Best Interchangeable Knitting Needles Buying Guide for 2021

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Do you want to knit yourself a hat, sweaters, or any other woolen stuff?

Is your mother fond of knitting socks?

Are you willing to get yourself the best interchangeable knitting needles?

Knitting sweaters, socks, and hats are not something that everyone can do. It requires lots of concentration, patience, and good handwork. So, it demands the best knitting needles to avoid any kind of hindrance while knitting stuffs. Usually, there are several knitting needles available in the market. These are circular needles, straights, and double-pointed knitting needles. But, do you know the needles currently trending in the market are the interchangeable knitting needles?

Yes! The interchangeable knitting needles have now become a necessity in every household. This is not because it makes knitting easy and less cumbersome. This is usually after its few features which are not available in other needle sets.

Some of the features are –

  • While knitting a swatch, you can easily change the needles and get the required size for gauge.
  • You can get an opportunity to stitch a 60, 80- or 300-inches stuff with the use of available multiple cables.
  • You can effortlessly stitch a shawl.

But, do you know apart from the features, there are many things in the best interchangeable knitting needles? Although you might be aware of it, there are a few things which are to be looked for positively in the product. To know about them, let’s go ahead in the article.

Buying Guide for the Best Interchangeable Knitting Needles in 2021

Before purchasing the interchangeable knitting needles, one should definitely be aware of its numerous things. Theses numerous things not only tell some of the features but also a few things which we forget to consider in it. So, it’s the time when you should know about it.

These things are –

The material of the Needles

As found in the interchangeable knitting needles, the material of the needles is of different types. They can be either bamboo, carbon fiber, wood, aluminum, plastic, and steel. However, in a single knitting set, you can find only one type of needle, i.e., as preferred by you. But, if the connection of the cord matches with the needle, you can interchange the needle whenever wanted. Then, you can use a bamboo needle with the cable present in the plastic knitting set and can pair up any other connection according to the requirement.

Tip Measurements of the Needle

If you are already into knitting, then you would definitely know how vital the needle’s tip measurement is. Basically, the needle comes in two tip measurements. These are–

  • Short Tip Size – It measures 3.5 to 4 inches.
  • Long Tip Size – It measures 5 to 5.5 inches.


Now, at the end of the needle tip, on the opposite sides, the connection points are available. These connection points are present for the cables. Usually, these cables are found in a simple plastic material or in a plastic-coated steel material. Further, make sure that you go for flexible cables, which can turn a 360 degree while knitting.

Connector’s Connection

What will happen if there is a need for extra cables while knitting? Well, there won’t be any option that you can think of, but we have come up with one. It is the availability of connectors. The connectors available with the set helps in connecting the extra cable, which is to be needed while knitting.


Investing money quarterly in a single product can be quite frustrating. At such a moment, you would try to go for the durable product, i.e., can be used for years.

Here, in the interchangeable knitting needles, the one thing to be highly considered is its durability. We would advise you to purchase the products which have high durability. Usually, the knitting needles offered with high durability indicate its quality and effectiveness too.

End Cap

Isn’t it necessary to enhance the adaptability of the needles? Well, it is! In fact, it is possible only with the help of the end cap. The end cap is an alternative that adds a connection between the cable’s end and the needle and even helps in the transformation of the circular needle to the straight one for perfect usage.

Availability of the Pins and other stuff

Well, will the end caps be enough to secure a connection between the cable end and the needle? NO! Sometimes, you may require a wire pin or a key for a more secure connection. The pin used develops the leverage while tightening the link of the needle and the cable.


When there are different types of grippers available in the interchangeable knitting needles, what is to be preferred are the rubber grippers. The rubber grippers are known to have a good grip while tightening the hands. These grippers are placed on the needle and the cable. By placing one part in both of them, all you have to do is to turn the components in the opposite direction.

FAQs on Best Interchangeable Knitting Needles in 2021

How does the interchangeable knitting needles work?

Although the interchangeable knitting needles might be challenging to use, it is not so. These types of needles work similarly to the standard circular knitting needles but in a better way. With the interchangeable knitting needles, all you have to do is to connect two needles of the required size with a cable. This is possible either by screwing or clicking the needles and cable together with the help of connectors, grippers, pins, or end caps.

How to tighten the interchangeable knitting needles?

There are quite a few changes that the interchangeable knitting needles might require the urge to get tightened up. However, on the chance that they need the tightening, it can be done with the help of a needle grip, a rubber patch. This needle grip is usually found in some sets. However, if it is not there, it can be purchased separately.

Does the size matters in the knitting needles?

Yes, it is true that the size matters in the knitting needles. If you are aware of the process of knitting, you might know how every needle is necessary while stitching a product. Similarly, if these needles aren’t of the perfect size, your finished product might not be produced in the same way as desired.

What can you do with interchangeable knitting needles?

There are various things that one can do with the interchangeable knitting needles. Let’s see some of the top things which can help the moms out there.

  • If you are knitting your favorite shawl or sweater, you can make use of the extra cables.
  • You can use more than one needle in a single stitching type, such as in a shawl or a sweater.
  • You can continue more than one knitting with the same needles. All you have to do is to remove the needles from the cable, but attach a connector or end caps at the end to avoid losing any of the stitches.
  • There can be an easy exchange of the needles while matching the right size for the gauge.
  • With the help of multiples connectors and cables, you can not only knit 60-inch stuff but also an 80-inch and 100-inch stuff too.

How to Use the Knit Picks Interchangeable Needle Set?

Video Transcript:

If you’re looking for the ultimate and knitting versatility you are probably going to love our options.

Interchangeable needle set this is a needle set that comes with needle tips cables and a whole range of accessories and what you’re able to do is create all sorts of different lengths of circular needles so I’ll just go through with you and talk about what’s included in the set first you’ll find a range of needle tips starting at a size for up to us 11 and just one note that I want to make is that we do have larger sizes in these needle tips they just don’t come included with the set this is kind of your basic set and sometimes you know if you want to knit on super bulky yarn we definitely have needle tips to.

Accommodate that too we also have us ten point seven five needle tip that you can get separately it’s not included in the set though next up you’ll find are these cables these are what you’re going to attach to your knitting needle tips to make your circular needle what’s included in the set are two 24 inch cables.

And the 24 inches is going to be after you attach the needle tip so the cable itself isn’t 24 inches but your entire needle from tip to tip is going to be 24 inches after you attach them you’ll also find a 32-inch cable here slightly longer and just like with our needle tips there are larger sizes online the same is true of our cables you’ll find a whole range of sizes that go all the way up to a 60 inch length so again the same is true for all the cables the cable length isn’t going to be 60 inches but it’s gonna create a 60 inch needle from needle tip to needle tip next up are these little circular.

Tags here and what these allow you to do is if you’re in the middle of a project and you need that size needles because you just need to start another project with a size 8 needle you can actually take the needle tips off of the needle that you’re working on and say you have live stitches all on here remove your needle tip screw on one of these cable holders and that’s gonna allow you to change out your needle tips maybe you’re just getting frustrated with the project and you just need something easy to work on just put on these end caps here and you’ll be able to use your needle tips for another projects without worrying that all your stitches are going to drop down your project is gonna remain intact so just like this your live stitches would be on your cable with your project attached but you don’t have to be worried that it’s gonna unravel or the stitches will drop and that comes with eight included in the set next up is this tiny little tool that we call the cable key this is really the important part when it comes to tightening your knitting needle tip to your cable it’s gonna allow you to get a little bit extra grip as you’re tightening your cable to make sure it doesn’t loosen as you’re starting your project and knitting so i’ll show you how to connect one of the needle tips to the cable right now another really great feature about our needle set is that they have the sizes stamped onto the metal ferrule both the us and the millimeter size so it makes it really easy to know what size needle tip you’re reaching for without a needle gauge or a needle sizer so all you do is take your little cable key here and on your cable you’re gonna find a little hole right on the metal ferrule and i’m just gonna take my little cable key and insert it through that hole just like that.

And then i’m going to take my needle tip and i’m just gonna screw it on while holding the cable key in place and that’s gonna allow me to really get extra grip on my needle tip as i’m tightening it without moving the cable actually so you’ll be able to get a really nice tight grip on your needle and again that’s just going to ensure that your needle tip stays attached to your cable and that’s really important to do when you’re knitting you don’t want your needle to come loose so anytime you start a project you really want to be sure to use your cable key and really tighten the needle tip to your cable and again there’s all kinds of accessories that you can get for this if you have a really large project say a blanket or a really large throw we actually have little connectors for your cables so you can put multiple cables together there’s all kinds of.

Accessories and again we also have an expanded range of needle tip sizes online so if you’re looking for.

Something really versatile the set that you’re gonna reach for again and again and again i know personally i love this set i use it for just about everything it really covers ninety percent of the projects that i make and the cables are extremely flexible they’re really great to work with you know they’re just really really wonderful and they’re even great for doing magic loop if you do that you can have a larger cable for sweaters sleeves hats you can use magic loop with this set for those so that’s another option.

Again that’s the knit picks options interchangeable needle set.

Is it worthy of buying interchangeable knitting needles?

If you think that it’s a waste of money to buy the interchangeable knitting needles, then you are entirely wrong. Interchangeable knitting needles is one of the best products for moms and individuals who are obsessed with work. This is because, with this product, you can free to stitch whatever you feel like. It can be big stuff, small and any other fancy style. And one of the critical elements is that you don’t have to purchase extra stuff, i.e., you are provided with all the tools within the set itself. However, if you desire some different tools, it will be available quickly in nearby stores or online.

How to Fix Interchangeable Knitting Needle Cords?

Video Transcript:

Hello everyone and welcome back to my channel my name is Madeline I created and content here on youtube in today’s video I thought I’d share with you real quick one thing that i’ve had to do actually quite frequently with my knitting needle courts and that’s kind of fixed them a little bit so what happens to me is that the place where you actually screw on the knitting needle so you can see this is like a little threaded end right here it comes off of the cord and what I often have to do is glue these back on so I would only recommend doing this if you already have superglue or something like that and that’s because these cords aren’t all that expensive so it’s actually cheaper a lot of time to buy a new cord rather than repair it but I tend to go through so many cords that I now just have a bottle of superglue that I can fix them with so what I do first is I actually just make sure that I can fit on the end again so I just make sure that it slides on easily and some mine does so you just want to move it back and forth a couple times just to make sure you kind of loosen it up a little bit so mines pretty good right now and I am outside right now so sorry if you can hear like the trees and garden noses in the back but what I’m gonna do next is this is the blue I’m using right now just make sure you read the instructions on the back and then also there’s different glues for different materials and this is the hardest part here is just making sure you don’t get too much glue.

So the amount I use is I just take my cord let me get that back into focus again and I’m just gonna put a little tiny bit of glue right on the end of it like not a lot at all they’re trying to find a color where you can see it so there’s like the little glue drop and now I’m just gonna take the metal piece and I’m gonna slide it down and on and then real quick before anything starts drying I’m just gonna give the cord I’m sorry I’m just gonna give the chord a little twist just to make sure there’s no clumps of glue and then again make sure it’s pushed down all the way and again you just want to wipe down any of any of that excess glue just so that you don’t end up with a bump because the bumps gonna be quite frustrating when you’re knitting cuz it’ll definitely get in the way with the yarn and now I just let that sit until the glue is all dry and then I’m able to use that cord again and then let’s say the same thing happened on the other side I can do the same thing to the other side of the cord and the one thing I will note here is that I have tried just about every type of cord from every different brand and I found they’re all basically the same I have managed to break every single one of them at about the same rate so I wouldn’t say in particular one brand of cord is better than the best I’m.

Honestly not even sure anymore which court this one is it could be a leaky cord it could be a knitters pride cord could be any one of them yes that’s how I fix them I hope you found this short video helpful if you have any other comments or questions about how to fix other parts of knitting needles too i’ll be sure to answer them down below also i’ll just keep on making these videos as I go through and fix different parts my knitting ulis because it is something that I have to do it quite frequently so thanks for watching.

What kind of knitting needles are considered to be the best?

As you know that there are various knitting needles available, you have to choose the one which is the best. But among all types, which will be suitable for you?

If there is no such personal purpose of yours to choose the interchangeable knitting needles, then we would suggest you go for the bamboo knitting needles. Not only is it a cheaper knitting needle as compared to the wooden ones, but it also is strong, has a perfect grip, and is light-weighted. Further, these knitting needles are ideal to be used for any kind of knitting.

On the contrary, if you are searching for some expensive knitting needles, then going for the wooden knitting needles will be the perfect option. The wooden knitting needles are similar to the bamboo ones but are of more durable quality. Further, these needle types are of excellent quality and design.

How to Join Knit Pro Interchangeable Knitting Needles?

Video Transcript:

Hi everyone this is Allison from crumbs crafts today we’re going to do a little talk on interchangeable knit Pro and how to connect them so and how to make sure that you’ve done them up nice and tight now the first thing is that these are your interchangeable tips which then come away from your cable and I will show you shortly how to put them.

Together this is my case that I use to put all my interchangeable x’ in and you can buy these at crumbs so and then I’ve got all my pieces that I need in this part here so so you’ve got all your different sizes right up to these are a twelve and you go right up to a 15 so all of these sizes you can buy so the thing is that with a cable all you need to do is buy your main cables now the first one is a 40 centimeter one and that length is when you have got your needle tips on all right so it’s 40 centimeters right round to the other tip and then you’ve got your 50 and they’re good now because they’re all color coordinate color done in colors then you’ve got your 60 then you’ve got your 80 and they go up to a hundred 120 and 150 so if you’re making doing a blanket and you need a long one and you haven’t got a cable long enough what you do is you get a connector now these are really good to keep in your bag they’re sold separately.

But what you do is you screw that into there and then you can screw that one into that end and then what you do is you’ve got a longer cable and then you just put your tips on and then away you go all right so it’s a really important little contraption to have there you buy two in a pack and they’re really handy so now what I’m going to show you right now is we’ve also in the little pack that you get with your cables you will get a what I call an allen key and you will receive two of these tips little discs as well and I’ll show you how to work with those now one thing that I have done is I’ve put a ribbon on the tail end of my allen key because it’s very hard when that gets put into there and open it now gets put into there and eventually it gets down to the bottom and you can’t find it you put this one in with your ribbon and there you can see it so all you all I do now is just pick that up and then I can get started straight away with my putting the tips on my cable so I’ve done this one already and it’s already tightened up so what we do is I’ll actually show you on a bigger needle because that one might be a little bit small so come on with this now on your cable part there is a little hole.

Which your Ellen key goes into slips into alright so you just put it through like that now I put that on first and I don’t move it I don’t tighten it just yet and then I just screw that on but if I didn’t tighten it with this it would just come undone eventually when you’re knitting you’re moving like that and then it will come undone and eventually your wall would get caught on that part there so even though you think oh yes I’ve done it up tight what we need to make sure is when you put the on key in through that hole like that you’re going to hold it upright and you’re going to push your thumb against the allen key with your left hand you’re going to hold on the between the metal and the wooden part like that and just hold it in your hand now all you’ve got to do is hold here and push on the allen key now you will feel your hat your needle go round in your hand so what you do is you release your hand bring it back so the allen key is upright again then you’re going to push on the allen key then you’ve got to release your left hand bring the key back up upright hold and push again now with AB thicker needle it’s okay to hold in there and have a few other fingers holding it as well in your hand and push now that will not come undone it won’t.

Until you put your key back into there and you bring it back the other way then it will just come undone now the thing to some people will hold it like that and hold tight with their left hand then come back so what’s happening is that you’re tightening it but then when you come back you’re undoing it at the same time because you still got hold of it in your left hand so it’s really important that when you push forward and you go to bring the key back you release your hand and bring it up right then push again release your hand and bring it up right so that’s how you tighten up your interchangeable needles so now I’m just going to show you a another one I’ve got here so it’s lovely because you’ve got so many different size needles to work with and I love them so now this is a poncho that I’m making here so I’ve got my long table I’ll just move those out to the side so now if I want to use this tip to make something else to knit something else and I haven’t finished my garment that this is attached to what I do of course you’ll have another cable what I do is I undo this which I have done here already.

And I then get the little tip and I then just screw it on like that and just twist it round you don’t have to do that one up because it’s not going to come as not being used and.

There is your end so it won’t come off right oh so that’s really important and then all you’ve got to do is get your key again put it in and reverse what you did before so this time that your right hand stays still and your left hand does the work so I undo that I then can take out my key and then I put those on just twist them on and there they are back on there and then means that you can put that to the side and then you can start putting on your other tip onto your needle doing it up didn’t want to go in that one and then you get your key and you find the hole into the hole again hold hold on to the left-hand side and twist it up okay – it’s tight then push on the key release push on the key and then there it has done on to your next one now while we’re doing the bigger ones I’ve got some Spiner ones here that I’ve put on now it’s really important that if you start getting finer ones again these ones as you’re getting smaller.

They are already connected because we have found with the wooden ones that people are holding on to this part here and eventually they break off so they have the ones already connected like that or you can go to the.

Which I would suggest if you’re going to 2.75 s or threes I would suggest that you don’t to the carbon and still tip now the carbon are warm once you’re moving with your fingers on your needles and they’ve got the nice steel tips on them but you know they’ve got like a grip on the carbon part of it and it’s not cold in your hands they warm up quite nicely so that’s my suggestion is that you go to your carbon for anything smaller than a three or even three point two five so you don’t break the tips as you can see there are a lot finer so they come in already connected now one little thing also is that you can get and I use these for socks and when you’re doing the sleeves around a garment if you’re doing them in the round these are ideal all right so these are so put out there to knit as socks so you’ve got a lot of little bits and pieces so go onto our website.

Ww-what we’ve got and we’ve got the containers here that I was showing you now there’s one more little tip that it’s to do with knitting but it’s also to do with the cables when you do take your knitting off I should say when you’ve been knitting and you would normally have it on a straight needle like this over time you would get end up with having a mark going through your wool and it’s because the wool has been stretched because it’s been left on the needle so if you haven’t been knitting any this.

Particular project for say three four five weeks when you do go to use it and you’ve got a straight needle like this I would suggest that you take it back to Rose and restart it because if you didn’t you would end up and it would have a line going through it and you will see it and it will be very.

Noticeable more so to you than anybody else but if you’ve got the cables like what I’ve got here there’s no pressure at all on the stitch on the wall so you could leave it for as long as you want because there’s no pressure you’re not going to get any lines so even if you’re not sure about knitting with your with these smaller tips I would suggest that you buy some cables and you if you do think that you’ve got a blanket or a garment that you’re making and you’re not not going to get back to it straight away get the cable thread it through put the ends on and then you can just put it aside to another rainy day okay so I hope that I’ve been through everything with you just one other is that you do make sure that you keep your tips in not like that all right because they could get a little snag on them so I like to put mine down into there all right and they’ve got the numbers that’s a 5 mil so and I like putting mine in order so you know what they are you could always write at the top or pin on there what numbers they are so yes that’s all about our tips and cables so I hope you enjoy try them out enjoy my are working with them so you can have fun with them have a little play.

But otherwise that’s how you work your interchangeable cables and needles all right everybody have fun enjoy knitting bye.

Interchangeable knitting needles are the best alternative for?

Well, there are various knitting needles available in the market. Among these needles, one of the famous ones is the circular knitting needles. In fact, we are pretty sure that you might have tried this type if you like creating new stuff out of wool. But this type has now gone outdated, and the unique style has been introduced. It is interchangeable knitting needles.

Interchangeable knitting needles are the most acceptable alternative the circular knitting needles can ever have. It is because they are much more flexible and has more tools, which make challenging knitting easier and exciting.

Which is better to choose – a plastic knitting needle or a metal knitting needle?

Well, if you are planning to make a choice between the plastic and the metal knitting needle, then you have to be very much aware of their properties and traits. This will indeed let you make the best choice. However, while comparing the generic characteristics, we found that metal knitting needles are much better than the plastic ones. This is due to the reason that metal is more durable and offers a smooth experience.

How to Use your Interchangeable Knitting Needles?

Video Transcript:

When Dominique and in this video I’m going to be showing you how to use your interchangeable knitting needle set you can buy them as pairs individually or you can buy it as one big kit like I did when I was visiting Canada recently so in my package that I got from Michaels the arts and crafts join Canada mine team in case it’s add up which was handy it came with all the various sizes and they’re all labeled you can’t see them the like the numbers because it’s quite dark and it came with various sizes cables so this is great for circular needed knitting so making a sweater hat socks.

Anything anything with a tube so we’ll start with this piece here so I’m just taking one size and we’re just going to randomly pick a needle size here and all you do is just screw it on screw on the needle size you need on both ends and you might not be able to see it on my camera but there is a tiny little hole right above my fingernail and what that means is um there’s a piece in here it’s almost like a screw tightener and it just tightens your needles properly so this would be the piece I’m talking about.

It looks like a letter P so all you do is take the pointy part insert it into the hole and then you can really tighten your needle it will hold in place and then just really really tighten it and you can tighten it here as well.

Sometimes and with my kit it came with a little rubber grippy so that way you can really ensure it’s tight to your table itself because if it’s not tight and it loosens up all your working your stitches will get caught in there and possibly tear your yarn which is not fun for anybody it also helps you to loosen them up and if you need to join two cables together there’s something called a cable extender little metal piece screwed on to one end once again make sure it’s very very tight.

So there should be any gaps between the needle or the extended piece and the cable so once that type once that is tightened then you can go on either end maybe add another extension if you have to depending what your project calls for in life and then add your needle as such another option as well with using these alternate knitting needles here is if you don’t have any straight needles you can in your kit there should be.

Something that looks like buttons and it’s pretty much a small disc flat bottom and a little bit on top for you to attach or screw to the bottom or one end of your cable.

And then what you have is your desired length for a straight needle.

And that is pretty much it so that’s another great gift idea if you know somebody that could use them the bamboo ones are also available I’m sure at your local yarn store or craft store but the metal ones will do just as well and that is how you use your adjustable needle set thank you so much for watching.

The beginners should go for which material type?

Being a beginner, choosing the right material type is quite necessary. So, here we would personally suggest you go for either a wooden and bamboo material type from all the available four types. The wooden and bamboo material offers a more substantial grip, which would help them to learn knitting firmly. Further, they help in maintaining a better hand over the yarn. Thus, undoubtedly, we can say that these two types are way better than metal and plastic for beginners. After all, the metal and plastic would never allow you to maintain a grip in any possible way.

In which price range can we find the best interchangeable knitting needles?

The interchangeable knitting needle usually comes in a complete set where you can get all the necessary tools too. So, while taking the entire collection, the budget usually goes up to a hundred dollars. Yes! If you are thinking of purchasing a good quality interchangeable knitting needle set, then be ready to spend $100 to $120. However, if your budget is low, then at a budget-friendly price, you can purchase it around $60.


You might have now gained a piece of detailed knowledge about the best interchangeable knitting needles. But, remember, before you purchase the product and its type, you keep yourself updated with its benefits, pros, and cons too. After this, in the future, you wouldn’t regret spending a lump sum amount in this product.

Well, do you know that this product is not just for the self-use, but a better gift option too? Yes! If you are thinking of a sweet and useful gift for your female friend or mother, then nothing can match the perfectness of the interchangeable knitting needles.

So, what are you looking for? When you have such a fantastic product available for you, then there is no chance you can skip the opportunity to purchase it. So, move further and get yourself one of the knitting needles set online and even get a chance to experience exciting offers too.

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