Best Nail Polish Removers Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you want to remove the paint from your nails?

Do you want your nails to get strong?

Are you worried about not able to follow the latest nail paint trend?

If your answer to the above inquiries is yes, then you require the best nail paint remover for yourself. The nail paint remover not only removes the paint very easily without any hassle but also makes your nails and cuticles strong if they are either weak or brittle and also allows you to trend. Following are the 10 best nail paint removers that you can consider to buy:

Quick Comparison on 10 Best Nail Polish Removers for 2021

Things to consider before buying the best nail polish removers in 2021

Remove nail paint quickly:

You must check if your best nail paint remover is capable of removing the nail paint quickly or not and efficiently also leaving no stain behind. You must keep in mind that it must not be in a sublimation state as if you left the bottle open by mistake, it can easily get vapourize and you will be left with an empty bottle. Your product must make you stress-free by helping you in getting rid of the old nail paint and getting a new and trending one.

Make weak nails strong:

Your product must have the ability to strengthen both of your nails and cuticles. It must not be much hard on your nails or cause any damage in place of making them strong and also helps you in removing the nail paint easily without wasting much of your time. Make sure that your nail paint remover does not contain any alcohol as it can be harsh on your nails making them look rough and hard. If your product contains any paraben, then you must stay away from it as it can cause side effects of any type.

Includes various vitamins and proteins:

While buying the best nail paint remover for yourself, you must make sure that it contains some important ingredients which are abundant in vitamins and proteins. To make your nails look healthier and to moisturize them well, your product must contain olive oil and Vitamin E in it in an abundant amount, and also, it must be free from any chemicals such as alcohol, acetone. To increase the texture, it must include jojoba oil in it which also keeps your nails and cuticles to stay hydrated and it also keeps the dryness away.

Gentle on your nails:

If you are planning to buy the nail paint remover, you must check if it is gentle on your nails or not and is not making them look weak, rough, and ugly. Your product must easily remove the old paint without putting too much pressure on your nails and must make you feel comfortable applying the new color by leaving not the stain of old paint behind. Also, you must look if your product is large in the bottle so that you for not run out of the nail paint remover within a week.

Flip-clap dispenser:

To prevent the spill and leakage of your bottle, you must look for the nail paint remover that has flip – clap in it. You must keep in mind that the bottle must be tightly closed after using it. Always buy the nail paint remover which has good packaging so that there is no wastage by either leakage or spilling of the liquid. Furthermore, it must not be in the sublime state, as if by mistake you did not close the bottle properly, it does not get vapourize leaving you with an empty bottle of nail paint remover.


While buying for the best nail paint remover and if you are a traveler, then it is very important to look for the portable feature so that it can make you carry it easily from one place to another. It must be available in the portable bottle so that it is travel -free and you do need to worry about not following the latest trend in the world of fashion. Your product must consist of a stopper so that it allows you to shake well and maintains its consistency before using the nail paint remover. Also, makes you feel comfortable by removing nail polish efficiently.

Pleasant fragrance:

While buying for the nail paint remover, you must not forget about the smell of the remover. You must choose the one which does not have acetone in it so that there would be a pungent smell spread around you making you feel unpleasant. You must look for a product that has a natural fragrance so that it makes your nail paint removing session more pleasant and enjoyable. Also, do consider your product being hypoallergenic and it contains fragrance coming out from the natural ingredients only so that you do not get allergic to it.


Your nail paint remover must be easy for you to use and must respond well when you apply it and it removes even the last dot of old paint from your nails. Your product should not make it hard for you to use it and without applying much of the pressure, it must wipe out the residue of the paint which is not wanted without hurting your nails and cuticles. Moreover, to take care of the environment you must buy the one which does not contain any toxic ingredients in it and is made up of an allergic-free composition.


Before choosing the best nail paint remover, you must look for the budget also that you can afford. Buy the remover that is available at an affordable price and with all the facilities and properties needed. Furthermore, it must not take much of your energy and time and works in little effort only. The price that it is obtained must be reasonable and you can buy it easily. You must not waste your money on something worthless that does not allow you to follow the latest trend by removing even the residue of old paint.

3 Ways To Remove Nail Polish WITHOUT Nail Polish Remover

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone, in today’s video I’m going to be showing you three ways to take your nail polish off without nail polish remover these are some good tricks if you’re traveling or you just run enough product the Polish I used on my nails is the well-known mint candy apple by Essie for the first trick you will need perfume or body spray and a paper towel or cotton pad first spray the perfume onto the cotton pad or paper towel for this is always better to do outside because it can be quite overpowering also make sure you’re not allergic to this before you use it then wipe the paper towel over the nail to remove the nail polish after doing this once I found the cotton pad worked much better as it soaked up more of the perfume then just spray the perfume again and I peak this step until the Polish is completely gone [Music] but the second trick you will need any type of hand sanitizer I used my favorite sanitizer from body shop which is Satsuma smelling one and it smells so good you will need to open up the bottle and apply it onto the cotton pad then rub product in and do the same as you would good perfume [Music] then again repeat this step until the polish has completely gone the hand sanitizer I found didn’t work as well as a perfume because it wasn’t as strong however this all depends on what sanitizer you use and how many coats of nail polish we applied for the last trick you will need clear or just normal nail polish and cotton pads or a paper towel apply a large amount of the clear polish over the nail and then wipe off with a cotton pad then repeat the step until the Polish is removed [Music] I use his green colored one by model zone just so you guys can see it clearly up against the blue polish the normal polish just repeat the same steps for this step you can use any old nail polish of any color and it should work just as fine and that’s it I hope you enjoyed this video and it gave you a few tips and tricks of how to remove your nail polish without remover thank you so much for watching guys and if you liked it don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button see you in my next video bye guys you.

Few more Nail Paint Removing Hacks:

Video Transcript:

Hello hi namaste all you prey people welcome back to our Channel today’s video is an interesting one because we are going to talk about four diet hacks to remove your nail paint without nail polish remover these hacks comes really handy while traveling when you really don’t have your remover so let’s get started for a very first task we are going to use some more nail paint to remove our existing code for this you can use any color I would be using the same one I just quickly go ahead and apply some of this on there you go you don’t have to worry about being messy as we are eventually going to remove it make sure the coat is really thick secondly you don’t have to wait before removing it make sure you remove it before it dries out do it when it is still wet and yeah take off this may take another try to get all of it removed so we are going to once again apply a thick coat of it [Music] coming off of it and it is done you can see all the methane is there half number two so for this hat we will be using hand sanitizer yep and using this we are going to remove our nail paint so we need the cotton pad again and some hand sanitizer on it yeah and this one takes a little long and there you go and finally it is removed yay hat number three so for this half we can use any kind of perfume deodorant or volumen here I will be using a deodorant again for this we need a cotton pad and spray it with some deodorant [Music] and grab it on the nail this has gold-seekers most old perfume and the audience contain ethyl acetate which is one of the key ingredient in most nail polish removers though I would recommend not to use it as frequently as it may try your nails out and having a band-aid off well not perfect pad number four for this half we need a hairspray and a favorite cotton pad I’m going to spray some on it and just going to rub it on my knees this one is actually a little sticky and messy you might have to do it twice to get it right [Music] and there it is all food on so guys these are all the nail polish removal has I have got for you today if you enjoyed the video please give it a thumbs up share it and do not forget to subscribe to our channel for more such videos bye.

FAQs on the Best Nail Polish Removers in 2021

What are nail paint removers?

The nail paint remover is simply the organic solvent that helps you in getting rid of the old paint and prepare a new layer for you to apply the new nail paint. It can be either in the form of oil, colorless liquid and consists of a pleasant fragrance. With the help of the cotton ball, it can do wondrous on your nails and help you in following the latest trend.

What are the types of nail paint removers?

There are two main types of nail paint remover as such acetone and non-acetone. In the acetone nail paint remover, you can easily remove the paint from your nails which are mostly in dark colors or are stubborn like glitter. But the worst part of using it is that it is harsh on your nails and if you already have dry nails, you must not use it. The non-acetone nail paint is not that efficient on your nails and it needs you to work more but is gentle.

Is paint remover safe to be used on children?

Yes, some of the nail paint removers are safe to apply to children even if they are infants. You must look at the package before using it in case you are pregnant. If your product has methylene chloride in it, then it can be unsafe for both the child and the mother as it is considered as the toxic ingredient. There is some remover that has organic solvents in them which might be dangerous to the skin, eyes, respiratory tract in the bodies of the baby as well as the mother.

How long does it take to dry the nails?

To dry out your nails, it takes only a couple of minutes but the hardness can take hours to reach. And if you want your nails to get dry faster than the usual dry rate, then you can apply the multiple layers which will dry faster than the thick layer of paint. Slow dryness of nail paint also depends on the high humidity, low temperature, and also if there is cold.

To dry your nails, do you have you use the blower?

No, it is not at all necessary to use the blow dryer to dry the remover from your nails. But if you want your nails to get maximum chip resistance, then using the blow dryer is recommended. But this much hardness can be obtained if you wait for 4 to 6 hours or else it can be done in some coupe of minutes only by increasing the speed of hardening of your nails. Moreover, you can also make them hard by painting it in the night and leaving them as it is. But still, the nail pail remover can easily wipe out the paint from the hard nails.

How to remove the gel polish using nail paint remover?

For removing the gel polish, all you need to do is to wrap up your nail with the cotton ball soaked in the acetone. And cover it using the aluminum foil to secure the cotton ball and leave it on for about 10 minutes. After the time comes up, you need to remove it gently without hurting your nails and then use the orangewood stick to push out the residue of the old nail paint that you want to get rid of.

How To Make Nail Polish Remover at Home?

Video Transcript:

Okay there’s nothing worse than eating nail polish remover and not having any in the house which happened to me like two days ago right okay so we have a solution for you guys one it’s so that was really aggressive Wow and it’s so easy you only need two ingredients vinegar and lemons so DIY nail polish remover so what we’re gonna do is I’m going to soak my hand my nails into this bowl of warm water so you should soak it for about 10 minutes and Nora’s gonna make the mixture in the mean time so we’re gonna put equal parts lemon juice and vinegar equal parts yeah so once you squeeze all the lemons in and we’ll just see you know it doesn’t have to be exact so you can just kind of eyeball it this is the best thing in the world ever when life gives you lemons you make nail polish remover I imagine you finished it for me BFF why so you can pretty much eyeball how much of lemon juice you have and put equal parts I saw that equal parts vinegar okay any vinegar any any jump a white vinegar white vinegar I shouldn’t like use balsamic yeah why don’t we whisk it make sure everything’s nice and mixed up so is it the vinegar or the lemon I guess then I’ll push I think it’s a little bit of both but acidity in vogue mm-hmm so now that we’ve mixed it up we’re gonna take a few cotton balls and we’re just gonna soak it soaking the cotton pads soaking the cotton bugs I’m really nervous I am two hours we don’t know if this works actually we read it online and we’re testing it basically testing it out to see which is why because my nail polish is really light so I put a hot pink color – yeah I can see if it really tested out on Aune because I have Joe I highly doubt this is my job so this has been about three minutes three minutes we’re gonna wait another seven minutes and look the nail polish to loosen up to see if it works if it works or not ten minutes it’s been ten minutes so now you have the pruney fingers yes so we’re gonna take the nail polish off of two of them one of them is like a brighter color and the other one is more of a nude so what you’re gonna do is take the little cotton ball or the cotton piece that’s been soaking and just leave it on your nail for you know twenty to thirty seconds to have to give you a to the end of this chicken I wonder if it’s number we will find out in 22 per actually something about oh look ah it’s coming up you said well I think you need to soak it more yeah says it basically peels off it doesn’t like it doesn’t remove yeah not cool it worked so maybe instead of soaking for 10 minutes so for 15 you know when you go to the or you can leave a mixture on your nails for a minute instead of 30 seconds yeah you know when you get gel and go to the salon to remove it you have it the alcohol on there with foil yep I feel like this after soaking your nails if you do that with the con pads um LLL definitely and put foil maybe on it too so that keeps it in place in place and then remove it and your nail polish will come off but it works so impressive whoa we got DIY nail polish remover so if you have um it’s the all-natural way vinegar and lemon no alcohol you know it’s not gonna make your nails brittle or it’s especially good for um you know women will have really thin nails and their nails break easily that’s the claws yeah because it’s not it’s not harsh it’s not as harsh as the chemicals that are in you know acetone yeah so treat this as you would be if you were to get gel nail polish removed so Stoke your hands in water for about ten to fifteen minutes and place the Kon pads on your fingers and possibly put foil on it and leave it there for a minute or minutes and then it’ll basically peel off look at that that’s amazing whoa I’m so excited we’re – all right guys hope you enjoyed this DIY that was surprisingly successful really great um we’ll see you guys next time bye click here to subscribe to our Channel and check out this incredible DIY lip balm.

Does the nail paint remover wear the same as the nail polish?

Wear of the nail paint remover is dependent on the types of nail you have, what are activities done on your nails, and also how you apply the remover on it. You need to set the blow dryer at a low setting while obtaining the maximum chip resistance and that must not be more than 1 minute. There are two types of resistance you can add on your nails such as scratch resistance and the chip resistance and it also does not take much of your time and effort. If your nail paint remover has solvent in it, then their night is little difference in wearing than the regular one.

Is it possible to remove the stubborn glitter paint using the nail paint remover?

Removal of the glitter paint is not that tricky as it looks like and it does not take much of your time and pep to remove it unless your nail paint remover is of high quality. To remove the stubborn glitter paint, all you have to do is to soak a cotton ball into your nail paint remover and then let it sit on your nails for about 30 seconds. Gently wipe the cotton out of your nails and using metal pusher, remove the residue as well.

Why do your nails look white or dry after using the nail paint remover?

For removing the gel polish, all you need to do is to wrap up your nail with the cotton ball soaked in the acetone. And cover it using the aluminum foil to secure the cotton ball and leave it on for about 10 minutes. After the time comes up, you need to remove it gently without hurting your nails and then use the orangewood stick to push out the residue of the old nail paint that you want to get rid of.

How Does A Nail Polish Remover Works?

Video Transcript:

Hey guys so today we are going to learn how polish remover works okay so all the girls use nail polish and some of the guys also use it that’s not a big deal okay now imagine you have some sugar okay this is your cloth and some sugar serum has been fallen on your cloth and you failed to notice and after some time it gets dried and becomes stale we you know you want to remove it what should you do okay since it is sugar we have a very simple solution for it we know that sugar is soluble in water okay so now what we need is just water and we can just apply on the stain and the sugar with dissolved in the water and it could be easily removed okay so if we have a sugar stain on our cloth which has been tried we can use water as a solvent and sugar steam will be removed we have to apply the same logic to our nail polish nail polish consider nail polish as a stain on your nails okay it is a stain on your nails now to remove it we need something equivalent to water which would act as a solvent so in this case we have c3h6 oh okay that is a c2 acetone will act as a solvent for our nail polish the chemical structure of nail polish says that it dissolves in a system we know that okay by experimentation we have found out it so what we need is a nail polish remover which has acetone in it so we just need to apply the nail polish remover and the nail polish will get dissolved in it and it can be easily removed so the chemistry behind this is that okay the nail polish is stained and nail polish remover is nothing but a solvent for the stain okay so what you feel tomorrow in future if you make nail polish with different components what we need to find these in which component it is going to be solved and with that component we will make the saw nail polish remover for example if in future the nail polish makes by x-component we just need to keep on experimenting and finding in which solvent does X dissolve okay we plug into a PE and see if it dissolves we see we will use C as a component in nail polish remover okay and that’s how my guys how nail polish remover works thank you for your time guys happen have a good day stay awesome.

Final Verdict

When you get bored out of a nail paint color or want to follow the trending, then you want to remove the nail paint to apply the new coating of your favorite color and design. The nail paint remover easily removes the nail polish that you have already applied and made your nail get again painted with other paint. We hope that this review must have enlightened you with everything you should know about the nail paint remover and also have made you understood about the things you should keep in mind while buying the one for yourself.

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