15 Best Round Dining Tables for Kitchen & Dining Room in 2021

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No matter how you are tight on space, you can still enjoy your style. Round dining tables are compact to fit small spaces. Whatever is the reason for wanting to get a round dining table, here are the 15 best round dining tables for your informed choice.

More than 50 hours have been spent researching different round dining tables. This includes interviewing interior decorators and furniture makers to get a firsthand experience. In this article, you are going to find out the suitable style, size, and shape ideal for your dining space.

Check the table below. It provides a comparison for all the products up for review.

Comparison of 10 Best Round Dining Table for 2021

Best Round Dining Table in 2021

1. East-West Furniture Round Table

Round Dining TableThis mahogany dining table is built to bring class and elegance to your dining space. Made of solid wood with an oak finish, the dining table brings intimacy to your home. It comes with 9-inch drop leaves to accommodate more people. The drop leaves are firmly held up with solid wood. With a 42-inch diameter, this table has ample surface area to accommodate four persons comfortably and enough legroom for guests to sit without any form of discomfort.


  • Sturdy construction – The table is made sturdy for many years of enjoyment. Both tabletop and the legs are made from solid wood for unparalleled sturdiness. No MDF; no particle board or fabricated veneer top.
  • Drop leaves – It comes with two drop leaves. One on each side. When the leaves are up, the table can accommodate four people
  • Easy to assemble – Assembling is simple and easy. Assembling instruction is written in plain English. The hardware for assembling the table comes with the package.
  • Compact – The round table is compact and able to fit small spaces. So, a small space will longer stop you from implementing your style.
  • Versatile – Apart from being a dining table, the table can be used as a breakfast nook, meeting table, tea, and coffee table.

2. East-West Furniture Dublin Round Table

Best round dining tableThe Dublin kitchen dining table is of modest size perfect enough to fit small any space. With a black and cherry finish, the table blends well with your dining or kitchen décor. It comes with two drop leaves for extra comfort. It can seat two people comfortably but can seat four people when the leaves are up. Made from Asian solid wood, the table is durable with firm legs for stability.


  • Sturdily built – From the top of the table to the bottom, the table is made sturdy with solid wood.
  • Finish – The black and cherry finish blends well with your dining room or kitchen décor.
  • Drop leaves – When the two drop leaves are up, the table can accommodate six people
  • Quick assemble – Assembling is straightforward and easy. Wrenches for assembly are already supplied.
  • Easy to clean – The smooth surface of the table makes it super easy to clean. Clean with just water and soap. Do not use anything harsh.

3. East-West Furniture Antique 36-Inch Round Table

Round dining table setBring more affection into your home with the all-white Antique Round Dining Table. Its linen white color offers any dining space a relaxing and friendly feel. It is comfortable to sit around. It looks luxurious and appealing to guests. It has a 36-inch surface that is smooth and easy to clean. This table is fitting for small spaces because of its compact size. This is a sleek table that will make a good addition to your kitchen space. It is durable and sturdily designed to bring you long years of enjoyment.


  • Sturdily built – Made of solid wood and solid white finish, the round dining table is built with sturdiness in mind to make you feel comfortable and relaxed
  • Easy to assemble – Assembling this table is hassle-free. All the parts needed for a hitch-free assemble have been provided. There is an assembly instruction for easy setup.
  • Fine finish – The white finish makes it attractive making it fit any dining room décor concepts
  • Stable – Supported by a pedestal stand with four well-carved legs, this table provides stability every time it is used.
  • Compact – Having a small space won’t stop your style. The round table is built to fit small spaces perfectly so you can enjoy yourself with your family.

4. International Concepts 36-Inch Drop Leaf Table

Round wood dining tableThis is an attractive and perfect round dining table ideal for a compact space. It is made from parawood to guarantee its sturdiness. The table requires some work because it is unfinished. Painting and staining are easy to give you your desired finish. With a great finish, this table will spruce up your dining space no matter the décor. Lift the dual leaves to add more space for extra comfort. Each of the leaves is 6-inch wide. There are adjustable glides on the legs for extra stability.


  • Tough construction – The round dining table is sturdily built to serve you for a long time. Its top is well supported while the adjustable glides on the legs provide stability
  • Durable – It is made from parawood which is a plank of solid wood. The wood is durable and will serve you for many years
  • Easy to assemble – Assembling the round dining table is incredibly easy. Parts and tools needed for assembly have been included.
  • Unfinished – The table comes unfinished. Finish it the way it suits you to make your dining space look refreshing and attractive.
  • Easy to clean – with a smooth surface, this dinette table is super easy to clean using water and soap

5. Centiar Dining Room Table

Round dining room tablesThe Central Dining Room Table made by Ashley Furniture is in a class of its own. It is elegantly designed to bring glamour to your dining space. Very compact and fitting for any small spaces; the table is crafted for long-lasting use. Its unique tubular metal base provides stability and comfort every time you are seated around it. If you have a mid-century style in mind, this is the ideal table for you. Its rustic two-tone brown finish gives it a timeless look making it the cynosure of all eyes. It is fit for eat-in kitchens and dining rooms with small spaces.


  • Quick assemble – There is an easy-to-follow instruction to help you set up the table pretty quickly. Tools and hardware have been included. Assembly takes less than 10 minutes
  • Finish – The two-tone brown finish blends well into any kitchen or dining room décor to create a timeless look
  • Sturdy construction – The top of the table is made from Mindi veneer and engineered wood while the base is made of metal for great sturdiness and stability
  • Easy to clean – The smooth surface makes so easy to clean. Use a damp cloth to wipe down.
  • Versatile – This is a table for all purposes. It is not only a dining table, but it is also a bar table, tea or coffee table, studio table, meeting table, etc.

6. Glambrey Dining Room Table

Round extendable dining tableMake your dining area more attractive with Glambrey Dining Room Table made by Ashley Furniture. The top is made of wood with a glass inset to make your dining space very appealing. It is a small dining room table to fit any small space. The table can match any décor style. With scrolling metal legs and dark wood finishes, this will be an elegant addition to your dining room. It can comfortably seat up to four people. The metal base with a powder-coat finish provides stability and an appealing look. The glass top round dining room table will lift the mood in your dining space


  • Assembly required – The table needs to be assembled. Easy-to-assemble instruction with hardware has been in the package
  • Sturdy construction – This table has been sturdily-built to last a long time.
  • Versatile – It can be used for different purposes apart from being a dining room table. It can be used as a breakfast nook, as a kitchen table, also as a coffee or tea table.
  • Easy to clean – The wood finishes make the table smooth and easy to clean. Just wipe down with a damp cloth.
  • Perfect for small spaces – A small space will no longer stop you from being stylish. This table fits compact spaces like a glove.

7. Retro Round Dining Table

Small round dining tableBring some warmth into your dining space with the Retro Round Dining Table. The table legs are chrome plated to give your kitchen or room that retro effect. It is stylish. The legs are well curved into the base of the table. This is a sturdy table made from both MDF and metal. Having a white and chrome finish makes it well suited for any décor. Complement it with chrome chairs to get the vibes going.


  • Quick assembly – This is easy to assemble the table. It comes with instructions to set up the table. The only tool needed is a screwdriver. Every other thing needed to assemble the table is provided.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning this table is a breeze because the top is very smooth. Use a damp cloth to clean it.
  • Finish – The white and chrome finish bring some life into your dining room to give the table a timeless feel
  • Sturdy build – This round dining table is built with sturdiness in mind. It is built with a combination of metal and MDF.

8. Round Aluminum Indoor & Outdoor Table

Round pedestal dining tableHave a wonderful dining experience with the Flash Furniture Round Aluminum Table. The tabletop is made of smooth stainless steel for ease of cleaning and keeping items level. It has a column supported by a base made from lightweight aluminum. The round table is made for all weather. It can be used both indoor and outdoor. Whether for the dining room or other purposes, this table will bring some appealing look to any space. There are three plastic floor glides to protect the floor from scratches.


  • Sturdy construction – The aluminum round table is made with extra sturdiness to serve you well. With an aluminum base and stainless steel top, this table will provide you with long years of enjoyment.
  • Ease of cleaning – Cleaning the table is stress-free because of its very smooth surface. Use a damp cloth.
  • Assembly – This is easy to assemble the table. The parts and wrenches needed to assemble the table have been provided. It includes assembly instructions.
  • Flexible – The flexibility of the table makes it ideal for different purposes. Ideal for the dining room; it can also be used in a hotel, bar, cafe, restaurant, home patio, and bistro.
  • Elegant design – Its design speaks volumes. The stainless steel and aluminum finish makes it a perfect table to complement any décor style.

9. Charrell Dining Room Table

Modern round dining tableThis is a great dining room table with a glass top from Ashley Furniture. The contemporary design of this round table has a warm finish with an attractive clean look. With a clear tempered glass top, the table looks refreshing with an exciting style that brings unparalleled enhancement to any dining room décor. The brown finish of the base provides stable support for the glass top. This is an elegant and appealing dining room table to create a wonderful dining experience all the time. This is the glass top round dining table set


  • Easily matches any décor – Whatever is your décor style, this table will blend well. A brown finish with a glass top pairs well with your furniture or appliances to give you a radiant dining room.
  • Easy assembly – Assembly is straightforward. It takes less than 15 minutes to set up the table. Assembly instructions and hardware are included for hitch-free assembly.
  • A perfect table for small spaces – If you are a man or woman of style, space will no longer stop you. This round dining table is made to fit small spaces because of its compact design.
  • Durable – Made from quality materials, the durability of the table is not in doubt. The brown finish base is solid to ably support the glass top that is well held up by suction cups.
  • Easy to clean – Glass tables are usually super easy to clean. This one is not an exception. Use a damp cloth with water

10. Angel Line 5-Piece Set Lindsey Dining Table

White round dining tableThis is a complete dining set for a great dining experience. It comes with a table and four chairs. Though the table is made from particle board, it is sturdy. The chairs have soft cotton material that can resist stains. Cleaning is very easy. Both chairs and table need to be assembled. When not in use, the chairs can be pushed right under the table to recover space. This is the best chairs for a round dining table


  • Assembly – The table and chairs are quick and easy to assemble. Follow the instructions to assemble the piece with ease.
  • Sturdy – The table and chairs are sturdy and comfortable. It has a base that supports the top perfectly to guarantee stability.
  • Durable – This is a very durable piece of furniture. It is made to give you many years of the dining experience.
  • Finish – The finish will bring excitement into your dining space. The all-black finish will incredibly complement any dining décor in your dining room or kitchen.
  • Fit small spaces – The set of the furniture fits small apartments like a glove. It is compact enough to fit into small areas for a memorable dining experience.

11. Modway Lippa Oval Walnut Dining Table

Round dining room table setThe Lippa Pedestal Dining Table looks timeless and modern. Its oval shape elegantly fit into any dining space. The wood grain walnut veneer will suit any dining décor. With a solid tapered metal base to support the top, the table has great stability to make you comfortable all the time. The chip-resistant finish helps to make the top durable. This oval table can seat 6-8 persons due to its wide surface. Its base is well padded underneath so it doesn’t scratch wood floors.


  • Long-lasting construction – Made with long-lasting use in mind, the oval tabletop made from wood grain walnut veneer sits firmly on a chip-resistant powder-coated base for strength and stability
  • Versatile – The retro dining table can be used in the kitchen as a kitchen dining table, as a breakfast nook, or dining room table. It can also serve as a coffee table, tea table, and bar table.
  • Easy assembly – Assembly is easy and straightforward. Delivery comes in two boxes with hardware like bolts to set up the table.
  • Comfortable – This table has a wide surface to seat up to 8 people at a time. It is easy to clean.
  • Glossy finish – Its glossy finish makes this piece of furniture attractive and glamorous. The finish will suit different dining décors.

12. French Countryside Oak/White 42-Inch Round Pedestal Table

Round farmhouse dining tableBring charm to your dining space with the French Countryside Round Table. The white French leg with an oak top creates a flawless look that brings warmth and elegance into any dining room. This table is made sturdy and durable. Made with hardwood solids and engineered wood with a heavy white finish, the piece of furniture is built to function for a long time.


  • Heavy finish – With a heavily applied white finish, the table is made with durability in mind.
  • Sturdy construction – The French round table is built to last for many years because of its sturdiness. It is made from a combination of hardwood solids and engineered wood
  • Easy to assemble – Assembly is quick and easy. Tool kits for assembly are included in the package.
  • Fit for your décor – The oak finish of the tabletop plus the white finish is ideal to complement your dining room décor.
  • Compact size – This round dining table will fit small spaces. It is compact enough to adorn any small dining room.

13. Cottage Black Oak 42-Inch Pedestal Round Dining Table

Round pedestal dining tableThe sturdy and heavy cottage oak dining table are made from hardwood solids. The pedestal black base with an oak finish top is designed to give any dining space a refreshing look. With a coated finish, wear and tear from daily use is minimized. Small spaces won’t stop your style. This is a great dining table for small limited spaces. Its 42 inches wide area can accommodate 4-6 people comfortably.


  • Sturdily made – The sturdy construction of the table makes it proper for your dining room. It is solidly built with hardwood for sturdiness and long-term use.
  • Assembly – Assembling the table is a breeze. Setting it up takes less than an hour. The Allen wrenches to put the table together have been provided.
  • Easy to clean – Its smooth surface makes for easy cleaning. A damp cloth is what is required.
  • Protection against wear – It comes with a clear coat finish that guards against wear that may arise due to constant use.
  • Fit small spaces – You don’t have to bother about space. This pedestal round dining room table is suited for small dining spaces.

14. Simple Living Small Dining Room Table / Kitchen Table

Back round dining tableBring a modern feel to your dining room with the Simple Living Dining Room Table. It is designed to make people sit close to each other to create some bonds. The tempered glass top is supported by sturdy chrome legs for stability. Whether you are sharing a meal with your family or friends, this glass top table will make every meal a memorable one. Its elegant setting adds an appealing feel to any dining space or kitchen. The top is 40 inches wide; wide enough to accommodate four people conveniently. This is a glass top round dining table for 6. Get the glass top round dining table and chairs for perfect dining all the time


  • Simple assembly – You don’t need any technical knowledge to set up this glass top table. It is super easy to assemble.
  • Stylish – This type of table will never go out of style. This is a piece of furniture that will remain timeless.
  • Chrome finish – With a chrome finish on the legs and a tempered glass top, this table will fit any décor style in your dining space or kitchen.
  • Easy cleaning – Cleaning this table is extremely easy. It will always look new to the admiration of your friends.
  • Sturdy – The table is sturdily constructed for long-lasting use. The solid base firmly holds the top to provide sturdiness and stability.

15. Novogratz Shell Round Dining Room Table

Expandable round dining tableAdd contemporary design to your dining space with the Novogratz Round Dining Table. The contemporary style fits perfectly into any dinette, kitchen, or dining room décor. It has a top made of wood with a clean natural honey/birch color. The legs are of chrome finish and sturdily support the top for stability. It is durable and stable. It can seat 2-4 people comfortably. The table is available in white, grey, black, espresso, and natural color.


  • Contemporary design – The contemporary design will go will any décor style whether at the dinette, kitchen, or dining room.
  • Firm chrome legs – The chrome legs provide great stability for the top of the table making it comfortable to seat around
  • Quick set up – Set up is quick and easy. It comes with an easy-to-follow instruction to easily assemble the table.
  • Designed for small spaces – If you have a small dining room space, this table will fit well. The compact size makes it good for compact spaces
  • Easy to clean – The tabletop is constructed from smooth wood making it very easy to clean


Buyer’s guide for Best Round Dining Table in 2021

Choosing a round dining room table is not an easy task. Picking the right one that can fit your style is a lot more challenging. If you are looking for that perfect dining furniture piece, here is an advice to follow.

Size –

Round dining room tables are great for narrow or small space. But before you purchase a round dining table, you have to measure the dimension of your dining space. This is to ensure that the table can fit in perfectly. After measuring the available space, you will need to find out the size of the table you want. Know the measurement of the surface area before you make that purchase.

Style –

Round dining room tables come in different styles. Some come in modern style, others come in transitional style. There are also contemporary-style tables. Whatever style you choose, ensure it can blend well with your dining or kitchen décor.

Material –

What material is the table made of? This should be the first question that should come to mind. The durability of a dining room table is directly related to the material used in making such an item. Some of the materials include hardwood, metal, glass, MDF, or veneered wood. Choose a round dining room table made of hardwood over other materials. Hardwood material is durable and can always be refreshed or updated. Wood can be repainted or stained. A table made of metal like the concrete dining table is great too. It is durable and sturdy. It can easily be refreshed or updated like wood. If you must choose glass, it must be tempered glass. MDF or veneer wood is cheap. They hold up stain well but can easily get spoilt. They start to bend after a while.

Easy assembly –

You don’t want a table that will make you sweat when assembling it. This is why you have to look for a table that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Usually, round dining tables are easy to assemble because it is just about fixing the top to the base.

Storage –

It is hard to find round dining room tables that come with storage space. If you ever find one, it makes sense to purchase it. It makes items such as napkins and tablecloths handy.

Seating options –

Look for a round dining room table that can seat between 6-8 people comfortably. This depends on the surface area. Ensure that the surface area is wide enough. It should be something above 40 inches.

Legroom –

A table with enough space underneath it will create some room for people’s legs. A dining room table without adequate legroom will become a big discomfort for people who are seated around it. This is more important for tall people who have long legs.

Ease of cleaning –

A dining table requires constant cleaning no matter the material. To ensure easy cleaning, the table must have a smooth surface if the material is made of wood. Avoid textured surfaces. If it is made of glass, it becomes a breeze to clean.

Height –

It is great to recover the space after seating around a table. Look for a table that is high so that after seating, you can easily push the chairs under the table to free up some space.

Versatility –

Round dining room tables come with a lot of versatility. Choose one that can suit different purposes. Apart from being used as a dining room table, it can also be used as a bar table, tea table, coffee table, breakfast nook, kitchen table, etc.

Final Verdict

A round dining room table brings elegance and beauty into your dining space. A dining table is generally an important spot for the family. If an important discussion is not going on there, a great meal is taking place. Choosing the ideal table out of the 15 round dining room table is very difficult. Our over 50 hours of research gives us insight. This is we recommend the International Concepts 36-Inch Drop Leaf Table or the Modway Lippa Oval Walnut Dining Table for their strength and sturdiness.

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