Effective Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags for 2021

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Ever went inside a room and felt a terrible and intense foul smell?

Or maybe sniffed your socks and shoes to find your nose burning?

For all these reasons and more, you need an air purifier. Of course, you might say that you know or already use an air freshener. But that is very different from an air purifier. The difference is that air purifiers especially these bamboo charcoal ones adsorb the smell (it’s a d and not a b and there lies all the difference). Adsorption means that these bamboo charcoal air purifier bags attract smoke and other foul air particles to neutralize them.

Shortlist of 10 Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags in 2021

If air purifiers now seem attractive to you then know that there are a lot of options available to you in the market. But to buy the best bamboo charcoal air purifier you need to know what features make up the very best ones.

Buying Guide for Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags in 2021


Know that the material which encases the bamboo charcoal should be porous and flexible. So linen is the ideal material for use. Moreover, the bag should be airtight and sealed. Always ensure that there are no leaks in the bag in any way.

Don’t buy it keep any bags where the linen seems to have rotted away or seems to be of cheap material. If the material is cheap or rotten then it can be harmful or toxic to you while you are handling it.

No toxicity

Continuing from the above point, pure and genuine bamboo charcoal air purifying bags don’t give out any kind of toxic smells and neither are they harmful to the touch. There should not be any chemicals or toxins in the bag at all which can harm you and your family if you inhale the bamboo charcoal air purifier.

All you should get is a fully natural and organic air purifying bamboo charcoal bag which will eliminate foul smell effectively and more importantly- safely. Overall, there should not be artificial fragrances of any kind at all.

Better than regular charcoal

Many sellers tend to dupe buyers by selling just charcoal air purifiers in the name of bamboo charcoal ones. But it’s important to know that bamboo charcoals air purifiers are indeed better than regular charcoal bags.

This is because bamboo charcoal is made from sustainable Moso bamboo which is famous for its ability to carefully absorb odors as well as excess moisture from the air. The content list on the bag should have a detailed list of all that is inside the bag. All that should be on there is bamboo charcoal.

Eco friendly

The bags which encase the bamboo charcoal air purifier bags have to be disposed of after use. Of course, you can throw them into your garbage and then forget about it till the garbage truck comes the next day to take it away. But then the question arises of what will happen if thousands of non-biodegradable bags are piled into a place & does bamboo charcoal work? It will look nasty and dirty.

That’s why getting eco-friendly and biodegradable bags are important too. If you buy genuine bamboo charcoal air purifier bags then you don’t have to worry about disposing of these bags at all as you will be able to recycle it.

As for the bamboo charcoal itself. Know that it is reusable multiple times. You will be able to use it for two years. Then, even if you have a small window sill garden you will be able to put it there and use it as a fertilizer. Your plants will certainly be able to absorb it. This will be better than throwing the valuable bags in the garbage.


The air purifying bags come in many sizes. Some are large enough to eliminate foul smells from large rooms and cars within the span of a few hours. But there are small bamboo charcoal bags as well which can be stuffed into shoes and socks to take the smell away from those tiny places. You should get a combination for both if smelly shoes and dirty rooms are a staple in your house.

Hanging the larger ones will get rid of any unwanted smells quickly in a room but putting up smaller ones will take a lot of time. So know that getting a pack of just small ones will not work in all cases. The problem with buying only the bigger bags is the opposite of the above. If there’s a little place that needs to be cleansed, then it might not be possible to push the larger bags in that area.


The bamboo charcoal air purifying bags come in a variety of colors from different makers. The amazon breathe green charcoal bags give you the freedom to choose one which goes well with the decor of your rooms.

So you will be able to ensure that the air-purifying bags don’t stand out too much and draw unwanted attention. It is also available in neutral colors like greyish black so that it blends in better with any kind of room color.

Choose holes

Buy bags that come with holes in the right-hand or left-hand corner of their bags so that it’s easy to hang them up. Some bags come with a string holding them. These strings then, later on, have to be hanged from an appropriate place.

Both the designs are charcoal air purifiers safe & well suited for use but the one with a hole in one corner of the bag rather than the string will be better. After all the string can break and cause unnecessary hassle.


The bamboo charcoal air purifying bags come in mainly three shapes- pyramid-shaped, rectangle-shaped, and square-shaped. One shape isn’t better than the other in any way. The cleansing properties of the air purifier won’t be affected in any way by the shape of the bag. You can hang up any shaped large bag that can expect the foul odors to vanish from your home.


A genuine bamboo charcoal air purifier bag can be used multiple times before finally having to be thrown away. You will be able to reactivate the air purifier by just putting it out in the way of direct sunlight. You should recharge for around once every month.

Then you can use the vitscan charcoal bags or any bamboo charcoal bags for whatever purpose you like. You can put it in your gym bag, pet litter tray, car, and more.

Reviews of 10 Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags in 2021

Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bag is the best product one can purchase for themselves. However, deciding the best one among them is quite essential. Thus, we have personally picked a few top variants which are indeed perfect for the purchase. So, why not grab a look at them?

1. Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Bamboo charcoal air purifying bagMarsheepy brand-activated charcoal odor absorber is a very efficient deodorizer bag set. It is a set of 12 that naturally eliminates odor from different areas. You can use it in places such as gym bags, cars, pet houses, closets, shoes, storerooms, etc, also around pregnant women.

In this Air purifying bag bamboo charcoal, the use of the topmost layering of ultra-thin breathable mesh fabric maximizes air absorption. Thesecondnon-woven fabric layering absorbs the inner pouch.

The innermost layering of activated bamboo charcoal odor absorber comes with millions of tiny pores and little cavities. These hollow openings work together in absorbing nasty odor trapped in the air.

The use of standard fabric such as linen works as a low gas permeable stuff with slow absorbing functionality. Whereas this breathable mesh works magic by absorbing up to 10 times more exchange rate of air.

The natural ingredients adda reusable factor to this natural fresh air purifier bags bamboo charcoal as the bags can be recharged under direct sunlight. Just keep it once monthly for at least up to2 hours. In fact, the sun’s UV lies clear out all the bamboo charcoal cavities, filled with contaminants making them reabsorbing again. To use them properly, note to place them under the sun for 3 to 5 hours to activate its absorbing power.


  • It is made of natural elements such as activated charcoal.
  • The bag acts as an effective odor eliminator.
  • Ideal for small areas.
  • This bamboo air purifier is a pollution-free unit.
  • There is no input of artificial scents

Customers Feedback:

I’m a nurse, and wear sneakers every day. They are pretty stinky by the time I get home, and I’ve tried everything! I buy two sets of shoes, so I can rotate them and let them dry out in between uses. I’ve tried sneaker deodorizing balls, which help, but not totally. I have tried several shoe deodorizing sprays, including Norwegian, and I have used Odor Eaters. Also all of the bamboo charcoals in combination. These charcoal deodorizing packets are wonderful!! My shoes smell great, my closet smells great, and I don’t have to use a spray anymore. I’ve only had these for a short time, and I don’t know how long they will last, but for right now they are phenomenal.

I keep my running sneakers and my work shoes under the bed rather than by the door. It’s just easier that way. But I noticed that whenever I came into my bedroom it sort of smelled like a locker room. So I googled shoe deodorizes and these things came up. At first I thought they were some kind of dopey new age thing, but the best nature fresh air purifier bags bamboo charcoal really do work as advertised! Simply put these sacks inside your shoes and the charcoal absorbs all the stinky odor. My room doesn’t smell at all anymore. I have a pair of these for each pair of shoes I own (and that’s a lot!). I highly recommend these because they’re so cheap and simple. Tot

I always thought that stinky shoes was something that only my husband was blessed with. Apparently my cycling shoes were the biggest offender in our mud room. Really it was like “wow what died in here” I tried to wash them which helped a bit, spyred with all kind of stuff but nothing really worked. Not couple of days into getting those charchole packs the world, I mean our mud room was restored to peace. Since I got the 12 pack. They are now in every sports shoe in the house. I also dropped them in my gym cycling and gym begs. No more oder! So needless to say I was super surprised by how quickly they worked and highly recommend them.

2. Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Best bamboo charcoal air purifier bagsOdor absorber charcoal bags are all-natural-based products. It is pet-friendly and can be used for any surroundings in contact with the foul smell. It eliminates odor and has potency up to 10 times more than any other standard air purifier available.

Further, These best charcoal air purifier bags can be reused for as long as two years if it is rejuvenated for 2 hours every month under direct sunlight or 5 hours under indirect sunlight.

These charcoal bags for odor helps to off-gas every blockage, and the charcoal will automatically return back to its porous state. It is in charcoal chunks form as chunks help in trapping dust and debris and effective absorption of odor compared to powdered charcoal.

Powdered bamboo charcoal odor absorber is known to contain harmful chemicals and doesn’t filter air properly. In fact, it makes the air toxic.

Finally, this multipurpose air absorber acts like a sponge to neutralize foul smells. This charcoal air cleaner happens with high-quality bamboo charcoal in South Asia, making it the best product to be purchased.


  • You can use it in homes and cars.
  • For at least 2 years, it is known to last up to.
  • It is present in the form of solid chunks.
  • There are no harmful additives present.
  • It has a breathable design for more absorption.

Customers Feedback:

Some times my cat wants to go pee and poo in my dining room. We have hardwood floors and I have gotten rid of all rugs except the dining room, so of course that charcoal air purifier bags is where she wants to relive herself. The room stunk so bad so I got these charcoal bags to use in there. To my amazement the stink was gone the next day. I am going to get rid of the rug but that will be a huge undertaking because the china cabinet, buffet and table with 8 chairs are sitting on the rug. So for now these charcoal bags do the trick. They get five stars!!
I got the charcoal air purifier bags early in the month but I just opened and used because of an urgent need today. While baking, the oil and water in the baby back ribs pan overflowed and dripped inside the oven. The oil and water created smoke/burnt smell. I turned on the vents and door and remembered I had these air purifying bags. So I put them all by the kitchen. It did work and removed the burnt smoke smell. It was a safer way than lighting candles. I haven’t placed it in sunlight to rejuvenate but I wish that it would last longer than 2 years. I’ve seen other deodorizer lasting 3 years.
We’ve been dealing with a really strange odor in our upstairs bathroom that isn’t very pleasant and even after cleaning and taking almost everything out has managed to persist. Due to COVID though our apartment complex is trying to keep staff safe and it isn’t deemed a high-priority issue which is 100% okay with us but we still wanted the odor gone so I figured I’d take a gamble on one of the charcoal bags for odor. We got them in yesterday and hung up one of the bags (using the nifty ring the product features) and this morning there was zero smell in the bathroom! We got the 4 pack so we’ll be good for a while but I’m definitely going to be getting more of these when we run out!

3. NEWBEA Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Bamboo charcoal air purifier bagsHere comes the natural air freshener or shoe deodorizer, which eliminates odor with an activated charcoal absorber containing millions and millions of tiny openings.

These holes add to this bamboo charcoal’s revolutionary ability, which is – deodorizing and dehumidifying the surrounding. These nature fresh air purifier bags has porosity up to 4 times more than any other purifier. A single oz.

of activated charcoal has around 396900 sq. ft. of surface area to trap foul smell with negative ionic charges attracting odor and excess moisture. Its environment-friendly microporous is made from sustainable natural resources and can be recycled. You just have to merely pour it into the soil after using it for 2 years. It indeed enhances the plant’s growth positively.

Though there can be the maintenance of a new or breathable environment, yet you might need a dose of consistent rejuvenation. This nature fresh bamboo charcoal bags amazon is required regularly every month for one hour or so to work conveniently in every environment.


  • It works in places such as shoes, homes, closets, cars, gym bags, luggage, kitchen, bathroom, and drawer.
  • There are no harmful additives involved.
  • You will find it free of fragrance, chemicals, and toxic substances.
  • It is a 100% natural air purifier.
  • You can use these charcole air purfying bags safely with children and pets around.

Customers Feedback:

Naturally, I was a bit skeptical. I read reviews, starting with the 1 star. Seriously folks , if you think these are going to remove smelly fish idors from your freezer where a bag of shrimp exploded 2 years ago and you’ve yet to clean it, well, duh. It won’t work. Nothing will. However, if you have normal food odors , normal freezer odors, trash bin area odors , these things are legit. I bought a second set. My husband’s feet could raise the dead just so they could die all over again, and these things tamed that wild horse. Seriously worth the small spend .

I just bought the charcole air purfying bags cause my shoes from working and sweating all day are seriously another level of stank nobody should ever be subjected to. Now I’ve had these shoes for a little over a month and not thinking I left them in my bedroom for 10 minutes and that was the biggest mistake that prompted my purchasing these. Sooo I put these puppies in the second they arrived and I decided to brave the sniff test next morning and man that was an amazing 180! No smell! Like NOT AT ALL! These are now in every room of my house. I am curious how well they work as I reuse them over time.

The nature fresh bamboo charcoal bags are excellent for fighting odor. I leave them in my work boots and they and remove all odors. I am also a runner and place them in my running shoes–again, remove all odors. I have also placed them in some of my handbags to keep them fresh inside. When packing away my summer clothes I put them in the drawers and storage containers to keep them fresh. Too many uses! My next use for them will be to place them in my vehicle when traveling with my two golden retrievers to fight the doggie smell! Will purchase again!

4. Brilliant Evolution Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Airjoi bamboo charcoal air purifying bagsThese brilliant evolution charcoal bags are best suited for cars, closets, bathrooms, and pet areas. It is a natural purifier with activated charcoal properties of odor absorption and elimination.

You can deodorize your room and let it absorb moisture. It is done through bamboo charcoal. These charcoal bamboo bags have porous holes that soakwateror eliminate foul smells and dehumidify the area where the harsh chemicals have been used.

Bamboo is a natural renewable source that can be used in abundance and can also be reused by recharging under direct sunlight for 1 hour every month. This charcoal as air purifier comes in a sleek and straightforward design that can quickly go with any aesthetic of any surrounding, be it home or car interior.


  • It is 100% bamboo charcoal.
  • You can reuse it in 2 years of duration.
  • It is used without any worries about kids, pets, and people with allergy issues.
  • It is cost-efficient.
  • You can find it safely sealed packaging and sewing for durability assurance.
  • This charcoal bamboo air purifying bag is free of harmful chemicals, different fragrances, and nontoxic elements.

Customers Feedback:

We left a package of chicken in our car over 100 degree weather for 3 days by accident. Nothing was working to get the smell of hell out. Nothing. We bought these after attempts of using deodorizers. About a week after using these the smell is gone. I’m literally shocked at how well the charcoal as air purifier worked. Will continue using these in various places. 1,000% worth the money. Be patient and give it time, they are NOT overnight fixes. I emailed the company in desperation after day 2 and they wrote back immediately stating to allow up to 2 weeks. They were not wrong.

The bags were bigger than I thought they’d be, which I’m glad. I was waiting to write a review because it says they may take a week or two to work. After about a week, I opened the cupboard that has always smelled like mold and “viola” the smell is GONE! I will now open the rest of the bags and place them around my old tiny house that always smells musty, damp and moldy. My only question is, it says once a month put them out in 8 hours of sunshine. On the coast, we don’t have 8 hours of sunshine at one time, hardly ever, in the winter – so how do you refresh these?

I bought the charcoal bamboo air purifying bag air purifying bags primarily to place near the two litter boxes in my home. I use an unscented and dust-free litter, add ample baking soda, and scoop daily, but an unpleasant odor still tends to develop, especially as the weather gets warmer. I placed the charcoal bags near the litter boxes, and within a few days, the odor is almost completely gone! I ended up placing one near the trash bin in my kitchen, which has helped noticeably as well. At this point, I am totally sold on this product, and hope to find that the charcoal bags will last the two years (with monthly reactivation in the sun) as stated.

5. Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Air purifying bag bamboo charcoalNow we have the natural air purifier bags, which eliminate odor and are closet fresheners. They area natural absorbing source with many micro holes for the sole function of locking moisture and foul smells and provides a healthy breathing environment.

These bamboo charcoal bags at amazon comes with two wrapped surfaces, one with premium linen outwards to provide durability. It also has a metal hanging ring for convenience and exquisite anywhere use. This activated bamboo charcoal air purifier can also be recharged and rejuvenated under direct sunlight for more prolonged use to cure damp environments. However, it doesn’t work instantly as the residue ones, but it is best for the long run and breathing green. Further, there is no issue of any carbon powder falling out during usage.


  • It is best for use in homes and cars.
  • You will find it safe and effective to use.
  • This product is 100% eco-friendly.
  • There is a dual covering to ensure its durability.

Customers Feedback:

I purchased the vitscan charcoal bags and placed them around the house in most every room while the wife was not home. She saw the half full bag later and asked about them . She was concerned about the “ugly gray bags” all over the house. I then pointed out those that were already dispersed throughout the house she had not seen for 3 days. After walking her to each location and seeing how little impact they had on her decor, she was more at ease. A few days later she did note how the pantry and towel/ medicine closet smelled better. After a few weeks, i swapped the original 12 with the unused 12 and put the old ones out side in the sun and air for a day to re-charge them. I will continue to repeat this cycle as it seems to clean up the air in every room quite easily.

My grand baby spit up all down my sofa. Steam cleaned and used enzyme cleaner but the smell just wouldn’t go away. Frustrated because sofas aren’t disposable and he was sure to do it again. I found these and tucked them into the areas previously cleaned. By the next day, the smell was actually gone! It worked!! I hung them in closets, by the dog bed and in my car. No more musty dog smell. Thrilled with the activated bamboo charcoal air purifier and would highly recommend!

I have known about these for years and thought they were just hype but had a lingering damp odor in our basement that I couldn’t get rid of even after repainting, cleaning etc. so we gave these a try and within one day the odor was completely gone, now we use them throughout the house and cars/truck, they sure make a difference, we ordered more for the kids as stocking stuffers for Christmas because they have the same problem in their basements…Don’t be afraid to try them it’s money well spent..

6. Yumybom Natural Activated Bamboo Charcoal Bags

Air purifying bamboo charcoal bagsThis natural activated bamboo charcoal purifier is specifically designed for small and compact places such as cars, shoes, closets, refrigerators, backpacks, luggage, and pet houses. It is used for air purification, elimination, and absorption.

These activated bamboo charcoal bags are premium quality bamboo charcoal which is of high quality. It is known to be prepared from fresh bamboo plants and is firstly treated at 800 degrees to 1000 degrees in a brick kiln for several weeks.

These treatment dorms charcoal out of bamboo with high porous microstructures, which are very useful in absorbing odor-causing sweat without any additional harmful chemicals and fragrances.

These bamboo charcoal bags for mold can be used for 2 years and can be recharged every month by rejuvenating under direct sunlight. Just keep it for a few hours, and they will turn brand new. So, there is no need to buy them regularly. The bags effectively keep the air fresh and dry and remove any foul smell with harmful impurities. Further, this fact is scientifically proven too. It also comes in beautifully stitched linen bags, which, late after fully utilizing, can naturally decompose in garden soil.


  • It is best suitable for car odor elimination.
  • It is made of 100% premium Moso Bamboo Charcoal.
  • The packs are compact in size and lightweight.
  • You can safely use it around children and pets.
  • It is an Environment-friendly product.

Customers Feedback:

I’ve only had the moso bamboo charcoal bag four days. So far it’s done a great job on eliminating odors from my stinky work shoes ( all right I have stinky feet cause I don’t wear socks often). The bags have no odor to them at all…even after hanging out in my stinky shoes. I also have a set in my gym shoes as well (I do wear socks with gym shoes). Why? Years of therapy have yet to uncover why I don’t wear socks at work. But this product has solved the smell issues. I probably should buy some more and fire the therapist (Jack is first name can’t remember the last name.)

I always buy the moso natural bamboo charcoal air purifying bags every couple months because they work and they’re a great price. I unfortunately can have some stinky shoes and feet in the winter, these take care of that ASAP! They don’t have a scent themselves, which is nice, it just absorbs the odor and then it just…disappears. The instructions say to set them in the sun every 30 days or so, but I usually just get some more pairs and let my cat play with them (he loves chasing them). So I get even more bang for my buck!

I put a couple of these in my catroom and they really do help absorb bad odors, even with cleaning the litter boxes on the regular, no one wants any stinky kitty litterbox smell, and this reduces that by about 75%. I put these in my truck also because my friend decided to spray himself down with icy hot before training one day and the odor was lingering in my truck nothing removed it, I put the bamboo charcoal bags for mold in my truck and in 2 days the odor was absorbed and my truck smells not like a bengay factory anymore.

7. Mateico Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bag

Natural bamboo charcoal air purifying bagThese natural fresh charcoal bags are a significant odor & moisture absorber and eliminator and come with beautiful and elegant floral-patterned packaging. This bamboo charcoal air purifying bag 4-pack is roped and garments inside of which is high-quality absorbent activated bamboo charcoal. The bright design and uplifting quotes display make these bags an ideal air purifier for any household or car.

This activated bamboo charcoal air freshener both pretty and functional and can be decorated in any style with any need of hiding as it blends into any room. Its porous holes trap pollutants and musty smells, and meanwhile, charcoal serves as an air purifier by absorbing moisture. These functionalities can be recharged timely by rejuvenating bags under direct sunlight contact for a few hours once a month.


  • It has impressive packaging with floral designs.
  • The charcoal eliminates odor naturally.
  • It has a natural and fragrance-free soaking of unwanted odor and musty smelled moisture.
  • It can be reusable for up to 2 years.
  • This bamboo charcoal deodorizer is safe for pets and children.
  • The product is 100% organic and nontoxic.

Customers Feedback:

I ordered these products because I thought they would add some positivity and flare to my home. Also, there were some odors in my house, as I live with 3 roommates, that I was hoping to neutralize (the odors not my roommates). When first opening the packaging, there is not much of an odor to these purifying bags, however within a few days I noticed that my roommates cigarette smelling odors that waft out of his room were no longer noticeable. And additionally, although sort of corny, I love the messages on each bag. So I would recommend these! Thanks Mateico.

These arrived yesterday, along with another brand of charcoal air purifying bags. These bags are so pretty, with cute little homey sayings on them! I absolutely love them and when it comes time to buy more, I’ll definitely go with the bamboo charcoal air purifying bag 4-pack. I put one of them in each of our bathrooms, one in the kitchen, and one near our garbage pail. (The plain ones I bought are placed around the house too, but pretty much hidden from view.) In my opinion, the best thing about these is not only the odor elimination but the aesthetic appearance. They were worth every penny.

I love how cute these Mateico Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags are! I love that they have nice quotes on them. They are great in the closet, especially in the guest room to add a touch of prettiness along with their effectiveness at keeping musty and other smells at bay. It’s nice to be able to leave them out where they can be seen when needed. They work wonderfully and the bamboo charcoal deodorizer does not take long to notice the difference. I would purchase these again and can certainly recommend them!

8. WONDERFUL Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Bamboo charcoal air purifier bag reviewsThis works effectively in homes, cars, and offices. This Wonderful brand’s bag contains natural bamboo charcoal activated carbon, which removes odors, absorbs formaldehyde, smoke, stench, and moisture. It leaves behind a healthy and safe place to live in with comfort and pure breathability. This can be used for sweat, body odor, shoes, fridges, cars, etc.

These bamboo charcoal air freshener reviews of bags come in three different sizes to meet the demands of such other places with varying areas of coverage. You can find them in 200g (2), 100g (2), and 50g (4) to meet all the requirements of the customer.

The bags have exquisite metal buckles with loop designs that can be easily hanged or removed to add to the convenience factor.

This 8 pack bamboo charcoal air purifier bag natural air freshener charcoal activator comes in premium eco-friendly gunny bags, which are biodegradable. One can also rejuvenate these bags by placing under direct sunlight for 2 hour or indirect sunlight for 5 hours. This will recover all the absorbing properties of the purifier.


  • It is a 100% natural bamboo charcoal activated carbon.
  • You can use it for health purposes.
  • It is pet and children-friendly.
  • There is convenient usage.
  • The environment doesn’t get polluted.

Customers Feedback:

I can’t believe how well these little bags are working! I put one in the bathroom after having the tile reglazed – awful smell the day after. And the smell disappeared like magic! seriously! it just smells like air lol I also put one in the linen closet that also opens to the unfinished attic. It always smelled like old dust, old wood and just old in general. i put one in there and overnight it doesn’t smell like that at all anymore! it smells like nothing! Don’t doubt these little bags – just buy them! i’ll never use another smelly air freshener again! and the package comes with enough of them to put them all over – i also put one in the laundry room where the dogs hang out – no more dog smell!

I read through so many nature fresh air purifier reviews trying to see if these helped with cigarette smoke smell. I only saw a couple, but decided it was worth a try. Yes, they help! We bought a house that slightly smelled of cigarette smoke, and after painting with killz and paint, and installing new carpet, the smell was gone for a couple months. Then we noticed every time we came home it smelled stronger than the last time. I was obviously upset because I don’t want all our belongings to smell like cigarette smoke, and I have 2 young kids, and have asthma. After trying different sprays, airing out the house every day, cleaning as much as possible. Finally we got these and I kid you not, it does not smell like smoke anymore, ever! 10/10 would recommend.

I did my research before I purchased and I have to say I’m a little blown away!!! I bought the purggo car air freshener 100 activated bamboo charcoal as I live in a 1200 sq ft Apt and the neighbors beside me have been smoking the ole peace pipe in there bathroom which is attached to mine. Hence it’s coming into my bathroom and leaving a god awful smell. So I put the big bag under my bathroom sink and placed others around the other rooms and within an hr the smell is gone. I’ve woken up this morning not stuffy nor having to smell like I lived back in a dorm lol. Great product and I’ll be definitely purchase more!!!

9. Breathe Green Bamboo Charcoal Air Freshener Bags

Activated bamboo charcoal air purifying bagsWe come to the activated charcoal absorber being a natural air freshener that removes odor and moisture elimination from cars, closets, bathrooms, shoes, and refrigerators. This natural bamboo charcoal air freshener can be reused for around 2 years by recharging under sunlight.

Its natural and effective components toss out all the chemicals and odor eaters filled in the air providing clean and purified breathable surroundings.

This naturally activated bamboo charcoal air freshener nifty odor sponge traps smell, making it an eco-friendly odor neutralizer. The bags are made of durable burlap with reinforced metal holes for easy hanging or clipping on walls. Using this product, one will be relieved of all fecal smells such as urine, moisture, and pollutants and will breathe only green and healthy.


  • It is a natural air purifier composed of all-natural ingredients.
  • The fragrance is chemical-free.
  • It is Ultra-versatile.
  • It is easy to use and safe for pets as well as children.
  • The product is highly durable.
  • This Breathe green air purifier provides 24 hours of non-stop clean and fresh air purification.

Customers Feedback:

I have dogs and frankly my little yorkie rescue still has housetraining issues. I put 2 bags in the gameroom downstairs and 2 out in the sun room and within hours the pee/poop smell was gone. My daughter came over last night and commented how pleasant it was to sit in the sunroom. No doggie smell. And this was with the sliding doors closed all day and the afternoon sun blasting the room. Great product! Love the fact there in nothing artificial that could cause damage to the dogs.

No kidding – the natural bamboo charcoal air freshener things really work! leaves a “neutral” smell. my son’s bathroom – can get rather funky in the smell department. put one of these small ones in there – and voila – no smell within hours! i use alot of essential oils, herbs and vits and our house smells like a spa and vitamin store – not unpleasant – just does. put one of these in the linen closet and no more smell. we went away for 7 weeks and when we returned – the house smelled like fresh air – or nothing really – neutral. same with the car that can get a little funky too! highly recommend it. beats all those air freshners that just cover up a smell with a more powerful smell – yuck – and gives me grief because i have respiratory issues and can’t take chemicals and synthetic smells at all! and a great price – well worth it!

I have a large dog &. Sometimes my car started smelling bad. He plays in the river & tracks sand in. I like that the large bamboo charcoal bags has completely eliminated any smell. And, I also like that there is n artificial scent like many other products. Clean, fresh air! I put a small one in each bathroom. A large one under my sink, next to the trash can. And, I purchased another 8 pk for my mom.

10. Naturally Activated Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifying Bags

Bamboo bagsThese super-strong natural home deodorizer bags are organic and eco-friendly. It is better known as a moisture absorber with zero chemical contents. Its bamboo bags can be used in any space and surface without any harm and for a longer duration than another air purifier, which only lasts up to 45 days or so.

These different colored pyramid-shaped bamboo charcoal UK bags are best suited for interior aesthetic giving your space a decorative and modern upscale appearance. It also has a pre-inserted fabric rope to simply place or hang in an area one wishes to purify.

These best rated bamboo charcoal bags are duly made up of durable material with properly sealed finishing, which won’t tear easily. They are unscented bags simply to maintain air condition using activated bamboo charcoal, which is processed with high-temperature oxygen-free carbonization.


  • They are organic, eco-friendly, and chemical-free odor eliminators.
  • It is reusablefor2 years if recharged every month for a few hours.
  • It is 4 times more effective than any other charcoal purifier.
  • The product is rigid and durable.

Customers Feedback:

Another order…this is the third…and I still give the Best charcoal air purifier reviews. For reference, this is my first review, “Really an amazing surprise…beautiful product, great fabric, lovely appearance, really works!!! We bought thebags for my granddaughter’s dorm room and closet. We were genuinely delighted to open the package and find such well-made and environmentally sound room deodorizers. It’s another plus to receive emails of gratitude from the owner, both upon receipt of the order and upon delivery. We truly appreciate that effort, and applaud the overall experience! Thank you!!!”

These are a nice size pouch in an interesting shape for bamboo charcoal UK. They can hang or sit in a surface. I’ve put the pouches in closets to try to get rid of shoe odors and that stuffy smell that clothes can get when not worn regularly. If I have one to spare, I will put in the linen cupboard too. I’ve only had them in place for a day, so I can’t really comment on the effectiveness yet, but I”m pleased to have found something that isn’t going to add a perfume odor.

I love the triangle version of these air purifier bags. They fit Perfectly into corners and out of the way! And they are also cute and colors are nice as well! I put one in each of our closets and over night, transformed our closets and they smell so much better. They actually just “dont” smell. Its just nothing! And that is what we needed. (i did try others and they worked also, but i think these may have worked better/faster. Customer service with them is also Great! I appreciated the help! These are really good and work really well! Still dont understand how it works, but they do!

FAQs on Best Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Bags in 2021

How much space will one bag be able to purify?

Large-sized bags come in many sizes like 500g and even more. If a bamboo charcoal air purifying bag is of that size then it will comfortably able to purify an area of 600 to 700 square feet. But know that a bamboo Odor Absorber of that size won't be very easy to hide from view and it might obstruct people.

If that's a concern then there are little air purifying bags that you can use. These mini ones come in sizes of 70g to 80g bags. Two of these bags will comfortably cover a space of 200 square feet. You can double or quadruple it to cover a space of around 400 to 450 square feet.

The benefit of using small bags is that you can place it to get rid of strong smells in one concentrated area if that's the need. Generally, the stink or smell comes from one area only so having a huge bamboo charcoal bag will be costly and overkill for such a small area. Moreover, small air purifiers for car will be easier to hide and it wouldn't jut out like something which doesn't belong in the house. Even if you do need to get of smells in a larger area then just cluster the small bags together to get the work done.

Why are bamboo charcoal air purifiers better air fresheners?

Bamboo charcoal is made simply by burning Moso bamboo. There is no hi-tech science, batteries, chemicals, plugins, wires, etc. An air freshener contains ingredients like cyclodextrin, citric acid, alkanol amine, benzisothiazolinone, alcohol, and more. But bamboo charcoal air purifiers don't contain anything like this.

Moreover, air fresheners tend to cover the bad smells by simply adding a more potent and nicer smell over it. It doesn't get rid of the toxic chemicals or foul smells. So those substances remain there and can harm you or your family's health over time.

A charcoal air bamboo Odor Absorber the air by attracting the toxic substances to it. It doesn't cover those smells with an artificial more potent fragrance, instead, it just gets rid of it altogether.

How often do you have to recharge your bamboo charcoal air purifier?

You can recharge it frequently if you feel like it isn't working. But generally, once every month should do. To recharge it just place the bag under the sun for one hour at least.

Yes, it's just that simple. Putting it under the sun is all you need to do to recharge it. The smells and other toxic substances will fill up the pores of the bamboo charcoal. But the UV rays will get rid of the pollutants. You don't have to replace anything or even tear the bag to bring the bamboo charcoal out of its covering.

The sun rays will clean up the porous charcoal and optimize it again for later use. The bags will work well for around 2 years. The best charcoal deodorizer bags is because, over time the serious toxins will slowly set in, making the product ineffective. After that, you should consider getting new ones.

Where should these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags be used?

You can use them anywhere you feel like there are odd or foul smells. It can be used in rooms where it smells like mildew or even in the kitchen if it's filled with bad odor after a bout of rain. But you don't need to limit the use of these bags to just some rooms.

You can put it in the best gym bag, shoes, clothes hampers, closets, pantries, RVs, bathrooms, tents, garages, refrigerators, freezers, pet areas, supply closets, cats litter boxes, equipment rooms and more. So you can put it just anywhere you want.

Have You Tried A Bamboo Charcoal Air Purifier Yet?

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Video Transcript:

Hey guys and welcome to today’s happy health video where I’m going to be sharing with you a couple of some really great finds that I was excited to learn about this week well first up we have some Bob low charcoal air purifier bags have you ever used a charcoal air purifier I have a quick story about these when I first moved into an apartment my husband is very allergic to cats and we had specifically requested an apartment that had had no animals in them and when we walked into the master bedroom all we could smell were cats and he started swelling up instantly he was feeling really yucky and we called management and they’re like hey yeah well that’s the only three-bedroom apartment available at this time.

And so we were basically stuck with it and so I had to figure out a way to make my husband’s allergies tolerable for him while we were living there and so anyway what I found were these charcoal air purifier bags and what I did was I placed them in every room I put one in the bathroom in every bedroom obviously the living room in the kitchen and these work so well and at first I was kind of skeptical I was excited but I was kept Achill because I thought how could something that is so inexpensive doesn’t require electricity I don’t have to clean it out I don’t have to refill it I mean how is this it sounds too good to be true right well I was really excited about them and I gave it a try the only thing you do have to do is put them in the Sun to recharge.

And what I did was once a month and obviously before your prior before your first use I recommend charging them as well in the Sun this activates the charcoal and gets it ready to be able to purify your air and it did my husband was able to sleep no problems in the bedroom he no swelling after this was in there and it really really did do the trick there was also mould in another room and if any of you live in those humid climates where mold is just thriving this charcoal air purifier is a must because it really does help to absorb the mold spores in the home and I was so thankful for these now it’s made of bamboo charcoal.

Okay so that the angbo activated bamboo charcoal air purifying bags is a key but what we have here on their little description it just says here that it eliminates odors absorb harmful substances keeps your air fresh that is true also if it dehumidifier okay it helps to absorb excess moisture to prevent the growth of bacteria mold and mildew and I can vouch for that they really really do work so like I said all you have to do is about once a month put it back in the Sun for a couple of hours just to recharge what it will do is allow the bamboo charcoal to release the toxins that are already in there and then it will recharge it so that it can you when you put it back in your home.

It will absorb the bad things that are in the air for children in nurseries these are really really great to put in kids rooms and baby nurseries in the bathroom in your closets I couldn’t recommend them more because I really have seen the difference that they make and right now our dryer is broken so I have this in the room where the clothes are drying and it really is making a difference the clothes don’t stink as they air dry and you know I really am pleased with it so give this a try if you are looking for an inexpensive yet very reliable way to clean your air to get rid of mold to help with dehumidifier the rooms you know I have problems with humidity and a lot of people do too so if you try these they really do help so get one pretty true.

And you will notice a difference because I’m always looking for inexpensive yet very reliable ways to be healthy and to live healthily and to have a healthy lifestyle for our families because there’s so much stuff on the market today that you can kind of get overwhelmed with how much there is to help clean air get this you know air purifier and these things can cost us so much money and when you have a family and you’re living on a budget you’re always looking for ways to live healthy within your means and this is a way to do that so give this a try I also will put the link in the description below so that you can purchase these yourself they are very inexpensive it was like $13 so and they work it was you can hang these which is really nice so you can hang it like in your closet if you need to any anywhere it’s just really really handy to have in each room notice the difference.

Because it’s a great way to purify the areas you don’t really need to mess with some of the things that nature has for us bamboo charcoal hey it works so get that a try also another really great sign that I had this week were these little let me get the name of it here so I don’t mess it up the flower silicone brushes okay and this is so cool this is also has a little hook on it okay and one side if you can see it has these ridges and the other side has bristles lots of bristles so there you go and it’s super flexible.

And the reason why I really like this I might say how is this a healthy product well I’m going to read it for you here because I’ve been using this all week long and I really enjoy using this in the kitchen and it does really help to clean your dishes but the reason why I like it was because it can also be used to clean your fruits and vegetables and that’s a big plus if especially if you can’t I know a lot of people have told me I just cannot afford to eat organic foods well if that’s the case then you need a way to clean off the toxins and the pests besides that are on your food and here’s a good way to do that you can scrub them off.

I would recommend sprinkling some baking soda on here first and then scrub your fruits and vegetables with it to remove the pesticides if you can’t afford to eat organically however that doesn’t take care of the GMO issues genetically modified foods but it would at least help with pesticides so you’re not ingesting them so you can clean your fruits and vegetables with these you can clean your pots and pans and it does not take the finish off of your pants the other thing is that it’s very heat-resistant you can use it for a toast argument but when you are ready to clean this pop it on the top rock rack of your dishwasher with you know three little sticks in there and this can be very easily cleaned now the other reason why I like these is that there are mold resistant there again this one today our video is really a lot about mould and getting rid of it finding products that don’t Harbor it or grow it you know so anyway.

I really like the best charcoal air purifier bags it can be sterilized in boiling water so it is non-deformable and makes just for a really really good way to clean and I don’t like sponges you know sponges they just seem to attract bacteria and they don’t really clean very well so I really like these little flower scrubs it’s also by the same company so that’s what all these are all these products today are from the charcoal air purifier and this flower scrub that you can use to clean your fruits and vegetables and obviously pot some hand now the cool thing about these was too that there it comes one pack of five so you can use them yes one for fruits and vegetables one for cleaning and no mold will grow on these so it’s a very good cleaning product to have on hand okay so.

My last and great fine for this week was this little sippy cup now you might take a sippy cup really no seriously my kids have had so much fun with these this week the way that they work is you just pop them on top of a child’s cup of child’s drink cup like this just a plain cup I actually got this from the dollar store it was a bathroom cup it doesn’t necessarily have to be a child’s cup with just a small cup and then this lid is very stretchy and it just stretches right over the top of the cup and these are also I’ll show you it’s so cute it’s a little elephant and it’s got some ears on the side there we go so it looks like a little elephant my two-year-old has been pouring his drink upside down for the past three days with this lid on it and.

I have could not have been happier because nothing has spilled on the floor I have had less messes to clean up see so when there’s something in here it is it is very very much so does what it says that it’s spill-proof and the reason why I liked these was that if you are a parent and you’ve experienced any kind of children’s drink cups they seem to attract mold as well and my children have been through so many sippy cups because I’m always going to the dollar store to get new ones and these are mold resistant so I was really happy to find these because I hated giving my kids a cup that it looked like mold was starting to grow on it and so I scrub scrub scrub and it never seemed to come off so these I was really happy to find and like I said they fit over any child cup so you don’t have to worry about having matching lids and matching cups.

All the time and so also dishwasher safe and I really like them they’re super fun and collapsible so if you want to pop one in your diaper bag and they don’t take up hardly any room because they’re collapsible and everything else so this way if you’re at a restaurant or whatever they just collapse down pop into your diaper bag takes up like next to nothing in the space-wise so yeah these are really really fun fine and then you don’t have to worry about your kids drinking out of moldy cups anymore that is a great plus alright so I think that that was actually no small crevices and no mold so it allows for clean drinking.

I was making sure I remembered everything so I hope that you enjoy these healthy finds charcole air purfying bags for this week because I’m always looking for ways to give you guys tips as to how you can live like I said that happier healthier lifestyle that you know allows for clean living especially on a budget we all need help with that so don’t forget about bamboo charcoal air purifiers and our little clean drinking silicone cups and our fruits and vegetable scrubbers yeah really try that with the baking soda.

It really does take off the pesticides and it works so sprinkle some baking soda I’m here to clean your fruits and vegetables if you’re looking for a way to clean and get rid of it because I know that there sprays out there that you can buy but there again that just cost so much more money to purchase a spray as well so I hope that this these tips helped you today like I said all the descriptions will be in the link below and I hope that you have a great day thanks so much for joining me and hey guys thanks for helping to grow this channel you.

What will you find in the bamboo charcoal air purifying bag?

This is the main question which people have right at the very beginning. But you don’t have to worry. There’s is just one ingredient present in the air purifying bags and that’s bamboo charcoal. You won’t find anything else in it. There’s no other toxic substance that will give out fumes that will be harmful to you and your family.

Why is bamboo charcoal better than normal charcoal?

What makes it different from normal charcoal is that it ten times more porous. This allows it to trap and then store the harmful substances in the air. So there’s better and speedy filtration of the foul smells, harmful chemicals, and toxins.

How can you activate the bamboo charcoal air purifying bags?

If it’s an emergency then you can simply hang it up right away but it’s advised that you set it under direct sunlight for a quick recharge before using charcole air purfying bags for the first time. Since it doesn’t work like an air freshener where you will be able to smell it so it might be difficult to know if it’s working. But after a couple of days, you will be able to see and feel the effects of it. The air will feel cleaner and much more breathable than before.

Final Verdict

Overall, these bamboo charcoal air purifying bags come with loads of benefits and no downside at all. It can get rid of any foul smell and toxic gas substances that can harm your health. You will be able to use it and then recharge it for further use.

Once the charcoal air cleaner has been fully used, it can be used as compost to help your garden prosper. The air purifying bags will certainly make your work of cleaning up to get rid of the smells easier. Hopefully, this guide has been able to enlighten me about bamboo charcoal and its benefits.

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