Best Banana Plugs Buying Guide for 2021

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Are you finding bare wires to be risky at your lodging?

Are you searching for a better way to connect your wires to your electrical equipment?

Do you want a tighter connection in your home theatres to experience the ultimate sound quality?

Well, what to worry about when you have got the best banana plugs with you.

Banana plugs are the connectors used in various electrical equipment. They are indeed tiny banana-shaped plugs used to create a tight bond between the wire and the gear. They hold the wire tightly to its place so that there is a good flow of electricity to the material, and it yields better results.

Update list of top 10 Best Banana Plugs in 2021

We have made a comparison table below to make it easy for you to make a good choice at a glance. Be sure that any of the choices you make will be worth it.

Buying a banana plug is not a difficult task, but it becomes worthless if you don’t have proper knowledge about it. Yes! Knowing about the banana plugs is quite vital as you can be saved from purchasing a useless model and wasting your money. But, for that, you have to read the following article which will let you know all the basics of this product.

C’mon, let’s go through it together.

Buying Guide for Best Banana Plugs in 2021

Though banana plugs aren’t significant equipment, yet having a look at its buying guide is a mandatory thing. It is because the buying guide will make you aware of the smallest essential features of the plugs to the price you should pay for it.

So, if you want the best of the product for yourself, come and have a glance at it.

Strong Connection

The motive of banana plugs is to create a tight and substantial connection between the wire and the equipment where it is placed. In these plug for banana connectors, the relationship of the wires matters a lot while you are using the electrical equipment.

If your connection is loose, then there is a possibility that the apparatus might not work efficiently. Loose wires even lead to short circuits or voltage fluctuation. Thus, it is essential to build a secure connection so that the cable is held tight to its place, and there is safe connectivity.

Compact size

Do you face difficulty while using speakers in the room? Well, it is one of the most common problems faced by every family. If you are one of them, then you might be aware of the annoying times when your toe might have bumped onto the side of the speakers or tangled in the wires.

But you can’t push it against the wall, after all, you fear damaging the usual plugs. So why not move towards the not-so-usual? Here the small banana plugs will work the best for you. They function the same way the other plugs do, but only the size becomes small. After all, the small size keeps the electric devices static against the wall prevents it and wires from getting damaged.

Well, it is not only for the speakers, but every electric device which might pose to be a threat for you.

Clear Identification

Technically speaking, the wires need to match the polarity of the device to function. In simple terms, the right type of cable should be connected to the correct plug. Otherwise, the method doesn’t work. This might be quite confusing for a beginner or even professionals sometimes. But it is not the problem anymore as the banana plugs come with color combinations. These colors help you to identify the right plug immediately and efficiently. So now, you don’t have to struggle anymore with the wires around.

Plug design

Banana plugs are supposed to be the mediator of the wire and the device in which the cables are to be connected. This connection is made by first attaching the cable to the product and then plugging it into the desired device. The design of the amazon banana plugs should be such that it does not leave any wire open.

It should also have a good grip so that when you insert or pull out the product, it can be done quickly and efficiently. There should be a porous covering on the outside of the product. This is because plain and smooth surfaces usually slip from hands. From the inside, the plug should be able to hold on to the wire appropriately.


One of the most essential things to see before buying banana plugs is their material. Since the socket is an electrical appliance, it is necessary to ensure that the material used is of good quality. This checkup is essential as sometimes, the material used is a conductor of heat or electricity, which can pose a threat to the house.

Thus, it must be made of insulators and should be capable of keeping you safe from electric shocks. Usually, these professional banana plugs are made of brass and have rubber coating above them. Rubber is a bad conductor of heat and electricity, so it keeps you safe.

But for the rich, there is the availability of gold. Those people can get themselves the ones plated with gold.


Every customer demands to get the best from their product. No matter what’s the size, the product should be able to satisfy its needs. One of the main factors in this is how long it lasts. Generally, banana plugs have a life of more than 10 to 15 years.

This is because of its excellent quality material used and its attractive design. At times, some of this banana plug for speakers may even last for their entire life, which means they do not get faulty at all. Since they are reusable, it makes this product a “one-time investment” for you.


Banana plugs are quite budget-friendly for you as they do not cost much and last for several decades. Their range falls around $5 to $15. In fact, the sound quality ones too fall in this range.

The best banana plug will cost you around $13 or more, but not less than $8 at all. This is the parameter you can consider to get the best of the product for yourself.

Easy Usage

It’s quite easy to use banana plugs in our daily lives. This not only includes the usage, but also the installation which usually captures most of the time and effort. Well, its usage should be such that even an untrained person can put it to use. But, for this, you should get yourself a pair of professional banana plugs that have self-crimping teeth.

This means that you should not be struggling with its installation. There should be no need to solder the wire to the caps and then attaching it to the appliances. Instead, it should be done without the need for anything else and just with your bare hands.

FAQs on Best Banana Plugs in 2021

How to wire a banana plug?

Banana plugs are simple to wire, and it does not require maintenance from time to time. Earlier, you had to first put the cable inside the cap and solder it until it was attached. Then you plugged it into your equipment with the right color combinations. But soldering became a menace for some people. So the new way was introduced.

Now, you have to open the teeth of the amazon banana plugs by screwing it upwards and pull the cable from its lower part to the upper one. Then spread its wires on the teeth of the socket until it stops moving from its position. Once this is done, screw the plug’s head again tightly, and your wire is ready.

How to use a banana plug?

To use a banana plug, you need to first put the cable inside the socket. Once you have pulled the wire and knotted the bolt of your plug tightly, your cap will be ready. Now check the banana plug for speakers type and length. Then, put in the jack of the device in which you want to use it. Now switch on your device and feel the difference. You will get a clean look at the back of your device as the wires will be sorted. Not just that, you would feel a clear and fantastic quality difference as there will be no interruption of the electricity issues.

Are all Banana Plugs the same?

Every electrical equipment has a different type of jack at its back. Therefore, there will be different types of Banana Plugs for different kinds of appliances. This depends on the length of the socket in which it is to be put. For example, if the length of the outlet or jack is small, then it will use a 2mm range of the banana plug. Similarly, if the cap will be more extended, then it will use the measurement of 4mm. This will be a significant difference that you should see while looking for the best banana plugs.

Are Banana Plugs worth its amount?

Banana plugs are going to be one of the most essential and useful investments that you will be making. To improve the effectiveness of your music system, there is nothing that you need other than this product. These good banana plugs will keep your wire in the correct position for as long as you want to keep it. In fact, you can even take it out from one cable and attach it to another one. This way, your banana plugs last for their whole life until there is no wire left without a cap. Thus, this is the reason that investment will not cost you much, but you have to ensure to use it in the best way.

How to Solder a Banana Connector (Jack)?

Video Transcript:

The time I’ll be making safety lids that’s what you have seen this is for my trainer board. That’s what you have seen leads are being connected to banana flats so I’m going to show you how to solder safety leads.

This time I’ll be showing you the tools and materials that I’m going to use first we have the soldering iron next is a utility box metallic pipe I’ll be using utilizing the holes in the utility box for that tips of my banana jack and also long nose pliers and of course, solder that is 60/40 and then a convenience outlet with.

I split a flat chord for my wire and of course a banana jack. Okay so this time let’s do the soldering okay so first I will be removing the metallic part of the banana Jack and I inserted it in the holes of the utility box then I am copying the wires in order for you to show the way I am going to strip my wire I am stripping my wire for about five millimeters and so and then I twisted it in order to have a solid version.

The same way then I used my own nose pliers to hold the water then I apply the creaming process the process of putting a small amount of solder to the metal or to the conductor before soldering the same way I am also doing the same process on the banana job and then finally funding the to the wire and a jump tip of the banana job and then letting it cool for a few seconds then thinning process again to the other tip the banana job. When inserting the thin wire into the banana jack.

Let it cool for a few seconds then drink if it is strong or if it is durable then inserting da plastic part of the banana jam so it’s finished I have some finished products English safety links that’s it thank you.

Why are these plugs called “Banana Plugs”?

Banana plugs are called so because of their shape. Just like a banana fruit, this product also has an edgy beginning and a long body. It ends with a little pointed, but a flat end. And since it is good quality banana plugs into the electrical equipment like speakers, they were termed after the plugging practice. This is why they are called ‘Banana Plugs.’

Why Banana Plugs are a Must for My Home Theater?

Video Transcript:

Hey what’s up youtube this is youth man here today we’re gonna be hanging out at my home theater talking about one of my favorite home theater accessories and that’s banana plugs in this video we’re gonna look at different types of banana plugs I’m gonna share with you how to install them as well as give me.

Recommendations on what I found works great now with that said let’s jump into the video ok so here we have four different styles of banana plugs now there’s a lot of different banana plugs that are out there on the market these just happen before different brands and for different styles that I have used and purchased over the years so let’s go through them so the first one here is a monster cable quick-lock mk2 the next one is a cable matter close screw-type the third one is an open screw banana plug and then the final one is a locking banana plug okay so to install your banana plugs.

I recommend getting these five items a pair of wire strippers either a box cutter or a sharp knife a really small flat-head screwdriver your banana plugs and of course your speaker wire okay so the first step you’re gonna want to do is take your box cutter or your knife usually your speaker wire is connected here you’re gonna take your box cutter or your knife and you’re just gonna cut right down the center be real careful of course you don’t want to cut yourself once you get it started you can just give it a pull and it’ll separate now you want to take your wire cutters and depending on how thick your wires are you’ll see on the wire cutters there’s different gauge wire just find the one that fits so like right here if I pull on eight see how nothing happens so we’re gonna just keep working our way down till we get to it I think it’s 12 gauge is what I’ve got yeah.

So let’s go down the 12 gauge and I typically trim about maybe a half-inch you’re just gonna squeeze and pull now you’ll notice when I did that there’s still a little jacket right here so sometimes what I’ll do that happens just grab a smaller one and pull that off and then we’re going to do the same thing to this other side.

Okay, same thing there.

Just pull that off okay so now we have our wire stripped so I’m going to show you how to install each one of these so the first one is the monster cable quick locks to install those you’re just gonna unscrew this base and then we can set this tip aside so what you’ll see here is we’re gonna feed the wire through the bottom right here there are some little teeth and that’s gonna secure the wire now you’ll notice there’s a red label here and a blue label here so typically.

What I like to do it doesn’t matter what you do as long as you’re consistent on both ends of the cable what I like to do is I use red and a lot of times on your speaker wire there’ll be some writing so in this case there’s some writing right here so I’ve followed that wire all the way to the tip so that’s gonna be my red so what I’ll do is feed it through the bottom and you want to come up just a little bit now I can tell with these particular ones we need to trim a little bit more so I’m gonna cut this just a little bit.

Like there let’s feed it up through the bottom what you’re gonna do you barely want to come over the edge you just take your fingers then you’re gonna fold it down over those little teeth I just kind of go in different directions.

I fold some on the right side and fold some on the left side fold some on the backside what you end up with is this copper wire folds over these teeth and now we can grab our tip and we’re just gonna screw it down nice and tight so now that grips that wire and it’s not coming out so we’re gonna do the same thing to this other side remove the base feed the wire fold the wires so you can see it’s a pretty quick process once you have them folded screw it down all the way and those are now installed.

So I’m gonna undo these and set these aside the next set is the Cable matters so they’re very similar to the monster cable you unscrew the base now these are a little bit different because right here you’ll see there’s threads from the bottom all the way up to almost the top and so when you feed this wire again we’re gonna walk down to the cable we see that this is white follow that up to the tip and that one’s gonna be our red we’re gonna feed it up through the bottom again just like we did on the monster cable you can’t fold it down too far because if you get it over these threads it won’t screw on and again I try not to just fold it all down I try to go all the way around as much as I can.

Won’t you do that slide it on top and begin to tighten it down give a little tug and you do the same thing for the next one so we’ll go ahead and undo that now the next style is a little bit different this is called an open screw banana plug so what’s gonna happen is there’s a couple of ways that you can install this you can either unscrew it like that again find our wires so there’s the color so this one’s black so I’m going to use the non-writing one so right here you can see this is called an open screw so we can feed it right in here and tighten it up from the bottom so you can see this is now fed through the bottom.

So it’s gonna attach a little bit differently so you can do it that way or you can unscrew it all the way and you can do it the same way that we did on the other ones so you can feed it up through the bottom and you may have to pull the wire kind of straighten it out feed it up through the bottom fold it down over the edge tighten it down just like that so that has two ways that you can attach it just depending on your liking now you’ll notice there’s this little piece here so make sure you don’t lose that goes in first that’s what’s going to secure it if you use the open screw type okay so the last type is the locking banana plug.

So you’re gonna want to untwist this jacket here lay it to the side now before we worry about attaching the wire one thing you have to do is take the jacket so this is red again we’re gonna match up to our writing here follow that to this one and you want to feed the wire first through the jacket like that then we’re going to take our banana plug and there are two set screws right here you’re gonna want to loosen those if you unscrew them too far they’ll fall out you have to put them back in so.

We’re just gonna get them now you’ll realize as I’m installing these this definitely is a set that takes a little bit more work than the others so once you get that unscrewed we’re just gonna feed the wire now you’re gonna want to make sure that you feed the wire all the way in there in this case the 12-gauge wire is a little tight so that’s actually a good thing so you’re gonna feed it all the way till it stops and then we’re going to tighten down these two set screws.

Make sure they’re pretty tight.

Okay just give it a little snug make sure it’s stayed make sure it’s secure and then we’re gonna take this jacket to slide it up and now it’s attached okay so now we’re gonna turn the speaker around okay so if we look at the back of the speaker terminal most people will unscrew these and normally you feed the bare wire in through the bottom of the top tighten them back down but that defeats the purpose of what we’re wanting to do so we want to be able to use banana plugs but the first thing you’ll notice is that there’s no place to install the banana plugs right at the tip of this.

There are caps and these caps are.

Removable so what I recommend the first thing to do is go ahead and unscrew the top and the bottom like that and go ahead and remove this little metal jumper and just slide it off to the side now we’re gonna want to tighten these backdown and the reason why you do that is you’ll notice the reason why we do that is you’ll notice that now we can get underneath this cap a little bit easier so we’re gonna do the same thing up here loosen that set the jumper off to the side tighten it back down.

Okay so you’re gonna take your small flathead screwdriver and I would recommend just gently coming under the edge that way you don’t scratch.

Now take my time on these because I don’t want to scratch them up they just pop out just like that so now I need to loosen these again take our jumper slide that in place tighten it back down do the same thing for the positive.

Terminals tighten it back down okay so now I want to go through the pros and cons of each one I’m gonna start off with my least favorite is got to be the Cable matters so the cable matters the reason why I don’t like it as much is over time as you insert it and remove it insert it remove it the tip right here becomes loose because these pieces get pushed in and bent and so it no longer wants to stay in it’s no longer secure now what I did find.

Now one thing you can do is if it does become loose over time you can take your box cutter and go right in between these blades and just kind of gently pull it out and don’t bend it too far but you want to just bend it just a little bit and by doing so it’ll cause this post to become thicker and allow it to be more secure.

The next one that opens screw banana plug over all these work very very well I’ve yet to have these become loose they remain really firm or really secure no issues there.

The monster cable these are very well built one thing I like about them is they do have this plastic rubber they do have this rubber jacket around the bottom now what’s nice about that is you don’t have to worry about two of them bumping together and shorting out because the rubber keeps it separated now I’ve never had to bend these out these have been probably used more than any other one that I’ve got and they work really really great.

And then lastly are the locking the reason why they call them locking is you’ll notice there’s a sleeve here and there’s two post one on each side now what happens is as you tighten this to the right as these posts move up the shaft it’s going to separate this post and you probably can’t see that but as I open it or as I tighten it’s opening up this shaft and making it wider so the way that works is as you insert it to see.

It’s loose right now but we just start to tighten this and it causes the inside to get thicker and locks in place now what I really love about these is the fact that you never have to worry about them becoming loose because you control that by just loosening and sliding it out okay so I want to give you a couple of pros and cons as you kind of look over which banana plugs might be best for you.

My least favorite banana plugs are the cable matters and the biggest reason like I mentioned before are the tips get loose.

Now the build quality is fine on them I don’t see anything inherently wrong with those they’re very easy to install and they’re very inexpensive the open screw type honestly I don’t really use that much they seem like they work great they’re good to build quality I just personally haven’t used them the two that I’ve used the most over the years are the monster cable and the locking now a couple of things you may want to keep in mind if you have speakers that you’re mounting close to the wall or flush-mounted with the wall none of these are work because you have to realize that this stick out from your speaker.

And so there’s got to be some space between the speaker and the wall but if you have that any of these will work it just depends on your preference for style features and build quality with the monster cable you do have this rubber base so you don’t have to worry about the two touchings and shorting out whereas sometimes on the back of the receiver I found that these got really close sometimes and I was afraid that if they touched for whatever reason maybe I was pulling one out or a bump one if they touch and the receivers on you could run the risk of shorting out your receiver now by far these are my favorite the only issue that I have with them is because you have this jacket and just the way the mechanics work you’ll notice it’s quite a bit longer than say the monster cable are an incredible build quality.

I love the rubber jacket.

I’ve never had to adjust these they always remain firm they’re easy to install and they’re nice small and compact so my personal choice would either be the monster cable or the locking banana plugs and as I mentioned before it really comes down to the different options if you need a shorter banana plug these are definitely gonna be the shortest if you like the style of having the ability to lock the banana plug so that they stay secure no matter how many times you use them these are a great choice now one thing I want to say is banana plugs will not increase the quality of the sound now what banana plugs are meant for is convenience and for me that convenience is invaluable because I love comparing speakers to one another and so to be able to do that easily I’ve got to have banana plugs it’s too time-consuming and too.

Difficult to be able to unscrew slide it in there goes sit in your listening position listen to what that speaker sounds like and then slide to the speaker and you have to do that over and over and over if you’re wanting to compare speakers or if you have to move your speakers often banana plugs are an extremely convenient feature now one thing to keep in mind as well is if you purchase banana plugs you need to decide do you only want them on the speaker side or do you want them on the speaker side and on your receiver.

Side or your amplifier side so let’s say you had a seven-point-two system so you’ve got seven speakers in your room you’re gonna need fourteen pair of the banana plugs if you want to equip every speaker as well as the back of your receiver now one thing I really hate is trying to install speaker wire on the back of a receiver now a lot of the modern receivers are really really convenient because they put them all in a.

Horizontal line but when they have them all vertical side by side by side by side it’s really kind of a pain in the rump to have to undo those try to get it in the little gap tighten it down making sure that none of the wires are strayed so they short out your receiver or your speakers and cause a problem.

Banana plugs simplify that you install the banana plugs and you literally just slide them right into each speaker and you’re good to go I’ll post the links down in the description below to the different banana plugs that we talked about today if you do decide to purchase if you click on the links that do help out this channel just a little bit also if there are banana plugs that you found that you like and that you use in your setup and you’d like to let the youtube community know about those feel free to post that in the comments below.

Alright, guys, that’s gonna wrap up this video hopefully that provided you with some good information on banana plugs if you liked the video give it a thumbs up if you’re new to the channel hit that subscribe button and as always you guys be blessed and we’ll catch you in the next video.

How many Banana Plugs do I need in my setup?

Banana Plugs usually come in pairs, and one apparatus uses at least one pair. They are available in braces as two polarities are to be matched in one place. If the contradictions are not combined or are wrongly combined, then the equipment doesn’t work. Generally, simple equipment like speakers requires a single pair of these plugs.

But in case you are using prominent speakers, then you need to see the total plugging holes at the back of them so that you get the idea of the number of plugs you will require in your speakers. In case you need banana plugs for amplifiers or your home theatre, then be prepared to get yourself a set of 12 banana plugs.

Do Banana Plugs make any difference?

It is a precise observation that if you try to pull a rope with all your strength, you will not lose its grip in any case. But in case you hold it loosely, it might fall from your hands. This is the same case with banana good quality banana plugs. If you only use wires with no tight plugging, there is a high possibility that it can fall from the device from where it is plugged in and break the connection, including the risk hazards of bare wires.

But if there will be something holding on to it tightly, the cables will never lose their grip, and they will be held at their position no matter what force is applied to it.

Is there any effect on the sound quality of speakers if we use banana plugs?

Banana plugs do not enhance the sound quality of the speakers but maintain a good connection with their wire. This means that the cables will be held tight to the jack of the speaker, which will give an uninterrupted flow of electricity to the speakers. You will not hear any buzzing or any other kind of unwanted noise from your speakers as these noises were usually created due to poor connection. In fact, this will improve the sound quality of the speakers. But it will not help you to magnify or increase its sound. However, this further depends upon the type of speakers that you are using.


Here we complete everything that you need to know when you will go to buy the best banana plugs for yourself. Banana plugs are mostly used in speakers, amplifiers, and home theatres, but they can be used in other electrical devices too. However, be aware of its certain myths such as it increases the volume of its machines and so on. Apart from it, there is nothing you should worry about in this product.

In fact, the cost is so convenient that you don’t even require any advice from outsiders. So, we are sure that you can now get yourself the perfect model of plug for banana connectors as per your requirement. In the end, we would advise you to go for the online purchase of this product, which will let you know more about its available models and their prices. After all, it will be highly beneficial for you.

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