Best Paint Markers Buying Guide for 2020

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If painting is this much dear to you, then you must get the best paint tools for you. But, it’s not easy as it looks. The market has bundles of options in terms of painting tools, so how will you find your perfect tool? Let’s make your mind clear.

You might have used watercolors or sketch pens during school days. Were those effective in offering the desired result? No? The same was the struggle with famous painters. But, now to reduce the pain of upcoming painters, paint markers have been introduced in the market. You can make use of these markers while painting and sketching a masterpiece.

So, do you also desire to use one and look at how it feels with paint markers? Yes? So, don’t worry we have created an amazing buying guide which will help you in getting the perfect marker. Along with the guide, we have listed some questions which might strike your mind. So, go through them and get the best paint marker for yourself.

Buying Guide for the Best Paint Marker in 2020

There isn’t a single brand that is offering paint markers in the market. There are numerous brands out of which some are local. The local brands do not provide enhanced quality markers and try to take as much money from the customers. So, to be beware of such brands, it is a must for you to go through the perfect buying guide of paint markers. This will help you in knowing the considerable things in the best paint markers.

Let’s have a brief look at this guide.

Toxicity Level

Working with paint markers is not an easy task. At times, they might not prove to be environmentally friendly which might result in dangerous issues. Thus, you must opt to choose non-toxic paint markers. The non-toxic paint markers don’t emit any kind of bad odor or fumes. They are so good that even a small child can use them. Every household has children and you know that small children have a habit of licking the new things they get. So, the non-toxic markers won’t harm their body in any possible way.

Wide Range of Colors

While surveying, you might come across the value pack. You might be stunned to know that there is a wide range of colors in it. But you have to be cautious at this point. Mostly, customers are fooled in the name of a value pack. So, you have to do a proper survey and assess the ones which you need. At least, you won’t end up purchasing the color that you already have.

Areas Where They Can be Used

There are many areas where you can use a marker easily, such as canvas, glass, or walls. For these areas, you don’t have to purchase a new marker every time. the same marker can be used over and over in these places. But, when you wish to show your creativity in the wood, you must purchase the marker suitable to be worked on it. Wood has an unstable surface, so using a general marker may not seem to be as effective as expected.

So, be careful about the marker you are purchasing as some may be functional for you and some might be not.

Are They Water-Based or Oil-Based?

Well, you are likely to come across two major types of paint markers –

  1. Water-Based Paint Marker
  2. Oil-Based Paint Marker

Both of these types are equally helpful and important, but according to your project type, you have to find the best one between them.

Water-based paint marker is usually classified into two types:

  1. Acrylic
  2. Water Pigmentation

It is a better alternative to oil-based paints and environment friendly. It doesn’t emit any kind of odor or fumes, dries usually faster, and is the color that is easy to be washed.

On the other hand, oil-based markers are made of Linseed Oil. They usually consume more time to dry, but when they get dried, they prove to be more resistant and durable.

Tip – Shapes and Sizes

Before going to the supermarket to purchase the paint maker, you must have performed creativity in your mind regarding the project. You must be sure how you want it to look like. Only after knowing every bit of it, you will be able to find the right marker and tip for your drawing. After all, tips play a very important role in drawing.

Tips can be found in three sizes. They are –

  1. Fine Tip – It allows you to outline the shapes in your painting with the help of fine strokes
  2. Medium Tip – It is the perfect and happy size as it doesn’t provide the too large or too small filling.
  3. Large Tip – It covers a great area of the surface and even supports coloring.

Different type of tip allows you to discover different techniques for the appropriate and unique using of these tips. However, these tips come in different shapes. The shapes are –

  • Bullet Tips – It is one of the most common types of paint markers in a bullet shape with a rounded top. You can write, sketch and color with the help of this tip.
  • Chisel Tips – It usually has a slanted end. It helps you to perform calligraphy works and making hassle-free thin and thick lines.
  • Brush Tips – It is just like a paintbrush as it has a soft body. By applying strokes with the marker, you can create thick and thin lines very easily with it.

Top Trending Brands

No brand will offer you the same product. Each one of them makes use of different technologies and manufacture a completely different product. That’s why you will find hundreds of paint marker brands around you. Hence, you need to work with every brand if you desire to create wondrous art.

In the market, there are three famous and trending paint marker brands.

  • Liquitex
  • Tooli-Art
  • Posca


If you are willing to purchase a low-priced marker, then while using it, it may offer you a good quality. But, after some time you will be disappointed to know that it will not provide you the required quality. This is because a low-priced marker is usually sold by local brands and they don’t work effectively for a long time. They fail to provide a good glow to your paintings.

So, it is advisable to purchase a reasonably priced marker if you have a limited budget. These reasonably priced markers are of good quality and are likely to serve you for a few years.

Sharpie Oil-Paint Permanent Marker Review

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FAQs on Best Paint Markers for 2020

What is a Paint Marker?

Just like you use paintbrushes for coloring the art, paint marker is just an advanced version of it. The paint marker comes in the shape of a pen and fully loaded with ink. They help you to draw structures on the wall, wood, glass, graffiti, and many more.

Being an artist, a paint marker will make your work easy and convenient, especially if you use watercolors.

How to use Paint Pens?

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Paint Markers are best for whom?

If you an artist or just an individual who is interested in painting and wants to take this hobby to heights, then paint markers are designed for you. Paint markers are generally used by professional artists to reduce their time or beginners who are pursuing art for the first time.

However, even kids can make use of these paint markers. But while choosing the markers for them, make sure they are non-toxic.

How to take care of Paint Markers and clean them?

Do you think that taking care of paint markers is difficult? No! It's very easy. All you need to do is be careful every time while using it. Apart from it, once you have used the paint marker, put the lid back in its place. You should leave it open even for a few minutes as the air will let the ink dry out. Apart from it, to prevent the ink from drying, place the marker horizontally on the shelf or stand.

Now, one of the most disturbing things in the paint marker is its nib. So, how to clean it? The marker’s nib can be cleaned easily by rinsing it with water. But if the nib is completely worn out, it’s time for you to get it replaced. Your nearby retailer can easily replace the old nib with a new one at a low cost.

Can you use Paint Marker on canvas?

Yes, you can use a paint marker on canvas, but you have to be specific while choosing it. Usually, in canvas, acrylic-based ink or oil-based markers are preferred as they are thick enough to be used on a canvas.

Earlier, if you were using watercolors on the canvas, you must now shift to paint markers as watercolor is one of the worst options to be preferred on a canvas.

From where can I buy Paint Markers?

You can buy paint markers from nearby stationery stores or online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, or eBay. If you decide to buy the marker offline from the nearby store, it may be quite beneficial as you can get a chance to properly survey it and try it before purchasing. Other than it, online shopping is also a convenient option. However, the price range starts from $15 and may extend to a great amount depending upon the brand.

How to Blend Paint Pens?

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If you require markers for Graffiti, what kind of markers should you purchase?

There are numerous markers available if you want to pursue Graffiti, and these markers vary regarding the ink size, purpose, ink material, and barrel shape. however, if you are confused about the marker type you must choose for your artwork, then there is nothing to worry about. Here we have the three popular markers preferred by top Graffiti painters around the globe. They are –

  • Paint Solid Marker,
  • Alcohol-Based Ink Marker, and
  • Acrylic-Based Ink Marker.

Paint Solid Marker – Paint Solid Markers are generally used to provide glossy faces in paintings. This happens when the color pigments crystalize the marker and make it easy to be used on surfaces like greasy and dusty. So, if you have your art projects to be completed on the dusty type of environment, you must head towards ‘Paint Solid Marker’.

Alcohol-Based Ink Marker – Alcohol-based ink markers are known to work perfectly on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, ceramic. If you tend to apply the marker in porous surfaces, it will not provide a smooth effect due to no color saturation.

Acrylic-Based Ink Marker – Acrylic-based ink marker is one of the highly used markers to date. It is used in non-porous surfaces as its binder is water and it creates a connection between the component of the surface and color pigment.

So, while purchasing the best paint marker for Graffiti’s purpose, go through the marker’s details thoroughly.

Is there any warranty on Paint Markers?

Products such as paints markers or paints don’t come with any warranty. However, is the seller is reputed he may provide you with a money-back guarantee for your satisfaction.

Which brands of Paint Markers are highly trusted by the users?

Finding the best paint marker brand from hundreds of brands is quite difficult. However, the users have disclosed their favorite brands so that it is convenient for the purchaser to go for them. These brands are Posca, Tooli-Art, and Liquitex. However, these brand’s products may appear the same but they differ in technology.

Final Verdict

In the market, you can find colors in different forms like oil, pastel, water, and many more. Among these forms, it is quite difficult to work with watercolors and it consumes immense time. To reduce the efforts in watercolors or other paint colors, paint markers were introduced and now they have grabbed more than 50 percent of the market. With their effective use and the productive result, they have become the best alternative to traditional painting. If you desire to be a good artist and produce your thoughts on the canvas, wood, or glass, paint markers will act as the game-changer for you.

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