of the combination listed right here
on this it’s actually number two right
here that shows that that pattern okay
one other point before we actually get
to the assembly of the unit and that is
why does solo offer two different kinds
a piston pump and a diet
but the answer is actually right here in
the manual itself and if you look here
it says model 425 which is not the one
we have that is the piston type is for
liquid only model 475 – 101 which is
what we are looking at today is for
wettable powders water soluble solutions
and liquids including bleach however if
you use bleach you can only use the
plastic parts that comprise a spray
nozzle because bleach is corrosive the
other items okay let’s get started
assembling the unit first of all in the
earlier part of the video I call this
the one it is not it is the actual
handle unit and it’s what’s going to
allow you to operate the spray unit when
set pressure here’s the preassembled
unit all you’re going to do is install
this is really simple you’re just going
to take that unit insert it right here
and screw down the collar here pretty
foolproof it just goes in really easily
and this is where you would adjust
whether you like to handle to be under
your palm or under your fingers so the
way this is set up right now I would
spray it this way if I wanted to be
doing it the other way I would turn it
this way and then tighten it down don’t
over tighten it all plastic and you can
feel when it’s it’s right so there we go
this unit is ready to go on this part of
it on the spraying handle itself as well
as the wand okay
now the second order of business is to
install the pump handle and this is what
allows you to build pressure using the
diaphragm that’s built on the unit
here’s the thing to remember with a
handle the handle needs to be installed
this direction with this going towards
the operator towards where you’ll be
operating it and in its stow position it
sits just like this we’re going to start
by putting the bolt through and what
you’re going to do is rotate this back
and forth until you can see the threads
appear and it’ll take a little finessing
to do that they are threaded on the
shaft and when you go ahead and drive
that in notice that there’s a washer on
there because you want the head of the
bolt a bear on that instead of crushing
the handle and when this comes through
not only is it threading on both sides
of the shaft itself lent it to make sure
everything remains securely solo
provides you a nylon insert nut that’ll
stop the vibration or just use of time
backing it off I’m not going to take
time to tighten it up you just put your
wrenches on and tighten it up now
you now have the unit almost completely
installed the only thing you need to do
at this point use this strainer basket
atop it simply drops in the top like
this so this goes down in below the
surface and it just kind of sets along
in there so then you would simply screw
this on and it just screws in and once
it bottoms out the unit is ready to put
on the last thing we’re going to do is
attach these straps down to the bottom
of the frame and there’s kind of a high
pressure hook that goes on there takes a
little finessing again to get that I’ll
show you the trick that I do to get them
on there first of all take the unit put
it on its back and take the hook there’s
the hook right there as you can see the
diameter there is under pressure it’s
going to be significantly smaller than
that but to get it on there I just use
one of these ratchet type of clamps like
this and simply use it to assist on
pressure and go ahead and push that in
like that there it is and there you have
that clipped on there so you would just
simply step-and-repeat
do the other side right there and the
unit is ready to use at that point you
give any insights about this type of
equipment or this particular unit feel
free to offer it up there for other
listeners and viewers as well and be
sure to visit our other areas in dirt
farmer Jay comm there’s all sorts of
areas related to culinary arts yard work
yard equipment gardening all sorts of
things we think you’d enjoy it until the
next time a Dirt Farmer G from Dirt
Farmer J com.

How to put the straps on a backpack sprayer?

The top of the shoulder straps is pre-attached to the sprayer by means of a buckle or pin. The lower end of the straps is attached by fastening the strap hooks to the metal frame between where the frame exits the plastic tank and where the frame makes a bend.

What to use to clean out a backpack sprayer?

The backpack sprayer needs to be cleaned up after each use. You don’t have to be lazy about. Cleaning it is just a matter of following a simple procedure. Cleaning it once should be enough but if you allow the chemicals to stay in the sprayer for too long, you may have to wash it more than once. Avoid dumping chemical in ditches or on the public waterways. This can have a grave implication on people’s health. Here is how to wash a sprayer:

  • After spraying, clean the tank thoroughly. If some spray liquid is left inside, drain the tank completely.
  • Pumping causes air to be taken in and the remaining liquid to be discharged. Pump until liquid and air are coming out through the nozzle.
  • Refill tank with a few quarts of clean, soapy water and pump the water out as explained above (if necessary, repeat this procedure several times).
  • If the shut-off valve is removed, the pump can be flushed quickly. Improper spray distribution is the result of a clogged nozzle, which is easily removed and cleaned.
  • Soap and water may also be used to clean tank.
  • Do not use aggressive cleaning agents or abrasives.
  • Follow the recommendations of the chemical manufacturer for disposal of wastewater and chemicals.
  • Activated charcoal in liquid or others may be used to absorb chemicals in tanks or spills.

How to install solo back pack sprayer rebuild kit?

Video transcript:

Hello there, I’m here!

Today with my solo
backpack sprayer this will cover the
model number 425 101 and it also may
cover a few variations of other models
that are similar to basically i had
purchased a solo back at the backpack
repair kit this one actually here is
actually one that i purchased from home
depot but that the kit that i purchased
on Amazon is essentially identical to it
basically I could go to the store and
buy it that’s where I went so basically
I went ahead and was just doing a little
cleaning on my unit since I used it
today work fine but I figured since
there were some individuals that had
some inquiry as to how you take it apart
how you put it back together even though
it is in your manual I realized
sometimes watching the video makes
things easier so basically on this part
of the bottom part of your sprayer
there’s a seal on the inside I just went
ahead and pushed it up this basically
all you have to do is you can pull this
down you just have to wiggle it around a
little bit it’ll have your primary ring
right here you’ll just pop the old ring
off with a flathead screwdriver
and once you install it I would
recommend purchasing some white lithium
grease white in color this is a liquid
wrench brand I can’t recall if I
purchase this at maybe CARQUEST Napa for
some reason stop carrying the white
lithium grease in the container like
this why I don’t know just shop around
this is excellent for lubricating seals
on backpack sprayers and lots of other
automotive and just in general uses okay
basically this is the internal that goes
into the bottom of your pump housing you
have one round seal here one round still
here this is basically flat on the inside
you actually have another flat seal
which I have for some reason misplaced
anyway you have another flat seal it
goes in there mine came with it’s
probably hard to see since I’m wearing
black gloves but it’s a little tab and
it basically pushes in place and it’ll
hold the rubber seal on internally it’s
real easy to do and basically like I
said just run a thin coat of the white
lithium grease around it I mean I guess
if you wanted to you could use if I were
to suggest will bear and grease I would
use the clear wheel bearing grease that
way it doesn’t gook up and make a mess
of things and that would probably work
just as adequately if you can’t find the
white lithium grease but basically the
next component is your piston basically
you just have this one seal here
basically it’s got a spring on the
inside which on my unit the spring
actually rusted up and basically how has
had no pressure whatsoever on my unit so
basically this pops off put a thin coat
of the grease all the way around
specially on the plastic because it has
to move up and down inside of this unit
and the smoother it works the easier it
is when you’re having to sit there and
you know apply the handle to build the
pressure up so basically I’m just going
to do a simple install here I’m not
going to start from the very beginning I
kind of do it backwards but you’ll
understand principally because it’s very
simple to do so let me come at weak
camera here so make sure let me get a
visual make sure we’re where we want to
be okay basically I’ve already seated
this part of the sprayer it just pushes
up in there the seal typically sometimes
kind of wants to buy it a little bit
just have to work with it and right here
on the top there’s a tab on your sprayer
which will have to align with this
bottom piece here
and basically all you need to do is this
is threaded this screws up into the
bottom of your unit like so and it’s key
you want to make sure you get this cut
out for your piston in the correct
location it goes to the back or to
basically where the holes are that the
bolts hold the piston in place that work it
next install a piston and the reason I
suggest using grease is it makes it go
in place a lot easier helps to dry
install the park correctly to doesn’t
okay see that all right now basically
the bolts that hold the piston in place
on the actual handle or a Torx bit they
are 80/40 basically I have an adapter
with my default here we’ll just run
these own and these folks have to go in
place first
I just took put one boat in make sure
you get them started
then just type them up evenly that way
you don’t strip out the bolts or your
handle and I just get them snug defaults
actually are in cordless drill have a
lot torque okay basically last thing you
have to do here slip on the bottom part
of your piston cover and we’ll pop on
there like so and basically it has a
very long flat-head screwdriver hexagon
nut and the nut actually goes into a
groove on the opposing side of the
piston and basically I’m not going to
install that just to simplify that this
is actually the trim ring that goes
around the top up here where the bottom
of the seal comes up there right here
see where this is where the hose
connects basically this is a Torx bit as
well which is a 25 for the Torx bit
basically this nut locks into a groove
here you go I just basically take this
all the way off reinstall this so once
you put that on that’s complete and put
the nut bolt on the backside of this
here I know you can’t see it but you’ll
understand it when you look at your unit
so basically without disassembling it to
show you that is the simple on redoing
your seal kit I may do a little update
or improved process of this I know this
was doing it in the reverse mode as far
as reinstalling it but I know that it’s
just a few pieces it’s very simple to
take apart and put back together and
like I said it takes about 30 minutes to
do this just have yourself like I said
some white lithium grease or you can
substitute and you I would recommend
using the clear wheel bearing grease
that doesn’t make a mess with unlike the
colored greases
and basically make sure thanks greased
up and you may take you a little time to
get adjusted you know when you’re taking
the stuff apart but once you put it back
together and use it you’ll have like a
brand new sprayer and for the cost of a
rebuild kit it’s well worth it
considering to buy a new backpack
sprayer is about 85 to 100 dollars
depending on the version and model brand
you get etc so if you have any questions
beyond this I will gladly do my best to
answer those questions and other than
that hope this is a beneficial to you
and like I said this is for the solo
backpack model number 425 101 sprayer
and I also recommend that if you’re
having some issues say with your wand
ironically I have a spare one here I
purchased this room yes home depot and
basically it’s always a good idea to
keep your wand and your hose cleaned out
really well you you know basically when
I get done using my unit depending upon
like today I used it with the some water
sealer and that’s pretty greasy messy
stuff once I cleaned out the unit or
finished using the product I use some
xylene that helps to cut the greasiness
of the fluid that I had in there and
rinsed it out you know just rolled it
around there and then basically I used
some ivory soap filled the unit up and
post it out kept pumping it and
basically took the tip of my nozzle off
so that the water would flow you know
pretty heavy and rinsed it out with
clean water and then I did bleach and
soap and then for a final clean-out I
just basically did water and just
basically filled it up with water about
halfway and pumped it and let it run
until the water was crystal clear and basically
you always want to put your spray away
when it’s been cleaned and dried always
basically turn mine upside down and let
it dry out before I put it away because
if you leave any kind of chemical inside
of it it’s going to gum up your seals
and when you go to use it again it’s not
going to work so hot so hope this is
helpful thanks a lot and have a good day.

General Instructions

After assembling your backpack sprayer, it makes sense to test it by filling it full of water. This will help you to look out for leakages and test the pressure level. You can then use it after being satisfied.


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