Best Nail Dryers Buying Guide for 2023

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Do you want to save your time from drying your nails?

Do you want the nail paint on your nails to be perseverance for more days?

Are you worried about the harmful reaction some of the products have on your nails?

If yes, then you require the best nail dryer for your nails. The nail dryer helps you in drying your nails quickly after you have applied the nail paint and can also save you from the harmful reaction caused by some beauty products. Following are the 10 best nail dryer that you can consider to buy according to your requirements:

Buying Guide for the Best Nail Dryers in 2023

Large size:

Yes, the size does matter. It is recommended to look for the nail dryer which is large so that the nails of your both hands and feet get dry at the same time and save a lot of your precious time. Your product must be of 25-30 centimeter long so that it allows you to dry at least your 10 nails of both the hands. This feature can save a lot of your time and efforts and you do not need to wait for long to let your nails dry. It must make your nails of both hands and feet feel comfortable.

Automatic shuts:

Make sure that your nail dryer gets shut down automatically and it also helps you in setting the timer. This feature is present in your product then it can be proved more helpful to you if you do not like to keep a track of the timing or you usually forget when you had set your machine on. Look for the machine which has enough power to run for at least 2 to 3 minutes as it is the minimum time required to dry your nails. Moreover, depending on the enamel layer, there are many nail dryers available in the market which has LEDs in it and it stops at 15 to 30 seconds.

More powerful:

The power of your product must be at least 9 kW to light the bulb so that with the amount of heat that it generates helps your nails in getting dry easily within 5 minutes. This much quick drying of your nails depends on the number of bulbs installed in your nail dryer which ultimately increases the power of its working. Also, if you want your product to offer you a more quick service then it must have power for about 36 kW which consumes only 2 minutes of your to dry your nails. Furthermore, if you want to save energy then you must choose the one which has UV or LED bulbs attached to it as it takes only 5 kW of power and dries your nails in 15 to 30 seconds.

Suitable for both hands and feet:

It is important to keep in mind that you buy the hairdryer which can be used for both hands and feet at the same time and thus saves you a lot amount of money. Usually, it depends on the model, size, and the power offered by your product so you need to search for the one which fulfills youth requirement and does not require you to adjust more. Furthermore, it depends on the enamel layer of your nails that how much time does it take to dry and must allow you to save your time.

Motion sensor:

Look for the product which has the feature of motion sensor in it so that you do not have to be much cautious while drying the nails out of your hands and feet. With the notion sensor, your machine gets shut automatically and it also helps you in saving a lot amount of energy. As you enter your hands or feet, the nail dryer gets turn on and when you bring your body parts out of the machine then it turns off. In case if you forget to turn off the machine, the motion sensor present in it can turn it off as per the timer set.

Advance technology:

You must make sure that your product is design with advanced techniques so that it allows you to easily co-op with the world and also makes your work a lot easier inefficiency. Make sure that your product is compatible with all types of gels so you need to be a little cautious while choosing a nail dryer for your type of enamel. It must dry your nails whether you have applied the permanent or semi-permanent nail paint on your both hands and feet. The energy consumption of your product must be high and it must use the power of at least 24 watts and not more than that.


Before planning to buy the best nail dryer for yourself, you must make sure that it is compatible and works well for both nails and enamel. If you re buying the nail dryer with LED technology in it then it must dry quickly and saves your both time and effort and also must be eco-friendly so that it saves our nature also. The nail dryer with the LED technology can easily work in the cold light and is also durable so that you can change the bulb after some years only and naturally depends on your enamel.

No clogging:

Your product must be design in such a way so that there is no clogging and must buy the one which is compact in design so that you can store it easily inside the manicure table. Also, your product must allow you to use it on either hands or feet or if you want to use the machine on both parts of your body at the same time but it depends on the model you are planning to buy. Furthermore, your product must have more than two-timer sets so that it becomes easy for you to take note of the time spent on the machine.

Some Top-Rated Nail Dryers Review in 2023

Gel UV LED Nail Lamp, LKE Nail Dryer

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone welcome back to just doing nails and today I’m gonna be reviewing this gel UV LED nail lamp by lke and it is a 48 watt and I just want to say I did a little research before I did this video and if you’re doing poly gels it said that you need up to 36 wattage so this nail lamp should work for poly gel I hope that’s what I at least googled and found that information out so here we are we just have the features on the side and it’s just kind of showing you what type of leds are in there and all that other jazz and here’s the cord it comes with a standard and US DC cord and I measured I didn’t measure it but I kind of I measured it to be about 3 feet long so you just want to make sure that you’re kind of close to an outlet that you’re going to be using and the.

Directions were not that extensive so I won’t even go into that so there was nothing else in the box.

So I’m gonna show you guys how the bottom looks and you can just see how many leds are on there and how it looks so at first glance I really like the aesthetics of it I like how it’s built as you can see it has three different timers on it there is 99 seconds there’s 60 seconds and there is 30 seconds and on the side over here is where you’re gonna plug the plug up so let’s go ahead and plug it up and get into this review so these are the nails that I’m going to be applying gel polish to I’m gonna use my gel and gel polish I did a review on that if you guys want to check that one out and I also am gonna be using my Amelie no wipe topcoat I also did a review on this top coat because it’s really amazing so if you guys are looking for a no wipe top coat go ahead and check that video out so first I’m gonna take some alcohol and I’m gonna make sure that my nails are prepped and ready to apply the gel polish I’m gonna make sure there is no oils on my nails or anything.

First I’m gonna apply just a very thin layer of the first coat because when you’re applying gel polish you want to do it in thin layers so as you guys can see with this lamp there’s an automatic start so once you slide your hand in there.

It automatically starts and it.

Automatically starts counting up so I found that really awesome I really like that feature and the thing about it is I didn’t even know that this Jill.

Lamp had that feature so that was a real nice surprise to me when I started using this map so I’m gonna go ahead and apply a second coat and I’m gonna cure this coat for 30 seconds so now I’m going to wipe off those coats that I cured with some alcohol and a paper towel just so I can show you guys how well this gel lamp works as you can see there was no gel residue that came off on this paper towel it came up very clean.

And I’m just gonna go ahead and put on my top coat just to finish it off and I cured it for 70 seconds just to ensure that everything was going to be.

Completely dry and that this top coat was completely dry and it was and I was able to just run my fingers over it there was no sticky layer like I said that top coat is so wonderful I just can’t stop talking about it and it dried wonderfully so this gel lamp is.

Definitely one that I would recommend it worked well for me I had no issues with it if you guys are looking for a gel lamp and like I said this feature right here just really takes it up a notch I mean that automatic start is so awesome and I’m sure there’s a couple other features I didn’t cover in here but also on the bottom as you see the gel let let lights go up to the side so when you’re curing your hand it’ll cure your thumb as well so that’s awesome you can just put your whole hand in there and you’re good to go so that is my video you guys I hope you enjoyed it I hope it was informative go ahead and leave a comment leave me a like if you haven’t.

Subscribed please do so at this time it’ll really help my channel grow and i’ll see you guys on the next review.

120W UV LED Nail Lamp, Easkep Faster Nail Dryer

Video Transcript:

Hello kawaii girls from all around the world welcome back to my channel Jayla the Bratz Trinity would take a barn and Katrina Hoskins you guys are the top four from my last video thank you so much for having your notifications turned on Kauai again I love you guys all so much okay also in this video I first want to do a quick unboxing show-and-tell of this lamp that I received to review hashtag add whatever okay so it’s a very basic lamp i’ve reviewed some lamps very similar but the thing that stands out about this one that makes it extra special is it’s 120 watts I have never had a lamp that is that damn strong in my life I like the handle I like that it’s like silver and black one thing I noticed with this lamp is it doesn’t fuss with me like when I press the button it turns on when I press the button it turns off some lamps like to play with me and when I try to press the buttons they don’t want to respond they don’t want to turn on or off and it’s like hello I’m pressing you why are you not doing anything hello so this one doesn’t do that she actually is responsive so the thing about this lamp is that apparently it cures 85% fans faster I believe it’s either yeah 85% faster than normal lamps so that’s what I’m using today and through my.

Observations it did work well so I will have that link down below for you guys to check out this is my friend here most of my girls only come to me like once a month that’s why you guys don’t see me doing so many videos on them like I used to in my early days they really just come whenever they want to because the nails be last insist so I’m trying to put you on to my technique so that you can have some nails that last a long time I’m gonna have her video in the cards when I did these nails that I’m removing right now so you all know I don’t do so coughs anymore we’re not about so golf life in this in this household we don’t do it it just takes too long it takes too much product as too many fumes and makes their hands pruney and dry and it’s just gross it’s too much so I just clipped down the excess link and then I trimmed down the product I used a.

Course efile bit that I got from nail mate glitter planet UK from ninja nail fairy her brand and I am an affiliate with them and I do have a code and stuff so I’m gonna have that information down below about that bit I use it all the time like every single time and this is my cuticle bit I’m using this to rough up the natural nail that is exposed and just remove whatever I missed around the the nails or whatever I’m not taking off every single bit of acrylic I’m gonna leave like a thin layer of clear because of the design today the design is kind of like a milky nudie look so I don’t have to like take off every single bit of product especially if it’s stuck on for dear life I’m not gonna waste my time I’m just gonna leave it there but I am gonna do a really good job to prepare her natural nails she’s gonna go out of town so I don’t want to have her nails listening while she’s gone or anything and we’re going a little bit shorter for her today because she’s going to be checking in bags it’s all these things to consider usually she goes for a nice like longer length like a confidence type of long link but we’re gonna go just a tad bit shorter so yes I’m just doing a quick removal I really love this new angle now like I think I’m just gonna keep doing this over the shoulder angle I feel like everything just looks better this way and you can just see it so much more the only thing I’m trying to figure out is the autofocus and like the best focusing settings to get the best result because sometimes I notice my hand it gets in the way of the autofocus and the camera wants to focus on my hand and set up the nails so I just need to figure that out anyways yeah I love this cuticle bit from nuni Torres because it has like a very sandpaper end to it so it kind of is like a file and a cuticle bit at the same time so with a very slow speed you’re gonna be like buzzing up the natural nail kind of make it look like you just roughed it up with a sand or a hand file and I’m just gonna dehydrate the nails I’m using the swipe from young nails and a lint-free wipe from the nail mate brand these are actually lint-free so I like that I’m using my number 12 oval alpha brush today I am an affiliate with alpha brush and my link down below if you use my link I do receive a small Commission so yeah but you can get a discount through my link this is the only brush you guys will ever catch me using I don’t know what it is but when I find something I like I rarely experiment or like stray away from it and I tend to always come back to it for a while there I was using the glitter planet brush but now I just came right back to this one so yeah I love this brush this color that I am using here is actually from email Couture called glass pink but I mixed in a little bit of JC Beauty concepts cover blush because I wanted it to have like a very slight nude tint to it I’m using the email couture nail forms as well on her today because I’m her nails were broken well really just one nail was broken and also because there is some acrylic left over on her nails I would not be able to glue on a tip very well because she has acrylic on her nails so that the nail form just helps bring everything together and yeah I’m gonna let you guys just watch my quick little application here oh and I forgot to mention I’m priming with the young nails protein bond I have not stopped using this stuff and I’m not going to stop using this stuff it’s incredible I use it on everyone and everyone’s having really really good results using this so this is part of my secret weapon it’s in my arsenal it’s one of the reasons why I think my girls can go so freakin long like wow by the way I forgot to mention the e-file I’m using today is the same one I reviewed in the video that’s gonna pop up on the cards right now the one that looks like a speaker I really love it like I can’t stop you.

I absolutely love it I love that it’s a space saver it’s not in my way I can put my drill bits in it it’s so nice and it works well so I forgot to mention that to you guys the monomer I’m using as the young nails monomer I’m only gonna take her down to like the four or the three and then I end up like trimming up her nails so this is we’re back to the e file and I’m using d’emic art standing bins the white ones I think those are kind of like medium grit so I’m gonna go ahead and take down a bunch of the bulk that nails are way too bulky I want to make them a little bit more narrow a little bit more coffin shaped and I’m also gonna be checking each hand against each other every once in a while so what i’ll do is i’ll like i’ll file one hand get it how I like it then I get to the next hand I file it with my memory trying to kind of like match it to the other hand with just my memory alone and then after that i’ll check it and then if anything is wrong i’ll go back and fix it then i’ll check it one more time and then I’m gonna also hand file off-screen just to get these side walls really well because I’m scared to do the side walls with the e-file because you can kind of like rub against their skin under there and it really hurts in him it just burns.

So yeah I’m obsessed with this sanding band like this is pretty much the only thing I use now for the surface of the nails I stopped using like ceramic or like metal alloy bits for the top of the nail this is just so much better for me and it feels safer too so she wanted a little bit of bling so with the mccartin um nail glue I’m going to put on this bling these are just some gold stones I got on ebay I think they’re called gold Arum I’m gonna see if the seller is still selling these I bought these so long ago but I’m gonna try to see if I can find them they are so pretty and they come in mixed.

I’m not sure what the sizes are but I’m just gonna bling out this entire ring finger for her so one thing that I ended up having to do as well is to buff the nails I noticed when I started top coating I could still see scratches in the nail from the sanding band I’m really not sure why that happened but because it usually doesn’t happen but I just went in with a buffing kind of like a sponge buffer file and I just buff those deep scratches out of the nail so that when I topcoat you don’t see any of those scratches the the tool I’m using the place these stones actually came in at Gershon probably joke it it was it was that poly gel kit that has like those reddish tones.

I’ll have that video pop up in the cards right now the Burberry nails I reviewed that kit in that video it was so funny like I literally had just ran out of stones.

After I finished this nail I was like okay like all my gold stones are gone I’m using a model ones topcoat that came in at kits.

I really just grabbed any base or top that I have so I’m just doing a quick top coat and this is the final result I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you guys like the mat that she is posing on top of check out my Ollie Express video that will pop up in the cards right now I reviewed it and I’m gonna have links for that there and yeah I hope you guys enjoyed and loved the design today thank you so much for watching I hope you guys have an amazing day or night I love you all all so much and i’ll see y’all in my next video.

MelodySusie Portable UV LED Nail Lamp

Video Transcript:

But but not before today so today I’m doing I guess a review and first impression once again just like how I did on my now drill if you guys want to check that video out i’ll have it in the icard and in the description link down below so this round if you couldn’t tell by the title it is a nail lamp led Joan a lamp or whatever and sorry for my three surface I don’t know what that is it’s probably nail polish okay so I got this package from Amazon I ordered this off Amazon and if you guys want it i’ll have it linked down below as well but this is the it box it is by melody Susi but this is says this an Aurora one LED no lamp and it’s pretty tiny I just can see it by the way this is only what $9.99 I can’t remember the exact price AHA found a screen and i’ll link it down below.

Once again um here is the side this side I don’t know if it’s showing so this could see it is a melody Suzy portable LED nail lamp and I believe this is the white color and it says this new that’s we cool sorry bird the light glaring um yes I’m very excited to open it the packaging itself is finicky so it is tiny and I think when I read the description it was like it’s a 45 seconds and 60 seconds now lamb so yeah okay let’s open it.

Okay that was extremely hard to do I was broken out Oh.

Also by the way this brown or whatever didn’t it send me this to do a review I don’t know why I’m not that big you know to review okay Oh cute.

Okay so here it is so you suck it in comes with what is this a user manual as well as this thank you card from millet ECC so it says thank you for choosing method ECC your satisfaction is important to us if you have any questions about our product okay let’s check out the snap it’s something sorry if the camera is almost closed.

I left my bigger tripod at my cousin’s house that’s why Oh.

Oh my god sorry.

So it says melody Susi right here and back here is where you plug in the Vista Ford oh I thought I have to find it nevermind.

So this is the cord and I’m gonna check again how long the wire is take this down okay pretty decent link for it like this is a good thing.

Just in case of you know you don’t have like a closed outlet or you don’t have an extension cord.

I have an extension for so it really doesn’t matter but cute all right so it says here on the websites which I’m reading it that it is a 6 watt um well it says quick-drying melody Susie six watts.

Violet black LED / UV nail lamp okay alright so I guess this is LED / UV okay alright so I believe these are here at a UV and these ones are D LED but I’m not sure you guys click correct me if I’m wrong.

Um it is pretty tiny if you guys want to know that it is a portable size let’s see I’m gonna plug it in and we’re gonna test it out so obviously this is a gel led you /uv Nelly so you need gel polish to work for it and I did buy it the gel polish top coats I don’t know I just saw this one and I thought it was cool so this is a beetle there’s no white dough so I also got this off of Amazon if you guys are wondering so if you guys want this I’ll leave it link them cause well Oh awesome.

Let me just tie it like this no dad different colors so they had a black and a black marble one okay so I painted this fake now this is just a fake nail tip and acrylic nails or whatever with this nail polish now if you want to use the gel over nail polish you can he’s got to make sure they now policy is a hundred percent dry so just check it yes it’s dry alright so.

So I’m going to apply the top coat on here and we’re going to check.

Shiny I’m gonna put it down underneath just use nice just put it over and then you click once for 60 seconds and twice for 45 seconds yes so says right here press the timer button once for 60 seconds and twice for 45 seconds so you click it once for 60 seconds and then you click it again to turn it off and then click apply so for 45 seconds so I’m just gonna click 1 for 45 and as you guys can see the light is it’s not blue it’s a white I really like this because the and the user manual has this section where it has a malfunctions.

And I tell you the reason and solutions for it I think that’s really cool so don’t don’t you use your manual way alright Oh 60 seconds I’m gonna check visit dry is dry.

Ok it dried it oh yeah so yes this is super duper cute if you are on a budget this was only like what ten dollars it’s really cute it’s portable like I said Auto I would have to say it’s like it’s kind of small so if you wouldn’t want to do really long nails I don’t know if they won’t fit I think you could just like hold it up like this though it’s again pretty affordable and I think this will last as long as you take really good care it care of it it will last so yes that is what that is my review for this video I hope you guys enjoyed it it’s been saying that you give this video a like and you like my channel do you think subscribe alright i’ll see you guys in a Nixon love you guys bye.

FAQs on the Best Nail Dryers for 2023

What are the benefits of using the nail dryer?

Drying your nails naturally is a complete waste of time so it is suggested to use a nail dryer to dry your nails so that you can enjoy various benefits from it. The prominent one is the saving of your precious time and it takes only 5 minutes to dry your nails which takes almost half an hour when this device is used. So, it allows you to do other important tasks in the meantime. You can save the time of your clients as well and you can focus on the other customers also if you are working in the salon. This can indirectly help you in getting more customers as they will be happy with your quick and satisfying service. If you are using the UV nail dryer then you can dry even the toughest layer on the nails as such shellac. With the multiple layers, you will get the fine finishing in the end and it will look natural.

How to keep the rhinestone on your nails?

First of all, you will be needed to apply the crystal on the unsure layer of the top coating which is soaked off properly so that it is cured. After that, you need to place the drops on the edges of nails between each stone and the caps which will make the bring on your invisible gel. Instead of using the hybrid, you can simply use the gel that gets soak – off easily so that you improve its adhesive power and strength. The stone will lose its sparkle if you will cover the entire crystal with the gel so enough amount of the gel should be used to keep a hold on the balls and crystal and also the stones.

How to mix the glitter in the acrylic powder?

The ratio between the glitter and the acrylic powder is 1: 20 and it is suggested by the researcher who has experienced this. The acrylic would not be cured if you add the glitter in the amount more than required as it will weaken the acrylic layer. Although, it can be cured in some cases but will affect the consistency of the acrylic powder. It is advised to prepare a premix of the acrylic powder and the glitter beforehand so that the next time you are using it, you will save your time and effort both.

Why does your toenail turn brown?

If you are not dropping anything on your nails and they are turning into brown then it must be because of the picking you might have done at only one place and this may have ultimately resulted in a change of color. This can also be due to the trauma of hemorrhage caused in the down layer of your nails. This trauma is caused by dropping something on your toenails and ruining your manicure or picking it off harshly and it turns brown. The proliferation of the bacteria or fungus might have occurred in that particular area which produces the pigment of green or black but mostly it is brown.

Is it possible to dry the polish with a UV nail dryer?

As we know that the UV lamp is not meant to dry your nails but for curing it so it must be used only when you face the chemical reaction on your nails. The chemical reaction that has occurred will only harden the gel which is somehow very difficult to be cured by the UV lamp. When the UV light is falling on the UV top coating on your nails then it will polymerize it or in other words, it makes the top coating look hard. However, the UV light does not affect the non-UV top coating and it dries on its own due to the evaporation of the solvents.

How to remove the topcoat on your nails?

There are some of the top coating available in the market that is a hard gel and you are left with only option to remove it and that is to file it off with the help of an electric file. The filing will help you in breaking the seal of the top coating and after that, you need to dip your nails inside the acetone which is mixed with a small amount of the cuticle oil so that it is easy on your nails. The cuticle oil helps you in avoiding the harsh treatment caused by the acetone reaction and will also make your nails soft when touched. You can also use the removal wrap which is a pad that absorbs the topcoat on your nails.

Is there any difference between classic pedicure and spa-type pedicure?

The only difference that you will experience between the classic pedicure and the spa-type pedicure is of the pampering. The classic pedicure easily cleanses your nails and involves the simple service along with the exfoliating and polishing your nails especially of your toes so that you get a pretty appearance. On the other hand, the spa-type pedicure involves the technical treatment on your nails involving the proper filling, proper shaping and also taking care of the ingrown nails. This process involves the pampering along with the therapeutic and healing of your nails. It also cures the alleviating problems which are due to wearing high heels.

Final Verdict

The nail dryer saves you precious time by drying your nails quickly within some countable seconds on which you have applied the paint. It also helps your nail paint to be preserved and gives you a salon-like treatment and your nails look naturally beautiful. It also saves you from the harmful reaction of the beauty products on your nails and can also cure if there is any reaction. We wish that this write up might have assisted you in grasping most of the knowledge about the nail dryer and how to use it and the main features to look for.

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