10 Best Concrete Adhesive for Strongest Bond in 2023

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Do you want to heal the crack on the surface of your building?

Do you want to resolve the crack lines with stiffness?

Are you worried about the chemical reaction, that might be harmful to kids and adults at home?

If your answer to the above questions is yes, then you need the best concrete adhesive for your home. The concrete adhesive helps you in resolving the cracks on the surface of your building by adding stiffness to it. It is completely safe to use and has both harmful reactions. Following are the 10 best concrete adhesives listed below:

Shortlist of 10 Best Concrete Adhesive in 2023

Buying Guide for the Best Concrete Adhesive in 2023

High holding power:

While you are planning to buy the adhesive for concrete, you must make sure that it has a high holding capacity as this feature will decide how good your product is. You must search for a product that requires fewer screws and nails for the repair jobs.

For the paneling as well as the projects related to fiberglass reinforced panel, you must be allowed to use the concrete adhesive. It must be certified for good air quality and also must be safe for your children. It must have some flexibility and must depend on the surface and has also good holding power.


Make sure that your product is a blessing in disguise as it must have no smell which is very sensitive for allergic people and you must be sure that it is odorless so that it has no harmful reaction on your family members who are sensitive to the strong smell.

Furthermore, you must look for the best concrete block adhesive which has more polyurethane and is more flexible so that it has its holding power on the plastic as well along with woods, metal, glass, fiberglass, etc. Your concrete adhesive must be chemical resistant so that it does not show any reaction with the surface which has to dilute acid or any dilute caustics on it.

Child- friendly:

Before placing an order for the concrete adhesive you must be sure that your product is child friendly and is safe for your child at home and more importantly, it must value money as a product.

Along with the high durability, it must be thick inconsistent so that it can fill the gap very well and would not break. Your product must be valuable enough so that it can resolve the crack lines by adding the stiffness to it in the required amount and therefore you can use it in the sheetrock crack as well.

Quickly dries:

The most significant feature that you must look into your construction concrete adhesive is that it must dry quickly so that you can save time and effort. Your product must be capable of working well on the wet surface also. It must be efficient enough so that it can work with different kinds of mixes easily and can seal the wall efficiently which makes it more versatile.

Your product must allow you to use it in the interior as well as an exterior place without getting any damage and must be durable in work so that you can relax for years under the same concrete that you bought.

Great gap-filling:

The property of gap filling is a necessity, you should look for in the waterproof concrete adhesive. The reason behind this is that this characteristic will decide how strong your concrete will be. Your product must be able to bind it so vigorously and must allow you to use it on the paint walls.

Furthermore, for a perfect concrete repair, you must apply your product to the patching compound. It must be etched enough so that it can help you in working on the repair part very easily. It must be reliable so that it can bind the old concrete with the new concrete very effortlessly.


You must make sure that your product is 100% waterproof in character so that it has a good holding capacity even if the surface is wet or if the concrete is exposed to exterior environments such as rain. The concrete adhesive that you are planning to buy must have a strong bonding glue which must allow you to work easily on the wood, glass.

And even the foam and must also permit you to repair the same. For filling up the gaps unevenly, your product must get expansive just after you have used it and with this feature, you can save a lot amount of your product.

Easy to clean:

Out of everything, cleaning the mess is a heavy task so you must look for concrete bonding glue which is easy to clean after the surface gets messed up. In case, you are going to use your product for the merging of non-porous material, you must mist it with water.

It is recommended to wear gloves while using your concrete adhesive as it may get stuck between your fingers and gets sticky. It must be so strong so that it can bind anything and work easily on any surface according to your requirements.


Just after that, your product has been set, you must expose the surface to the freshwater and it must not get damaged because of its resistivity towards the water. Your product must be a multipurpose type so that you can use it on either the wet-dry or even tell frozen lumber. Your product must be reliable which must be comparably more than the metal nails.

Temperature resistant:

Your product must be capable to bear both the interior and exterior surface and it does not matter if it is extremely hot or cold, you can expose it.

So, it must be resistant to temperature. It must have a strong binding formulation so that you are allowed to use it in the exterior environment also and in any weather condition. While using your best concrete block adhesive, you must make sure that the surface is free from any dirt, grease, or oil and is clean.

Top 10 Concrete Adhesive for Strong Bond

Purchasing the world’s strongest glues and adhesives might be out of your hand, but you don’t need to worry about it as we have got your back. We know it’s pretty tricky to use everyday glue on hard surfaces as it doesn’t work correctly.

So, have researched the top 10 variants of concrete adhesives which can easily repair broken objects quickly. You can easily rely on us. These adhesives come with the best quality and are tested under very stringent conditions.

So, let’s grab a look at the list below.

1. Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive

Best adhesive for concreteDo you want that long-lasting bonds for years, even in extreme temperatures? If yes then, you have the chance to go for the LIQUID NAILS Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive.

This adhesive for concrete is known to fulfill all your requirements of a potent bonding agent. It comes with a super-lasting formula, offering durability for many years. It performs excellently in extreme conditions.

So, if you get your hand on this liquid nails concrete adhesive, you need not have to worry about its performance in different weathers. It is indeed a value-for-money product and will work wonders on stuff like paneling, foam board, bones, and light wood projects.


  • Bonding: It bonds with a wide range of surfaces.
  • Performance: It can be used throughout the year.
  • Strong: It is 2 times stronger than available fasteners.
  • Durability: This liquid nails concrete adhesive comes with a robust plastic tube, due to which it can be stored for a long time.

Customers Feedback:

I’ve used this to secure a bottom outdoor stairstep to the concrete and also to secure a brick in our outdoor patio that came loose. It worked very well. After one year, I had to use it again on the stairstep but I don’t feel that that is a particular disadvantage.

I used this to glue tiles onto metal for an outdoor mosaic project. Sometimes tiles would slip, so I had to let the mailbox dry a little before flipping over to work on the other side. I was able to reuse the product on different days without the nozzle needing to be cut again. There was enough to do two mosaic mailboxes (although I did not tile the front doors of the mailboxes). It held up fine when grouting.

2. Loctite 1390595 Adhesives and sealants

Best concrete block adhesiveWhen it comes to adhesive, we know that everybody looks for a glue that provides superior bonding to most common construction materials.

But what if the loctite concrete adhesive not only comes with a strong bond but also has those luster providing capacities. In that regard, here we have got one for you from the Brand Loctite.

The concrete block adhesive of the brand Loctite is made of Polyurethane, which is highly known for its outstanding bonding capability. This makes the adhesive competent enough to be used on polystyrene foam, wood, metal, fiberglass, ceramic tile, marble, and other building material types.

The best thing about this Concrete epoxy adhesive is that it is compatible with all weather conditions and temperatures. Yes, this indicates that it can be used adequately in the hottest and the coldest temperatures. Once used, it performs its task quickly and doesn’t stain. Thus, if you want to use it on dry and wet surfaces, you can use it indoors and outdoors.


  • Application: It can be applied directly on the required surfaces.
  • Shade: The solution comes in a beautiful tan shade.
  • Strong: Its formula is three times stronger than the other available adhesives.
  • Usage: This loctite concrete adhesive can be used indoors as well as outdoors.
  • Resistance: It is resistant to water and fluctuating temperatures.

Customers Feedback:

Two years ago I paid over a thousand dollars to have paver steps re-grouted?( is that the right term?) and now they were loose again. My husband is no Mr Fix-it, so when I saw this on Amazon, I thought I could give it a shot myself. Bought a cheap caulking gun in the dollar store and went to work. It hardened quickly and my pavers are now reinforced. I love this stuff and reading through the reviews I can see other projects around the house I can take care of.

I use this glue for all sorts of interior and exterior projects. When I want to be sure things are going to stay stuck together until the sun turns into a red giant, this is what I use. One big project I used it for was to resurface a brick wall with natural stone. The glue held the rocks, some being very heavy, tightly in place prior to final grouting.

3. Gorilla max strength clear construction adhesive

Best adhesive for concrete to woodAre you searching for an adhesive that comes with outstanding strength and is equally durable? Well, we are sure that when you have gorilla concrete glue with you, you don’t have to worry about the different qualities of adhesives as it comes with all.

Gorilla Glues is a famous brand for adhesive for concrete to wood among many households. It can efficiently perform the most demanding jobs on Earth. This glue is a robust construction adhesive with good strength.

This gorilla construction adhesive is tough and versatile enough to be used effectively in different places. It can be used on areas like wood, paneling, concrete, ceramic tiles, mirrors, stone, landscaping, decks, foam board, fiberglass, tub and shower, and more.

When used on required surfaces, this glue dries in a crystal color and offers a bond that isn’t easy to be removed. Even when used underwater, it provides the same effect, which clearly defines it as waterproof. Hence, there is nothing to be bothered about rains or water-filled tanks while using it.


  • Odor: It doesn’t give a robust stinky smell to the nose.
  • All-Weather Type: Be it a rainy or a snowy season. It can be used anywhere and in any season without hesitation.
  • Paintable: Once dried, this gorilla concrete glue can be painted easily.
  • Easy to Use: You just need to remove the cap and use it in the desired place.

Customers Feedback:

It made my $1,500 fountain work again. The concrete fountain broke in three spots when it rained and froze. This glue was able to fix the fountain. On the concrete, the dried glue looks like it’s wet concrete with a gleam, but I’m okay with that. To be clear, the concrete looks like concrete. The glued portion, which is in the shape of a V, is clearly discernable by the glue’s clear glean. I’m okay with this. The fountain continues to work, and it’s because of this glue.

I never used this product before so I had a plan and all the prep work was done. That was a good thing as you don’t have all day to work with it but there is ample time. I used it to reinforce bolts in concrete which support the uprights for a hand rail. The job came out STRONG, PROFESSIONAL LOOKING and as close to PERFECT as a mere mortal can get.

4. 3M Hi-Strength 90 Spray Adhesive

Best concrete adhesive glueAre you looking for an adhesive that can save you lots of time and is easy to use at the same time? It seems complicated to find such a glue concrete to concrete in the market due to cutthroat competition, but we have got you covered.

We have brought before you 3M adhesive, which comes in a spray bottle, making application super easy.

This 3m adhesive glue is versatile and can be used on different materials such as laminate, wood, concrete, metal, plastic, paper, acrylic, fiber-reinforced plastic, painted surface, and more. It is one such solution that you can use for both craft and construction work.

This concrete adhesive glue unique composition provides a permanent bond that overcomes all the problems faced with the existing glues in the market. Well, when we talk about its benefit, you should know that it is resistant to high temperatures and moisture, making it an excellent deal.


  • Availability: The Concrete epoxy adhesive comes in a spray bottle.
  • Usage: It is commonly used in repair and maintenance work.
  • Adjustability: The spray bottle has an adjustable nozzle that can be adjusted easily as per the project requirement.

Customers Feedback:

Strong bond for vertical application! I used this to adhere vinyl flooring to a wall. Originally mounted it with the 3M 77 Spray but that only lasted a few weeks before cupping up and falling off. The 3M 90 was a little thicker (foamier) going on and has held up to gravity (stayed on the wall)! Clearly my application wasn’t a “Typical” construction scenario but it speaks volumes about how strong this stuff is!

Used this to reattach a heating pad to the bottom of an exterior plastic holding tank. Sprays in a “web” like pattern. Ensure you have clean surfaces. Make sure you wait for the glue to dry as specified in the directions. Hold was immediate and was holding firm the next day. I’m comfortable this will hold for a long time. Easily cleaned spray head with acetone.

5. PC Products PC-Concrete Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive

Concrete bonding adhesiveWho needs standard adhesive for anchoring and concrete repair when we have the PC concrete adhesive with inbuilt qualities? Yes, the PC concrete adhesive is an excellent adhesive composed of epoxy paste that fits in the repairs and seals the required surfaces efficiently.

This Concrete bonding adhesive comes in premium quality. Once applied, it won’t come out of the fixes that quickly. Even in harsh weather, its bond will remain intact, making it climate-friendly and works in all ranges of temperatures. When used, it holds on the surfaces and gives those long-lasting results.

Even if the concrete expands or contracts, the industrial adhesive glue will fit well in the particular place. It, therefore, results in excellent filling. So, you can easily use it as an adhesive for wood, metal, glass, brick, block. More in all combinations, being the best solution to consider the sealants for the repair work.


  • Color: It has a very subtle gray color.
  • Working Surface: It can be applied on both wet and dry surfaces.
  • Water resistance: It is a waterproof construction adhesive and can be used even on water-holding surfaces.
  • Usage: It can fill the gaps in the cement and works equally with tiled floors.

Customers Feedback:

My story starts with a broken diving board… well, not the board so much as the entire base giving out in the middle of a serious cannon ball attempt. Basically, the metal plate and screws had rusted completely out after about 20 years of use. Most pool places quoted me around $1200 to $1500 to fix the problem. Enter PC-Concrete and a little handy fix. After drilling new holes in the concrete, I used this product to adhere the new threaded rods. I added a new steel plate and got everything back together. Let’s just say, my cannonball has gotten bigger and better after the fix. This stuff does as advertised and is holding firm!

6. E6000 High Viscosity Adhesive

Best concrete bonding agentE6000 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue is the most potent adhesive glue you will ever come across. This e6000 industrial adhesive is even two times stronger than the Polyurethane products.

Available with a unique composition, it can be easily applied to multimedia art also. The better thing about this glue is its flexibility and its inflammable features, which ensure safe and diverse work. With such a feature, you can understand very well that it can work efficiently in extreme temperatures.

When talking about the utility, This concrete bonding agent can work well with both oil paints and water paint. Its unique formula provides strong adhesion and flexible bonding on top surfaces. To list a few, it bonds with glass, wood, metal, rubber, plastic, and ceramics.

E6000 Multipurpose Adhesive is also waterproof and can be used in those water tanks, requiring premium quality bonding.


  • Color: It is transparent in color.
  • Packaging: This industrial adhesive glue comes as a tube which makes it very handy to use.
  • Resistance: No chemicals are used in it, and it is inflammable too.
  • Adhesion: It lasts long with top surfaces.

Customers Feedback:

I wanted to create a building platform for my 15 year old Autistic son and I couldn’t find any on the market so found out about this glue which is supposed to be good for plastic outdoor furniture so though it would work and it did 🙂 Not the best pic, but you get the idea. After glueing them together I glued the bottom onto a sturdy piece of cardboard and then cut against the edges as best I could.

It is glue. It is one of the better quality glues that gives a great hold (for a while) I have had to reglue my pieces from time to time because I assume the glue dries over time allowing the piece to separate. If there is a trick that I am not aware of please let me know. It has let me down from time to time but overall pretty good. I use this for bonding art pieces.

7. Dap Polyurethane Construction Adhesive

Concrete anchor adhesiveSuppose you are eager to know which kind of adhesive is generally used by the people in shops that give such exceptional durability that you don’t get at home. In that case, we have this secret.

Yes! We personally found out this dap concrete adhesive and is the Polyurethane Construction Adhesive and Sealant. This is a premium pro-grade adhesive that can perform all kinds of duties.

This Concrete anchor adhesive doesn’t get affected by moisture and gives a long-lasting, durable result when used to fill exterior gaps, joints, or even crack. Well, it also acts as an adhesive for light and medium-duty bonding applications.

It offers a waterproof facility, durability, and resistance at the same time to impact, cuts, and thermal expansions.


  • Flexible: This waterproof construction adhesive is flexible enough to be used on joints, surfaces, and many other places.
  • Paintable: You can easily paint it when dried.
  • Durability: There are 50 years of durability in use.
  • Sealant: It has a concrete bond for durable use.

Customers Feedback:

I used this product to hold together solid cement bricks for an elevated fern garden. The polyurethane was used with a metal pipe strapping between each layer of bricks. came out awesome and super solid. plenty of time to fit before it hardened. Only thing to note is that it is grey/silvery and it was important to make sure it didn’t squeeze out between the blond cement bricks. When it did, it was difficult to completely wipe it off.

Used to seal up the RV. This is workable but tricky. You have to have a wet finger for sure and it sets really fast so do an area that you can level off fairly fast 5 min I would say. It rained half hour after I installed and it seemed to actually help it set. Nothing washed away or marred the surface. Doesn’t stink and It can be removed unlike the nightmare silicone leaves.

8. Guard Water Sealers SP-1102

Construction adhesive concreteWe have come up with a piece of great news for you as we have with us RAIN GUARD WATER SEALERS with a long-lasting gluing effect for those looking for a bigger pack. Rain guard stone sealer is a premium-grade glass sealer brand that is perfect for horizontal-vertical surfaces and wood.

This sealer, when used, provides stain-resistant protection. It is even water-based formula that is non-toxic. This best construction adhesive for concrete won’t affect the human skin when it comes in contact, making it one of the best chemical-resistant products.

Even without chemicals, this formula enhances its appearance. The best thing about it is the radiant gloss finish which comes instantly when it dries. With such tremendous advantages, it will definitely help you in solving moisture problems with clear glass, protective coating with its proprietary ingredient, Micro-Lok.

This Construction adhesive concrete ingredient is known to offer a long-lasting mechanical bond which can also create a hydrophobic barrier. This barrier protects the glue and surface from harsh weather, freezing, temperature, UV high, and many other damaging elements.


  • Safe to Use: This construction adhesive for concrete is safe to use as it is chemical-free.
  • Usage: It can be safely used over painted and stained areas also.
  • Finish: The gloss finish gives an extraordinary appearance.
  • Odor: The odor is relatively low as compared to other adhesives.

9. Corporation 2032666 9O2 P4 HD CONS ADHESIVE

Best strongest masonry adhesiveWhen we plan to buy an adhesive for concrete, we make sure that, these henkel products have definitely a high holding capacity. This feature is the critical factor which decides how good our product is.

You might also have been looking for the same. But now, you need not worry about the search list as we have with us Henkel Corporation HD CONS Adhesive. It is one such product which will complete all your requirements.

This strongest masonry adhesive comes with a strong bonding capability with a wide range of materials like wood, drywall, plaster, ceramic, concrete and more. You can, in fact, use it for both indoor and outdoor construction, serving both purposes efficiently.


  • Color: This brick bonding adhesive is white in color.
  • Durability: once used, it will last for a longer time and can be trusted for years.
  • Bonding: It is a strong adhesive that works on versatile surfaces.
  • Type: With a great holding capacity, it is easy to be suited for various construction materials.

Customers Feedback:

I did not figure for enough and only ordered one for the whole ceiling. Mid project, I ran out and got liquid nails for projects. I had to put a ton more on, which added weight, and of course used more so I ran out of that too. I only gave it 4 stars for adhesion because many ceiling tiles fell down after it had dried over 30 minutes, but it is an old dirty popcorn ceiling with repaired cracks, so I don’t totally blame the glue, but it should have held better I think. Overall, very good product.

I have a vinyl fence and I was having difficulty keeping it from falling out and falling over. I know I could buy bars to put into the fence but it would be very hard to go through each fence post and put the bars in to keep it from falling. I bought this product and was able to utilize it to keep the fence from falling out and so far I’ve had no issues with the fence blowing over or coming out of the fence posts.

10. Weldbond 8-50420 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue

Best construction adhesivesAre you in search of an adhesive that requires fewer screws and nails for the repair work? Do you want to invest one time in a strong bond that lasts long and spares you from frequent fixes?

If yes then, try this Weldbond 8-50420 Multi-Purpose Adhesive Glue. This weldbond adhesive glue will bond with anything and everything. It will weld together cement, concrete, bricks, wood tiles, building panels, and whatnot. So, for us, it is more than glue and works wander.

Weldbond is a powerful universal primer for the porous surface. These construction adhesives are weather and dust-resistant, letting them work in extreme weather conditions.

This primer leaves no stain after applying and gives you that super clean finish. Further, it doesn’t even harden with the passing time. But it is highly concentrated. So, before using it, ensure that you mix it with water and use it as a sealer for many surfaces.


  • Non-Flammable: It is a non-flammable and non-toxic product.
  • Suitable materials: The best-suited surfaces include wood, brick, glass, concrete, and metal.
  • Resistance: You can easily use it on damp surfaces as it is water-resistant.
  • Sealant: This non toxic adhesive glue works effectively on porous surfaces.
  • Bonding: It adheres well to concrete and plasters.

Customers Feedback:

I am using this adhesive on mosaics I am making with stained glass. I had to remove several pieces yesterday to change colors and with a chisel and a hammer I had a very hard time getting them off. All of the glass broke rather that pop off and had to be chiseled off in sections. I think that is a great recommendation for the glue that it holds a slick surface like glass so well. It’s convenient to use and doesn’t dry out.

This glue does what it advertises! I like that it does not set up quickly, but it holds like an epoxy, but without the messiness that epoxy can sometimes cause. I have used it for glass to plastic, and metal to plastic, and it has not budged, once dry. The applicator tip also allows for a clean application and very easy clean-up. It’s not quick-dry like a superglue, but I don’t mind giving it a 48-hour dry time.

FAQs on Best Concrete Adhesive for 2023

What are the types of structural adhesive?

There are many types of adhesive such as epoxy, acrylic, anaerobic acrylic, and many more. The epoxy adhesive is said to have appropriate shear or tension and can act as a good mechanism for resistance.

It is also resistant to high temperature and some harmful chemical reactions and for this type of adhesive, the reversibility of glue is possible. The acrylic adhesive is good in spellings and the gas and also has enough amount of shear or tension to act as the mechanism for resistance. The anaerobic acrylic adhesives can be used as the thermosetting and single component of paste.

When is the Epoxy adhesive used?

In case, if you need the high mechanical strength then you can opt for the adhesive which has the quality of the epoxy one which is good in the aspect of shear or peeling. This type of adhesive is available in the market in the format of a single or two-component of paste.

To polymerization, the single component-based of the epoxy adhesive you require is the temperature between only 100 to 200 degrees Celsius and can easily be done in the oven within half an hour. The epoxy concrete adhesive veg single component-based can be the best alternative for welding.

When is the silicone adhesive used?

When you need the high resistance to apply on the concrete material then you require the silicone adhesive. The high resistance silicone adhesive offers you good dynamic efforts and is resistant to UV rays, very high temperature, and also to the solvents and these features help it in becoming the good sealing.

For a good amount of moisture content, you can refer to the silicone adhesive with single component-based and if the humidity is already very low then the adhesive with two-component of paste is recommended. The mechanical strength of this type of adhesive is not very much great as compared to the epoxy adhesive.

When is the acrylic adhesive used?

If you are planning to bond the metals with the wood, plastic, and the glass then the type of adhesive which is suitable for this purpose is the acrylic one.

The good mechanism for the resistance provided by the acrylic address is good but not as compared to the epoxy concrete adhesive. However, acrylic medicine is less expensive in comparison to epoxy. Furthermore, if you are using the paste with a single component of paste then it will take some time to settle but if you want the process to get faster then you can take the help of heating.

How to use concrete bonding adhesive?

Video Transcript:

How does concrete bonding adhesive work?

Well, when you think about what concrete is it’s water Portland cement & then aggregates mix together so if you were to do that if you were to mix those things together and you were to pour that end result onto some old concrete.

Well, the two actually will kind of bond together pretty well I mean if you were to take a hammer after it carries and start hitting them they’ll probably delaminate cleanly.

Because it wasn’t really a strong mechanical bond between the two but that’s how the process works so what is bonding adhesive.

Well, bonding adhesive is kind of the same thing that I just described it’s some Portland cement and it’s some water maybe even a little bit of aggregate like sand but you’re also adding glue to the mix like white glue or carp yellow carpenters wood glue both of those would work if you make that mix of Portland cement and some water.

Maybe a little bit of sand and add a healthy dollop of glue let’s say at least 10% of the liquid content of this mix made up from this glue so if you were to add you know one liter of water that’s how much you would normally add to this mix, in particular, well then instead of adding one liter of water.

Add 10% less water and make up the difference with this liquid wood glue if you do something like that then you’ll end up with a bonding adhesive and that bonding adhesive is what you would use between a layer of old concrete and new concrete that you’re trying to get to bond to it if you found this information helpful be sure to like this video and subscribe to my youtube channel and you can check out my website swimming pool Steve calm.

When is the polyurethane or urethane adhesive used?

For the bonding insulation panel in the industrial building, polyurethane adhesive is mostly recommended. The reason behind that is that they are very flexible and also offer a medium amount of mechanism for resistance as compared to the epoxy adhesive and are very much suitable to be used when the temperature is very high.

If you want to polymerization the single component paste of the urethane adhesive then you need to provide it with enough amount of humidity. Also, if you want to reduce the time of the polymerization then you can apply your concrete at the same with the help of the heat gun.

When is the cyanoacrylate adhesive used?

The cyanoacrylate is mostly used when the concrete surface requires quick bonding as they are in gel or liquid form and also are good in shear or tension. To bond the rigid materials, the cyanoacrylate adhesive is used because the setting of this type of adhesive acts as instantaneous at room temperature and is in liquid form.

Moreover, there are different types of cyanoacrylate adhesive glue is available in the market according to the viscosity between high to medium which is good in diffusion by the capillary action. When applying on the vertical plane or the porous type of materials then the adhesive of glue type is suitable.

Can you Glue Hardwood Flooring To Concrete?

Video Transcript:

So today when I start putting down a solid white oak flooring on top of concrete here in my shop but let’s start from the beginning the one thing that I’ve really been wanting to change ever since moving into this space is the floor I mean it is a concrete floor it is fine but I really want to make this space feel comfortable and warm and welcoming and for that, you really can’t beat wood so I’ve been looking around for a good deal I don’t want anything fancy but I would love white oak and I found a place locally here that sells utility-grade.

Pretty affordable white oak tree and groove flooring so we are gonna go into town and pick up quite a bit enough for the downstairs of this whole shop enough for the upper floor and enough for the little shop as well. So this is all the wood god.

So the begin we’re loading up the forklift on top of the truck but it was just too much weight so as you can see this is rustic and all the wood and just lots of little pieces but this time it was actually better it was all in the packaged war we’re putting this floor on top of concrete yes yeah so would you have any thoughts on that what would you recommend I would recommend at least a sleeper system sleepers are just they’re kind of like joists but put a vapor barrier down on top of the concrete before you put those down and then I put another vapor barrier on top of the plywood to vapor barrier yes okay vapor barrier furring strip OSB vapor barrier and then the chlorine.

Unless you wanted to glue it we have an adhesive that we stock that Bostic makes called the green force adhesive and you can actually create a moisture membrane with that and then it would glue this down directly no vapor barrier no you do that you could use that directly on the concrete.

It sounds like an easier process a faster process yeah so here we go 2,000 square feet of flooring so the guys at the Florence recommend that the special blue which creates a moisture barrier and glues down the wood floor to the concrete so after thinking back and forth whether aiding an actual flooring which the one benefit with that is that you could do electrical through there which would have been nice but on the other hand everything gets risen up it’s a lot more work it’s a lot more material to bring into the shop so going this route with a glue seemed like an easier option so this is a pretty big space and there’s a lot of little pieces and the idea over.

Gluing one piece down at a time started to seem like a lot of work on the floor so we started thinking about this concept of gluing together panels of the small pieces using yellow blue and then gluing down to those complete panels with this new glue onto the concrete floor.

So I’ve been doing a ton of glue-ups and there are like 12 panels ready to go right now.

So time to trim the sides make them nice and flat and even and then add tongue and grooves on the sides as well so this is working out good one of my newest additions to the shop is this little remote control for the desk collection and it’s the best no more walking around back and forth all the time having an on and off I have this controller it’s a really cool remote control transmitter switch works with all dust collectors up to one and a half horsepowers and I have this little remote.

Let me tell you the show gonna be a lot of work I have enough panels right now to do like the first row maybe a little bit more maybe a lot of rows so next up here I was preparing to add tongue and grooves and all the sides with a router so the panels could snap into each other like the individual pieces do I started on the one panel and then I was like I think I’m gonna skip this step I mean you certainly could do it but the panels will snap together lengthwise and be secured with glue and doing this step seemed like a lot of extra work that probably wouldn’t be necessary it might even make it more known to put the panels together so I figured I’d go straight to standing instead.

One of the main reasons why I wanted to put these panels together was to eliminate the amount of work you had to do on the floor and part of that was sanding in our old house in Oregon we sand down all the hardwood floors before moving in and yeah I just remember that being a real pain.

So instead of standing each panel on top of the bench made a lot more sense now I always sand projects outside to reduce dust inside the shop but with this new setup this dust separator hooked up to my shop leg and a sander with dust control I was able to sand all these panels inside without having really any dust in the air at all and in my book that’s pretty amazing so today when I start putting down a solid white oak flooring on top of concrete here in my shop.

Mixed up cleaning so it was sent to vacuum this place really well and I’m using this floor sweep attachment again on the dust separator and the shop vac which worked great and this is mainly because my dust collection doesn’t reach this corner.

However future plans I have types waiting to go up in the ceiling as well as this ceiling track system more hoses and yeah there’s gonna be a lot more dust collection axis moving forward now these are the times when you’re really happy that you put casters on most of the furniture makes it a lot easier to move everything around.

Assuming everything goes smoothly which of course we don’t know to have a useless product in the past but we were assured by the professionals that this product was supposed to be perfect for this Johnson if you can use it as a moisture barrier or not a moisture barrier the different row and the different travels for the different purposes so what does this cost and how many businesses go far so six about pride 240 250 square feet.

Kind of a mix between a peanut butter pancake batter panel I’m just thinking about if you were putting down each individual piece you know each.

The individual little section right on top of this blue that would be clearly annoying I think because I can imagine that they would slide a lot and having so many pieces were kind of removing that issue here altogether by having these glued up larger sections which I think is going to be I mean it seems like a really nice solution okay so since these panels are glued up they want to move individually but this product remains quite flexible as it dries in the store they showed us an example and it’s like almost like a rubbery a little bit as it dries so each individual panel may move slightly you know because there’s a tongue and groove in between them so that’s kind of nice that it remains flexible.

Okay so have put a couple of pieces together now and it’s working out pretty good.

I guess the main thing to think about but I guess I guess my mind here is that if there are like little gaps here and there it’s not a big deal because this is a shop and I’m gonna feel anything in wood-like sawdust and glue so I’m not too crazy if there’s a little bit of a gap here and there but all right I think it’s looking really great you know it’s like you cover a lot of flooring right away doing this doing it this technique which is pretty neat and it’s going down relatively quickly did 80 square feet in what two hours one hour yeah yeah yeah, of course, there’s a lot of flooring to go.

So the first bucket is empty and this is about a hundred square feet.

So I’m gonna put this pedal down next like I know it’s not ideal creating these sections but listen look at the groove when it comes to putting these down I don’t feel like cleaning everything off right here.

Imagine doing this one by one this is the glue after a couple of hours okay so got this section completed and everything moved back on there in order to be able to continue doing this stuff it’s definitely a bit of a puzzle in a moving one thing to another in order to be able to put the flooring down so I’m gonna stop this video right here this was definitely an interesting experience the glue seems to have performed quite well so far I haven’t really had any issues it doesn’t go very far.

But I’ll have to go and get some more glue to prepare more panels and start this process all over again to continue in this workshop I have a bunch of big tools coming in a big Reese jointer and a grizzly planer coming into the shop so I really would like to move on here and get more prepared before bringing those units into here so anyway hope you guys enjoy the video let me know if you have any questions in the comments below and I’ll see you guys soon bye.

When is the two-component adhesive used?

The benefits that you can enjoy from applying the adhesive with two-component of paste is that they are independent of the surrounding and does not rely on the condition of the environment to have polymerization. Also, the time for the setting of the construction concrete adhesive is very little and allows you to do the mixing with the help of the cartridge nozzle.

It is important to keep in mind that you are dosing the mixture properly if you are mixing it manually without any help from the machine. Also, keep a note of the emission of the poisonous gas during mixing, so it is better to do to it the ventilated area.

How to know if you want an adhesive of industrial-type or structural type?

The first thing that you need to check is that if your product is compatible with the material you are using on. Along with that, you need to keep track of the surroundings such as the suitable temperature, enough amount of moisture content, and also the exposure to UV rays, chemicals such as detergent, and also dust.

The exposure of your product to dirt and dust affects the quality of bonding. It is important to keep in mind that your product is compatible with the strength and can also face enough amount of resistance.


The concrete adhesive is simply a cement mixture that you can use to resolve the cracks in the walls or corners of your building and it is optional to add stiffness. With the more high quality of concrete adhesive, the more realistic the surface in your building looks.

While applying it, you do not have to very rough on the surface and you can add it for the old cement to fill the cracking. We wish that this review might have helped you in getting the best adhesive for concrete you were like looking for for years and about the most important features.

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