Best RC Rock Crawlers Buying Guide for 2020

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Does your kid feel bored by staying at home for the entire day?

Is he a fan of remote control toys?

Does he dream of driving heavy cars on the mountain rocks?

When the kids are offered with remote control toys, it takes them just a few minutes to shift to the garden with the dream of playing with it for the whole day. However, they often get bored with cars or trucks, which is common among thousands of kids. So, they should be offered something fresh and fabulous, which would be interesting for them to use daily. But what toy can it be?

The best remote control toy which you can provide to your kid is an RC Rock Crawler. An RC Rock Crawler is one of the best gadgets which your child can ever have. If you are from the US, then you might be aware of the demand for rock crawlers for various US competitions. You can find this crawler in several designs, among which the Jeepsi is famous. Most of the top models available belong to the top car brands such as Mercedes. They, in fact, are made up of high-quality material, which makes driving easy and full of thrill in the rocky mountains or rough garden.

If you are willing to get yourself the best RC rock crawler, then you must definitely go through the top listed brands. However, before that, we would like you to have a look at some essential considerations – Buying Guide and FAQs.

Buying Guide for Best RC Rock Crawlers in 2020

A purchase is incomplete without a perfect buying guide. The buying guide offers a wide range of essential things which are a must to be present in the desired product. Hence, this buying guide has all the necessary things you have to look in the rock crawlers if you don’t wish your money to go waste.

So, have a look at these things –

What’s the speed?

While going for a rock crawler, the purchaser usually thinks about the speed it will be offering. However, he forgets that this device is indeed designed to cross obstacles, inclined objects, and rough terrains. Hence, how will it provide a significant speed? Indeed, if being a purchaser, you are looking for the toys that can offer you a considerable speed rate, then you should better go for trucks or cars.

While you are here for the rock crawler, you must be aware of the features it is designed for with a hard body and that it will have its own speed in which it will work. Well, even with no high speed, the RC Rock Crawlers can be quite fun to play with.

Prefer the Waterproof one

Just like other products, rock crawlers also come with a waterproof feature. However, every crawler doesn’t have this feature. Hence, it depends upon you whether you desire this feature to be in your crawler or not. With the waterproof function, the small internal machines of your crawler won’t get affected. Even though the crawler has fallen down on some wet area or there is rain, you can simply enjoy playing with it without thinking much. But you have to quite precise while choosing the waterproof one. You should always go for the liquidity guarantee in the crawlers, which are waterproof.

Go through the different Designs and Models

Design matters a lot in the rock crawlers. After all, these designs are entirely dependent upon the models. A rock crawler has hundreds of different models, and each one has a distinct feature along with the feature, their designs to vary to maintain compatibility between the model and the functionality. Some of the crawlers have a sturdy design, which indicates that its functions will be amazing. In contrast, the crawlers with a flat design may not offer the expected configuration. Further, your kid’s desire in terms of designs matters too. After all, he is the one who will be driving the crawler, and he would desire the best one among his friends.

Don’t have to spend a vast amount on the maintenance

It isn’t worthy of spending thousands of rupees on the product, which will never be there by your side. Be it any usable product, it loses its efficiency with years of usage and even sometimes in just one year. Hence, when you have to go for its regular maintenance and spends thousands every time, it becomes more costly than expected. Thus, whenever you are purchasing the rock crawler, you must be sure about its average maintenance cost. If it is too high, then consider buying some other worthy crawler.

Decide wisely – DIY or Ready-to-run

Well, rock crawlers come with lots of fun and engagement for the beginners. This fun eventually doubles when you have to prepare one by yourself. Yes! Some of the rock crawlers come with the option of amusing DIYs. By completely processing the DIYs, the final product made will be your own creation. Just imagine how amazing the feel would be to play with the confident rock crawler!

However, if you don’t have enough to go ahead with the DIYs, you can even get yourself a ready to run crawler. Such types of crawlers are eventually the final products and can be played with as soon as they are unpacked.

What kind of size?

These crawlers are found in different sizes, but what size is right for you depends upon your requirements. At times, the size is even dependent upon the quality and features. In fact, the size depends upon how the crawler will cross the obstacles without troubling itself. If the size of the crawler is enormous, then it can easily pass through rocks or stones around without any hindrance. Still, with a small scale, it will face several issues while crossing the area. Thus, you should think wisely and consider the main feature – size.

Brushed motor or not?

Rock crawlers usually have a brushed motor. A brushed motor is highly necessary when it comes to a fantastic crawling. Often, these brushed motors in the crawler offer a consistent low speed for an efficient crawling. If the rock crawler doesn’t have any such kind of engine, it will go out of the speed rate and may not be fit for the rock crawling.

Which one is better – 2WD or 4WD?

Rock crawlers can be found in two types – 2WD and 4WD. Both of these types are quite different from each other and offer a different user experience. In comparison, 4WD crawlers are considered to be much better as they are fit enough to pass through rough terrains. On the other hand, 2WD crawlers aren’t capable of doing the referred thing. In fact, both of these models vary in price range too. 2WD crawlers are usually cheaper as compared to the 4WD crawlers.


Rock crawlers come in the varied price range. Usually, these price range depends upon the quality of the crawler. That means, as the price will increase, the class will also enhance. However, there are chances that you can find a high-quality crawler even at a marginal cost.

Some Top-Rated RC Rock Crawlers in 2020

1. BEZGAR Hobbyist Grade 4×4 Waterproof RC Car

Video Transcript:

2. DOUBLE E RC Car 1:12 Remote Control Car Monster Trucks

Video Transcript:

3. Cheerwing 1:18 Rock Crawler 2.4Ghz Remote Control Car

Video Transcript:

4. DANCHEE RidgeRock – 4WD Electric Rock Crawler

Video Transcript:

5. Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

Video Transcript:

6. SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road Rock Crawler Truck

Video Transcript:

7. Rabing Newer 2.4Ghz Racing Cars Rc Cars

Video Transcript:

8. G-Made 51000 Crawler R1 Rock Buggy

Video Transcript:

9. Axial Wraith 1.9 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD RTR RC Rock Crawler

Video Transcript:

10. RONSHIN Remo Hobby 1073-SJ 1/10 2.4G 4WD Brushed Rc Car

Video Transcript:

FAQs on Best RC Rock Crawler for 2020

At what speed the RC Rock Crawlers work?

In the above-referred guide, you must have seen the point indicating the speed of the rock crawlers. Indeed, they aren’t able to catch the top speed rate. They usually crawl slowly in their own speed limit. The range in which you can drive them starts from 10 to 12 mph. However, you can increase the limit gradually once you are aware of using it. Still, to the maximum, you can take them up to 40 mph only. It is impossible to drive it above this speed level.

What kind of customer service does it come with?

Every brand offers different customer service. Some of them provide a fantastic service which is highly admired by the users. It can offer one year warranty as well as two to three months of refund if your crawler gets damaged or stops working unknowingly. Thus, you have to take a look at the offered crawler brands concerning the services. This will give you a better idea of choosing the brand matching your suitability.

Does every crawler have a shockproof resistance?

No, every crawler doesn’t come with a shockproof resistance. It can usually be found in the top models, which typically range high. With the feature of shockproof resistance, these models are offered a shock absorber, which protects it from any kind of damage caused by dropping it from a height or crawling in unstable ground.

Will the kids enjoy driving an RC Rock Crawler?

Be it any remote-controlled toy, it is always fun to ride it. There are different places where you can enjoy riding these cars, such as mountains, rocky gardens, mud, and even sand. However, when we talk about the rock crawler, it is better to ride it on rocky surfaces. In fact, you can also enjoy riding it in your backyard or garden, though it’s not that much fun here.

What should I get my child, a DIY rock crawler, or a ready-to-run crawler?

Well, this ultimately depends upon you what you actually want to buy for your kid. Both the options are super amazing. However, you have to be completely aware of your kid’s creative skills if you are deciding to get a DIY crawler.

While sharing our views, we would recommend you to get a ready-to-run crawler if you or your kid are just beginners in this field. All you have to do is to unpack the crawler and use it whenever you would wish it to. However, with time, you can get to know the ways of using it. Once you are aware of its doings and parts, you think of purchasing a DIY model to let your creativity come out.

Is it mandatory to charge the battery of these crawlers regularly?

As these crawlers are remote controlled, they come with rechargeable batteries, which makes it liable to be used any time, anywhere, any for any much time. However, in some of the crawlers, the battery dies in 45 to 60 minutes of continuous usage. Thus, it is advisable to charge it for some hours until the battery is full. Then, you can use it without any hindrance.

At what price can I get the best RC Rock Crawler?

RC Rock Crawlers can be found in a varied price range. Some of them are located at a lower range. Well, this situation isn’t repetitive unless there are discount days or the time when the crawler is purchased together with some additional accessory.

However, these crawlers can start from a price range of 20 dollars. At this price, you will be getting a poor quality crawler without any durability. However, as the price range increases, the quality also gets a hike. Thus, you should always go for the crawlers, which would fall around $60 or $70, which assures an excellent quality, many features, and years of durability.

Final Verdict

So, you might have been aware of the varied features and FAQs, which are a necessity to be considered before purchasing the rock crawler. These will eventually help you in choosing the best one among thousands of them. You can go through the different brands and decide the best one among them. You can also have a glance at the review column, which will give you the exact result concerning the customer’s preference towards them. Further, the review section also has the star rating, which lets you know their experience with the purchased brands.

You can look for the best Rc rock crawler at the nearby toy stores. By chance, if you aren’t able to go out to look for one, you can have a look at Amazon. Amazon offers the best range of products that belong to the original brand, fitting best in your desired budget.

So, what are you looking for? Take the feel of the best experience while purchasing the best RC rock crawler and making the best use of it.

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