15 Best Outdoor Dining Tables for Patio in 2021

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Our Top 3 Picks:-

Best Choice: Hanover Traditions Outdoor Patio Dining Set
“Looks good. I’ve seen comparable sets for a lower price, but nothing that has the fancy design and finish. Very comfortable chairs.”

Editor’s Pick: Christopher Knight Home Outdoor Dining Set
“Fantastic! Have had this since March 2017 and delayed review until it had a year’s worth of ‘wear’ on it. The finish has held up beautifully.”

Best Budget: Christopher Knight Home Hallandale Dining Set
“Very solid and beautiful table. It is heavy duty and has lasted without any defects for over two years.”

If you are looking for the Best Outdoor Dining Table you are in the right place. We have spent the last 52 hours gathering information on the best outdoor dining table. Choosing an outdoor table can be a frustrating task. You don’t have to worry.

This article is going to help you make the right choice whether you are looking for a round, square, teak, or metal outdoor dining table.

Shortlist of Top Rated Outdoor Dining Table in 2021

These dining tables up for review will give you and your family a lot of comforts and great relaxation. Read on as we present to you the best outdoor dining table suitable for your backyard, patio, outdoor deck, garden, poolside, outdoor bar or grill & small front porch.

Buyer’s guide for Best Outdoor Dining Table Reviews in 2021

Choosing the best outdoor dining table is not an easy task. Picking the right one that can fit your style is a lot more challenging. If you are looking for that perfect outdoor dining furniture piece, here is an advice to follow.

Size –

Outdoor dining room tables are great for outdoor dining and relaxation. But before you purchase an outdoor dining table, you have to measure the dimension of your dining space in case you have a small outdoor space. This cast aluminum round dining table is to ensures that the table can fit in perfectly. After measuring the available space, you will need to find out the size of the table you want. Be armed with the measurement of the surface area of the table before purchasing the table.

Style –

Outdoor dining tables come in different styles. Some come in modern style, others come in transitional style. There are also contemporary-style tables. Whatever style you choose, ensure it can blend well with your outdoor décor whether at the patio or backyard.

Material –

What material is the table made of? This should be the first question on your mind. The durability of a dining room table is directly related to the material used in making such an item. Some of the materials for making outdoor dining tables include teak wood, wicker, metal & glass.

Choose an outdoor dining table made of teak wood and wicker over other materials. Teak and wicker is the best material for outdoor dining table durable and can always be coated. A table made of metal is great too. It is durable and sturdy. It can easily be refreshed or updated like teak wood and wicker. If you must choose glass, it must be tempered glass.

Easy assembly –

You don’t want an outdoor table that is difficult to assemble and disassemble. This is why you have to look for a table that is easy to assemble and disassemble. Usually, outdoor dining tables are easy to assemble using the assembly instructions.

Storage –

It is hard to find an outdoor dining table that comes with storage space. If you find one, the metal top outdoor dining table is a good deal. It makes items such as napkins and tablecloths handy.

Seating options –

Look for an outdoor dining table that can seat between 6-8 people comfortably if you are always entertaining guests or if you have a large family. This depends on the surface area. Ensure that the surface area is wide enough. It should be something above 45 inches.

Legroom –

The best outdoor dining table and chairs with enough space underneath it will create some room for leg comfort. Look out for a table with enough legroom to make you and your family seat comfortably.

Ease of cleaning –

Outdoor dining tables will require constant cleaning no matter the material. To ensure easy cleaning, the table must have a smooth surface if the material is made of the best wood for an outdoor dining table or wicker. If the surface is made of glass, it becomes a lot easier to clean.

Stackable –

It is great to recover the space after seating around a table. Look for a set of dining tables with stackable chairs to free up some space when the outdoor dining space is not in use.

Versatility –

Choose an outdoor dining table that comes with a lot of versatility. Choose one that can suit different purposes for the patio, deck, garden, balcony, etc.

15 Best Outdoor Dining Table Reviews for 2021

1. Marietta Outdoor Furniture Dining Set – (Best metal outdoor dining table)

Teak Outdoor Dining TableIf you like poolside eating and seating, this dining set is your best bet. The 5-piece set outdoor dining furniture comprises four chairs and a table. Made from cast aluminum, this set is made sturdy and durable for many years of pleasure.

This metal outdoor dining table is rust-resistant and capable of withstanding the elements all year round. The metal design and finish make it very attractive to visitors and guests. There is a center opening to accommodate a big patio umbrella.


  • Comfortable seating – This metal outdoor dining table and chairs can seat four people comfortably with enough legroom to give you and your family complete relaxation when having outdoor dining or picnic
  • Easy assembly and cleaning – Assembling the table and chairs are super easy and convenient. Screws have been provided for stress-free assembly. Clean with a damp cloth.
  • Strong construction – This square metal outdoor dining table is sturdily and durably made from cast aluminum to stand against rust and harsh weather. It is lightweight but strong and solid making it long-lasting.
  • Great design – The intricate design looks very inviting and elegant. The black and sand finish can perfectly complement your backyard or patio décor.
  • Versatile – This black metal outdoor dining table is a very versatile outdoor dining set. It can function in any outdoor space such as a patio, deck, balcony, near the pool, barbeque pit, garden and outdoor bar.

2. Biscayne Black Oval Outdoor Dining Table – (Best black outdoor dining table)

Round Outdoor Dining TableMake a perfect addition to any space outside with the Biscayne Oval Dining Table. Whether you want an intimate gathering or a fun-filled family dinner, this outdoor dining table is going to serve you well. This black outdoor dining table is constructed from cast aluminum for durability.

The table is UV-resistant, powder coated & finished in black-antique to fit well into your patio or backyard décor. The top of the table is designed to prevent damage by allowing water from pooling to pass through with ease.

This black metal outdoor dining table comes with adjustable nylon glides to prevent damage to the floor. The glides also provide stability where there are uneven surfaces.


  • Sturdy construction – for durability and sturdiness, the table is constructed from cast aluminum. This modern black outdoor dining table is a strong table made for many years of enjoyment.
  • Simple assembly – Assembling the table is simple and easy. Setup is in no time and stress-free. Stainless steel hardware has been included for quick assembly.
  • Appealing design – The water-shedding design makes the table look attractive. Water can easily find a way to prevent damage to the table. The black finish can match any outdoor décor perfectly. It is powder-coated to protect the finish from damage. Weather-resistant – This black mesh outdoor dining table is not only able to withstand tough temperatures, but it is also UV resistant.
  • Nylon glides – There are nylon glides on the legs of the table to prevent damage to surfaces which is usually caused by constant movement.

3. Outdoor Patio Bistro Wrought Iron Dining Table – (Best round outdoor dining tables)

Concrete Outdoor Dining TableThis Patio Bistro Round Outdoor Dining Table is made with metal wrought iron for unparalleled durability. It comes with an umbrella hole to make it ideal for your outdoor comfort.

Adding an umbrella prevents exposure to scorching sun and drizzles of rain. The plaid tabletop design will appeal to your guests and visitors. Its mesh lattice design brings elegance and beauty to any outdoor space.

These round outdoor dining tables are powder-coated to have a long-lasting appealing look. The design and finish will perfectly blend with any outdoor décor. This dining table is well suited for both indoor and outdoor purposes. It can stand against harsh weather conditions.


  • Durable materials – Made from metal wrought iron and powder coated, this round outdoor dining table set is constructed with long-term durability in mind. The legs provide great stability and balance.
  • Ease of assembly – The assembly is a breeze. There are assembly instructions provided along with hardware for quick and easy setup
  • Simple design – This iron outdoor dining table is designed with a latticed tabletop to bring a touch of elegance and beauty into your outdoor space. Whatever is your patio or garden décor, the table will blend perfectly
  • Indoor and outdoor use – For indoor use, this is a perfect dining table to save you a lot of space. It can fit well into small dining spaces. For outdoor use, this round teak outdoor dining table is ideal for the patio, bistro, garden, balcony & backyard.
  • Umbrella hole design – The umbrella hole design allows you to enjoy quality time with your family whether rain or shine. Use the hole with a parasol to block sunlight and protect yourself from the rain.

4. Bowen Wood Outdoor Picnic Table Set – (Best outdoor dining table with bench)

Outdoor Wood Dining TableMake your outdoor space comfortable with the Bowen Wood Outdoor Dining Set. Made from Acacia wood and metal base, this set of furniture is strong and durable. It is made sturdy to withstand extreme weather.

It is a perfect choice for your outdoor dining moments. This outdoor dining table with a bench is perfect for picnic and dining. The brown tabletop and the benchtop alongside the black rustic metal base finish will perfectly match any outdoor décor. Each bench can comfortably seat three people and the table has enough legroom to make you feel comfortable and relax.


  • Sturdy construction – This outdoor dining table with two benches were built to last. The wooden top and thick metal base guarantee the sturdiness and durability of this 3-piece furniture. It is built with many years of family enjoyment in mind
  • Easy assembly – Putting together the table and benches is a piece of cake. It takes less than 45 minutes to get it all figured out. Hardware and setup instructions have been provided
  • Weather-resistant – The table and benches can resist tough temperatures all year round. The metal base does not rust in the sand.
  • Multipurpose – This set of narrow outdoor dining tables with a bench can be used anywhere outdoor. It can be used at the balcony, garden, backyard, patio, bistro, barbeque pit and many more
  • Easy to clean – Cleaning the table and benches are extremely easy. Use a damp cloth to wipe down and use a dry cloth to clean up.

5. Fonzo Cast Aluminium Outdoor Rectangular Dining Table – (Best aluminium outdoor table)

Extendable Outdoor Dining TableEnjoy the intimate time with family and friends with this outdoor rectangular dining table sturdily constructed from cast aluminum for long-lasting use.

This aluminium outdoor table is elegantly built with a bronze finish to complement any décor no matter where it is placed outdoor.

This outdoor dining table has enough space for six people. The table is ideal for hosting guests who love a serene outdoor environment. It is constructed solidly to stand up against the element.


  • Durable – This aluminium outdoor dining table is constructed with durability in mind. Built with top-quality cast aluminum, the table is constructed to last long in an outdoor environment
  • Simple assembly – The assembly is simple and easy. There are assembly instructions with hardware provided for stress-free setup. It can easily be disassembled for storage during winter.
  • Umbrella hole design – With an umbrella hole design, you can place a large umbrella to protect you from the rain and scorching sun. The hole has an adjustable ring that can fit a 2-inch umbrella.
  • Weather-resistant – The solid construction of this aluminium outdoor coffee table with cast aluminum makes it perfect to withstand high temperatures. Come rain and shine, the table keeps standing up.
  • Comfortable – six people can seat comfortably around the table with enough legroom for your perfect relaxation.

6. Suncrown Outdoor Dining Table – (Best modern outdoor dining table)

Modern Outdoor Dining TableThe all-weather square outdoor dining table with four cushion chairs is excellently designed for your outdoor relaxation and comfort. The tempered glass tabletop is perfectly made to add some touch of glamour to your outdoor space.

This 5-piece set of modern outdoor dining tables will be fitting for the patio, bistro, porch, backyard, garden & poolside. The chairs have washable cushions to make them easy to wash the chairs. Its modern design makes it complementary to different outdoor décors. The table is sturdily constructed and this modern square outdoor dining table is also waterproof.


  • Complete dining set – The four chairs and a table is a complete dining set perfect for your outdoor dining and family intimacy. The tempered glass top stands it out as a lovely table.
  • All-weather – The dining table and chairs are great for both outdoor and indoor use. The furniture can withstand the rigors of harsh weather conditions.
  • Appealing glass tabletop – This waterproof dining table has a beautiful black glass top to bring elegance into your outdoor space. The attractive glass top highlights your poolside or patio décor
  • Umbrella hole design – The table has an umbrella hole well cut out in 1.5 inches diameter to allow an umbrella to stand.

7. 9-piece Wicker Outdoor Patio Dining Set – (Best large outdoor dining table)

Expandable Outdoor Dining TableBring a touch of glamour to your outdoor space with the 9-piece Wicker Outdoor Dining Table. This set of dining furniture gives your backyard the elegance and sophistication that will keep your guests spellbound.

This beautiful design and finish make this large outdoor dining table the center of attraction. The brown-colored wicker is carefully woven with commercial grade PE material filled with UV rays inhibitors to help guard against cracking or fading. The chairs can be stacked and the cushions detachable.


  • Perfect for a large family – This set of large outdoor dining table and chairs are made for a large family to bring intimacy. This large rectangular outdoor dining table is great for receiving a large number of visitors.
  • Water-resistant – The cushions are very comfortable and water-resistant.
  • Easy assembly – Assembling is easy but takes some time to accomplish. Follow the assembly instructions for a quick and simple setup. Hardware has been included for quick assembly.
  • Simple to clean – Cushions are extremely simple and easy to clean. Each cushion has a built-in zipper for easy removal and cleaning.
  • Tempered glass – This large outdoor dining table set comes with three tempered glasses to bring beauty and attraction to your backyard or patio making it ideal for any outdoor décor.

8. Amazonia Brussels 7-Piece Teak/Wicker Rectangular Dining Set – (Best rectangle outdoor dining table)

Folding Outdoor Dining TableImprove the look of your patio with the 7-Piece Rectangular Dining Set. This set is good for family gatherings and dining. Perfect for family intimacy, this outdoor furniture will enhance the family bond.

Made with elegant teak wood, this 7-piece of furniture is made durable for many years of enjoyment. They are weather-resistant. The light brown finish of this rectangle outdoor dining table will blend with any patio or backyard décor. The table has a 2-inch umbrella hole for attachment of an umbrella to prevent sun rays.


  • Durable and sturdy – The teak and wicker table and chairs are made with durability in mind. This is a long-lasting investment for your outdoor dining and family relaxation.
  • Weather-resistant – This set of Brunella rectangle dining table brown outdoor by Ashley is made sturdy to stand up against the element. Come rain and shine, the rectangle outdoor dining table with chairs keeps serving you meritoriously.
  • Easy assembly – The table requires assembly and it is simple and quick to assemble. The chairs need no assembly as they have been already assembled.
  • Stackable – The chairs are stackable for easy and quick storage especially during winter.
  • Great design – The furniture is perfectly designed for your comfort. This light brown rectangle kitchen table with glass can accommodate six people comfortably with enough legroom for everyone.

9. Keter 218305 Outdoor Patio Table – (Best small outdoor dining table)

Outdoor Dining Table With Fire PitIf you are looking for a stylish accent outdoor table and something that cool your drinks, the Keter Patio Table is what you should go for. This small outdoor dining table is the perfect cocktail table for your family and friends’ enjoyment. It has a 7.5-gallon cooler that cools your drinks for more than 12 hours.

This outdoor dining table for small space can rise from 22.2 inches to 32.5 inches to keep stocked drinks in place to prevent the drinks from falling. When the party is over, the built-in plug can be removed for quick and easy cleaning. The design is compact and takes a very small space.


  • Compact design – The compact design of this small space outdoor dining table makes it superb for the smallest patio, deck or backyard space. It is compact enough to stack up to 7.5 gallons of party provisions and drinks. It keeps beverages chilled for up to 12 hours.
  • Contemporary style – The contemporary style of the table comes in expresso brown making it perfect to complement any décor inside or outside.
  • Weather-resistant – This small outdoor dining table set is built strong to stand against the weather. It can be used outside without any worries. This patio table can resist decay, rust and other weather-induced damage. It won’t fade out even if it is used every day in the sun.
  • Easy assembly – Its compact design makes it super easy to put together. Assembly is complete with just three screws. It is easy to use and maintain.
  • Sturdy construction – This small round outdoor dining table is strongly built with sturdy feet for stability. It is made from solid plastics with a rattan finish to match indoor and outdoor décor.

10. HollandeHallande Outdoor Furniture Dining Set – (Best cast aluminum outdoor table)

Round Outdoor Dining TableBring a touch of royalty into your outdoor space with the 5-Piece Outdoor Dining Set. Made from cast aluminum, this set of furniture is built for long-lasting use.

This cast aluminum outdoor bar table is rust-resistant and can stand against the element. The table and chairs will be great for your patio or deck. It can be used for the seating of four guests comfortably.


  • Comfortable 5-piece furniture – The 5-piece set of furniture adds style and elegance to your outdoor space without compromising quality and comfort.
  • Sturdy build – This 5-piece of cast aluminum outdoor dining table is built with durable materials. Built with cast aluminum to guarantee many years of enjoyment with family and friends
  • Versatile – The set goes well at the patio, deck, backyard, garden, in the sunroom, near the pool, BBQ pit, etc. The table has an opening for a patio umbrella.
  • Beautiful design and finish – The intricate antique design looks sleek and appealing. With a bronze finish, this table and chairs will match the different patio, deck, or backyard décor perfectly.
  • Rust-resistant – The all-weather table with chairs is rust-resistant. This is the set of cast aluminum outdoor side table can withstand different weather conditions for many years outside.

11. 7-Piece Oval Outdoor Extendable Dining Set – (Best extendable outdoor dining table )

Round Outdoor Dining Table For 6Make your outdoor space the cynosure of all eyes with Oval Outdoor Extendable Dining Set. The butterfly leaf can be extended to accommodate more people. The extendable outdoor dining table with six chairs is made durable and sturdy. The set is perfect for your patio, backyard & garden.

Made from eucalyptus wood for long-lasting use, the finish is something that will be cool for your patio or backyard décor. This extendable outdoor dining table is weather-resistant and also resistant to UV radiation making it long-lasting and enjoyable in any outdoor setting. The table has a hole for an umbrella when extended.


  • Versatile – This extendable outdoor dining table set is a versatile dining set that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor purposes. For outdoor, this extending dining table will be ideal for your patio, garden, backyard, terrace, balcony & poolside.
  • Easy assembly – Easily assemble the table with the easy-to-follow assembly instructions. The package comes with hardware for a quick setup. Chairs come already assembled.
  • Durable materials – This extendable outdoor dining table and chairs are constructed from high-quality eucalyptus wood to serve you for many years.
  • Weather-resistant – Whether the pieces of furniture are used indoor or outdoor, the set of furniture is capable of resisting bad weather conditions. It is resistant to humidity and UV radiation.
  • Clean with ease – Cleaning this teak extendable outdoor dining table is very easy. Just use a damp cloth to wipe down.

12. Traditions 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set – (Best outdoor table with six chairs)

Large Outdoor Dining TableTransform any backyard or patio into a spectacular outdoor space with the 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set. There are four deep cushioned dining chairs and two deep-cushioned swivel-rocker chairs to make a total of six chairs and a table with an aluminum cast tabletop.

The superior design of this outdoor table with six chairs brings warmth and charm into an outdoor environment. Each of the dining pieces is made from durable aluminum frames.

The frames are well polished with quality weather-protective coating to fend off moisture and UV rays. This dining table and six chairs set is heavily constructed for many years of usage. The champagne-colored cushions blend well into any backyard or patio décor.


  • Comfortable – Each of the cushioned chairs brings comfort to your guests and family members. The cushion is 2.5 inches thick and made from high-quality polyester material that is stain-resistant, weather-resistant & protected from UV rays.
  • All-weather design – All of the furniture collection can stand against tough weather. The cast aluminum frames have been treated and coated to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Seating option – This dining table set with six chairs seating option can accommodate up to 12 persons who can relax under the umbrella and enjoy themselves.
  • Versatile – The furniture collection can be used at the bistro, backyard, patio, garden & balcony
  • Assemble required – All the pieces of furniture require assembly. It comes with assembly instructions and hardware for easy and quick setup.

13. 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set – (Best cast aluminum patio dining table)

Metal Outdoor Dining TableShow your neighbors how to do outdoor dining this season with the 7-Piece Outdoor Dining Set. The furniture set comes with six stackable chairs and a table. Made from cast aluminum, these pieces of furniture are constructed to last for a long time.

This oval cast aluminum dining table is durable and sturdy. This is gorgeous dining set for family and guests’ comfort at the patio, backyard, balcony, garden & bistro. The top-quality faux wicker brings aesthetics into your outdoor space to complement any outdoor décor.


  • Easy assembly – Assembly is straightforward. Instructions for setup are easy to follow and hardware has been provided for stress-free setup.
  • Simple cleaning – Cleaning is not complicated. Use a damp cloth to clean with ease.
  • Elegant design – The design of these pieces of furniture is appealing and elegant. It matches different décors outdoor
  • Strong construction – These cast aluminum dining table and chairs are extremely strong and durable for many years of pleasure.
  • Versatile – This set is perfect for outdoor dining at the patio, balcony, backyard, poolside, garden, etc.

14. Statesville 5-Piece Padded Sling Patio Outdoor Set -(Best outdoor patio dining table)White Outdoor Dining Table

Create a pleasant outdoor environment with the Statesville 5-Piece Outdoor Furniture Set. The rust-resistant steel frame is durable and powder-coated in antique bronze to withstand extreme weather.

The set of this outdoor patio dining table has four swivel chairs made from UV-resistant materials and the tabletop is made with tempered glass for utmost outdoor comfort.


  • Solid construction – This outdoor dining patio table and chairs are made durable from steel and aluminum frames for durability and sturdiness.
  • Antique bronze finish – Your outdoor style is enhanced with the antique bronze finish that matches your outdoor décor nicely.
  • Easy to clean – This round outdoor patio dining table is very easy to clean. Use warm water, mild soap & a damp cloth to wipe down.
  • Assembly required – Assembly is super easy. Everything that you need for a convenient setup has been included.
  • Tempered glass tabletop – These tempered glass tabletops create a smooth and sturdy surface for your comfort when dining or having a good time with family and friends.

15. 7-Piece Luxurious Teak Dining Set – (Best teak outdoor dining table)

Ikea Outdoor Dining TableBring a touch of luxury and glamour into your outdoor space with the 7-Piece Luxurious Teak Dining Set that comprises a table, four armless & two armchairs.

This teak outdoor dining table is extremely sturdy and durable. The dining table can accommodate more people when the butterfly leaf is extended. There is a 2-inch umbrella hole in the middle of the table to shield you from the rain and scorching sun.


  • Sturdy construction – Made from teak wood, this teak extendable outdoor dining table of furniture is constructed with durability and longevity in mind
  • Easy assembly – The products have been partially assembly requiring just simple assemble for a quick and complete assembly
  • Fine finish – The beautiful finish of this modern teak outdoor dining table and chairs make the set of furniture perfect to complement your backyard or patio décor.
  • Versatile – Enjoy this square teak outdoor dining table of furniture at the patio, backyard, balcony, garden, or poolside.
  • Comfortable – The chairs and table are extremely comfortable to sit around with enough legroom for your relaxation.

How do I choose an outdoor dining table?

Video Transcript:

Hi guys and welcome to Renault ready in today’s video we are gonna be making an outdoor patio table for the style in size of the table that we wanted it was pretty impossible to find most tables seat four to six people so finding one that was big enough for our space was not easy we wanted to have the option of always having six chairs out but where we could comfortably fit eight and maybe even ten people without it feeling really smushy so we decided to do a custom table this is an extremely popular style you’ll see it all over the place whether it’s indoors or outdoor this application could be used for indoor or outdoor just a penguin lock so for this project.

I’m not going to show you any dimensions or any measurements because it’s always going to be different depending on the size of your table so the first thing I did was lay out my border boards and my interior boards to get a good measurement for the end border pieces I then cut my end border pieces I found this is the easiest way to cut the end border pieces because you know the exact measurement and you don’t have to guess sometimes the boards can be a little bit different so this was the best way to do it because these are the boards I’m gonna use in the end once I have my two end pieces then I did the exact same thing I put my boards in and then I measured it’s easier to measure from outside angle to outside angles.

So that’s why I did it this way you don’t need somebody to help you hold the tape measure on the inside corners because there’s nothing to grab on to next I sanded all the pieces and got them prepped for screwing them together I used two-part epoxy so that I didn’t have to use any clamps to help me hold the pieces together before I screwed them I then used a pocket hole jig and long screws to screw the corners all together I then measured the inside and cut the inside border piece you’ll see what this is for anime I did these on 45-degree angles so they screw together nicely and there are no end cuts then I put the pieces inside and I use the pocket hole screws to screw them back together next I took the boards that are gonna be my inside boards and I slid them under so that I can get that gap next I screwed the 2×4 frame into the outside border frame.

I did a whole bunch of screws all the way along so that it’s nice and secure you want it to be all the exact same level for when you put in your inside voice after that was all screwed I measured the distance between the boards and cut two by fours to go across these two by fours are what holds the final boards and the centerboard because the centerboard goes across differently I needed to add some extra supports in there so that it can get screwed together in there next I measured my Center board and put that in then I put one 2×4 on each end for the legs to screw into for the legs layout two four by four pieces the angle where the pieces meet is determined by the height of your table and the width of your table you can see in this diagram.

I found this to be the easiest way to measure the legs because it is all laid out I could measure it right on the spot and then cut once you figure out the cross pattern for the legs you can draw a line on it and start notching it out a notch note by setting the depth on my miter saw and then going over it multiple times once I snapped all the pieces off then I took a chisel and cleaned up the inside next I transferred the measurement to my other two four by fours and then cut them once I had my pieces notched I then put them together and then screwed them together I then cut them to length then I figured out what the bottom width was going to be I then cut a two by six two inches longer so that there’s a one-inch overhang on each end I routed the edges of this to make it nice.

And smooth but you don’t have to do that if you don’t have a route it next I stood up the X and I added the two by six to the top I made sure it was nice and flush all the way around and then I screwed it in once I had my two legs assembled I then got ready for attaching it to the table you’re gonna be putting carriage bolts through the legs and into the two by fours that were put on to the tabletop you’re gonna need to measure the size of the carriage bolt head and then drill out a hole that size next drill a pilot hole through that so that the carriage bolt can go through at this point you might want somebody to give you a hand lift the tabletop up and attach the legs to it then drill a hole all the way through so the carriage bolt can go through and everything.

It nice and level tightens the carriage bolt down and now your legs are on your table so now that the legs are on you want to put on your slats I don’t have any footage of this because I was kind of in a rush to get it done for people coming over that kind of thing but it’s pretty easy on how to put them on basically just measure between your centerboard that was already put on earlier and then cut all your boards for that line now if your table is smaller you could probably get away with doing six foot or five-foot fence board and you don’t even need to do that piece down the middle so originally when I put the slats on top I wanted to somehow screw them in from the bottom.

So that you saw no scruples and I decided to just drill the screws in through the top and then use some wood filler I ended up deciding to go with more of a rustic look so I took a belt sander and kind of went over it randomly to give it all these like random scuff marks and things like that and then I wanted to stain it and varnish it to protect it a great thing about this table is that you could paint it you could stain at many different colors you could varnish oh you cannot burn into it you could leave it raw we actually left it alone for quite a bit until we decided that we wanted to do this day in varnish I’m really happy we decided to stain the table darker it really helped.

It pops from the deck and everything just turned out really really nice we decided to buy these really nice wicker Club chairs for the table we talked about maybe trying to make chairs but we decided that was not cost-effective at all by the time Jamie made six if not more chairs to match the table the nice thing about club chairs too is they have a cushion they’re comfortable everyone gets armrest so if you’re playing games or you’re gonna be sitting out there for a while no one’s back or butts gonna get some or all right everyone thank you for watching make sure to comment down below let us know what you think and any other sort of projects you guys want to see and make sure you subscribe we have a lot more outdoor projects DIY videos coming up for you guys as we finish off our backyard space.


An outdoor dining table brings elegance and beauty into your dining space. An outdoor dining table is generally an important spot for family intimacy and dining. Choosing the ideal outdoor table out of the 15 tables will be a very difficult job.

Our over 52 hours of research give us insight into the right square outdoor dining tables suitable for you and your family. This is why we recommend the  9-piece Wicker Outdoor Patio Dining Set if you have a large family. If you want something for a moderate family, we recommend the Fonzo Cast Aluminium Outdoor Rectangular Dining Table.

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