15 Best Glass Top Dining Tables Reviews for 2021

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Glass top dining tables are really elegant, stylish and appealing. It is the ideal dining table to make your dining room very glamorous.

We have spent the last 48 hours finding the best glass top dining table. There is no doubt our findings will assist to make a great choice.

There are inferior glass top dining tables out there. This is why choosing one can be very complicated. Don’t worry. We have got you covered. Our 15 best glass top dining tables review is made to help you make an informed and lasting decision.

The table below is a guide on the tables we have chosen for review.

Reviews of 15 Best Glass Top Dining Tables for 2021

1. Flash Furniture Rectangular Solid Walnut Table –

glass top dining tableThis is one of the best glass top dining tables in the market. The wood and glass combination makes it a durable and sturdy dining piece. Perfectly made to fit into narrow spaces; the table will delight both your family and friends when having a nice meal. It can also serve as a kitchen table.


  • Sturdy construction – The table is made with durability and sturdiness in mind. The base is made from real wood to guarantee stability.
  • Ease of assembly – Assembling the table is a breeze. It includes hardware and assembly guide for quick and easy assembly in less than 30 minutes.
  • Contemporary design – The contemporary style makes this table complementary to any dining room décor of your choice. There will be no need to worry about color combinations. It goes well with different colors.
  • Fine finish –The frame of the table is made from solid walnut Beachwood to bring elegance and beauty into your dining space.
  • Floor protection – The foot of the table uses floor glides to prevent accidental movement. The floor glides also prevent floor scratches.

2. Global Furniture Glass Top Dining Table –

glass top dining table set 4 chairsIf you want to make a bold statement in your dining room, this glass top table will help you make a resounding statement of style. This modern and contemporary dining room table is elegant, functional and stylish. Its design stands out from the crowd. It has a great appealing look that will wow your guests and visitors. This table is a showstopper anytime, any day. It features a clear tempered glass top with an attractive two-tone pedestal base. The stainless steel base comes with a polished chrome accent. There are two oval supports for the stability of the table. It can match perfectly with modern chairs and décors. This is a perfect piece for any modern home. The table will fit into narrow spaces. It will seat six to eight people conveniently and comfortably.


  • Easy setup – Assembling this table is super easy. Just screw up the glass top to the base. The needed hardware comes with the consignment
  • Quality design – The design of the table is top-notch. The construction is extraordinarily sturdy. It is made for many years of enjoyment.
  • Compliments any décor – The finish is something that will blend with any dining room décor. The stainless steel base alongside the chrome accent will bring glamour into your dining space.
  • Comfortable seating – It is comfortable to seat around the table. It has got enough leg rooms to seat a maximum of eight people.

3. Versanora Minimalista Dining Table –

glass top dining table setsThe Minimalista Dining Table has a minimalistic design with a chic look that brings a modern feel into your home. It is a minimalistic design with style. It goes well with any color of chairs and décors to bring functionality into your dining space. The surface of the table is durable with ease of cleaning. The legs are made of metal but well polished to make it look wooden. The frame is solid to make the glass top stay in place. The simple and modern design matches any dining style making it very versatile. The materials used in constructing the table are durable and sturdy. It is capable of sitting four people comfortably with enough leg rooms.


  • Ease of assembly – Assembly is simple and straightforward. The table comes with a leg leveler, accessories and assembly instructions for quick and easy setup.
  • Durable – The table is built to last. The glass top is scratch-resistant and well supported with metal legs for strength and stability.
  • Versatile – The glass dining table comes with versatility. It can with paired with any kind of dining chairs to suit your dining style.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning the glass top table is super easy. Just use a damp cloth to wipe down and use a dry cloth to clean up.

4. Flash Furniture Round Glass Table with Chrome Base –

round glass top dining table setDine-in an abundance of style and elegance with the Flash Furniture Round Glass Dining Table. It comes with a chrome base for attraction and stability. The table is ideal for cocktails or decorative purposes. It is stylish and appealing. The round glass table is very compact. It is perfectly suited for small and compact spaces. The chrome base has a protective plastic ring to prevent floor scratches. This glass top table goes well with barstools of different colors. It can comfortably sit two people. This is the best glass table for socializing.


  • Easy and quick assembly – There are four bolts and washers to perfectly secure the glass table to the base. Screws are included for a simple and straightforward setup
  • Ease of cleaning – the glass top is tempered making it easy to clean with a damp cloth.
  • Sturdy construction – The chrome base is strong and durable. It provides unparalleled stability to the glass top.
  • Compact size – This is a nice table for small dining spaces in the kitchen or dining room. It is also perfect for a studio or small nook.

5. Monarch Specialties Glass Dining Table –

extendable glass top dining tableBring a classy look into your dining room with the Monarch Specialties Dining Table with a chrome base. The contemporary style with a chic look makes this table ideal for memorable meals with friends and family. The chrome tabular base brings a modern touch to keep your dining space stylish. The clear tempered glass makes your home look welcoming all the time due to its appealing and elegant look. It features smooth rounded edges from top to bottom to easily suit any chairs of your choice. It is perfect for small spaces.


  • Easy setup – The chrome tubular base is held on to the glass tabletop with four screws. Accessories are included in the package.
  • Smooth glass – The tampered glass has a smooth surface that makes it super easy to clean.
  • Versatile – The table has unparalleled versatility. It goes well with dining chairs of different colors and décors.
  • Comfortable – Four people can sit comfortably around the table with enough leg rooms.
  • Sturdy construction – The glass top dining table is sturdily built for many years of use. It is durable and strong.

6. Flash Furniture Rectangular Solid Espresso Wood Table –

round glass top dining tableEnjoy great meals with this espresso wood frame; clear glass top dining table for your dining pleasure. The table is made to suit different dining decors. This table brings a modern and stylish look into your dining space. The frame is made from Beachwood for sturdiness and durability. You don’t have to worry about your floor as the table comes with floor glides to guard against unintentional movement and floor scratches. The table can seat four people comfortably with enough leg rooms. It blends well with any dining décor and chairs.


  • Contemporary style – The contemporary style gives your dining room a classic look that entices your guests. No worries about the décor theme.
  • Sturdy – You will enjoy the sturdiness and durability of this table. The base is made from Beachwood for long-lasting use.
  • Quick assembly – Though the table does not come with assembly instructions. It is pretty easy to assemble. It comes with the hardware needed for a quick assembly.
  • The floor glides – To prevent the scratching of the floor and stop accidental movement, the table is fitted with floor glides.

7. See Glass Dining Table Base –

glass top dining table set 6 chairsIf you are looking for a strong base for your tabletop, this table base is well recommended. The base supports different shapes and sizes of tables like oval, round or racetrack oval glass tabletop. The clear glass base gives your dining room a modern and stylish look. The base is very thick. It can support a wooden tabletop.


  • Strong and durable – The base is heavily built to support heavy tabletop to make your dining room look elegant and spectacular.
  • Easy to set up – Setting up the table base with your desired tabletop is quick and easy. Just allow your tabletop rest on the table bases. It comes with rubber bump-on and U-Channels to hold the tabletop in place.
  • Tempered glass – The table base is completely tempered glass; not inferior glass. This makes it very safe to use.
  • No scratches – The glass table base does not scratch making it good for children and pets.

8. Uptown Club Glass Dining Room Table –

ikea glass top dining tableThe Uptown Club Glass Table is a masterpiece and showstopper. The four crisscross legs are made from stainless steel for durability, sturdiness and stability. This glass table is full of elegance, glamour and class rolled in one. The table brings a touch of opulence to your dining space with its ultra-modern design that is capable to seat four people comfortably. The sleek and modern feel will stun your visitors and guests. The tempered glass is extremely easy to clean. Its timeless appearance will make it a talking point for a long time to come. It is quite marching for different décors and dining chairs.


  • Solid base – The crisscrossed base is strong and rugged. It is entirely made from stainless steel for long-lasting use.
  • Assembly required – The table needs to be assembled. It comes with assembly instructions and accessories for easy setup.
  • Ultramodern design – With a modern and chic look, this glass table is the right table to bring luxury into your home.
  • Comfortable and convenient – Four people can sit comfortably and conveniently with plenty of leg rooms to feel relaxed.
  • Ease of cleaning – The tempered glass is easy to clean with a smooth surface. Clean with a damp cloth

9. Powell Furniture Putnam Dining Table –

modern glass top dining tableMake your dining room the center of attraction with the Putnam Dining Table. The round glass dining table is sleek and elegant. The contemporary glass top dining table design will lift the mood in your dining space. The round glass tabletop has enough space to make your family and friends comfortable. It can seat four people comfortably and conveniently. The crisscrossed chrome base is sturdy enough to support the glass table adequately. Whatever is your décor choice, this table will match perfectly. The good thing about this table is that it does not scratch. It is also easy to clean using a glass cleaner. This glass dining table is suitable for small and compact spaces to give you and your family great dining comfort.


  • Easy assembly – The assembly instructions are very easy to follow. Setup takes less than 30 minutes. Hardware for setup is included.
  • Sturdy construction – The glass tabletop is very thick and heavy and the base is made from metal for sturdiness and durability.
  • Nice finish – The chrome finish makes the table very appealing and elegant. The finish can complement different dining décor colors and chairs.
  • Easy cleaning – Cleaning the table requires the use of a glass cleaner to maintain its glittering and attractive look.
  • Comfortable –Sitting around the table is comfortable for four people.

10. Mandarine Round Glass Dining Room Table –

oval glass top dining tableIf you are looking for a round glass top dining table to host a memorable dinner party, look no further than the Madarene Glass Dining Table. The round shape of the table brings intimacy and camaraderie. The top of the clear tempered glass table glitters elegantly with a beveled edge. It can seat four people comfortably. The hexagonal metal base brings spectacle into your dining space. Its chrome-tone finish will complement any dining theme without any worries. The sheer simplicity of the glass dining table will awe your guests. The construction is extremely sturdy and durable.


  • Beautifully crafted – The table is wonderfully crafted using a metal frame with chrome-tone finish alongside a beveled edge to make it a stunning dining table.
  • Stylish design – The design is stylish and trendy. This is also a timeless design. The hexagonal base with the glass tabletop will most definitely strike a chord in the heart of guests and visitors
  • Comfortable – The table can comfortably accommodate four people because of its wide surface.
  • Easy cleaning – For the best result, it makes sense to clean the table with a glass cleaner to maintain the shiny look of the tabletop.
  • Portable size – The table is portable and compact. It can fit perfectly into small dining spaces with ease.

11. Furniture of America Glass Dining Table –

small glass top dining tableAdd a perfect touch of class to your dining space with the Furniture of America Glass Table. The glass table with a wooden base made of solid wood and espresso finish brings sophistication into your dining room. The tempered glass top sits sturdily on the wooden base. The durability and sturdiness of this dining piece are not in question. It is built strong with a combination of wood veneers and solid wood to guarantee long-lasting use. With a simple and classy design, the glass table will complement any décor and dining chairs. It can comfortably accommodate six people.


  • Easy assembly – Setup is quick and easy. The glass top is attached to the wooden base with bolts. Accessories are already provided.
  • Sturdy construction – The wooden base is made solid to adequately support the clear tempered glass top. The base is made of solid wood for great stability and sturdiness.
  • Comfortable seating – Have sumptuous meals with family and friends in comfort. The table can accommodate six people comfortably.
  • Perfect design – It is perfectly designed to fit small dining room spaces.
  • Espresso finish – With a fine espresso finish, the glass table will match any décor and dining chairs of your choice.

12. CosmoLiving Westwood Glass Top Dining Table –

square glass top dining tableMake your dining room look flawless with the Westwood Glass Dining Table. The glass table looks stunning with an hourglass metal base that effectively supports the glass top. The round base provides extra stability for the table. The table is small and compact to fit into small dining areas. Pair it with chairs and décors of your choice to have a dining room that will become the cynosure of all eyes. The seating arrangement is for four people. This is a versatile table that is not only useful in the dining room but also useful as an eat-in kitchen table or for apartment living.


  • Sturdily built – The table is built for many years of enjoyment. The durable hourglass base with a gold finish ably supports the table glass top for outstanding stability
  • Compact design – You can your life easy with compact furniture that delivers great functionalities. The small and compact design makes this dining room table ideal for small spaces.
  • Easy setup – Setting up the glass table is a breeze. The glass top should be carefully placed on the base. The base has suction cups to hold the glass top in place.
  • Elegant design – The table is elegantly designed to make your home the talking point. The stylish gold finish of the base with a clear tempered glass top can match any décor.
  • Easy to clean – The glass top has a smooth surface that makes cleaning super easy. It is advised you clean with a glass cleaner.

13. Mecor Glass Dining Table –

white glass top dining tableMake your dining space an awesome ambiance with the Mecor Glass Dining Table. The glass design brings sophistication into your dining room. This glass table dining room will make a great addition to complement your décor. The tampered clear glass has a wide area to accommodate four people comfortably. There is enough space under the table to create ample space for visitors’ legs. It comes with a lot of functionalities. Apart from being suitable for the dining room, the table is also ideal for the patio, bistro, kitchen, restaurant, etc. It can also serve as a living room table, office desk, computer table, game desk and student desk. The staggered legs are made of steel but look like wood.


  • Easy assembly – Putting the table together is simple and easy. There are for screws to tighten each leg to the table. All accessories are included for easy assembly.
  • Solidly construction – The legs are stable. They are made from chrome. The strength of the legs makes it perfect to support the glass top. The legs are rust-resistant.
  • Comfortable – The size of the table makes it appropriate for small spaces. The table can seat four people perfectly with plenty of leg rooms
  • Elegant design – The design is simple and appealing making it the perfect match in any dining room no matter the décor theme.
  • Ease of cleaning – The smooth surface of the tempered glass top makes it easy to clean every day

14. Bombay Art Deco Glass Top Rectangular Dining Table –

black glass top dining tableIf you are looking for a touch of gold in your dining room, the Bombay Art Deco Glass Table is your best bet. The black glass dining room table with brass gold-colored metal legs and frame will bring royalty into your dining space. It is sturdy and rugged to last for many years. Its rectangular design makes it most suitable for narrow spaces. The striking color contrast of black and brass gold makes it suitable for most décor themes. It can comfortably accommodate six people due to its wide surface. The tabletop is sturdy and heavy to guarantee its durability. It is extremely easy to setup.


  • Quick and easy installation – The table is pretty easy to assemble with the easy-to-follow instructions. Hardware and tools are included for a quick and easy setup.
  • Sleek design – The appealing and sleek design makes the table elegantly perfect for your dining space. The golden color of the legs with the black glass top makes your dining space look very stunning and glamorous.
  • Comfortable seating – The rectangular shape of the table makes it able to accommodate more people. It can comfortably seat six people with enough leg rooms.
  • Perfect for small spaces – Narrow spaces perfectly fit this table like a hand in glove. Limited dining spaces won’t be an issue.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning the black glass top is easy. The smooth table surface makes cleaning a breeze.

15. IDS Online Mid Century Glass Dining Table –

glass top dining table and chairsThe mid-century glass dining table is the perfect accompaniment for your dining space. The design can mix with any dining theme. The shape adds a refreshing feel to your dining space. The clear glass top provides a striking appearance that makes your dining space look spectacular. The frame of the table is sturdily built with rust-resistant, heavy-duty steel. The base is powder-coated for an increased lifespan. With wooden-look legs, the table can blend well with different dining décors.


  • Blends well – The glass table blends well with different types of décors due to the legs’ wooden look despite being made of metal. The wooden coating makes the table beautiful and protected. The coating helps to prevent rust.
  • Spacious – With enough space, the table gives you comfort while enjoying breakfast, lunch or dinner with family and friends.
  • Durable – The glass tabletop is heavy-duty while the frame is made from metal for durability and sturdiness. The metal frame construction is made to prevent termite destroying the frame if it were made of wood.
  • Easy setup – Easily and quickly set up the table. It comes with the necessary accessories needed to assemble the table and put it up for immediate use. The easy-to-follow assembly instructions will guide you perfectly.
  • Perfect for small spaces – Limited dining space won’t stop you from being stylish. The table can fit compact and narrow spaces perfectly.

Buyer’s Guide for Best Glass Top Dining Tables in 2021

Every day, meals are served on a dining table. It makes sense to get your meals served in a relaxed and welcoming dining environment. This is why dining tables come in different sizes and shapes. The most common shapes are oval, rectangular, square and round. The base can be made from metal or wood, but the top is usually glass. Many homeowners prefer buying a glass top dining table because of its benefits. If you are contemplating purchasing a glass top dining table, these are the things you must look out for.

Design –

Glass top dining tables are made in different designs and concepts. The common designs are contemporary, mid-century, traditional, rustic, mission and country. Choose a design that aligns well with your décor.

Shape –

This is another important consideration. Glass top dining tables are made in different shapes. The most common shapes are the rectangular tables. The rectangular tables have a lot of space to accommodate more people than tables of other shapes like oval or square.

Quality –

Ensure your glass top dining table is of high quality. The table must be sturdy and durable. The base must be stable whether it is made from marble, wood or metal and the base must hold the glass top in place firmly. Whether the glass top is glossy or clear glass, the important thing is that the top must be tempered glass.

Costs –

Glass top dining tables are sold at different prices depending on the quality of the product. A simple design may cost less than a hundred dollars or more while a sophisticated design can cost a lot more. The more expensive ones have silver or golden sculptures at the base. Some tables with artistic designs can cost over a thousand dollars.

Ease of assembly –

A glass top dining table should not be complicated when it comes to assembly. It should also be easy to disassemble. It is either you fasten the screw to attach the glass top to the base or the base has suction cups for quick setup. Anything outside this, won’t be suitable for Do-It-Yourself.

Storage –

It is hard to find a glass top dining table with storage space. If you find one, it makes a lot of sense. A glass dining table with storage space helps you to keep items such as tablecloths and napkins handy.

Leg rooms –

Look for a glass top dining table that has enough leg rooms. A dining table without leg rooms can bring discomfort. You should be able to spread your legs in any direction to feel relaxed and comfortable when having your favorite meals.

Final Verdict

What determines a durable and sturdy glass top dining table are the materials used in making the glass table, quality of the design, shape, size and price. We have spent 48 hours testing different glass top dining tables for strength, durability and sturdiness. Our recommendations will help you in no small ways to make a lasting choice. This is why we recommend our No.2 product, the Flash Furniture Rectangular Solid Espresso Wood Table with Clear Glass Top and No.8 product, the Uptown Club Glass Dining Room Table. If you want something more sophisticated, check the No. 3 product, the Global Furniture Glass Top Dining Table.

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