Best Nail Dryers Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want to save your time from drying your nails?

Do you want the nail paint on your nails to be perseverance for more days?

Are you worried about the harmful reaction some of the products have on your nails?

If yes, then you require the best nail dryer for your nails. The nail dryer helps you in drying your nails quickly after you have applied the nail paint and can also save you from the harmful reaction caused by some beauty products. Following are the 10 best nail dryer that you can consider to buy according to your requirements:

Buying Guide for the Best Nail Dryers in 2020

Large size:

Yes, the size does matter. It is recommended to look for the nail dryer which is large so that the nails of your both hands and feet get dry at the same time and save a lot of your precious time. Your product must be of 25-30 centimeter long so that it allows you to dry at least your 10 nails of both the hands. This feature can save a lot of your time and efforts and you do not need to wait for long to let your nails dry. It must make your nails of both hands and feet feel comfortable.

Automatic shuts:

Make sure that your nail dryer gets shut down automatically and it also helps you in setting the timer. This feature is present in your product then it can be proved more helpful to you if you do not like to keep a track of the timing or you usually forget when you had set your machine on. Look for the machine which has enough power to run for at least 2 to 3 minutes as it is the minimum time required to dry your nails. Moreover, depending on the enamel layer, there are many nail dryers available in the market which has LEDs in it and it stops at 15 to 30 seconds.

More powerful:

The power of your product must be at least 9 kW to light the bulb so that with the amount of heat that it generates helps your nails in getting dry easily within 5 minutes. This much quick drying of your nails depends on the number of bulbs installed in your nail dryer which ultimately increases the power of its working. Also, if you want your product to offer you a more quick service then it must have power for about 36 kW which consumes only 2 minutes of your to dry your nails. Furthermore, if you want to save energy then you must choose the one which has UV or LED bulbs attached to it as it takes only 5 kW of power and dries your nails in 15 to 30 seconds.

Suitable for both hands and feet:

It is important to keep in mind that you buy the hairdryer which can be used for both hands and feet at the same time and thus saves you a lot amount of money. Usually, it depends on the model, size, and the power offered by your product so you need to search for the one which fulfills youth requirement and does not require you to adjust more. Furthermore, it depends on the enamel layer of your nails that how much time does it take to dry and must allow you to save your time.

Motion sensor:

Look for the product which has the feature of motion sensor in it so that you do not have to be much cautious while drying the nails out of your hands and feet. With the notion sensor, your machine gets shut automatically and it also helps you in saving a lot amount of energy. As you enter your hands or feet, the nail dryer gets turn on and when you bring your body parts out of the machine then it turns off. In case if you forget to turn off the machine, the motion sensor present in it can turn it off as per the timer set.

Advance technology:

You must make sure that your product is design with advanced techniques so that it allows you to easily co-op with the world and also makes your work a lot easier inefficiency. Make sure that your product is compatible with all types of gels so you need to be a little cautious while choosing a nail dryer for your type of enamel. It must dry your nails whether you have applied the permanent or semi-permanent nail paint on your both hands and feet. The energy consumption of your product must be high and it must use the power of at least 24 watts and not more than that.


Before planning to buy the best nail dryer for yourself, you must make sure that it is compatible and works well for both nails and enamel. If you re buying the nail dryer with LED technology in it then it must dry quickly and saves your both time and effort and also must be eco-friendly so that it saves our nature also. The nail dryer with the LED technology can easily work in the cold light and is also durable so that you can change the bulb after some years only and naturally depends on your enamel.

No clogging:

Your product must be design in such a way so that there is no clogging and must buy the one which is compact in design so that you can store it easily inside the manicure table. Also, your product must allow you to use it on either hands or feet or if you want to use the machine on both parts of your body at the same time but it depends on the model you are planning to buy. Furthermore, your product must have more than two-timer sets so that it becomes easy for you to take note of the time spent on the machine.

Some Top-Rated Nail Dryers Review in 2020

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FAQs on the Best Nail Dryers for 2020

What are the benefits of using the nail dryer?

Drying your nails naturally is a complete waste of time so it is suggested to use a nail dryer to dry your nails so that you can enjoy various benefits from it. The prominent one is the saving of your precious time and it takes only 5 minutes to dry your nails which takes almost half an hour when this device is used. So, it allows you to do other important tasks in the meantime. You can save the time of your clients as well and you can focus on the other customers also if you are working in the salon. This can indirectly help you in getting more customers as they will be happy with your quick and satisfying service. If you are using the UV nail dryer then you can dry even the toughest layer on the nails as such shellac. With the multiple layers, you will get the fine finishing in the end and it will look natural.

How to keep the rhinestone on your nails?

First of all, you will be needed to apply the crystal on the unsure layer of the top coating which is soaked off properly so that it is cured. After that, you need to place the drops on the edges of nails between each stone and the caps which will make the bring on your invisible gel. Instead of using the hybrid, you can simply use the gel that gets soak – off easily so that you improve its adhesive power and strength. The stone will lose its sparkle if you will cover the entire crystal with the gel so enough amount of the gel should be used to keep a hold on the balls and crystal and also the stones.

How to mix the glitter in the acrylic powder?

The ratio between the glitter and the acrylic powder is 1: 20 and it is suggested by the researcher who has experienced this. The acrylic would not be cured if you add the glitter in the amount more than required as it will weaken the acrylic layer. Although, it can be cured in some cases but will affect the consistency of the acrylic powder. It is advised to prepare a premix of the acrylic powder and the glitter beforehand so that the next time you are using it, you will save your time and effort both.

Why does your toenail turn brown?

If you are not dropping anything on your nails and they are turning into brown then it must be because of the picking you might have done at only one place and this may have ultimately resulted in a change of color. This can also be due to the trauma of hemorrhage caused in the down layer of your nails. This trauma is caused by dropping something on your toenails and ruining your manicure or picking it off harshly and it turns brown. The proliferation of the bacteria or fungus might have occurred in that particular area which produces the pigment of green or black but mostly it is brown.

Is it possible to dry the polish with a UV nail dryer?

As we know that the UV lamp is not meant to dry your nails but for curing it so it must be used only when you face the chemical reaction on your nails. The chemical reaction that has occurred will only harden the gel which is somehow very difficult to be cured by the UV lamp. When the UV light is falling on the UV top coating on your nails then it will polymerize it or in other words, it makes the top coating look hard. However, the UV light does not affect the non-UV top coating and it dries on its own due to the evaporation of the solvents.

How to remove the topcoat on your nails?

There are some of the top coating available in the market that is a hard gel and you are left with only option to remove it and that is to file it off with the help of an electric file. The filing will help you in breaking the seal of the top coating and after that, you need to dip your nails inside the acetone which is mixed with a small amount of the cuticle oil so that it is easy on your nails. The cuticle oil helps you in avoiding the harsh treatment caused by the acetone reaction and will also make your nails soft when touched. You can also use the removal wrap which is a pad that absorbs the topcoat on your nails.

Is there any difference between classic pedicure and spa-type pedicure?

The only difference that you will experience between the classic pedicure and the spa-type pedicure is of the pampering. The classic pedicure easily cleanses your nails and involves the simple service along with the exfoliating and polishing your nails especially of your toes so that you get a pretty appearance. On the other hand, the spa-type pedicure involves the technical treatment on your nails involving the proper filling, proper shaping and also taking care of the ingrown nails. This process involves the pampering along with the therapeutic and healing of your nails. It also cures the alleviating problems which are due to wearing high heels.

Final Verdict

The nail dryer saves you precious time by drying your nails quickly within some countable seconds on which you have applied the paint. It also helps your nail paint to be preserved and gives you a salon-like treatment and your nails look naturally beautiful. It also saves you from the harmful reaction of the beauty products on your nails and can also cure if there is any reaction. We wish that this write up might have assisted you in grasping most of the knowledge about the nail dryer and how to use it and the main features to look for.

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