15 Best Concrete Dining Table Reviews for 2021

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Our Top 3 Picks:-

Best Choice: lash Furniture Corinth Rectangular Dining Table
“Fitted perfectly in our 1000+ sq ft apartment! Easy to set up with just one person. It is nice and I looks very durable.”

Editor’s Pick: Unfade Memory Concrete Dining Table
” Great the size. Look is unique but compliments our decor perfectly. sits sturdy with no wobbling. And blends perfectly with the floors in the apartment.”

Best Budget: Dorel Living Farley Faux Concrete Top Pub Set
“Shelves are super handy, and serve us well as we don’t have pantry space. The quality is great for the price and its very functional! “

We have spent more than 50 hours researching the best concrete dining table available in the market. This includes interviewing professional concrete dining table makers and experts in interiors.

Our concrete dining table review will help you determine the right style, size, and shape well suited for your dining space. Follow our recommendation of the best 15 concrete dining tables to choose an excellent table based on quality and attractive design.

Check out the table below for a glance at the recommended concrete dining tables for review.

Buyer’s Guide for Concrete Dining Table in 2021

A concrete dining table is not just a meeting point for family and friends; it is also a talking point for guests because of its uniqueness. Dining tables made from concrete are not common like the ones made of wood. A concrete dining table is the cynosure of all eyes anywhere it is spotted. Many of them are made with a blend of acacia wood. If you are looking for a durable concrete dining table, there are a lot of things to look out for. This buyer’s guide will assist you to choose the right table for long-lasting use.

Choose a sturdy concrete table –

When you are looking for a durable concrete dining table, don’t look for one that is entirely made from concrete because of the weight. It is going to be extremely heavy. Look for one that is partly made from a concrete mix with acacia wood or MDF. A combination of concrete mix with acacia wood will guarantee sturdiness. Also, make sure the legs are made from steel or iron for durability and stability.

Ease of assembly and disassembly –

If you are always moving from place to place, it makes sense to find a concrete dining table that is easy to assemble and disassemble for ease of transportation. Avoid very heavy tables. Only look for a lightweight concrete dining table.

Size and shape –

Before you buy a concrete dining table, look at the available space. If you have a narrow space, you should look for a rectangular size table. If you have a compact space, look for a table that is round in shape to fit perfectly into your compact area.

Styles –

Concrete dining tables like other types of dining tables come in different styles. From casual to formal. Modern to contemporary. Transitional to industrial. Whatever the style you choose, what is important is to choose a style that can blend well with your décor.

Storage –

There are just a few concrete dining tables with storage spaces. If you find one with storage spaces, it is a big plus. It can come with shelves or drawers or both. A concrete table with a storage space makes it easy to store things like tablecloths, napkins, and dining accessories.

Foldable concrete table –

Not too many foldable concrete dining tables are out there. But a foldable table will help you to free up space. If you are always on-the-move, a foldable table will be perfect for you since it will be lightweight and easy to transport. Foldable tables can also expand to accommodate more people.

Seating options –

Whether you looking for a rectangular or round concrete table or whatever shape, what is important is the seating options. If you usually have a lot of guests, look for a table that can accommodate up to 6-8 persons at a time.

Wide area –

Look for a table with a wide area. This helps guests and the family to seat comfortably and conveniently without any discomfort.

Ease of cleaning –

A concrete dining table needs to be cleaned regularly. Find one that has a smooth surface so you can easily wipe it down. Avoid a textured table because it is a bit difficult to clean. Do not use any harsh liquids to clean it. Just use a cloth with dishwashing liquid.

Height –

Because of tall people, it is important to look for a high table. A high concrete table has a lot of room for the legs. A low table brings inconveniences and discomforts

15 Best Concrete Dining Table Review for 2021

1. Taylor + Logan Rectangular Dining Table

Concrete Outdoor Dining TableCreate fresh memories for your family and friends with the Taylor + Logan dining table. This table is finished in faux concrete to make your home the cynosure of all eyes. The contemporary dining room table has a large and smooth surface making it comfortable for everyone to sit around. The alluring top finish and the triangular-shaped legs make this table a must-have. The table can be used both indoor and outdoor for a pleasurable meal.


  • Wide area – The wide-area makes it convenient and comfortable for family and friends. It can seat four persons without any discomfort.
  • Waterproof – This is a waterproof dining room table for durable and long-lasting use.
  • Sturdy construction – The leg design and the solid top are the guarantee of the table’s sturdiness.
  • Ease of assembly – Its assembly is quick and easy. Just fix the washers on each leg and you are done. It is easy to clean too. Just wipe down.
  • Elegant design –The dining room table is elegantly designed to make your room look beautiful, modern, and inviting. It can complement your home décors perfectly.

2. Scott Living Hutchinson Dining Table

Round Concrete Dining TableMake your home look modern and exquisite with the Scott Living Hutchinson Table. Made from MDF and 25% concrete, this dining room table is a mark of durability. The legs are made of steel to guarantee sturdiness and stability. With an aged concrete finish and stylish design, this table is what you have been looking for to bring some life into your dining room space. Smooth surface makes cleaning super easy. Its rectangular design makes it fit for narrow spaces. This is the perfect dining room table to complement your décor. Assembly is a breeze. This is one of the best products when it comes to concrete resin dining table reviews in this article


  • Easy to assembly – Assembly is stress-free. The Allen wrenches needed to assemble the table have been provided. No tool is required.
  • Strong construction – The table is made to last for a long time. The concrete composite top with aged finish delivers a lot of strength
  • Durable – The durability of the dining room table is not in doubt. With 75% MDF, 25%, and legs made of steel; this table will stand the test of time.
  • Sleek design – Its sleek, industrial chick design is the perfect design to complement your décor.
  • Smooth surface – Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean and comfortable to sit around it

3. Farley 3-Piece Pub Set

Concrete Dining Room TableCreate your pub with the 3-piece pub set made by Dorel Living. This is a versatile table that can be used as a dining room table, entertainment space, bar set, or breakfast space. It comes with three storage spaces and two stools to make a complete set. This is a sturdy table made to save you some space. Its bold finish is elegantly made to perfectly blend with your décor.


  • Versatile – The versatility of this table is unparalleled. It fits different purposes like dining table, entertainment corner, and pub. It can also be used as a bar set.
  • Compact size – Its compact design makes it a space-saving dining room table.
  • Sturdy construction – The construction of this table is sturdy and durable. T metal frame and beautiful countertop finishes make it a great solid table
  • Easy to assemble – The table is easy to put together. Everything you need to set it up comes with the package.
  • Comfortable – Four persons can comfortably sit around this table.

4. Andre Concrete Dining Bench

Concrete And Wood Dining TableHave a nice time outdoor with family and friends with the Andre Dining Bench. This bench has a lot of space to sit, relax, talk, and eat. This is a classic picnic bench for extraordinary comfort. Built with modern materials, the bench is sturdy and durable. It comes with a water-resistant cover to protect the bench when it is not in use.


  • Sturdy construction – This dining bench is made from light concrete with a textured grey oak finish for last-lasting use.
  • Assembly required – Assembly is simple and easy. It comes with available hardware needed to set up the bench
  • Durable – The legs are made of metal for durability and stability
  • Easy to clean – Its smooth and wide surface makes it easy to clean.
  • Water-resistant cover – After using the bench outdoor, you can cover it with its water-resistant cover to protect it from the adverse effect of the weather.

5. Doris Outdoor Concrete Dining Table

Modern Concrete Dining TableThis is a great dining table for a family outdoor gathering. It can be used at the patios. It is weather-resistant. The outdoor dining table is capable of withstanding the harsh winters and hot summers. It is made from virtually indestructible concrete with a grey stone finish. This is an outdoor table that will give your backyard a wonderful picturesque feel. You can pair this table with benches or chairs or both for your comfort. The top is not smooth but mildly textured.


  • Durable – Made with lightweight concrete and iron legs, the table is made to last for many years.
  • Comfortable – It can seat 6-8 persons comfortably and conveniently
  • Easy to assemble – Assembling this table is pretty smooth and hassle-free.
  • Finish – With a grey stone finish, this table will make your patio or backyard look appealing.
  • Water-resistant – The table is sturdily built to resist harsh weather conditions.

6. Flash Furniture Rectangular Dining Table

Concrete Top Outdoor Dining TableIf you want a durable dining table with a contemporary style, the Flash Furniture Dining Table is the ideal table for you. Made from wood for extra durability, this table fits perfectly in narrow spaces. Its triangular legs are made of iron for stability. It is very sturdy with an alluring faux finish. The color of the top is available in grey and black. This is the best products amongst the tower dining table concrete reviews in this article


  • Contemporary style – The contemporary style of the table makes it appealing and elegant. It can complement your room décor perfectly.
  • Stable – The triangular-shaped iron legs provide stability. It does not matter the heavy load or the number of people seating around it.
  • Comfortable – This is a comfortable dining table that can seat 6 persons conveniently.
  • Ease of assembly – Putting the table together is easy. It comes with assembly instructions and hardware for quick setup.

7. Sunpan Modern Catalan Concrete Dining Table

Round Concrete Top Dining TableMake every breakfast and dinner memorable with the Sunpan Dining Table. This is an all concrete top dining table made to last for many years. The concrete top combined with stainless steel legs delivers an industrial-chic look. If you want to create a contemporary look that is modern and unique in your dining room, this concrete dining table is perfect for you. The durability and sturdiness of this dining table are not in doubt. The legs are well made for unparalleled stability and strength. This is the best product amongst the concrete top dining table reviews in this article


  • Solid construction – This concrete dining room table is built tough to withstand different rigors. The dining table is built to stand the test of time
  • Durable – Its durability is in the quality of materials used in making this table. With a concrete top and stainless steel legs, you are sure this table is extra durable.
  • Easy to assembly – Assembling this concrete dining table is super easy. It comes with instructions and hardware needed for quick assembly
  • Great look – With an appealing and beautiful look, the table will blend with your dining room décor.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning the table is a breeze. Just wipe down with ease.

8. Concrete Chic White Trestle Dining Bench

White Concrete Dining TableHave a picnic-like feeling with your friends and family with the Concrete Chic Dining Bench. It is made from molded concrete so you can use it for years to come. It comes with a solid acacia base for extraordinary durability. The top of the table has an aged chalky white finish for an appealing look. This table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. When not used outdoor, it is advised you cover it to prevent it from harsh weather conditions and also maintain the white chalky finish. This is a solidly built bench for your family and friends’ relaxation and comfort.


  • Sturdy construction – Constructed from molded concrete with an acacia wood base, this table guarantees sturdiness and strength.
  • Durable – With firm legs and solid concrete top, the durability of the table is not in doubt. It is built to last for a long period
  • Indoor & outdoor – You can use this bench the way you want it. It can be used indoor as a dining bench or outdoor at the patio.
  • Assembly – Assembling this bench takes no time. It is very easy to assemble too. Instructions on assembly and hardware are provided.
  • Stable – This table has firm legs that help for stability. Its stability allows people to seat comfortably.

9. Chalet Concrete Dining Table

Round Concrete Outdoor Dining TableIf you are looking for a compact dining table to lift the mood in your dining room, this round table will be the ideal one for you. The table is handcrafted for unparalleled durability. It is made from rugged beams of solid acacia wood with reinforced concrete. This table has a native stone top that makes it very complementary to your dining room decor. The Chalet Concrete Dining Table is not only used as a dining table, but it can also be used as a meeting table, game table, bar table, tea, and coffee table. The table goes with any style – contemporary, modern, rustic, and transitional. It fits all styles perfectly.


  • Space-saving – The compact nature of this table makes it fit for small spaces thereby saving you a lot of space.
  • Versatile – The versatility of the table is a big plus. It fits for different purposes. It can be used as a conference table, decorative accent table, small bar table, dining table, coffee or tea table
  • Decor styles – It can complement different décor styles such as contemporary, modern, rustic, and transitional.
  • Solid tabletop – The top of the table is solidly sealed for stain. The top is also scratch-resistant.
  • Quick assembly – Its assembly is quick and fast. It is easy to assemble. It takes less than 10 minutes to get done with assembling. Assembly instructions are provided with the hardware.

10. Ishtar Outdoor Faux Dining Bench

Faux Concrete Dining TableThis outdoor bench provides you with plenty of space to eat, relax, and chat with family, friends, and guests. It is a comfortable dining bench for a memorable time. This is a classic dining bench made with modern materials to guarantee durability and stability. It is made with lightweight concrete to make the bench nearly indestructible. The bench is made to last for many years.

  • Sturdily made – This is a sturdy outdoor bench that provides comfort when you sit on it. Its sturdiness and stability make it the ideal outdoor bench for guests and friends.
  • Ease of assembling – There are no complications with the assembly of this bench. It is super easy to assemble. Follow the instructions to set up the bench
  • Durable – With the top of the bench made of lightweight concrete and the legs made from iron, these materials make the bench to be durable and rugged.
  • Protected cover – Part of what you get when you buy this bench is a bench cover. This cover is very useful when no one is using the bench. The cover is meant for the top of the bench to protect from being damaged by the weather.
  • Appealing – Its antique teak finish makes the bench appealing and beautiful. It can be used at the patio or backyard.

11. Melantha Indoor Dining Bench

Square Concrete Dining TableIf you are looking for a unique setting for your dining room, this dining bench will be suitable for me. Made from nearly indestructible outdoor material, the bench is sturdy and durable. This bench has plenty of space to eat and relax. It can seat six persons comfortably. Its lightweight concrete construction makes it a bench that will be used for years. It can be used indoor and outdoor. Its brown walnut finish makes it good to compliment indoor décor. The legs are made of iron with a black finish. When used outdoor, the bench brings a nostalgic feeling of a picnic.


  • Build to last – This bench is built to give you many years of enjoyment with your guests and friends.
  • Sturdy construction – Sturdiness of this bench makes it ideal for your use. It is made from lightweight concrete so you can sit comfortably
  • Ease to assemble – Assembling this bench is a snap. It takes less than 15 minutes to put it in place. Just follow the instructions that come with the package.
  • Stable legs – The four iron legs provide great stability for the bench making it comfortable to sit on all the time.
  • Indoor & outdoor use – The bench is suited for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Use it outdoor at the backyard or patio; use indoor as a dining bench.

12. Sunpan Modern Warwick Round Dining Table

Restoration Hardware Concrete Dining TableThe Sunpan Round Dining Table is well designed and crafted to create a modern style in your dining room. This dining table brings a lot of uniqueness and versatility to your home. It is trendy and made to fit small spaces. The round table features a 10cm concrete edge top to give you that industrial look that will always transform your dining space. It comes with a contrasting thick base made from acacia wood with a light espresso finish to blend perfectly with your dining room décor. It is crafted from a concrete mix for durability and sturdiness.


  • Finish – The combination of a concrete mix and acacia wood with a light espresso finish adds substance and elegance to any dining space.
  • Durable – Made from a concrete mix, the table exemplifies all the attributes of a durable piece that will last for a long time
  • Cleaning – The top is smooth and easy to clean with just a cloth.
  • Assembly – The assembly is simple and easy. All the hardware needed to accomplish the setup comes with the dining table.
  • Flexible – The table comes with great flexibility. It can not only be used as a dining room table, but it can also be used as a meeting table, bar table, and office table.

13. Furniture Parker Dining Table

Concrete Dining Table MiamiIf you appreciate the visual texture, this dining room table will be right for you. The rustic finish makes it go well with your décor. The warm grey concrete top provides extra strength. The legs with its oak finish provide unparalleled stability and durability. From top to bottom, this table speaks of sturdiness. The dining table can fit perfectly into narrow spaces.


  • Assembly – This is an easy to assemble dining room table. Instructions are provided. Follow the instructions to set up the table. Everything you need for setup comes with the package.
  • Durable – The table is built with top quality materials for durability. This dining room table will give you many years of comfort and enjoyment.
  • Stable – The firm legs help for stability. The four legs make it comfortable to use. It can seat four people conveniently
  • Elegant finish – The oak finish legs with a concrete top make this table the perfect table to blend into your décor.
  • Lightweight – The dining room table is extremely lightweight when compared to the other dining tables.

14. Jessica Indoor Concrete Dining Table

Concrete Effect Dining Table UkThe Jessica Dining Table will make a good addition to your rustic outdoor settings. This table can also be used indoor for a comfortable breakfast and dinner with family and guests. If you want a table that is great for the patio or backyard, this is an ideal table for you. The table is weather-resistant because it is made from lightweight concrete. It is virtually indestructible due to the quality of the material used in making it. It can withstand harsh weather conditions all year round. The simple but faux style will make your backyard look appealing and welcoming. The Jessica Dining Table will last for a long time because of its durability and sturdiness.


  • Sturdy construction – The construction of this dining table is sturdy. Its sturdiness will make it a long-lasting table
  • Weather-resistant – Made from a nearly indestructible material, this table can resist both winter and summer weather
  • Flexible – You can use the table with chairs or benches or a combination of the two for extra comfort and ease.
  • Fine finish – The antique teak finish of the tabletop with black leg finish makes it the perfect table to complement your home décor.
  • Assembly – The table is easy to assemble. Follow the instructions to do a quick setup.

15. Christopher Knight Home Weight Concrete Dining Bench

Concrete Pedestal Dining TableThis versatile dining bench helps to add extra seating both indoor and outdoor. It can complement your dining table or used it at the patio for the relaxation of guests. Made from the highest quality materials, this bench is built for years of enjoyment. When used indoor, it will blend well with your dining room décor. When used outdoor, it will bring some appealing look to your backyard or patio. Your guests can now eat and relax comfortably when they seat outdoor. Your family can enjoy memorable times at breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a dining bench that brings comfort all the time.


  • Versatile – This table is suitable for both indoor and outdoor purposes. Perfect as a dining room table; great as a bench for patios
  • Ease of assembly – Setup is quick and easy. It takes less than 15 minutes to get the bench fixed. Assembly instructions come with the table
  • Durable – Made from top quality materials, the bench is made to last. It is sturdily made and also very stable to make guests and friends seat comfortably.
  • Finish – The bench has a glass-fiber reinforced lightweight concrete finish and light grey finish for the legs to make it a bench fit for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Easy to clean – The wide and smooth surface makes it easy to clean. Just wipe off the dust.

How to Make a Concrete Dining Table?

Video Transcript:

Hey there welcome to DIY projects with Pete today we’re going to build a concrete dining table with a wood base this is a fun and simple project that’s affordable to build and that I know you can make if you enjoyed this video please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel let’s get started first step is to build a mold for the concrete top out of melamine measure and Mark for your cuts according to the plans at DIY Pete comm forward slash concrete dining table cut out the rectangular base piece for the mold using a circular saw or a table saw make sure to lay out how you plan to make the cuts so you have plenty of melamine left over for the side strips of the mold next cut out the two and one-quarter inch strips for the side of the mold a table saw works real well for this process but it can be done with a circular saw you’ll cut a total of four strips out of the leftover melamine then move on to the miter saw and cut the lengths of the side strips down to size put the side strips in place and then attach one side at a time using one and a half inch screws now the two longer strips are going to overlap the shorter side strips on each end always work on a flat surface and pre-drill prior to using the screws press down firmly on the base and on the side strip to ensure they are both flush with each other on the bottom pre-drill and insert a screw about every six to eight inches making sure the screw goes in as.

Straight as possible continue working around each side of the mold until it is completely assembled double check to make sure all four corners and the side walls are squared up and then grab the steel reinforcement and cut it down to size using a bolt cutter I like to leave a gap of about an inch between the reinforcement and the side walls around the perimeter of the mold you may need to make some small bends in the.

Reinforcement so that it lies flat then flip the mold to remove debris and use rubbing alcohol and a clean towel to wipe down the forms prior to sealing the edges with silicone use 100% silicone caulk around the scene.

The mold besides sealing the mold that will give the concrete edges a slight bevel then use a call rounding tool to round over the bead and to remove excess have plenty of paper towels around to help remove excess from the tool and the mold then thoroughly look over the mold to make sure you didn’t accidentally get silicone anywhere else in the forms if you did simply remove it using a paper towel then let the silicone set up and cure for about an hour next we’ll prepare the work surface for the.

Concrete pour cover the table with plastic or an old tarp and then shim your work surface if needed so it is as level as possible since your garage or may have a slant to it do a final cleaning of the mold and then start to mix up your concrete this table is six feet long by roughly three and a half feet wide and one and a half inches thick.

I bought five bags of quikrete concrete mix and ended up using about 4 and a half bags for the table mix the concrete in a large plastic tub with an old shovel or a Mason’s hoe.

Add water as recommended by the.

Manufacturer I like to mix the concrete until it’s about a peanut butter.

Consistency and if it’s too dry just add a little more water and if the mixture is too wet you can always add more concrete until you get the perfect consistency transfer the concrete mixture to the mold using a plastic bucket spread it out evenly with your hands and use your fingers to pack the mixture into all of the corners and the sides.

I typically mix about one to one and a half bags of concrete at a time in the tub so as soon as you use the concrete up from the first batch go ahead and start mixing up another and you can actually mix the concrete a little wetter than I did to help it flow into the mold a bit easier spread the.

Concrete around with your hands to create somewhat of an even surface and fill the mold until it is a little more than half full make sure to wear rubber gloves while working with wet concrete and a mask during the whole mixing process when the mold is a little over half full you can vibrate the concrete by shaking the table or hitting the under sides and sides with a mallet this is going to start releasing air pockets from the concrete and it’s going to help level out the surface then grab the steel reinforcement and put it into place it should lay flat and you may need to make small adjustments to get it to lay flat by bending the metal.

With your hands once the reinforcement is in fill the mold up the rest of the way with concrete spread the concrete over the reinforcement into the sides and throughout the mold don’t worry about over filling the mold and you can use a trowel to help move the concrete around in the mold a little bit easier next use a 2×4 or a scrap board to screed the concrete move the board back and forth in a saw like motion from one side of the mold to the other this will remove excess concrete and also level out the surface go over the entire surface a few times in opposite.

Directions and then use the excess concrete to either fill low spots or just put it back into the bucket once everything is nice and level.

Clean up excess concrete that’s spilled out of the mold and then vibrate the concrete this is a big tabletop and without a professional concrete.

Vibrating table or a concrete pencil vibrator it is going to be nearly impossible to get all the air pockets out but will do as best as we can using normal tools you have around the garage to remove those air bubbles slightly lifting the table up and down quickly works really well but it is heavy so try to find someone to help you with the process and make sure to lift properly a rubber mallet also works to vibrate the concrete and you can tap the side walls and underside of the mold the vibration from an orbital sander or a.

Reciprocating saw without the blade are other options to help release the trapped air and the more time you spend vibrating the concrete the fewer air pockets you’ll have in the finish surface and the fewer voids you’ll have to fill with a cement slurry paste use a trowel to smooth out the bottom a bit more so the underside is somewhat of a smooth finish then clean up the work surface area sweep up that excess concrete and put plastic or an old tarp over the concrete to help it cure more evenly now you can let the concrete cure and do its thing for the next 48 hours lastly go outside and clean off the tools you used with water and a scrub brush now this is important so you can reuse the tools for other projects in the future after letting the concrete set up a few hours I did come out in the garage too hard trawl the underside of the concrete this step is not necessary since the underside will not be seen but I did want to show the process just in case anyone is interested the next morning I came out and misted the concrete with a little water to help hydrate the concrete which helps it cure properly I then remove the side walls of the mold and to do this simply remove the screws and then use a chisel to help pry the wood away from the concrete take your time with this process and make sure to always pry against the wood and never against the concrete slowly pry away one side while at a time making sure to put the chisel between the lower part of the side wall and the base piece now there’s a good chance that if you’re careful removing the side walls you’ll be able to recycle the parts and use it for another table or give it to a friend who you’ve inspired to build a table just like yours once the side walls are removed lightly ease the edges over with 220 grit sandpaper to reduce the chance of chipping the edges when working with the concrete and allow the concrete to continue to cure for another 24 hours or so before flipping the concrete and you can lightly miss the concrete once daily or cover it while that concrete is curing find at least one strong friend to help flip the concrete put some towels down to protect the concrete and then flip it vertically then move to the other side and slowly lower the slab the slab weighs between 350 and 370 pounds so be very careful and lift and lower properly the more people to help out the better remove the base of the mold and examine your new concrete top it’s still a diamond in the rough but it’s your first complete glance at the slab allow it to cure a while longer before you sand or polish the concrete so there’s a couple different ways you can finish your concrete table top one is to use an orbital sander which many of you.

Probably already own or have in your shop and another is to use a concrete wet polisher with industrial diamond pads that you put on the bottom we’re going to use this today just since you probably already own one and so let’s get started and show you the process start out sanding the surface with an orbital sander and 120 or so grit sandpaper this will help smooth out the surface and expose some of the air voids that will need to be.

Build in a later step wear a mask for this process and do this outside since it is very dusty lightly round over the top edges and sand the sides as well the next step is to fill any voids using a slurry mixture which consists of.

Portland cement and a little water mix up the slurry in a plastic cup and then rub the mixture into the voids using your hands wear rubber gloves and have a plastic putty knife nearby to help fill the voids as well I like to run the paste over the beveled edges to smooth out the edges and to fill additional voids now I ended up having a few more voids than usual since the bigger slabs are a little harder to vibrate and I probably should have spent a little bit more time vibrating the table but it ended up turning out great and I’m super happy with the finished result using a vibrating table or concrete pencil vibrator would have helped out a ton but I wanted to show the average DIY err how to build this without having to buy any more specialty tools once the slurry mixture has set up go over all the surfaces again with an orbital sander and 220 grit sandpaper to remove excess slurry and smooth out the top then we flipped the slab to the underside and filled in a couple rough spots and did a quick sanding along the edges so if someone runs their fingers underneath the finished table it will have a smooth and professional finish then I wheeled the table back into the garage and applied a sealer to the concrete I first applied two coats of concrete sealer to the underside next we flipped the concrete over once more to the top side at this time fill any remaining PIN holes with a slurry mixture if there are any hand sand the excess off with some 220 or higher grit sandpaper and then use a damp rag to clean up any dust saturate the concrete with water and wipe the concrete with a rag so there aren’t any puddles I like to then dilute a food-grade concrete sealer with a bit of water in a plastic cup and apply four to five thin coats to the top and sides with a clean microfiber rig the coats dry fairly quickly so the process doesn’t take long after applying the final coat of sealer let it cure for the recommended dry time before applying an optional.

Food-grade wax or using the table then recruit some strong friends or neighbors to give you a hand moving the slab and wood base into the house.

I’d recommend finding about 4 people to help if you can and always remember to lift properly once in the dining room we laid the slab upside down and centered the base to prevent the concrete from ever sliding we used construction adhesive to glue a wood block on the bottom of the concrete near each corner of the frame the concrete honestly is not going to budge but this will ensure it doesn’t slide around let the glue cure then put the frame in place and to set the concrete top on the base I found a good deal on six chairs at the world market and so we assembled them and slid the chairs into place all right thanks so much for tuning in to DIY projects with Pete I hope you enjoyed today’s episode and that it inspires you to build your own concrete dining table for the complete tutorial head over to DIY Pete comm forward slash concrete dining table and if you found this video helpful please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel also I’d love to hear what ideas you have for upcoming DIY projects so please comment below with those thanks again for watching and Cheers.

From Montana please subscribe to the channel to help inspire more DIY errs like yourself and head over to DIY Pete comm forward slash concrete dining table for the complete tutorial and to.

Download the free plans Cheers.

How to Fix a Concrete Dining Table?

Video Transcript:

You know when you get one of those projects where nothing goes right well this table here is one of them.

Well this table here was leave it or not i don’t know who would actually build a massive table as a trial but this table here was a trial for something i want to do a little bit later i’m planning on doing up my kitchen and i wanted to make up some concrete bench top so i figured i need an outdoor table anyway so i’ll make an outdoor concrete dining tables so this is pretty much how it happen so the model i’ve got here is a very simple melamine mold there’s nothing particular tricky about it but i built the table underneath it in a previous video how to check back it is the massive vibrating table and basically what underneath it there is a angle grinder a bench angle grinder that has a weight on it it makes it vibrate like crazy so i put that underneath the table and that should get all the bubbles and everything out of it and then it’s just a matter of sealing up the edges hot glue around the sides and everything here is in the air according to plan but building the table was one of the first things.

Mississippi hoes means keep me safe from the shame sing me songs of alleluia with the hatred in your veins doing why do we keep so first thing I’m doing here is making up the top layer of concrete so the visible layer of concrete that I can color and this is a basic sense men and black oxide coloring just to give it a really nice black texture cause I don’t really like the gray normal.

Boss watch you see.


Now you can see here that i am turning on my massive vibrating table and this is where the first up came i had it secured underneath with some screws and after it vibrated for about a minute or two the bottom of it fell off and i started rattling like crazy underneath the table and broke so i started tapping my underneath and hopefully that was enough and here is the second one i thought this would provide a little bit of support to it it’s fiberglass that i’m pushing through and madding through also i think the concrete would get off and through it but it ended up creating a second layer of fiberglass at the top which wasn’t fantastic now for the internal layers i have made up concrete and sand and added fiberglass to that so fiberglass top strand is supposed to add a lot of strength the mixture and be honest it did it’s a very strong mixture when it’s doing it but i was a bit of a twit because i’m a little bit paranoid about the weight that would go into it so i didn’t put as much in the middle and around the edges so i built it up around the edges and then had a little bit thinner in between the other sides which was a massive mistake if i go back i like myself over the head and said colin do it properly more concrete doctor wait.


You know

I know what you’re thinking

Making a big business

Y’all choking on words I kissing it was right about here the my wife walked in and the conversation went a little bit like this oh why don’t you ask for help your eyes didn’t look that heavy really hungry and which I’m grateful about and watch my camera just oh it didn’t get hurt though which very very lucky because it’s like a camera now one thing I wanted to build into it was a healing system because it’s actually a little bit cold in australia at night surprisingly not so I built in little supports that the gas bottle per fit into and then it didn’t fit a little bit later which I’ll go into a little bit later but it actually works quite well now.

Even things

Yeah well I cooked up a little bit with it I tried to move it into place I got it on the base and I was going to move it in there I did it all off camera but discovered that the little bit banged in a little bit so there’s a big ass cracks down the middle of it so i am going to flip it upside down put some more reinforcing concrete underneath it grind out this without more concrete and hopefully it’ll come out well fingers crossed anyway now biggest mistake of the whole thing I did right here you see how I’m creating a shitload of dust on it and putting the concrete down I did not clean off that dot properly which is what I think caused the biggest up of the whole thing which is coming very very shortly.

I usually cut out these bits but I thought I’d leave it in just ralph’s count heavy freaking heavy these seniors and alzheimer loaded stage so brute force had to work.

And to pay so clamed tantrum

Mmm okay it was about this point I was deciding if let’s just crack the entire thing or try and make it work so I decided I need to cut more out of the middle and create another new layer inside of it and hopefully make it a lot stronger that’s reinforcing bar between the middle and just hope like hell that will actually work a lot better.

So I salvaged if people think of it’s from the edges put another layer of darker concrete and I had some leftover tube steel so I embedded that inside of the concrete and then have a lot more fiberglass imbued concrete over the top i went around every single edge and went a bit further than you can actually see in this video so I made it a hell of a lot pickup pulled out an inch thicker than it needed to be but i won game to let it go any thinner at this stage oh beauty queen and yes this is a scary spot waddle in history check it out buh-buh-buh-buh-buh but ed didn’t forth so I was happy now here you can actually see the difference that the concrete vibrating table next to it  I’ll slow it down a little bit so you can see better but the one on the left is the vibrating table and the one on the right is bit that didn’t have a vibrating table and see all the extra holes and everything inside of it so had a bit of grind filled up the extra cracks with some more cement and stop grinding all that stuff down.

Now I took up all the outer layer the really top layer of the cement so I suppose a little bit a groove underneath and then it’s time for polishing these ones are actually the really good concrete marble polishing pads that you can get there are some really cheap ones you buy off ebay but they’ll die within a about a meter of that and these ones went through the entire thing and you can even notice any difference inside of it but there’s several different grits it goes up to about 3000 brits and it brought it up to pretty much a mirror shine which I was very happy with it’s a long slow process and I’ve got so doing it that it really brings out the wow factor inside of that it shows all the concrete aggregate up and it gives it a really nice flat surface.

Now the finish with the concrete sealer are really wasn’t that happy with it I suppose I needs to pull urethanes or calf washes or something so I got out of kind cutting compound which is used on cars and just gave it all a big buck back which brought out the made it a lot smoother and a lot flatter a lot more effective which I was quite happy with and then it was time for a bit of speed wax which just goes inside of all the little fine scratches that the cutting compound makes up and makes it all so shiny and so creepy.

And lucky last mistake of the whole thing I swear I measured it but I felt like I was seeing on a giant’s table when we’re sitting on top of it so it was a little bit too high so luckily it’s easy to drop it a little bit off so I jacked it up and then a little bit of the running room now this table be honest too actually quite like house how it’s turned out it’s a talking point basically you can see the different textures and the different concrete and all that sort of stuff that’s inside of it the different colors and I had a whole lot of friends around for dinner and it was actually quite a hit I’ve jumped up and down on top of it and it doesn’t break and it doesn’t do anything like that so I have learned a couple lessons in making this one which will come out very hand you want to do the inside concrete don’t skimp on how thick it is because it needs to be thick off write down your measurements for how much concrete the coloring and.

Everything that goes inside of it so you don’t have one bench top of one color and the other one that’s the other color and they are freaking heavy so work out a better way to move them around because I ended up cracking a few of the corners when I was moving around and those sort of silly things so I hope you guys with something out of this and keep trim projects coming up and like I say I have the kitchen coming up which will be these little concrete bench tops but hopefully a hell of a lot better so I’ll see you guys next time and thanks for subscribing.


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