Best Cocoa Butter lotion Buying Guide for 2020

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Does your skin feel dry or itchy right after a shower?

Are you insecure about the stretch marks caused due to pregnancy?

Or, haven’t your previous lotions given maximum satisfaction to your skin as expected?

There are many issues that a woman faces in her everyday life. Some issues are so serious but she still faces them in a challenging way. But, if the issue is concerned with her skin or beauty, it makes her feel low and under-confident.

So, to help the millions of women out there, beauty brands have launched their best lotions to make their skin glow, happy and confident. One such trending lotion in the market is the cocoa butter lotion. The cocoa butter lotions are the best lotions to date as they are known to protect the skin along with nourishing and hydrating it. But, before purchasing it, you must go through a proper guide to get yourself a cocoa butter lotion.

So, we have prepared a well-researched buying guide for the best cocoa butter lotion for you. Going through this guide will give you a wide picture of the exact product you are looking for in the market. Let’s have a look at it.

Buying Guide for the Best Cocoa Butter Lotion in 2020

In this buying guide, you can look for the best features provided in the cocoa butter lotions. These features will help you in finding the perfect lotion among a variety of brands available without any hustle. Hence, go through it carefully!

Type of Usage of the Lotion

Every cocoa butter lotion is designed for fulfilling different purposes and can be applied in certain body areas. Some of these lotions can be used only on hands. This type of lotion generally reduces the dryness and is of thick texture so that it doesn’t make the hands oily. Similarly, some of them have an in-shower feature while others can be used as a regular lotion over the entire body.

Thus, before seeing the best cocoa butter lotion, you must consider the key feature of the lotion and the purpose of your requirement.

High Concentration of Cocoa Butter in the Lotion

Since you are looking for a cocoa butter lotion, you must go for the lotion with a high concentration of cocoa butter. The cocoa butter in a lotion a high concentration of hydrating and nourishing properties. However, there are many other necessary properties held by cocoa butter. They are-

  • High Antioxidants: In cocoa butter, there is a high concentration of antioxidants which reduces skin damage, aging, and dull skin.
  • Reduces Irritation: Cocoa butter, especially in a lotion is meant to reduce any kind of inflammation or itchiness or redness on the skin.
  • Treats Stretch Marks: Approximately 90 percent of the ladies faces the issue of stretch marks right after their pregnancy. This disturbs their body shaping. If they use cocoa butter regularly in their post-pregnancy for some time, they are likely to get rid of these marks and get back their original elegant body.

The scent of the Lotion

Cocoa butter used to have a sweet and nutty smell which is quite pleasing to the mind. When this cocoa butter is mixed with many other ingredients to form a proper lotion, it forms a different scent which is highly fascinating and refreshing for the body. The scent of these lotions is long-lasting in the areas you have applied to the lotion. But if you are looking for the lotion with minimum ingredients, you can only get a fragrance-free one but with the same functional properties.

Packing of the Lotion

While purchasing the cocoa butter lotion, you can see them in different packages. Some of the common packages are squirt bottles, tubs, and squeeze bottles. Among these types, you always go for the type which matches the way you wish to use it. For example, if you are purchasing a lotion to travel, you must go for squeeze bottles as they are highly convenient to be used immediately. On the other hand, if you wish to apply the lotion just after a shower, then squirt bottles will be the best for you.

Additional Ingredients

Every product has additional ingredients and so a cocoa butter lotion. In a cocoa butter lotion, there are many kinds of ingredients apart from the cocoa butter which is added to augment its properties. One of the highly used ingredients is shea butter or soybean oil. These ingredients add to the moisturizing and scent properties of the lotion, thus giving the user a fascinating experience.


It is quite difficult for one to purchase a lotion without testing its texture. So, looking after such issues, some of the companies note the lotion’s texture on the bottle. This allows the customer to decide whether it fits their desirability or not. However, among so many texture lotions, you must prefer choosing the lotion which guarantees long-lasting, non-greasy, and smooth skin by absorbing deeply into the skin.

Lotion’s Size and Price

It happens many times that a person overlooks the price of the lotion in the race of purchasing the best for him. At this point, the person loses no matter he got himself the best product. So, while purchasing the cocoa butter lotion, one cannot skip its size and price. You must determine whether the price matches perfectly with the size of the lotion or not. At times, the price of the lotion seems to be higher as compared to its size. So, the best way to get yourself a reasonable and perfect cocoa butter lotion is by verifying the various sizes of the lotion with their prices and choosing the perfect one. But, if you have the desired size in your mind, you can go for the price comparisons of different brands. The best method to compare the price is by checking it by cost per ounce.

Chemical Free

Lotions are generally made from harmful chemicals such as SLS, parabens, sulfates, and many more. These chemicals react with the present ingredients and lower their characteristics. They even affect the overall goodness of the lotion which prevents the lotion from satisfying the customer.

Skin Types

Lotions have different effects on different skin types. If you have oily skin and use the lotion recommended for oily skin, it can lead to a different reaction as expected. Thus, to avoid such issues, you must go through the skin type label highly visible in the lotion’s cover, bottle, sachets, etc. However, nowadays most of the lotions available are suitable for every skin type, inclusive of sensitive skin. This reduces any kind of confusion or fear of using the available product on behalf of the customer.

FAQs on Best Cocoa Butter Lotion in 2020

Will Cocoa Butter Lotion make me fair?

Cocoa butter lotion doesn’t work to lighten the skin. However, if you apply the lotion daily, you will get your original skin tone back in a few months. But to get back the original skin tone, you must avoid sunny outings to restrict your skin from coming in the sun’s exposure.

Will the Cocoa Butter Lotion suit my Skin?

Cocoa butter lotion is considered to be good for the skin as it moisturizes it and protects it from various skin conditions. It converts a dry, cracked and rough skin parts into smooth skin and boosts its appearance. However, before using the cocoa butter lotion you must be aware of your body’s reaction towards it. Generally, some people’s skin is quite sensitive or allergic to cocoa butter which may cause the issue to their skin.

Does Cocoa Butter Lotion help in getting rid of Stretch Marks?

Applying cocoa butter lotion regularly enhances the skin’s elasticity. So, you can apply this lotion during the time of pregnancy and after pregnancy on the areas likely to gain stretch marks. You can use this lotion on other stretch mark areas such as arms, thighs, etc. Cocoa butter, elastin, natural oils, and lutein present in the lotions works effectively on the skin for almost 48 hours allowing the skin to stretch easily.

Can the Cocoa Butter Lotion be applied under the eyes?

Yes, just like shea butter lotion, a cocoa butter lotion can also be applied under the eyes. As the cocoa butter has the property to reduce wrinkles, it will reduce the wrinkles surrounding your eyes. It will even let you get rid of dark circles under your eyes which is developed due to an increase in age or lack of proper sleep.

How to Make DIY Heavenly Cocoa Lotion?

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What is the Need for Using Cocoa Butter in a Lotion?

Cocoa butter contains fatty acids that generate the ability in it to nourish and hydrate the skin as it develops a barrier in the skin which stores the skin’s moisture. Further, it has phytochemicals, a compound that is only found in plants. These phytochemical substances improve the blood flow in the skin which reduces skin aging, makes it glow, and protects it from harmful ultraviolet rays.

However, there are many more benefits of cocoa butter. Looking after the benefits of the cocoa butter, it is used in the lotions to provide an amazing experience to the users. By applying this lotion regularly, people watch their skin grow healthier and glows than usual.

How to Make DIY Vanilla Cocoa Body Lotion?

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How is Cocoa Butter Lotion better than other Moisturizers?

While surveying in the market, you are likely to come across a bundle of moisturizers. Every moisturizer has a specific ingredient which adds to its richness like cocoa butter, lavender oil, shea butter, and many more. Among these main ingredients, the moisturizer with cocoa butter is highly preferred by the users, especially women.

The fat content in cocoa butter is generally high which allows it to provide a dense and rich feel when used in a moisturizer. Usually, cocoa butter and shea butter are compared to each other as they both provide the same amount of softness and pleasure to the skin. However, cocoa butter has a more sweet and pleasant smell than shea butter which makes it a highly preferred moisturizer among ladies.

How to Make DIY Cocoa Butter Body Meringue?

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If I use the Cocoa Butter Lotion frequently, will it Darken my Skin?

You might have heard people saying that cocoa butter is not that good for the skin or it darkens the skin. But there is nothing like this. These sayings are just a rumor. Applying cocoa butter lotion will give the best experience to your skin. Using it regularly will enhance your skin tone especially the parts with dark spots. You can even use this lotion on your face to lighten your dark skin.

In how much time will my Dark Spots get healed if I continuously apply Cocoa Butter Lotion?

Cocoa butter contains certain properties that heal dark spots and darkened skin. Cocoa butter, when provided in a lotion as lotion’s main ingredient, will give you better and early results. Using the lotion daily in the desired areas will show results within 3 months. However, the scaring will fade away gradually and you can yourself notice the change in your skin.

How To Make Cocoa Butter At Home?

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For how many hours can it provide Moisture to my Skin?

Every lotion has a different tendency of providing moisture to the skin. Some of them provide moisture for 12 hours while others provide for 20 or 24 hours. However, on average the best cocoa butter lotion can keep your skin moisturized for 20 hours. Such type of lotions doesn’t wash away from the skin even through water which is one of the best features in them.

So, before purchasing the cocoa butter lotion, you must check the number of hours it is likely to keep your skin hydrated and make the best use of your amount spent.

What main Ingredients must the Cocoa Butter Lotion contain to provide a Healthy Skin?

No matter a cocoa butter lotion contains cocoa butter, it is incomplete without the following ingredients-

  • Aloe Vera
  • Almond Oil
  • Allantoin
  • Tropical Nut Oils
  • Vitamin E
  • Vaseline Jelly

If you get a lotion containing all or any of these three ingredients, then don’t miss the opportunity to grab it.

For what reasons is the Cocoa Butter Lotion good for?

Cocoa butter lotion is generally used for a better and healthy routine of the skin. On a general basis, a cocoa butter lotion is used to get rid of wrinkles, stretch marks, redness, itchiness, rashes, and scars. On the contrary, it enhances the flow of blood in the skin and improves the skin’s elasticity.

Final Verdict

Cocoa butter lotion has been one of the highly recommended lotions in the entire world. Due to recommendations and better results, almost 90 percent of the women in the world are using it to treat their skin in a better and healthy way. And even the lotion has shown commendable results on the user’s skins whether it is dry, rough, oily, cracked, or sensitive. If you are also facing the same issues, you can go for the best cocoa butter lotion suiting your needs. But before purchasing you must ensure your skin is habitual with cocoa butter and won’t cause any reaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the best cocoa butter lotion from the top brands ruling the world.

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