Best Nanny Cams Buying Guide for 2020

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Don’t you feel safe while leaving your kid at home alone?

Is it difficult for you to trust the babysitter?

Isn’t there any security in the office?

Do you face regular threats regarding the lumpsum amount kept in your office or at home?

You don’t have to worry now. Looking forward to the requirements and necessities of the people around, nanny cams have been introduced with amazing features. These cams are now in trend in every business or household as it has been successful in satisfying the needs. You can quickly get these cams from the nearby market place or online. However, before purchasing it, you have to be sure of the things which should be considered before buying it.

Hence, we have listed a buying guide and some FAQs which would help you in deciding the best nanny cams of all the time.

Buying Guide for Best Nanny Cam in 2020

Purchasing a product without knowing much about its feature is worthless. Thus, before you start to surf through the thousands of cams and cloud your mind with the fantastic reviews in every cam, you must have a look at the buying guide listed below. It has all the necessary information regarding the nanny cams and its features. Thus, the essential things will help you to decide the features you actually desire from the cams.

Laws Regarding the nanny Cam in Your National

Every country has prepared specific rules when it comes to nanny cam. This is because many people make unauthorized use of these cameras for scams or blackmailing someone. Due to these reasons, there are a few countries that have applied rules such as both parties’ commencement or two-way audio authorization. Further, the owner can’t place the cameras in a private space and make the video recording of that place.

Hence, before you are looking ahead to purchase the nanny cam for your home or business, you should thoroughly go through the state laws regarding the placing of the camera.

Size and Shape

The need and requirement of the nanny cam determine the shape and size you would desire it to be. There are possibilities that you may require the camera for some detective purposes. In such a situation, you will always demand a small-sized camera. But the problem arises that where will you place it? There are various places where small nanny cams can be placed. If you wish it to be placed over something where it is difficult to be traced. Then decide the area such as alarm clock, tabletop, pen cap, etc. and find the exact cam, which easily matches the shape of the thing where you are deciding it be placed.

Continuous Recording

With the feature of continuous recording, you will be able to keep a regular track of the place where it is installed. However, it may require more space to record every second. Thus, there is an availability of the cameras with motion detection. These kinds of cameras help in recording the area where there is any kind of motion near the camera. Thus, you will be saving some storage of the device.

Video Surveillance through Mobile App

Now, the nanny cams available in the market allow the owner to have a glance at a live recording on his phone via mobile apps. Thus, if he finds something mischievous happening around, he can make the other person beware of it. He can easily make this happen with the help of Alexa, Google, and even Apple HomeKit. After all, making the best use of the sound devices available.


As technology has taken an unexpected rise, the features of nanny cams have also been advanced. Earlier in the market, one could find the cams which could only offer you the recorded video footage without a high screen resolution. However, as time advanced, one can record the video over Wi-Fi and watch it easily over the phone. In fact, some nanny cams are offering high-resolution pixels, which would let the viewer have a look at the clear image of the video.

Two-way Audio

Well, how amazing it will be to realize that you can have a two-way conversation via a nanny cam. This feature can offer you satisfaction while you are out, and your baby is alone at home with the babysitter. You can not only have a check at the babysitter but also inform the person of the immediate steps to be taken regarding the security of the baby. Apart from it, if your kids are misbehaving alone at home, you can quickly contact them by scaring them with your presence around. It is because the two-way audio feature allows the other person to hear your voice and indeed reply in return.

Easy to hide the camera or already hidden

If you are using the camera for security purposes and don’t want others to be aware of its presence, then you should go after the nanny cams, which are easy to hide or already comes in some hidden stuff. You will find many cams that will are already placed on tangible things such as alarm clock, pot, and many more. You just have to put it in the required place and have a look at all the things happening around.

Night Vision

Have you ever thought of keeping spying the room at night when the lights are off? Well, as much as you know, it won’t be easy to look through the camera in a dark room, which may benefit the person around. So, to keep the security up-to-date, various companies have come up with the cameras offering the feature of night vision. With this feature, you might not be able to keep a regular track on the movements inside the room due to high dimness, but you can clearly look at the individuals coming in or going out of the room.

Power Source

Well, according to the requirements, the companies have launched varied types of nanny cams with different external features. These external features include the power source. By power source, we mean whether the cam is operated through battery or needs some source to get plugged in. It might also demand some external wiring to get attached to the required room. Thus you have to be aware of the kind of installation you want and whether the company is offering any professional installation or not.

Easy Installation

It is really frustrating to spend immense time on fixing things, especially when it is a small camera. Well, most of the nanny cams come with the feature of easy installation. However, you may come across some who would take lots of effort and knowledge to be fixed at such a place where it is difficult to find it. But there is nothing to worry about as many competitor companies have entered the market. They are offering user-friendly products which would be easy to be installed even at the time of emergency.

Top-Rated Nanny Cams Review in 2020

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FAQs on Best Nanny Cam in 2020

Is it essential for me to disclose the presence of a nanny cam in front of the babysitter?

Well, if you are thinking of making your babysitter aware of the camera’s presence in the house is quite a good option. After all, he/she won’t be planning to perform some illegal activity at your home with the threat of your continuous watch over them. In addition to it, you can keep a regular track of your baby’s movements too. But don’t you dare try hiding the camera in the private space! After all, you can be in trouble.

Are the indoor security cameras and a nanny cam the same?

If you were used to making use of indoor security cameras, then hearing the name, nanny cam might seem new to you. But it’s not so. A nanny cam and an indoor security camera are utterly the same after the exact features they offer, their average size and functionalities. After all, a nanny cam doesn’t include a particular type of security camera. Hence, it is entirely accurate to say that you can use an indoor security camera as a nanny cam.

Where do nanny cams store their memory?

Every nanny cam has a different storage capacity. Some of the available nanny cams make use of a memory card, while others can directly share the video to your device via the cloud. This sharing allows easy access over the recording directly on the phone.

Which is the best place to hide a nanny cam?

There are a variety of places where you can easily hide a nanny cam. If you are using a cam operated through the battery, you can easily hide it in the areas like cabinets, flower pot, shelves, stuff toys, and many more. But if your cam is operated via cables, then the places of hiding it becomes restricted. You can only prefer those areas of your house which can easily make a connection with your cam and make it work in the best way, without letting anyone see it.

Can someone hack the nanny cam?

Well, it’s quite strange to hear this, but there are chances that the nanny cams can get hacked. However, it demands excellent knowledge to cut a nanny camera as an average person cannot do it. So, if you want your place to be secure of thefts or kidnappers, then always get your nanny cam secured from any kind of hacking risk.

Can my nanny cam work the same for years?

It is quite challenging to say the exact amount of time your nanny cam could work. It is because a nanny cam is entirely based on the ways you actually use. If you are continuously using the nanny cam, i.e., every second of the day, its battery is likely to get drained soon. Apart from it, the quality of the camera matters the most. If you have purchased an enhanced quality nanny camera, it can satisfy your needs for years.

Which kind of picture quality can the best nanny cam offer?

Picture quality simply depends upon the pixel quality, be it a camera or a phone. The best nanny cam can easily offer a fantastic picture quality of 1080p, which is highly defined. After all, more the pixels, more enhanced, will be the quality of the picture. So make sure you get yourself the nanny cam with the pixel quality similar to those of the smartphones you own.

Can we create our own nanny cam?

Nothing in this world is impossible. So, it’s definite that you can prepare your own nanny cam with the resources you have around you. However, you should be alert that it won’t be as professional as those available in the market. But preparing one, all by yourself, is more flexible as you can add the features you require in it.

If my small kids have access to the nanny cam, can I expect it to work as usual after some time?

If your small kids have access to the hidden nanny cam at home, then its quite difficult for it to work the same even after months. This is because kids have an innocent mind a love to play with the things around them. So, if they play with your nanny cam just like a ball, then my friend, you have to be prepared to get a new cam soon.


A nanny cam is one of the best things where you can afford to invest if you are insecure about your family or business. This will indeed allow you to take the necessary safety precautions while your kids are alone at home, or you have placed lakhs of money in the room’s locker. So, you can get choose the best nanny cam among the thousands of cams available in the market. However, you have to be sure of your requirements from the nanny cam before deciding one.

So, what kind of cam are you looking for? Fix your needs and get the chance to surf through the best ones before they go out of stock.

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