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Wind chimes are known to be an excellent way of decorating your outdoor patio. It helps in creating a great sound aesthetics as you enjoy your cool beverage during the spring, summer and fall seasons. Whenever you are thinking about decorating your outdoor areas, you need to consider adding chimes since it will help in creating a more relaxing environment. Chimes are very great to have them in your yard, house or patio. They are available in all shapes, styles, materials and looks hence one can personalize the décor and ensure the areas reflects their personality.

Comparison of 10 Best Wind Chimes (2019 Versions)

10 Best Wind Chimes Reviews and Guide

1. Woodstock Chimes PCCB Pachelbel Cannon Chime

best wind chimesThe beautiful Woodstock Chimes PCCB Pachelbel Cannon Chime is known to feature 2 wind chimes at the same time. When working together, they will be in a position to produce fuller sound which will do away with the negative energy and help in turning your outdoor area into a great and relaxing spot.


This wind chime does feature a black finish ash wood having 6 silver tubes and 4 solid rods. They do function to offer a well-known melody which is the Canon in D that was written near the baroque era end.

Sound Quality

Both the big and smaller chimes do produce high and low tones that spread happiness and give hope. All people will be enjoying the full effect melody that is produced by this chime. This explains why we all think that this versatile ornament is an excellent gift for birthday, weddings and Christmas events.

The manufacturers of this product have put lots of emphasis on its quality. It is a very durable wind chime capable of lasting for up to four years and it features a strong and reinforced cord capable of keeping it in a single piece. It is also known to be weather resistant.


  • It is a strong cord.
  • Produces low and high tones for an excellent melody.
  • It is durable.
  •  Have two wind chimes in a single piece.
  • Comes with aluminum rods and a black finish ash wood that will last for long.


  • It is very loud.

2. Bellaa 22890 Capiz Wind Chime Big 26″ Inches

best wind chimes reviewsThe Bellaa brand has successfully managed to make all their wind chimes to ensure they deliver an excellent vibe to their property. Each of the chimes has been decorated using colorful and beautiful seashells that will help in improving the aesthetic value of anyone’s porch.


This chime has been made from the seasoned seashells which are of a much higher quality and have been designed to help in providing long-lasting recoil.  It has also been made using a very high-quality string and wood that assists one in pulling the chime together.


The vibrant and soft seashells do have an amazing look both outdoors and indoors. In case you are interested in livening up space, then have this placed within your house. In case you are after giving your porch a lively feel, you can consider having them hanged outdoors.

Most people are said to be in love with the colorful design of this wind chime.


  • It has a unique and vibrant layout.
  • Can be used both outdoors and indoors.
  •  It has been professionally tuned.
  • It is made of very high-quality substances.


  • It is known to produce lots of sounds.

3. UpBlend Outdoors Large Wind Chime

best wind chimes made in usaUpBlend Outdoors is considered to be among the best pipes which can be used on wind chimes. It is known to produce great sound with the slightest wind blowing around it.  Our test unit did comprise of six aluminum pipes which hangs by the sting on a wooden disk. This unit is known to have a maximum length of 28 inches and costs approximately $30.


The six aluminum pipes from the upblend do come with some of the best pipes meant for wind chimes. Its disk and wooden wind catcher are considered to be some of the top best features. It also gives the best sound when it comes to the wind chimes.

This unit comprises of hand-tuned aluminum tubes that are anodized in light bronze. The bronze pipes are known to complement the wood curves giving it a great finish.

Sound Quality and Features

The medium chime is known to measure 28 inches from the book right to the wind catcher bottom. In case you do have a wind chime, the size will never be bad for the large or smaller homes. The wind chime is known to strike a chord and the chord will immediately ring a pure melody to the ears.

It is also known to come with an adjustable sticker that will help in finding the outdoor environment tone. When they are combined with E-major chord, it will strike producing nothing less than a great harmony.


  • The tubes are made from aluminum.
  • It comes together with an s- hook.
  • Produce great sound.
  • Its wind catcher is wooden.


  • The sound key is non-adjustable.
  • It is perfect for the outdoors only.

4. Pixpri Wind Chimes for Outdoor, 32″ Elegant Metal Design

best wind chimes to buyThe most basic feature most people look for on a wind chime is one that has a windpipe which can play great melodies to your ears. 


This chime does feature a powder coat finish on the rings and the wind catcher. The powder coating does insulate it against rusting and corrosion. A single unit of this product is known to come together with black aluminum tubes which look stylish especially when contrasted with the stylish slivery color of wind catcher.

Sound Quality

Pixpri Wind Chimes is known to deliver very well on the quality of sound. According to our testing, we did have an excellent sound output at a fair input of wind. However, unlike other types of wind chimes in the market place, you will never break your bank account just to purchase this wind chime.  The music produced is soothing and soft especially when stroked by the wind. The quality of sound is less noisy to the ear and it has a completely natural feel of lyre or lute. This wind chime is known to be very durable and easy to install. It comes with an S- hook tip and its durability make it suitable for all conditions of weather.


  • It is very easy to install with the S-hook.
  • It is durable.
  • It has an excellent finish.
  • It is very sensitive to the wind.


  • It is of a much higher price.
  • It is not that beautiful when compared to its wooden counterpart.

5. Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Wind Chime

best wind chimes for feng shuiThe Blue Handworks Santa Fe Glass Wind Chime is known to offer you the ocean or coast look of your porch or patio. They do start with the driftwood from where they do hang with sandblasted sea glass pieces that provides you with a completely unique feel of the chimes.


This chime is capable of reflecting light in different shades of green, blue and grey to ensure you get a beach look.  The glass is powder coated to enable it to last for long when it is hung outside.  This will help in making chimes to continue having a great look even when they are exposed to the rain.

Appearance and Sound

The driftwood has been on several occasions used for the top of the chimes. It does have a unique appearance as it has been floating in the salt water, hence, it does have a completely natural look.

You can get this chime being sold at a price which is much lower than the average price. 


  • The chimes top is made of driftwood.
  • The chimes are made of sandblasted glass featuring ocean colors.
  • They have been coated with powder to help in protecting them from the weather.
  • Each of the chimes has been crafted with an artesian and it is completely unique.


  • The glass color can wear off after some period of time.
  • You will be applying sealer on a regular basis.

6. Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime for Patio

best wind chimes in the worldNot only is the Brooklyn Basix Freedom Chime considered to be one of the best chimes available in the market but it is also known to be an eco-friendly option thanks to the highly recyclable and sustainable materials. This basically means that it will help in adding an excellent decoration piece to your home without destroying the environment.


Most people are known to prefer having it hang on their garden or patio in order to enjoy the deep and relaxing cool breeze.

It is possible for one to have it installed next to a window to for an elegant addition to their bedrooms and living rooms.

This wind chime is known to be an excellent gift for different occasions. It is very durable and cannot get affected easily with the elements since it does feature the best string for the wind chimes. Its sturdy aluminum suspension is capable of lasting for several years.

Sound Quality and Appearance

This great chime is made of a durable sandblasted hollow recycled aluminum tubes and a laminated bamboo. It is known to produce a soothing sound which will help your body and mind to completely relax. 

This great wind chime is known to do an excellent job when it comes to masking of the unwanted background noises.

It will help compliment the Zen garden design and add a positive feng shui element that will do away with the negative energy from your home. This wind chime also features a removable wind catcher which you can always customize, engrave or remove.


  • It is an eco-friendly wind chime that is made of aluminum and bamboo.
  • It completely eliminates the negative energy.
  • It produces a relaxing and soothing sound.
  • It can be installed outside or inside.
  • It has a durable aluminum suspension string.


  • It is known to produce a faint sound.

7. Woodstock 27 Inch Pluto Wind Chime

best wind chimes everFor sure, the experience is the best teacher! You can verify this by making good use of the years you spent in training by trying to make wind chimes from the Woodstock. There have been great improvements since the formation of the company as they did improve in making wind chimes not only in melody but also design.

Sound Quality

This wind chime has been tuned using a computerized process which will ensure that the music quality together with the tune intervals is of high standards. Its chords have been perfectly aligned from the smallest mercury to the Neptune deep voice.

Materials and Appearance

These wind chimes are greatly known for being the perennial favorite in terms of value, quality and melodious tones. It comes with rich bronze color tubes, beautiful and uplifting harmonies from a classic style, medium size wind chime that is tuned to a five-note pentatonic scale.

This wind chime measures 27 inches in length and 21 inches from the top wooden piece to the wind catcher bottom. Its longest tube is around 13 inches.


  • It is known to produce efficient sounds.
  • It is very affordable compared to the other brands.
  • It is very long lasting hence you do not have to get back to the shops all the time.


  • This chime might require a heavy breeze for it to produce quality music.

8. YLYYCC Brassiness Wind Chime 24 Tube Metal Windbell

best wind chimes for saleThis wind chime is known to offer 24 different notes together with the sounds which are made by the tiny bells that are hung around the chimes.

Material and Features

They will offer you with more than enough different sounds when blowing around the wind. You will definitely fall in love with the decorative look of these wind chimes since they do come in different styles and colors.

They are made from copper and do look great when hung outside. You can always polish the tubes whenever it is necessary so that they continue having the best look.


  • They do have a total of 24 tubes producing lots of sounds.
  • It is made from a piece of solid wood.
  • The tubes are made from copper and they are long-lasting.
  • You can always polish the tubes whenever it is necessary and they are known to have an excellent look.
  • It does have Asian writing through chimes for decoration.


  • There are users who have reported that they do tangle in the wind.
  • They are not that loud and do require strong winds in order to produce the sounds.

9. Cohasset Gifts 133 Cohasset Plain Antique Bamboo Wind Chime

best wind chimes light breezeThe Cohasset Gifts 133 Cohasset Plain Antique Bamboo Wind Chime is known to take advantage of the natural beauty of the bamboos and do have a great look especially when they are hung outdoors. They are also known to be very great for the environment thanks to the fact that they do use wood which is made from fast-growing trees like coconut and bamboo. Its wood is hand carved and has been tuned making the chimes sound and look great.

Material and Features

The coconut and bamboo trees do grow fast and easy on the environment. The chimes are made of plants which make them easier on the environment and helps in making them very sustainable.

The tubes have been tuned using hand to help them produce high-quality sound ensuring the chimes sound and look great.

You can always get the chimes being sold at a price which is considered to be around the average price. This will make them have an excellent value as they will not overpay for the great chimes set.


  • They have been carved using a hand making them have a great look.
  • They mad made out of coconut and bamboo wood.
  • You can always buy them in medium, small and large sizes.
  • All the environments which have been used are known to be environmentally sustainable thereby contributing to the healthy environment.


  • There are users who have reported that they never last outside.
  • They are not very loud and do require the strong wind to chime.

10. Solar Wind Chimes Color-Changing Hummingbird Chimes

best wind chimes for light breezeThis wind chime can be used by any person during a solar day out in the lawn. In case you are in need of getting a meaningful gift that will not only show that you care but will also reflect on the poems, songs along with other types of messages which are normally printed on the tubes, then the solar wind chime color changing hummingbird chimes mobile LED is the perfect wind chime for you.


The tubes are made from aluminum material which is an excellent way of crafting the longer lasting chimes.  Anodized aluminum has been used which has proven to be much better to the outside forces like grime, water and wind.


This wind chime tube has an inscription with meaningful poems, messages and songs which are capable of helping one to relax someone after they have lost their loved ones. Its etchings do run deep ensuring that they appear even when the chimes are totally worn out.


  • It is well built and customizable.
  • It comes encrypted with some thoughtful messages.
  • It is of customizable sound.


  • It is very heavy.
  • It is big in structure.

FAQs on Best Wind Chimes

How to make Wind Chimes?


Video transcript:

Welcome to this episode of home bell workshop.

Today we’re going to make a
wind chime to build these wind chimes. I’ve got a couple of pieces of this
Purple Heart left I’m going to use these
for the wooden pieces for the chimes now
me personally I’ve never used Purple
Heart for an outdoor project but doing a
little bit of research it seems like
Purple Heart is fairly rot resistant so
I’m going to give it a try I think with
a good finish to seal it up this should
last quite a while Purple Heart is very
dense and hard so I feel like that it’s
going to hold up well to the elements
now if you do any research on building
wind chimes I’m pretty sure you’re going
to come across a guy named Lee Hite he’s
got some great resources on building
wind chimes he’s got a website with more
information than you probably will ever
need to build these chimes also he’s got
a YouTube channel with some how-to
videos and kind of explaining a lot of
the processes and things one thing you
have on its site are some printable
templates they make it really easy
they’re really well put together and you
can just choose basically your design
and print it off and it has all of your
whole locations and it’s going to make
this layout and the build a lot easier
so if you want to build wind chimes look
up Lee Hite his website is Lee height
org so check it out I’m going to put a
link to his site below in the
description great resource for wind
chimes my wind chime is going to have
five chimes so I chose the template set
up specifically for five chimes I’ll
just set my compass to match the
template and draw my circles most likely
you’ll notice I’m making two one of
these is going to be for a gift and the
other one is for me to keep
I want to make sure that when I’m
drawing my circle that I really get a
good center mark I’m going to need that
later now just cut off those disks on
the bandsaw
and since they still haven’t had a
chance to replace my bandsaw blades
since I made the sign I still have a lot
of burning I’m going to clean that up
with standard
once I have the edges all sanded I’ll
take it to my router table and round
over the edges on both pieces since this
wood is so hard I’m going to do this
through several passes making light cut
until I get to where I need to be
it started to round over the edges then
I realized it’d probably be easier to
work with my cutting template before I
round this over I think it would be
easier to line it up so I’m going to
stop that process and get these holes
drilled and then I’ll finish rounding
everything off on the template that I
downloaded from Lee Heights website it
has all the locations for the mounting
hardware so I’m going to cut this out to
make it a little bit easier to line
everything up I’ll just secure the
template to my disk with a couple pieces
of tape now to use a punch to start
marking out the holes but since I have a
tiny mark on here from the compass I’m
just going to Center punch it based off
of that mark now the drill press I’ll
just pre-drill those holes
then I’ll go back and finish my round
so now I have these pieces all sanded
down to 220
one thing about Purple Heart when you
machine it and sand it it kind of loses
that purple look you can see on this
side it’s a little more purple but on
this side it’s more of a reddish brown
one way to get that back is to really
just give it some time let it sit I’m
going to put these outside for a few
hours and most of the colors should
return at most they may have to wait
overnight for it to gain that color back
before I put it clear on it so I’ll set
these aside and we’ll get to working on
the chimes for the chimes I’m going to
use some EMT conduit this is 3/4 inch
conduit you can use just about any kind
of pipe for this copper tubing steel
black iron pipe EMT whatever kind of
tubing you can come up with most likely
will work another thing that’s really
helpful on Lee’s sight is he has a chart
for the measurements that you can cut
the pipe to actually get different notes
so you can put together a certain chord
or a scale or some sort of a pattern
that you’d like to hear your chime from
his chart I’ve chosen a set of 5
different notes now all I have to do is
Mark this EMT and cut it down to cut it
down I’m going to be using one of these
tubing cutters you can cut it with a
hacksaw a reciprocating saw
pretty much anything that you have to
cut metal you can use this is just what
I’m going to use
and I’ll drop it so let’s just try to
drop everything while we’re at it boom
Tommy 2d bar the inside I’m just going
to use a round file and get the majority
of it to clean up the inside further I
put a small sanding spindle in my drill
and I’ll use that to clean up the edges
that I just filed now we need to drill
the holes where we’re going to attach
the line to hang these pieces of conduit
another cool thing that Lee also has on
his website is the exact dimension from
the top of the piece down to where you
need to drill the hole for the optimum
hang point now just drill it on the
drill press
I’m going to use the groove in the top
of this aluminum extrusion as kind of a
makeshift vblog
now I’ll just clean up the burrs on the
outside of the pipe giving the
and we’ll go back to the round file to
make sure that there’s no burrs on the
inside of those holes it’s kind of hard
to see down in there to see if there
really is a burr or not but you can kind
of look through the tube so you can see
any sharp edges sticking out now I’m
just going to use some lacquer thinner
then wipe down the outside of these
conduits I want to remove any dirt oil
grease anything that’s going to
contaminate the paint we’re going to put
on never want to peel off these stickers
we put these stickers on barcode
stickers the lacquer thinner will help
dissolve the glue on those as well
so we can get those off because we sure
don’t want to paint overtop of that
after four or five hours of sitting
outside the brownish tint is gone and
the purple color is returned so I’m
going to spray a couple of coats of
clear lacquer my several coats of
lacquer is now dry now I need to get
these things assembled most of the
hardware is pretty simple I’m just going
to screw eyelets into the holes that I
we just broke one this is unfortunate so
I was able to drill out the one that I
just broke problem solved but in order
to avoid that again I’m using a little
bit of paste wax to lubricate the
threads actually makes it and thread in
quite a lot easier should’ve done that
from the beginning I’m going to use some
chain to suspend the top there it is now
I’m going to work on hanging the chimes
I’ve got the support base hanging from
the ceiling temporarily so that I can
work on it
I’m going to use some 50 pound braided
fishing line to hang these chimes
I’m going to use the half wrap method of
connecting these to protect the fishing
line I’m going to use some of the small
heat shrink tubing so the way this works
is pretty simple
I’ll thread the line onto the piece of
heat shrink tubing then thread one end
of the line into the tubing from the
outside then thread one end of the
tubing into the hole
now you could cut off a small piece of
tubing just enough to act as a grommet
but I kind of like having the piece wrap
all the way around and then work that
end of the heat shrink tubing into the
hole as well then you can pull your line
tight and tie the two ends together
and we’ll repeat that for all of the
chimes well so far that was by far the
most tedious portion of this whole thing
threading these lines getting it tied up
and ready to hang just take some time
had to redo a couple of them they say
the best way to cut this line is with a
lighter or a flame of some sort of
candle whatever and I find that to be
true I tried using some scissors and
some wire cutters and it just doesn’t
work that good but if you touch a
lighter to it it like cuts instantly so
definitely recommend using a lighter to
cut these also you can avoid some frayed
ends if you do it that way as well
now I need to tie the chimes to the
support disc when I tie these up I’m
just making sure that the tops are is
even as I can get them and want all the
tops aligned it works I’ll stack a
couple pieces of clear acrylic and cut
up just a basic teardrop shape to use as
the wind sail
after sanding the edges smooth I’ll
drill a hole at the end and thread in
another eyelet so I can hang it up he
isn’t some more chain I’ll attach the
clacker and the wind sail and with the
sail all attached when jams are done
check it out even someone in tune I’m
really happy with the way these turned
out not really a hard project at all but
you’ve got to do some careful
measurements to get everything in tune
and tie in these fishing line that’s a
little bit tedious but it’s completely
doable so I suggest check out lis height
site if you want to make some wind
chimes or just experiment and just cut
some pipes to some different lengths and
see how it works out let me know down in
the comments what you think about this
project if you enjoyed the video please
give it a thumbs up I sure would
appreciate that also don’t forget to
subscribe and click the little bell icon
down below if you want to get
notifications of when I post new videos
also to get a little bit of
behind-the-scenes of what’s going on in
and around the shop head on over to my
second channel which is called inside
home belt workshop where I do some
behind the scenes of what’s happening
around here also down below you’ll find
social media links if you want to head
on over to one of those social media
platforms and follow me over there that
would be awesome we can stay connected
so thanks a lot for watching everyone –
we’ll see you next time
my floor is not quite level so
everything wants to roll off you know I
wonder why when I download the video
footage onto my computer why my
harddrive fills up so quick because they
leave the camera running for stuff like
the smart thing to do would be shut it
off and only record the footage I need
obviously I don’t need five minutes and
be appealing its sticker sniffing lack
of center but see then you don’t get the
cool stuff now that I look at it
technically it’s not lacquer thinner
enamel reducer that works though now
unfortunately I need ten of these
eyelets to mount all of the chimes on
both of these sets and the pack of this
size that I bought only had ten so now
I’m going to go back to the store pick
up another pack because I need one pilot
seriously mm-hmm broke another one and
guess what the same one that I just
drilled out drilling out again after two
trips to the hardware store I have the
right eyelets the first time forgot my
wallet completely left it at home
let it come back and go back and pick
these up luckily it’s only a minute or
so from the house so it’s not very far
but still what a drag to get in the
checkout line and realize you forgot
your wallet
oh well luckily the cashier just held it
right there so I just ran back in paid
for it and was done
really now that you’re happy now

How to restring your classic style Woodstock Chimes?


Video transcript:

This video was created to assist you
with repairing your classic style wind
chime for both our encore and signature
collections you can use your own
materials or one of our repair kits
available for purchase on our website
chimes comm here are the materials you
will need the Woodstock chime stringing
instructions included in your kit or
downloaded off of our website chimes
comm the template that comes in your kit
or you can also download one off of
chimes calm string we’re using an 80
pound gauge string for our chime in this
demonstration this string size also
works with our seven inch top if you’d
like to use your own string we recommend
using a braided nylon fishing line most
commonly used for deep-sea fishing a
would chime top a wind capture clapper
buffs the part that hits the tubes
a staple gun you’ll also need a hammer
scissors another good tool to use is a
large needle like an upholstery needle a
ruler a hanging ring you can reuse the
one you have or purchase one from your
local hardware store a common mistake is
to use a keyring but they have a rough
edge that could cause your string to
break a nail for use with the template
will explain this later in the video and
last but not least don’t forget your
safety glasses ok we’re ready to begin
we’ll start by stringing the top strings
on the chyme top for this step we will
be using string a would chime top a
hanging ring your upholstery needle and
scissors for the five and a quarter inch
top you will need to cut your string
approximately 35 inches on your chime
top there are set of six pre-drilled
holes this is for the top strings and
metal hanging rings on one side of the
top you’ll notice that there are two
holes that are drilled slightly larger
than the other side place your thumb
over these holes and flip the top over
you’ll want the side face down to begin
with the larger holes closest to your
body we’re going to start with a set of
holes on your left hand side take your
string that has been threaded through an
upholstery needle and pull it through
the hanging ring and then through the
hole labeled B on your instructions pull
it back up through hole a and back
through the hanging ring take the string
coming out of hole a in your left hand
and set it to the side continue
threading the top the same way going
clockwise finishing at hole E which is
the hole on your right hand side closest
to your body make sure as you’re
threading the top that you pull the
string back through the hanging ring
each time
a good way to tell if you’ve strung it
correctly is if you pull the strings
taut it’s in form a sort of three-way
intersection your kit comes with 20 feet
of string so if you mess up you can
always start again once you have pulled
your string through the first five holes
take the string coming out of hole a and
thread it through the last hole labeled
F tie the two ends together underneath
the wood top and pull one side so that
the knot goes into one of the larger
flip the top back over and pull the ring
to adjust the string so that the top
hangs evenly
for this step we will be using Europe
time top template a nail the hammer
string pulse tree needle a staple gun
and your chime – we’re going to be using
the template which we’ve cut out and
taped to the chime top since there are
six tubes we’ll use the red markings and
tap the nail lightly with the hammer to
score the wood at each attachment point
don’t forget to also mark the center
where you will lock the clapper and
windcatcher to hang.
Once you have marked the chyme top take
your chime tubes and organize them in
order from longest to shortest now take
a look at your chime tubes
if the chime is a little older there may
be marks where the clapper hits them if
so lay the tubes with those marks facing
up next take your string and thread it
through all six tubes at once leave
about an inch and a half tail on the
string and staple it to one of the March
he made on the chime top it doesn’t
matter which one use your hammer to
tighten up the staple so the string
doesn’t move lay the first tube on the
table so the top of the tube is halfway
between the staple point at the next
mark take the string on the other side
of the first tube and staple it to the
next attachment mark the string should
be pulled taut make sure you don’t
staple through the string or over an
existing staple or nail this could cause
a string to break use your hammer again
to secure the string in place continue
this process while rotating the chime
top and attach one tube at a time
once you have stapled the last string
leave yourself about an inch and a half
and cut the remainder twist the first
tail that you started with and the last
tail together and staple it to the top
pull the twists back over the first
staple and place another staple over it
so that it’s secure cut any remaining
strings leaving about a three quarter
inch tail don’t cut it right at the
staple or it could eventually pull
you’re almost done now we need to attach
the center unit to this step we will be
using the staple gun hammer upholstery
needle the clapper that’s the part that
hits the tube you will also need more
string and the wind catcher
feed your string through the top of the
feather through the hole on the side now
you will notice if your chime is a
little older but there are some markings
on the inside of the tubes where the
clapper was hitting them these age marks
tell you exactly where to place your
clapper if there are no marks you’ll
want to align it with the middle of the
longest tube this is where you’ll want
to tie your knot for the clapper to sit
on but make sure your string is long
enough so that when you pull it back up
to tie it the feather hangs about one to
three inches below the longest tube if
you look at the clapper you’ll see that
one hole is larger than the other string
the clapper with a larger hole facing
down so that it will fit on the knob
give the string a tug and make sure the
knot fits inside the hole
close the chime and center unit up to
make sure everything is lined up
correctly once you’re happy with the
placement of the clapper and feather
staple the end of the string to the
center marking on your chime top hammer
the staple and chewing into place and
then fold the string back over the
staple and repeat placing the second
staple next to the first hammer this
into place
do not staple it directly on top of the
first cut any excess string leaving a
three quarter inch tail voila
we’re finished I hope this video has
been helpful in restoring your classic
Woodstock chime please visit us at our
website chimes comm for tips on caring
for your chime so that it lasts as long
as possible you can also find our full
line of beautiful products for your home
and garden

How to make a spinning wind chimes?


Video transcript:

All right today I’m going to show you
how to make a wind chime the spin out
the ones that spin these are the
supplies you’ll need you’re going to
need beads glue scissors wire hammer
screw at least six um any kind of lumen
and kin soda cans glue and glitter and I
want to show you how to put that
together so I hope you enjoyed hey guys
well I got all the cans cut up what I
did was I took the tops off see they’re
all right here the tops and um I’ll
explain this one later in a few minutes
um I didn’t see I cut them all off I cut
it and then I just sort of like did
seven slicer or whatever even and uh as
you can see on the edges I went in a
nicely did a curve cut on all of them
and then with my screwdriver I made a
hole in here
and then if you look on each one of the
the fans there’s a hole a tiny hole each
one what I use was one of these big um
thumbtacks that’s what I did and I used
to poke holes in there because I forgot
to tell you my first video to make sure
that you have like a paper clip or
something like these are off Christmas
ornaments the wires I got at least ten
of them so that’s what you’re going to
do with one can and then with all your
other can they’re going to cut all the
tops off cut this listen this one has
seven so with the seven you know will
look like this actually split them cut
them off there to be just like this and
then the next step you’re going to do is
you’re going to cut these in half so the
seven once you cut them all in half
there go look like this so that’s how
they’re gonna look and um that’s what
you don’t have to worry about you know
making it pretty at the end just leave
but you’re going to cut it like that so
this is what does it look like before
then after you cut these in half this is
what is it’ll look like your fan and
then your next step after that is you’re
going to take take this like the same
one you know after that you’re going to
uh just tip it over like this and go
punch a hole in it and it will look like
just shoot how it should all look
together it’s done just one hole fan
each banjo like this so you can tap it
together and when you tap it together so
it’ll be all flat out then you’re going
to take all of your fans after they’re
flat and have punctured holes and all of
them you’re going to take it and you’re
going to sort of put it like like this
sort of like a cone put bend it up so
and I’ll show you the next step after
that okay thanks okay guys well I got
this far the cans I went in I finally
put them together um if you can see
they’re just folded in there pic there
so don’t each fold it or just overlap
each other that’s all and then um that’s
how I did both for them just like that
and then here’s my other span and now I
have a big long wire and I’m going to
start threading it all so when I’m done
I will show you and I have this extra
looming can I’ll show you later what I’m
gonna do with this one is uh just to
this is an extra one I’m going to do
something with it’s not that to go with
this so and the top can’t let through
them away but I’ll show you what I’m
gonna do with this later so I’ll show
you the finish okay well I just finish
the wind chime as you can see it has
glitter stars and aluminum and there’s
beads underneath here
a little loop those beads up here here
and beads here those beads have to be
there or it’s not going to work and so
my one time when it does blow so see
works perfect and I hope you like if you
have any questions or comments this
please ask and I’ll try to answer them
and I hope you like it thanks.

How to Restring NuTone Long Door Chime Tubes with Solid Tops?


Video transcript:

Hi, last week I was contacted by a fellow
named Tyrone and he has a long tube
chime it’s not a new tone it’s in
Edwards so this video is for Tyrone
because we got to help out the people
with the Edwards chimes because you know
they don’t have a Newtown chime so we
got to help him out anyway he’s got an
edwards chime that has tubes that are
very much like these tubes here some
long tube chime especially the earlier
ones they have solid ends at the top and
then there’s a little hole in the in the
solid end that the cord comes through
and that’s what the tube was hung by and
in the case of Tyrone’s tubes he’s got
several of them where the cords have
broken and the tubes probably fell down
and he needs to replace them and he
wasn’t exactly sure how to do that and I
told him after talking with him that I
would make him a video to show him how
because it’s really not as hard as you
might think but it’s easier if you watch
someone else do it what we’re gonna do
is we’re gonna restring these three
brass tubes these are tubes from my 1936
new tone series one chime that you might
have saw the rebuild video of it’s the
one with mechanical clockwork inside of
it and my friend Marv the clock guy
helped us with the clockwork mechanism
these tubes came with hanging cord
that’s not original this is most likely
a piece of it looks like a piece of
kitchen like butcher’s string that they
tie meet up and stuff like that with and
it’s not bad it’s pretty it’s pretty
thick and it’s probably pretty strong
but it’s not really right and it’s kind
of a larger diameter than I think it
should be so we’re gonna restring all
three of these tubes today you’re gonna
need some supplies to do this with
starting over here you you’re gonna need
a clamp of some kind this is just a
regular squeeze clamp you’re gonna need
a dowel and we’ll get to the dowels in a
minute we have an assortment of
different diameter dowels here that we
keep with the shop all the
I’m you’re going to need some superglue
the thin kind not the gel kind is best
you’re going to need some floral wire
that this is floral wire you can buy
this at your local crafts or hobbies
hobby store it actually said I don’t
know where I got this from it actually
says for a wire green on the label and
I’ve had this a long time this cost a
dollar ninety-nine this came from
Richard’s craft supply cuz it says
Richards that was a local craft store
that’s gone out of business so you can
find this at Michael’s or some hobby
store or something like that it’s just
thin green wire it’s perfect for this
you’re going to need some type of waxed
cord and I have two different kinds here
that I have the shop this is one
millimeter cotton cord threaded it’s
mendala crafts premium quality waxed
cord and this bull contains 109 yards or
less because we’ve used some and then
this is another kind that I have it’s
basically the same idea
this is wax cord it’s bauru made from
cotton height and lightly coated with
wax for easy easy weaving this is 91
meters 100 yards also one millimeter I
prefer this kind to this kind because
this kind tends to not easier and the
knots don’t want to come loose while
you’re knotting it the second times you
can also I bought this online but you
can find this at your local crafts or
hobby store also you’re going to need a
pair of scissors a pair of new and those
pliers perhaps a little pair of wire
cutters a screwdriver a couple of blocks
of wood and all of that so let me clear
some of this away and then we’ll go over
some of the details of things to
consider when you’re doing this and then
we’ll get to it so one of the primary
considerations when you do this is how
how large is the hoop of string or cord
going to be that the tube is going to
hang on the distance between the top of
tube and the hanger of whichever type
you have this distance right here is
critical because it determines where the
tube hangs in relationship to the
plunger that’s going to hit it of course
if it’s too long the plunger will miss
the tube altogether and if it’s too high
it may not strike it at the right point
and of course you want all three or four
tubes to be the same length so they hang
properly ideally on a new tone tube you
want to strap the plunger strike the
tube somewhere between the top edge of
the tube and no more down than perhaps
3/8 so you’re about three sixteenths
down from the top of the tube is where
you want it if you have at least one
intact tube you should and and it seems
to be the right length you should make
it the same length if all of your tubes
are missing there have broken chords
then you’re going to have to trial fit
them to see what the right length should
be and then go accordingly the length of
the hanging cord loop is easiest to
express when you consider what the
diameter of it will be this is one of
the ones I took out of one of the new
tone tubes you need to know what the
diameter of the loop is and the easiest
way to determine that is this is where
your dowels come in into play we have a
variety of different size dowels here I
think we have 3/8 5 are 3/8 1/2 minutes
5 8 and 3/4 and these suit all different
sizes of loops and I know for a fact
because I’ve done many of them that most
new tone chimes that have cord hangers
like this use a 3/4 inch diameter loop
and if you take this and roll it over
the end of the dowel not always as easy
as it sounds you will end up with or if
you growl at it it’s always easier
like that nice and snug fits around a
three-quarter inch dowel pretty
perfectly so that’s the size of hanger
loop that we’re going to make for our
three new tone brass tubes it would be
nice if that would focus there you go
three quarters of an inch so let me show
you how you how you do this to make it
easy so we’re going to take our 3/4 inch
dowel and we’re going to take our clamp
and we’re going to clamp the dowel to
the edge of the workbench to hold it in
place because this is easier if you have
both hands available to tie the cord and
then I have about a 12 inch piece of the
waxed cord that I showed you earlier and
there is a fair amount of waste when you
do this but that’s just the nature of it
because you have to have enough to be
able to tie the ends and what you do is
you take the cord you wrap it around the
doll and you tie a knot and you try to
pull it reasonably tight on the first
one because then you’re going to need to
tie a second one and you want it to be
pretty tight if it’s just a little loose
that’s okay you’ve got enough margin for
error on this that it’s going to be okay
now there’s two knots so it’s tied
pretty tightly but the question is how
big should the not be well that depends
entirely on how big the hole in the top
of the tube is that you’re going to pull
it through and in the case of nutone
tubes you’re going to need to tie it at
least two more times
to make the knot bigger so it doesn’t
pull through the hole if need be you can
always tie it one or two more times to
make the knot even bigger because what
you don’t want to have happen is have it
be just marginally too small and then
over time as the tube vibrates every
time the China is rung eventually the
knot Wiggles through the hole in the
tube Falls and gets bent so we don’t
want to do that so there’s our loop tied
around our three-quarter inch dowel with
four four knots in the end for a nice
large knot
the next step is where your super glue
comes in you don’t want them not to ever
come apart and the easiest way to do
this is you take your super glue and you
put a couple little drops on the knot
like this and like that and it will soak
itself into the cord and when it dries
the knot will never come apart I have
taken hanger cords off original nutone
tubes from the 30s and early 40s and
when you take a look at the knot you’ll
be able to see that they were glued with
some kind of glue also I don’t think
that super glue in those days but they
were glued with something to make sure
they didn’t come apart and then all you
have to do is take the loop off the end
of the dowel and set it aside and let
the glue dry now while your knots are
drawing now it’s when we’re going to use
our floral wire no so let’s say for
instance at your tube you’re your
longest tube might be 48 inches long
you’re going to need a piece of floral
wire that’s a little bit longer than
that you’re gonna need 50 or so inches
so unwind a whole bunch of it making
sure that it’s long enough that you can
push it down through the tube and it’ll
come out the other end and you still
have enough to handle it all so that
should be more than plenty so go ahead
and use your wire cutters and snip it
off the Roll okay so here’s a tip this
is where the wood blocks come in so as
you hopefully can kind of see since
you’ve unwound the wire from the little
spool here it’s all kind of kinky and
bent and kind of difficult to deal with
here and that’s not really what we want
we want it to be nice and straight and
even so what you do is you take your
wooden block like this and you put the
wire the long piece of the wire on the
far side away from you you put one block
on top of the other block
and you pull the wire through and you
can always take it and wrap it the end
of it around a screwdriver to give
yourself a little more something to hold
on to so the wire goes on top of the
bottom block you put the top block on
top of it and you pull the wire through
while you’re pushing down on the block
and that will even it out and take all
the kinks out of it so now you have a
nice sort of kink free piece of wire the
little part that you wrapped around the
screwdriver you can just clip off
because it doesn’t really matter and now
we have our long long piece of wire so
let’s go ahead and get our Brett first
brass tube and we’ll go ahead and I’m
going to show Tyrone how you put the
hoop in the tube alright so what you do
is you take the end of the wire that
you’re going to put down through the
hole in the top of the tube right here
and you bend it over and you make a hook
and you want the hook to be about
three-quarters of an inch here bent and
it needs to be of course bent over and
be small enough that it will fit through
the hole so that’s where you can take
your needlenose pliers and you can
squeeze the end of it closed just a
little bit not all the way like that so
it will fit down through the hole in the
tube so we’re gonna push it all the way
down until it comes out the other end
like that and here’s our hook coming out
the bottom end of the brass tube and
then you take one of your pieces of cord
that you tied and glued and you want to
snip off the extra ends it’s kind of
hard to see so you want to snip off the
ends that are leftover from when you
tied it don’t step on off right at the
leave about a quarter or three-eighths
of an inch so it won’t be just a little
nub of a knot and then take your hoop
and put it through the hook that you
made on the wire and this is what you
use your needle nose pliers again you
need to squeeze the hook closed so the
hoop of the cord doesn’t come off so
it’s like this and then you pull the
wire and pull the wire and pull the wire
until it comes up to the hook and then
you pull the hoop through
just like that so our wire came out
there’s our wire and there is our new
cord hoop right there all ready to be
hung on a hanger rod on our new tone
chime and that’s how simple it is it
doesn’t make any difference whether
you’re doing this for a new tone chime
or you’re doing it for an edwards chime
like Tyrone has it just depends on the
critical thing is it pans on the length
of the hoop and if you have an example
you follow that if you don’t you’re
gonna have to just play around with it
to come up with the right length and
then tie them all and thread them
through and that’s it that’s all there
is to it
nice and easy this type of cord is very
similar to what was used originally it’s
probably made out of more synthetic
materials and natural materials if it’s
from the 30s or 40s or maybe even the
50s but it’s very long lasting and it
should not ever really break and there
you have it our restrung new tone brass
tubes ready to go to last another 80
years or so I would think I hope you
found this video to be interesting and
perhaps helpful if you did please give
it a thumbs up on YouTube because that
always helps if you like our videos and
find them interesting please subscribe
to our You Tube channel
there’ll be a banner right here that
shows you how to subscribe go to our
youtube home page click on the bell or
on the wheel in the banner put in your
email address and every time we post a
new video you’ll get an email
notification letting you know that’s all
for today I hope this helps you out
Tyrone good luck with your edward’s try
see you on the next video you.

How To Hang A Wind Chime On A Deck?


Video transcript:

It’s a spring thing hanging win times
but with a wet time you gotta be a
little smart I’m gonna make sure that
mine doesn’t come off take a couple
extra precautions to the top part then
when I give it on goodies already coming
backwards let’s start over I got ahead
of myself there
I’m gonna bend that little hook down so
it won’t blow away come on like I say
it’s a spring thing just something that
you got to do for your wife.

Final Verdict

As you can see from above, there are different types of wind chimes currently available in the market. Our list has helped you by sorting out the best. All the chimes we have reviewed above do produce a great sound and is pleasing aesthetically. This will help in ensuring that it compliments your home.

 From the list above we highly recommend the Woodstock Chimes PCCB Pachelbel Cannon Chime. In general, it is considered to be a very durable and hardy wind chime which not only produces a great sound but also have a magnificent look.

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