Best Magnetic Screen Doors Buying Guide for 2023

Are you fed up with the insects roaming around your garden?

Do these insects try to enter your house as soon as you open the door?

Do you have a party in your garage and don’t want those mosquitoes to bite the people?

There can be way more things that one might be thinking of and getting stressed about. But, one cannot help it out unless one has the best magnetic screen door at home.

10 Best Magnetic Screen Doors Comparison for 2023

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. Be sure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

A magnetic screen door is a fantastic product that protects small insects from entering the house while the house’s door is wide open. The magnetic door is generally used to let the fresh and cold breeze enter the house during morning or nighttime.

So, if one wants to have a fantastic party at home or a want to enjoy a cool breeze, these doors are perfect for them. But before deciding the perfect one, it is advisable to go through the given post. The post has all the essential things and FAQs, which are a must to be considered before purchasing the magnetic screen door.

Buying Guide for the Best Magnetic Screen Door in 2023

Magnetic screen doors aren’t quite popular in some places. So, it is mandatory to go through a perfect buying guide if you possess a limited knowledge of it. Knowing about the magnetic screen door isn’t enough of you don’t know the functions and features it may contain. Therefore, a perfect buying guide is listed for the customers who highly want to know about the essential features of this product.

Polyester or Fiberglass

Magnetic screen doors are built-up of any one of the two materials – Polyester or Fiberglass. Both the materials profoundly differ in their functionality and cost. Polyester is an inexpensive material and light. It is not opaque, and one can quickly look through it, whereas fiberglass is an entirely different material. It is quite expensive and cumbersome. Further, fiberglass is translucent, which does not allow one to look through. So, before purchasing the door, one must ensure which material’s feature fits one’s requirements.


At times it is not easy to find the right size of the magnetic screen door. So, if one wants the door to be neither too big or small, one has to be careful while measuring the door. One must be aware of the measurement one is taking. One should not measure only the door opening, but the door from top to bottom. Then one has to match the door size with the magnetic screen door size. However, one can also go for the screen door sizes, which are about an inch bigger in width as compared to one’s door. It will help one in the easy installation of the door.


The screen doors vary in accordance to one’s budget. If one has a low budget, one can go for the screen doors fitting the range $10 to $20. Nevertheless, these doors are generally made up of polyester and are usually lighter in weight. If one wants heavy screen doors, one can go for fiberglass material. Since fiberglass is a premium quality material, it will cost one around $20 to $30.

If one wants to purchase a screen door for verandas or garages, then one can have one. These kinds of doors are extra-wide and fall in the range of $30 to $100.

Hasp – Wind-Resistant

If your residential area experiences strong winds, you must go for the door which has hasps. The hasp is basically a slotted plate which connects the two parts of the door. Generally, this hasp is made up of nylon and has its design made in the way to hold the screen’s in the door’s bottom and middle part.

Type of seal

A seal in the door is the part that can seal every kind of gap possible in the entryway. Thus, the magnetic doors have a particular type of seal which, when stick tight, can prevent the insects and dust from entering the house.

Easy to clean

Most of the individuals try to avoid the burden of cleaning. However, it is entirely wrong. If one does not clean one’s products correctly, they will lose their efficiency to work correctly. The same is the case with magnetic screen doors. Magnetic doors require regular cleaning, which adds on to its effectiveness.

Magnetic doors are regularly exposed to heat and dust. There are chances that they might get dirty soon. So, all one has to do is to take a feather duster and clean the door thoroughly. However, if the entry has Velcro systems, one can detach the door’s straps and remove the screen to give it a complete wash. One can later re-install the door in its position. It will indeed be a better cleaning option for the magnetic door.


The other important thing to be considered is the materials used in making the screen door. The materials are not just limited to polyester or fiberglass. Many materials help in enhancing the screen door’s quality. These materials are strong enough to protect the house from intense sun heat, winds, and many more. Further, the door is expected to be pet-proof, i.e., it does not easily get torn due while the dog or cat passes through it.

Hands-free entrance

Hands-free entrance is one of the coolest features in a magnetic screen door. This is beneficial when one is having gifts or bags of groceries on one’s hand and want to enter the house. The hands-free entrance will help one in entering the house without putting the bags or gifts down.

Magnetic power

When one comes to know about the magnetic doors, there are two things one must consider, and they are the number of magnets and quality.

In a magnetic door, more the number of magnets is there, better will be the door. Further, if one is paying a substantial amount for the door, one must desire an excellent magnetic power in the magnets present in the doors.

While one is leaving the door, the magnetic power should be strong enough to close the door as soon as one goes through it.


The magnetic door is at its best when it is installed quickly. After all, one will not be free for the entire day to install the door. Further, the door must be easy to remove in case of washing or cleaning it.


There are chances that the magnetic door might be near the kitchen. So, one must ensure that the door is flame resistant so that it doesn’t catch any fire through the stove.


It is essential to check the durability of the product before purchasing it. There are chances that the product may worn out before or just after the guarantee period. So, to not let the money go waste, always go for a durable product.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the magnetic door work?

The magnetic door works in a quite fantastic way. The door has a cut in the middle and allows a smooth passing of the individual. Moreover, the magnets present on the door, helps it to come back in its normal position.

The magnetic door is accommodating to keep the insects out and restricts the entry of gusty winds to enter the house. Further, the kids or pets can quickly come in or go out without worrying about the shut magnetic door.

How to clean the magnetic screen door?

Just like any other screening material, one can easily clean the magnetic door. All one needs to do is to wipe the mesh with a single wiping cloth. If there are spots on the door, you can easily clean it with any mild detergent and a towel.

How to measure the magnetic door?

Measuring the magnetic door can be quite tricky at times. One has to take the proper measurements of the door track from every side. Further, one has to be careful in the direction the door opens. If the door opens in the inward direction, it is advisable to install the magnetic door in the outward direction and vice-versa.

Is the magnetic screen door worthy?

The magnetic screen door is worth the price. It is of premium quality and has a fantastic construction. Further, it is easy to install the screen door. This door works well during the summer days to let the cold breeze come in during morning time. So, you must purchase the door during the time when you feel its need. After all, that time, you will definitely find it worthy as compared to the price.

How to Install a Magnetic Screen Door?

Video Transcript:

Welcome to my channel today I’m going to show you how to install a magnetic door screen let’s get started.

So the first thing you need to do is to place the screen on the floor and ensure that the magnets are lined up you can see here what we are doing we’re just test fit in the screen the screen is usually longer than the door and also it’s a bit wider it depends on the size of the door is cremated exactly what for mine it was a bit wider and somewhat longer the screen comes with a roll of velcro one side has an adhesive on it so you see where I’m removing the tip that is covering up the side with adhesive one suggestion do do not remove the chip that is covenant adhesive all at once let’s remove it in portion and also clean the surface remove any dust from the surface before applying the Dell the velcro to that area so I’m just cleaning it thoroughly I know I’m removing the tip and I’m sticking the velcro onto the dwarf trim my daughter she’s she’s very full she is Colonel to me so I’m the continuing applying the velcro right along the entire length of the door and also ensure that you have a scissors on hand to cut it when you are satisfied that you have covered all the earth that the screen will be going so the velcro mill will be installed on the top of the doorframe.

Or not on on both sides the kids comes with in Aveiro mine add some pieces left back after.

We are now able to install the screen they’ll finish install the velcro onto the doorframe a mine had to install to put the velcro a bit higher than the frame itself decided to above the trim onto the wall because as I said earlier on my.

So I’m cutting some smaller strips of velcro to cover some areas that didn’t have a name because there was a cable that was running along the wall and I want to ensure that all ears are covered so I’ll continue doing that until all the ears around the door is covered the package comes with some thumbtacks this thumb thumb tacks are used to reinforce the velcro.

This will prevent it from falling off the wall or if someone is passing through and someone might hold on to it it might separate from the velcro so these thumbtacks are used to reinforce it however these are very hard to press in with my fingers so I decided to use a hammer a small Armour and use that to tack these.

The installation is now completed it’s looking very good so I’m going to let my daughter test it and see if it holds up and this is the moment of truth she’s going through.

Among meat and leaves are very strong and because my door is a metal door it tends to stick to it so of the time but that’s no problem and screen is working so I think this modern for the.

Successful installation if you liked this video please give us a thumbs up and remember to subscribe bye have a good day.

Can one purchase only a black magnetic door?

No, there are various types of colors one can go for in a magnetic door. One of the trendiest colors is white. The white-colored magnetic door can efficiently work with white doors or frames. But there is one issue with white doors. They get dirty soon, so one has to regularly clean them as compared to the black ones. However, there are beautifully printed doors, especially with butterfly design, which one can purchase.

Can the magnetic door be washed in a machine?

Yes, the magnetic doors are easily washable in machines. However, if one feels that its efficiency might reduce, one can wash it in various ways. It can be cleaned easily with a feathered cloth, but this method is quite tiring.

However, you have to keep one thing in mind that every door can’t be washed in the washing machine. You have to consult the purchaser before purchasing it.

Is the magnetic door available in one size?

Magnetic doors are available in different sizes for different places. They are available for the perfect size for the room doors. However, one has to be quite precise while selecting the size. Moreover, it can be purchased for balcony, veranda as well as garage. The doors for these places are generally big in width and length.

How to Perfectly Measure a Screen Door?

Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Donny Donny’s doors and I’m gonna show you how to measure a screen door opening this is the screen door opening we’re gonna measure and what you can see here is this is the jam right here this is the edge of the jam that the door stops on this is the casing so between this casing and this casing over here is your screen door opening this door is this is going to be the latch side so the door will will hit up against this Jam as the stomp.

It’s always important to make sure the door is gonna clear this piece of hardware right here which is gonna be fine in this situation the door be hinged on this other side so now we’re gonna start by measuring the width of the door opening we do that in three areas we did that in the top so we hold it up against this casing pull it up against the casing then.

On the other end you can see this one is measuring the opening is 35 and 15 16 so I’m gonna write that down thirty five and fifteen sixteenths and then I’m gonna go to the middle of the door hold it up against my casing again on the hinge side and go over to the latch side this again is thirty five and fifteen sixteenth.

It’s the same in this house often times it’s different then we’re gonna go down oh this one’s about thirty six right here I’m gonna still call this thirty five and fifteen sixteenths even because it will it will it will be within tolerance is in make installation easier and building the door easier it’s just the within parameters okay so I’m just gonna write down here’s the shape of my door I had so since they were all very close very close.

I’m gonna call it 35 in fifteen.


This down here was a little wider maybe a sixteenth that that won’t matter now I’m gonna measure for the height on the hinge side of the door I’m gonna place the tape measure again this is your jam this is what the door is gonna stop against this is the casing I’m gonna push the tape measure down like that so it’s within the space where the door will be and I’m gonna run the tape right up through just like it is and I’m gonna measure to the top.

This right here is eighty and five sixteenths now I’m gonna measure the other side same way.

Place this place it within the screen door opening I’m gonna measure up through this top this is eighty and a quarter and that gives me the screen door opening so it’s a little different from one side to the other that is not uncommon write down my paper this side was eighty in five sixteenths this size was eighty and a quarter.

What I’m what I’m gonna do I’m gonna write down 80 and 5/16 over here because I’m gonna go with the bigger measurement of the tool now when I make my door I’m gonna make it.

3/16 smaller than this measurement in this measurement right here I’m going to make it that size and in that way it can be fit if in case the top is is.


Which it is often isn’t an older house the door will be able to fit top and bottom and if the cell is off-kilter again or even cold in lots of times and an old stone sill or a would sell it’s cold in I’m gonna make it just that with so there’s room for ascribing it to fit and also if you if you can see that you’re the casings are really warped and crooked you may specify make it a little wider this one is fine so my screen door opening for for this door is thirty-five fifteen sixteenths by eighty in five sixteenths that’s a screen door opening and I will make my door as I say three sixteenths three sixteenths narrower and the same height so that is how you measure a screen door opening.

Is the excellent quality magnetic screen door available at a high price?

The magnetic screen door is generally available at different prices. The price, however, depends upon the quality. But there are chances that one can purchase a good quality screen door at marginal cost. Yes, one doesn’t have to spend a significant amount on this product as different brands offer the same kind of product at different prices.

All you need to do is to go through the list of available trendy brands and purchase the one fitting your budget.

How to Make Your Sentry Magnetic Screen Shorter or Narrower?

Video Transcript:

This video I’m going to show you and you can make your screen shorter or narrower step one is to take your screen and identify the top from the bottom open your stick your screen and open it and the side that has the top side has the velcro attached also you can’t separate the top the entire top it’s one solid piece whereas the bottom of the screen doesn’t have any velcro plus it also separates at the magnets so when you make your screen shorter you want to do it on the top side if you also want to make sure that you don’t let you keep the velcro exposed so that you can use it when you install the screen on the door frame just across the doorframe down the side and across the top will be the hard side of the velcro stuck to the door plate.

So in order to make the screen shorter you fold it but if you fold it just once yes you’ll notice that the velcro is no longer exposed you need to fold it twice fold it once down and once back take your push pin black push pins that you’re provided in and when you purchase the screen and you just push it through the velcro.

And that holds it in place and you basically do that across the entire top edge of the screen so fold it grab your next push pin push it through the mesh and the velcro so that when you stick the screen to the doorframe you can still use the velcro and the pushpins go into the doorframe now if you have an aluminum doorframe obviously you can’t use the pushpins.

So in that case we’d recommend either double-sided tape.

Bobby pins or a stapler and then you can use the velcro to attach the screen to the door frame if you need to make your your screen shorter even more shorter than what I’ve demonstrated here you basically make your folds slightly bigger just like that and then you use the push pins through the velcro again and then again you do that all the way across the top of your screen.

To do to make the screen narrower you do the same thing if you do it on the outside edge to fold it over and then fold it back to expose the velcro we take your push pin and push it through and this time you will do it down the entire outside edge of the screen you can either do a single side or you can do both sides and that’s how you make your screen shorter one error.

Should the magnetic screen door have many magnets?

Yes, if one desires to purchase the best magnetic screen door, then it is necessary to consider the magnets present in it. Every entry has a different number of attractions available. Some have 26, and some have 28. So, you have to go through every specification and try to select the one with high magnetic power and number.

How to replace an old sliding screen door with a magnetic screen door?

Video Transcript:

Well today I’m going to replace this old really bad screen that doesn’t work for our our patio door it’s just it just doesn’t slide well it comes out of place on the track and it’s not too strong you can see it’s kind of weak and flimsy that’s usually how they are when you go to Home Depot or Lowe’s this is a 36 inch by about 80 inch so we had enough of this trying to get that to stay on the track so what we’re gonna do is replace that with one of these magnetic screens so I’m gonna let you see how it goes the the magnetic screen seems pretty straightforward all I need to do is put this adhesive on to this side of the material I’m gonna just dry measure it right now to this wood frame here then I’m gonna stick it down to this metal frame coming down here.

If I put it up on this corner here it seems like it might fit pretty good to the bottom care it’s right about there it looks like it’s fitting pretty good we’re having the top here and then stick it to this metal frame there it’s not a perfect fit but I’m going to try and make it a perfect fit.

My ID strips looks like these two bigger roles will go down the side you have to take me to close carry these two bigger roles will go down the sides and this will be for the top.

Great call okay so they stay.

She just put the velcro it’s pretty easy just put the velcro match it up and then when I’m ready to stick it to the brick I’ll peel this tape off right here so right now it’s gonna match it up actually flip it over so the nope I wanted to paint this old wood here but might do that some other time the nice thing about this this velcro that sticks on we could just pull it off later and we went to own paint in there just fine you roll.

All right so we set that up you can notice up here I had to kind of bend it around the wood a lift.

le bit it doesn’t seem like that’s an issue here we go first attempt.

That’s pretty good there’s a little hole here but maybe we’ll figure that out slides on your Z’s file oh that’s nice yeah so if I’m walking with a pick plate of burgers or something like that antenna.

Shoulder in

I think it’s pretty good

Seems like sometimes you might need to help it closed shut kinda works pretty good.

They’re finding out right now it gets Mickey don’t step on it if you’re walking out.

I’m liking it before you see ever here we had this old screen door that was just met with me out.

This is actually our third try we bought either can screen doors and they always fall off because it wasn’t the original manufacturer.

We got in 1865 I guess in the house alright here’s my two-year-old coming through come through coke coming come through.

All right there’s a two-year-old kind of like a pet kind of closed coming Katie the four-year-old the six-year-old see the closes.

Okay go out Kayla Katie and just let it close

All right and that worked pretty good as you can see you can see it does a pretty good job I’m pretty happy with it this one was a bigger one.

Our opening here this opening is thirty-six inches by about 80 inches a lot of this greens were like 34 inches so this one was nice this one was bigger and it seems to fit well you know he just ran it along the side here so the 36-inch is the way to go for us or this bigger screen is the way to go for us.

Which is better – Polyester or Fiberglass?

Both polyester and fiberglass are better on their part. But if you want the best quality, fiberglass is to be highly recommended. It is because it offers more unusual features as compared to polyester. However, it lacks in one place. You cannot look through the fiberglass as it is denser. So, if you desire this feature in your door, you have to go for an expensive polyester screen door as it will offer you good quality with all the desired characteristics.


So, you do want to enjoy the cool evening breeze? Then, you must definitely go for the best magnetic screen door now. It will solve all your problems regarding your house’s security from bugs and your pets continuous traveling in and out and let you enjoy the nature’s beauty with doors wide open.

So, there is nothing to wait for now. If you are ready to purchase it, then head towards the nearest store selling this product. If you don’t desire to buy it offline, then you can buy it online from Amazon that will provide you the best quality product ever at a marginal price.

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