10 Best Window Fans for Cooling Down a Room in 2021

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Are you concerned about the high humidity in your home?

Is your air-conditioner milking you dry with high electricity bills?

Do you want a fan that can effectively make you comfortable at less cost?

Then, this review is one you have to read. A window fan is one great way to regulate humidity in your home.

Top 10 Window Fans Compared for 2021

Making a choice is a lot easier with the comparison table below. Carefully check the table in order to compare and make an informed opinion about your ideal window fan.

These are the three reasons why you need a window fan.

  • Unlike the other types of fans that circulate air indoor, the window fan draws cool air from outside to cool your home while pushing out warm air. This makes it an air exchanger.
  • Window fans cheaply cool your room. Don’t let air-conditioners make you go broke with high energy costs. A window fan helps to reduce your electricity bills because it is energy-saving and cost-effective too. It consumes less energy compared to air-conditioners
  • Window fans use a water-resistant motor. Meaning your fan keeps on working come rain, come shine.

What to Consider before Buying the Best Window Fan in 2021

Fan size –

Before you purchase a window fan, the first thing you need to consider is the size of the fan. A big window fan doesn’t necessarily mean better cooling.  The fan for a window can circulate air pretty quickly than big ones. A window fan with bigger blades will move air faster than a big fan with smaller blades.

You need to measure the size of your window and look for the fan that fits your window size perfectly. Also, consider the inner measurement of the window in order to have the best fit. If you have a window that is out of shape, you may have to rebuild the window size to fit the fan you intend to purchase.

Alternatively, you may need some more mounting items to install your window fan for a perfect fit. And if you have windows that are of different sizes, you shouldn’t have a problem finding window fans that are already custom-made for windows of different sizes and shapes.

Fan placement –

Proper placement of your window fan will make it work more efficiently. A wrong placement will make you feel like the fan is faulty from day one. Many usually choose the room with the largest window believing that more air can be pulled in through larger windows if all spaces are well closed up.

This is a wrong consideration. What is important is the wind direction. The best way to maximize the use of the best small window fan in the window is to place it where there is constant wind. This ensures better and quicker cooling. The wind is used to complement the existing airflow.

But if you live in an area where wind flow is not consistent, you may need to invest in a windows fan with a reversible feature that automatically draws in air and push out stale air depending on the direction of the air. Another option to adopt is to place more than one fan in your room. You can place an exhaust fan in warmer rooms.

Fan safety –

Safety is paramount when installing window fans. Consider the safety of children when installing window fans. Don’t place the fan too low to reach the hand of children. This may cause injury. The sears window fans must not be installed at the expense of family safety. Don’t install an inward blowing window fan without its protective screen.

This could be very dangerous. Always read the instructions on the fan before window fan installation. Do not use the fan for the purpose it was never meant for. This can damage the fan too early. Always ensure that the fan is static.

10 Best Window Fans – (Reviews & Buying Guide 2021)

We want to help you choose a good window fan. Read on as we review the best 10 window fans.

1. Bionaire Twin Reversible Airflow Window Fan

best window fanThe Bionaire Twin Window Fan is a sophisticated double window fan with remote control for maximum comfort. It comes with a thermostat that measures the temperature of the room and an LCD screen to display room temperature.

This best twin window fan has three speeds that you can select from. It is well designed for double window rooms. The fan measures 13-inch high.


  • Three-speed settings – No matter your desired setting – high, medium, or low – you are sure to get a great cooling system with nice breezy air circulation.
  • Programmable LED thermostat – Choose your preferred temperature for your room with the thermostat and enjoy super and fresh breeze cooling always
  • Water-resistant motors – Rain won’t be a disturbance. Get unbeatable cooling superiority even when it is raining
  • Remote control –Take control of your double fan window with sleek remote control Change speed, it is a manual or automatic window fan operation, direct airflow and set temperature with ease. The remote control is powered by two AAA 1.5 volts
  • Built-in screen expansion – The window fan with screen expands to fit larger side windows from the range of 24 inches to 37 inches.
  • Reversible airflow control – Get fresh air by changing the direction of the blades electrically. Blow out the hot air and allow cool air to circulate your room. Strong airflow is always guaranteed.

2. Holmes Window Fan

small window fan for bathroomThe Holmes Window Fan with dual fan window and thermostat provides you comfort during harsh weather conditions. The reversible air blades deliver cool air that fills up your room in just no time.

This best window fan for cooling is solidly built to fit almost all window sliders. It works quietly and efficiently making it perfect for your living room or bedroom. It comes with an extender panel that makes it a perfect fit for most windows. The two-speed settings allow you to enjoy superb airflow the way you really want it.


  • Water-resistant motors – Entertain no fears when it rains. It works perfectly during the rainy season. If anyone has a question that, are window fans safe in the rain? Yes, the fan is safe to use even when it is raining.
  • Fits almost all windows – The Holmes thin window fan is made to fit most slider windows perfectly. Even double-hung windows make a great fit
  • Dual-blade – Enjoy powerful cooling with the 6 inches twin-blade. Dual blade ensures you get fresh air for your all-round comfort
  • Uninterrupted reversible airflow – Reversible airflow gives you a comfortable fresh cool breeze. Choose air window fan intake or exhaust to experience perfect cooling in your comfort zone.
  • Energy efficiency – The fan is energy efficient. It consumes 60% less energy. Energy efficiency helps you to save energy and money.
  • Two-speed settings – Easily set the fan to a suitable speed with two digital speed settings and enjoy the finest airflow
  • Adjustable screen – The window fan screen is flexible that expands to fit bigger windows.

3. Holmes Dual Blade Twin Window Fan

window fan for sliding windowThe Holmes Window fan delivers a powerful cool breeze for your utmost comfort. It is a cost-effective fan that provides fresh air with two fans that can be set independently for top performance. The fan comes with a one-touch electronic control alongside a two-speed adjustment for your cooling pleasure.

It is built strong window fan to secure and fit almost all windows. This best dual window fan can be operated manually or automatically. It comes with a thermostat so that the fan can easily be turned on or off or set to the right temperature.


  • Water-resistant motors – With water-resistant motors, the fan is safe to use when it is raining.
  • Double 8.5-inch blades – The powerful double 8.5-inch blade diameter blows air effectively to fill up the room with a fresh and cool breeze
  • One-touch thermostat – The one-touch thermostat sets and controls the speed of the fan to your desired temperature for comfortable airflow.
  • Reversible airflow – Each blade fan can be independently reversed to either intake or exhaust the air. This ensures the inflow of fresh air and outflow of stale or hot air.
  • Expendable screen – The dual window fans fits almost all windows with its expandable screen feature that is perfect for both slider and double-hung windows
  • Energy efficiency – You will save on energy with 60% less consumption.

4. Holmes HAWF-2041 Twin Window Fan

window fan for small windowThe Holmes HAWF-2041fan is powered electronically with a reversible motor. The fan is designed for comfort. Enjoy a cooler and fresher breeze by setting and controlling the fan with its control thermostat. The thermostat helps you to choose your comfort level. It works quietly and efficiently.

This best quiet window fan fits perfectly into a window space that is at least 25 inches wide and 12 inches in height. It has a removal panel and extended screen that is adjustable with two fans that function independently. It is water-resistant.


  • Easy control with thermostat – With three-speed settings, you can use the thermostat to control the speed of the fan to experience a fresher air cooling solution to your satisfaction.
  • Dual blade – The fan operates with two blades and reversible motors ensuring there is air intake or exchange
  • Water-resistant – The fan is made with water-resistant motors, meaning your comfort won’t stop even if it is raining.
  • Adjustable extender screen – The adjustable extender screen and panel support the installation of the fan perfectly when being mounted on larger windows.
  • Fitting for different windows – The fan is designed to fit most slider and double-hung windows.

5. Bionaire BWF0522M Compact Window Fan

best window fan for coolingThe Bionaire BWF0522M brings superb cooling to your home with a powerful reversible airflow feature. It comes with a control thermostat in order to adjust or set the fan to your comfort level.

These best window cooling fans are quiet and energy-efficient. It shuts off automatically when the desired temperature is reached thereby conserving energy. The fan has manual controls. The Bionaire BWF0522M is a lot of more powerful window fans with more air velocity when compared with other window fans. It can be fixed horizontally or vertically. The fan is very ideal for larger rooms.


  • Comfort thermostat – Choose your comfort zone with the Comfort Thermostat. With three speed settings, you can choose your comfort level with ease.
  • More powerful – The fan delivers greater cooling with its three independent fans.
  • Extender screens – The extender screen feature makes the
  • Reversible airflow – You can manually reverse the fan in order to get more fresh and cool air and at the same time let out hot and stale air to get the perfect cooling temperature you desire.

6. Lasko Electric Reverse Window Fan W16900

window fan for casement windowThe Lasko window electric fan is a 16-inch, three blades energy-efficient fan with quiet operation. The fan is designed to fit most windows. There is a slider panel on each side of the fan in order to perfectly fit any window size that falls within the range of 26.5 inches to 34.5 inches wide and 22-inch window fan height.

It comes with age reversal technology which allows you to make a choice of either extracting air from your room to create a cooler airflow or extract a cooler breeze from outside. This best reversible window fan has no thermostat.


  • Quiet operation – The small reversible window fan is noiseless and operates efficiently
  • Storm guard – The storm guard is a safety feature that enables you to shut the window behind the fan when the weather becomes stormy or rainy.
  • Easy to operate – With three-speed settings, you can easily select the speed that suits you to enjoy fresh cool air always
  • Easy to install – There are no complications at all when it comes to installation. The fan is lightweight and easy to mount with the support of side extender panels.
  • Three blades – With three powerful blades, unparalleled home cooling is what you get.

7. Bionaire BWF0522E-BU Thin Ultra Quiet Window Fan

window fan for vertical sliderGet relief from bad weather conditions with the Bionaire Thin Window fan. Enjoy well-purified air and be at ease always. You hardly notice it is working because it is ultra-quiet and energy-efficient too. It comes with a digital thermostat for you to select your comfort level choosing from the three-speed settings.

The digital controls are on both sides making it convenient for you to adjust the settings. What’s more? The fan is designed to fit almost all window sizes. It is a basement window fan as well. It is meant to fit windows of between 25.5 inches x 8 inches.

It has three independently controlled fans meant to deliver a satisfactory air cooling solution. It comes with reversible technology which allows you to have cool and fresh air intake and exhaust hot and stale air. The dual locking extender screens help to support the fan very firmly when installed. This is personalized comfort at its best.


  • Reversible airflow – You can manually reverse the fan to release fresh cool air, exhaust hot and stale air at the same time in order to saturate your room with the freshest and the coolest breeze for your comfort
  • Perfect fit windows – The fan fits perfectly for most of the windows especially double-hung windows.
  • Digital thermostat – With the control thermostat, you are able to select the setting that is most comfortable for you out of the three-speed settings
  • Extender panels – The extender panels are meant to expand the width of the fan to 17 cm to 22 cm to fit wide window fans.
  • Super quiet – The fan is one of the super quiet window fans. There are no noisy disturbances and its functionality is great.
  • Better cooling system – Enjoy a cooler breeze with 40% greater air velocity to give you soothing comfort all the time

8. Air King 9166F Whole House Window Fan

window fan for horizontal sliderUsing a whole-house fan like the Air-King 9166F is one great way to reduce temperature and humidity in your home without using an expensive air-conditioner. This fan works perfectly by sending hot and humid air out of your apartment and releases cool and fresh air from outside to fill up your home.

This is not your regular window fan. It is a large and powerful window exhaust fan with supercooling for your complete comfort. With three speed settings, you can choose the lowest setting and still enjoy cool and breezy temperatures. It may become a bit noisy if you choose the highest setting.

This best whole house window fan is built strong with an energy-efficient motor that consumes less electricity thereby helping you to save cost on electricity bills. The powerful motor helps the fan to deliver the perfect cooling temperature with quicker air circulation. It is affordable, durable, and easy to install. The fan is well suited for both small and big rooms. It is made with impact-resistant plastic housing; a powder-coated steel front grill and a blade.


  • Three-speed settings – Choosing your cooling comfort level is easy with the three-speed settings. Whether you choose high, medium or low, you are sure to enjoy a great air cooling solution that soothes you always
  • Storm guard system – The storm guard system ensures you can easily shut your window behind this best fan for cooling in case of a bad weather
  • Easy control – The fan comes with a front-end mounted control system for ease of speed selection
  • Window fitness – The fan fits window openings that fall within the range of 27 inches to 38 inches wide and 25.26 inches in height
  • High-quality motor – The fan is equipped with a high-quality motor for top-notch functionality. The high-grade motor means high-velocity air circulation all the time

9. Bionaire BWF0502M-WM Thin Window Fan

best window fan for smokingQuality air and perfect cooling of your home cannot be compromised during the hot seasons. The Bionaire BWF0502M-WM is made to ease you when the temperature is hot.

This vertical window fan provides you with a cool and purified breeze. With the reversible airflow feature, you are at liberty to invite cool fresh air into your home or drive out hot stale air in order to have cooler air circulation. It comes with an adjustable thermostat to choose your preferred settings out of the three-speed settings.

The thermostat stores your previous settings when the fan is turned off. But if it is unplugged, the setting is reset. With the built-in adjustable extender, the screen can expand to fit larger windows.

It comes with slider-safe window fan extender panels that offer solid support for vertical-style installation. The fan is 25% more compact and 40% more powerful with greater air velocity that provides unrivaled cooling of your room.


  • Reversible airflow – The fan can be manually reversed for the intake of fresh cool air or exhaust hot and stale air
  • Control thermostat – Use the manual thermostat to control how cool you want your room to be. With 3-speed settings, you can choose high, medium, or low. Whatever the settings, you are bound to enjoy great air comfort
  • Easy to install – The fan is super easy to install. It can be a horizontal window fan or can be also a vertical window fan and a vertical window exhaust fan.
  • Extender screen –The extender screen works perfectly to make fit most window fans for wide windows.

10. CCC Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan with Remote

window fan for wide windowsThe CCC Comfort Zone dual window fan with remote control is a fan with a powerful motor to make you feel comfortable during bad weather by dissipating hot air and allowing the intake of cool breeze into your home. It comes with a three-speed settings feature and 9-inch turbo blades to make it a perfect cooling system for your comfort.

It operates efficiently and quietly too. With three-speed settings, choosing your comfort zone is made easy. This best window fan with remote control gives you the power to control the fan speed, function, and direction. The three window reversible fans functions allow you to choose air intake, exhaust or circulate for cooler and fresher air. The feet of the fan can be removed for tabletop use making it a versatile fan. The fan is made to fit most windows.


  • Three fan functions – Whether you choose cool, exhaust, or circulate, you will still be in your comfort zone enjoying cool and nourished air
  • Expandable feature – The fan has an expandable feature that makes it fit for windows that are within the range of 23.5 inches to 37.0 inches wide
  • Reversible feature – The fan is electronically reversible with a three-speed push-button for easy control and comfort
  • Convertible feature – The feet of the fan can be pulled out and converted to a table-top best fan for cooling.
  • Easy to install – The fan is super easy to install. It is easy to use too.
  • High velocity – With high velocity, it means you will enjoy faster cooling within a short period of turning on the fan.

FAQs on Best Window Fans in 2021

How to install a window fan?

Installing a window fan can effectively cool your room especially when the air outside is cooler than the one inside. Aside from that, window fans consume less energy. A window fan has a built-in thermostat that automatically turns off the fan when the temperature reaches the setpoint and turns on itself when the temperature rises above the set point.

There are no tools required for installing a window fan. Most of the fan for the window sill is able to fit perfectly on the double-hung windows frame. When installing the fan, you have to lift up the lower window frame and place the fan well into the window frame. Lower the fan carefully to ensure that the fan sits well and ensure it is supported by the window frame.

Watch this video by Mike Mu on How to Install a Window Fan:

Video Transcript:

Hey, what’s happening guys? Michael here. So some people have asked me about the insulation of the window fan on the window I personally felt like it was pretty straightforward but I realized that if you’ve never installed one before you’re a little bit anxious about getting something that is shipped over to you may be from Amazon please use my links down below by the way then maybe you want to have a little bit better idea about how this is to install all right there are these tulips right here basically the frame of the window goes in between these two slots right over here and I want to say it’s got about like three inches of clearance and with those three inches it gives you a lot of room in order to attach it to a window may be to have a frame or maybe it has a thick window frame or maybe a window that has a screen so it just slides on right in through there and on the bottom.

There is no such thing down there because you don’t really need one this just kind of hits up against the frame itself so someone asked well what about screens how to keep the bugs and everything out well this is a very basic bug screen, of course, it’s not going to keep mosquitoes out if they’re able to get through there and if you actually don’t have a screen on the window then I recommend that you can actually a simple hack to do something like that is to actually just go to your local Home Depot or Lowe’s and just get the get a window screen and just cut it to fit and just tape it on there I’ve used basically duct tape works out to be okay all right so I’m gonna go ahead and stick this over here on this window I’m going to zoom now out.

A little bit so you can see how this works you want to make sure that the measurements fit out just fine the minimum clearance that you have is gonna be right around 20 about two feet 24 inches just basically open the window like so place your unit just right along with the window just put it up right along the edge and there’s plenty of clearance this is just resting on the windowsill and this top part over here as that lip so I’m gonna go ahead and zoom in here and use my control panel and zoom in there and so you can maybe see a little bit better there see this lip right over here the windowsill is just gonna go right on top of that.

So it’s usually better if you have two people but this is all you got to do is just put it right on top of that so the window frame over here just goes right on top like so all right now obviously that is not a little not ideal there’s a few gaps right here a little bit of gap over here you can adjust this to expand the cover it a little bit more but it’s not necessarily gonna be perfect insulation on all windows basically you’re trying to cover this as much as you can now this is gonna be more of permanent insulation let’s say directly on top of you know the whole summer or so you’re gonna leave it here then you can think of some other ways to cover that area a little bit better if you want to do something that is less of a hack job you can just go to Home Depot.

And pick up maybe some pieces of wood and cut it to the frame so it fits that precisely basically after you install this or once you get the measurements about how this is gonna go you can either go get some wood or so you just go to your local 99-cent store buy a bunch of foam core foam board you can double it up if you like and basically just cut it to fit and fit it in that spot note that this isn’t gonna really do really well in a wet environment obviously with the 99-cent store at least it’s not laminated on here I suppose you can spray some weatherproofing on here usually I just got a piece of wood and just go ahead and cut it like.

So but I find that generally if you’re just gonna temporarily install it using the built-in fins actually works out pretty well and as long as you cover most of it you’re generally gonna be alright and the idea is basically just to prevent air from coming in and out window fan through those vents so that it does the best in terms of sucking in air or blowing it right out okay that’s it for this video thanks for watching please like and subscribe for more and I’ll catch you in the next one.

How to use a window fan?

Using a window fan is not rocket science. It is as easy as using a baseboard heater. If you want the fan to last, you must learn how to use a window fan effectively. These are the Dos and Don’ts of a window fan.


  • The more, the merrier – The number of fans that you install in your home would determine how cool your home would be. Try to set up an equal number of in-blowing and out-blowing fans in larger rooms. This helps to create a lot more cooling pressure inside the home. This also helps prevent bugs from entering your home.
  • Proper positioning – Proper positioning matters when installing your window fans. Always position the inward-blowing fans on the shady part of the building and the out-blowing fans on the sunny part of the building. The strategic positioning of the fan is very germane.
  • Size is important – As a matter of choice, it makes sense to go for the large window fan in the market so as to fit your windows properly. Ensure that you block the open-air cavities on both sides of the fan. Normally, this aspect should be taken care of by the installer of the window fans.


  • Avoid installation in waste areas – It is not proper to situate your window fans near the waste or parking areas. Doing this would help you from inhaling unpleasant odors or toxic vehicle exhaust fumes that are unhealthy for your body.
  • Check your furniture – Using window fans can cause fluctuations in temperature. Extreme temperatures can affect your furniture or musical instruments like the piano. It makes sense to closely watch these items when you are using window fans.

How to clean a window fan?

Cleaning a window fan at least once a year is a part of the maintenance of the fan. Periodic cleaning of a window fan is very important because window fans gather a lot of dust and grease over time. Cleaning the window fan helps to improve the functionality of the fan. Here is how to clean your window fan.

  • Unplug the fan and remove the grill

To avoid electric shock, do not clean a fan when it is still plugged in. Remove it from the plug before cleaning. Place the fan on a flat surface before you start the cleaning. Unscrew the grill of the fan for window sill with a screwdriver if the grill is screwed up. If the grill is held together by a release button, press the button to free up the grill and carefully pull it out.

  • Clean up the fan blades and fix the grill

Make a mild soap solution, deep a soft cloth in the soap solution and start to clean the blades in a circulation motion. Don’t allow water to drip into the mechanism of the fan. Make sure you dry the blades completely with another dry towel before using the fan. Clean the grill too. Then, return the grill and secure it properly and plug the fan to start using it.

Italian girl makes this nice video on How to clean window fans below:

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, tell young girl here today I’m going to show you how to clean your fans with this you get this at the dollar store works great let me show you these aren’t extremely dirty I don’t know if you can see but they are dirty anyway I spray on with this awesome oh yeah now you can see the dirt and the grime okay then I turn around tilt it and spray it again the stuff is slowing back on me anyway to see how dirty I spray everything I do the same to this climate I don’t have to wash my legs when I’m done you can see the dirt spray the other sidings and dirtiness my uncle does this or no he doesn’t do this he takes them apart and I’ve told him don’t take them apart just spray them with awesome and then take the hose to him.

I know you guys are gonna think I’m crazy don’t matter be at the motor so these are gonna set for like a week outdoorsy Sun and dry okay hold on of course you wouldn’t want to put this thing today you make sure all the cleaning agents get out of it okay now we’re going to go to this one this awesome looks great on ceiling fans too but you can’t use a hose obviously you know it’s down this side you already see how clean this and these dry up will be like brand-new I got a part this part up here gets dirty let’s go to the other side okay so we’re closing down by the time you’re done doing this no scrubbing no waiting you just have to make sure they dry out really good and your fans will be like brand-new okay to plug them back in once they dry up here tonight dog comes out here if they’re gonna hit us soon summer here is gone.

I live in LA up in the Washington area and we don’t get many summers here okay how clean this fan is now it’s spotless on both sides it’s like brand-new now it just has to sit in the Sun for like three days four days the longer the better here is this one after it’s all clean like brand-new so yeah that’s how you clean ceiling to our window fans okay guys if you liked this video subscribe if you don’t subscribe anyway and don’t forget to hit that like button for me thanks bye have a good day everyone.

How to Clean and Service Holmes Twin Window Fan?

Video Transcript:

Hello viewers, Here is a Holmes 8 jwf 2021 twin window fans today we’re going to be cleaning and servicing this unit these are notoriously difficult to take apart so I’m going to go through this slowly and show the whole thing on video maybe I’ll do this this video twice I’ll do a full-length video which will be this one and then I’ll do another video which will be like the quick version so I’ll go quick through all the long parts so the first thing we got to do is remove the screws there’s two screws right here at the bottom and there’s two screws on the side here and I’m not sure what the deal is with us they’re just like something in a way of this swirl hole but there’s a screw here there’s a screw here up at the top there’s a middle yeah there’s one final screw date here we should know well we have a total of one two three one five seven one two three four five six screw number seven meters not coming out of there well whatever it’s not gonna come out by itself so at this point it will split open oh I missed a screw there’s one screw up at the top.

As well it will split open and if I recall correctly I read something in the manual for this once what Ray said just to split it apart this far and there’s reaching and clean it like that now I think that’s absolutely the Roenick not be doing that I mean it’s moronic as in like the wait the that’s the theory fine I supposed to clean these things if you really don’t like to take things apart and this is not for you perhaps that’ll be good enough you can kind of reach under the blades and clean them off you know if you’re okay with that then that works but that’s not working for me so the next thing we have to do in order to get it taken apart all the way is to remove these clips and this this is where it gets very difficult because these clips are not meant to come off so what I like to do is I put a screwdriver underneath here and you can see it let’s see if we can get this in in the view here now it’s kind of dark but you can kind of see there where the tab comes down right in the middle of the screen what I’m gonna do is I’m going to try to put a screwdriver under here and push that tab up and out towards.

The top of the fan and then eventually out this hole here like that and it’ll come apart it’s not super easy but you can you can get them off let’s do the same thing over here push up and away towards the top of the fan this one’s been all more stubborn there we go okay you get through that that’s the worst part of it and now this whole thing comes apart and this you can put in the dishwasher pressure washer it whatever you want to do what it’s all just plastic they’re easy to clean blades sometimes they just pull off at the times not if not which is the case here there is a little thing on there I guess it’s like a spring type thing and that we just pull up with a screwdriver that will release some of the tension that’s on the blade up against the shaft and that should let us pull the blade off a little more easily okay there we go there’s that and again you can put this in a dishwasher pressure wash it I’m gonna soak this an ammonia Dee and then rinse it off in the bathtub cuz it’s cold outside blade number one you get blade number two here this should just kind of come out of here like that.

You can get this wet and clean this as well so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to pull all the motors and electronics out of here so we got two screws down here holding the cord in and the switch just comes out its not really healthy place on this particular one on off some of these are a little bit different over the years but a little hook here that’s holding the wires in so I’m just going to pull that back pull the wires through the same thing on the other side and then once that’s done this switch is not really held in place by anything so that just kind of comes out the cord has little notches that it fits in cuz I angled off to the side and then pull it up and then I’ll come out of there so now all this left to do is unscrew the motors which are the two screws that are okay now you look at it closest to the middle not the ones up here on the bearings that dealt with these two will remove the motors oops wrong screws so now we can pull this out and all this stuff.

You can just wash with soap and water garden hose bathtub dishwasher whatever we want to do so I’ll take that upstairs and clean it out now the other thing I’m going to do here I’m going to service the motors they’re a little bit dirty they could fare to be cleaned off so I’m going to take a small brush and I’m just going to wipe off the excess dust from here ideally you could blow these off with compressed air that’s usually the easiest way to do it for this will work too now I’m just getting that major accumulations off don’t have to make it perfect but when you get a lot of dust accumulating it blocks the airflow on the motor and then it can run hot and fail prematurely so you do want to keep this clean you have to wash this brush afterward this isn’t good enough three this there’s like a kind of oily stuff on here I don’t know what that is all right.

So now I want to clean and oil the bearings so we’re going to do now is I’ll just sort show one of these on video because it’s the same procedure take a set of pliers and there’s a little clip on here I’m gonna pull that clip off actually I may not be able to use pliers because there’s no there we go just gonna pull this clip off and then you can see there’s hair on here so I’m gonna remove the hair you don’t want that on there and now I’m gonna undo these screws and this should just pull apart like that and don’t mistake the orientation on this because if you put it in the other way it’ll spin the wrong direction so make sure it’s just like that so this is the rear bearing this is the front bearing this may or may not come off of here it’s not gonna cooperate so great so what’s happened here is I guess when they cut in the sole groove in there it kind of wasn’t totally flat and so it’s a little bit there’s something on there it’s protruding in the way of that coming off.

So I’m gonna take my knees here then I’m just gonna go along here and try to file this down if you can see where the problem is you can focus on that spot but I can’t tell where it is it must be very small. This is not cooperating at all all right let’s bend some more time on this off video okay so that’s what now there’s some dust on here so we’ll go ahead and clean it out there’s no test time here as well get that out of there okay I forgot where I was because I had to go do something else for a minute anyways I think we were gonna clean the bearings now so take a piece of cloth here I’m going to roll it up like this I’m gonna put this in here pull this through and kind of turn it as I pull it through and this should give us a good clean bearing now I’ll go ahead and do the same thing with the other one now this step is not totally necessary you can just oil it.

And it’s probably good enough okay now we’re gonna clean the shaft off you can see all the old gummed up oil that’s on here we want to make sure we get all that off that’s going to degrade the performance of the water all right that’s all cleaned up now so we’re gonna oil it now this is the oil we’re going to use this is three in one oil say 20 and this is specifically for fans so what I’m gonna do here is I’m going to put a drop of oil in the rear bearing actually know what he’s bearing his name so I’ll just put some oil in this bearing and I’m gonna put this bearing back in place I’m going to put this shaft inside there and that should spin freely you’re printing a spinning world to me well and now for the front, I’m gonna put some oil all along.

Here because it’s got to slide all the way on I want this lay down as easily as possible actually not before we do that this washer in here is a little bit dirty let’s go ahead and wipe down this washer as well actually these were quite dirty that’s good these all cleaned up as well alone as far we might as well do with Dori away get everything all cleaned up more wheel on there spinning pretty freely and this is gonna have some trouble getting over there but there it goes snap that back into place and it should be pretty good so now what I’m going to do is I’m going to put a drop of oil a couple drops of oil inside here and I put some oil on the back as well we kind of move the shaft back and forward here to get the oil early in there and now we’re gonna put the screws back in I’m going to try to make these screws pretty equivalent in terms of how tight they are doesn’t have to be super tight just snug okay and it may or may not be spinning freely at this point it’s not really someone take a screwdriver and just kind of tap the shaft a little bit this is just going to get the bearings into a line then kind of move it around like this all that – now I want those bearings to free up I think that’s pretty good so this for comparative purposes actually I’ll get the Blaine’s out just so you can see that this did actually make a differencee.

So  here’s the non serviced motor and here’s the service lawyer so you can see it does it does work a fair bit better so well actually these motors weren’t that bad honestly in terms of need to be oiled so I’m going to go ahead and do the other one off video and then we’ll come back and put everything back together the wait there’s actually one more thing here we got to put this clip back on so this clip goes right in that notch on the shaft just kind of push it on there like that there may be a tool that exists to get those on and off easier I don’t have it if there is so that’s just how I do it and it works okay all the parts have been cleaned we’re ready to begin the reassembly process now we’re going to start with the front piece and we’re going to sit the motors in police and it is important that you put the wires back onto the clip and in all the guides so that it doesn’t come loose is some plane and have an encounter with the blade the wiring goes on top of the fan like that or a nub of the switch rather and this fits in between here like this let’s meet that’s kind of the crazy design.

But – I don’t know anyways that’s how it goes okay that’s that this wire is very stiff it’s kinda difficult to get banking please alright so let’s get the strain relief back on there all right and you know screwing the motors and you’ll want to screw these in too aggressively because they’re going into plastic threads so there’s definitely potential for something getting screwed up I definitely wouldn’t use like a power draw or anything on this all right let’s give it a quick test just to make sure that motors are both running okay they’re both running and they’re running in the same direction okay I’ll put the fan blade on you can bleed number one and family number two all right let’s do another test all right they’re both spinning freely certainly one more than the other a bit but I find that kind of annoying but we’re now getting this thing back on this piece.

Here this all small space has to clip on to these three pieces here and the switch it will get held in place once the back cover goes on it just gets held in place by the force of the covers being against each other okay that’s yeah this is working so now we’re going to screw it back together it doesn’t really snap into place or anything it just kind of sits there and I will cut this for a video all right now all that’s left to do is let these crazy clip things back on and they go on a lot easier than they came off actually I may not be tired Sherpa don’t remember yeah that one how much is your anymore so now if this is working properly and you’ve closed them should stay out so it blocks the you know exit of your window is wider than the fan is this will cover the empty space so that the air goes completely through the window and not around the side of the van all right so that’s working what was that up and now we’ll do one more final test it’s pretty clean now start off a low definitely moving a lot more air than it was before , and hi, so there we go with about 45 minutes time you have yourself a fan that is in good as new working in cosmetic condition.

How to oil air-conditioner fan motor?

Air-conditioners depend on fans to pull in air through their condenser coils so as to easily dissipate heat. The fans gather specks of dust over time. This is why the fan air-conditioner motor requires periodic oiling to keep it functional for a longer timer. It makes sense to oil the sears window fans at the start of any cooling system. It is also an opportunity to check the fan blades and their motor. Below is what you need to do before oiling your air-conditioner fan motor:

  • Turn of the power – Air conditioners have high voltage. As such, you would need to turn off the air conditioner before you go into the compressor cabinet. If the air-conditioner has a breaker, it makes sense to turn it off from the breaker. Ensure that you turn it off from the two sources. Be very careful because air-conditioners have high-voltage capacitors that hold electricity even when it is turned off. Do not go into the unit unless you are sure of where the capacitor is situated.

How to oil a fan motor?

Air-conditioning units are never the same. This is why you have to strictly follow the manufacturer’s instructions for oiling the unit. Make use of high-quality oil made for speed motor shafts and bearings. Avoid using oil laced with detergents like the oil made for cars.

  • Turn off the A/C as mentioned earlier from the two sources
  • Remove the cover of the compressor or condenser. The fan motor is situated at the underside of the compressor cover. Use a screwdriver to unscrew the nuts.
  • Turn the cover upside down to see the ports on the fan motor. Check the fan blades too.
  • There is a plug covering the oil port. Remove the plug
  • Drop some oil into each port of the oil. Wipeout overflowing oil properly
  • Return the plugs into the ports

How to use a box fan for window?

Box fans are usually square-sized compact fan that can be used on the window. The Window fan has fast-spinning blades for air circulation that provides a quick cooling effect. It is portable making it easy to be placed in an open window or on the floor. You can place the fan outwardly or inwardly depending on the level of the heat outside and the temperature inside.

When you use one fan?

If you intend to use just one fan, turning the window fan blow in or out will be dependent on the temperature outside. If you have a cooler temperature outside than the temperature inside the room, then, you would have to let the fan face inside so as to blow in cool air. This can be done in the night or morning when the air outside is cooler. As the temperature gets warmer later in the day, you have to turn the fan to face out the window in order to drive out warm air in the room.

When using two fans?

If you have two box fans, you can use them for cross-ventilation. Open one window and place the fan there facing out. Then, open the opposite window and place the fan facing out. This helps to enhance air circulation.

Final Verdict

Warm or hot weather condition is something seasonal. It makes sense to prepare ahead of time if you don’t want to be caught unaware. One best way to prepare for bad weather conditions is to have a window fan. Window fans are affordable fans that can be fixed on your window for proper air circulation and cooling. Window fans are a better alternative to expensive air conditioners. They are strong, cost-effective, easy to install and maintain.

You can never go wrong with Windows fans. The fan for windows is highly economical and they consume less energy when compared with energy-hungry air-conditioners. Set yourself free from hot and humid temperatures and move into comfort with breezy window fans for your utmost satisfaction. The Bionaire Window Fans would be a great choice because of its water-resistant feature.

This makes the brand a top-notch product made for durability. The use of thermostats for these Bionaire Fans will make life a lot easier. As such, we highly recommend Bionaire Window Fans because of their superior cooling and high-quality performance. It is high time you went for window fans to save more and enjoy the ultra-cooling solution.

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