10 Best Shelf Liners for Cabinets, Drawers & More in 2021

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Are you looking for the best shelf liners to beautify your home and protect wood surfaces?

If yes, we are here to make your search easy.

Shelf liners make your home look stunning. It is a nice way to personalize your home and makes it look welcoming always. There are different ways to use shelf liners. It can be used to decorate and protect your shelves, cover the top of your table or form a layer of your kitchen cabinet.

Choosing the best shelf liners can be tough. This review is to assist you to make a good choice. Here are the shelf liners to give your home a facelift.

Quick Comparison on 10 Best Shelf Liners in 2021

The comparison table below is worthy of your attention. It is a way of showing you the available options. Check it out.

Buying Guide for Best Shelf Liners in 2021

Before you buy a shelf liner there are a few things to consider. They are in different sizes and made with different materials. You have to choose what perfectly suits your needs. This buyer’s guide will help you make a good choice. Below is the guide to follow to choose your best shelf liner.

Adhesive or non-adhesive shelf liner –

Your choice would fall into any of these two.

  1. Adhesive shelf liner – An adhesive shelf liner is one that is sticky on one side of the liner. Meaning you don’t have to spend money to buy adhesive. The adhesives are very hard. So, once you apply it to a cabinet or shelf, it becomes difficult to pull off. Adhesive shelf liners are not reusable. Another disadvantage of these liners is that they are not washable. They can only be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  2. Non-adhesive – This type of shelf liner doesn’t come with adhesive. It is the preferred choice for many because it is washable and reusable. The non-adhesive shelf liners stay firmly on the surface without folding or bending.

Texture –

This is another important consideration. You can either choose a liner with a hard texture or a soft texture. It all depends on what you want to use the liner for. If you have items that you don’t want to get scratched or if the items are fragile, it makes sense to choose a soft liner. A hard texture is suited for things such as utensils.

Ease of cleaning –

Shelf liners become dirty over time due to stains or spills. This is why it has to be cleaned periodically. It is important to choose liners that are easy to clean. This comes down to the type of material the liner is made of. Plastic liners can be washed or cleaned with a damp cloth because they are waterproof but fabric liners can only be washed by hand. Don’t buy paper liners no matter how cheap they are. They cannot be washed or cleaned.

Design –

Shelf liners are not just for the cabinet or shelf. They can be used on the walls too. They are made in different colors and patterns. Choose a liner that perfectly complements your kitchen décor. You can make a strong statement in your home with beautifully design shelf liners.

Price –

Shelf liners are very cheap. So, the price won’t be an issue. The most important thing is to buy something durable.

Top 10 Best Shelf Liners Review for 2021

1. The Macbeth Collection Self Adhesive Shelf Liner –

best shelf linerThe stylish and decorative Macbeth Shelf Liner is made in a pack of two vinyl liners. It is available in different designs, patterns and colors. This is a multipurpose shelf liner ideal for the beautification and protection of your shelves, cabinets, drawers, kitchen, classrooms, walls, tabletop and desks. This is a durable and strong shelf liner made of quality vinyl material without sponginess making it perfect for writing on it. It is super easy to clean with soap and water. It is made with adhesive for easy sticking. It comes residue-free and sticks smoothly without any sign of stains. There are gridlines which make it easy to cut and install. You have to peel off the back to stick it. Make sure the surface has been well cleaned and dried for proper sticking. This shelf liner is versatile and can be used on wood, plastic, metal and wired shelves. It protects surfaces from scratch and stains. It is waterproof.


  • Adhesive liner – It has an adhesive side to stick the liner to any surface
  • Gridlines – The adhesive side has grid lines for easy measurement
  • Easy to clean – It is easy to clean with water and soap since it is made of vinyl
  • Waterproof – It is not just waterproof but also stain-proof
  • Different patterns and designs – The shelf liner is available in different colours, patterns and design giving you a deluge of options to choose from

2. Con-Tact Non-Adhesive Shelf & Drawer Liner –

best shelf liner for kitchen cabinetsAdd some sophistication to your closets, kitchens, cabinets and bedrooms with the Con-Tact Shelf Liner. This non-adhesive liner is easy to use and reuse. You can use it for a rental home and remove it to be used in another place. It is easy to clean with warm water and mild soap. The Liner is thick and durable. It helps to prevent scratches on kitchen countertops. There are 21 colours and patterns to choose from. These Shelf Liners are of high-quality and standard. This is a nice liner that works as a barrier in drawers and shelves to keep utensils and dishes well secured and neat. The Con-Tact Shelf Liner does not apply to urethane or lacquered surfaces.


  • Ease of removal –It is easy to remove and used in another place since it is non-adhesive.
  • Ease of application – Just cut with ease and apply it wherever you want it.
  • Surface protection – The liner can protect the surface by making it non-slippery so that it can hold different items in place without moving
  • Gridlines – There are gridlines at the back of the shelf liners making it easy to measure and cut
  • Large rolls – It comes in large rolls of 12 inches wide by 4 feet long.

3. TRINITY Shelf Liner –

best kitchen shelf linerAdd a touch of class to your shelf with the TRINITY Shelf Liner. This shelf liner is perfect for wired shelves. It is thin but holds smaller items well without falling off. It helps to prevent the falling of items through the holes in the shelf. It is easy to clean and lay. It has two side sides. The liner can serve as a dust barrier between shelves. One side is smooth and the other is rough. It is not sturdy enough to hold a pot rack with metal feet except the liner is doubled up. The shelf liner is very flexible making it easy to be placed wherever you want it. This is a durable and lightweight sheet. The liner is precut so it requires no cutting or altercations. Trimming the edge can be done using a pair of scissors or shears. It is non-adhesive. Suitable for metal shelves only. This will be a nice addition to your wire shelf unit.


  • Perfect for wire rack – If you have a wire shelf, this shelf liner is the perfect liner you have been looking for. It is made for wire rack
  • Easy to clean – with just a wipe, the liner is clean
  • Custom cut – It has already been cut to perfectly fit wire rack poles
  • Smooth surface – The liner provides a smooth surface for your items
  • Frosted clear colour – It is a transparent liner that can complement any colour shelving

4. Gorilla Grip Non-Adhesive Shelf & Drawer Liner –

best shelf liner for pantryThe non-adhesive liner is made with quality materials to protect drawers, shelves, kitchens, desks and cabinets. The liner is pre-cut for easy installation. It is easy to use and reused. Cleaning is easy with mild soap and water. This is a versatile liner that can be used in the laundry room, office space, kitchen cabinets, work station, etc. There is an open grid construction that protects your cabinets from gathering dirt and bags of dust. The liners are completely reversible. It has an open grid to hold items in place.


  • Easy installation – The liner is precut for easy installation. You can customize it by trimming it with scissors to fit your drawer or cabinet.
  • Strong grip – Slipping is reduced using this liner because it is made of high-quality materials.
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning can be done with ease using mild soap and a damp cloth
  • Versatile applications – This shelf liner can be applied in different settings such as office drawers, kitchen cabinets and shelves
  • Scratch-free – It prevents the scratching of the drawer and shelf.

5. DII Non-Adhesive Washable Shelf Liner –

best shelf linersKeep your home clean and tidy with the reversible and washable shelf liners. This shelf liner can be used in the kitchens, laundry rooms, cabinet, refrigerators, shelves and drawers. It is machine washable for continuous reuse. Its reversibility gives you the option of two different patterns. With the amazing DII Shelf Liner, you can keep your shelves clean and free from sticky residue, watermark, food, dust and debris. Using the shelf liner for the refrigerator will keep it dry by absorbing spills. It is easy to install. Just measure and cut it to fit your shelf or drawer size. The shelf liner helps to eliminate mess caused by leaky containers, jars and sauces. It is easy to clean. It stays flat and fresh after every wash.


  • Reusable –There is no need to wipe the liner. Simply wash and reuse all over again. The colour remains fresh after each wash.
  • Durable –The liner is made with 60% viscose and 40%polyester. Don’t bleach or use fabric softener.
  • Versatile –It can be used anywhere in your home and give your home an admirable look.
  • Easy to use – Just cut and fit in your shelf or drawer.
  • Reversible –The two different patterns give you an option of using any of the two sides.

6. Warp Brothers Fit Clear Ribbed Liner –

best shelf liners for kitchenThis is a waterproof liner that effectively resists stains. It also prevents scratches. It is translucent and stays in place when installed on the cabinet or shelf. It is easy to clean. Just wipe clean using a damp cloth. The liner is fitting for any shelf. It protects fragile items by serving as a cushion. It has a patterned raised band that holds the liner to make it steady. It is breathable, allowing the flow of air to prevent mold. You don’t need to clean off the water. The water falls through making it a suitable liner for your refrigerator and bathroom. You longer have problems with wet dishes and utensils. There are ridges to contain spills. It can be used both indoor and outdoor because of its hardiness. Installation is easy. Just cut to fit with scissors. It is non-adhesive and perfect for pot cabinet and wire shelves. It is a great way to protect your wood finishes.


  • Ease of installation –Installing the liner is stress-free. Use a pair of scissors to cut it to the size of the shelf and place it neatly. It holds items in place perfectly
  • Heavy-duty – The heavy-duty ribbed surface is strong enough to hold heavy pots and pans
  • Waterproof – You don’t have to worry about water. The liner is waterproof. So, there is no worry about the mess caused by water
  • Ease of cleaning –It is easy to clean by wiping with a damp cloth. This makes it a reusable liner.
  • Deep ribs – It comes with deep ribs for the passage of air thereby clearing moisture and stale air.

7. Duck Select Grip Shelf Liner –

best shelf liner for cabinetsThe Duck Shelf Liner has a top and bottom grip to keep stored items from shifting in drawer or cabinet. The liners are perfectly designed for decorating shelves and cabinets to give your home a makeover that suits your style. There are different patterns to choose from such as wood, grain and granite. The liners are non-adhesive and easy to clean so that you can reuse them over and over again. Scratches are prevented using the Duck Shelf Liner and it is easy to remove and replace. Cleaning is easy because it is machine washable. Cutting and installation is a breeze. These liners are very soft thereby protecting fragile items. Made with high-quality material, the durability of this liner is unparalleled.


  • Easy to install – Installation is hassle-free. Make measurement and cut to fit. It is also easy to replace and reposition.
  • Easy to clean –The liner is machine washable for easy cleaning. Lay it flat to dry after washing with cold water. It is reusable and can be replaced with ease.
  • Protection – It provides a cushion for delicate items and protects them from scratches. It also keeps objects from sliding or slipping
  • Plenty of options – you have can find the liners in different patterns and colours that suit your style and personality
  • Firm grip –The non-adhesive top and bottom liners grip perfectly and hold items in place.

8. HityTech Shelve Liner –

best kitchen cabinet shelf linerKeep your stored items clean and protected with the HityTech Liner. This is a multifunctional liner for the refrigerator, bookshelf, drawer, countertop, dining table, etc. It features a cushioning effect that prevents sliding. It is easy to clean. It can be washed using a washing machine. Just wash and dry. The shelve liner is reusable. This liner is waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-oil and stain-resistant. It is safe to use. Its contact with food is harmless. The installation is easy. Cut to the desired size and install.


  • Multipurpose design – It is suited for different uses. The liner can be used as drawer liners, kitchen mats, wine cabinet pads, refrigerator liners, kitchen cabinet liners, etc.
  • Easy to clean – You don’t have to wipe the surface any longer. Just wash and reuse the liner. It is machine washable.
  • Anti-skidding – The non-slip design cushions stored items and prevent the liners from skidding or slipping. It makes for a perfect grip on any surface
  • Waterproof – Don’t overwork yourself draining water. This is a waterproof liner. It prevents moisture and resists stains
  • Easy installation – The shelf liner is easy to install by cutting it to the measured size of the surface.

9. Magic Cover Natural Weave Shelf & Drawer Liner –

best non adhesive shelf linerProtect and decorate any surface with Magic Cover Liners. This is a non-adhesive liner that provides aesthetic value for your shelves and drawers. Its design is non-sticky making it easy to be removed, repositioned or even cleaned. It is the ideal liner to prevent scratches on different surfaces. The application is easy. Just cut and apply. The liner is easy to clean using a damp cloth to wipe off the dirt. It is made of bamboo. Its design and texture are lovely. It is a bit hard to cut. So, you have to use a very sharp knife. This is a sturdy shelf liner.


  • Decorative design – Apart from protecting the surface, the liner provides a decorative design for your shelves and drawers
  • Easy to use – The liner is non-adhesive, non-sticky and easy to reposition. This makes it very easy to use
  • Easy to clean – Easily clean it by wiping with a damp cloth or using a sponge
  • Surface protection – It protects surfaces from scratches. This helps to reduce wear and tear
  • Easy to install – Installation is easy and simple. Cut the liner and apply.

10. Quartet Cork Rolls –

best non slip shelf linerThis shelf liner is superb for your surfaces. It looks great for lining your shelves and drawers. The material is natural and durable. It is capable of absorbing noise in loud areas. It is self-healing too. It can also be used for display in schools or at home. Use it to display photographs and use pins to tack the photos. It can be used for arts and crafts. It is easy to use. Cut into any size and apply to the surface with ease.


  • Sound absorbent – The liner can absorb sound in very noisy areas. This is a great feature especially in schools and hospitals
  • Easy to cut and install – Easily cut to size with a pair of scissors and install it. It can fit any individual needs
  • Nice liner – Apart from being for display, the cork can serve as a nice liner for drawers and shelves
  • Bulletin board – It can be used as a bulletin board to tack photos and display other information
  • Durable – It is made of quality material guaranteeing its durability.

FAQs on Best Shelf Liners for 2021

Why use shelf liner?

There are different reasons why you need a shelf liner. Here are some of them

  1. Protection from moisture – Moisture is dangerous. Using a shelf liner helps to prevent damage to your cabinet. Just washed dishes and kitchen utensils are one cause of moisture. Oil jars also cause moisture. You won’t worry about moisture once your cabinet in well-lined
  2. Prevention of scratches –Shelf liners help to prevent scratches in your cabinet. Small kitchen appliances and heavy pots would normally scratch the cabinet without a shelf liner. Scratches can make a new cabinet look unattractive. With shelf liner, your cabinet can still look clean and neat.
  3. Ease of cleaning –Without a shelf liner, the cleaning of a cabinet can be a bit difficult. You would have to wash it with soap and water to remove some tough stains. Don’t need all of that stress if you have a shelf liner in place. Just wipe the liner and it is fine.
  4. Cabinet beatification – Shelf liners beautify your cabinet. There are different colors and styles to give your cabinet a facelift. It is also nice for your drawer.
  5. Cushioning of breakable items – Using very thick shelve liners can serve as a cushion for breakable items such as glass cups and dishes.

How to make a shelf liner stay in place?

Shelf liners can shift after installation. Here is how to install your shelf liner without shifting

  • Wipeout debris from the surface you want to install your shelf liner with a cloth
  • Measure the width of the shelf or drawer you want to install the liner. Get a mounting tape and cut out two pieces of double-sided tape.
  • Put a strip of the mounting tape on one side of the shelf and place the other one on the other side.
  • Measure the width and height of the shelf. Then cut the liner to fit the shelf
  • Tear off the paper backing from the two mounting tapes as you want to lay the liner
  • Just lay the liner and press from one end to the other to remove trap air. Press hard on the mounting tape so that it properly secured

How to install a non-adhesive shelf liner?

  • Remove all the items on the shelf or drawer.
  • Measure the width and height of the shelf with a tape.
  • Roll over the non-adhesive liner on the shelf. Use an object like a stone to hold and stop it from curling
  • Use a pencil to draw cut lines on the liner
  • Start cutting with a sharp object along the marked lines.
  • Then install the shelf liner.

How to remove shelf liner?

Shelf liners provide both protection and decoration for your shelves, drawers and kitchen cabinets. But the reality is that even the best liners get torn or cracked. It may appear dirty and unattractive after long usage. So, when you find time to clean your cabinet, you may need to replace your shelf liner at the same time. If the shelf liner is non-adhesive, there is no problem. You can remove and replace it with ease. It becomes problematic if the liner is adhesive. Super-adhesive liners require patience as some tools are needed to complete the task.

Tools needed

  • Damp cloth
  • Mild detergent
  • Cloth or paper towel
  • Adhesive remover
  • Hairdryer
  • Putty knife
  • Spray bottle containing warm water

Removing the shelf liner?

  1. Start the removal from one side of the shelf liner. Heat the liner with the hairdryer for like 5 minutes. This helps to weaken the adhesive and makes it easy for removal
  2. Use a knife to carefully raise the liner from one corner. Start pulling it back gradually until it gets to a point where it is hard to pull further
  3. Use the warm water in the bottle to spray on the adhesive side of the liner. Focus on that hard part that refuses to pull further
  4. Have some patience. Allow the water to penetrate well under the liner, then, pull back the liner until it sticks and cannot pull further
  5. Repeat the process by spraying the warm water again and start to pull again until the liner is removed completely. If you get to a point where the water doesn’t soften the adhesive, you can use the hair dryer to heat it up
  6. Use the knife to scrape off the remaining part of the liner from the shelf
  7. Now, soak a cloth with adhesive remover and scrub the shelf to remove the sticky adhesive. Then, wipe with a damp cloth to wipe off the adhesive remover
  8. If you intend to apply new shelf liners, clean the area thoroughly using a mixture of water and mild detergent. This will make the new liner to stick well. Wait for the shelf to dry well before applying new shelf liners.

How to use shelf liner?

Shelf liners can be used in different ways. Its usage is not restricted to shelves, drawers and kitchen cabinets. Here are the other ways to use a shelf liner.

  1. You can use it under the rug to prevent the slippery of the floor
  2. Put it under the socks of a toddler when the toddler is learning to walk
  3. Use it under the sewing machine so that the machine doesn’t jump while sewing
  4. It can be used under a mixing bowl so the bowl can stay in place
  5. Use it in the bathtub to make it non-slippery for the elderly with Arthritis and toddlers.
  6. Use it as a soap liner. Cut a piece that is of the size of the soap and place the soap on the liner. It makes drain easily and stays in place
  7. Use as a refrigerator liner. Place it on top of the wire shelf in the refrigerator. The liner would work effectively if it is waterproof.
  8. Use on a bar table to keep drinks and cups in place

Why use shelf liner in the kitchen?

Using shelf liners in the kitchen can help in different ways. Here are the reasons for using shelf liners in the kitchen

  1. Dampening of noise – If hate the rattling noise of utensils in the drawer, the shelf liners help items in the drawer to be quiet
  2. Keep drawer organizer in place – Well padded rubber shelf liners help to prevent drawer organizer that does not fit well from sliding each time you open and close the drawer
  3. Keep small items from missing – Using a shelf liner helps small items to stay intact. Small items can easily disappear by dropping out of the wire shelf.

How to add adhesive liner or any liner in drawer?

Video Transcript:

I’m doing this for drawer lining with adhesive lining paper today so I just remove all the debris in there and put this Windex with the because I love the smell of the lavender and Beach so I just spray in there and now I’m wiping for lining drawers you need the landing paper Windex for any wipes which smells good utility knife into tapes mud or pencil and levels so now I will start measuring this with my ninja tape and then I will cut it this one is straight line so that’s why I need a that’s why I need level to make it a straight line or you can cut with the scissors so you have two major this drawer from inside like you put your measuring tape here and then here it’s a big drawer because it’s a tandoor usually the width of the paper is saying the paper of the liner but this is big so I will go instead of the vertical I will go horizontal with this one so it’s 26 and a half and now I will cut the paper as you can see I put this paper India it’s not done yet but just for an idea I put it here and straight from here yeah and then it’s no little bit so then you can have an idea so it will look like this then I’m done so now I will cut the paper so every back of the paper the numbers you can see they will fit your inches and they just show till the 18 inches so I mean are not 8090 26 so I will go further and then we can straight line and cut it so I major the paper from this to this and make a mark here here and now I will put it my level and the straight cut even you can do without the level because they already lining this paper lined is paper so it I think it will be pretty much easy but I will do with the pencils line with the pencil and then cut it with my utility knife and I have a four port drawers so I will cut the stream length for four drawers and then I will put it one by one so now I cut my paper with the utility knife can you see there I think so there will be a better cut because because of the plastic it is a adhesive paper it gives you maybe not that straight cut so you can use also scissor and I will cut these into four pieces and then I will start installing I peel this corner and now I will put it into the drawer and start laying the sling with this multi-person others give a clean look and now upside upside down the stator is at this corner and with this corner don’t feel though or all the paper because otherwise equal start is sticking together and it was so difficult so now I will do the corner first and then start peeling the paper off and starting with the smoother to link you smooth it down so I am doing straw doing with the smoother and take off take off the bag to start feeling like this it’s not that difficult you can do it I mean I know you can do it it’s a whole neat video not a professional photographer so you can see flaws and give it to you and but at the end result see like like this like this no bubbles no lines yeah and when you do do slowly it’ll better start feeling this paper you can do with your hand if you liked our video subscribe my channel if you just if you want to see any other installation I will do my CV so some last one so starting with this model diverse bed with the corner and you’re done that’s how I’ll show from here even with the ban one hand because I have to make video so this time I bought paper from Rona and $39 so gold and I think 64 feet and this one that’s it. Thanks for watching my video if you liked it subscribe my video.

Life Hack for Shelf Liner by Marc & Mandy:

Video Transcript:

I’m so excited cause you have design Kelsey Cosman and she’s gonna be showing us some unique ways to use shelf liner so I thought you could only put it on your shelves Kelsey right so traditionally something like this this is the easy liner of the Select grip so that’s grippy and it gives us you know a grippy surface so what’s up at the jar well so traditionally you know we would use this as a shelf liner I use it in my camper when we’re traveling so dishes don’t open the doors of the car come crashing down sometimes they still do okay but it’s a great tool to have around your house yeah you know for different uses so you can cut circles and if you have a stubborn jar that won’t open that would give you and then you open it open it there we go just vinegar guys figured out vinegar in beans I actually like this stuff oh yeah no towel okay so another use would be underneath the bowl yeah give it a grippy surface yeah always wants to help me bake and she’s constantly flowers flying everywhere yeah there’s other stuff on the ground or underneath the cutting board yeah that doesn’t slip okay cool oh yes because when you’re chopping onions there’s nothing like chopping your fingers right yeah cutting board is moving on the counter we don’t want that yeah yeah it’s not cool this is a great tool you can cut it in different shapes sizes yeah they clearly don’t belong in the kitchen so the easy liner off date or also comes in a couple of other options so the smooth chop you can cut it in the shape of a placemat and it has the grippy surface underneath but then it’s smooth and machine washable so the kids can yeah and not color on my table a la surface is really easy to use you know you can tuck that away into the craft closet you know we spend so much money on finishing our beautiful home Jess we might as well protect the surface so if you had a plant and you’re watering it you can cut a smooth top piece and put it underneath your planter so if it’s over watered yeah you know if you ask the kids water your plants all of a sudden your hardwood floor is ruined we’re a tabletop right yes I still want them to help you know you’re like please don’t you’re costing me money yes so the other thing that you could do actually is cut a piece out and this could act as like a mouse pad for your computer pool cuz those are always really ugly right like mouse pads are like the ugliest thing in the world this comes in tons of different colors and patterns the also easy liner offers a peel and stick product so it has a strong adhesive it comes like we’ve used the marble pattern here on a planter and I like that you like marble super trendy right now and sometimes you go to the store and you’re like ah it’s a little more expensive but yet I already have some of the pieces let’s redo it Riley thanks so much Kelsey guys for 101 ways to use easy liner visit Marcum edicom and you know what everyone in the audience is going home with easy liner and we gotta take a short break we’ll be right back thanks for watching the mark and mandy’s show like our video by clicking below and subscribe to our youtube channel you can also connect with us on Twitter Facebook and Instagram.

Final Verdict

Shelf liners are inevitable if you want to feel comfortable with your kitchen cabinet, shelf or drawer. It is another way to make your home look very neat and clean. As such, if you are looking for a durable shelf liner, we would recommend the Macbeth Collection Self Adhesive Shelf Liner for its versatility and ease of installation. Another one is the TRINITY Shelf Liner for its suitability for metal shelves. Any of these two would serve well as the best shelf liner for you.

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