Best Cocoa Butter lotion Buying Guide for 2021

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Does your skin feel dry or itchy right after a shower?

Are you insecure about the stretch marks caused due to pregnancy?

Or, haven’t your previous lotions given maximum satisfaction to your skin as expected?

There are many issues that a woman faces in her everyday life. Some issues are so serious but she still faces them in a challenging way. But, if the issue is concerned with her skin or beauty, it makes her feel low and under-confident.

So, to help the millions of women out there, beauty brands have launched their best lotions to make their skin glow, happy and confident. One such trending lotion in the market is the cocoa butter lotion. The cocoa butter lotions are the best lotions to date as they are known to protect the skin along with nourishing and hydrating it. But, before purchasing it, you must go through a proper guide to get yourself a cocoa butter lotion.

So, we have prepared a well-researched buying guide for the best cocoa butter lotion for you. Going through this guide will give you a wide picture of the exact product you are looking for in the market. Let’s have a look at it.

Buying Guide for the Best Cocoa Butter Lotion in 2021

In this buying guide, you can look for the best features provided in the cocoa butter lotions. These features will help you in finding the perfect lotion among a variety of brands available without any hustle. Hence, go through it carefully!

Type of Usage of the Lotion

Every cocoa butter lotion is designed for fulfilling different purposes and can be applied in certain body areas. Some of these lotions can be used only on hands. This type of lotion generally reduces the dryness and is of thick texture so that it doesn’t make the hands oily. Similarly, some of them have an in-shower feature while others can be used as a regular lotion over the entire body.

Thus, before seeing the best cocoa butter lotion, you must consider the key feature of the lotion and the purpose of your requirement.

High Concentration of Cocoa Butter in the Lotion

Since you are looking for a cocoa butter lotion, you must go for the lotion with a high concentration of cocoa butter. The cocoa butter in a lotion a high concentration of hydrating and nourishing properties. However, there are many other necessary properties held by cocoa butter. They are-

  • High Antioxidants: In cocoa butter, there is a high concentration of antioxidants which reduces skin damage, aging, and dull skin.
  • Reduces Irritation: Cocoa butter, especially in a lotion is meant to reduce any kind of inflammation or itchiness or redness on the skin.
  • Treats Stretch Marks: Approximately 90 percent of the ladies faces the issue of stretch marks right after their pregnancy. This disturbs their body shaping. If they use cocoa butter regularly in their post-pregnancy for some time, they are likely to get rid of these marks and get back their original elegant body.

The scent of the Lotion

Cocoa butter used to have a sweet and nutty smell which is quite pleasing to the mind. When this cocoa butter is mixed with many other ingredients to form a proper lotion, it forms a different scent which is highly fascinating and refreshing for the body. The scent of these lotions is long-lasting in the areas you have applied to the lotion. But if you are looking for the lotion with minimum ingredients, you can only get a fragrance-free one but with the same functional properties.

Packing of the Lotion

While purchasing the cocoa butter lotion, you can see them in different packages. Some of the common packages are squirt bottles, tubs, and squeeze bottles. Among these types, you always go for the type which matches the way you wish to use it. For example, if you are purchasing a lotion to travel, you must go for squeeze bottles as they are highly convenient to be used immediately. On the other hand, if you wish to apply the lotion just after a shower, then squirt bottles will be the best for you.

Additional Ingredients

Every product has additional ingredients and so a cocoa butter lotion. In a cocoa butter lotion, there are many kinds of ingredients apart from the cocoa butter which is added to augment its properties. One of the highly used ingredients is shea butter or soybean oil. These ingredients add to the moisturizing and scent properties of the lotion, thus giving the user a fascinating experience.


It is quite difficult for one to purchase a lotion without testing its texture. So, looking after such issues, some of the companies note the lotion’s texture on the bottle. This allows the customer to decide whether it fits their desirability or not. However, among so many texture lotions, you must prefer choosing the lotion which guarantees long-lasting, non-greasy, and smooth skin by absorbing deeply into the skin.

Lotion’s Size and Price

It happens many times that a person overlooks the price of the lotion in the race of purchasing the best for him. At this point, the person loses no matter he got himself the best product. So, while purchasing the cocoa butter lotion, one cannot skip its size and price. You must determine whether the price matches perfectly with the size of the lotion or not. At times, the price of the lotion seems to be higher as compared to its size. So, the best way to get yourself a reasonable and perfect cocoa butter lotion is by verifying the various sizes of the lotion with their prices and choosing the perfect one. But, if you have the desired size in your mind, you can go for the price comparisons of different brands. The best method to compare the price is by checking it by cost per ounce.

Chemical Free

Lotions are generally made from harmful chemicals such as SLS, parabens, sulfates, and many more. These chemicals react with the present ingredients and lower their characteristics. They even affect the overall goodness of the lotion which prevents the lotion from satisfying the customer.

Skin Types

Lotions have different effects on different skin types. If you have oily skin and use the lotion recommended for oily skin, it can lead to a different reaction as expected. Thus, to avoid such issues, you must go through the skin type label highly visible in the lotion’s cover, bottle, sachets, etc. However, nowadays most of the lotions available are suitable for every skin type, inclusive of sensitive skin. This reduces any kind of confusion or fear of using the available product on behalf of the customer.

FAQs on Best Cocoa Butter Lotion in 2021

Will Cocoa Butter Lotion make me fair?

Cocoa butter lotion doesn’t work to lighten the skin. However, if you apply the lotion daily, you will get your original skin tone back in a few months. But to get back the original skin tone, you must avoid sunny outings to restrict your skin from coming in the sun’s exposure.

Will the Cocoa Butter Lotion suit my Skin?

Cocoa butter lotion is considered to be good for the skin as it moisturizes it and protects it from various skin conditions. It converts a dry, cracked and rough skin parts into smooth skin and boosts its appearance. However, before using the cocoa butter lotion you must be aware of your body’s reaction towards it. Generally, some people’s skin is quite sensitive or allergic to cocoa butter which may cause the issue to their skin.

Does Cocoa Butter Lotion help in getting rid of Stretch Marks?

Applying cocoa butter lotion regularly enhances the skin’s elasticity. So, you can apply this lotion during the time of pregnancy and after pregnancy on the areas likely to gain stretch marks. You can use this lotion on other stretch mark areas such as arms, thighs, etc. Cocoa butter, elastin, natural oils, and lutein present in the lotions works effectively on the skin for almost 48 hours allowing the skin to stretch easily.

Can the Cocoa Butter Lotion be applied under the eyes?

Yes, just like shea butter lotion, a cocoa butter lotion can also be applied under the eyes. As the cocoa butter has the property to reduce wrinkles, it will reduce the wrinkles surrounding your eyes. It will even let you get rid of dark circles under your eyes which is developed due to an increase in age or lack of proper sleep.

How to Make DIY Heavenly Cocoa Lotion?

Video Transcript:

Hey bees I’m worried from Hubble bee and me and today we are making something I’m calling heavenly cocoa lotion and if you are familiar with the offerings of certain rather luscious company you may recognize the roots of this particular DIY so i’ve had quite a few recipe requests for this particular DIY and from what I understand this is a very popular product from the original source so not surprising one of the things that I adheres the most often when I get a recipe request for a lush product is that the requester wants it without the parabens understandable.

However the parabens are in there for a reason it is because lush loves – let’s attempt bacterial fate they put a ton of really really really hard to preserve ingredients in their product in this one there is vanilla infused water and almond milk think about how long you would leave almond milk out on your counter and still drink it probably a significantly shorter period of time than you would like your lotion to survive so that’s why there are parabens in the original because there’s a ton of bacterial bug food temptation in there and you know they need to bring out the big guns in terms of the preservative so that their motion doesn’t turn into a disgusting moly mess and absolutely no time flat so in order to drop the parabens we also need to drop the almond milk and the vanilla infusion because those are just great big bacterial temptations so instead we’re going to include vanilla essential oil and almond oil so we still have some of those those notes from the original but we can happily preserve it with a you know maybe like not like a bazooka but you know just like a rightful of liquid dermal plus I have also included some incredibly fragrant cocoa butter in this there’s only four percent cocoa butter in this recipe but oh my do you really get wonderful cocoa butter you note i’ve also added some cocoa bio ferment which is a really neat anti-aging ingredient but I recognize that it’s very weird it helps with skin firming and with cellulite I mostly just included it because I bought some a while ago and it’s just been sitting there in my pantry going what you’re going to put me in every night.

No you’re kind of a weird ingredient most of my readers and viewers won’t have you and so I use it here but if you don’t have it use a hydrolyzed protein instead so something like hydrolyzed Silkk or another good alternative would be seek out bio ferment or if you’d use like hydrolyzed Oh proteins yeah there are other options so don’t get hung up on a Coco bottle from it because I know it’s super weird but I have some I don’t want to use it now the product that inspired this one uses a dove orchid extract that I have absolutely no idea how to source I found a couple dove extracts no I found a couple orchid extracts and dove extract would be gross and weird on an American website don’t have it not American don’t want to pay for the shipping so we reason something else instead the Dove orchid extract was in there for their skin soothing and calming benefits and we have loads of botanical extracts we can do that with without hunting down a dove orchid and extracting it so I’m using chrysanthemum extract because I just bought some from Voyager and I want to play with it but you could also use camel Isle or green tea would be really good options or just something that your skin like so it’s also being good choice or just leave it out is that’s fine it’s 1% of the recipe not going to break it as with all lotions we basically combine our water part divided our oil part keep them blend them and then add our cool down ingredients after cool down and then voila.

Heavenly cocoa lotion so come on let’s go mix up we’ll begin by combining our water part and our oil part into two separate containers so this is a 250 milliliter glass beaker with 84 grams of distilled water in it and to that we’re going to add 2 grams of vegetable glycerin and one gram of chrysanthemum extract and for our oil part you’re going to need 7 grams of sweet almond oil 4 grams of the most fragrant cocoa butter you can find 5 grams of.

Emulsifying wax.

Nf or any other complete emulsifying wax like BPMS 50.

Rheda moles or polo wax and 2 grams of cetyl alcohol if you don’t have fetal alcohol just use 2 more grams of cocoa butter so melt everything and.

Our phase is ready to be combined i’ve got a water bath here and you’ll see a pretty bright pink thing in there so this is a like a pink coaster and so I’m experimenting with using this I found it for salad kitchen shop as a double boiler insulator for these beakers since they have thinner bottoms than these bad boys which are as you can sort see here way sturdier than these so I thought it would be kind of a thing to try I don’t know we’ll see so far it seems to be working reasonably well but I’m going to go pop this on the stovetop for about half an hour over medium medium-low heat until everything here is nice and liquid and until this is steaming all right so after about 20 minutes everything has melted through and heated through you can remove everything from your water bath and you can set your water set baths aside you are done with that all right.

So you’re going to dry off the outsides of our beakers measuring cups here and we will add our water part to our lower part.

So you can see that’s already becoming milky as it starts to emulsify which is awesome so we’ll start by giving it a few quick short blasts it’s our.

Immersion blender if you blend too long or too enthusiastically this as you can see very thin and still quite hot liquid will just spray everywhere so be careful oops just like that.

All right well as you can see I made a bit of a mess there despite my best efforts to be careful so this is a 250 milliliter measuring cup and this is about a hundred gram batch of lotion so you can see there’s plenty of headspace but clearly not enough all my 500 milliliter measuring cups are in the wash right now and I thought I should get away with this but clearly not the greatest of ideas so learn from my mistakes use a larger measuring cup and now I’m going to leave this to cool for about 20 minutes before coming back and blending it some more.

20 minutes later this is starting to thicken up a bit but mostly on the top so blend that to get that to be a little bit more homogeneous and this is cooling really nicely the outside of the measuring cup isn’t really hot at Pole which is great.

So honestly that’s looking pretty good and really doesn’t feel very warm to the touch so we can add our cooldown ingredients so we have 1 gram of cocoa bio ferment and this is optional or you could use a hydrolyzed protein instead of it they don’t really do the same thing but I know cocoa bio for vets is kind of weird.

So some alternatives there for you we’re going to do about 20 drops of vanilla essential oil I don’t use the nil essential oil a lot because it is water soluble and benzoin is oil soluble so I find I end up using benzyl and a lot more for that vanilla like note but vanilla like the real vanilla stuff does have a much more vanilla scent to it and I wanted that here.

We’re also going to add a drop of vitamin E.

And half a percent of liquid Jamal plus stir to combine and I’m going to leave this to continue to cool since it is still a little bit warm and you don’t want to bottle a warm lotion.

Once your lotion has cooled to room temperature you are ready to move it to your container so if you want to sort of keep up the look of it you can put it in one of these black screw top containers and I will put the link to these in the description box below but I just got myself a bunch of squeezy bottles so I want this lotion in a squeezy bottle you.

All right you can pop your lid on there and there you go you just made some heavenly cocoa lotion it smells divine absorbs into the skin in a flash and is downright lovely thank you so much for watching please subscribe and check the description box below for the full written recipe and the links to this recipe on my blog and I will see you next time.

What is the Need for Using Cocoa Butter in a Lotion?

Cocoa butter contains fatty acids that generate the ability in it to nourish and hydrate the skin as it develops a barrier in the skin which stores the skin’s moisture. Further, it has phytochemicals, a compound that is only found in plants. These phytochemical substances improve the blood flow in the skin which reduces skin aging, makes it glow, and protects it from harmful ultraviolet rays.

However, there are many more benefits of cocoa butter. Looking after the benefits of the cocoa butter, it is used in the lotions to provide an amazing experience to the users. By applying this lotion regularly, people watch their skin grow healthier and glows than usual.

How to Make DIY Vanilla Cocoa Body Lotion?

Video Transcript:

Hey bees I’m Marine from humble bee and me and today we are making some vanilla cocoa body lotion this stuff it smells awesome it started as a recipe requests from Zil a couple years ago she wanted a lotion that smelled like a cupcake and now I’m into thinking about that line of body products that Jessica Simpson came out with like 15 years ago I never had any but one night when I was babysitting like the family that I was babysitting for I had like this tub of like cupcake body butter sitting on the coffee table and I probably this is embarrassing my prom spent like an hour trying to figure out if I’d regret eating it or not because it smelled so so strong oh good so with those two brain briggs brain bugs cupcakes want to eat it i set out to create this lotion the base of this lotion is a beautiful blend of virgin coconut oil which smells like pina coladas and cocoa butter which melds like chocolate so you blend those together and that’s most delicious and then we’re going to make it even more delicious by adding some vanilla and benzoin essential oils for a very like I want to put this on my bagel in the morning kind of sensory experience not recommended by the way it will ruin the lotion for you but it’s awesome for your skin if not your bagels so come on let’s get started to start off with we’ll put our oils into this heat-resistant glass measuring cup so in here I have 7 grams of virgin coconut oil and make sure you use the stuff that smells awesome and like pina coladas and here I have 9 grams of cocoa butter and make sure you’re using the awesome super chocolaty smelling cocoa butter and here I have 7 grams of emulsifying wax and so this is a multiplying wax.

Nf but you could also use BTM s50 Rita Moss or polo axe instead and in here I have two grams of cetyl alcohol and so you’ll notice that this is a little bit different from the original recipe on my blog which uses 9 grams of coconut oil and contains no cetyl alcohol so I’m including the seal alcohol to make a thicker silkier lotion it’s totally optional.

If you don’t want to use it just use nine grams of coconut oil instead and we’ll also add a couple drops of vitamin E for our water part and here I have a small beaker that contains 85 grams of just boiled water and we’re going to add 1/8 of a teaspoon of silk peptides and you could use silk powder or silk amino acid instead if that is what you have and two grams of vegetable glycerin and we’re going to cover this with some foil.

And so to heat everything up we have a saucepan here that has about an inch of water or 3 centimeters and so we’ll put this in here and you’ll notice that there’s a little lid down there and I’m using that because the bottom of these beakers is not quite as thick as the bottom is these measuring cups and I want to insulate it from the bottom of the saucepan so I’m going to go put this over the stove top over medium heat for about half an hour to heat and hold everything.

So after about half an hour we are done with the stovetop so we can remove our containers from our water bath and then set the water bath aside.

I want to grab your immersion blender and we’re going to give this a few quick bursts you want to make sure they’re quite short and quite quick otherwise this still very very liquidy lotion will leap out of your measuring cup.

All right I’m going to leave that to cool for about 10 minutes.

Ten minutes later this is a little bit cooler and it is starting to thicken out faster than a lot of other lotions that I make do because of that edition of the cetyl alcohol which is great because we added that to make it thicker and creamier and looks like we are well on track to have that happen so I’m going to give it a few more bursts here and keep on blending.

You can see that has really really really thickened up in just a short amount of time there with that blending nice.


So I can still feel that this is really quite warm so I’m going to leave it to cool for another ten minutes and while I do that I’m going to go pop my benzoin essential oil into a hot water bath I don’t have a lot left in it and it’s really really really viscous so if I don’t pop this into a hot water bottle hot water bath you’re going to be watching me try to pour it for about five minutes so be back in about ten so it’s been another ten minutes and you can see that this is absolutely beautiful and thick and wonderful and whippy and I’m pretty excited about that consistency so now we can add our central oils and our preservative so for essential oils we are continuing down the delicious sort of cocoa vanilla root so i’ve got some vanilla 10-fold essential oil which I rarely use because it’s water soluble and not that potent but it is really nice here and some benzoin fresh out of our hot water bath it is much less viscous than it was before so we’re going to go for about two blobs of benzoin and four drops of vanilla.

And now for our preservative so in here I have half a gram of liquid Jermel plus now all that stuff to do is transfer this to our container so this is a 1/2 cup or 120 milliliter mason jar you.

And there you go you just made some vanilla cocoa body lotion thank you so much for watching please subscribe and check the description box below for the full written recipe with amounts in both metric and imperial and links to this recipe on my blog or you’ll find more information about emulsifying wax preservatives and all of the ingredients had equipment I used see you next time.

How is Cocoa Butter Lotion better than other Moisturizers?

While surveying in the market, you are likely to come across a bundle of moisturizers. Every moisturizer has a specific ingredient which adds to its richness like cocoa butter, lavender oil, shea butter, and many more. Among these main ingredients, the moisturizer with cocoa butter is highly preferred by the users, especially women.

The fat content in cocoa butter is generally high which allows it to provide a dense and rich feel when used in a moisturizer. Usually, cocoa butter and shea butter are compared to each other as they both provide the same amount of softness and pleasure to the skin. However, cocoa butter has a more sweet and pleasant smell than shea butter which makes it a highly preferred moisturizer among ladies.

How to Make DIY Cocoa Butter Body Meringue?

Video Transcript:

Hey these ivory from Hubble being me and today we’re going to be making my cocoa butter body meringue i’ve had a bunch of requests for this recipe and video format so here we are so this is a really neat project we’re basically going to be making a lotion but we’re only going to use cocoa butter for our carrier oil cocoa butter is brittle at room temperature and so that means when we make a lotion with a bunch of cocoa butter in it it ends up being quite thick and in this case it ends up being thick enough that we can whip it we can use our electric kitchen beaters to with a bunch of air into it which gives it this lovely light texture when it’s fresh you can dab it up like you would a meringue get those lovely like sort of soft peaks with it and as it settles down you get a really neat Airy.

Marshmallow a texture because there’s a ton of air in this lotion you can spread it over a wide area of your skin which means it’s not at all greasy which is also fantastic especially on warmer days like these ones all right let’s go whip ourselves up some cocoa butter body meringue.

We’ll start by getting our water part ready so in here we have 70 grams of just boiled water and this here is three grams of raw honey if you don’t have honey or if you are vegan you can just use more vegetable glycerin and place it the honey and then in here we have two grams of vegetable glycerin.

And then we’ll get our oil part put together so we have 18 grams of cocoa butter and one convenient lump and 7 grams of am Ultimo’s or rida most emulsifying wax you could also use bt ms 50 for this project I’m not hugely sold on using polo acts or emulsifying wax NF because they don’t set up quite as quickly as a Mulsim all Sorby KMS 50 but if that’s what you have you can.

Definitely give it a go it just will probably take you a little bit longer all right so we’re going to put these in here this is just a saute pan that’s got about an inch of water in it and I’m going to go put this on my stove top over medium heat for about half an hour to melt everything through and also to heat the water up and hold it to kill any bacteria that might be living in it all right so now that our cocoa butter and emulsifying wax have melted through and our water is all heated through we’re going to remove these from the water bath and set the water bath aside we are done with that it is a quick stir and we’re going to pour the oils into the water part and we’ll grab our immersion blender and give this a couple quick blasts to get it emulsifying you can see two blasts and we’re already on our way to a lovely white creamy bit of deliciousness.

All right now that that’s thoroughly blended we’re going to leave it to cool down for a little while and come back and add our preservative and then we can move on to the whippy meringue part it’s been 15 minutes and this is starting to thicken up nicely we’ll give it a blend to help it sort of thoroughly incorporate because you can see the bits that have thickened on the top and on the sides they’re just looking a little a little curdled lumpy ish but not nothing a good blending won’t fix so you want to lift the blender up and sort of push it back down along the sides to help scrape down any lotion that squirts out and heads up the side of your cup we are ready to add our preservative now so this here is half a gram of liquid germ all plus you don’t need much but it’ll potent stuff that will get the job done and don’t be tempted to use extra to make it extra preserved this stuff is potent enough that using too much is really not a good idea so give that another good blending there to.

Thoroughly incorporate our preservative okay so we’re not adding any essential oils to this because the cocoa butter smells so amazing that we honestly don’t need them you could add a little bit of benzoin if you wanted or maybe some coffee essential oil to really.

Complement the delicious chocolate scent but I’m perfectly happy for my body meringue to just smell like just chocolate so at this point we’re done with our immersion blender so I’m going to disconnect this and we can go put that away and wash it so up until this point the blending that we’ve been doing with the immersion blender is a high sheer blend to really just blend everything together and get a nice stable emulsion but in order to turn this into a body meringue we actually need to get a bunch of air in here which is where a set of kitchen beaters like you’d use for making cookies come in handy and so to use those I find it’s it’s much easier to use a bowl than to use one of these measuring cups so we’re just going to transfer our lotion into a relatively small but still quite deep mixing bowl you can really use your spatula to get as much as possible out of here.

So we are relying on the fatty acid makeup of cocoa butter to end up making a lotion that is thick enough that it can sustain having water beaten into it think about trying to beat air into butter versus canola oil obviously you’ll be able to beat quite a lot of air into butter and get it light and fluffy because butter is solid but canola oil is not solid at room.

Temperature so you can’t really with any any air into that it just kind of gets frothy and then deflates so in order to really be able to whip this up we’re going to need to get it to set so I’m going to put a bit of cling film over the top of this and put it in the fridge the cling film is to keep it from drying out because you know that’s no good we don’t want our lotion to dry out we’re going to be putting this in the fridge for about an hour and then taking it out and beating it so we’re repeating that a couple times so it’ll take a while but most of its downtime so let’s go put this in the fridge.

So it’s been an hour and we are ready to give our body meringue its first feeding so i’ve got my electric kitchen mixers here I have no idea where the secondary whisk attachment went but that’s alright and let’s give this a whisking.


So that’s started to increase in volume a little bit but it still needs to be chilled and whipped a few more times so back goes the cling film and back into the fridge we go.

Another hour has gone by and it’s time for another round of whipping.


Okay I’m going to cover this and chill it and whip it again.

That it’s probably going to be more than an hour this time because I am going to bar class

So it’s been three hours I’m back from my bar class it was a great workout let’s see where we’re at

Give this a little spatula stir alright so this is getting pretty light and what we’re looking for if you’re me if you’re familiar with making meringues you’ll know this step where you can sort of doubt it and you’ll get little little Peaks so we’re getting there so I think we’re just sort of 1/1 beating away and we’re ready to lightly spoon this into our container.


Excellent so you can see when we tap the lotion with the spatula you get this lovely little meringue you dollop so that’s fantastic so we are ready to lightly spoon this into our container and set this aside you don’t need that anymore so i’ve got a cute little tin here it’s an 8 ounce or 240 milliliter tin so we’re going to be quite gentle with this because we don’t want to squish out all that air that we’ve so carefully worked in there you can see that the consistency of this is very different from a standard lotion gently press that down.

There’s a couple light whacks on the meaty part of your hand to help it settle down gently you don’t want to do really big air bubbles in there and since this is so thick that can happen so see if we can prevent that get that little test because this has so much air in it it spreads around the skin really beautifully and sinks in really quickly so for a fun little bit of presentation you can kind of dollop the top of the lotion obviously putting the lid on it will ruin the effect but it’s kind of kind of a fun thing to do to take a picture or something you can see how texturized it is and there you go you just made a cocoa butter body meringue thank you so much for watching please subscribe and check the description box below for the full recipe and links to everything I used in this project see you next time.

If I use the Cocoa Butter Lotion frequently, will it Darken my Skin?

You might have heard people saying that cocoa butter is not that good for the skin or it darkens the skin. But there is nothing like this. These sayings are just a rumor. Applying cocoa butter lotion will give the best experience to your skin. Using it regularly will enhance your skin tone especially the parts with dark spots. You can even use this lotion on your face to lighten your dark skin.

In how much time will my Dark Spots get healed if I continuously apply Cocoa Butter Lotion?

Cocoa butter contains certain properties that heal dark spots and darkened skin. Cocoa butter, when provided in a lotion as lotion’s main ingredient, will give you better and early results. Using the lotion daily in the desired areas will show results within 3 months. However, the scaring will fade away gradually and you can yourself notice the change in your skin.

How To Make Cocoa Butter At Home?

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone welcome back my name is Oba a clear skinny issue I new don’t forget to subscribe today a video I’m going to show you how you can make a cold butter at home it’s so easy to make so first you need a cocoa beans that is very dry now they have dry it or you can try it yourself this one I dried by myself so this is my cocoa beans that I’m going to use and i’ll be removing the skin which I can show you that pad but it’s so easy to do if it’s dry so first dry your cocoa beans and you remove the skin from the cocoa bean so you can see this is the cocoa beans and the skin is the one in the pink Bowl so you remove the skin from it this video is not for sale if anyone saw my youtube videos to you they are taking your money for free so this is my cocoa beans that I have removed the skin and I have break it into smaller pieces so that it would be easy for me to blend it so all your need is a food processor or a foot blender to blend it so you can see I’m blending my cocoa beans and all you need is a powder form so now I have my cocoa beans and if you check you can see this a little oil in needs we call it cocoa beans.

It’s like blending a granite the same type that you see there’s much more oils in it next you need a saucepan so put water in a saucepan and bring to boil you border water for at least 15 minutes so now I have my water on fire and I’m going to boil it for 15 minutes so now I have my water boiling I will add my cocoa powder to it then you keep stirring it so that everything will be missed well.

Keep selling it this one you will live it for it to cook by you come back every 15 minutes to sell it so you lived a mixture and let them Monsieur cook like you are making a soup you understand if you come from Africa you understand why you are making a soup.

It looked like this so keep selling it every 15 minutes so you cook on so there is no water it to look like a sauce when there is no water in it it will look like a sauce so now you can see there is no water and the cocoa butter is floating on top now you look like an oil but when it’s cooled down the oil is going to be hard or going to be solid so you keep selling for another ten minutes before we strain this oil this video is not for sale I know so some people are selling my video for money which I don’t know nothing about it.

People have been contacting me for that and I don’t know nothing about that so get a bull and a strainer and strain your cocoa butter in it I says no cooldown for it to become hard i’ll rather call it oil so my cocoa oil mean it so if you want a clean play cocoa butter with no particle you need to use a small net to strain it my I didn’t have that time to strain it my so you can see small particles in mine when it’s cooled down it becomes solid so I strained my in a calabash I have this small calabash that I’m I will like now you have your cocoa butter when it becomes solid it will look like this you can use it to make your d.i.y body lotion soap hair creams and even for food when you.

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For how many hours can it provide Moisture to my Skin?

Every lotion has a different tendency of providing moisture to the skin. Some of them provide moisture for 12 hours while others provide for 20 or 24 hours. However, on average the best cocoa butter lotion can keep your skin moisturized for 20 hours. Such type of lotions doesn’t wash away from the skin even through water which is one of the best features in them.

So, before purchasing the cocoa butter lotion, you must check the number of hours it is likely to keep your skin hydrated and make the best use of your amount spent.

What main Ingredients must the Cocoa Butter Lotion contain to provide a Healthy Skin?

No matter a cocoa butter lotion contains cocoa butter, it is incomplete without the following ingredients-

  • Aloe Vera
  • Almond Oil
  • Allantoin
  • Tropical Nut Oils
  • Vitamin E
  • Vaseline Jelly

If you get a lotion containing all or any of these three ingredients, then don’t miss the opportunity to grab it.

For what reasons is the Cocoa Butter Lotion good for?

Cocoa butter lotion is generally used for a better and healthy routine of the skin. On a general basis, a cocoa butter lotion is used to get rid of wrinkles, stretch marks, redness, itchiness, rashes, and scars. On the contrary, it enhances the flow of blood in the skin and improves the skin’s elasticity.

Final Verdict

Cocoa butter lotion has been one of the highly recommended lotions in the entire world. Due to recommendations and better results, almost 90 percent of the women in the world are using it to treat their skin in a better and healthy way. And even the lotion has shown commendable results on the user’s skins whether it is dry, rough, oily, cracked, or sensitive. If you are also facing the same issues, you can go for the best cocoa butter lotion suiting your needs. But before purchasing you must ensure your skin is habitual with cocoa butter and won’t cause any reaction.

So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself the best cocoa butter lotion from the top brands ruling the world.

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