Best RC Rock Crawlers for Kids in 2021

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Does your kid feel bored by staying at home for the entire day?

Is he a fan of remote control toys?

Does he dream of driving heavy cars on the mountain rocks?

When the kids are offered with remote control toys, it takes them just a few minutes to shift to the garden with the dream of playing with it for the whole day.

Shortlist of 10 Best RC Rock Crawlers in 2021

However, they often get bored with cars or trucks, which is common among thousands of kids. So, they should be offered something fresh and fabulous, which would be interesting for them to use daily. But what toy can it be?

The best remote control toy which you can provide to your kid is an RC Rock Crawler. An RC Rock Crawler is one of the best gadgets which your child can ever have. If you are from the US, then you might be aware of the demand for rock crawlers for various US competitions.

You can find this rock crawler RC in several designs, among which the Jeepsi is famous. Most of the top models available belong to the top car brands such as Mercedes. They, in fact, are made up of high-quality material, which makes driving easy and full of thrill in the rocky mountains or rough garden.

If you are willing to get yourself the best RC rock crawler, then you must definitely go through the top listed brands. However, before that, we would like you to have a look at some essential considerations – Buying Guide and FAQs.

Buying Guide for Best RC Rock Crawlers in 2021

A purchase is incomplete without a perfect buying guide. The buying guide offers a wide range of essential things which are a must to be present in the desired product. Hence, this buying guide has all the necessary things you have to look at in the rock crawlers if you don’t wish your money to go waste.

So, have a look at these things –

What’s the speed?

While going for a rock crawler, the purchaser usually thinks about the speed it will be offering. However, he forgets that this device is indeed designed to cross obstacles, inclined objects, and rough terrains. Hence, how will it provide a significant speed? Indeed, if being a purchaser, you are looking for toys that can offer you a considerable speed rate, then you should better go for trucks or cars.

While you are here for the remote control off road trucks, you must be aware of the features it is designed for with a hard body and that it will have its own speed at which it will work. Well, even with no high speed, the RC Rock Crawlers can be quite fun to play with.

Prefer the Waterproof one

Just like other products, rock crawlers also come with a waterproof feature. However, every crawler doesn’t have this feature. Hence, it depends upon you whether you desire this feature to be in your crawler or not. With the waterproof function, the small internal machines of your crawler won’t get affected.

Even though the rc rock crawler waterproof has fallen down on some wet area or there is rain, you can simply enjoy playing with it without thinking much. But you have to quite precise while choosing the waterproof one. You should always go for the liquidity guarantee in the crawlers, which are waterproof.

Go through the different Designs and Models

Design matters a lot in the rock crawlers. After all, these designs are entirely dependent upon the models. A rock crawler has hundreds of different models, and each one has a distinct feature along with the feature, their designs vary to maintain compatibility between the model and the functionality. Some of the crawlers have a sturdy design, which indicates that their functions will be amazing.

In contrast, the crawlers with a flat design may not offer the expected configuration. Further, your kid’s desire in terms of designs matters too. After all, he is the one who will be driving the crawler, and he would desire the best one among his friends.

Don’t have to spend a vast amount on the maintenance

It isn’t worth spending thousands of rupees on the product, which will never be there by your side. Be it any usable product, it loses its efficiency with years of usage and even sometimes in just one year. Hence, when you have to go for its regular maintenance and spends thousands every time.

it becomes more costly than expected. Thus, whenever you are purchasing the rock crawler, you must be sure about its average maintenance cost. If it is too high, then consider buying some other worthy crawler.

Decide wisely – DIY or Ready-to-run

Well, rock crawlers come with lots of fun and engagement for beginners. This fun eventually doubles when you have to prepare one by yourself. Yes! Some of the rock crawlers come with the option of amusing DIYs. By completely processing the DIYs, the final product made will be your own creation. Just imagine how amazing the feel would be to play with the confident off road remote control car!

However, if you don’t have enough to go ahead with the DIYs, you can even get yourself a ready-to-run crawler. Such types of crawlers are eventually the final products and can be played with as soon as they are unpacked.

What kind of size?

These crawlers are found in different sizes, but what size is right for you depends upon your requirements. At times, the size is even dependent upon the quality and features. In fact, the size depends upon how the crawler will cross the obstacles without troubling itself.

If the size of the rock crawler buggy is enormous, then it can easily pass through rocks or stones around without any hindrance. Still, on a small scale, it will face several issues while crossing the area. Thus, you should think wisely and consider the main feature – size.

Brushed motor or not?

Rock crawlers usually have a brushed motor. A brushed motor is highly necessary when it comes to fantastic crawling. Often, these brushed motors in the crawler offer a consistent low speed for efficient crawling. If the rock crawler doesn’t have any such kind of engine, it will go out of the speed rate and may not be fit for the rock crawling.

Which one is better – 2WD or 4WD?

Rock crawlers can be found in two types – 2WD and 4WD. Both of these types are quite different from each other and offer a different user experience. In comparison, 4WD crawlers are considered to be much better as they are fit enough to pass through rough terrains.

On the other hand, 2wd RC truck crawlers aren’t capable of doing the referred thing. In fact, both of these models vary in price range too. 2WD crawlers are usually cheaper as compared to 4WD crawlers.


Rock crawlers come in a varied price range. Usually, this price range depends upon the quality of the crawler. That means, as the price will increase, the class will also enhance. However, there are chances that you can find a high-quality rc rock crawler for beginners even at a marginal cost.

Some Top-Rated RC Rock Crawlers in 2021

1. BEZGAR Hobbyist Grade 4×4 Waterproof RC Car

Video Transcript:

So this is going to be a quick unboxing of the bez gar truck I got this for Christmas and for the money you actually get a lot in here we’re gonna open up this box.

I’ve already undone some of them.

Paperwork here so you get the user guide you also get a small screwdriver with some replacement screws these screws are what keep the tires on it’s not a hex nut so just be aware that you also get a few extra body Clips and a Merry Christmas.

Sign there for the remote typical remote steering throttle changes here you can also reverse the steering if somehow it’s reversed on your car and you will need to supply two double-a batteries in the remote for the truck itself it’s actually a great-looking car the body has a protective film on it so you can pull that off and this will be a lot shinier so you can go ahead and get this box out of here there’s nothing else in the box like I said for the truck itself it’s actually pretty good quality we will take off some of the body Clips here.

And again the body is a good plastic here just be careful in cold weather this might crack pretty easily inside you have your brushed motor you also get the this is where the batteries go on the side where they are somewhat of that e-cigarette type battery so you can get replacements pretty easily body mounts some oil-filled shocks which are pretty nice and LEDs that are already attached here so let’s go right in the front they’re already in there and we can turn that on in a second again tires are screwed in there you can use a hex driver to get it out because the screw is shaped that way so checking in the box you also get the batteries of course battery charger so comes with two batteries the charger USB cable so you can plug that in pretty much anywhere charge those up and they do supply you with two double-a batteries which are pretty nice so we’ll go ahead and plug in our double-a batteries.

We turn the remote on you’ll get a blinking red light now we’ll go ahead and plug in these batteries I didn’t charge them prior but they should have some juice in them I do like these batteries because they have a little tab on so you can easily take them in and out of the truck make sure we have those in the right way press this button on the side you get the blinking lights there you turn on the remote it should go solid so it’s actually driving on its own because if the throttle is turned so if we turn this throttle to about right there.

Shouldn’t move nice strong steering servo saver on here too which is nice we can trim up that steering and we should be good to go we’ll turn this off, for now, turn that off another good thing about this car is the links here so you can unscrew these and dial them in to give the front tires a little more angle in if you want out even them out which is nice you also have a couple of different spots to mount these on the back here like so I also like to mention you can rearrange this kind of how you want to I have another model that is set up exactly like this and I have a brushless motor in here so you can set that up mesh it with this year and here put in a brushless ESC maybe even use the steering servo if you can connect it properly and you’ll have yourself a nice brushless setup and this thing will actually rip so I like these tires the tires do have that the 12 millimeters.

Hacks on the inside so you can switch them out with pretty much any.

Hobby-grade tire if you want I have a couple that I could switch it out with that might look cool but um I think this is gonna be a really good car shock feel good and give you a couple of close-up shots here now.

2. DOUBLE E RC Car 1:12 Remote Control Car Monster Trucks

Video Transcript:

Right this I like something for the grandkids to keep them occupied when they come over that’s my excuse anyway I think I’ll have more joy out of this than the kids and grandkids assume you’re fed up both merry days there we are.

Before cella buddy tag me what are you there we are.

Ideal for keeping the grandkids grandchild occupied me as well and me when the grandkids are doing it here’s a bit of footage notice the möbius camera on the roof.

No stabilizer this is still footage from being obvious previously it was on the bonnet now it’s on the roof I don’t think it makes much difference really not much rocky terrain around here be chattels the steps no problem.

No, it’s not something from outer space I can assure you I simply tired as I am smooth Q to the top with a knight s5 smartphone I wasn’t trying for perfectly stable action footage obviously just really the curiosity as it’s the only stabilizer I’ve got plus I couldn’t do any tight turns that he just simply turned over we’ve been so top-heavy this is the actual sterilized footage much better than with auntie but obviously not the way to do it better the lead for the battery connection is very short but it’s the manageable battery to 6 volt 800 milliamps with an SM to people um and on a full charge I’m getting it we get a good 30 minutes I think that’s really good the control is not bad it takes 2 3 AAA batteries now here’s some proper footage with one of our grandchildren Shane doing the driving.

The bar I try my very best to keep up with him.

Oh just look at those headlights and here is how ashamed I should imagine a future YouTuber in the making well there we are an RC truck which I must admit has done some mileage with his own campsites as well as at home let me just get all of it there we are with no problems whatsoever conclusion I paid forty-six hundred forty-six ninety-eight at Amazon about 18 months ago and I can confidently say we found these excellent value for money so if you want something like this.

It’s a gorgeous looking thing especially for granddad’s mm-hmm I’ve found out that you can go wrong really happy motoring.

Well, I do hope this has given you an insight into what a little tree this thing is I know I bought some fun with it.

I did actually try it in the white stuff that appeared last week what a winter we’re having or not having rather I think it’s called snow but I didn’t get a chance to film it he did okay though it is with these chunky tires anyhow thanks very much for watching please like or subscribe you could make an old man very happy hopefully I catch you in the next one.

3. Cheerwing 1:18 Rock Crawler 2.4Ghz Remote Control Car

Video Transcript:

Oh, everything every day or okay guys stand is almost everything anymore and today we have a review of a.

Remote-controlled rock crawler here and have it out on the sand and we’re going to go through a little of how it operates so they give you the remote like this limited steering’s I don’t need too much when you have your trigger and that’s really all there is to that we get a little video of it moving around here and crawling and we’ll talk a little more about it.

All right so we took it for a little ride here you know one of the things they’ll say is you know it’s slow it’s definitely not a quick vehicle here it’s really designed for climbing things you can just see the suspension on this and the way that it’s even designed in lengths is the whole front systems in just moves so it can really slowly climb things at school and in fact the tires are very soft rubber.

And it’s got pretty good ground clearance pretty durable too when they’re right over keep it going comes with a battery pack it even comes with three double e’s for the.

Transmitter here and the power adapter to charge the battery pack so all in all it’s pretty cool definitely different from what I’ve had before no again this is something that you know have fun with climbing rocks and you know there are obstacles that you can probably put together so recommend for that thanks for watching.

4. DANCHEE RidgeRock – 4WD Electric Rock Crawler

Video Transcript:

All right so let’s take a look at this thing guys look how nice it looks so we have a couple people in their drive in so that’s pretty interesting so this is a crawler so it’s me to crawl on rocks and things like that just rough terrain it’s got a really nice suspension really big wheels so I think this is a 1/10 scale so it’s definitely a nice little size there so the box that it’s sitting in is what it came in so it was pretty simple we packed it was just in the box and they had a couple protectors on each side and that’s all that’s really included there’s a manual and then this pretty nice-looking remote and you got quite a lot of functions on here and it is a 2.4 gigahertz you will need 3 double-a batteries and then there’s a rechargeable battery on the vehicle itself so this model here is actually an all wheel drive with all-wheel steering so all the wheels turn plus they all steer back in front as you can see you guys so this thing grips really good to everything and look at that tread on the tires there and it’s really kind of like a soft compound so attention to detail is really nice on this move so here we have just a cover kind of an interesting touch just a nice looking truck and that’s what the rail looks like so we have two servers one in the back here and one in the front that do the.

Steering and then we got brushed motors right there that you know run the wheels same thing on the back there so let’s go ahead and take this little cover off here so we can look inside a little better so the cover is hold on by these little clips so once you get the clips off the body just comes right off and it holds on to these points here and there’s like a nice little foam pad there so here on the inside we can see the battery looks like a 1500 milliamp 7.4 volt and this is where it connects to the controller and over here we have the charger port which brings us to the charger this is the charger that’s included at first I was all disappointed because I thought you know USB charger that’s you know kind of weak but if you have the right power input it’s actually really good and it charges pretty quick so you would just plug this into here and that’s how you charge it so yeah guys as you can see it’s a pretty nice and simple design I can’t really show you really good but the controllers and everything.

Right there in the middle underneath the battery but it’s all inside there so let’s flip this thing around so here is the bottom side and you can see guys here is a switch to turn it on and off and the way you turn it on and off is not by sliding but there just by pushing it so here you can see the workings of the suspension it’s a very nice design everything is pretty rugged looking now one of the things that are pretty awesome on this is the shocks and you can see how long they are vest and if I push on this thing has a bunch of travel and not only that I think their oil feel shocked because you can see where they got a slow rebound and this thing can twist really good look at this like you can almost.

Vertically twist so it’s a it’s a great climber so we’ve been playing around with it and I’m honestly shocked them what this thing can climb it can climb pretty much anything almost alright so to turn it on is as simple as powered on the remote and so whenever the remote is searching it’ll be blinking like that back and forth green red and then we hit the power button over here I’m just gonna hold it for one second and it comes on so whenever it immediately connects this stops blinking back and forth and it’s just solid so here on the top of the remote you can see the mode that it hasn’t has four modes so here we have trebs for the front steering and then the rear of steering and then we have a trim for the throttle and here we can reverse the controls and here we just have the power button which slide side to side and as you can see you guys it connects immediately so in the first mode there as you can see we just turning the front and then if we click the mode button change it to the next part here.

You can see the way it turns down and if we go to them one after that you can see that they’re staggered down and the last one there just controls the rear I know it is that the most fun one the plan is this one because you can really turn a lot alright guys so that’s enough talking about it so let’s get out there and see what this thing can do alright guys and this is the dan chi ridge rock so this is a really really nice crawler Guice and as you can see it’s very capable so I think this is a great value because these things go for about a hundred bucks or less sometimes you can find them on sale there’s not much you can get that’s this good for that price also guys I forgot to mention that it does come with extra parts so it looks like it has a few suspension parts here the steering part looks like some kind of spring clamps here or adapters to make the shocks stiffer and you get this really cool little wrench here so you can take the wheels off if you wanted to.

Alright guys if you enjoyed this video then hit that like button and if you want to get a crawler for yourself check out the links in the description and if you like videos like this you’re not subscribed to this channel then hit that subscribe button to see more and as always guys thanks for watching and we’ll see you on the next one peace.

5. Redcat Racing Everest-10 Electric Rock Crawler

Video Transcript:

It’s Scotty from Scotty’s hobby and today we are unboxing an Everest n buy red cat it’s an electric ton scale crawler ready to run out of the box see we got kind of snuck a peek at this earlier see what we had before we didn’t have we have a bunch instructions antenna.

There’s a bind plug that just fell out somewhere optional accessories you want to buy some bread cat X fly stuff it’s fine this is how to say your ESC some of you might recognize this ESC from the axial scx10 ESC it is very similar.

Besides it’s missing the axial symbol you can set drag break you can set a whole bunch of stuff on it just like scx10 it can run it has built-in VEC you can run to cell 3 cell lip bows right out of the box you just have to set it for it and this tells you how optional spare lists spare parts list upgraded parts nothing with a detailed diagram of how to fix your truck in case you break something now I’ve been told on multiple forums that a lot of the axial aluminum parts interchange with this truck so in case you don’t want to buy these upgraded parts you can get other axial parts or other companies who make parts for that that may just fit in here you just have to check forums see if that works for you an instruction manual on how to plug in the battery and put double-a batteries in the controller I’m assuming how to pull the throttle and how to use the brakes pretty self-explanatory we all want is the truck the packaging is awesome.

Comes with the nickel-metal hydride battery charger with bullet plugs here is the controller I’ll try to open this up and a lot of you might recognize this controller as well it comes with a lot of different kits by different.

Manufacturers this one just so happens to be the Redcat version of the 2.4 gig charger pretty decent take some double-a batteries not removable for ripple stuff but it does have a charge plug so assumingly you can put for chargeable zin they’re pretty decent like this if you decide to keep this controller I mean it works just as good as any of the other controllers that look identical to this you that you guys will recognize really decent controller those a bag here’s the truck there’s a bind plug that fell out case you want to try to bind this receiver with your own 2.4 gig controller which I’ve also read on forums that this controller or this receiver in the truck rather is.

Compatible with a lot of different controllers you just have to look at exactly which one you have the body is decent looks to be screen-printed almost it’s got good flex.

Nothing’s chipping off right away which pretty good comes with a battery.

Pre-installed it is a 2000 nickel metal if you’re running lip puzzles you got to do is switch this over to the lip while setting run your lip on their boom if you want to run this off lights.

An accessory gives it to your kid do whatever you want to do but it’s going to have a lot more power if you run some ripples in it obviously comes with bullet connectors on everything here’s the ESC as you can see down to down to the numbers as you can see that it is virtually identical to the axial one it’s just missing the axial stamp right here it’s waterproof.

Here is your three-channel receiver you can see that pretty decent no thrills like I said this can bind to a lot of different controllers that I read so if you want to use your own personal controller go ahead so make sure it works it has a waterproof servo seems pretty decent looks like some metal gear in there I don’t know how many metal gears are in there but I can see the one right there pretty decent I see bearings everywhere um metal yolks which don’t come on a lot of trucks stock especially for $135 that’s pretty decent I was also told this is only a front-wheel steer version so as you can see but what I’ve read they come with links right here alls you needed by is this link another servo and another plate right here that the servo sits on and you can put it all right here second servo.

Why channel it or put it in your third Channel however you want to do it and then you can have rear steering or all I mean all-wheel steering rather which is an awesome option you know I mean it’s got a brush motor has a cool little fan inside so you can’t really see that but right there you soon will see a weight loss fan pretty neat I mean China obviously but for $135 and it’s.

Virtually identical to a lot of the trucks out there she shares all the parts have a good flex I mean to have just a truck that you know want to mess around with and maybe we don’t want to clean all the time or you know just a cheap crawler let your kid play with it I mean it’s fast enough to not break all the time this is for the antenna put that in there I’m glad we’re back I mean it’s a perfect truck for the price I can’t believe it.

Well let’s go out and see if it actually works and I’ll tell you if I can believe it because seems pretty good to me look I’m already throwing it around it’s just a regular truck well there you go let’s go outside and see how it works.

6. SZJJX RC Cars Off-Road Rock Crawler Truck

Video Transcript:

All right today I’m back to give you guys another video today we will be unboxing the mad force XXL fierce attack climbing car sit down relax and enjoy my show let’s start my intro.

Alright let’s go ahead and start the show so today we are unboxing now this one right here as you can see on Amazon is retailing for 3089 and says that it’s the s JJ x RC car it’s an off-road vehicle it does say that it has a high-speed motor which sounds pretty cool but I guess we’re gonna have to test that out now I am gonna have a review up for this vehicle so I’m gonna test this out for a couple of days then I’m attached to review to this video so stay tuned right after this video the review should start so let’s go ahead and open it up and that first glance you can see the picture of the vehicle now this one is blue but I believe I picked up the black one so we’re gonna see what that looks like now this has a lot of seals I gotta take out so let me just do that real quick.

Okay, let me just take all the seals, and then I’ll be back okay so this one had a lot of seals at first glance there is some paperwork you can see where we’ll put that to the side and we’ll take out the whole car and that is what the car looks like now again let me take it out of the box and then we’ll be back okay so I was finally able to take it out of the box and I had to cut some of the plastic out because it was really in there so let me show you what the controller looks like the controllers in this little package.

Okay so finally I was able to get it out now this is all plastic it feels a little cheap the controller as well um it does have your on and off switch and it does use I believe double-a batteries so I’m gonna have to test that out it has a screw there and then this is the charger so you connect this USB and on the other side we do have two batteries so that’s really cool real nice for the price you get two batteries that are wrapped real nice so just stay tuned let me show you the car real quick the whole top end feels aluminum the bottom part is plastic and I like to look at the like in it this is a motor right here but it seems like it’s a nice Rock Crawler it has a nice suspension look at that and on the bottom, it has a power button or slider and this is where your battery pack goes so I’m gonna have to unscrew that but it looks nice we’re gonna test it out I’m gonna shoot some video so you guys can see it in action I’ll let you guys know if it’s good on the review so I’ll be back.

Okay so we’re back and after a couple of days of testing this product out I’m pretty confident I can give you guys a good review so we are reviewing the s z JJ X RC off-road crawler now this one let me show you quick on Amazon it retails for 30 dollars and 89 cents now this truck it’s a four-wheel-drive truck has a high-speed motor has very good shock absorbers rubber tires but it’s worth the price let’s take a look okay let’s move on to the accessories and let’s first start talking about the remote now this one right here has a slider you turn it on and then the truck itself also has a slider to turn on and as you can see you move the wheel to the left and the right that’s why you turn the wheels and it is a four-wheel drive car so if you hit the trigger right here all the wheels run at the same time which is pretty cool as you can see and it has nice of shock absorbers see that that’s pretty cool as well now let’s turn this off real quick and let me show you you do get this charger it’s a USB charger she connect this to anywhere we have anywhere that has USB and this other side is where you connect your battery now you get two batteries that look exactly like this one so this is the extra battery the other one is inside the truck itself so all you do is connect this to this and that’s how you charge this so for the accessories I’m very happy that they added another battery especially for $30 I think it’s pretty cool now the remote feels a little bit cheap but it worked fine I might even have no problems with it but it did feel.

Cheap just keep that in mind but everything we’re great so for the accessories I’m gonna gives them thumbs up now let’s move on to the hardware ok let’s move on to the hardware and that is the truck itself now I like the construction this top part is aluminum the bottom part is a strong plastic that feels really good and we already talked about the shock absorbers they’re pretty cool also the tires feel nice and this part is your engine so that’s pretty cool and this car the construction everything feels good it doesn’t feel like it’s gonna break.

It doesn’t feel cheap especially at the price of $30 so I think for the.

Construction everything feels really good and I think it’s nice so let’s give them thumbs up for the construction now let’s move on to my final thoughts ok let’s move on to my final thoughts now you’re looking for a remote-control vehicle this one’s pretty nice but just remember this one doesn’t go really fast it’s okay but this one is mostly meant to go like off-road go on the 3rd and the rocks and stuff like that so if you’re looking for a really fast car you might look somewhere else because you’re not gonna get it here but this one’s still a nice vehicle you can take it off-road you can use it you know in the mud and the third the rocks is really fun to use I was happy with this car and it goes uh it decently fasts it doesn’t go slow but it’s not gonna you know beat some of those faster cars out there but it’s still real nice I like the.

Construction the remote was not my favorite but for the price of $30 I understand that they had to cut some corners to make this vehicle because I mean I rather have the vehicle be more of a nice.

Looking car that this part is all aluminum so I’m happy they did that and it’s not just cheap plastic so I’d rather have the remote be more than on the cheaper side than the vehicle itself so I get that thirty dollar is gonna get you this vehicle I feel like it’s worth the money especially you get two batteries so and it’s a fun vehicle I used it I was happy with it no real complaints from me.

I do wish if they can make it a little bit faster that’s the only complaint I have but you know everything worked fine so I’ll give it a thumbs up especially for the price so that was my video check out all my videos subscribe thumbs up and I’ll see you guys next time.

7. Rabing Newer 2.4Ghz Racing Cars Rc Cars

Video Transcript:

Again for Marcy tanks and trucks 24/7 in this video I’ll be reviewing this little kind of rock crawler or rock eraser now this is a 1:18 scale toy-grade bear that in mind.

Rock crawler meant for ages eight-plus now I take contacted me and said what I like to review this and I said okay sure I’ll give you my opinion on the actual car it’s not hobby grade at all it’s just for main the kids but it’s you know they said and as a price, I think it’s been about twenty dollars u.s. Or thirty dollars Australian sir that’s pretty reasonable it comes with a remote controller comes with a charger has roughly about 20 minutes of playtime so that’s pretty decent but enough for that quick unboxing show me what’s in the box and then I will do some driving footage okay now this is a 1:18 scale forward Drive rally car says here but it’s not really a rally car from the looks of it looks more like a rock crawler now it is a pretty decent sized 1:18 scale it is generally meant for kids just sighting in the hobby or something like that something that’s easy to drive and fairly small so they can take it around does come in three colors and red and white black and blue and this cool one that I have here I think it’s probably one of the nicest one so glad that they sent me that one there oh another look around the box let’s get inside it even though it has seen better days let’s have a look at this bad boy.

Now that was really anchored thereto that box it definitely took a lot of effort now the battery we get with the cars are 700 milliamps 4.8 faults nicad battery here horse icon enough includes three double-A batteries for the controller and a simple plug-and-play battery charger now before I get into the good stuff it does actually come with a simple manual here just to get going very easy to follow kid-friendly stuff like that.

Okay but here you are the controller simple on and off switch.

It takes three double A batteries yeah not much to it basic left and right forward and reverse functions there are no Jew rights there’s no steering trim or anything like that.

Okay now the cart does a pretty cool has this nice pattern on the panel see kind of like a rock racer slash Rock Crawler whatever you want to call it you know does have imitation looking beadlock wheels and the tires are just rubber with no foam inserts now the steering mechanism is just a simple style there nothing too hoppy great about it it will get the job done though from what I see first impressions it does look like it’s built tough and for the particular age group that it’s aimed at that does include two motors they are one straight shaft as you can see there is no differential and the same goes with the back it is just one straight shafts and our differential there now straight set up like that will be good for rock crawling now this tire up here is a smaller diameter it’s just for looks but yeah you couldn’t really use this more one on the side here it’s not functional anyway here’s 2.4 gigahertz which is good now there’s basic grade RC cars you only have this left and right steering shrim this they can always use that the suspension setup has these links here very similar to a a more expensive system II in theory so that’s it gives you some good range of movement not too bad.

Now for all, you guys playing at home who want to see the articulation there we go not too bad for you to know a kid’s grade aqua also has Logan.

Nice little interior there has a steering wheel couple of seats there and yeah nice little roll cage and its setup looks pretty cool it’s got these imitation LED lights up front but that’s pretty much all I’m gonna be doing this I will put the batteries in.

Or firstly charge them up and we’ll take you outside and give you a bit.

Now, this definitely is meant for kids it does stomach you know who I am.

Send all obstacles pretty well that but sighs it’s pretty messy like being on a certain angle and they go it’s just a bit hard because it’s non-proportional or steering and the throttle is just on or did you say they’re fairly big obstacles as you can see that’s why peanut hard a wide reach store my closed.

I’m just at the front of my house I’m sorry about all the toys and wind noise and here are some rocks RPS if we can navigate through then hung up in the middle of there.

We can lease back out of it.

But the other ticular she is alright but for the are top of the model it’s time for their guys back on its wheels I just wish it would have been for national steering and throttle would have just made it a bit better that’s all it does have the power to get up things like that but yeah you can get stuck like that sometimes get this wiggle it out of there but if you guys flat out it’s still clumps.

Let’s go fight out against this rock and just stop there we go.

So I’m pretty sure that’s what most kids will be doing just going flat out against stuff hoping for the best so guys I hope you enjoyed the review or small driving video of this pretty cool The Rock Crawler it’s not really what I look for in my kids because it’s not hobby grade of course but I guess you need cars for all walks of life.

Now this one is meant for a plus it definitely will suit them even younger I think my five-year-old if they can drive this with no issues at all but anyway that’s me I’ll leave the link in the description if you’re interested in one of these and choose any questions to leave them down below cheese guys Stevie gave mercy tanks and trucks 24/7 and I’ll see you in the next video.

8. G-Made 51000 Crawler R1 Rock Buggy

Video Transcript:

Alright guys rich here from the RC Network and I have gotten all of the electronics mounted in my G made r1 ROC buggy now so this thing is pretty much ready to hit the trails I wanted to give you guys a quick little update on not only what electronics I chose but some positives and negatives that I’ve seen on the kit so far having installed the electronics I definitely got to really get to know this kit very very well now there are two choices if you decide to purchase one of these kits there is a pretty much an already assembled roller that goes for just a little bit more money and it basically comes as I said already assembled there is also a kit version that is a little bit less money however you do have to put everything together including painting on the body now pluses and minuses on that having got the roller or the already assembled one you do have to do quite a bit of disassembly to get the electronics in the kind of chassis there is a very compact chassis so everything that’s inside including the transmission and how you want to mount the motor you have to do some disassembly to get all of that out now staying on the negatives here and then we’ll move all to the positive side the the two pot or two negatives that I did run across and I mentioned this in a previous video is it uses all Philips hardware I’m definitely not a big fan of Philips hardware so I had to kind of break out some old-school tools including this guy right here little whee-ha Philips driver to get this thing all up and going and the other thing that I noticed when I really started getting to know this kit is there are so many screws but with all those screws there are hidden nuts everywhere so every time you see these little screws right here throughout the kit there are nuts on the underside so any sort of unscrewing stuff.

Nuts just fall out everywhere so I know that may sound kind of crazy but anyways that is definitely what happened so especially when you’re working towards the motor area you have a magnetic motor and you have steel screws guess what happens so anyways really that’s the only negatives that I have so far in this kit I have not driven it yet but as far as the positives god this thing just looks cool.

It just looks mean I mean it looks like no other rock buggy on the market it just looks has that evil kind of stance to it so let’s go over some of the electronics that I used very front right here I ended up using a salve ox 1283 SG puts out like over four hundred inch ounces of torque god that’s a lot of torque so it’s definitely going to be good for these big 2.2 inch wheels and tires a little bit um horn in there that is an axial clamping anodized aluminum horn it’s definitely a cool little piece right there this far is motor and ESC I ended up using a Tekin FXR combo came with a pro hand wound 45 turned motor so definitely a cool motor for this thing didn’t want to quite go all the way to the crawler end of things with a 55 turn but I thought that 45 was going to be a good kind of median to that just an SR 300 receiver that I can mount up to any of my spectrum remotes that I have and Black Series 3s 2200 milliamp lipo for DC burst or I’m sorry for TC continuous and then under the hood right here and I’ll show you just a little bit later I do have my 10 amp Castle B EC just to keep everything happy as far as.

Electronics so thus a box definitely likes to rob voltage from everything else so all in all that feel like trunks that I chose definitely a cool buggy I can’t wait to get this thing on the trail but in the meantime chose the number one right there hey number one I just I dig the old-school vintage kind of graphics that the kit came with the shocks are in a droop setting so you’ll notice when you set it down it kind of droops down and that’s what basically it’s meant for now there is also a sprung version that you can set up and that basically means that it’ll be sitting up higher off the ground you’ll see it kind of drop there when I pick this thing up this does not compete with the full articulation that it does have which is a tremendous amount it’s probably about eight inches right there that it’s articulating so pretty cool here my servo kind of goes haywire because it is turned on right now.

Another cool thing you do get with this particular G made you get all-steel links all throughout the kit including the steering links definitely something you won’t have to upgrade however they do offer a high clearance lower link right here that is available through G made other than that that is about it let’s do a quick little test of this thing I got everything on right now and just want to show you some of the steerings is just ridiculous on this thing I have full travel right now on my steering have it turned all the way up to about a hundred and fifty percent so it’s definitely getting some really white steering on this thing pretty good speed right there with 1283 not really meant for speed however it does have that over 400-inch ounces of torque so pretty cool as far as the throttle right there let me go ahead and click it on the beat you see is kicking in.

That a delayed reverse I need a slow the reverse down a little bit and do that through the Hotwire but that’s it hopefully you guys enjoyed this video if you have any questions about the G made is one definitely throw it on down below until then this is rich from the RC Network thumbs up and subscribe that’s it, for now, guys over now.

9. Axial Wraith 1.9 1/10 Scale Electric 4WD RTR RC Rock Crawler

Video Transcript:

Does this even need an introduction it has been so long since we have had the help in our lives?

Today we’re gonna drive the axial rate 1.9 at the hill this will be the first time that abby and I even power this on and to those of you that don’t know our amazing epic legendary hill back here behind us it has been blocked off for the winter and normally I me and I would park our cars down there and walk back here if it’s just the two of us but we got the kiddo so it’s really hard to get access to the hill today we were out driving and it’s open the gate is open so I wanted to show you guys the battery that I’m running in here because I absolutely love the battery placement first of all see how it just fits right in there I’m not awesome I really like how that’s in there and of course this is a spectrum smart battery to those of you that are still not in the know what are you doing you need some of these in your life don’t get rid of your old batteries until they go kaput but at least try one of these make sure that this spectrum smart battery is your next battery purchase okay because these are safer they’re amazing they just they’re gonna last longer than all the other stupid line posts you have I’m sorry but these are where it’s at I’m slowly getting rid of my old lipo’s and as they bite the dust I just recently got rid of to airplane lipos to my three s 22 hundreds and now I’m going to order two more to replace those I also loved a little scale engine in there this is just one of the best-looking trucks and and it’s this is the new version of if you missed the r8 okay the unboxing video we did up this my very first hobby grade rc was the axial rate over seven years ago and so now I finally picked one of these up because they drop the price on it.

That’s motivation enough for me to pick it up so we’ll have a link in the description box below as well as all the good stuff that we’re going to be driving today let’s go this is beautiful it’s powered on we’ve got these awesome headlights I love the great 1.9.

Man I just want to get lights running there and maybe some taillights and this thing would be just perfected but ready to run no dirt on those wheels I think it’s time to power up the muddy hill you ready hobby yep let’s go.

Okay, I’m liking it feeling pretty good so let’s go full throttle sometimes people that aren’t familiar with crawlers like to know how fast they go let’s just blast it at full throttle if you don’t know the thrill of a crawler you need to pick one up you’ve got to pick up the crawler who’s never driven one I mean I love the crawling machine we like to take our trucks to output a million on a backpack I think we’re gonna do some of that this spring and walk around the lakes on the trails these suckers will last like I don’t know half easy two hours if you’re not going crazy on the juice one of this my race 1.9 Abbi hi I missed you hill I missed you so much.

We’ve had to get creative through the winter orange was about half throttle or so let’s see we got a new stick here oh nothing no big deal let’s see that is zero throttles going down we’ve got the ESC brake on maybe I’m not sure exactly how much that brake is on them not sure if that’s totally on like a hundred percent no I need to drive you ready I’m gonna pass absolutely oh we didn’t know here’s actually what happened we’re not exactly sure why but the fairgrounds are closed and we intended to drive this at the fairgrounds so we kind of scurried around a little bit looking for.

Somewhere else to run this and I said Abby we got one more shot let’s see if they’ve opened the gate okay all right Abby baby’s got the controls.

Okay, so she’s gonna show us the speed switches hit 50% that’s full throttle now go 75 and 100 okay I can notice it I guess if you had to you can hear it too yeah if you had the kiddo at the controls.

You could knock it down to 50 or maybe if you’re just driving more.

Competitively and you want to have more throttle management.

You could knock it on the 50 Abbi let’s go get it up this hill no one wants to see a crawler driving on an asphalt get up here go.

Tell sir you’re going faster than me full throttle.

Abby’s running at full throttle like it’s nothing.

We love the hill but come on he’ll give us a little more challenge you know why it recently rained like last night that actually ran quite a bit and so all this normally loose dry dirt is packed down really well right now let’s see I can go yeah it’s not rolling or anything nice job.

If you’re the first one to roll my new wraith and you get that top dirty you get to clean it oh this is this is a little bit of the silver lining that I needed for today we were getting discouraged driving around looking for a spot and here we are we’ve got our hill back that means not only is today fun but the rest of the spring summer and fall should be a good time with trucks because we can keep coming back and boy do we have some trucks to show you guys I ordered some and they kind of got on backorder but now here we are they’re releasing the floodgates and we’re gonna have some trucks coming to the channel oh you’re at the roots I’m telling you what if you roll this you’re gonna you’re gonna have to let me drive one of your new ones outta be around it you’re out it I told you let’s go to the roots they already stole a controller from me well that’s because look at that because this is the wraith 1.9 let’s see if we can do this this is the toughest spot sorry that’s my shout out no this is the toughest spot here we go the front is always easy it’s now getting the rear end up it’s not always easy now our dead bolts have struggled here we’ll have also done it oh I almost got it I almost had that rear wheel I need a little bit more knob enos to grip here see my tires are a little bit wet okay alright let’s focus I can do this oh my gosh oh my gosh whoa abby you’re knockin so much dirt down there oh I’m holding on to the roots for dear life while I phoneless okay it’s all in a strong serve oh this is pretty good got to hit that angle the right way again we’re going to start off the season this thing has some climbing power look at that vertical fire look at keep it there yeah that’s a little bit of scaled freezing here because this is this to me it looks good it’s fairly scale it’s like competitive I think this could very possibly be my new favorite problem.

Really yes I’d like to drive this by you’re told by my ford yeah I’d be fun I want to grab my copper I buy it hey – I think we’re gonna have to take him out together what do you guys think this thing it looks sweet doesn’t it oh I love it you know what one thing I noticed when I was putting the battery and earlier is that this sits loose on the back now when you’re just out driving and stuff you don’t really notice it but I would have liked and I think they try it they try to do this to keep it a little more scale one little bolt like this there’s one little metal screw here and here to snug that down so you don’t have the rattling cuz I could see on a rough trail maybe that could be a little bit annoying that’s like my only thing I’ve seen on here that I just didn’t love I love this I’m so glad I got it so glad look at this looks so good and I kind of like that there’s just one driver in there and passenger seats open it’s like you could put your favorite wrestler in there let’s go back here on these roots this looks pretty cool.

Yeah, how cool was that shot, yeah you hit it up this way okay I’m letting Abby take the sacred controls again because that’s just such a fun spot on a share now honestly you coming back this way that first stick is gonna be a challenge because it’s up there it’s above the tires oh my gosh now see this is where it’s gonna be difficult because you may have to go around you guys though you got it Davi stumps here this next little spot I like this the most nope.

Turn left a little when you hit that back to they’re backing up and go to the left some yeah right there nice I love this truck man that looks good I’m so glad they dropped the price a little bit cuz that was my motivation to buy it and now I’m wishing I would have bought this when it came out because this is just really cool.

I love axial I mean they just get the win for the crawlers, for the most part, there’s a couple of crawlers I like that are other brands too but speaking of crawlers we’re gonna do our best right this Saturday are we gonna try to continue the live build okay it’s been a while we will tell you guys why we haven’t done it during the live build it spent about a month and I’d like to get it built before spring truly sets in so tune in to our vlog channel of the sailors on Saturday I think we’ll do 9:30 p.m. Eastern time

That’s when we’re gonna go live on our kitt build.

You can’t get enough Kenya me too oh yeah that’s like a little wedge this is what’s fun about crawlers keep them moving there Abby let’s go I like doing this so much.

Not great on the back but everybody’s rolling can’t we both be a massage now if you get back on the roots on the hill we’re gonna have to get your crawlers out here Abbi okay what you officially ruined it this may be the last day you drive my rate that dirt on those roll bars wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you oh guys we’re here the hill is back it just feels so good me neither.

It was a gamble who’s is this from us that’s got to be from someone else we didn’t do all that I didn’t know it does do good on its side I feel like you said yeah not many of our trucks can do that they go rolling okay one point nine rates all right I’m sharing or saying I should with you this my truck, okay like I said I’m really glad I’ve added this to the collection it’s also probably the combination of being here at the hill just letting us know confirmation that we can now bring our trucks here we may double-dip some of the trucks that we went and recorded through the winter oh yeah we may pull them back out and drive here again just because they deserve a run at the hill I’ve even kept a lot of our budget trucks that we went through over the winter the ones we like the most.

Maybe we’ll bring them back here if you guys have any requests let us know in the comments below maybe we’ll just do a week of the hill to bring it back it is back.

Yeah, I’m happy I will be very happy.

Guys the truck my favorite batteries and our favorite charger will all be linked in the description box below I want to say a huge thank you to all of these names scrolling by right now these are our big patron supporters and we couldn’t do our channel we couldn’t buy awesome stuff like this for the channel if not for you guys thank you so much we’re gonna do one more throwback seven years ago but first-rate gets ready to left we’ll see you there.

10. RONSHIN Remo Hobby 1073-SJ 1/10 2.4G 4WD Brushed Rc Car

Video Transcript:

Guys in this video we’re gonna unbox and review this Remo hobby crawler so this is one temp scale so it’s going to be round about the same size and they track as tx4 but is he going to be as good at fraction of the cost.

Oh right, let’s crack him open subscribe oh my god do stem, yeah I mean why would you know so what you get in the Box is the car radio battery charger.

Instructions talk it the only thing you need to supply yourself is four double-A batteries guys check this figure out it looks absolutely epic it looks so much bigger than what I expected.

Look at the size of these tires so here’s the size of it compared to the TRX four and it almost makes a tail x4 look small to go and pack it up body office have a look starting at the back we have a solid live axle we’ve locked diff so we got the drive shafts or the prop shaft coming up here into the center gearbox 20 turned 550 motors and coming into the front axle which is also locked we’ve got oil-filled shocks and I still ladder frame chassis the servo is chassis mounted which is quite cool because it looks a lot more realistic when the servo is not mounted to the axle lock it is on a lot of our C’s so the charge it up all you do is plug that into there and that intermit alright quick montage.

So underwear we’ve got four-link suspension up front we’ve got more like a free link with a Panhard rod and the reason for that is to keep the steering geometry alright when you’re doing steering otherwise when you start hitting suspension you’re gonna start getting bumps tearing or complicated stuff in it stem the tires on they’re actually pretty big I think they look like 2.2 is one here with two-point twos.

They look about the same size so if you compare that with the standard 1.9 that come with a 2×4 they’re absolutely massive when they feel actually pretty creepy and a minute that batteries charged up we’re gonna give it a go also I’ve got this proline body here I know it’s only an old one but that fits on there almost perfectly in the wheelbase when these are adjustable so if we look at the chassis here it’s got a whole series of holes here so you can move the wheelbase forward and back to your liking just for a bit of fun I want to see these proline tires here we’re gonna fit on there guys the hat looks pretty sick it makes my t-rex 4 look tiny these are both the same bodies actually this but anyway that’s gonna be for different video in this video we’re going to be running it in stock form by the way did I mention this thing is dirt cheap well Carla dirt cheap I’m gonna put a link to it will you come from slightly different bodies store this one but it’s click link down below you can have a look so the radio on this does actually look half decent and you can also have it right handed or you can flip it over.

Mmm then the left-hand person can use it to adjust it one-handed but yeah if you get the gist all right batteries is not the fastest steering’s a little bit limp but you know that’s not too bad an upgrade to do just Rock a different server in there so alright let’s give it a quick blast and see what we can do you know you definitely could do a better steering servo in their guys speed wise is more than fast enough for Corolla Oh.

The cooling ride is really nice and controlled not a low down talk laughs try over-easy man.

Good job

Oh, equip everyone up oh hey guys grip on the paint.

Alright, guys check this out a little freestyle move Oh quick hill climb it’s definitely got the power but we’ve got garlic carefully because if we go full speed it’s gonna tip back watch it tips back on no harm done.

Alright, guys so far it’s not too bad Oh overall performance is pretty good but the steering servo definitely could do being upgraded hasn’t got much power there so I’m gonna be putting a different submarine at some point and we’re gonna give it another one well actually I want to give you another one anyway and compare it to something Ocotillo x4 something a lot more expensive just see how Willy can keep up so guys I’m gonna put a link to this play view down below if you’ve got a video thumbs up subscribe bell-bottom see soon.

FAQs on Best RC Rock Crawler for 2021

At what speed the RC Rock Crawlers work?

In the above-referred guide, you must have seen the point indicating the speed of the rc rock crawler for beginners. Indeed, they aren’t able to catch the top speed rate. They usually crawl slowly in their own speed limit.

The range in which you can drive them starts from 10 to 12 mph. However, you can increase the limit gradually once you are aware of using it. Still, to the maximum, you can take them up to 40 mph only. It is impossible to drive it above this speed level.

What kind of customer service does it come with?

Every brand offers different customer service. Some of them provide a fantastic service which is highly admired by the users.

It can offer one year warranty as well as two to three months of refund if your crawler gets damaged or stops working unknowingly. Thus, you have to take a look at the offered crawler brands concerning the services. This will give you a better idea of choosing the brand matching your suitability.

Does every rock crawler have a shockproof resistance?

No, every axial rock crawler doesn’t come with a shockproof resistance. It can usually be found in the top models, which typically range high.

With the feature of shockproof resistance, these models are offered a shock absorber, which protects it from any kind of damage caused by dropping it from a height or crawling on unstable ground.

Will the kids enjoy driving an RC Rock Crawler?

Be it any remote-controlled toy, it is always fun to ride it. There are different places where you can enjoy riding these cars, such as mountains, rocky gardens, mud, and even sand.

However, when we talk about the rock crawler truck, it is better to ride it on rocky surfaces. In fact, you can also enjoy riding it in your backyard or garden, though it’s not that much fun here.

What should I get my child, a DIY rock crawler, or a ready-to-run crawler?

Well, this ultimately depends upon you what you actually want to buy for your kid. Both the options are super amazing. However, you have to be completely aware of your kid’s creative skills if you are deciding to get a DIY crawler.

While sharing our views, we would recommend you to get a ready-to-run rock crawler rc car if you or your kid are just beginners in this field. All you have to do is to unpack the crawler and use it whenever you would wish it to. However, with time, you can get to know the ways of using it. Once you are aware of its doings and parts, you think of purchasing a DIY model to let your creativity come out.

Is it mandatory to charge the battery of these crawlers regularly?

As these crawlers are remote controlled, they come with rechargeable batteries, which makes them liable to be used any time, anywhere, any for any much time. However, in some of the crawlers, the battery dies in 45 to 60 minutes of continuous usage. Thus, it is advisable to charge it for some hours until the battery is full. Then, you can use it without any hindrance.

At what price can I get the best RC Rock Crawler?

RC Rock Crawlers can be found in a varied price range. Some of them are located at a lower range. Well, this situation isn’t repetitive unless there are discount days or the time when the crawler is purchased together with some additional accessories.

However, the rock crawler rc car can start from a price range of 20 dollars. At this price, you will be getting a poor-quality crawler without any durability. However, as the price range increases, the quality also gets a hike. Thus, you should always go for the crawlers, which would fall around $60 or $70, which assures an excellent quality, many features, and years of durability.

Final Verdict

So, you might have been aware of the varied features and FAQs, which are a necessity to be considered before purchasing the rock crawler. These will eventually help you in choosing the best one among thousands of them.

You can go through the different brands and decide the best one among them. You can also have a glance at the review column, which will give you the exact result concerning the customer’s preference towards them.

Further, the review section also has the star rating, which lets you know their experience with the purchased brands. you can look for the best Rc rock crawler truck at the nearby toy stores. By chance, if you aren’t able to go out to look for one, you can have a look at Amazon.

Amazon offers the best range of products that belong to the original brand, fitting best in your desired budget. So, what are you looking for? Take the feel of the best experience while purchasing the best RC rock crawler and making the best use of it.

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