10 Best Yoga Wheels (October 2019)

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Many people live in a world with chronic back pain. Yoga wheel gives relief from back pain and suggested by many physicians. The market is filled with different and branded yoga wheels. Every brand offers good quality material.  To choose which yoga wheel is best, for you is a difficult task.

Every brand had good and bad both points. For your easiness, we will review the top 10 best yoga wheels from the most popular brands in the market which can help you in choosing the best yoga wheel.  Following are the reviews of best yoga wheels that help you find your best yoga wheel; Best of luck!

Reviews of 10 Best Yoga Wheels for Women in 2019

1. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel poseUpCircleSeven Yoga wheel has the ability to remove your long-lasting backbone pain. Took up UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel might be possible that it is the best option. About in 2 weeks, it might provide some relief. This wheel is painful to use, but as anyone with chronic back pain, it will help. It helped relieve the tendon tension that runs down in your leg due to my back pain.

It is well sealed with the ring. The Company sent a little email that has some poses to get started, and it helped! It helps with many stretches, stabilization. UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel assisted you in so many yoga poses and helped you even to strengthen your inversions. It is sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about it bending or anything as you are using it.  Once you receive UpCircleSeven Yoga Wheel, it doesn’t come with a guide. You have to access their website to get the guide. The guide has 18 poses; it gives you (6 beginners, 6 intermediate, and 6 advanced).


  • Ecofriendly & Sweat resistance – It creates no harm to the environment. It is an ecofriendly yoga wheel. It is a sweat resistance yoga wheel. It has closed cells. Yoga wheel, which is moisture free and has no germs that qualities are perfect for you to buy.
  • Thickest foam pad – It has 25 times extra densest pad with 550lbs loading capacity. It is perfect for your starting yoga session.
  • Back pain Relief – It helps to relieve your back pain faster and quickly. It helps open up tight back if you use this yoga wheel. You will feel strong.
  • Hip flexibility – It makes your hip flexible.
  • Heart opening exercises – It enables you to do heart-opening exercises.
  • Maintain emotional stability – It maintains you emotionally. If you use this yoga wheel 2-3 times a day, then it keeps you stable, even in most frustrating moments.

2. Acumobility, The Ultimate Back-Roller / Yoga Wheel

dharma yoga wheelAcumobility designs this wheel for yoga and also for massage. It’s wider are slightly yoga wheel. It has rubber knobby things that are a bit firm. The nodes do a great job of finding those trigger points and releasing myofascial tension. There’s a groove down the center for the spine to pass through and then staggered nodes to dig in, in all the right ways.

It has a therapeutic bump pattern that enhances its performance and makes it better over others. It can support up to 1000 lbs., more weight barring capacity than others. It is made up of EVA foam, that’s why it can bear much weight.

It is mostly used to free our tension and make us feel relax. Its open chest improves breathing patterns, and decreases anxiety! The Ultimate Back Roller is everything you ever wanted in a back roller and more! But the thing which you have to think before buying is that this yoga wheel is overpriced.


  • For everybody – Every person in the family can use this yoga wheel.
  • Spine gap – Our innovative strategy was created to support the natural spinal movement and enhance overall mobility.
  • Suggested by Drs – Chiropractor design this yoga wheel and recommend everyone use this yoga wheel.
  • Travel-friendly – it will easily fit in all backpacks and suitcases! It will be your new favorite travel buddy!
  • Great deep tissue massage – There are four rows of knobs. If you center your spine in the middle of the rows, it gives the deepest erector spine massage you have ever experienced. The more you relax, the more profound the message gets.

3. Pete’s choice Dharma Yoga Wheel

best yoga wheelThe wheel helps you to gain a perfect balance for your body. It helps in improving your body flexibility. Can do cobra style with this yoga wheel. Pete’s Wheel helps correct bad posture. It is an excellent prop for learning new yoga poses and making your yoga practice more fun.

The Wheel came fast and packaged nicely! Right away, when the order was shipped, you received an email with your e-book and then another email with a link to the book when the order was delivered to ensure that you received the product. The Wheel is exceptionally sturdy, and the foam on the outside is a perfect blend that sticks to the floor, it doesn’t roll away and softness, so it doesn’t hurt your back. You can gift this Wheel to your friends because it is an ideal wheel that offers stability, balance, and your friend can feel confident by using this.

Can check through this Video that how the yoga wheel stretches your back and strength your body.

Video transcript:

Hi, I’m Holly Pinkham, I’m a certified personal trainer and I’m here to explain to you how to use the pro source yoga wheel the yoga wheel is a great tool that can be used to enhance your yoga practice as well as for any general fitness routine the yoga wheel is a really great tool to help assist in learning new yoga poses to deepen stretches and to provide a base of support for core and balance exercises it’s also really great for helping to stretch and open the back chest shoulders and hips so I’m going to show you in this video a few different exercises you can use to help stretch and open up your body which is great for those of us who sit a lot we’re at a desk or workout a lot and just say it help with recovery also show you some exercises you can use to help improve your core strength your balance and overall muscular development so join me in this video and follow along with these poses to help improve your yoga practice and your general fitness to get started you’re going to begin by opening up our chest shoulders and back by just setting the yoga wheel in front of you and placing your palms together and stretching out with straight arms do you feel that stretch through the back of your shoulders your upper back your lats and your chest there’s a great way to open up that tight upper body that’s coming from sitting a lot I’m going to sit with the yoga wheel behind you and then slowly and carefully press up and begin to roll backwards and forwards very slowly so you can feel how your body feels on the wheel make sure you’re balanced and aligned and just stretch as far as is comfortable and just go a little bit further every time continuing to stretch and open up your chest and increase the flexibility in your lower back and upper back once you’ve stretched out and open up your back we’re going to go back into the same position and just work a little bit more on the chest this can get really tight from sitting all day so you’re just going to stop and lay it back on the wheel your neck supported and just stretch out your arms to the side you can also stretch them behind you and begin to let gravity just open up that chest and shoulder area then you’re going to use that same exercise that we did just a few ago but this time in order to work on a back bend what you can do is roll back into a position where you’re comfortable and then you’re going to turn your palms in towards your head and towards your body with your upper back resting on the wheel feet should be hip width apart toes pointed straight ahead from this position you can press up through your shoulders and straighten out your elbows into a back bend if you can’t make it that’s fine this is why the yoga wheel is helpful you can just come right back down onto the yoga wheel very similar to the back bend you’re going to extend yourself back but this time instead of stopping you’re going to draw your hands in around the wheel and bring your elbows in very close toward your head so that they’re right along your ears and then extend your feet out in front of you toes pointed straight ahead and you can continue to press yourself back trying to bring your shoulders a little bit closer over your elbows if you have enough flexibility to do so and then when you’re ready just carefully lower yourself back down for plow pose you’re going to set the wheel back behind you arms on the floor and then press your legs up towards the ceiling with a straight back once you have that begin to slowly lower your legs down on to the wheel so just your toes are touching and your hips and shoulders are aligned with a straight back hold this position as long as is comfortable and then slowly one vertebrae at a time lower your back onto the mat and lower your legs last now we’re going to work on some core strength and balance so you’re going to set the wheel back behind you setting your wrinkles or shins on top of the wheel get into a standard plank position with shoulders over your wrists body in a straight line you can hold that position or if you’d like more of a challenge you can extend one leg up back behind you one at a time keeping a straight leg straight body position to increase the challenge to your core do this as many repetitions as you can or as comfortable and then when you’re ready slowly drop your knees back down toward the floor and release the position to take it a step further and add a bit more of a challenge you can go back into a plank position but this time instead of just lifting your legs you’re going to draw your feet in towards your body and your hips up toward the ceiling to go a little bit further you can also position the wheel on your shins and you’re just going to draw your body up forming a V and then slowly lowering it back down do this is a slow controlled movement and this will really help to build your core strength for the balance lunge rather than a standard lunge where your back leg is on the ground you’re going to make it a little bit harder by putting your back leg on top of the wheel so that your shin rests on it you can either hold this position or you can begin doing this up and down movement pressing up on that front leg drawing your back leg in behind you and extending your arms up overhead as you lower to take this a little bit further and make it a little bit harder rather than extend into the full lunge position you’re going to rest your knee and upper thigh on the wheel behind you your front leg will still be in that vent position like a lunge but now you’re going to draw your back foot in towards your body and grab it with your hand from here lower as far as is comfortable and this is going to be a great stretch for your quads and for your hips as well as a great strengthening for that front leg extend your other arm up toward the ceiling and try and keep a straight body hold this as long as you can or as long as is comfortable do yoga wheels great for helping to learn head Stamps so what you can do is place the wheel in front of your head wrap your hands around it and then begin to slowly walk your feet in toward your body you can rest your shoulders back against the wheel for balance and then extend your legs up toward the ceiling once this is easy try putting the yoga wheel out further in front of you so that you’re not resting your shoulders against it but instead your shoulders and elbows are completely aligned and the wheel is just there for a little bit of support I hope this helps thanks for watching you.

The best thing about Pete’s Yoga wheel is that they offer a bonus eBook. But, in most cases, the bonus eBook is not delivered.


  • Contented & Durable Yoga Balance Accessory –  It is contented to use and balance your body.
  • Increase Flexibility – It will increase your body flexibility.
  • Correct lousy posture – The Pete’s Wheel is designed to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades, and the diameter allows you to have a wide-angled stretch that opens your back and helps correct poor posture.
  • Ideal Back Stretcher – It is an ideal yoga wheel that makes your body stretchable. If you are a gymnastic player, then it is best for you. It increases flexibility in your body so that you will perform your gymnastic efficiently.

4. Purity Wave Cork Yoga Wheel

plexus yoga wheelBack bending postures can be tough, but this Yoga Wheel makes a back bending and hip opening practice playful, easy, and effortless! The asana using Purity Wave Yoga Wheel will lead you through a heart-opening experience. There are endless possibilities to perform different poses with this yoga wheel. It will make your hip looks smaller and tiny. Most of its poses are perform with the hip bones so that you can loosen its fat.

You can perform child pose, Low Lunge, Half Splits Pose, Plank Pose, Pigeon Pose, Supported Shoulder stand, Plow Pose, Wide-Angle Seated Forward Bend and Reclined Easy Sitting Pose to loosen your hip fats. These exercises with yoga wheels help your backbends and hip openers.

It’s absolutely NOT made of real wood. It’s plastic with a decal or something to give it a wood grain look. A few air bubbles under the cork is present. It doesn’t affect the use of the product but it is annoying.


  • Release Tight Chest & Shoulders – It will help in releasing tight chest and shoulders
  • Hip openers – it is used as a hip opener. Help to lose your hip fat.
  • Back bender – It helps in the back bending. It makes your body flexible. Your back will bend like butter after using this yoga wheel.
  • Cork Exterior –This Yoga Wheel has a cork exterior. An extra layer for support.
  • Improving Yoga Poses – It can help your different pose. You can make a choice which one is best and easy for you. You can watch this video for hip loosen fat.

Video transcript:

Hi everyone, welcome to my channel my name is Kassandra and today i’m doing an advanced yin yoga practice to help you get deeper into your back bends using a yoga wheel so yoga wheel is quite an interesting prop it’s a great way to open up your shoulders stretch out the front body open up the hip flexors honestly there’s a lot of stuff that you can do with a yoga wheel but the way that I usually like to use it the most is when I’m trying to get deeper into my back bends this is an intense practice we are going to be working our way up to full camel pose which is a very very deep backbend so this is absolutely not suitable for beginners not suitable for people who have very very limited mobility definitely start with my more beginner in yoga practices and then you can work your way up to this one so obviously you are going to need a yoga wheel in order to do this pose and you’re also going to need two blocks so definitely have that more closeby so grab your props and let’s get started our first pose is supported fish make sure you’re sitting closer to the top of the mat we’ll make it easier for us to roll onto the wheel afterwards in our next poses so you can gently let yourself rest on the wheel you want it to be more towards the mid to upper back and the legs can either stay out in front of you or you can do like what I’m doing here bringing the soles of the feet together to touch and letting the knees fall open so there’s a bit of a hip opener I like to reach the arms up overhead and just interlace the fingers and Knuckles if this is too intense for you you’re welcome to just keep your arms by your sides take a few moments here to just readjust so that you can get comfortable on the wheel I know sometimes it can feel a little bit awkward to find your balance so take your time and once you have found a pose that works for you try to find a little bit of stillness and softness because this is a yin yoga practice we’re going to hold the poses for an extended amount of time although maybe not as long as what we normally do without the wheel just because the wheel does intensify things quite a bit once you get settled close the eyes and breathe release the arms if you have them up overhead you can help your knees come back in so your feet are flat to the ground you can tuck your chin into your chest or to push down into your feet to lift the hips off the ground and just rock back a little bit onto the wheel until you get the wheel more towards your mid to lower back so like a longer supported bridge pose legs are extended out in front of you and the arms can either keep reaching up overhead or you can bring them anywhere else that would be comfortable so we’re going to go deeper into supported bridge pose bend the knees one at a time and use the help of your hands to roll further back onto the wheel so you want it underneath the low back and underneath the sacrum with the knees bent and the feet flat on the ground now this might be too intense if this is too deep of a backlund you can just go back into the previous version that we had with the legs extended out in front of you if you’re in this deeper supported bridge pose if possible you can always catch a hold of each ankle with your hands stay with your breath here I know it’s intense we’re here for about three minutes but know that you can always come out of the pose earlier if you need to and you can always go back to the pose we were doing just before this one relax the neck and the head really relax anything that does not need to be working right now let your hips be heavy on the wheel you and we’re going to let ourselves recover from that very very deep backbend start to lift the legs off of the floor and just let your knees rest into your chest this is almost like a plow pose but really it should feel a bit more restorative so almost like Child’s Pose where you’re hugging the knees in just take a moment or two here we’re setting ourselves up for waterfall so waterfall the hips are supported by the wheel and you’re just letting your legs extend up towards the sky and again you might need to widen your arms or play around here to keep your balance this is not meant to be a very challenging pose we’re not trying to get more flexible or anything like that it’s really just to relax the low back a little bit let yourself get really heavy and something you from waterfall you can start to bend the knees slowly bringing the feet back down to the floor and we’ll need to come on to hands and knees so let yourself roll off of the wheels support your head and neck as you do this and then lift yourself back up the seedings using your arms to help you along and just move the prop out of the way you’re going to want to have your wheel in front of you as you come to tabletop pose we’re going to set up for a puppy stretch right here my little cat Cleo is going to join us I guess some bring your hands onto the prop in front of you and see if you can roll it so that your elbows are connecting directly with that wheel hands come together elbows Bend and you’re trying to keep your hips stacked over the top of your knees your knees are about hip width distance apart or so and see if you can create a little bit of space for your forehead to rest either on your biceps or in between the arms and we’re trying to melt the heart down to the floor so you might need to inch the wheel a little bit further away from you in order to get a deeper stretch whatever feels good here drawing the shoulder blades down the back lightly engaging the low belly in to support the low back so Coppa Toscana the pose that we’re setting ourselves for does require quite a bit of shoulder flexibility this is one of my favorite things to do to prepare for that pose so every time you exhale can you let your upper body get heavier and heavier relaxing to the floor you let’s start to ease our way out of this pose we’re going to be coming into a child pose like toes together and let your hips Rock to your heels to reach arms back and just relax the forehead down and that take a few deep breaths here notice the difference in the shoulders in the upper back after that puppy stretch then you can roll your way back up we’re going to get into these flexors and hamstrings so doing let’s pose using our wheel this is where you will probably want to grab your blocks it’s optional but it will be a lot easier with blocks so the wheel goes in front of you and you’re just going to put your right ankle and calf muscle onto the wheel and slide it forward as you extend your back leg a little further so this is like splits pose I find it’s the easiest balance if I get feel a little bit more towards the shin where’s your been feeling a nice sensation into your right hamstrings but we also want to feel a nice opening to the left hip flexors and the front of your left thigh so just readjust however you need to here might take a couple tries before you get the sensation that you’re looking for and having the hands on the blocks can help you to let gravity do the work here as it pulls the hips a little bit further down and don’t worry about having perfectly straight legs let your right knee bend as much as it needs to soften your shoulders down and away from the ears and try to be kind to your wrists here press down through the fingertips and knuckles what start to roll off of that wheel nice and slow we’ll set up for the same post over on the left side so you might need to move your reel a couple inches over to the left so we’re keeping the hips in line and then the left foot left calf goes over the wheel and just slide it forward readjust your blocks wherever is appropriate for you here you might need to wiggle the right leg a little further back for getting into the right hip flexors and the left hamstring draw the shoulders back so the chest is up and lifted line is long feel yourself sinking deeper and deeper into this pose all right so from the split suppose we’re going to start to ease our way out and we are going to be ready for capo tops on what we’ve been preparing for remove your blocks out of the way and you’ll want to start off in hero so sitting with your sit bones to the ground the shimmer on the outsides of the thighs you want to make sure your femur bones are parallel to each other so I’m lining the mid to the hips soles of the feet pointing up and then you can wiggle the wheel underneath you here so underneath the low back and mid-back and as you lay on to that wheel you can either just keep your arms as they are or if you wanted to go through the full variation of the post you can reach back and since you can hold on to the wheel with your palms if your flexibility is deeper than mine you might be able to even bring your knees closer in towards you and even hold on to your ankles or your shins but for me this is more than enough so you will know right away if this is not appropriate for you if this feels like pinching in your low back if it feels like pain in your knees or really anywhere just come out of the pose and you can instead simply come back into a supported fish pose or reclined hero without trying to bind the palms of the wheel breathe into the heart space into the front body we’re here for about another minute or so okay coming out of this post can be a little tricky so first to start to let go of the wheel with your hands and I like to bring my palms towards the shins and to push into the shins or into the heels to lift the upper body up and then once you’ve lifted up you can move the wheel out of the way and just move your props off to the side we’re going to take a little Child’s Pose before we come down into a Lang Syne –all twist to close our practice big toes together hips to the heel and just relax your upper body down see if you can let your shoulders drop over your knees and feel the effects of that deep pose on your body when your arms can go back out in front of you lift yourself up and just lower down onto your back with your knees bent feet flat on the floor and you can reach your arms out to the shape of a tee the length spinal twist you can move your hips a couple inches to the right off or letting your knees drop down over to the left either one knee stacked over the other or if you’d like to go a little deeper like what I’m doing here you can wrap your right thigh over the left one before letting the knees come down to the floor if you need to modify you can put a block underneath the thighs or in between your legs try to keep your right shoulder grounded to the floor so length spinal twist is something I always do after a back bend and we’ve done quite a bit of different kinds of back bends in this class so allow yourself to really linger here and do whatever you need so that you can be comfortable in this pose without feeling the need to fidget or move or readjust anything just relax and breathe deep down into your low belly and low back and slowly lift the knees back up to Center uncross the legs no go twist to the other side so you might need to slide your hips a little bit over to the left before letting the knees drop down over to the right and if you wanted to intensify this you can wrap your left thigh over the right one try to keep your right shoulder blade grounded as much as possible lift your knees back up to Center uncross the legs and before we go into shavasana I might feel good to just pull my knees into the belly and give it a big squeeze and when you’re ready the legs can take up some space and the arms can go out to the sides turning the palms to face up draw the shoulders down and away from the ears allow yourself to truly sink into the floor here observe how this practice has affected you mind body and soul what has changed since you first stepped onto your mat what can you be proud of or grateful for let yourself rest here for just a few minutes this is where I’ll be leaving you Yogi’s thank you so much for doing this advanced in yoga practice with a wheel with me if you enjoyed this class please support my work supporting free yoga on the Internet you can do this just by subscribing to this YouTube channel many of my youtube yoga classes are available for download as well and a completely donation-based the link to that is in the description box thank you again have a wonderful day namaste you.

5. Clever Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel exercisesIf you overweight your shoulders a lot and you work at a desk all day. Then you need a Clever Yoga wheel. After buying you will have received a lot of great advice from Clever Yoga, with tips on how to ease into using it. They also have really nice videos online with things for beginnings, to do. You can feel a huge difference in how much more relaxed your upper body feels. You can even breathe easier. Your breathing muscles are relaxing at the time using the Clever Yoga wheel.

I recommend this to anyone who can stand a little short term discomfort in favor of some real relief for the rest of the day. If you looked at another wheel from a different company, but several reviews were saying it snapped (EEK), so you chose the Clever Yoga Wheel instead, and you have found it to be super sturdy. However, keep in mind that it has extra cushion in it. It should be a little soft.


  • Stronger Yoga Roller – it can bear up to 660 lb. Weight.
  • Improve Yoga – It improves your yoga. You can perform many poses with this yoga wheel.
  • Unique Stylish Designs – It is the most stylish yoga wheel. Its style is unique, and no other yoga wheel can compete for its design and style.
  • Durable & Comfortable – It is the strongest and the most comfortable yoga wheel that you ever use.

6. Body Cork Good Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel amazonIt is woodgrain and Cork in color. Body Good yoga wheel helps you to balance your body. It helps you to perform a different style pose. It can be fun for you to achieve the daily new posture. This yoga wheel is perfect for your yoga exercise. It is ideal for you when you are doing yoga in beginner sessions. You can Perform different poses in a fraction of time with this yoga wheel.

If you are bored with your yoga practice, then try this yoga wheel, which allows different poses for yoga. Body Good yoga wheel takes deep space in your gym. You can keep it everywhere you want. It is easy to handle. Easy to guide anyone in the gym. Gain more core strength from your daily yoga practice. Tighten and tone your core with the simple addition of the yoga wheel into your routine. You didn’t know that it could be such fun. However, there will find a larger gap in the foam.


    • For Stretching – It helps in stretching. It makes your body stretchable.
    • Back Bends – Yoga wheel helps you to improve your body flexibility and support in backbends. It helps you to make you flexible enough so that you can perform many postures.
    • Free Instructional Video – It offers free instructional videos after buying, which help in different poses. Videos email to you after purchase. Watch the Cork Yoga Wheel Instructional Video:

  • Cork Exterior – Yoga Wheel has a cork exterior. An extra layer for support.

7. Body Wheel – Yoga Wheel for Yoga

how to use a yoga wheelIt is a ring-type yoga wheel. The wheel helps you to gain a perfect balance for your body. You can use the Body yoga wheel to gain mobility, strength, and stability, perfect for enhancing any of your other fitness routines. Can do cobra style with this yoga wheel. Body yoga Wheel helps correct bad posture. It is an excellent prop for improving your body elasticity, learning new yoga poses, and making your yoga practice more fun.

Body yoga Wheel is used in the circus.  You must have to choose the exact size of this yoga wheel because many people buy the wrong size yoga wheel.

Check this video for having some cool tips on this type of Yoga Wheel:

Video transcript:

Hey everyone, it’s Keno here, thanks for tuning in to this yoga Pro Wheels series today we’re going to go through a quick easy core routine using the yoga wheel now this is a great little thing to add on to your daily practice for example if you have a consistent yoga practice to take a little bit of time to target your core your shoulders and bring in a little bit of strength will help you find out how to integrate that same activation into your practice at the same time we don’t want to keep it too long because you might not want to get too tired before you start your regular practice or let’s say you only have 10 minutes and you want to really ramp up your core activation this is a perfect video for you alright to get started let’s go ahead and grab the wheel if you got your hair down you might want to quick and put your hair up so it’s not all over the place and one of the things that I actually like to do if I want my hair to kind of come up and down is this to kind of tire here and a little not so reach it all the way through a little hair technique build into the wheel video so here we go grab hold of your wheel and hold on to the bar we’re going to start off with some Child’s Pose and bringing it all the way back up to here so push up with the shoulders inhale exhale Child’s Pose inhale roll it up use your abs exhale Child’s Pose inhale roll it up it’s not a full Child’s Pose you’re keeping it a little perched up and roll it back inhale exhale roll it down come on all the way back up let’s do that two more times exhale all the way down all the way up exhale all the way down and let’s hold it up for five one keep your shoulders right over the bar two three round your back four and exhale Child’s Pose and we’ll stay here for five you can sink it back one two three four and lifting your head nice and easy bring the shoulders up let’s pop it up to a forward bend so this is going to be halfway between a forward bend and the downward dog so let’s just try that out so much of flexibility will actually give you access into your core so that your shoulders release ever so slightly and at the same time belly sucks in then inhale and exhale roll forward to plank inhale exhale slide it back inhale exhale up to plank inhale exhale roll it back inhale exhale all the way up to plank on the toes exhale roll it back now let’s do it again inhale exhale all the way up and inhale exhale back let’s do that two more times inhale exhale hold it up in plank inhale exhale down inhale exhale come on up and inhale exhale down now we’ve already been in the forward bend for a little bit so we’re going to hold the forward plank for about five breaths so look forward then inhale and exhale hold it up one two three doing good four almost there exhale place your knees down walk your feet back and let’s roll it out to the puppy pose just release the shoulders for a moment nice and easy hold it hold it don’t force it you could roll a little forward if you want to get your chest closer to the ground and come on back up okay you should be feeling a little bit from the shoulders that little instability with the wheel when it rolls ever so slightly forward and back gives you a little bit more activation through the core now we’re going to flip it around and rest the feet right up on the wheel and that little instability on the wheel will help target the core even more so here we go walk over the wheel and then place your hands in alignment with each other so that means a line you want to make sure one’s not ahead of the other and shoulder width apart then come on up onto the wheel and just glide it back to a plank and you can let it be sort of on the ankles or on the feet however is more comfortable but you want that little instability to kind of roll forward and back forward and back forward and back and let’s just kind of roll and rock it out almost like you’re in a little rocking space so you’re kind of rocking your body back and forth and a very gentle kind of lullaby and your abs have to turn on to kind of create a sense of stability let’s hold it here for a few moments now hold it real steady and we’re going to start to activate the shoulders exhale dip down inhale take it up exhale down inhale take it up exhale down inhale to get up exhale down inhale to get up two more exhale dip down inhale take it up exhale dip down inhale take it up now here we go exhale come all the way down place your chest down straighten the arms and let your body just release for a moment if it’s too much for your lower back you can roll it forward and just place the knees down let’s all just roll it forward place the knees down and come down for a moment that’s actually really a lot of work for the shoulders so you may have felt like heat fire instability and the shoulders all those sorts of things but if you continue to do this little quick strength exercise you’re going to get more strength in the shoulders a lot more strength in the core from here now let’s do low-loss in a position using the wheel this is a really hard position for me a little bit of assistance from the wheel will really help you out and here we go hands are shoulder width apart walk those feet back and you’re going to perch yourself up on the wheel and let really the position of the legs determine where your hands go so kind of roll yourself back walk your hands back and then use the wheel to support the knees as they come into the chest belly sucks in hold for five one two three four here we go inhale exhale send it back inhale exhale roll it in inhale exhale roll it back inhale exhale pull it in inhale exhale roll it back inhale exhale pull it in two more inhale exhale roll it back inhale exhale squeeze it in last one inhale exhale roll it back inhale exhale squeeze it in one two three four now slowly stand all the way up on the wheel hold it here for five one two three four roll it back down onto the knees inhale all the way up roll it up hold it exhale sit it down inhale all the way up exhale come on down one more all the way up hold it up one two shoulders little forward three four sink it down come on down stepping completely off of the wheel and let’s check that out for a moment so you should feel your shoulders maybe your hamstrings maybe even your quads really working now cross your feet underneath you sit down roll the wheel to the side and we’re going to use the handlebar on the wheel for a little extra core strength so slowly roll the handle off and let’s put it back together okay now you’re going to remove the wheel goodbye wheel stay over here for a moment now we’re going to use the bar to create a little bit of traction making sure that you really really work the core okay you may be able to guess what’s coming navasana here we go inhale exhale Navas and we’ll hold it one two three four row it down to the sacrum one two three keep the belly sucked in four and five row it up exhale down and it’ll take it up exhale down and he’ll take it up exhale down inhale lift it up exhale down inhale lift it up exhale down inhale lift it up exhale down last one hold it up one two three almost there four and five okay come on down shake that out for a moment we’re going to use our little bar one more time the next one is going to be a little hard so if you felt that that was challenging I want you to repeat that one one more time okay so here we go instead of keeping the bar out in front when you go down you’re going to lift the bar above your head this is a very little bit of weight but holding onto the bar we’ll both give a little weight to the shoulders increasing the strength than the demand in the core but at the same time it will help keep your shoulders in line because everybody’s got a tendency to lean with one shoulder bring it out to the side if you hold on to the bar you’ll be helping your shoulders stay locked in place so here we go all right holding yourself up and dive awesome that and all the way above your head take it back up all the way above your head take it back up all the way above your head you can think about this as a V up all the way above your head and take it up exhale lower down inhale take it up exhale lower down inhale take it exhale down inhale take it up two more and take it up last one take it up and down hold it one two almost there three four and five all the way down all right you deserve that last one hold it here for a moment take a deep breath in and a deep breath out release the bar clap your hands to your side close your eyes for a moment feel that perspiration for the heat remember to breathe through the nose helps your body relax one nice long inhalation through the nose and exhale and slowly wake yourself up move the fingers and toes bend the knees the elbows knees into your chest we roll it on over to the side and all right you can come on back up and what’s pretty cool about the hair knot is you can usually just shake that out okay now you want to think about integrating these quick core strength exercises using the wheel as an addendum and addition to your daily practice or if you’ve only got ten minutes and you want to target the core the way to kind of supercharge that is to grab your wheel and take it up a whole other notch now since we did go into the inner body and we found a little bit of maybe touched your limit in relation to strength remember never to get frustrated with yourself or have a sense of feeling defeated instead look at it as a challenge that will draw you into inspiration bring your practice to the next level so you can really rise up and become strong bring your hands together and we’ll end the session today with a sound thank you so much for letting me be your guide into the inner tradition of yoga keep the seat of strength and faith in your heart namaste.


  • Ring yoga wheel – It is a ring-type yoga wheel. It is totally different from other wheels in its look.
  • Comfortable & Durable Yoga Balance Accessory –  It is comfortable to use and balance your body.
  • Rainbow Color – It is not black in color like the other yoga wheel. It will in the rainbow color. Looks nice from far away.
  • Grooves – The Body yoga Wheel is designed like the way that you can hold it from the grooves when doing yoga. The grooves on the sides and the center holes provide finger grips to increase the intensity of backbends as desired. This function makes it specific to others.
  • Ideal Back Stretcher – It is an ideal yoga wheel that makes your body stretchable. If you are a gymnastic player, then it is best for you. It increases adaptability in your body so that you will perform your gymnastic efficiently.

8. REEHUT Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel for back painThis yoga wheel releases muscle tension. The body’s more sensitive area has maximum comfort and support. You feel decreasing your posterior pain with Reehut yoga wheel. Most people have pain in their back. Use it for two weeks, daily 2-3 times; then, it provides you relief. It can tolerate up to 440 pounds. The yoga wheel is new hope for your posterior pain. Many people have tried Reehut yoga wheel and give a delightful review. It is very difficult to find the yoga wheel in a budget but the REEHUT Yoga wheel will leave your wallet full, and your powers at ease.


  • Stiff Premium Back-Roller – It has a substantial premium back roller.
  • Release Muscle tension – it releases your muscle tension. Its consistency use can help you release muscle tension.
  • Comfortable for your Sensitive area – it is a very pleasing Wheel, even for your sensitive areas.
  • Posterior pain Relief – It helps to relieve your aching back faster and quickly. It helps open up tight back.
  • It makes you feel secure – if you use this yoga wheel. You will feel strong.
  • The fastest way to open your back – It is the quickest way to unlock your back.
  • Foams unplugged quickly – It’s foam unplugged quickly after 4 to 5 use.

You can follow this to see how this yoga wheel helps to open your back.

9. Risefit Yoga Wheel

dharma yoga wheel reviewRisefit yoga wheel is the most comfortable and best yoga wheel. It is an ecofriendly and a very useful prop for yoga. It is available in wood color. You’ll love it because it has a 1000lb weight capacity. The specialist recommends the yoga wheel for physiotherapy due to the support and tractability it provides while doing backbends and other physiotherapy postures. It will help you to achieve your goal. It opens your pores of the body. It helps you in backbends. The most exciting thing is that it has more comfortable, strong and flexible than others.

The Wheel holds sturdy under your weight. Everything is put together incredibly well. However, the padding in the Risefit yoga wheel is very thin. Many people buy and do complain about its padding.


  • Reliable & Comfortable Yoga Prop Wheel – It is a comfortable and robust yoga wheel that gives you enough strength that you can perform all your daily routine tasks quickly.
  • 1000 lb. weight capacity – It has 1000lb weight-bearing capacity. That will be helpful for you even you have extra fats at the start of the session.
  • Variation in Size – They take care of their customers. They organize every size of yoga wheels. If you are longer than you can have the lengthy one.
  • Inversions & Backbends – It will help you in backbends efficiently and also helps in different poses.
  • Suggested Poses – When you buy Risefit yoga wheel then it does come with suggesting poses.
  • Online Videos – it will offer a free online video for guidance. Different yoga wheel poses are practices in these videos.

10. Aco Tech Workout Exercise Ab Yoga Wheel

yoga wheel benefitsAco Tech yoga wheel is a lightweight yoga wheel as compared to other wheels. Aco Tech another prop in the top 10 yoga wheel list. Most competitive yoga wheel. It is safe to use and easy to clean. It has the ability to keep you safe when you are concentrating on lying and stretching. In spite of its lightweight, you will feel it stronger and sturdy.

The Wheel came fast and packaged nicely! You can gift this Wheel to your friends because it is an ideal wheel that offers stability, balance, and you can feel confident by using this.


  • Lightweight Yoga Wheel – The best thing about the Aco Tech yoga Wheel is that it is light in weight and is packable.
  • Increase Flexibility – It will increase your body flexibility.
  • Correct lousy posture – The Aco tech is designed to fit perfectly between your shoulder blades, and the diameter allows you to have a wide-angled stretch that opens your back and helps correct poor posture.
  • NO Guiding – Did not come with any information on the correct pose.
  • Low Padding – Aco Tech yoga Wheel contains low padding or less foam. It could have more cushions.

Buying guide

Consider the following things before buying the yoga wheel. They are in different colors. You have to choose what ideally suits your needs. This buyer’s guide will help you make the right choice. Below is the guide to follow to select your yoga wheel.


Your choice would fall into any of these:

  • Black – Yoga Wheel in color black represents strength, seriousness, power, and authority. Yoga Wheel in Black can make an area appear to shrink in size. This Yoga Wheel has a disadvantage of these liners is that they are not washable. They can only clean with a damp cloth.
  • Cork – This type of Yoga Wheel in Cork gives a fascinating look. It is a traditional color.
  • Purple – Yoga Wheel in purple color is often associated with royalty, nobility, luxury, power, and ambition. Purple also represents meanings of wealth, extravagance, creativity, wisdom, dignity, grandeur, devotion, peace, pride, mystery, independence, and magic.

Ease of cleaning–

The yoga wheel becomes dirty over time. It should clean periodically. This Yoga Wheel has a disadvantage is that they are not washable. A damp cloth is used to wipe it.


The yoga wheel is very cheap. So, the price won’t be an issue. The most important thing is to buy something durable.

Concern Physician –

Regular exercise can help you control your weight and strengthen your bones and muscles. However, if it’s been a while since you’ve exercised and you have health issues or concerns, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine. Make sure that your body gets a warm-up before you start using the Shakti Yoga Wheel. The Shakti Yoga Wheel – 98 Posture Guide is only available as an e-book.

FAQs on Best Yoga Wheels

Why use Yoga Wheel?

There are different reasons why you need a Yoga Wheel. Here are some of them:

  1. Intercostal muscle

It stretches and opens up the accessory muscles used in breathing between each rib bone is a muscle called an intercostal muscle. As a group, the intercostal muscles help to open up the rib cage during inhales and shrink back together during exhales. In Wheel, as your backbend up and out of your ribs and chest, these intercostal get a fantastic stretch.

  1. It strengthens the muscles of the shoulder girdle.

A few essential muscles in Yoga Wheel are the rhomboids (located between the shoulder blades), the trapezius (the large muscles located from neck to mid-back), and the supraspinatus and infraspinatus muscles (deep muscles which connect the shoulder blade to the upper arm).

Wheel Pose is terrific for strengthening these muscles, which is also going to help your posture on a day-to-day basis.

  1. It stretches the hip flexors

Do you sit at a desk or computer all day long at work, keeping the hips in a state of flexion and forward fold? Those hip flexors are asking to extend! Once up in Wheel, you should press the front hip bones up toward the sky. Your adductors and psoas will thank you for the stretch.

  1. It’s a great inversion

Inversions are said to benefit the cardiovascular, lymphatic, nervous, and endocrine systems. In using Wheel and many other reversals, the heart is above the head.

Some scientists say that when we invert, we give the heart a break because the baroreceptors in the brain sense a flood of blood to the brain, and will, as a result, slow the flow. A slowed flow decreases the blood pressure and heart rate.

  1. It’s a heart-opener, which helps us maintain emotional stability.

Practicing heart-opening poses may help you feel more empathy for others, patience in frustrating moments, and find equanimity. Moreover, overall, accomplishing Wheel Pose will give you a sense of fulfillment and a burst of positivity.

Keep practicing, and remember that a yoga practice is a journey; it may take some time to get there. Do you remember the first time you popped up into Wheel? How did it feel?

How to Use Yoga Wheel?

Yoga wheel can be used to perform different yoga postures and other exercise techniques. We have specified the best everyday use of it underneath:

  1. Child Pose – Child pose helps you relax and stretch the body muscles; however, with the help of a yoga wheel, you can enhance the posture and its benefits.

How to use it: Firmly hold the Yoga Wheel and lower the hips to the heel, forehead to the floor. Inhale and exhale, lean your torso forward using your hands to move the Yoga Wheel forward and backward to have the appropriate posture and stretch

  1. Reclining Easy Pose – The purpose of this posture is to relieve the tension between the shoulder blades, reduce the cough congestion, and stimulate the healthy kidney function.

How to use it: Sit tall, directly in front of the yoga wheel. It would help if you aligned parallel to the Wheel. Cross your legs in a comfortable posture to inhale and exhale with ease. Now slowly begin extending your spine on the Yoga Wheel to backward and stay there for 5-10 seconds or to a suitable time. Bring back to the starting position. It is recommended to repeat the technique five times for benefits

  1. Forward Fold – It helps in relaxing the nerves muscles by reducing the stress levels in the body. The forward fold can be beneficial in improving digestion, stimulating the liver and kidney functions, soothe the menstrual problems and stretches the spine

How to use it: Sit on a floor mat with buttocks firmly placed on it, but the Wheel under your calf muscles. Hold the Yoga Wheel reaching forward to pull yourself more in-depth enough for stretch and posture

  1. Fish Pose – Traditionally, it is for stretching the hip flexors and intercostal (Muscles between the ribs); however, in recent studies, it has shown tremendous other benefits such as strengthens the abdomen muscles, improve the body posture, and improve the spinal flexibility.

How to use it: Lie down on the floor flat and lift your body to adjust the Yoga Wheel behind your torso. You can also fit it in the middle of the spine. Now exhale and inhale extending your back your spine over the top of the Wheel, releasing your hands to move the Yoga Wheel forward and backward. Keep your glutes squeezed and quadriceps tight to balance the posture in an appropriate manner

  1. Half Pyramid –It is the best technique for reducing stress and improving the flexibility in the hamstring muscles. You can perform it to reduce the emotional stress and anxiety level due to the posture movement

How to use it: Keep one knee perpendicular (90 degrees) to the floor and keep another leg flat on the Wheel behind your calf muscle. Adjust the Yoga Wheel appropriately as you will be extending your body on that. Lift your front leg, rest the back of your calf against the Wheel before rolling the Yoga Wheel forward with your hands. Slowly extend your hands to hold the Yoga Wheel, keeping your spine straight and exhale when coming back to the starting position.

Precautions for Yoga Wheel

Yoga wheels are useful in a variety of techniques. However, it’s always better to take precautions to avoid any injury or spasm. We have specified the standard precautions underneath:

  • Always choose the right yoga wheel for yourself because it comes in different sizes and endurance for each individual. Choose the best Yoga Wheel that is best designed for you.
  • Purchase the authentic yoga wheel.
  • Acquire some basic technique training for appropriate postures to use Yoga Wheel.
  • Do not use Yoga Wheel on the soft surface like the mattress or cushioned floor mats.
  • Pregnant women should use Yoga Wheel under supervision to avoid any complication or injury.
  • Patients or senior citizens should consult a specialist for the advice and training of Yoga Wheel.
  • Do not use a damaged or broken wheel for training.


It is a fantastic product, but not for beginners. I would recommend holding off on the yoga wheel until you have experience with yoga and balance. If you do have that experience, this product would be a fun addition to your yoga collection.

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