Best Paint Markers Buying Guide for 2023

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If painting is this much dear to you, then you must get the best paint tools for you. But, it’s not easy as it looks. The market has bundles of options in terms of painting tools, so how will you find your perfect tool? Let’s make your mind clear.

You might have used watercolors or sketch pens during school days. Were those effective in offering the desired result?


The same was the struggle with famous painters. But, now to reduce the pain of upcoming painters, paint markers have been introduced in the market. You can make use of these markers while painting and sketching a masterpiece.

So, do you also desire to use one and look at how it feels with paint markers? Yes? So, don’t worry we have created an amazing buying guide that will help you in getting the perfect marker. Along with the guide, we have listed some questions which might strike your mind. So, go through them and get the best paint marker for yourself.

Buying Guide for the Best Paint Marker in 2023

There isn’t a single brand that is offering paint markers in the market. There are numerous brands out of which some are local. The local brands do not provide enhanced quality markers and try to take as much money from the customers. So, to be beware of such brands, it is a must for you to go through the perfect buying guide of paint markers. This will help you in knowing the considerable things in the best paint markers.

Let’s have a brief look at this guide.

Toxicity Level

Working with paint markers is not an easy task. At times, they might not prove to be environmentally friendly which might result in dangerous issues. Thus, you must opt to choose non-toxic paint markers. The non-toxic paint markers don’t emit any kind of bad odor or fumes. They are so good that even a small child can use them. Every household has children and you know that small children have a habit of licking the new things they get. So, the non-toxic markers won’t harm their body in any possible way.

Wide Range of Colors

While surveying, you might come across the value pack. You might be stunned to know that there is a wide range of colors in it. But you have to be cautious at this point. Mostly, customers are fooled in the name of a value pack. So, you have to do a proper survey and assess the ones which you need. At least, you won’t end up purchasing the color that you already have.

Areas Where They Can be Used

There are many areas where you can use a marker easily, such as canvas, glass, or walls. For these areas, you don’t have to purchase a new marker every time. the same marker can be used over and over in these places. But, when you wish to show your creativity in the wood, you must purchase the marker suitable to be worked on it. Wood has an unstable surface, so using a general marker may not seem to be as effective as expected.

So, be careful about the marker you are purchasing as some may be functional for you and some might be not.

Are They Water-Based or Oil-Based?

Well, you are likely to come across two major types of paint markers –

  1. Water-Based Paint Marker
  2. Oil-Based Paint Marker

Both of these types are equally helpful and important, but according to your project type, you have to find the best one between them.

Water-based paint marker is usually classified into two types:

  1. Acrylic
  2. Water Pigmentation

It is a better alternative to oil-based paints and environment friendly. It doesn’t emit any kind of odor or fumes, dries usually faster, and is the color that is easy to be washed.

On the other hand, oil-based markers are made of Linseed Oil. They usually consume more time to dry, but when they get dried, they prove to be more resistant and durable.

Tip – Shapes and Sizes

Before going to the supermarket to purchase the paint maker, you must have performed creativity in your mind regarding the project. You must be sure how you want it to look like. Only after knowing every bit of it, you will be able to find the right marker and tip for your drawing. After all, tips play a very important role in drawing.

Tips can be found in three sizes. They are –

  1. Fine Tip – It allows you to outline the shapes in your painting with the help of fine strokes
  2. Medium Tip – It is the perfect and happy size as it doesn’t provide the too large or too small filling.
  3. Large Tip – It covers a great area of the surface and even supports coloring.

Different type of tip allows you to discover different techniques for the appropriate and unique using of these tips. However, these tips come in different shapes. The shapes are –

  • Bullet Tips – It is one of the most common types of paint markers in a bullet shape with a rounded top. You can write, sketch and color with the help of this tip.
  • Chisel Tips – It usually has a slanted end. It helps you to perform calligraphy works and making hassle-free thin and thick lines.
  • Brush Tips – It is just like a paintbrush as it has a soft body. By applying strokes with the marker, you can create thick and thin lines very easily with it.

Top Trending Brands

No brand will offer you the same product. Each one of them makes use of different technologies and manufacture a completely different product. That’s why you will find hundreds of paint marker brands around you. Hence, you need to work with every brand if you desire to create wondrous art.

In the market, there are three famous and trending paint marker brands.

  • Liquitex
  • Tooli-Art
  • Posca


If you are willing to purchase a low-priced marker, then while using it, it may offer you a good quality. But, after some time you will be disappointed to know that it will not provide you the required quality. This is because a low-priced marker is usually sold by local brands and they don’t work effectively for a long time. They fail to provide a good glow to your paintings.

So, it is advisable to purchase a reasonably priced marker if you have a limited budget. These reasonably priced markers are of good quality and are likely to serve you for a few years.

Sharpie Oil-Paint Permanent Marker Review

Video Transcript:

Subscribe to purification channel for all craft and DIY videos also hit belacan to get updates it’s totally free hi guys.

Only one welcome to my channel education so today I’m going to show you a review of sharpie marker as you can see I if you have not seen my wallet with you from I will link down in the description below broke check it out the airport lots of writing from have already reviewed my fabric markers from my haul so do check that video out and smell my next review item is the oil based marker and these are not available in India I bought from I was really fascinated by these so I got them these are not available in India but if you want you can purchase them but you have to give a pretty big you know shipping but these are half the guys are just oil based markers you can also use oil paint simply to focus on you know wouldn’t last.

Okay so to start to the packaging without telling it anything it is from sharply done still very famous brand in u.s. For all the craft related item and although kino marker related items it says that it marks on wood and glass so I have also stuff you to test it out it is performed in marker and it is said medium moly something okay so explain in the instruction back it says that opaque paint marker muscle virtually any surface okay metal pottery wood rubber glass plastic stone etc my god not a place.

Oil-based ink is withdrawing shade of sage abrasion and water resistant okay it is quick drying it is fade resistant abrasion resistant and water resistant Wow and it maps bouquets and glossy on light and dark surfaces nice I will try on all of these sources guides for you and I’m going to check about a fee claim is you know correct or not open on a focus as you can see this is the first MMO rings and they are plastic covers still on them you can buy them.

Individually as well okay so I got them in half of 5 we keep the packages that we have although you know the claim that they are making people they have in bed color what I would have bought into red white do classic color that you might need in you know all of the staff and those to Metallica live in which is given is cold and which is nice you have three basic colors and cool my uncle okay so let’s start with these you know unboxing diaper and you know removing their plastic kind of thing which is consisting I got there and really nicely haha okay you guys I have to get the video for take this out and I will be right back.

Sighs lembaga opened all the markers because of Monday you can through the past but you can I’m not able to use Kadir it.

After stuff I think you have to you know shake it there we go give you this so let’s see how this you know market oh I believe on in slack just maybe we have to shake it a little bit.

For example company because in every step of every marker is okay let’s start with their claim first it is that metal pottery word rubber glass plastic stones etc so let’s start with the glass words I have this intimate all about the column let’s try house.

You can see just shutting down.

Get it out.

Ah come out oh yeah I just coming up guys can see some evidence coming out okay let’s keep on.

Okay hoping yeah this coming.

Is pretty sharp and it Wow if you can colors over $2 maikelele like the red okay so I can I skipped it long enough to check if you do not do my god wow I’m not rubbing it because I just painted it until really very closely if you can see but Wow.

Slip smudging and I’m actually smudging it Wow oh the red one is with you hope if we might have to do black is like really nice so I am really happy with it non-transferable it’s permanent hi Wow it don’t work on class laughs is checked now let’s try is pottery I have this leftover gr okay so let’s try this let’s try a gold color.

Take this guy’s now not even putting any water pressure and just look at this I know I don’t know if able to see my wall worldwide I don’t know why was it in you but let’s see if it is falling the not just me really hard.

Let’s see becomes oh my god it’s not coming out.

Oh my god it is absolutely Wow just one and the same deal impact with the gold shimmery – the gold metallic – so it does work on pottery a sharpie okay the next one that I will going to trial is with pork I have this quilling board and I have the bad back of it is quite a bit like pork like wood so let’s try of atomic I’m going to try now to white soldier.

He liked the silver polish most of the holosuite widen silver basically same it looks same but I don’t know whether you are because you know ties but in this white and silver look completely different a completely different touch this is why I will rule White’s pretty opaque and gold as you can see it has Brittany metallic touch I don’t know whether you will see like this we are at this Emily able to see that it is completed if you white is coming as white and the silver is coming at you like it.

Good I suck at drawing but still I managed to be something I’m happy so it is not coming off it is not something off you guys it is from my previous okay let’s try this and it is not coming you guys.

It is permanent Omar net oh I really like it.

Okay so what else okay the next item that we are going to try is metal so I don’t have any other metal I have my key I’m sorry but when you have this broken so sorry but you’re still a love minion might forgive from my brother my younger brother love a passion of schedule okay now I want to paint this many people okay so let’s you know simply.

While it is crying I don’t know it is because it has dried completely in autumn and I’m going to use it to induce death it is still there so let’s let us do this wait for it to dry.

Next I’m going to use this on trouble I don’t know whether it is rubber or silicone or whatever but it’s right under okay I don’t want to ruin the minion love you minion but I just want to give it to you on red swot guys I just want to show you this is really permanent it it is not coming off and really rubbing here and it’s not coming off the red smile flavoring that I’m picking off.

I think is literally rubbing this and they are not coming up either polka dots are still there I’m not still because it still drier still trying to touch the great part but I did just wipe out later on and kill it is what it is working the middle and hold check I would really not suggest you to use it on paper or on you know any kind of surface that is not compatible with IE colors obviously because these are oil based markers so as per their effort they would have claimed as tested on metal I sketch it on quarterly I have tested on boy I have tested on rubber tested on glass what is classic and stupid I’m guessing that if it is working with everything it will work on that as well but you know for every one thing I’m just going to try it with plastic.

Okay so the last beam was a plastic body I have this plastic or tea with me my water bottle and take take it me too often okay.

So guys check that it is check that it is actually permanent I have taken this cotton swab and I have dipped it in water let’s drive the first thing that they have the paint’s that we have done in the glass and let’s see when it’s coming off.

Wow just hitting the above of it and it is not fitting.

Night okay next office with with the wood inside oh it’s just.

Compete it is just cleaning the board is not doing anything to the face.

He left right there wow it is just only you know keeping it as highlighted this was the thing that I think you and what if it is made before so it is just the whatever your theme in here is just this you know or that is coming from my dad coming okay the discipline that we tried was this cupboard right there the schemes of people first walk okay it’s not coming it’s not going anything it is not going anywhere it is perfect let’s try this yes they let it.

Completely dry no way it is not coming off so it is waterproof it is.

Compression loose my god I’m just scratching it with my nails and it is still not coming who is the wow you look this red one and this is my nail I’m sorry for the cheered me paint person I don’t like these new pin that not only for videos see I’m just scratching it off crash went off with all my power and still guys it looks as it was before nice so it’s a skiing whatever I have we must it just comes so this is it let’s try with ft this was the sticks nice not turning off you guys staying high right because my debutante oil phase masterful sharpie and I have really good things to say about it my god I have used all the surface that they have claimed on and every surfaces groups he like permanent and it was so nice to work with them they are so smooth and absolutely love them but make sure that you guys don’t store it like this you have to show it like this that they were found in so that the King doesn’t dry up the guides so that I would HIGHLY highly recommend it if you’re into oil painting and if you are into like making precision design to whatever the surface is that you have mentioned please please please try this and really I would really recommend this for many of you for oil markers if you want to see a review of any other item that I bought in medicine hall I would put my horse in the description box below to let me know what the review of them I really like to do if you fall the product so guys is so good if you like this video hit like and subscribe to my channel for more video six years.

FAQs on Best Paint Markers for 2023

What is a Paint Marker?

Just like you use paintbrushes for coloring the art, paint marker is just an advanced version of it. The paint marker comes in the shape of a pen and fully loaded with ink. They help you to draw structures on the wall, wood, glass, graffiti, and many more.

Being an artist, a paint marker will make your work easy and convenient, especially if you use watercolors.

How to use Paint Pens?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys welcome back to my Channel today I’m going to be using Corolla paint pens and showing you how to use them and how I created this design so let’s get into it right now I am just creating a border I’m using some washi tape and in the description below I will put all of my items and where you can buy them so right now I am using the color gold to create the background how you get started with these paint pens is make sure that the cap is on and shake it pretty good and then with a scrap piece of paper just press the top of the paint pin down until you start seeing the color flowing and the color of the paint pen before being used will be white so you’ll see the color start coming through and then you can start applying and then if you notice that the color isn’t coming very well out you can just press it down until you start getting more flow but you really don’t have to do that quite often Here I am wanting to create like a drip look so that’s what I’m doing and I am taking like a scrap piece of paper just getting the extra paint that’s dripping off so it doesn’t go off to the sides.

And then just tilting it back and forth so it gets that drip look and then I’m taking the white and doing the same thing and then tilting it and it kind of made like this cool mixture with the speckles in it and then again I’m just taking my scrap paper to catch the extra paint and then I’m smoothing the sides off so because I’m going to be creating flowers on each side and just using my finger and then you can just wash your hands it comes off pretty quickly I really like how quickly the paint pens actually dry so you can get right into you going to the next layer so right now I’m using pink and it really looks cool because it has like a glittery effect to it and creating some roses.

So I apologize for my voice I am just now recovering from double pneumonia so finally I got my voice back but I’m still a little my voice is still a little yucky but anyways so now I’m taking the green and again the green has like some glittery effect to it too and it’s so pretty.

And if you see like some of the paint running off I actually take a graphite blender stump and kind of just go around it to catch that extra paint because sometimes the paint does come and flows a little bit too fast and it’s super easy just to take that pencil stump blending stump and get that extra paint off.

So I’m actually gonna be using this box for my extra pencils and I’m super excited to see how it turns out I have like a bunch of pencils just laying around on my desk and so I was like oh this would be perfect so I wanted to take these paint pens that I just got from Corolla and make a pretty design and show you guys how well they work and I really really like them and I was actually surprised because this box in particular is wood so I was kind of nervous to try them because I didn’t know if it would mess up the the nib of the brush pen or the paint pen but it didn’t like it didn’t mess the tips of them at all so I was really satisfied with the fact that they can work really well on wood because I love you know coloring and painting on wood so all around I would highly recommend these paint pens just because how well they work on all kinds of different surfaces maybe in the future I will show you guys some designs on you know glass and even paper.

I noticed that some paint pens that i’ve used previously.

They actually bled through some of the paper that I used but I tried the white color on a design I did and it didn’t bleed through or mess up my drawing so I was really happy about that so I took the washi tape off and the paint didn’t like leak through or it turned out really pretty and the lines stayed perfectly straight so I’m really happy about that I hope you guys loved it thank you guys so much for watching please like and subscribe if you haven’t already.

Paint Markers are best for whom?

If you an artist or just an individual who is interested in painting and wants to take this hobby to heights, then paint markers are designed for you. Paint markers are generally used by professional artists to reduce their time or beginners who are pursuing art for the first time.

However, even kids can make use of these paint markers. But while choosing the markers for them, make sure they are non-toxic.

How to take care of Paint Markers and clean them?

Do you think that taking care of paint markers is difficult? No! It's very easy. All you need to do is be careful every time while using it. Apart from it, once you have used the paint marker, put the lid back in its place. You should leave it open even for a few minutes as the air will let the ink dry out. Apart from it, to prevent the ink from drying, place the marker horizontally on the shelf or stand.

Now, one of the most disturbing things in the paint marker is its nib. So, how to clean it? The marker’s nib can be cleaned easily by rinsing it with water. But if the nib is completely worn out, it’s time for you to get it replaced. Your nearby retailer can easily replace the old nib with a new one at a low cost.

Can you use Paint Marker on canvas?

Yes, you can use a paint marker on canvas, but you have to be specific while choosing it. Usually, in canvas, acrylic-based ink or oil-based markers are preferred as they are thick enough to be used on a canvas.

Earlier, if you were using watercolors on the canvas, you must now shift to paint markers as watercolor is one of the worst options to be preferred on a canvas.

From where can I buy Paint Markers?

You can buy paint markers from nearby stationery stores or online platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, or eBay. If you decide to buy the marker offline from the nearby store, it may be quite beneficial as you can get a chance to properly survey it and try it before purchasing. Other than it, online shopping is also a convenient option. However, the price range starts from $15 and may extend to a great amount depending upon the brand.

How to Blend Paint Pens?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys welcome in to rock painting 101 we’ve been talking a lot about blending and I wanted to show just how easy doing a blended background can be with your paint pens if you own paint pens i’ve done a couple variations here you can write to color or to different colors I’m gonna do a fun purple and blue rock here.

I’m just working right on my rock if you have a base coat this is even easier to pull off because it doesn’t absorb any paint but I wanted to do it on a base now in base coat of rock just to show you that it can be done as well so what you’re gonna do first is start by coloring both ends of your rock the colors you’re gonna go with and you know what let me see how this Rock says it’s like that I think I’m gonna have it fade this way because I’m gonna probably write a word across it so I’m gonna do purple down here at the base at the bottom just do a good job filling it in I tend to like to kind of hold my pen in an angle so don’t wear them down too fast because you can slowly wear down these tips i’ve shown in other videos how you can get a whole second life out of your tip before on this size a pen I use these ones to do large spaces often so just like that we’re gonna get our purple on now we are gonna go right in with our blue on the opposite side we’re not gonna quite touch yet I did put the cap back on my purple keep it nice and moist I guess you could say well I get the big area blue done but then we’ll be kind of going back and forth here there’s lots of techniques you can use when you’re blending with your paint pens this is probably the easiest as long as you can handle the pressure or stress didn’t me give you some people don’t like to possibly do it this way you can use brushes and things like that as well but I find that this works really well and it’s very easy to keep your clean your tips when you’re done so we’re back on our purple so we want to work quickly wet it’s wet so on this we’re gonna kind of line in our purple snug and get that very top of our section wet then we’re gonna go right back with our blue right on top of that purple and do some lines and then go right back to the top section of our blue and now they’re connected.

Officially right so now I’m going to do that again I’m going to keep going with the blue right in that center spot went nice and wet now we’re gonna go right into that with the purple I know this makes some people nervous doing this right on their paint pen tips but I promise I do it all the time you’ve probably seen me do it before on it and my memory ran out right there in the middle so I even with a little break you’ve got to get the paint down in do these holes will still make this happen so I’m just gonna go right back over that purple again with my blue until you kind of like the fade you’ve got in the center and then you’re gonna doodle off your tip just like that look at that blue off off the tip of our marker all right now we’re gonna go right back in and paint our bottom purple and then we’re going to go up into our blend and as we go up into our blue and we’re just gonna kind of lighten our pressure just a little bit there we go.

And since we’ve got a few layers now go to let off it now that we’ve got a few layers of paint it will stay a little bit more wet for you than it was before see that’s what happens if you leave your tip open like that you can there you go that’s some blue to work with now so let’s go up here now I get that nice wet blue sometimes if you have a little extra come out and kind of just dip into it like it’s paint seems really dry at the tip look at that it’s doing it again and if I have something right in the tip I have to wash that one you know you could take these out and wash them too we’re gonna wash him when we get done with this video now when you’re all said and done you should have a nice blend and these colors don’t show up very good in the light looks really dark from purple to blue you’ve got a very nice blend.

Once it gets fairly dry you can go in and I dabbed it before along lines I look at my fingers are all dirty from doing these other ones you can kind of very lightly go on that seam as well you know we’ve got a really nice blend on this rock and it’s pretty simple to do I wish you guys could see that better I don’t know if it’s showing up maybe it’s just the angle my camera is out that I can’t tell we go from that purple to that dark blue this will make a wonderful word rock when we’re done so I hope you try blending backgrounds with your paint pens.

Again like this blue tip I was showing it was getting a little bit dry oh no it’s fine.

But you can remove these tips I.

Obviously have dirty hands so I don’t mind going right in you can just take them out like so like if you leave it setting too long with that second color on there and it’s kind of dried in just take out the whole tip you can run it under warm water and just let it dry really well and then you put it right back in your pen now just make sure that you put the lid on your pen while you’re in that process so the paint inside doesn’t dry out so I hope you guys try blending backgrounds with your pens and we’ll be back soon with another tutorial bye bye.

If you require markers for Graffiti, what kind of markers should you purchase?

There are numerous markers available if you want to pursue Graffiti, and these markers vary regarding the ink size, purpose, ink material, and barrel shape. however, if you are confused about the marker type you must choose for your artwork, then there is nothing to worry about. Here we have the three popular markers preferred by top Graffiti painters around the globe. They are –

  • Paint Solid Marker,
  • Alcohol-Based Ink Marker, and
  • Acrylic-Based Ink Marker.

Paint Solid Marker – Paint Solid Markers are generally used to provide glossy faces in paintings. This happens when the color pigments crystalize the marker and make it easy to be used on surfaces like greasy and dusty. So, if you have your art projects to be completed on the dusty type of environment, you must head towards ‘Paint Solid Marker’.

Alcohol-Based Ink Marker – Alcohol-based ink markers are known to work perfectly on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, ceramic. If you tend to apply the marker in porous surfaces, it will not provide a smooth effect due to no color saturation.

Acrylic-Based Ink Marker – Acrylic-based ink marker is one of the highly used markers to date. It is used in non-porous surfaces as its binder is water and it creates a connection between the component of the surface and color pigment.

So, while purchasing the best paint marker for Graffiti’s purpose, go through the marker’s details thoroughly.

Is there any warranty on Paint Markers?

Products such as paints markers or paints don’t come with any warranty. However, is the seller is reputed he may provide you with a money-back guarantee for your satisfaction.

Which brands of Paint Markers are highly trusted by the users?

Finding the best paint marker brand from hundreds of brands is quite difficult. However, the users have disclosed their favorite brands so that it is convenient for the purchaser to go for them. These brands are Posca, Tooli-Art, and Liquitex. However, these brand’s products may appear the same but they differ in technology.

Final Verdict

In the market, you can find colors in different forms like oil, pastel, water, and many more. Among these forms, it is quite difficult to work with watercolors and it consumes immense time. To reduce the efforts in watercolors or other paint colors, paint markers were introduced and now they have grabbed more than 50 percent of the market. With their effective use and the productive result, they have become the best alternative to traditional painting. If you desire to be a good artist and produce your thoughts on the canvas, wood, or glass, paint markers will act as the game-changer for you.

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