Best Clay Masks for Oily, Dry & Sensitive Skin in 2021

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Do you want to get rid of the acne?

Do you want smooth and glowing skin?

Are you worried about the better cleansing of your face?

If you are agreeing on the above questions, then all you require is a clay mask for yourself. The clay masks not only helps your face gets an internal cleansing but also absorbs the excess oil. The clay masks also help you in getting more glows on your face along with the softness and smoothness.  Listed below are the 10 best clay masks that you can consider buying according to your budget and taste:

Comparison of 10 Best Clay Masks for 2021

Things to consider before buying the best clay masks in 2021

Absorbs oil:

The clay mask that you must consider buying must have the feature of absorbing the oil in excess so that it makes your skin to get more clean easily. Moreover, your clay mask must include the anti-aging peptides in its so that it is capable of diminishing the visibility of the wrinkle lines on your face especially on your forehead or under the eyes. By using your clay mask regularly, you get flawless skin with no dark circles, acne or any other skin problems on your face. It must also help you in retaining the moisture on your skin and keeps the dryness at bay.

Extract impurities:

The main function of the clay mask is to extract the impurities you have on your face and gives you a clean and smooth skin. With the clean face, you get rid of other skin problems also that you might be facing due to the environmental hazards or any other reason. And it is visible on your face so to get rid of them, you need to use the best clay masks that easily extract the impurities from your face and thus brightens your face by keeping the dullness out.

Moist clay:

You can search for the clay mask which is usually moist so that it becomes more user friendly and stress-free. It must allow you to not worry about washing it at the exact time and leave it on your face for a while. And you can wash it later on with least scrubbing on your face and it will be showing the same effect of cleaning. And for the extra brightening effects if you want on your face, then you can look for the clay mask which is made from the sediments such as of more effective ashes.

Glow your skin:

If you are considering buying the best clay mask for the glowing skin then look for the one which has the ingredients having phytonutrients and superfruit antioxidants which will surely affect your skin tone and also helps in the glow. It must also help you in preventing the furthermore damages on your skin which is visible on your skin. You can choose the one which has avocado oil in it which moisturizes your skin easily and also prevents it from getting dry and also helps in keeping your skin hydrated. Also, it makes your face looks more bright and smooth.

Rich in mineral:

You must ensure that your clay mask which is not harsh on your skin so you consider avocado oil, almond, jojoba as the main ingredients. They help your skin to get easily exfoliate and cleanse your skin from impurities. The hyaluronic acid included in your clay mask helps you in retaining the moisture on your face and also makes it glow. Your clay mask if rich in the mineral can help your skin in fighting with various skin problems such as dark circles, blackheads, acne, pimples and many more and in result gives you flawless and healthy skin.

Boost your skin:

Your clay mask must be capable of boosting your skin and naked you feel comfortable and enjoy the massage session. It must stretch your skin and makes you feel relaxed from inside as well as from outside and also giving you the soft and smooth skin on your face. The clay mask must be able to extract all the impurities which are generally caused due to environmental pollution and thus leading to many skin problems that can be easily seen on your face. Your clay mask must be able to tighten your skin and also must clean out the pores effectively.


With natural ingredients included in it, your clay mask ends up in the list of best as it is environment friendly. Furthermore, it must also contain the allergic free composition to prevent any allergy reaction on you which means it must be hypoallergenic. You must feel your skin getting softer and exfoliating after one use and thus also shrinks the pores and tightens your skin on your face. When your clay mask gets dry on your face, the effect you can see is the removal of the blackheads and later on other beneficial results.


Your best clay mask must naturally absorb the oil and thus must be inflammable and so soothes your skin as well. It must have a fragrance made from the natural ingredients which make you feel calm and relax along with no side effects. Also, your clay mask must help your skin in increasing the elasticity and also boosts up the collagen which ultimately boosts up your skin. It must help your skin on the face to get tighten and thus look smooth and bright with more fairness on your face. It just makes your skin so soft that you feel like you are touching a baby’s skin.

Smoothen your skin:

With the hydration feature, your face looks more glowing and thus in return your clay mask makes your skin gets more smoothen. As it tightens your pores after getting purified by extracting all the impurities, your clay mask brightens up your face giving you the lost skin tone and also makes you look note fairer and also makes your skin softer.

You Might Be Using Your Clay Mask Wrong

Video Transcript:

Hey I’m whippy cake and I’m right in the middle of pampering my skin with a little clay mask so I thought I would share a video with you talking about how you’re most likely using your clay mask ROM done before applying a mask you always want to clean your skin and to get the optimal like nutrients and benefits from your mask I even recommend doing a hot towel over your face or steaming your face if you have a facial steamer this really opens up the pores so the mouse can get in there and deposit all the nutrients but also clean out your pores really really well the mask i’m using is derma doctors amethyst clay detox mask and this is from the kakadu sea line that’s like all i’m using it in this whole video i love this is basically like the new super fruit of like skin care it’s got tons of antioxidants in it it’s really hydrating for your skin anti-aging basically it’s superfood for your face so I’m just going to apply this to the t-zone of my face that’s like my nose where my pores are really big and my cheeks and forehead and chin so really quick before this dries I’m going to tell you about the three phases of a clay mask the first phase is when the mask is still wet you just put it on and this is when it’s really starting to feed your skin and just all those nutrients in one are starting to absorb in your skin now the second phase is when the mask is starting to dry it’s not all the way dry is just you can feel a little bit of and some oxidizing happening this is when it’s starting to draw out the impurities in your skin is starting to clean out the pores and it also the tightening starts to produce extra blood flow and this brings like more of a glow to your skin a really awakens your skin the third phase is the phase that you want to avoid this is when the mass starts to dry completely this is super bad for you it’s going to strip your skin of all the good nutrients everything that you just put in it and then some is going to dry out your skin and it’s going to cause a lot of irritation so what happens if you’ve done this before you’ve probably most likely taken off the mask your skin feels tight and itchy and so you’re like oh now I need to compensate by putting on more moisturizer so you over apply a moisturizer it suffocates it floods your pores and then you basically undone everything that you’ve done by applying the mask in the first place so that’s why you definitely want to remove your mask around Phase two before it’s completely dry just when you start to feel it tighten that’s usually the time that you want it’s dry around the edges but still you can feel some moisture in there that’s when you should take off your mask to remove my mask I usually just take another damp towel something nice and warm I’ll put it over my skin and then the mask will start to loosen up and then will come off and wipe off really really easy after my mask is all removed I just go go through with the rest of my skin routine and recently I’ve just been using this whole entire door dr. Keck dulce line so I follow up with the vitamin C serum this is 20% vitamin C with purulent acid and vitamin E so lots of really good moisturizing yummy stuff for your skin and the consistency of this is really unique because it feels oily at first and then when you put it on I don’t know something happens oxidizes and it just absorbs right into your skin and instantly I feel my skin kind of tightening and but also a little bit more glowy so I’ve really really been loving this and then for the final step I just go with my all-over moisturizer this is just the dura dr. capita see face cream and the consistency is really light but it’s also really powerful and moisturizing and it’s just going to make your skin go and that is pretty much all there is to like my clay mask routine I think is really important to follow up with the extra products because just applying that mask it I mean even if you don’t leave it on too long you will feel a little bit more dry than usual and when your skin is dry it tends to over produce its natural oils so I think it’s really good to just follow through the whole routine when your your pores are so clean and they’re nice and open from that mask it’s the best time for them to receive any like anti-aging and extra nutrients so that’s why I kind of recommend doing the serum like I did before I go I just want to say a special thanks to derma dr. for sponsoring this video anytime I can get a brand that I love and use anyways to sponsor content it’s really helpful for me and I hope you guys appreciate it too so be sure to give them some love and I also just want to say I appreciate you guys for sharing this video and for subscribing so see you guys next thing.

FAQs on the best clay masks in 2021

How to use your clay mask?

Since your clay mask helps your skin in absorbing the oil in excess and also extracts most of the impurities, you can use the mask due to various reasons. If you want to close the pores, the detoxification of the impurities is very important and thus it will also help you in getting an elastic skin on your face. Moreover, if you want to control the formation of the oil on your face, then using the clay mask is the best option and as a result, you get smooth skin with ultimate softness. It also helps your skin to fight with the acme blemishes and thus flawless skin that you get in the last. Furthermore, always apply it on the deeply cleansed face with the help of your brush or your fingers and let it dry for 5-8 minutes and then peel it off before it gets completely dry and then you can use the toner, moisturizer or anything to keep your skin hydrated.

Does your clay mask suitable for the acne?

As the main function of the clay mask is to extract the impurities, so it is easily capable of treating the acne very well. And if you use your mask daily then it can help you in resolving various other skin problems and also prevents the growth of more acne breakout. The cause of acne is the trapping of the bentonite which is an antibacterial to the bacteria of the acne, so the clay mask will help your skin in getting rid of such acne-causing bacteria. Furthermore, it also soothes your skin with its inflammable property.

Does your clay mask suitable for sensitive skin?

Having sensitive skin can be a big problem for some women and if they use their clay mask on their faces at least once a week then they can see many good effects shown on your face. Most of the women with sensitive skin face eczema and rosacea as a problem and this can be easily removed by applying the clay mask. As they are made from natural ingredients only so they are hypoallergenic and therefore are beneficial to the sensitive skin more as they easily get affected by some chemical reactions faced by your skin. And the clay mask thus heals your skin and also smoothens.

Does your clay mask suitable for dry skin?

Yes, the clay mask can also be used if you have got dry skin on your face as this skin type also needs to get clean and purified from various dirt. Since the main characteristics of the clay mask is to remove the extraction out of the impurities and cleaning out your skin and helps your face to get brighten up and glow. It is highly recommended to use the mask with the rhassoul clay which has the property of expanding a little less. You can also add oil from above in your clay mask to get your face more moisturized.

Can you feel burn after using the clay mask?

You can never face any burn on your face due to using the clay mask because it is made from only the natural ingredients and also the main characteristic is that it smoothens your skin by making it more soft and healthy. There can be no burning sensation on your face, and if you feel any tingling or the tightening sensation, then it is all normal and is most common after using any clay mask. And in case if you feel burn in your face, then you must go to a dermatologist.

What are the benefits of your clay mask?

The clay mask is used to remove it and excess oil from your skin especially the face and holds the property of healing the wounds and also to make you look beautiful and is the powerful agent in absorbing the oil. This makes the pores get smaller and thus smoothens your skin and make it soft also. Furthermore, it also helps you in feeling fresh for the whole day and get relaxed and energetic and this is because odd the minerals inside the masks when mixed with the water gets charged and thus helping you in solving many skin problems.

What are the drawbacks of your clay mask?

The main drawback is that they get over dry and you need to pull it off from your face before it gets completely dry. It can also extra exfoliate your skin making it more white or dry and thus keeping out the moisture from your skin. Moreover, it contains some natural ingredients which can result in irritation for the women who have got dry or sensitive skin on their face. It does not mean that every natural thing is meant to be safe for all people with every skin type.

Who can or cannot use the clay mask?

According to the dermatologist, people with normal, dry or sensitive skin must pay more attention while applying the clay mask on their faces and also it is a blessing in disguise for the one having oily skin. People with skin problems such as psoriasis, rosacea, or eczema should avoid using the clay mask completely as this will make the problem more complex.

What is the mechanism behind the working of your clay mask?

As the clay mask is made from the natural ingredients which are taken from the earth only so they are negative in charge. The paraben-free clay can wash out the chemicals and other impurities from your skin. When the clay gets dry on your face, it also extracts the dirt, dead skin cells and also the excess oil to close the pores and tighten your skin. In the term of science, this phenomenon is called as the cation (the positive ions) exchange and absorption.

I Used The Aztec Healing Clay Mask On My Skin Everyday For One Week

Video Transcript:

Oh my goodness my skin looks and feels absolutely amazing I am just in shock hi guys so for the past seven days I have been using the Aztec clay mask and apple cider vinegar every single night i’ve read from multiple sources online that when you first start to use the Aztec clay mask it’s beneficial to use it every day for seven days and then the next week do two to three times a week and then the next week do one to two times that week and then the next week just do once a week so apparently it’s like a really deep cleanse for your skin now I’m not a newbie when it comes to the Aztec clay mask I have used it before but it’s been like four years or three years since i’ve used it so I just wanted to try it again.

This whole week I have been experiencing a lot of things related to this Aztec clay mask challenge and I don’t want to spoil it for you guys you guys want to see how this worked for me they just keep on watching but before I get into the video I just want to explain why I wanted to do this in the first place so I’m sure you guys can see although I do have makeup on that I’m not dealing with that much acne right now so I used to deal with a lot of acne I had intense breakouts on my forehead and my jawline those are gone for the most part the main thing that I’m dealing with right now is acne scars and there’s a lot of acne scars and when I don’t have makeup on I feel like it looks like i’m

Breaking out because the acne scars are so red so I was hoping that maybe the Aztec clay mask would help with that also throw this entire video I was pmsing and when I’m pmsing one of the main things that happens to me is that I freaked out so the entire month I’m good with breakouts once the week before my period comes then my skin decides to screw me over and I get a lot of

Breakouts so I just wanted to see if maybe the s2 clay mask would be a remedy for my PMS breakouts and my acne scars so if you guys are interested to see how the seven day aztec clay mask worked out for me and how to make the obstacle a mask and everything like that and just keep on watching so really quick if you’re new don’t forget to subscribe to see more of my beauty videos also I have an Instagram which I will put on the screen I love and appreciate all of you and let’s get into the video so this is day one for the Aztec play mask seven day challenge so here I have the Aztec clay mask itself and I have the apple cider vinegar

I also have this cute little bold wooden bowl and wooden spoon it’s really small and then I have a silicone brush so these are all the tools that I have to do this seven day as take a clay mask challenge and just because my skin feels so dry I’m just gonna show you guys a really quick what my skin looks like up close we can do it before and after and then I’m just gonna start applying the mask so hello again this is what my skin looks like after i’ve washed my face so if it seems a little bit dry that’s because I have not applied any

Moisturizer on yet feel like my skin looks pretty good right now the main thing that I’m dealing with is a little bit of redness and just my acne scars there’s a lot of you guys know I used to suffer from acne on my forehead and I would get it like a lot I would

Constantly have breakouts on my forehead and because of that I’m dealing with a lot of acne scars and I’m not sure if you guys can see it but there’s a lot right up here I still get acne on my hairline and then I also have some acne scars on my cheek here my jawline my acne is pretty much gone now but the scars are still there okay so I’m wearing a green shirt because I haven’t made this mask in a while and I feel like this is about to get messy I haven’t done this in so long but let’s make it alright so let’s apply this mask okay it looks like I made too much but oh well that’s good to know for tomorrow alright so the mask is on and I’m gonna wait I forget how long I have to wait where is the mask I am going to wait 15 to 20 minutes and then I’m just gonna take a shower and wash it off I totally forgot but now that I’m reading that I remember that when you’re using this your face pulsates because apparently it’s helping to pull everything out of the pores and just basically teach hawks afire skin all right so my face is really pulsing it’s crazy I can feel especially here it’s like going in and out and you know and like here – oh my gosh so I definitely need to go take a shower and wash this off but I just wanted to show you guys up close what it looks like so this is what it looks like and it’s definitely making my skin pulse so i’ve left this on for 15 minutes now I’m gonna go take a shower and it actually feels kind of good but yeah I really need to go take a shower and wash this off so I will be back alright so I just got out the shower granted I did take a pretty hot shower but my skin looks so red and it’s definitely from the mask if anything this just proves that the mask is definitely working anytime I use any other mask after i’ve used it it doesn’t really do anything in terms of making my skin red but I can just tell that this mask is working okay so as you guys know I talk about this all the time the moisturizer combo that I use is jojoba oil and tea tree oil so let me just apply some of this to my face and then we will be done with day one my skin looks so freakin red wow I look like a tomato I know you’re not supposed to touch your face but oh my goodness okay so hopefully tomorrow morning the redness goes down I’m sure that this is just because the mask was working really hard to get all of the impurities and dirt and stuff out of my skin so on to tomorrow alright so it is day 2 now and my skin for the most part looks this

Except I have a pimple right here and it’s one of the really annoying ones that sort of underneath the skin and as of today it made its way out i’m

Wondering if that was laying like dormant and then the Aztek clay mask yesterday just ignited it to come out of its shell and turn into a pimple so other than that my skin feels it looks normal I guess my forehead was looking a little red today I don’t know it could be the mask it could be normal and I’m just hyper focusing on it because I’m looking for differences in my skin because of this mask but we’re gonna do this again today and of course I’m not gonna use the wooden bowl again like I did yesterday this is what my skin looks like I feel like it doesn’t look that much different from yesterday besides this thing wonderful would happen if I put this on my lips well so I am washing my hair tonight so I’m not that

Concerned about getting in my hair cuz I’m just gonna wash it out in the shower i’ve actually heard that as a clay mask is pretty good for your hair so I might actually look into doing this is a hair mask as well okay so it’s on I made way too much today so I’m just trying to put as much as I possibly can just not to waste it

Alright so I always just like to show you guys they say always like i’ve been doing this more than just like one day so I’m gonna show you guys what this looks like I’m not gonna lie it’s been over 15 minutes just because i’ve been standing here trying to take a thumbnail but oh my goodness my face like really stings so I’m gonna go eyes itchy I’m gonna go and wash it off and then in the shower and I will come back and let you guys know how my skin looks by the way one thing really quick if you’re gonna use this beauty careful in the shower if you have a dream that is sensitive or that is close to being clogged this will probably expedite the process of your drain getting clogged because this stuff is really thick so just be careful but I will be back

So my oils are on and this is what my skin looks like so it’s probably better if i zoom in not nearly as red as yesterday although still really red around the cheeks and just in general red but I feel like it’s definite not nearly as red as my skin was

Yesterday that was like crazy the forehead looks pretty good yesterday I was a little worried that I was gonna end up with a breakout this pimple right here looking like something’s gonna poke through but I’m interested to see how this is gonna turn out because either this is just gonna be nothing or it’s gonna turn into a huge gross cystic acne thing so it is day 3 and I have some really amazing skincare updates so my skin looks amazing and I feel like I just looked really good today and not trying to toot my own horn but like my face I don’t know I just looked super glowy and the funny thing is I I don’t know if I just had like a really busy day or what but I kind of forgot that I was even using this mask so like I was at work and I looked at myself in the mirror and I’m like wow I look really good and then when I came home and I’m like okay what am I gonna say for my skincare update or my skin update after using the mask on day 3 and I was like oh my god I looked so good today my skin looked amazing so I don’t notice any like significant breakouts like I thought that I was gonna notice except for this pimple which I don’t even think it’s there anymore just thinking about it now I feel like this is not something that you should do every day

Continuously um after doing it everyday for a week but I feel like if you’re gonna do this every day for a week it’s just a really great way to like detox your skin I don’t know one just to like replenish her skin because my skin looks so good today and that was after using the mask for two days again I’m gonna do this for 15 minutes as I did yesterday in the day before and then i’ll show you guys what my skin looks like when I get out of the shower looking into these lights it’s making my eyes hurt because I’m so unbelievably exhausted but anyway so I’m gonna go to sleep after this um and I try to make this quick but anyway I noticed that the pimple that I had coming through like over here is

Completely gone now I don’t see any side of it at all not sure if that is related to the SI clay mask but I’m pretty sure that if I wasn’t using the Aztec clay mask the pimple that I had here

Yesterday would have like sprouted into something a lot bigger my skin looks really really good I have zero blemishes so my hypothesis is that this was look so tired my hypothesis that this was going to cause a

Breakouts is not accurate because there are no breakouts yet but again it’s only take three so if just knees

Hopefully my skin a little good oh let me just do it up close okay so this is day four of me trying the Aztec lay mask for seven days in a row and one thing that I noticed is that I have no active breakouts which is great I’m actually expecting my period within the next week we can have typically when that happens I get some sort of break out on my forehead but I have no breakouts on my forehead at all and I have no breakouts anywhere which is great and as I said before my skin has been really clear recently but I feel like i’ve always had just like one or two pimples somewhere in my face and I have no pimples

Anywhere on my face at all so that is amazing in terms of acne scarring I feel like it’s kind of too soon to tell it’s only on day four but I do notice that my forehead looks a lot less red than it typically does typically I have like a lot of redness on my forehead and although it is still red as you guys can see like right here from some acne scars I feel like it is a lot less red I do notice that right here my skin is still super red under my nose is red but I think that part of my face is just red and I don’t think that that’s related to acne whatsoever because i’ve actually never really had that intense breakouts on my cheeks at all it’s mainly just on my jawline and on my forehead my jawline the acne scars they look regular to me oh wait a second I do see one pimple right here which is really weird because I it’s like a really small one but I never get pimples on my cheeks as I just said but I see one right here so maybe there was like some I don’t know

Something underneath and it’s just sprouted out from the mask I don’t know that’s really weird also I did have mcdonald’s today and I had ice cream twice this week

So that could be it although I don’t I don’t know okay so let me make this and i’ll check back in okay so the mask is on and I had to put a lot on first of all because I made too much again and before I really layered it on and even right now you can see that pimple that I showed you guys right here he came through the mask so I feel really bad complaining about one tiny pimple because it’s literally the smallest thing and I know people have it a lot worse and I used to have it a lot worse but I do just think it’s interesting like I never get pimples here and there is one there poking out this is what my skin is looking like after I get out of the shower again so super red I think it is because of the mask

Obviously the mask was pulsating extra today and I think that that might be because they lift it on for a little bit longer than 15 minutes so it looks really clear for the most part and my thing is the pimple that I have right here already looks like it’s going down so far I’m really liking it I have oily combination skin and this is working really well I also have extremely sensitive skin so because of that it was a little bit nervous just because my skin is so sensitive and I feel like if I do anything different with it or use any type of new products and my skin won’t break out but with this it’s not breaking out at all and I do have really sensitive skin so although I’m not done with this 7 day challenge already I’m seeing that that’s a clay mask seems to be working well for my sensitive and oily skin

Okay so this is the end of day five and you know today I didn’t really notice that I looked amazing I actually thought that my skin looks kind of dry today so I’m not sure if that’s related to the mask I don’t know if maybe the mask is like drying out my skin as a matter of fact I put the oils on my face about 15 minutes ago and my skin is already starting to absorb the Haho oil which usually it takes a lot longer so it could be related to the mask because my skin is usually super oily but this is the end of day five and so far my skin looks great

Acne scars are looking a little bit more prominent than usual but that might just be because the mask made my face really red this evening but the main thing is that I don’t have any breakouts at all on my face which is amazing and I don’t have any pimples besides this one little one right here and I honestly thought that by day five I would have like some huge breakout because I was like there’s no way that using this mask for seven days is going to leave my skin looking amazing I’m definitely gonna break out because I do have really sensitive skin but I’m so surprised that I haven’t broken out at all and as a matter of fact it’s the opposite like I don’t have any acne at all so I’m just on day 5 if you guys do struggle with acne I already do recommend you guys to try this because I feel like it really does help to restore your skin so I will see you guys tomorrow for day six so I wanted to do a midday skincare update because holy crap when I was washing my face this morning I could not believe how smooth my skin was so you know when you are washing your face and you look at your skin and you think like oh it doesn’t look that bad but then you touch it and you’re like whoa where did all these bumps and irritation and just like flakes of skin come from well when I was washing my face today I had absolutely none of that and my skin felt like a baby’s bum it was so smooth I haven’t felt my skin this smooth and

Years I feel like so unless on day seven I all of a sudden start to break out profusely on my face I’m already giving this seven-day Aztec lame-ass challenge to thumbs up because oh my goodness my skin looks and feels absolutely amazing I am just in shock

Again this is day six I still haven’t put the mask on today I will check back in when it’s in the evening time when I do the mask this is what my skin is looking like so this pimple right here I know it’s not that bad but it’s just getting strong bigger throughout the day and the funny thing is that my forehead is exactly where I get acne when I’m pmsing but the good thing is that this pimple seems to be a lot smaller than the other pimples that I get when I’m pmsing like typically i’ll get like a big cystic pimple

When I’m pmsing but that one’s really small so I’m sure that that has

Something to do with the Aztec clay mask because that’s I don’t know that’s the only thing that I can think of other than that my skin has been feeling and looking amazing I just washed my face took my makeup off and it’s time to make the mask the thing about the asset clay mask is that you have to be very very specific in the measurements who almost just knocked over the as apple cider vinegar so even if you put just like a little bit too much of the actual powder it will wake it too thick and if you put just even a little tiny bit extra of liquid it’ll be way too watery so sure it so I’m gonna wait 15 minutes and then I will rinse it off and come back and show you guys how it looks okay so I just know I just took I don’t know why I’m knocking everything down today I almost dumped out all of my haha but oil so I just took the mask off and moisturizer okay so I feel like my skin is looking great it is a little red I don’t know I feel like it’s not as red as it was yesterday okay I think that that’s because I did not leave the mask on for as long as they did yesterday wow I just I don’t know I’m like in awe at how good my skin looks I mean my skin has been good reason recently but I also feel like ever since I started to use this my skin has just looked and

Physically felt a lot better acne scars are still pretty visible the redness is there but after about like an hour after the mask the acne scar or the redness pretty much goes away that’s the only pimple that I have right now and it’s so small alright so this is the end of day six stay six wow I can’t we’re almost done with this and i’ll see you guys tomorrow so please don’t judge me for the look of my nose right now I filmed in under another one of those blackhead vacuum videos and it was a complete flop I just have to deal with the fact that I don’t know how to use black and vacuums and you guys are never gonna see the video except for this this is the final day of my esta clay mask challenge so let’s look at my face to see how things are going so as I told you guys please ignore this I’m gonna cover it so I have like a few things going on on my

Forehead that are very small those are just period related I definitely think it’s because of the mask that they’re so small so you can’t even really see them they’re just tiny everywhere else on my face everything looks good

Nothing at all and I definitely think it’s because of this mask so even though I think that this mask has been amazing for my skin and I feel like we don’t really need to do this another day because I think the results are clear it’s amazing for your skin just to finish it off what we can do at the very last day all right so the mask is on and let’s wait 15 minutes for everything to dry and pulsate on my face oh my gosh I am really stressing about my nose here okay but this regardless this is not what the video is about this is

Stressing me out okay anyway I just watched the mask off alright so this was final day of doing it the mask my skin looks the same since before I did the mask except it’s a little bit more red and that’s just because the Matt who is making my face really pulsate sorry about the noise and the boyfriend is doing the dishes sorry if I seem a little bit out of it I’m really tired so I’m gonna go to bed and yeah this was the very last day so I think I’m just gonna film an outro clip just to wrap up the video so I will see you it okay guys so that is that that is how the aztec clay mask has worked for my skin i think that it worked wonders for my skin i just feel like my skin looks amazing and the crazy thing is that this is day one of my period so my skin should look like absolute but it doesn’t it looks so good and i am a hundred percent sure it in because the asta clay mask because that is literally the only thing that i’ve been doing differently with my skin so I’m obsessed with this I will link it down below if you guys are interested thank you guys so much for watching this video thank you for sticking with me through this journey of skin care and everything like that

I love recommending products to you guys especially ones that I have been

Obsessed with and I think work amazing for sensitive oily combination skin so thank you guys so much for watching this video I love all of you and I will talk to you guys next time.

Final Verdict

You may find difficulty in every age era and every season in maintaining your body and the most effective change is easily visible on your face and it is not that easy to take care of your skin. Some products are useful in helping you maintain the skincare routine but some of them are disguised in chemicals. We highly hope that this review will help you in knowing the best of the clay masks and you consider buying them and also you may have known everything about the clay masks and its benefits and drawbacks.

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