Best Fire Escape Ladder Buying Guide for 2020

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Do you want to escape from fire or any emergency situation in your two storey building?

Do you want number of people to get out of the building safely from the fire?

Do you want a device that can be beneficial in terms of safety?

If your answer to the above question is yes, then all you need to find is a fire escape ladder. It will help you in saving yourself from the fire. It can prevent every possible injury that can be caused by many people cause of the fire in a building. Below are the 10 best fire escape ladder:

Buying Guide for the Best Fire Escape Ladder in 2020

Suitable size:

Before placing an order for the ladder to escape the fire make sure that it is of the right size. There are some of the ladders available in the market which are suitable for the window located at two-story building and six-story even but it all depends on your requirement. It is important to keep in mind that you buy a ladder which is two feet more than your actual requirement. This will help the old people or children to prevent themselves from getting hurt or face any possible injury. It is advisable to always measure the windows of hour building before buying the ladder so that it proves to be best.

Easy to use:

Your Fire Escape Ladder must be user – friendly so that it is very easy for you to operate it and without any hassle, you can take full advantage of its feature. There are some moments especially in the emergency that your mind stops working in the right manner and you might get confused with how to deploy the ladder very quickly. So, it is important to note down the instruction we’ll in your mind before you use it. Buy a ladder that has a user manual that is easily readable as well as easy to understand and must have an easy set up as well.

Higher weight limit:

Make are that your product has the feature of high weight capacity and can easily bear the load of about 10,000 pounds. Also, it is important to keep in mind that the capacity of each rung is different from each other and the difference between them is larger in range for about 375 to 750 pounds. Look for the ladder which has a higher limit and can easily bear a huge amount of weight so that it becomes easy for people in number to escape. Make sure that your ladder has a high capacity of weight especially for your family whose weight sum up to around 370 pounds.


You need to make sure that your product has the feature of standoff which provides the stability to your product. The standoff acts as a stabilizer to your ladder and it is just used to increase the space between the rungs and the siding or your home. This helps in creating an extra space for your legs and the ladder you are using ultimately becomes stable. While practicing, you might break the window glass or even the siding so the standoff prevents this damages from happening so that you and your family remain safe.

Good material:

Before buying the fire escape ladder, it is important to check that the material in which it is designed is of high quality. Make sure that your product is made up of aluminum, but nylon, steel, and even plastic are also in the list of recommendations. The ladder that is made up of aluminum is lighter in weight in comparison with other materials. This helps the children to deploy the ladder very easily and they can carry it from one place to another by lifting it. Furthermore, it decreases the cost of shipping as well. With the ladder made up of steel, you must be well assured that it is highly capable of resisting the heat.


Before placing an order for your product make sure that your pocket allows you to buy it. The fire escape ladder that you are using for your building must be affordable in price and it must offer you the prominent features in your budget itself. Also, choose the one which is reusable and allows you to again use it after practicing the emergency over it.

Heat resistance:

You must ensure safety by choosing the fire escape ladder which is resistant to heat. Your product must be design with the nylon rope so that it does not catch fire and good bear it till the melting point. Moreover, the ladder design with nylon rope is melted at a very high temperature. You can also rely on the ladder that is made up of a substance that is resistant to heat and is also flammable so that it does not catch fire easily and you remain safe.

Less storage:

Buy a product that takes less storage in your home and you can most probably store the fire escape ladder on the first story of the building and this will help you in maximizing the safety for your family and people. Buy a ladder that easily gets stored in the uncluttered area of the window of your building. Furthermore, you can choose the product which can easily be stored under your bed to conserve the storage space. If your building has got several bedrooms then it is advisable to buy the ladder in units to escape the fire without much planning.

Anti- slippery:

To prevent any possible injury, you must make sure that your ladder is designed with the rules that are anti-slippery in nature. The rings must be comfortable for you along with the safety it provides. It just allows you to reach the ground very quickly to escape from the emergency and also you make sure that while you are using the ladder you must not be wearing any slipper or shoes. This will ensure you with the security that you need while using your product to escape the fire or any emergency that has occurred at your home.

FAQs on the Best Fire Escape Ladder for 2020

What is a fire escape ladder?

The fire escape ladder is the same as the boat ladder and is simply design with aluminum or any other hard plastic and for each rung, they have a rigid bar. This type of ladder can be permanent or portable so that you can move it from one place to another easily. Although, the permanent type of ladder is very expensive in comparison with the portable ladder they are more useful as they get quickly deploy by the lever of the bedroom. However, the portable ladder requires the proper procedure of installation so you need to practice to learn how to set before the actual emergency occurs.

How to Install a Fire Escape Ladder?

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What is the right size of your fire escape ladder?

To ensure that the ladder you are using to escape the fire is right in size, make sure that it is 15’10” in size when you are using it for a building with two storeys. Furthermore, it must be 23’8 in size when used in the building of three storey. To measure the distance from your window to the ground floor, you can simply measure using the rope or any string and then measure the same rope on the traditional scale to get the idea of the right side of the ladder. This method must be used in case you do not have the measuring tape with you.

How To Use An Emergency Escape Ladder?

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Will the presence of the fire escape ladder affects the significant cooling or heating in your room?

No, the letter will not make you experience any heating or cooling loss. the reason behind this is that there is an insulation sheet on each grid and the platform as well. Each unit of your ladder has a frame around the pan which allows it to fits well with the wall of your building and also to perfectly get erected. the installation area around the unit can be sealed by caulking. To avoid any hot or cold spots, the door, the window in your house act as additional insulation.

How to Install a Fire Escape Ladder at Home?

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How many units of the fire escape ladder do you need?

To note down the units of fire escape ladder you may require, you must count the number of members and your house beforehand so that you may provide the ladder to each of the members individually. The reason behind this is that during the emergency, there is hardly any independency of act all it is not a hundred percent possible that your act will be appropriate in such a situation. So, it is best to give the ladders to each member of your family. And the best option is to evacuate from the room as soon as possible. Also, it depends on the size of your building and according to some experts, it is recommended to have two units installed in your house and keep it far away from the garage and kitchen.

How do you use your fire escape ladder?

After that, you have got your fire escape ladder you need to practice how to use it so that you do not get confused when the actual emergency happens. Also, you need to store it at the window of your building that it can easily fix your ladder so that you can quickly escape from the fire. It is very important to be prepared for the fire in reality so you need to practice over your product regularly. You must make sure that your children need to learn it first. All you have to do is know how to open the window and deploy the ladder.

How does your fire escape ladder works?

The working of the fire escape ladder is very simple and is not rocket science. As we all know, there is a horizontal grid and a platform attached to every ladder, where you can keep your feet on. The horizontal grid gives you the platform to stand on firmly after you have deployed the ladder out of the window from your building. For further evacuation, there are some ladders available in the market that comes with the rope and allows you to be more strategic in the plan of escaping.

What is a fire escape window?

The fire escape window is nothing but an emergency window which is specially designed to allow you to escape the Fire in an emergency. The size of this kind of window is smaller than you can find in the usual windows and there is not any kind of hurdle and therefore allow you to get evacuate easily from it. This type of Window usually gets open to the open ground where you can rest for a couple of minutes until the ambulance reach. It usually gives you extra time to reach out to the safest place near the building.

What does a 4: 1 safety factor means?

The safety factor of 4:1 means that it is the safest position where the ladder is erected perfectly and is capable of supporting loads of 750 lbs for about four times in one go. The load is static which means it is stationary and cannot move, neither the shock load nor the dynamic load is provided to it. It ensures the safety of every member of your house so that they can escape the fire without getting hurt and can hold on to them till they are on the ground.

Do Fire Escape Ladders Really Work?

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It is a strong desire of every family head to protect each member of their family from any emergency as such an escape from the fire. The ladder helps them in escaping from the fire from any possible accident or crisis. We highly anticipate this write-up might have enlightened you with the best escape ladder that you can consider buying to protect your family according to your affordable budget and requirements. This review might also have given you a better understanding of the basics of the fire escape ladder that you can look thoughtfully for a long time.

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