Most Accurate Contour Gauges for Your Projects in 2021

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Building a house? Perhaps fixing a part of it…

It might be difficult to get it done because very frequently you will have to work around pipes, corners, and other such objects which form the base of your house.

In such cases, you will need something which will let you trace out the area around which you have to work. Generally, for one-time use, people use cardboard, tracing paper, and a pair of scissors to mark the area around which they have to cut.

Comparison of 10 Best Contour Gauge for 2021

But if you have a big project or have to complete such projects often then you should get a contour gauge. But there are a lot of contour gauge models available in the market.

So how are you going to know which one is the best? More importantly, how will you select the very best? We are here to help you with exactly that.

Buying Guide for Best Contour Gauge in 2021


Contour gauges are tools that are mainly made up of using two materials- plastic and metal. The general tools 833 plastic contour gauge features a set of metal or plastic pins/wires which resemble a comb. These pins emulate a surface of a material when it is pressed to it. On a broader scale, the two materials might not seem that different but they are. Metal will be more long-lasting than plastic, no matter how high the quality of the plastic is. So if you do tend to work in building and construction regularly then the metal will serve you well for a long time.

There is another related factor which you will have to keep in mind. The metal wires or pins are put in the metal housing of the gauge in such a way that if you dislodge a few (it can be very easily done if the tool gets bounced around in a tool pouch or a drawer), then more pins get dislodged in quick succession. But you won’t have to face this issue with plastic contour gauges. They are completely locked into the tool so no matter how much you bounce it around, it won’t escape.


Know that plastic pins do tend to break off if you press them too hard against the surface of the thing you want to get a contour off. But metal has its problems. There is a risk of the metal pins or wires bending if you press the tool too hard against the object. This harbor freight contour gauge is because metal pins tend to be smaller in size and diameter when compared to the teeth of those contour gauges that are made up of plastic. But if used with a little care, then the metal will last longer.

Accurate Contouring

Since metal contour gauges have little pins so it also means that there tend to be more points or pins pressing every inch on the surface of the object. This does allow for more accurate tracking. Plastic combs won’t give you a very accurate tracing when compared to general tools 837 metal contour gauge but they can get tracing done for a wide variety of things too. It should be mentioned that if you have a little tight budget then you can go for plastic contour gauges too. Plastic gauges are also good for those projects where you don’t need to worry about accurate measurements and a broader estimation will get the job done.

Clamp Locking

The locking contour gauge should have a very strong clamp locking system otherwise it will be very difficult for you to transfer the pattern someplace else. This can make a big difference if you are constructing something big like a building and such. Sometimes even the smallest miscalculation can throw the entire planning off. So if you need to accurately transfer the pattern to some other material so that it can be cut out then make sure that the clamp is working properly. A properly working pattern will let you lock the pattern without any worry of dislodging it. The clamp shouldn’t get dislodged easily by a nudge or a sudden movement at all. Remember that a small mistake can make you have to replace the material on which you have drawn the contour to cut.

Angle Connector

This isn’t a feature that is generally considered to be important, especially by people who are new to this tool. But an angle connector will be your life savior if you have to work in big projects and have to make contours around corners or rounded objects. It will be very difficult to make a contour around a corner since the extra large contour gauge is a straight instrument. So it won’t be able to provide you with accurate measurements of the whole corner and you will have to use the tool again and again to get the entire corner. This is where an angle connector will be able to get the contouring of the whole angle or rounded corner at once.

Joinable Parts

Contour gauges don’t tend to be very long. Most are around ten inches. But what if you are faced with a project where you need to contour around long spaces? Then you will have to repeatedly take the tool and then take the contour from where you left off last. This isn’t only time-consuming but also a laborious process where there’s a high chance of overlapping. Overlapping can cause not just incorrect measurements but also wastage of materials where the contour would have to be drawn. So having a contour gauge that can be joined with another contour gauge will be very useful in such scenarios. All you will need are a couple of screws to join two gauges together. If you are a professional who works in the construction section then having a contour gauge that can be joined with another one will be a valuable investment for you.

Magnetic Blocks

If you have to work on ferrous objects then you could need magnetic blocks on the contour gauge so that it sticks to the material and helps you easily make the pattern. This contour gauge amazon will be especially helpful if the metal object you need to make a contour of is placed higher up and you can’t quite reach up there. If you work frequently in construction then magnetic blocks on contour gauges will surely make your work easier.

Review of 10 Best Contour Gauge in 2021


Best Contour GaugeGeneral Tools 837 6 In. Contour Gauge can duplicate any shape instantly. This general tools contour duplication gauge creates an instant template for curved and odd-shaped profiles simply and easily. Never transfer profiles to paper or cardboard again.

The contour gauge makes measuring and cutting easy. Reminiscent of a hair comb, the tool—also known as a profile comb—features a row of long, thin, moveable teeth and a perpendicular housing that holds them in place as they take an impression of the surface.

This general tools 837 contour gauge duplicator 6 inch is ideal for measuring moldings for reproduction, duplicating spindles on the lathe, fitting flooring around moldings, copying curves and a variety of other contour matching jobs around the home and shop.

It fits around most common pipes and round columns and allows you to easily copy shapes to tile, laminate, engineered wood, solid wood and vinyl flooring to precisely cut flooring to match objects.

This general tools contour gauge eliminates the guessing of dimensions of irregular shapes. With 35 leaves-per-inch, this contour gauge duplicator assures the creation of exact replication of the copied shape. It can measure profiles up to 3-1/2 inches deep. This general tools 837 contour gauge has rust-resistant, stainless steel pins for long-lasting performance and greater precision than plastic teeth. This template tool also has ruler markings on the tool body in one-inch increments.

GENERAL TOOLS – THE PRECISE TOOL FOR DOING THE JOB EXACTLY RIGHT. Offering over 1,000 tools, we’re proud to provide tradesmen, craftsmen and DIYers around the world with a broad range of affordable, specific-purpose mechanical hand tools and precision measuring and inspection tools.

For inquiries, please contact our Customer Service Department at 212-431-6100. We strive to provide our customers with 100% satisfaction.


From the Manufacturer:

Get very smooth action with this general tools 837 contour gauge duplicator. It’s ideal for woodworking, linoleum installation, or any job or hobby where contour duplication is essential. It has stainless steel pins. The component parts are enamel painted and brass plated. Size is 6″ x 3-1/2″, with an overall travel of 5-1/4″.

Customers Feedback:

I wish I had the 1,200 sq. feet ago!!! I am putting in wood look vinyl. The corners in my house are rounded, and some of the planks have been very difficult. Cutting a plank to be millimetres close took 45-60+ minutes when I just eyeballed it. With this general tools 837 metal contour gauge, it’s 20 minutes at most. I would not get a plastic one that’s also sold, they don’t hold the shape well. This metal one is solid and firmly keeps the shape that you press it into. I used a chalk marker to transfer the shape onto the tile, then scissors and a utility knife to trim and shape. As you can see, I got the tile snug up to the baseboard, and each piece was 10-20 minutes. I am on the last 200 feet of a 1,400 foot project… wish I’d had the sooner but thrilled that i have it now!

So, I originally bought another version of one of these general tools plastic contour gauge. It was not bad at all and worked great. However, I noticed that the accuracy was slight down when it came to getting the lines straighter without any jagged jumping of the pencil or pen I was using to draw the lines to my material I was cutting. This version is far better for accurate lines. Far less jumping if any as all. Th previous version I bought worked great as well, still fell within the gap of border to be nailed afterward, but this is far more superior in being able to get smoother cuts after drawing smoother lines of the outline cut.

This general tools contour duplication gauge is very good. No problems. I mean none. I am so happy. I used this to copy a chess piece for setmaking. The tines are small enough to capture as much detail as I want. I first make a piece by hand. Then I copy my original design with a contour tool. Then I trace the shape onto paper. Then I copy that onto a cheap steel tool like a bucket scoop or brick chisel. Then I grind the shape out to make a wood turner. Then I turn the wood. Its a little more complicated then that but this method ensures every piece in the set is dimensioned exactly without irregularities from being “handmade”. I love this tool for its everything.

The pins do not stick. They do not fall out. They do not lose the shape, there is no need for a locking upgrade. The pins do not bend unless you are bending them on purpose. Plastic would be worse. Very easy to adjust for the intricate grooves found in small wooden items.

2. LUTER 10 Inch Plastic Contour GaugeContour Duplication Gauge

Material: made of premium ABS plastic, very durable, and sturdy. Perfect to be used in cataloging wood molding.

Size: 10 inch/25 cm multi-functional contour profile gauge plastic contour gauge 10 inches, one side to measure in inch and the other to measure in centimeter scale.

Simple to Use: all you need to do is pressing the pins to the object you want to measure, and the pins will change into different shapes according to the shape of the object.

Practical Tool: This luter plastic contour gauge can fit any kind of modeling with its flexibly changed pins, which make measuring and cutting much easier.

Wide Application: the contour gauge is suitable for measuring items that are irregular, such as auto metal sheet, pipes, tile, laminate, wood planking, flooring, molding, winding pipes, etc.

Red 10 Inch Widen Plastic Contour Gauge

Efficient and Useful: For measurements of special projects and comers in your house, convenient and save your time and energy.

Green 10Inch Plastic Contour Gauge

Simple to Use: Just press the pins teeth onto a shape and trace. If the pins too loose you can just use pliers to press down the brass cap ends again to restore some tightness.

Red 10Inch Plastic Contour Gauge

Material: Made from tough and durable ABS plastic, lightweight, sturdy and well built. Worked well in cataloging the traditional wood mouldling shapes.

Blue 10Inch Plastic Contour Gauge

Size: 10 inch/25 cm multi-functional contour profile gauge, available both in inch and centimeter scale measurements. Size mark on both sides, and both sides are available.

Customers Feedback:

At first impression, the thing is light and cheaply made–all plastic. But the contour gauge 10 plastic functions well, and does exactly what it is intended to do. I don’t know if every item off the assembly line is as tight as this one, but the pins move easily when pressure is applied at corners, etc., and it holds its shape when transferring to a surface for templating. If treated well and not tossed into a toolbox with heavy equipment, I expect this item will last for many years. It’s not that the plastic if fragile; it is fairly heavy gauge and could be dropped without much fear of shattering or chipping, but plastic is plastic. I’d buy again.

This plastic contour gauge 10 inch was by far the best thing I chose to buy for my husband. we are in the process of renovating a bathroom and had some areas that we could not get a good form for to cut the flooring. this wonderful gadget is perfect. it worked as it said and we have even used it to create a form to cover up a blemish in on our sink… its worth it.

My pa can be hard to buy for. This Christmas present came in handy to him when unexpectedly and tragically the water heater leaked while we were at a family funeral. (Really hard month for us) But on the bright side this 10 inch plastic contour gauge little gadget became a huge asset in the process of replacing the ruined flooring.

3. AVIDE Contour Gauge Irregular Profile

Saker Contour GaugeMaterial: The contour gauge duplicator is made of high-quality ABS plastic, high strength, durable, anti-rust.

Design: This Contour duplication gauge is designed for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts, and many objects, perfect for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc. A useful tool for operations on car bodies, carpentry, and for all kinds of modeling.

Multipurpose: Contour gauge is used to locate profiles or edges and accurately transfer to the material to be cut. For any kind of work needs this contour duplication gauge amazon. In woodworking, auto body, auto metal sheet, stainless steel, or any job of contour duplication.

Easy to use: Contour gauge measures 5inch (0-125 mm). Simply Press the teeth against the object to match the contour and then track the shape you need.

Excellent tools: Domom contour gauge duplicator can be used to measure the shape of irregular objects, instant template for marking precise tile cuts. Rule markings with both inch and centimeter graduations are on the tough and durable plastic body of the gauge.

Customers Feedback:

Looked at several similar products before purchasing this contour duplication gauge amazon, but went with this version because it was less expensive. Used it several times while laying tile in two bathrooms. It worked well in some “detailed” corners and also along the subtle curve of the bathtub. You can’t expect a perfect measure with a tool like this, but it gives a great estimate of the contour. Easier than using a tape to measure every angle. Saved some time and with good results.

Bought this domom contour duplication gauge as a gift for my father, because he does flooring and odd jobs where this would come in handy. He loves it. It is very well made even for plastic, and has a lot of uses. Of course, it is slightly fragile. But it os a gauge, and tools of measurement like this are usually that way. You arent gonna go around throwing your Stabila level on the ground, so treat it with respect and its a great tool.

This is shape contour gauge duplicator a really great product for anyone who needs specific and hard to reach/hard to figure out cuts. My husband absolutely loves this thing and has used it this morning since I got it. It’s pretty good quality at a pretty good price considering these can range up to the $30’s or $40’s. For the price, quality, it’s easy to use I give 5 stars and most definitely recommend!

4. Aaaspark 2 Pack Contour Gauge Shape Duplicator

Shape Contour Gauge DuplicatorContour Gauge made from high-quality and durable ABS plastic, lightweight, rustproof, sturdy, and well built. Won’t scratch the original finish of the shape being duplicated, Copy any shape or duplicate any object profile with ease. This is a large contour gauge Great for tiling, wallpapering, laying carpet, vinyl, laminate flooring, DIY, and much more!

10” gauge is designed for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts and many objects, Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, DIY, checking dimensions, molding, etc. A large contour gauge duplicator for operations on car bodies, carpentry, and for all kinds of modeling.

Press the teeth against the object to match the contour and then trace the shape you need; contour gauge duplicator has a good cutting line that is clear enough and easy and convenient to read, contour gauge duplicator tool will save you much time and energy to mark the precise cut, a good helper for the carpenter!

The large contour duplication gauge measures 25 cm/ 10 inches in length, 10 cm/ 4 inches in width, and the small gauges for guys measure 12 cm/ 5 inches in length, 10 cm/ 4 inches in width, Ruler markings with both Inch and Centimeter graduations are on the tough and durable plastic body of the gauge.

Customers Feedback:

I’m really pleased with this large contour gauge tool, I bought it for my husbands birthday so he’s not actually allowed it just yet but I have been playing with it. It’s a clever gadget. My husband works with wood creating small items of furniture so this will enable him to copy and replicate a shape he has made onto another piece. I worried it would not be accurate enough but it is practically pinpoint precision, each little slider is super thin. It is very strong. The sliders don’t slide on there own without pressure which is what I hoped. You wouldn’t want them randomly shifting as you measure. Very pleased thank you

I used this large contour profile gauge whilst installing a new door profile and it was really useful to cut the right shape on the new parts. Each ‘slice’ is 1-2mm thick so it’s not the finest resolution very super precise work; plus I couldn’t find a way to lock the ‘slices’ (though they are currently pretty stiff and accidental movement seems unlikely). But for around a tenner, this is really useful and good value.

We have a lot of basic woodwork/ joinery jobs that need to be done and we considered hiring someone to do them for us, mostly as we lack the tools for precision measuring abc cutting. But then I saw this tool on a DIY site and thought we should be able to complete the jobs ourselves if we can have the correct wood cut to size at B&Q (or similar).

The large deep contour gauge is so easy to use. You simply place the gauge around the shape then trace that onto paper. Using the gauge and a standard measure I have the exact measurements for new shelves for our pantry. If we had the kit we would cut it ourselves but the gauge is so accurate that I am confident that someone else can do this large contour gauge (in a DIY store) and it will be correct.

In the long term, it should save us money and give us the confidence and satisfaction of doing jobs (mostly) ourselves.

5. MOTEM 2 Pieces Contour Duplications Gauge

Wolfcraft Contour GaugeOur 10″ contour gauge depth increased by 50%: useful for more deep shapes

One order comes 3 pcs: one 5 inch contour duplications gauge ,one widen 10-inch day proud outline gauge tool and a free gift–6-inch high precision steel ruler

Made of high-quality ABS plastic: high strength, durable, anti-rust

This flexible contour gauge is easy to take shape, has easy and accurate transfer corners, and is contoured

Six-month promise: we will refund and send you a new one. If there is an issue with our product.

Customers Feedback:

This easy gauge master outline is making my projects so much easier. I am a home owner who enjoys and prefers to do many home projects on my own instead of over paying someone else to do it. This gauge is really coming in handy. I’ve need tiling my shower and had some tricky cuts that normally would have taking me a decent amount of time and possibly a few wasted pieces trying to get the perfect fit. This gauge takes all the guess work out of the job and i can just trace the cut directly on the piece. This winter I’ll be installing a wood floor in my den and know the gauge is going to save my time and money! I gave this product my highest recommendation!

I’ve been doing a lot of projects around the house since I’ve been working from home for the past few months. I saw this a while ago and was waiting for an excuse to pick up a contour gauge. I’m in the middle of a tile project in the bathroom and put this to work as soon as I opened the box. This is a great tool for tricky cuts. The gauge works well and when measuring the contour of an object, the tool stays in the measured shape as needed. It’s an easy tool to use and great to have for those do it yourself home projects.

This outline gauge tool has been on my wish list forever! I finally got it for my husband who does a lot of tile work for friends and family. We just moved in to a house that was poorly flipped. We need to redo all the wood trim and eventually the backsplash. This is going to save so much time! I was surprised how hefty and well made these are. They don’t have any metal so parts so no rust to interfere with the easy movement. No more complex measurements to stress over! Hubbie is thrilled and can see many uses for his lengthy “honey-do” list. I redo furniture and can see the smaller one being useful for cutting out missing pieces of trim that you cannot find premade. Highly recommend!

6. CaleesLLC 2 Pieces Contour Gauge Duplications

Contour Gauge MenardsProfile gauge duplicator, multifunctional woodworking measuring Tool, easy and accurate transfer corners and contoured.

The order comes 2pcs, one 5 inches, and the other 10 inches. This contour gauge tool marked both in inch and centimeter.

Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, perfect for irregular items.

This contour gauge tool bunnings Made of high-quality ABS plastic, sturdy and durable use, no rust, conforms to shape, and holds pattern.

If you are unsatisfied in any way with this product, we will refund your money, no questions asked.

Customers Feedback:

Well made and hold the profile very well. Wish the templates were longer, need something that provides more than 2 inches of measurement. 4 or more would be better. In my process, I had 6×24 inch tiles that had to be cut around curved areas for a fireplace and wood storage areas. The 2 inch throw required multiple measurements along the curves to find the appropriate lines. A longer throw would have allowed quicker measuring and less time remeasuring.

If you work with shapes in tile, woodworking, etc., this contour duplication gauge tool is a handy, dandy little tool. Very cool that it came as a multi-size set. Juts what I was looking for. Very pleased with these Contour Gauge duplicators or whatever they are called. They make custom cuts way too easy to mark. Very pleased with these.

Very handy for getting the perfect cut around odd shapes. The contour gauge tool itself feels sturdy, and holds the shape. I was afraid the little pieces would move, but they stay put when transferred from the surface measured to the surface you are going to cut.

7. KEGOUU Contour Gauge Duplicator

Domom Contour Gauge DuplicatorThis contour gauge works well in copying the shape of any irregular items, replicate the shape of moldings, or match cut-outs, exactly for woodworking or tile flooring/linoleum installation/winding pipes/circular frames/ducts, and so on.

This shape contour gauge duplicator is designed for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts, and many objects, Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc. A useful tool for operations on car bodies, carpentry, and for all kinds of modeling. Widely used in carpentry and construction areas.

This shape contour duplication gauge durable plastic body has an inch and centimeter-scale contour copier; this layout template tool also has an inch and a centimeter scale on the tool body to provide accurate readings. Measurement requirements. Insurance demand. Replicate or match the shape of the slit and is fully suitable for wood or tile floor installations.

This shape contour duplicator profile gauge measures 10 inch/25 cm. Simply press the tooth against the object to match the contour and then track the shape you need. This gauge increases your productivity and saves your valuable time to mark the precise cut. (Tip: It is allowed to use the screwdriver to adjust the screws on both sides to lose or tight if you thought the original is too tight or too loose.)

This contour gauge woodworking shape duplicator is made of high-quality resin material, crocking resistance,high strength, rustproof and durable. High definition laser cutting line, clear, easy to read, and easy to read.

Customers Feedback:

If you do any type of remodeling around the house you’ve probably seen these shape contour duplication gauge. I have done quite a bit of remodeling in my current home and for me these come in very handy. I am not a pro and do not know all of the little tricks for working out cuts so I use these often. They are a hard plastic and are a bit stiff at first but after several uses they loosen up. This is a great deal for the money in my opinion because other products like this sell a single tool for the same price or more, and with this product you get three in different sizes.

So I know a lot of people are using this for flooring. But I needed to get an angle to bend a plate for a body frame chop on my Toyota truck to run bigger tires. This worked perfectly! Let me bend the metal weld on plate perfectly to the size of the cut. I am looking forward to using the 10 inch one on a bathroom remodel Inhave planned in the near future and a sink faucet install in my camper!

This shape contour gauge duplicator is very easy to use and not stiff at all. The plastic pieces slide very easily without the need for excessive pressure. I used this to measure and cut baseboard trim and it worked perfectly. This tool helps me achieve a nice accurate cut which helps me fit pieces together seamlessly. Without this tool, I would have a much harder time getting the shape of the cut right.

8. JSK 2 Pack Wider Contour Gauge

Harbor Freight Contour GaugeThis master outline gauge is wider than a regular one, so it can easily copy any shape, Easily copy any shape, or duplicate a profile exactly for woodworking or tile flooring/linoleum installation where you want to replicate the shape of moldings or match cut-outs around door casings and pipes.

This quick gauge master outline gauge is made of high-quality ABS plastic, high strength, rustproof and durable, no rust plastic conforms to shape and holds pattern very well.

The profile tool’s durable plastic body has an inch and centimeter-scale contour copier; this layout template tool also has an inch and a centimeter scale on the tool body to provide accurate readings.

A master outline gauge is a good helper for the carpenter. It can duplicate any shape instantly. No need to transfer profiles to paper or cardboard again to save your time. Record the cross-sectional shape of a surface with this 10-inch wide and 5-inch profile gauge. Simply press the contour gauge onto a shape. Copy the profile and cut it to shape.

Designed for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts and many objects, Ideal for fitting tiles, laminate, carpet, checking dimensions, molding, etc. This master outline gauge is a useful tool for operations on car bodies, carpentry, and for all kinds of modeling.

Customers Feedback:

My step-dad is pretty handy and was helping my sister to lay some new flooring. She lives in kind of an older house and there is some fancy trim around some of the doorways and it was making it more difficult to cut the carpet and have it lay properly. I had seen something like this on one of the DIY shows that I watch I wanted to see if I could find it. I wasn’t sure exactly how it would work at first but it was really easy to use. The gauge is made up of teeny tiny little pieces of plastic which all maneuver next to each other in order to create the desired shape. Have to kind of push a little bit against the wall to get it to take the shape because the plastic is tight, but that means that it’s holds its shape once it’s done. You then just use it like a stencil on the piece of carpet or linoleum that you are cutting and it worked really well with just a box knife. Pretty handy little tool, my step dad said that it will make future jobs easier as well.

This quick gauge master outline gauge arrived very quickly and in a nice box we’re going to keep the tool in. My husband has just about every tool ever made….and now he has the best tool for measuring tricky corners, and around all kinds of things! We are working on a flip house, and we are replacing just about everything! This tool helps get all those difficult things to measure done perfectly the first time! Saves supplies, time and frustration! This master outline gauge amazon is a real find and we will use it frequently! It is made from great quality materials and is very sturdy. The increased depth of the measuring area is very helpful for the items that are wider. Thanks for making our job much easier!

I had seen a similar product advertised on the web and since I do a lot of handiwork on my own I knew I really needed this. The cost of the other product was much higher and Im frugal so I went with this seller and I don’t regret it one bit. Not only do you get one but two contour gauges. They are accurate giving me a precise cut on any material carpet or tile. I put in carpet and got the exact snug fit around door facings and trim. Cut molding for trim work. Its light and easy to use, made sturdy to last. Such a handy device. It would make anyone that does work around the house a perfect much needed gift. I would purchase this contour gauge again from this seller. The seller was quick to ship I got this in less days it takes to send a letter. Thanks for your product its made my work a lot easier.

9. Norme Multi-functional Contour Gauge

Contour Duplication Gauge AmazonYou will receive 1 piece of profile gauge, 3 different colors available, including blue, red and green

This saker contour duplication gauge design is designed for measuring irregular items, you don’t need to use the normal ruler and worried about inaccurate measuring, with this profile gauge, you can replicate the shape and match the cutouts to get a precise measuring

This saker contour duplication gauge with a lock will save you much time and energy to mark the precise tile cut, or measure winding pipes, circular frames, ducts and more, useful tools to operate most kinds of modeling

It is made of ABS plastic, sturdy material for long time using; Notice: This contour duplication gauge saker is a little weighty, please be careful when using to avoid unnecessary hurt

The ruler is 25 cm/ 10 inch long in scale, 10 cm/ 4 inch, and 13 cm/ 5.1 inch wide for you to choose, size mark on both sides, available on both sides.

Customers Feedback:

This saker contour duplication gauge amazon is an excellent tool for woodworking around the house. It is easy to use and vary accurate. It makes cutting molding for corners and odd shapes so much easier. I only wish I would have got it sooner.

It is fairly easy but not totally intuitive. I have worked with wood for many years and this is the first one of these I have ever owned. I’m glad I had it for measuring snap flooring.

Definitely was a great addition to my loves toolbox. He was excited when he seen the gift and then I showed him a video how to use the saker contour duplication gauge.

10. Awefrank Contour Gauge Duplicator

Metal Contour GaugeThe profile gauge/contour gauge easily copy any profiles or shapes for metalworking, woodworking or tiling floor, transferring molding profiles to paper or cutting flat material, such as flooring or siding-around curved surfaces, or document the profiles of decorative moldings.

This contour gauge profile tool is also known as a profile comb, features a row of long, thin, moveable teeth and a perpendicular housing that holds them in place as they take an impression of the surface.

This outline gauge is ideal for winding pipes, circular frames, ducts, laminate, molding, checking dimensions for reproduction, commonly uses on pipes and round columns and allows you to easily copy shapes to tile, laminate, engineered wood, solid wood, and vinyl flooring to precisely cut flooring to match objects.

This contour gauge duplicator profile measuring tool 10 inches and consists of a set of ABS pins, high strength and rustproof, will not scratch the original finish of the shape.

Simply press the tooth against the object to match the contour and then track the shape you need.

The Awefrank Contour Gauge Profiler has a row of movable teeth and a vertical shell, which fixes them in place when they impress the surface. This row of teeth is made of high-quality ABS plastic and has high strength. It can be measured only by placing it on the measurement position. The non-rusted plastic can easily replicate irregular shapes perfectly and can be reused, thus saving Remeasured time.

This Awefrank Contour Gauge Profile Tool can easily copy various irregular shapes at any time and create templates for them. Awefrank Contour Gauge is used to copy irregular contours and copy to cutting materials. It is ideal for measuring replicas of molded products, replicating spindles on lathes, laying floors around molded products, replicating curves, and performing various other contour matching jobs in homes and shops.

Awefrank Contour Gauge Profile has clear scales on both sides, so you don’t need to rummage on both sides in order to see the scale clearly. A clear and accurate scale also saves most of your measurement time. When you use it, you only need to place the profiler on the items to be measured. This contour gauge profile copy & molding duplicator tool eliminates the guess of irregular shapes and sizes.

Customers Feedback:

The contour profile gauge multifunctional woodworking tools is an awesome little tool to have especially when working with odd shapes. We are using it to duplicate trim that has several levels/curves. The only thing I don’t like is in order for it to make certain shapes, the little pins form a jagged edge. But, I love that it produces both an actual copy on one side while making the inverse of it in the other. Handy addition for woodworking and also for more detailed cut outs in drywall.

This little ingenious designed tool can alleviate hours of frustrating wrong cuts. I could’ve used it for my deck repair last summer but only discovered it too late but will definitely be using it since that project is not totally finished yet. It holds the shape well enough to pencil in the angles for the cuts. Good tool for the money.

We’re getting ready to install a vinyl plank floor, and this contour gauge profile tool is exactly what we need to do the corners and shaping. Not only did we buy ourselves one, but also bought one for our son who does a lot of remodeling. Now, just try to stop our creativity! We are gonna rock our remodel with this in our toolbox!!!

Contour Gauge for Tile Installation:

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Keep Calm Thailand we’ve got the gauge right here with the teeth ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the channel welcome back to tile tool Tuesday in this quick five minute segment we will be discussing and demonstrating how this works here this is a contour gauge for a lot of uses typically flooring for your wood flooring installations laminate tile flooring installations it also can be used for trim work as well this contour gauge is 10 inches made of ABS now what this does is very simple gauge tool.

It can accurately copy any shape including irregular shapes so this is how it works we have a coffee cup here keep calm Thailand we’ve got the gauge right here with the teeth there is your copy of the coffee cup now there are many contour gauges on the market this is 7 Sparta very inexpensive under $10 as usual links will be in the description below now for tile this can be used for a round radius for round corner bead.

This can be used for your doorframe your door casing and of course you can use this to mark and cut tiles for your curved bathtubs as well as your curved fiberglass trays or fiberglass shower pans now before we do that we’ll bring the camera up close show you what this looks like up close get right to demonstrating how it works and cutting some tile here we go and here it is guys you’ve got your teeth here has a ruler on it as well again this thing is under ten bucks so visualize this as your shower tray your shower pan and you have to cut a radius around it.

For your tile simply works like this there is your radius here is the tile that you need to cut to accept the radius of your shower pan make your mark and simply make your cut quickly show you how this works for your door frame and then we will make some cuts here we go so here is your door opening your door frame if you don’t want to undercut your door frame in order to slide the tile underneath or if it’s a metal door frame this works well.

Let me quickly show you here we will get our contour make our marks and cut our tile so there is our contour let’s trace this on the tile and make our cuts quickly make your mark and cut so here is your radius cut if it were a shower pan and this cut would be for your doorframe if you chose not to undercut or if this would be a metal frame well there you go a contour gage good little tool to have your toolbox for funky contoured cuts for fluorine for tile well there it is guys thank you for watching as usual hit that thumbs up button most importantly if you know anybody who might find this tool useful share this video and I’ll see you on the next one Keep Calm tile on we’ve got the gauge right here with the teeth you.

FAQs on Best Contour Gauge in 2021

How can you use a contour gauge?

This is one of the easiest tools to use. A contour gauge can be used to cut around any oddly shaped piece of wood or any other object. Here's how to use it:

  • First press those pins or wires against the object which your wood, tile, or any other material has to be joined with. This makes a contour on the tool which you can then transfer on your tile or wood to cut.
  • After transferring the tool with the contour intact to the wood or tile, trace the outline so that after it is cut, it fits with the object. To cut you can use a hand saw, jigsaw, or band saw.

Can you make a contour gauge at home?

Yes, it is indeed possible to make a homemade contour gauge. But it will take a lot of time, effort, and materials. Moreover, the entire process of inserting the pins and then ensuring that the clamp gets locked properly will be difficult to carry out accurately. It's simply not worth it. It will be much cheaper and effective if you invest money and buy one. Know that one contour gauge will last you for a long time even after repeated use. But as with any tool, it's advised that you use it with care.

Are plastic gauges long-lasting?

The answer is yes. Plastic contour gauges aren't made up of cheap plastic. The quality is good enough if you are looking for something cheap and which can be used in a small project where accuracy isn't the question and a broad outline of the contour would do. But if you are thinking of getting a plastic gauge for using in big projects then the advice would be to invest in a metal one. The metal contour gauge would last longer for sure even if there's a chance of the pins bending. But with plastic ones, the pins can straight up break off if you apply too much pressure. Overall, as said above you should use the tool with a little care.

What can you use a contour gauge for?

You can use a contour gauge to emulate any shape. It can be of a pipe, any irregular shapes, woodcuts, zigzagging tiles, and more. All you have to do is press it to the object and get the shape. Then just transfer it to the material which you need to cut. Here's a little tip: Instead of transferring the shape to the material which has to be cut to mold around the shape of the pipe or corner, it's advisable that you first copy the shapes on cardboard. You can use a marker to get the tracing done. The advantage of this is that you will be able to use the cardboard marking multiple times to get the contouring on to the tile or wood you want to cut. This way you won't have to use the contour gauge again and again on the same angle or corner. It will save you tonnes of time and effort.

How to use a contour gauge? (Video Guide)

Video Transcript:

If you have ever tried to lay a piece of towel or any type of flooring well you usually run into this the dreaded Piper now usually these pipes are made out of copper but I am a too cheap for that but that being said I’m going to show you a tool that will make your life way easier now what we usually do when we find ourselves in this situation whether it be a pipe or some molding you take out your trusty tape measure and hope for the best you cross your fingers you try to measure it up the best you can yeah i ball it sometimes it works out sometimes it does not and even though the tape measure is a fantastic tool we’re getting rid of it and we’re using this little magic trick here and snap my didn’t think there was gonna be that much smoke really gonna stop doing that this is the Empire contour gauge now empires not the only one that makes it and be honest with you I don’t really like this one all that much this is the one they carried up to the home depot now I will show you how to use this tell you why I would go with the different brand and provide that brand not in the comments section below so what you got is a bunch of different stainless pins right here on the top and the bottom very simply used you also got a ruler now this only goes up to six inches that’s one of the reasons why I don’t care for the Empire it’s a little bit shorter than I would like but check this out all you got to do is push down on one of the ends and you automatically get the shape that you need now not only does it work for a towel it’ll work for molding it’ll work for coping super easy to use let me show you just level these out you can go on either side whatever once you get that straighten out and that’s another issue about this it’s a little hard to do and getting those pins in and out it’s not my favorite but we’re gonna set up our pipe here not copper and we’re just gonna push in all we have to do is find that mark to push that in that’s like so and now all you got to do is put that on the towel you measure it out to where you need that to line up let me show you this again here we’re gonna do a slow motion just push that in and now you have your contour hence the contour gage how freakin cool is that so now all you’re gonna do is take this bring it over to your piece of towel line it up you can do it one of two different ways this is the way I would do it you just line it up measure it out to where it needs to be and then just mark it out trace it out with your pencil cut that piece out and boom you can put it right up to your pipe you can also do it like this I don’t suggest that you could Bend those pins hence another reason why I’m not really all that excited about this one but cut those pieces out and it is ready to go if you have morning going around your flooring you can do the same thing I mean check this out this is how well this actually works you know that’s my banister here and you can see all of the contours of that so if I was coping or molding let me show you if I had a piece of molding outside the house or inside the house and wherever you’re working and you needed to cope that out you needed to cut it you can go put this right up against a get that contour and you are ready to cut it is that simple I love this freaking thing I wish I would have had this long ago and I would never ever lay foreing without one of these tools now let me give you a couple positives about this one and a couple positives about the other a couple negatives about this in a couple negatives about the other this one here is very precise you know this pins work very good even on the bed rail I mean check that out you get every contour but one of my issues is it’s not the smoothest to use and the pins on the outside don’t always work all that great not to mention they shift a little bit so if you get those bind up a little bit they’re kind of a pain to push in if you break one of those pins while you’re kind of I don’t luck but check that out they just don’t want to go down on the edge now even though you might not be using it on the edge it is not that long it’s only six inches so you can get longer ones this one here is not something that I would want to use every single day I will show you at the end of this video which one I would go with but all-in-all for the Empire one even though it’s not online I can’t find I found it in my store it works pretty good it’s also built pretty well but you got to be careful just throwing this thing around you put another tool on top of those pins you can also break them now let me show you the one I wish I would have went for they didn’t carry it in the Home Depot but this is the general tool eight three three it’s a plastic contour gauge it’s a ten inch and they just seem to work a lot smoother than the metal pins right here you can also go with the metal pin the six inch if you wanted to but I really do like these plastic ones here I just I just like them better at the end of the day you want to look for something that will actually lock down on the side even though the metal one like this here locks down pretty good you can manually lock a lot of these down so look for the one that’s going to best fit your needs oh no I do like the general I think it’s a pretty good price and it’s a little bit longer than six inches now if you liked this video don’t forget to smash that like button don’t forget to subscribe and hit that Bell notification so you don’t miss out on any other tool reviews or info come say hi to us on the Instagram page at Twin review zone and as always we’ll be back with won’t review soon.

What is the ideal length of a contour gauge which you should buy?

Contour gauges are found in various lengths ranging from 5 inches, ten inches to 20 inches, and even more even though anything more than 20 inches in length is rare. Generally, these are found in ten inches of length. That is quite enough for carrying out regular construction work. But you can buy joinable contour gauges if you want to increase the length of the tool by adding another one to it. Of course, you might think that as an alternative you should get the 20-inch tool all the once. But such a big instrument will be difficult to use in small and tight spaces. After all, such a big tool might not even fit in some areas.

How many pins should a contour gauge ideally have?

In terms of construction work, the accurate the contouring the better it will be for you. But to get this accurate contouring you will need a contour gauge which comes with a tonne of pins. The more the pins, the better the resolution of the contour will be. But more pins isn’t the only solution if you want a higher resolution, the pins also have to be thinner. Thinner pins mean that it will be able to accurately get the shape without any kind of distortion, which is a possibility if you use contour gauges with broad pins.

How to Make A Wooden Contour Gauge?

Video Transcript:

This time I’m going to make a simple wooden contour gauge in case you didn’t know a contour gauge is made to measure and replicate complicated parts first thing I did was go over to my wood rack and picked out a couple of pieces of maple then I had to sand those so that they are a little bit convex that means that they’re curved outwards in the middle now these don’t have to be sanded very much they just have to be slightly open on the end when you hold the other end close that way when the both ends are clamped together there’s a little bit of pressure in the center to hold the strips in place now the size of these is kind of arbitrary it doesn’t have to be any particular length I just picked what was on the Shelf cut them both of the same length they are about 5/8 of an inch thick and they’re inch and a half wide these particular pieces have a chamfer on each corner because that’s what I cut them from and nothing else really needs to be done with these before a couple holes are drilled in each end I’m just going to take these screws and grind the sides of the head I need to do this so I can drive them into the wood now I got to cut a bunch of thin strips and I’m going to be cutting those from just a piece of two by ten that I cut down this is actually leftover from making legs for my planer stand I was going to set this off for half-inch raise the blade and cut off a few pieces and it comes time to cut the thin strips there’s a couple ways you can do it this way I don’t recommend a better way is to set up what’s known as a thin wrist guide here I’m just using my finger board that clamps into the miter slot just got to put the strip in and then move the fence over until it just touches the piece here and that gives you the exact width that you need to cut and then we need down to a piece that’s too narrow to go through there comfortably so you’re not cutting up your push stick throw it away it’s easy or you can just put them back on the shelf for the next project okay so I got all the strip’s cut to the right thickness all I need to do now is cut them to the right length hopefully I’ve cut more than I need cut the strips to length I’ve set up my table saw sled with a stop block and set it to about five inches away from the blade once again the length is arbitrary it doesn’t have to be exact I’m going to cut as many pieces out of these strips as I possibly can now that I’ve got the strips I’ll cut the length is just to put it together here in the part where I driven the bolts in I put a wooden block on the end and then put a nut in the hole that I also glued it in place just need to do the same on this end take the block put a little bit of glue on slip it on over the bolt and put the nut on and it’s a snug it up with a wrench doesn’t have to be too tight just needs to hold it down and the head of the bolt in the other side one thing you want to make sure of is that the block that you cut and the nut you put on are not taller than the strips the strips need to be above the nut and I need to do is put it together that involves putting the strips in it’s helpful if you put the other strip the other outside piece down here to help hold them in place and you want to get in as many as you possibly can that’s why it’s a good idea to have a few extra I think it’ll go it’ll take one more that’s it I should that should work fine now it’s just to take the other side put it on top actually I have it backwards I think screw holes line up a bit better no I had to right the first time that in then I’ve got a couple of small washers and some 3/16 wing nuts now with it together you can check to make sure that it’s okay it shouldn’t be too slack in the middle here you should it should still hold the wood fairly well with the wing nuts tightened down if they move too easily what you can do is you can take this outside piece off and say and it a bit more convex so that it pushes down a little bit harder in the middle it looks like that’s what I need to do with this one so I’m just going to take this off sand it on the belt sander try it again okay well it took some doing but I got it to hold up well in the middle I’ve got to come clean on this one it took a lot of sanding and adjusting to get this to the point where it was pressing down tightly enough in the middle probably it will work a lot better if it was a bit narrower and I like I say I’ve got this one working okay but I would recommend that if you were to make one you would make it a bit narrower it will be a lot easier to adjust it so it’s working properly what I found to be the most effective way to get it working well was to take the strips and extend them out this way as far as I could lay those on the workbench and take my sanding block and sand it smooth and slightly taper it towards the end and then when I got one side done it was loosen it up slide the fingers the other way and sand the other side in the same way well shooting for is the edges of the strip’s here to be absolutely smooth and flush with each other that made the device work a lot better and hold it in place a lot better well that’s it for the project like I said I have a definite need for one of these in a previous lifetime I have one but I don’t know what became of that lost over several moves I’m sure in the meantime this one seems to work well and will easily do what I want it to do well I hope you enjoyed it and thanks for watching.

How deep will the pins go in a contour gauge?

A standard contour gauge will give you a depth of 3 inches. This means that when you press the pins of the gauge to the surface of the object you want to contour they will take the contour to just 3 inches of depth. For general purposes, this is enough. But you can get 5 inches and even more as well if the need arises for a special project.

Final Verdict

Overall, contour gauges are some of the very best tools available. No matter what you are fixing or constructing, there will come a time when you will have to mold around a pipe, corner, or angle. This is where a contour gauge will come in use. Another great benefit of this tool is just how easy it is to use. All you have to do to get the contour of the angle or corner of an object is press the tool to it. Then you will have to lock it and transfer the shape. It’s just that easy. There’s no troubling maths or calculations involved. The tool is also cheap and durable which makes it easy on your pockets. Hopefully, now you are enlightened about the contour gauges and their uses. It will surely look great in your toolbox.

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