Best Hedge Shears Review for Your Garden in 2023

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Do you want a weed-free garden or are you looking for the best hedge shears?

If yes, you are in luck.

Using a pair of hedge shears will help you have a well-trimmed and beautiful garden all the time. Hedge shears help you to cut your garden flowers to your desired style.

But finding the best hedge shears can be very overwhelming. You don’t have to worry. Come along as we review the best hedge shears to give your garden a facelift.

Comparison of Top 10 Hedge Shears in 2023

The comparison table below is made to assist you to make a good choice. Carefully check the table to compare hedge shears to make an informed decision.

Buying guide for the best hedge shears in 2023

A pair of hedge shears are an important tool for landscapers and gardeners. The toolbox is never complete without the hedge shears. Hedge shears can be used to prune and maintain hedges, shrubs, and gardens. That makes a pair of hedge shears a great companion even for homeowners. Getting the right hedge shears can be difficult if you are not armed with the proper information.

Before buying a pair of hedge spears, their many factors you must consider. This guide will help you to make a good purchase. Below is the hedge shears buying guide.

Hedging power –

This is the most important consideration when purchasing power hedge shears. This is about how the hedge shears can cut through foliage and shrubs with less human effort than top-rated backpack sprayers. It is also about the cutting power on stems and vegetation. This boils down to two things – the quality of the hedge shears and the sharpness of the blades. It is also about how long the handles are. The handles must be long enough to reach difficult and tough areas. The blade size must also be considered. Bigger blades mean you can cover large areas and finish up in good time.

Durability –

Build construction is another important factor that must be considered before getting the hedge shears. You don’t want to waste money by buying a hedge shears sharpening tool every time. You want an item that would stand the test of time. You would want a pair of hedge shears that would continue to perform from cut to cut. Choose a metal constructed shears over the ones made of plastic material. Metal is long-lasting. So, durability cannot be compromised.

Cost –

Price is an important factor. You would want durable hedge shears that are cost-effective. Everything now depends on the features you are looking for in the hedge shears. The more the features, the higher the price. The price you settle for is a function of features.

Ease of use –

Using too much human effort to cut through foliage and shrubs will eventually ache your arms and shoulders. These hedge pruning shears are why ease of use is a useful factor. Blades without extendable feature handles without the shock-absorbing bumper and comfortable grips, blades without increased pressure are inadequacies that could make a simple task very difficult. Therefore, it is important to consider a pair of hedge shears that deliver easily without too much labor.

Weight and size –

The weight and size of the hedge shears are a key consideration. You have to look for something lightweight. Heavy hedge shears are burdensome and can cause you arm and shoulder fatigue but a light pair of hedge shears with telescopic handles can deliver amazing performance. Steel and wood handles tend to be heavier compared to aluminum handles. Box hedge pruning shears that reduce fatigue should be considered before purchasing the hedge spears.

Availability of spare parts –

You cannot overlook this factor. You would want a pair of hedge shears that have readily available parts for replacement. The blades could get broken. Getting a blade or pivot bolt replacement is more cost-effective than buying new shears.

Reviews of 10 Best Hedge Shears in 2023

1. Tabor Tools Hedge Shears (B229A)

best hedge shearsThese hedge shears have got a lot of cool features that make trimming, pruning and hedging easier. It has sturdy handles for shaping the outer part of the shrubs into your desired style.

The handles make this lightweight long handled hedge shears super easy to access difficult areas other shears couldn’t reach. The blades are sharp and have different curves that assist in cutting bigger branches. They make precision cuts. They are made of top-quality steel. The blades are rust-free and lightweight.

The blades have a plastic sheath to protect these lightweight hedge shears and they are replaceable in case they go bad. The blades of this can be sticky once in a while after each cut but all in all, it is a useful pair of hedge shears. This is a pair of hedge shears made with safety and comfort in mind.


  • Lightweight handles – The aluminum handles of the shears are lightweight and have perfect grips that do not snap out. The handles are comfortable and also durable
  • Nice blade design – The blades of these best lightweight hedge shears are designed to make your tasks easier. The blades continue to perform well after each cut making them dependable and reliable
  • Shock-guard bumper – No irritating vibrations with the shock-guard bumper feature which helps to reduce arm and shoulder fatigue thereby making gardening and landscaping fun.
  • Protected blades – The blades are well protected by plastic sheaths that protect them from easily getting blunt
  • Long-lasting sharpness – The blades of this super lightweight hedge shears stay sharp for a long time due to the powerful steel and blade treatment which ensures continuous cutting performance.


  • Durable and sturdy blades
  • Precision cuts
  • Powerful sharp blades
  • Ease of use and maintenance
  • Ultra-lightweight


  • Blades can get sticky

2. Tabor Tools Hedge Shears (B212A)

best manual hedge shearsThese hedge shears are well suited for trimming bushes and branches of fruit trees. These tabor tools hedge shears come with telescopic retractable handles for easy handling and effective performance.

The handles can also be extended to reach difficult areas. This makes it the ideal hedge shears for cutting tall branches on different garden trees. These tabor tools extendable hedge shears are well sharpened and come with wavy blades made with quality tempered steel. This allows for easy and perfect cuts.

The telescopic handles effectively increase the much-needed pressure on the blade to perform an excellent job with less effort. There is an adjuster bolt that can be used to reduce the pressure on the blade and also the gaps between the blades. The handles of these tabor tools b212 extendable hedge shears have rubber overlap to make you feel comfortable.


  • Sturdy handles – The sturdy telescopic handles make every task easy. It trims and shapes shrubs and plants very well. It makes it easy to access hard-to-reach areas of the shrubs or plants using extendable handles.
  • Sharp blades – The wavy blades are sharp enough to make them smooth and precise cuts that you desire. Every cut makes your shrubs and plants look healthy. These powerful tabor tools aluminum professional hedge shears do a good job of manicuring your plants with less human labor
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers – Vibration is reduced with the shock-absorbing bumpers that provide a non-slip handle thereby reducing fatigue of the hands.
  • Adjustable blade tension – It comes with an adjustable flower-sized bolt that can be used to reduce or increase blade tension so you can cut through any shrubs or plants no matter how thick
  • Plastic sheath protection for blades – The blades have a plastic sheath for their protection. This tabor tools manual hedge shears reduce the risk of getting the blades damaged


  • Blades sheath protection
  • Precision cut
  • Sturdy aluminum & wavy blades
  • Comfortable handle grip
  • User-friendly design
  • Adjustable blades
  • Lightweight


  • Difficult to cut some tree branches

3. Fiskars 91696935J Telescoping Power-Lever Hedge Shears

best pruning shearsExperience two times cutting power with this Fiskars Hedge Shears. The shears can reach and maneuver through hard areas of the shrubs or plants. The handles are extendable and safe.

The handles give you a non-slip grip making you feel comfortable and have control over the handles. The steel blades deliver precision cut from one task to another.

These fiskars extendable hedge shears blades are super sharp to cut different types of grass, flowers, and bushes. The blades are rust-resistant making them very durable. It has shock-absorbing bumpers to withstand shock thereby reducing vibration and fatigue.


  • Sharp blades – The blades are strong and sharp enough to cut and shape hedges and shrubs
  • Double cutting power – These fiskars power lever extendable hedge shears technology gives you twice more cutting power to accomplish all garden and landscaping tasks with ease
  • 10 inches blade – The blade is long enough to cut through difficult grass, bushes and flowers giving you a beautiful ambiance that would become the envy of many.
  • Rust-resistant – The blades can serve you for a long time without rust. This fiskars power lever grass and hedge shears is a sign of its durability and dependability
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers – The steel handles come with shock-absorbing bumpers to reduce vibration. The non-slip grips offer control on the handles


  • Rust-resistant
  • Sharp & powerful blades
  • Two times cutting power than pivot shears
  • Steel blades
  • Easy to use


  • It can break if used to cut thicker grass and flowers

4. Gilmour Basic Hedge Shear

best rated hedge shearsHedge out shrubs, bushes, and grass with ease with the all-purpose Gilmour Hedge Shear. The innovative design features a straight blade on the upper part while on the lower part, the blade is serrated.

The blades are well sharpened of these small hedge shears. The 8 inches coated blades are non-sticky which helps in no small ways to reduce hand fatigue. It is quite different from other hedge shears with wavy blades. The hedge shears are strong and powerful enough to cut down small and medium-sized branches with precision.

The other nice features of these best rated hedge shears include comfortable handle grips, shock-absorbing bumpers, and durable steel handles. The hedge shears are made with strength and power to make gardening and landscaping jobs stress-free giving you well-manicured gardens and landscapes.

It is not rust-free. So, it requires regular cleaning to prevent them from rust. Though these garden hedge shears are made in China, they have got nothing to do with the performance.


  • 8-inch blades – The 8-inch non-sticky coated blades are ideal for giving your shrubs and plants clean cuts. These gilmour hedge shears is long enough to read difficult areas
  • Comfortable grips – The steel handles give you comfortable grips each time you use the hedge shears.
  • Shock-absorbing bumpers – The shock-absorbing bumpers help to reduce fatigue while working. Less fatigue means more efficient working hours
  • Sharp blades – The blades are very sharp to cut through tough weeds, bushes, and plants.
  • Innovative design – This garden pals hedge shears innovative design makes the shears do clean cuts using a straight upper blade and a serrated lower blade


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly
  • Great quality
  • Safe to use


  • Made in China
  • It has no adjustment

5. Okatsune Precision Hedge Shear

best japanese hedge shearsPruning and cutting the thick foliage in your garden is easy with the Okatsune Hedge Shear. The blades are extremely sharp.

The blades are made of solid steel usually used in making Japanese swords. This gives the blades a lot of sharpness and cutting power to deliver from cut to cut.

However, the blades of these garden shears for hedges are not rust-free. You have to clean the shears after each use and oil them properly to prevent rust. The handles give a comfortable grip to easily complete the task.

Another drawback is that this pair of hedge shears blades is not replaceable. These are the best Japanese hedge shears.


  • Sturdy handles – The handles are very sturdy because this garden gear hedge and edge trimming shears are made from Japanese White Oak
  • Comfortable grips – The handles have nice grips making them comfortable to use
  • Sharp blades – The blades are pretty sharp helping to do a clean cut of difficult grass and foliage
  • Long blades – The long blades make this davaon pro garden hedge shears easy to reach difficult areas on the grass or shrubs


  • Lightweight
  • Powerful and sharp blades
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • User-friendly
  • High quality


  • A little bit expensive

6. Corona HS-3950 Extendable Hedge Shear

best hand hedge shearsThe Corona HS-3950 Hedge Shears are well suited for the manicuring of your garden, lawn, and flowers. The extendable handles of this corona hedge shears are made of solid steel construction delivering only superior performance.

This corona professional hedge shears cutting power helps you to get the job done with less physical effort. The blades are straight and not serrated. The forged, high carbon steel provides a precision cut. The carbon steel blades stand for strength and durability. This corona 10 in forged steel hedge shears is fitted with shock-reduction bumpers to reduce fatigue on the hands and shoulders.

The lightweight handles guarantee comfortable grips. The adjustable handle can extend between 13 to 20 inches to accommodate every cutting need. This is the corona dual-link hedge shears.


  1. Steel handles – The hedge shears are made of high-carbon steel making them durable and reliable
  2. Shock-absorbing bumpers – This corona comfort gel hedge shears come with shock-absorbing bumpers to reduce strains on the hands and shoulders so you can handle any task with ease and less labor
  3. Comfortable grips – The lightweight handles guarantee you comfortable grips to give your shrubs and flowers a good cut
  4. Adjustable pivot bolt – The pivot bolt is strong and is used to adjust the blades for more tension allowing you have a precision cut. The bolt is replaceable.
  5. Extendable handles – The handles have extendable features of corona max forged hedge shears. You can extend the handles with just a twist. The extension of the handles allows you to maneuver through difficult and hard-to-reach areas.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Easy to use
  3. Durable and strong handles
  4. Solid construction
  5. Sharp and extendable blades


  1. Pivot bolt can lose out sometimes

7. ARS HS-KR1000 Professional Hedge Shears

best professional hedge shearsShape and prune different hedges and bushes with the ARS HS-KR1000. These pair of hedge shears make pruning so much fun. The blades are razor-sharp.

The blades of these manual hedge shears are made of high-carbon steel measuring 7-inch long. They are well treated to give you the best cut possible. The blades can be sharpened with a sharpening stone and they are replaceable.

The sturdy construction of this ars professional hedge shears makes it worth its price. The screws secure the blades effectively giving it strength and durability. There is the blade’s tension adjustment.

You can loosen or tighten the blades through the pivot bolt. The pivot bolt of this manual hedge clipper is replaceable too. The handles are ergonomically designed to give you comfort. The shock-absorbing bumpers do a good job by reducing strains on the hands and shoulders.


  • Strong steel blades – The blades are made of steel material which makes them durable.
  • Blade treatment – The blades are well treated to give you the excellent performance you want from a pair of stainless steel hedge shears. The treatment of the blades makes them very strong to withstand rigors
  • Long-lasting sharpness – The blades come very sharp and remain sharp cut after cut. It has a pivot bolt for easy blade adjustments
  • Comfortable grips – The handles can be handled comfortably due to its shock-absorbing bumper feature that helps to lessen arm vibration and fatigue.
  • The professional result – You would expect a professional result from your best professional hedge shears. Professionally manicured jobs are what you get if you are a professional gardener or landscaper.


  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Easy to use
  • Replaceable blades
  • Durability


  • The bumper has no cushion

8. ARS 28- to 41-1/2-Inch Hedge Shears HS-K900Z

hedge shears reviewsThe precision-cut is what your hedges, shrubs, and bushes deserve. This is what the ARS HS-K900Z Hedge Shears superior blade quality delivers.

These extra long telescopic hedge shears feature adjustable handles ranging from 28 to 41 inches in length making it easy for you to reach high and deep areas with ease. The aluminum handles come with a push button to securely lock in the handles.

The blades are chrome-plated giving it more strength to make difficult cuts with less labor. The hedge shears blades are replaceable and rust-resistant. The handles are slightly curved to make the optimum cut. These telescopic hedge shears are a perfect tool for the manicuring of your shrubs, trees, and bushes.


  • Telescopic handles – The telescopic handles can get to hard-to-reach shrubs and bushes making this telescoping hedge shears unnecessary to stoop low to have a cut.
  • Chrome-plated blades – The blades are chrome-plated giving it a lot more power to do a perfect job cut after cut.
  • Adjustable blades – The blades are adjustable to a length of between 28 to 41 inches making it easy to use.
  • Aluminum handles – The handles are made of aluminum material with a push button that assists in locking the handles in place.
  • Slightly curved blades – This ars telescopic hedge shears blades are slightly curved for increased performance.


  • Lightweight
  • Replaceable blades
  • Portable
  • Easy to use
  • Superior sharp blades


  • No shock-absorbing bumpers

9. Fiskars 9191 Power-Lever Hedge Shears

best small hedge shearsTrimming and shaping of shrubs, hedges and bushes are 2X easier with the Fiskars 9191 Hedge Shears. These fiskars powergear 2 hedge shears mechanism has a 4-point pivot that automatically helps to multiply the shears trimming strength.

This invariably means you would achieve more with less energy. It has 8-inch cutting blades that are as sharp as a razor to give you a perfectly manicured garden.

The blades of this hedge cutting shears are not straight but serrated. The serrated blades mean more cutting power and effective performance. The blades are durable since they are made of steel and coated with chrome. These fiskars telescoping power lever hedge shears helps to prevent the hedge shears from oxidation.

The blades come well-sharpened straight from the factory. The handles are very comfortable. They come with a cushioned hand grip. The cushioned hand grip is a good feature that helps to reduce fatigue. It also has shock-absorbing bumpers that minimize arm vibration. The best hand held hedge shears come in a black handle alongside an orange trim making it aesthetically beautiful. This is an impressive tool for gardeners and landscapers. This is the best hedge trimming shears.


  • 2X cutting power – The power-lever mechanism enhances cutting power by making it twice easier
  • 8-inch steel blades – The 8-inch serrated steel blades of this fiskars 23 inch hedge shears effectively grip branches and deliver clean cuts
  • Self-sharpening blades – The hardened steel blades are self-sharpening during every use and also resists corrosion
  • Durable steel handles – The handles are made of durable steel guaranteeing durability and reliability
  • Shock-absorbing bumper – Arm and shoulder fatigue is reduced with a shock-absorbing bumper. It also helps to reduce hand vibration


  • Durability
  • Makes work 2x easier
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sharp steel blades
  • Less fatigue


  • Heavy
  • The pins that keep the blades together can occasionally snap out.

10. Floral Guard Hedge Shears

best hand hedge shearsThis is the ideal tool for the trimming and shaping of your grass, shrubs, plants, and bushes. This hedge shears lowes has extendable handles to ensure you can reach the hardest areas and make the cuts with ease.

The telescopic handles have comfortable non-slip grips for easy handling of the shears. The handle extendable mode reaches 34.6 inches. The carbon steel wavy blades make the precision cut.

The sharpened blades of this hedge shears lowe’s make the hedge to operate smoothly. It has a shock-absorbing bumper feature to help reduce vibration when in use. This is a dependable tool that would effectively help you to produce outstanding work.


  • Extendable handles – The handles are extendable reaching 34.6 inches when extended and 26.4 inches regular length
  • Sharp wavy blades – The carbon steel wavy blades of this floral guard hedge shears deliver precision cut from one task to another
  • Shock-absorbing bumper – There is less arm and shoulder fatigue with the shock-absorbing bumpers. It also reduces arm vibration
  • Well-treated blades – The treated blades ensure the blades are not fractured or bent when in use. It also makes the blades shaper
  • High-carbon steel – The hardened SK-5 Japanese steel makes the hedge shears sharp and durable


  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Comfortable non-slip handle grips
  • Treated blades
  • Hardened blade heat treatment


  • The handles are not sturdy

FAQs for Best Hedge Shears in 2023

How to use hedge shears?

There may be times you feel like cutting or pruning your flowers, grass or shrubs yourself. It can feel awkward when you want to use the hedge shears for the first time. Not to worry, this guide will help you to cut your bush effectively. Below is the guide on how to use the hedge shears.

  1. Before you start, ensure that the hedge shears are clean and in good working condition.
  2. Place the hedge shears on the plant and start cutting using a scissors-like cutting style.
  3. Start by cutting small sections at a time to avoid have a big cut that would make the plant go out of shape.
  4. After the cutting, ensure that the hedge shears are well cleaned to avoid rust or corrosion.
  5. Clean them with vinegar.

How to clean hedge shears?

A pair of hedge shears is a must-have tool for keeping trees, hedges, and shrubs healthy and beautiful. The hedge shears need a thorough cleaning after each use. Cleaning the blades keeps the hedge shears in shape and prevents them from rust. Here is a step-by-step approach to cleaning the hedge shears.

  1. Rinse the hedge shears perfectly with water to remove soil
  2. Use a strong brush to scrape leaves, debris, and other particles from the blades. Avoid using sandpaper
  3. Wear a protective shirt and a pair of gloves. Dip a rag in a solvent and use it to wipe the blades.
  4. Dry the blades using a soft cloth. Make a mixture of bleach and water in a small amount and rub the mixture on the blades. Leave the mixture to stay for 2 minutes.
  5. Wipe the blades dry with a cloth.

How to sharpen hedge shears?

Sharpening the hedge shears is something that should be done periodically in case the blades get blunt. These are steps to sharpening your hedge shears

  1. Check the pivot bolt - The very first thing is to check the pivot bolt that connects the blades. If the seized alternator pivot bolt is loosened, ensure that it is well tightened. Use a box socket wrench to tighten them perfectly if a spanner cannot do it well.
  2. Look for curves or bends on the blades - Carefully look at the blade to be sure they are straight. If you see any bends or curves, it means you would have to loosen the pivot bolt and separate the blades. Wear a pair of thick leather gloves and use a vise grip to make sure the blades are well straightened up.
  3. Clean the blades - Next, it is to thoroughly clean the blades and shears. Clean off dirt, leaves, debris, and dust on the blades.
  4. Use a mill file to sharpen the blades - Before using the mill file, ensure you use the safety goggles. Identify the cutting areas on the blades. Sharpen the blades one at a time. Fix one blade on the vise grip, now, move mill file over the blade. Move the mill file in one direction. Do the same for the other blade.
  5. Use oil on the blades - After sharpening the blades and ensuring they are sharp, it is time to oil the blades. After fixing the blades, use light oil over the blades and use a clean cloth to rub back and forth on the blades. This is to ensure the blades are protected from rust and corrosion.

Watch this short video below to better understand how to use hedge shears?

Video Transcript:

Before starting be sure your tools are clean and in good working order head shears our cutting tools used to make multiple cuts of small vegetative material at one time using a scissor-type action simply place the shears near the plant and with one clean swipe cut numerous branches at one time cut small sections and small amounts at a time to ensure you don’t over prune your plant be sure to clean your tools before putting them away to prevent rust and decay orange oil or vinegar make excellent natural cleaners.

Complete Guide On Cleaning And Sharpen Okatsune Shears:

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, I’m gonna get this YouTube channel started looking forward to doing this is something I’ve been wanting to do for about a year now finally if God’s a little bit of time and I have a purpose of what I want to do hopefully this is going to be helping some of the other new guys in the industry hopefully helping them with a little bit of knowledge I’ve been in this if you saw the other video I’ve been in this for a very long time I’ve had some great mentors taught me a lot of great things and I feel the need to help help other guys we were working on some really nice properties and I have a certain way of doing things and I think it could be helpful to some other guys probably maybe that sounds arrogant I’m not sure but that’s not the case I just really want to help I belong to a lot of Facebook a couple of Facebook groups and I love helping on the air and I figured you two would be another avenue for me to do that so today what I plan on doing is pretty basic and that’s the oka soon hedge clippers these are great hedge clippers if you if there’s anything if you guys are doing topiary which I do a lot of topiary these there’s nothing like them and I’ve ran many hitch Clippers in my life and these seems to be pretty close to the best I mean I know in Japan they are the tool to have so what I’m gonna be doing today is cleaning them up giving them a nice sharpening with the whetstone explaining that a little bit hopefully the other guys so they’re not ruining these things because if you put a very coarse file to these you could really do some damage so hopefully I can help out and get that started in the future we’ll do some other videos on equipment tools it’s gonna be a perfect winter to do that inside here we can show you guys show you some some of the stuff that we do so here we go okay so first things first is we’re going to clean them off you can tell they have a little buildup of SAP inside here and actually we’re I’m pretty I’m pretty fussy when it comes to these and that’s really not that bad but we’re gonna get them all cleaned up over here with a little bit of super clean and of course the heater goes on but that shouldn’t be that big of a deal you should still be able to hear what I’m doing here so yeah just clean this thing the sap off unless we can which is going to be good if you feel that it’s a little built up a nice small brush and why I brush these guys off all that builds up off of there a little bit more up here be careful that their shop even though that they need to be shopping they are still shop we got one side we’ll do the other side as well that noise is the air compressor this is possible nice clean edge be very important when we hold it down get all that stuff yeah okay Hey all right I’m going to show you a little something here on these we have two edges here you have a very very small edge right along the very very edge of it and then you got the logic this one the first edge is the more important and I’m going to show you how to get that okay guys we got the we got them in the vise here and we’re gonna get started now the first thing we’re going to use is a fine 600 grit this is my old one you can tell that it’s pretty worn out so we got a new one here 600 grit and let me give this one a shot in front of the camera for the first time so what I want to do is I want to cover this blade up okay so that I don’t cut myself and you take this whetstone 600 grit and you got the broad edge and then you got the real edge and the real edge is right across the bottom here it’s a very fine edge and we’re gonna try to get started on that first keep applying water to the stone very very thirsty that’s how they work that way long strokes keep oh my god here I got a water for the stove the bucket just keep on going get that nice and well these more terrible they need it to be done but they were terrible it will keep on going now with the 600 grit we get by that’s nice we shop then you can start going on the broad end find that angle so we’re gonna continue on with our about 600 grit if these things are real nice edge on here good idea to cover a rack up your right so you don’t cut yourself you use the whole length of the stone again we use the 600 grit on this ya give this broad edge nice cleaning she already gave applying edges of cleaning getting a nice nice edge already of you very good keep our zone all right okay I’m gonna switch back over to the thousands right now and clean that up give it a nice nice shine not rocket science let us take a little bit of patience knowing your angles now hmm just want to reiterate something here I am NOT a professional sharpener guys out there if you if you know better than me that’s great what I’ve learned suits me very well but I’m always willing to learn more so for our purposes this is actually pretty good see how we’re doing here and boy that looks good that looks really good that looks really good now on the other size of the blade what we want to do let’s take the feinstone flat no angles no angles back and forth straight on the blade you’re just gonna clean off any wire or any any burr that’s on there all that this is this step is for if you back angle the blade when they come together they won’t cut it needs to stay flat and don’t do too much because if you’re not taking up taking them apart this will get thinner this will stay thick and then you’ll get a little spot all you’re doing just cleaning that edge off all you’re doing no Steve no metal being removed okay okay that’s one side okay I’ll do the other side and I’ll be back in a minute so we had the Clippers we’ve got a great shop edge on them both sides proof is and bloopers in the paper so the paper I would say they’re shot we’re good what I like to do next with these a little bit of three and one oil on there – nice light coat on all of it and you got it perfect perfect perfect set of all the city’s beautiful I hope you enjoyed guys you like it let me know thanks.

How hedge clippers use can help bud growth?

Video Transcript:

Today I want to explain the techniques reasons and the tools that I’m using to control the growth in multiple leaders today I’m going to be talking about a by ax Geneva 11 Aztec Fuji tree these trees were planted last year they’re in their second leaf and I’ve utilized the hedge cutters now for this will be the second year using them last year I came through at planting and removed all branches about end of June I came through with the hedge cutters and cut any growth off that was that was starting to compete with the upward growth of the tree my main goal here is to transfer oxen from any point in the tree and push it off the top I’ve been using this method for the last three years and I’ve seen significant improvement in my leader growth after using the hedge cutters and also using hand Clippers at times to take the oxen from the lateral branches and push it off the top this branch last year was whipped at planting if there was even a branch here during planting but when it grew out to about four inches it was hedge caught in the end of June what that resulted in was a fruit spur on the inside for this year a fruit spur at the cut and growth that only came out another three inches which also had a fruit spur at the end of it and another fruits berg this branch had net if this branch had not been heads cut it would have grown out two feet this entire inside would have most likely been blank and it would have continued to grow upright without any fruitful productivity since the hedge cut the inside has options past it has fruit that will bring this branch down to an under pendent level hopefully and the Fuji problem of upright branching and non-productive branches will be solved with this one quick sweep of a hedge cutter so if you can see this branch it was a little larger with the hedge cut that was made right here in the summer we produced three inside branches two fruits other fruiting points that didn’t make apples this year and a lot of options working on the interior of this tree rather than what would’ve came out is a very strong branch with an upward angle losing productivity blanking out interior wood and just causing all the problems that make a Fuji tree unproductive this is a very small branch that was hedged cut last summer this cut was the last winter’s cut last summer’s cut it grew out it was cut again and stimulating these buds in here to be fruit buds and very weak vegetative buds there’s also buds on the inside that are going to push out a new branch and keep the fruiting surface very close to this leader another example is down here where this will probably come out as a vegetative bud this will be a fruit bud on the interior these latent buds will also push out small guards it’ll look something like like this little guy and continue to give me options for future cutbacks and pushing this tree back into a into a tighter space. We move down one more level here’s another example of the heads cut out at the end and the stimulated bugs inside trying to keep that production moving very close to the leader of the truth.

Final Verdict

A pair of hedge shears is a useful tool for gardeners and landscapers. It is also a must-have for homeowners who have backyard gardens. What are the best hedge shears? If you are looking for nice hedge shears that are not expensive but can get the job done, we recommend the Tabor Tools Hedge Shears. But if you are looking for something more robust and beyond the ordinary, we would recommend Okatsune Precision Hedge Shear if you don’t mind the cost. This is the best Japanese garden shears.

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