Best Tattoo Kits for 2020 – Complete Buying Guide

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Do you want to be a professional in tattoo art?

Do you want to get vibrant color inked on your customer’s ink?

Are you worried about not getting the exact reading of the power supply?

If your answer is yes to the entire above question, then all you need is the tattoo kit. The tattoo kit will make you a professional artist in the ink world and will help you in keeping your customer satisfied and has the machines and tattoo gun. Listed below are the best tattoo kits that you can opt for according to your wish and affordable budget:

Considerations for Buying the Best Tattoo Kits in 2020

(1). Gun:

While placing an order for the tattoo kit, you must make sure that it has a gun. It is an indispensable part of the kit as it is used to secure the needle and monitors the movement of it. Also, they can be from one to nine in numbers which are based on the type of kit you’re planning to buy. Make sure that the kit has at least four machines for a different kind of work on the tattoo. It must allow you to fill in the different colors between the outline if you want. Also, the frame of the gun must be made up of steel so it increases its durability and you can use it for a longer period. The gun must be light in weight and must be comfortable to use as such it must be user-friendly.

Watch this quick video on how to put a tattoo gun together step by step:

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(2). Inks:

So, if you do want to pay an extra amount, you can buy a kit that already consists of bottles of ink. Make sure that you buy a kit that has several bottles of ink that are easily available in the market. These many bottles have different colors and you can ink your customers in different colors according to their demand. Also, the ink must be qualitative as well as quantitative so that it gives you a vibrant texture and must not fade after a few washes. Your tattoo ink must be consistent and vegan free so that it is bright in color and finally you can impress your clients. Your tattoo ink bottles must be environment-friendly and safe to use so that it does not gets any type of allergy on your client’s skin and must be long-lasting.

Check this quick video guide on How To Mix TATTOO Ink:

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(3). Foot pedal:

The tattoo kit that you are planning to buy must have a foot pedal which helps you in making the necessary setting of the needle and whole set up and you can work on the ink part with your free hands. You can have the full monitor on the tattoo gun with the help of a foot pedal and it will give consistency in your work and if you are a beginner then it is one of the best things to be needed in your tattoo kit. Along with the foot pedal, several needles needed almost 20 must also be considered before buying and they must be of different sizes to ink lines of different sizes. The tip must be made up of stainless steel so that it becomes versatile and gives you more details in your work.

(4). Supply power:

The power that your tattoo kit provides must be reliable and if possible must have a digital display so that it is crystal clear t you at what reading you are working on. If your tattoo kit already consists of the power supply, and then you will surely get a smooth and consistent power supply. The machine included in your tattoo kit must be of high quality and must be hand – made so that it increases your confidence as well as your productivity in your work.  Moreover, your tattoo kit must have advance technology so that it is quite easier for the beginners to use it. The tattoo gun must have a motor of at least 10-watt power which allows you to work on both shading and lining machine. The machine runs at the speed of 6000 to 7500 rotation per minute also called RPM and must have an adequate number of coils of about 8.

(5). Practice skin:

Besides, your kit must also have the fake skin on which you can practice and become a real tattoo artist. Also, the stencil transfer paper can work instead of fake skin as it will give a more accurate result and can become easier for you while practicing. For better results, instead of the coil tattoo machines, have the tattoo kit that has a rotary tattoo machine so that it gives you a precise result. The needles included in your kit must already be sterilized so that it is safe to use on your customer’s skin without causing any infection or irritation to them. In your tattoo kit, there might be small bottles of ink that are only meant for practice but for real use on the human skin, you need to have professional ink bottles. For practice, the tattoo kits must-have designs in free and manual to guide you properly to use it conveniently.

(6). Cleaning kit:

If you are a beginner in the ink world, then there is rarely a chance of getting the cleansing kit in your tattoo kit, or else you need to buy it separately from the market. This kit helps you in keeping the tips and other non – disposable parts. And if your tattoo kit has the storage cases, then you are lucky as it keeps all the important things in an organized way and your pieces of equipment will be protected from the dirt and dust will be kept at bay. The power supply must be LED digital so that it is quite easier for the beginner to read the reading of the watt – power.

FAQs for the Best Tattoo Kits in 2020

What is a tattoo kit?

The tattoo kit is the set of all the important equipments require during the tattoo and helps your thing organized properly so that you do not have to run for finding it. It helps in keeping all your things in one place and keeps the dirt and dust away from it. The kit contains the main equipment such as gun, needle, foot pedal, ink, and many more depending on the professional and beginner level.

What is a rotary tattoo machine?

If you are a beginner then it is highly recommended to use the rotary tattoo machine as it is light in weight and will increase your productivity. And unlike the coil tattoo machine which is very heavy in weight will make it difficult for you to operate. The error chance in the coil machine is higher as compared to the rotary machine because the rotation per minute is fast. Thus the coil tattoo machine is much suitable for the experts rather than for the beginner. There is a drop of the needle for every 10 – 15 needles per second on your skin which usually comes in the clusters and for the fine lining, the single needle is used. Depending on the design, the needles are used in various shapes such as flat, round just like paintbrush used in various paintings. When needles are more in number, then you will feel less pain.

Will the permanent tattoo machine damage your skin?

While tattooing, you must remember that you treat the area like you treat the wounded one and it takes almost a month to heal it. It is oblivious that it will cause damage to your skin but it is not permanent if proper care is taken. It all depends on the tattoo artist that you have gone to get inked as he needs to be experienced in that field. The quality of the ink also lends some value to the damage of your skin which could cause scarring and may fade. The ink bottle of the good quality is less spread on your skin and after the healing is done it is less faded. There would be not any patchy healing and thus there is no such risk of infection.

At what depth the needle goes while tattooing?

Unlike an injection, the tattoo needle does not go that deep inside your skin to get inked. Although the length of the needle is quite long, the fact is that most of the part is set inside the tattoo machine only showing only 1 -2 millimeters. The dermis layer of your skin exactly has a depth of 1 – 2 millimeters. If the needle will go more deep inside of your skin, then it will cause more bleeding which might result in the patchy tattoo. If gone deeply, the ink would not penetrate and then it will get more bled out while your tattoo is getting healed and it will spread on your skin. Using the machine, the needle will get adjusted perfectly according to the dermis layer of the human body. Keep your eyes away from the tattoo machine, if you are afraid of the needle.

What ingredients are used in the ink of the tattoo?

The tattoo inks are made up of the pigments and carriers which give them vibrant colors that are long-lasting and do not get fade. The carriers are made to keep the contamination at bay and allow the ink to get evenly dispersed. The ink is made up of the organic components as an ingredient such as ochre, also there are some ink bottles available in the market which is a heavy metal and is synthetic. It is important to ask your tattoo artist before getting inked what ingredient is mixed in his ink bottle. And you must research well about the top quality ink sell by the brand and using most of the vegan ingredients. Yes, many tattoo inks are vegan available in the market easily which are made up of the organic pigments.

How to Tattoo for Beginners?

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How to Setup a TATTOO Machine as a beginner?

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How To Tattoo Yourself At Home?

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How to Set Up Wormhole Tattoo Machine?

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How To Set & Tune A Tattoo Machine?

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Is there any difference in the tattoo kit for beginner and the professional?

Yes, there is quite a difference between the beginner tattoo kit and the expert tattoo kit as the beginner one is designed for the beginner only so that it is easy for them to practice. The beginner one contains the rotary machine which is fast and also contains the practice skin but the professional tattoo kit contains the coil tattoo kit which is heavy and can be handled by the skilled person only. If you are a beginner then opt for the less expensive tattoo kit as it is good for you only and helps you in enhancing your skill. After becoming an expert, you can place an order for the advance tools which have a machine for lining and shading and contains many needles and can help you getting work at a fast drop rate of the needle. Plus, the link provided in this type of kit is made to apply on the human skin and hereby you become an expert.

Final Verdict:

The tattoo kit will not help you in making your customers getting a cool and satisfied ink on their skin but also makes you a real artist in the tattoo world. With the number of colors in the ink bottles, your client can get any type of tattoo design and it will be long-lasting.

The listed tattoo kit will provide all the important things that you need during your business time and it also helps you in keeping them organized and together. We hope that with this review, you get the best tattoo kit that you were looking for.

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