Best Trauma Shears Buying Guide for 2020

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Are you looking for a way to cut through sturdy fabrics?

Do you want a safe tool to rip off bandages and tapes at home and add them to your first aid kit?

Do you need a sharp but riskless medical device in case of an emergency?

In case you are looking for the answers to these questions then, undoubtedly, you need the best trauma shears for yourself. Trauma shears are one of the safest tools that you will ever come across in your life. After all, what else you would require other than equipment that is safe and perfectly sharp to use instantly. But before buying yourself a pair of these safety scissors, we would like you to have a look at our blog. This will let you know the different features which are the top priority in the trauma shears, and so, you can get the best one for yourself.

However, we have something more for you. We know that some questions might stick your mind while choosing the best trauma sheers, so we have laid some of the relevant FAQs. These FAQs will give you a much brief yet adequate knowledge regarding the usage of trauma shears and factors concerning it.

Buying Guide for the Best Trauma Shears in 2020

The buying guide for the best trauma shears will take you to a small and exciting journey, which will offer you enough guidance regarding its purchase. It not only contains the extraordinary features, but also some basic things which one usually ignores in this product.

Easy to hold

Trauma shears were eventually made for the surgeons to cut the pieces of clothes at the time of emergency. As we have said the word ’emergency,’ let’s focus on it.

For instance, there is a patient in the hospital who has met with an accident. At that moment, you would search for the source of his bleed to cure it as soon as possible. But that is possible only when you tear the cloth from his body for instant results.

But what if you spend most of your time struggling with the pair of trauma shears?

Well, you would never wish this to happen. Thus, you should go for the shears with big finger holes to hold the tool effortlessly and within time.

Blunt and bent

The concept of a trauma shear is quite different from ordinary scissors. The trauma shears have a curved side that is blunt. The reason behind this concept is quite logical. When you cut open a piece of cloth or a bandage from a patient’s body, you would never want its skin to get injured in any way. Thus, this product has one side, which is utterly blunt. It is meant to be bent so that its pointed corners don’t impel into the patient’s skin. In fact, the curved sides aren’t even pointed like the scissors. This is why it is recommended to use trauma shears not only at the hospital but also at home in the case of mishappening.

Sharp blades

Trauma shears are supposed to be sharp enough to cut through any type of fabric. This product is so intense that it can even cut open a penny into half. So, imagine that if a penny would be left into such a situation, how effectively it will work on fabrics.

The best trauma shears can cut fabrics like leather and denim easily and speedily. Not just that, they can be even used effectively at seat belts or canvas. So it should be entirely made correctly so that its presence does not hurt or injure someone, but it should be sharp enough to cut out any type of fabric when in need.

First Aid Kit tool

Trauma shears are one of the most essential must-have for your first aid kit. Well, we aren’t talking about the first aid kit of the home, but of the vehicle as well. Yes! One never knows what may happen after a second, so you have to be well prepared every time.

This product helps you cut through bandages and tapes with ease without hurting the skin of a person. The idea of the blunt side of the product ensures that the skin’s surface is safe while cutting off anything over it. But that isn’t enough!

In case you are in your car and, God forbid, you met with an accident, then you can cut your seat belt fast with these shears and get out of the vehicle.

Material to manufacture the product

Having knowledge regarding the shear’s material is quite essential. The best trauma shears come with the element of stainless steel with good plastic handles. Well, it is necessary to notice this aspect because mainly, this product is used in the medical field where hygiene and sanitation are a must. So the material should be such which can be cleaned and sanitized quickly. Further, it does not rust with time like stainless steel. In fact, the plastic present in the handles should not be of bad quality. Otherwise, it would wear out in a few months.

Steam Sterilization

As said before, trauma shears are mostly used at hospitals or clinics where cleanliness is the priority. This is why the product should be robust enough to survive the steam sterilization not once, but every time it is used. Further, it should not rust whenever it is cleaned in water or steamed,  nor should it react with alcohol when wiped with it.

Well, one of the most essential things to consider is the plastic of shears.

During the process of steam sterilization, the plastic should not expand due to heat and come off its place. Further, it should not be affected by the steam at all. The product should be strong enough to undergo this process after every use every time.

Medical approval

If we talk about medical tools, then looking for medical approval is a must. What can you trust better than a certification provided to any product by experts and professionals? But, before buying these products, it is advised to have a look at the logo or stamp of any high authority that has approved the product’s usage. This is necessary to be considered as it defines the quality of the product, its safety and defines the preventive measures to be taken before using it. After all, they try and test the product themselves, and lastly, then come up with the conclusion if the product is right for you or not.

Other uses

Well, it is not mandatory to use the trauma shears for medicinal purposes. This product has several other uses as well. They can cut open a seat belt in case it is stuck, which is why it is said to always keep a pair of this product in your car. Well, not only in vehicles, but the trauma shears are also used by the fishermen to cut out a fishing rope in case it tangles up.

Well, this product is a safer alternative to knives or scissors. So, anyone can use it in their homes, offices or any other place where they might need safe but sharp equipment.

FAQs on Best Trauma Shears for 2020

How to use a pair of trauma shears?

A pair of trauma shears is simple and easy to use the equipment. This product usually has one side bent towards the other one. This is the side that will be facing the person's body as it is safer. Then place the piece of fabric that you want to cut in between the two blades of the shear. But, you have to ensure that the material with the hard part like the hemmed side is kept between the blades first as it is harder to cut than the rest of the fabric. Now, gently cut through the hard part of the cloth and then tear away the rest smoothly. Make sure you close the blades by clanging them together after use, so it does not harm anyone.

How do I clean my pair of Trauma Shears?

In case you want to clean only the surface of the product, you can take some rubbing alcohol in a cotton ball. Then gently rub it all across the tool, including its handles. But in case you want a deep cleansing of the product, take some water and boil it until bubbles pop in it. Now, put the pair of trauma shears inside it until the water is cooled. After that, carefully take it out and clean it with rubbing alcohol. This way, you sterilize your product in the best way at home. But, you don't have to worry about the temperature of the water as the product is made from the best quality material that can easily survive in hot water. But adding hot water is very essential as it kills bacteria, and the alcohol used prevents further bacterial growth.

What to do if the pair of trauma shears go blunt?

Like any mechanical tool, the trauma shears can be sharpened too! All you need to have is your product and a tool sharpener. Well, you won't get the tool sharpener along with the product. You have to buy it personally. The best trauma shears can be sharpened with the tool sharpener.

First, take your product and open its blades. Then, rub the blade sharpener against the edges of the product only in a vertical direction. Make sure you don't rub it only upwards. This should be done at an angle of 90 degrees and then on both of the edges of the blade. After rubbing the tool for a few minutes, the sword of the shears will be sharped enough to cut through any piece of clothing once again.

Why do surgeons require Trauma Shears?

Trauma shears are put into use generally by surgeons and operators to cut down the patient's clothing before beginning any medical treatment. This is important because clothes soak up blood or dust from the body as well as the environment. And in the operation theatre, it becomes necessary for the doctor to find the cloth. So, they have to cut the fabric down into pieces to remove it from the body, and the wound can be treated immediately. Since the patient is not in the condition to remove it himself, the surgeons have to do this job.

How are trauma shears different from a regular pair of scissors?

Although a regular pair of scissors and trauma shears might seem the same, both of these items have a huge visible difference in them.

Usually, scissors are symmetrically pointed from the front side. It is used to cut thin materials like paper. Scissors are mainly put into use for domestic work, but it serves other purposes like cutting hair, food packets, etc. On the other hand, trauma shears, have their goals inclined towards medical services. Although they are not used on the human body, they are used to cut fabrics or clothing before an operation. In fact, they have much of a job in a household too. However, they can be used in the first aid kit at home. A pair of scissors cannot do the role of a trauma shear and vice versa.

Can a pair of trauma shear be taken along while traveling on an airplane?

Airports usually check a passenger’s luggage before boarding the plane. Often, you cannot take sharp objects in your carry-on bags while traveling, but it can be made in the cabin baggage. However, there are some relaxations for a few purposes. And sometimes, there are certain norms that you must follow to take the item with you. So is the case with trauma shears. According to Transportation Security Administration, you can only carry a pair of trauma shears with you if its blades are of 4 inches. That means the stainless steel part beyond the handles should not be more than 4 inches in length.


Here, we come to the end of all the features that you need to know before buying yourself the best trauma shears. There will be many companies out there to sell you the same product. But you need to make sure that you buy the right product for yourself at the best possible price. You should check for all the features, material, and brand name. You should even check for medical certification on the product.

And most importantly, you should see whether or not the product comes under warranty or not. Further, before using it, you have to make sure that you know all the mandatory knowledge regarding it. Although trauma shears are very safe, you must use all the safety measures before using the product. Because for us, your health always comes first.

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