Best Metatarsal Pads Buying Guide for 2020

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Does your foot hurt when you walk on heels to a party or dinner?

Can’t you go out for running as the balls of your foot experience severe pain?

Did you recently have a foot injury that resulted in lower back pain and now restricts you from walking properly?

It is difficult to bear the pain caused while stabbing the toe against the bed, table, or wall. So how can we think that the pain caused to the balls of your foot can be bearable! Looking after your issues and sufferings concerned with the foot, we have gathered information about one of the best products for you. This product is ‘Metatarsal Pad’. A metatarsal pad is a shoe modification device which helps in getting relief from the pressure caused in the foot. Using this metatarsal pad regularly with shoes or sandals will help you in walking and running confidently with the relaxing features it contains.

Metatarsal pad is the best product in the market if you love your feet. So, if you want to find the best metatarsal pads for yourself, then don’t forget to check our post. You can go through the best things you must consider while purchasing it and the FAQs which will sort your queries.

Buying Guide for the Best Metatarsal Pads in 2020

Before getting yourself the perfect metatarsal pads, you must go through some things which are must to be considered in it. These things will let you find the suitable metatarsal pad for your foot within your set budget.

So, have a look at the things to be considered.


While surveying the metatarsal (met) pads in the market, your mind might get baffled by seeing several met pads of different thicknesses. But there is nothing to worry about. Since many companies produce the products according to the comfortability and demand of the users. So, the same is the condition with met pads. The thickness of the pad reflects the comfortable zone of the wearer. According to your need, you can purchase a highly thick or moderately thick met pad. If your feet are sensitive, you can go for thin met pads. Thin met pads are quite flexible and soft to use.

Generally, the standard thickness that is desired to get in met pads is ¼-1-inches.


Quality is one of the most important things to consider. If you overlook this feature, you are more likely to waste your precious money.

Met pads are available at varied prices. Their price eventually depends upon the quality manufacturers are offering. While surveying met pads at different stores, you are most likely to come under a situation where you can get the same met pad at varied prices of different brands. That is the time when you gave to act wisely before purchasing the best one.

In the name of brands, many companies are stealing people’s money by charging low prices and providing them low-quality products. So, you should have deep research before suggesting the perfect one for yourself. You must remember to go after the quality and not the cheap price or quantity.

Comfort and Support

Mostly, the best metatarsal pads are comfortable to be worn and provide additional support to the feet. Most of these pads are made of silicon get which generates softness in it for great cushioning.

So, while purchasing this product you must not forget to look for the ‘comfort and support’ feature in it.

Dealings with Medical Issues

Metatarsal pads are designed in a unique way by which they can deal with medical issues. They can easily heal issues such as generic burning sensations at the ball of the foot, callous pain as well as neuromas. Some of the met pads provide relief on the pain on the foot caused due to walking or running.


How wonderful the experience will be if you get a chance to wear the met pads with shoes or boots! But if you get a chance to experience this situation, some questions might strike your mind. Will these metatarsal pads work will all of my shoes? What kind of metatarsal pads can I wear with open-toe shoes or sandals? So, here’s a perfect solution to your queries.

While choosing the best metatarsal pads, go for the designs which can be easily worn with shoes and have the capability to get bend with the shoe size or design.


While wearing metatarsal pads, keep in mind that most of the time, you are wearing them with your shoes on. At times, while you are wearing these pads, the situation may arise that you have to move around on foot for the entire day. So, to get rid of the continuous sweat or foot swelling, you might desire the breathable pads.

Every pad does don’t have the breathable feature, so while purchasing you must consider the feature to get the perfect fit as well as a breathable finish.


There are different types of met pads available in the market. Some of them come with more thickness while others are highly padded. So, if you are purchasing these pads after some medical issues or pain then you have to consult your doctor first. After all, every pain is not the same and the cushioning levels differ from one pad to another.


Just like you can find different types of pads in the stores, you are likely to get each pad in a different design. Some pads are simple footpads while some are insole and toe-spacers. Considering the best pad depends upon your desirability or the shoe type you usually wear. So, if you are purchasing the pads offline, you must wear it first and compare it with your need and fit.

Additional Benefits

Apart from such amazing benefits discussed above, what else can you think that these met pads can help you with? Starting from a foot relief, these pads can help you with back pain too. But these kinds of met pads aren’t available easily. You can purchase these types of pads only if you are in great need of them and want to improve your body issues. When you will get these pads, you are likely to get its prescription that will give you every detail as to how to use it and in what medical issues they can help you with.

After all, with great detailing, you will get yourself the best product which will provide you an amazing experience daily.

Metatarsalgia: Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment

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Metatarsalgia Treatment [BEST Ball of Foot Pain RELIEF 2020]

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FAQs about the Best Metatarsal Pads for 2020

How to make your own metatarsal pad?

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What should be the average thickness of Met Pads?

The average thickness of met pads that you must go for is ¼-1-inches. Going for the thickness more or less than it can be quite problematic for you. So, if you go for a different thickness, you must consult your doctor first. However, the standard thickness of ¼-1-inches provides you with the desired cushioning and arch support to relieve pain. Further, it acts as a barrier between the shoes and the foot which enables you to take walk comfortably.

So, think wisely before purchasing it.

Do all the Met Pads have cushion filling?

No, all the met pads don’t have cushion filling as some of them are flatter. But whether your pad contains a cushion filling or not, depends upon your requirement, desired thickness, and the type of shoe you are willing to use it with. Every person has a different desire for a product, so the company has to offer its customers the desired one and not limit their choice.

Which material is the best in Metatarsal Pads?

You can find met pads in different materials. But every material work, in the same way, to achieve the same aim, i.e., to provide comfort to the foot and give relief to the pain.

Let’s see the top materials used to manufacture the metatarsal pads –

  • Open-cell Polyurethane Form: The open-cell polyurethane foam is known to provide better cushioning for a long period.
  • Latex and Leather: Leather in a met pad is used to reinforce the material ‘latex’ into the pad. But latex is one such material which people are usually allergic to. If your body does well with this material then you can go for it and if not, then drop the idea of purchasing it.

These are the best materials that you can go to in the best metatarsal pads. Apart from it, you can also get yourself the pad made from gel material which is shock resistant. But before purchasing it you must ensure that the pad you are purchasing has antimicrobial treatment. This prevents the pad from creating any kind of bad odor or bacterial growth.

How can Metatarsal Pads stay in their place?

The ways to wear a met pad depends upon you. Let’s see the different ways you can apply to wear them.

  • Auto-stick to your foot’s bottom part
  • Self-stick on your shoe’s insole (on the top)
  • Underneath the shoe’s insole via Velcro attachment

Among these ways, you must go for the way best suiting your comfort zone.

How to Place Metatarsal Pads?

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What is the cost of the Met Pads?

The general met pads that you will find online or in the stores will range around $10 to $15. But, if you require the best quality met pad with additional features, it may cost you about $100. At times, due to medical issues, you might be recommended to use the $100 met pad. It will save you from back pains and gait.

However, you should not hesitate while purchasing the $100 met pads because it will treat your medical issues within this range whose treatment would have cost in a thousand dollars.

Do I need a get a prescription to purchase a Met Pad?

No, if you wish to purchase a met pad, there is no need to recommend a doctor for that. However, if you purchase it online, then you don’t have to show your prescriptions too for the prescribed met pads. But, if you are suffering from medical issues, then you must consult a doctor as he can recommend the perfect metatarsal pad suiting your medical issues.

Which design should I go for?

There are many designs available for this product. However, you must choose the design best suiting your foot shape. If you have a big toe, then you can go for toe-slot design and check whether it perfectly fits the other toes. Still, if you find it difficult to choose, then we would recommend you go for the traditional pad or insole. It will provide you the required benefits but a little less than the upgraded ones.

How can I catch forefoot pain?

Are you suffering from pain in the balls of your feet? If yes, then most probably this pain is being caused due to metatarsal bones. We have five metatarsal bones in each foot and these bones form the ball of the foot at the end. If the ball doesn’t get proper support, then there are chances that you can get forefoot pain. Other than this, the factors which cause forefoot pain are –

  • Neuromas
  • Metatarsalgia
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Plantar Warts

How To Use Felt Metatarsal Pads To Relieve Pain?

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In what ways can the Met Pads remove the forefoot pain?

Met pads are known to provide their main focus on the balls of the foot by reducing a pressure created. As the pressure gets disturbed, the pain automatically goes away. To restrict the pain from coming back, the cushion filling of the pads helps the balls of your foot to relax and allows the user to run with shoes or walk with heels on comfortably.

Which are the top shapes from which I can choose the desired type of Met Pad?

You can find Met Pads in many shapes. Among these shapes, the highly preferred and liked Met Pad shapes are –

  • U-Shaped Pad
  • Met Dome
  • Donut Shaped Pad

These shapes are quite effective in providing complete relief in the disturbing foot areas. So, to reduce the confusion you can choose among these three, but of the known brands.

Final Verdict

So now you have it! You can go through the above post to get the best fit for your product without facing any issues. You can purchase the met pads from any nearby store or online. But if you go for the offline purchase, there are instances that you might get limited to the resources. But, online purchases will let you get the suitable one even with regular discounts.

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